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NAD Health Summit Devotional - Thursday

Kathleen Liwidjaja-Kuntaraf


Kathleen Liwidjaja-Kuntaraf

Associate Director, Health Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • February 2, 2012
    8:00 AM
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good lighting and thank you got to follow for introducing a cast includes Robert is my shortening my complete name is Kathleen Jaime on baby diaper garbage in one day so I had anything and I'm also a nation and hiding anything in my way I'm happy to be belonged to an international check was the topic assigned to me this one is not reached across Smith Jesus story was stolen about grandma Sally was very excited because she had the first week grandchild and so she was excited to be able to deduct long to witness the first great grandchild a few weeks because of the child needed a break and soak a thick grandma can you terminate sure is that she was excited that you have the baby and so should all hope Fran which is the grandma Guruji so grandmother he also kindled my interest in new and we would like to see the zero eight season not just the people talking talking as I like that they shall eat your letter when that child is ready you need a shiny ways not just a week and went to my right because as they grow old older but I don't forget things I learned a lot that not one in July last year don't forget that we are one by creation and one exemption and therefore we have to reach this audience you know July nine but there was one of the first two females recognized in the United Kingdom was the Prime Minister 's champion all while the getting from the year two thousand seventh of the year two thousand nine and he she wrote in the Guardian on generally to two thousand is what you want changed I'd like to see in upcoming yet is a move away from social networking sites the rise of MySpace Facebook linked in and the rest has been an important conscious shift for the last decade and many of us using the wet to make the so-called friends and meet the possible best nothing wrong with that in principle provided they realize than that homogenous sunspot lives for the better it is no substitute for meeting people getting out there and making friends those sides can only make initial connection they cannot be seen to develop the back of the real friendships of your connect we human beings are social creatures we need other people to sustain us and other people need us to sustain them particularly old Benoni and Wagner broke people or the young frightened and uncertain and because they make them in the garden on January two two thousand yeah reaching across to others in the micro factor in the health of individuals and the health of the society that's why we at the General conference house music department we were according prescription out how using the afternoon celebrations seized as the choices is Beth for exercise L stands for liquid E stressful environment these fanciful belief are stands for rest a sensible air defense for comfort I stands for integrity or optimism and suspenseful nutrition aspects for social support we need social support and is that the people when you look at Romans fourteen with seven effect for not hustling himself and none of us dies to himself when we are we need friends and we had that we need all the friends because Wesley W 's only friends only the Bible as the iLife Expo FBI Asheville and when the update you know no man is an island we cannot leave the isolation means is that we really need to arrange across each that while we are still alive you know when I direct that text in John thirteen listed before it saves a new commandment I gave you the last one another as I have nothing so you must love one of myself I will come on when you went back in the Old Testament and amendment does not bother the one that depends among the amount is not Lamont at the end that last one isn't enough in one hundred and ninety and I'm not actually do what you go my name is because it's infinite as I can love you Jesus came on and haven't come down to do the shawl of the meaning of how to one another as I have not knew that if the key of the now Jesus loved when you note at nine was fifty two to fifty six you know how Jesus handled James and John that time Jesus was about to go to Jerusalem and then he sent messengers ahead of me on the way to enter a village of somatic and to make preparations for him but this did not work on the Beagle to get limited journey to Jerusalem when the disciples James and John saw these days that they were so thick you aren't do you want to blog on how you have been to once you then but but it is from Charlotte to consumers on an even keel but with existing systems and review pain it is school to another village see Jesus was full of compassion even though John does sign off on their has a lot of unclear John became the John of the see how compassionate Jesus treat other people and generally how Jesus and the Peter you know when you look at the twenty two let the default is sixty two Peter the night Jesus coming to the end yet what was Jesus reactions to what extent I ended up at a Pacific that the Lord turned and looked at Peter Blum the pool of compassion and so we don't remember that one of the Lord how gets interviewed before the roast approximately unity ninety three it was no anger in Jesus face thesis looked at Peter and people see how compassion Jesus these you know the psychologists ever from Muslim officer of that reaching across the artist meatloaf is essential to the growth of human beings as we need vitamins as many minerals as we need proteins it is interesting that when God saves me need to love each other and do good to each other and these is not only helping the person that receives the