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Resolving Conflict

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • February 3, 2012
    7:00 PM
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topic tonight is why interpersonal relationships matter and the effective positive interpersonal relationships on our physical mental and spiritual health medical researchers were really baffled they were baffled about the statistics in a little town called Rozelle Pennsylvania little to present out with its sixteen hundred fifty three inhabitants at half the heart disease rates of the towns on either side of it that was very unusual for this little Pennsylvania mountain town there was something even more surprising that the researchers discovered was even more astounding was the residence of risotto at half the heart disease rates of the entire nation researchers began to wonder why what was behind and what accounted for this remarkable reduction in heart disease and what accounted for the remarkable health of these inhabitants of present up the begin to look at various aspects of their lifestyle Rosetta 's inhabitants had similar diets similar exercise habits similar sleep patterns as their neighboring communities the researchers were baffled they said the answer is not in the area of diet for these people the answer is not in the area of exercise the answer is not in the area of the rest of their getting it's very very similar the more they probed the more they discovered a fascinating fact here's one unique fact the servers that help was a town of Italian immigrants and that is extremely close social everybody in that community knew one another I attended the tenor for one another they were parents of one family tended to watch after the parents of another family when they began to look at resented a song that strong family relationships and friendships bonded the community together it was a community of very close intimate personal relationships parents spent unusual amount of time with their children father responded with both their sons and daughters mothers found it with their sons and daughters not only were there very close immediate family ties but there were extremely close ties with the extended family extended family may played a major role in people 's lives they celebrated birthdays together they celebrated anniversaries together any time they had a chance to celebrate holidays they did that together in Rosetta relationships matter people cared for one another there was a loving nurturing encouraging comforting environment Doctor Stuart Wolf did some of the preliminary research and he wrote a book titled the power of the clan how human relationships reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and in the book Doctor Wolf made this statement people are nourished by other people close knit relationships are better predictors of healthy hearts and low serum cholesterol and isolated individual may be overwhelmed by the problems of everyday life the sense of being supported reduces stress and the disease stress in genders if you have a loving relationships it's healthy for the body 's healthy for the mind give relationships between husbands and wives are health giving life-giving positive relationships in families are helped giving an life-giving positive relationships in the community strong bonds of friendship creates hot the mind to produce positive chemical endorphins that bring life to the entire system Confucius was right when he said and what is it likely to get an angry man is always full of poison there is something to say about healthy relationships now here's the fascinating thing in the last ten years or that Pennsylvania has dramatically changed the Italian population has largely moved out there is still some scattered of the old guard they are the old families but it's more of a collective community more of an ethnic mix in the community people of varying backgrounds have moved in and interestingly enough it has lost its unique family bond goodness when it does and what it has the heart attack rates in Rosetta today after ten years are about the same as they are in the rest of the nation and the same as they are in the small towns around the character of the community has changed and it's heart attack rates have shot up healthy hearts depend on healthy relationships if you have strong family structure if you have good friends you're less likely to have a heart attack and more likely to have good positive health interpersonal relationships make a dramatic difference Doctor Dean Ornish M.D. founder and president of the president of medicine Institute in Sausalito California and clinical professor of medicine at UC San Francisco makes quite a remarkable statement in his the love and intimacy in medicine Doctor Warner says love and intimacy are at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well what causes sadness and what brings happiness what makes us suffer and what leads to healing in the new drug at the same impact that's the same impact as love virtually every doctor in the country would be recommending it to for their patients it would be malpractice not to prescribe yet with few exceptions we doctors do not learn much about the healing power of love intimacy and transformation in her medical training love makes all the difference in the world if you have loving relationships it contributes to help the body mind in spirit the fewer your friends the more you internalize your problems the more your health will suffer if you are the kind of person that does not have a creative friendship outlet if there is no outlet to share problems with if you have very few close really relationships around you if you tend to internalize stress internalized anxiety internalized the burdens that you carry that becomes extremely destructive to health everybody needs somebody that they can share their burdens in their heartaches and their problems with the value of friendship from a health standpoint is incredible it is remarkable a ten year study done by the center for aging studies at Flinders University Australia revealed that those who have a network of friends with twenty two percent longer than those that few friends that Australian university studies that if you have friends if you do not isolate yourself in the loneliness if you have somebody to bear your burdens with you it will enable you to live a happier better quality of life in a longer life researchers at Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon Institute have shown that people who report having strong relationships at more robust immune systems and are less likely to succumb to infectious diseases if you want a strong immune system develop strong friendships around you the reason saw you do that what is the Bible say in Proverbs a man who has friends a woman was friends much show themselves friendly if you're the kind of person that simply is pouring out in spewing out negative visible all around you and if it's an emotional drain for people to be with you you'll tend to have very few friends one person said a person wrapped up in themselves is a very small package but if your outgoing caring about other people they will care more for you in the context of that sharing friendship as you attempt to meet others' needs they will then be more likely to meet your needs a Swedish study found that having few or no close friends increase the risk of first-time heart attack by fifty percent these studies are quite remarkable friendship has been shown to lower blood pressure and shown to increase the white blood count cell count in building immune system has been