love of God through our but is also helping us to be healthy scientists discovered that supporting causes not only benefits the receiver but is also benefits the giver of life and it seems that Doctor Robert R drug defined as psychoneuroimmunology field that many studies done to show how the positive impact of supporting office needs of the animals such as the rats are the peaks on the red meat then they saw also that the impact of supplementing babies find all donations and normal people even on pregnant women and unborn fetuses initiate US ninety this was the first study that was late it was done way back in nineteen seventy two was a study that shows the act of reaching across to others in numbing social support and the outcome of pregnancy and childbirth and this was conducted among the US army wife at the military hospital and it was published in the American Journal of EB genealogy selecting these is on this pregnant wives of the US Army would even question asked before the six month of pregnancy Christine as to how much emotional and psychologists support they happen knowing that the majority of deaths husbands outside always depending on the country not as if Outlook is from the own ability to get delivery is what is the state found out that we men wouldn't want to know any changes during the years preceding pregnancy and what does not we bought new much emotional and psychological support had actually tried as many complications of childbirth as those for whom he kinds more complications of so we can see that developing subplot was that in a very kind manner especially the pregnant woman's benefits the delivery off your babies and also benefits the pregnant women selves because of the lexical petition however this is only one Friday evening evidence -based the study has to be repeated every time he always gave the same results so all in the University network of doctors Doctor Hoffman and Hatch they won't leave you hundred forty four studies that must be done on pregnant women to see that they are really impacting then ended up in Dublin the figures in the salt that is funny reaching out in love and support improves babies weight and have higher office in office thought is that spark that was developed by Doctor Bertini after that's somewhat these gripes of the good overall condition of the baby so as doctors and accept notices as soon as the baby is one we always need a scoring and at silly receive in the event the child is crying a lot and over the child is not evil they are not out whether the heart rate is good but the color is blue all the engaged and invented the muscle tone is leaving all active and so is the score is high that means that babies have pinkish color and are acting and start crying right at the book which shows they are healthy babies and babies mothers who are being supported in your pregnancy that companies have high score and also I think when the mothers have loving support being a pregnancy that they also we'll have fewer and necessary legal complications and do not increase the music of the major birth and also in the mother that my mother is being supported in the lovingly then the expedients that postpartum depression I think I outstanding that of giving love and it's not only impacting the woman is pregnant but is also something that will will in the womb if the offending you know human beings usually are selfish this is okay she's not let the receiver might want to is a good one the Arnott is in good fun and you are unrelenting support are not in another study these ninety one that had been pointed in the American Journal of cardiology and it is all the time the army man suppression triumph it's a squat at in short the catch study and his study was not bite at the doctors Doctor Speakman and Thomas and indeed some people I like to get together loving support to the animals is that if the person comes this caused an incident incident but it will take you high into the animal was not bad have to admit it is a study on how busy he is that they provide the animals i.e. gaining them healthy of the minor he is a selected man and women who have enough hot attack and what you render these were among the groups that are be included in the study survived an attack and have heartbeats and you know when I look to get results it's interesting and so we just think why I see these salmon which is one one percent who own docs die during the study that means that only one by one person that can provide evidence about the dogs that do not make enough that I see all eighty two that needs six what will not own the docs did not have the opportunity to provide eleven Orthodox unified in nineteen sixty five as many die because they have no docs to provide a loving support now and that kind the experiment at two antennae and the fact that I admit I'm not at least those not in fact had to be in good net that is not in the least the majority of eleven thousand even these two having all the decrees the conduct that by six times budgeting and relocating undeliverable is the that yet how many have we seen the prescription from your doctor the last time they visited the only way to make you happy if the price of the individual alter ego family alter your docs inventing we are still reached across to others with Jesus and he will reach across identity of Jesus that means we need to be channeling the region across the when we contemplate the height of Jesus I come here I wanted to someone I asked I love you we need to compensate how the Jesus and the one another and how did Jesus even waiting to die at the cross to save each one of us in awe as I read the desire of ages based eighty three using a movie about for Austin span of one hour each day in compensation of the life of Christ we should think it by going the e-mail is an grass internecine especially the closing event that means the crucifixion and I think that's now on his great sacrifice loss of confidence in seeing them be more constant and allow them be quick and we shall be want to be interviewed because spewing now you and I come from a country in Indonesia where we are not like the Philippines they do half that time and even go and watch the conviction once a day I think so I will always disappoint one might point out the begin school to the crucifixion so I went over to see what was actually there that is on the Roman execution that many things that happen to think they would have to be crucified and one of them is squirting and it says here talking what a legal preliminary to every Roman execution and only women and Roman and Roman soldiers Roman senators also just the accent the usual instrument was a shock we be calling to think of the Favre single greatest songs of that in the life in which slot I involved all shop pieces of sheep bones went right at intervals escarole and soldiers in the deputy struck the meetings that we fully are eyeballs would cost to contusions and the megaphones and she moves with fifteen pain and blood loss generally set the stage for synchronization to expand him across NARAL happy to mean how long the victim would survive on the cross if you have a little but lost it in longer under cross if you have a lot of but not in the guy quickly wanted to let you see that only soldiers have been written about the fact that immediately anything is call was a fixture because ASP ASP can't do both him and unable to breathe anymore there's no extension as so as a result we would die because of extinction and let me show you the graphic this is an illustration of the procedure of scorching walks and uses homework section he was tied to the pole this collection and this is designated scorching you see the lines here scored in the critical that Jesus died for me and it is at this stage went to the victim was bleeding a lot I still can't eat the crossbar in on the crossbar is about seventy five hundred and five pounds the whole cross is about hundred thirty pounds in Iraq the Mayo Clinic study on what crucifixion is actually feel and pieces over the excruciating experience now for Jesus he was crappy what he didn't even attend across Simonsen and cutting across an FDA goaltender plays when the victim has to be crucified what they did is they flow depicted the SFS is the fastest section was being made for the hands secondly matching the last of it but once was consummate contaminated with the dirt of the now I estimate thanks to be the hand in all we always seem to be just that if they had here but when I got in a Mayo Clinic study is not clear this year it's leaving the car and the radius is that the lots sensory modes are new median nerve these can you imagine as they expect five to seven inches of me to do it hurts the median and a half p.m. X is involved of anything and that has been fixed the trophy yesterday on top of one another and a good meal funny it is usually put into me during the first on the second link that talks and a very big number that the peroneal nerve and its branches the media and not talk background cancer brands such as basic when the date is seven inches of me is an additional excruciating pain but you know look at what the design of agencies and he's out interface wide assault just love doing at the home of Jesus needs enemies father forgive them for they know not what they do what the Levine no one really has to constantly on the last scene so that by the owning they become changed we can become changed in the eye loving presence of each other we can reach out this big list of at least we don't only reach out to others because of the unkindness the cost we reach out to others even though the object and Pentagon and people gossip about the ethical thing nothing compared to what Jesus has come to nothing combat was not we would offer I was not mean that I will not be named the cross is nothing I can forgive just that Jesus has forgave what a loving Jesus and you know how quickly reach out across the office the Bible has many many verses how we can specifically reach out to office now for one another it saves for gave one another except missing one another and pray for one another and comfort for one another at a sufficiently long enough at the time one another show compassion to one another the hospitable to one another and a you don't be positive of the biggest visiting that Old Testament and do not pass along false reports that Ms. do not gossip to do what is right only your parents respect your neighbors love your neighbors know me not contemplating Jesus great laugh in our device immediately just like there's able to go fantasies with just trying to be nice the production check and record music that is the new up work to educate the you are really you opt for Iran's quantity type the full glossies running the heart and Miguel Froissart still because any person in fear of the complicating so once I be genuinely genuine without the dispute of Jesus Christ now many counties at the foot of the cross is a memo to the Snohomish this note for that I did get the best of any person the birth that we all have the same price that the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore week in January reached out to August and is and today but as we fellowship with all people resolve friend in this health of the weekend was out the authors asked the compassion of Jesus so that we can glorify through nine were this video was produced by the builders Lien NaCl summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help us on .com and you would like more training online sermons please visit www. audio reverse is on board


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