shown to reduce heart disease we are interrelated psychosomatic we are interrelated in our physical mental and spiritual health if you want to be healthy making positive choices getting adequate rest absorbing the environment of fresh air and sunshine and drinking adequate amounts of water being actively involved in activity developing trust in God in interpersonal relationships will put you on the way to better health there is no one thing that we can do to improve our health since were in care related it takes all of the principles that God gave us back at creation to produce that positive elk that God wants us to have but there is an eternal truth of that is luxury together good friends are good for your heart your friend with you here tonight Helena friend here with you cannot you I think you raise your hand your wife with you do I see that a right-hand howitzer turns them right now and say thank you for being good for my heart is happy right now say again think you for being good for my heart my wife that they are darling thank you for being good for my heart at two oh nine study in Buffalo New York found that individuals with the fewer social ties were most likely to suffer from anxiety depression and develop Parkinson's in other words if you don't build strong social ties a good friend network you're more likely to say to suffer from anxiety depression and develop heart disease in the Bible is not only spiritually true but when you read the Bible it makes a great impact on physical health Ecclesiastes four verse nine ten forty two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor for if they fall one will lift up his companion but woe to him who is alone when he falsely has no one to lift them up that statement is not only true from our mental health is also true from the standpoint of our physical health you know when we stumble along my throat when the burdens of life seem to be so heavy movie seemed to have our life crushed out with financial burdens and health burdens we feel lonely and discouraged that somebody by our side somebody that says you know what you're important to me somebody that says I'm sorry that you're going through this and what can I get a help you somebody that lifts you up some but even encourages you somebody that inspires you doesn't that make all the difference in the world wouldn't you like to be that kind of friend to somebody else you know the more we develop those friend that friendship networks the more our health improves I love the poem the miracle of friendship by an anonymous author he says there is a miracle called friendship it dwells within the heart and you do not know how it happens or even when it starts but the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift and you realize that friendship is God 's specialty the first principle tonight it would take a look at is friendship plays a part not only in our emotional health by friendship plays a dramatic role in our physical health but there's a second principle friendships developed in the context of a caring loving church environment significantly impact our longevity our health and our happiness you may not have been aware of this but research indicates that when you have friendship in the context of a loving church environment that produces itself when you find a Bible -based church that shares the grace and love of God reveals his truth from Scripture but when you become part of a loving nonjudgmental caring congregation that produces health not only spiritual and it not only produces encouragement but the research is the reduces health the body a University of Berkeley California study done in two oh two report on the results of the thirty one year study of over sixty five hundred adults in a meeting California now this is a very interesting the University of Berkeley in California is known for its spirituality it's not known for its religiosity it's it has been classically known as a secular university but here's the study indicated people who attend religious services at significantly lower risks of death compared with those who never attend work and less frequently even if you adjust for age health behaviors and other risk factors if you are going in if you want to have great health be heading for charge pretty soon charge is good for your health what about religious involvement US adult mortality in the United States government does demographic studies in those demographic studies they gather all kinds of information some of that has to do with churchgoing habits notice what a recent study in demographics outlined what state mortality rates for men and women who frequently attend religious services appear to be lower than the rates for those who attend less often frequency of religious service attendance was significantly associated with lower mortality risk for the overall population as well for each gender and racial group respondents who attended religious services more than once a week tended to have lower risk of mortality compared to those who attended religious services less frequently though there may be a variety of factors in the us in addition to the aspect of attending church people attend church may have had better other health practices in their lives they may smoke less drink lesson at the diets we recognize that but here's the we are interrelated human beings we are physical or mental and were spiritual that which affects our physical life will also affect Earth what patterns that which affects our physical I cannot thought patterns affects our spiritual life but if we have a healthy spiritual life that contributes to a healthy mental life and had a healthy mental thought patterns and it contributes to a healthy physical life as well it's official the official news if you attend church regularly you may your twenty nine percent more likely to live longer outside of the church is any practice Sabbath before heading for the future and other events in the present longer well I'm not so concerned about the motive you attend just got there and the Lord of sponsor life and analysis of dozens of previous studies suggest that longer life spans for church grow as it was done by Michael Begala of the National Institutes of Health to research any that sounds pretty official does it national Institute a healthcare research the LI studies on a hundred and twenty six thousand people what did he find out we think that this analysis pre- much establishes establishes that this correlation of religious involvement mortality exist but also points to the need of a lot more research to determine just Allen Wyatt 's effect what enzymes you five two thousand so the researchers that they get if you attend church if you have a good friendship see what other reasons may be because as you can charge to you develop a friendship base of positive people and the worshiping of God sensing that God is our best friend the developing of collegial friendship relationships in church that makes a dramatic difference life expectancy of church attendance if you attended weekly eighty two years ten less than once a week seventy nine years not attendees seven years less you know when you came to the lecture tonight you just get seven years more of life but I just even expect the preacher to say that when you Hebrews ten verse twenty three to twenty five I love let us hold fast the mother words don't give up now let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful God state listening and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works don't forsake the assembling of ourselves that worship is the matter of Soviets but exert a exhorting one another so much as the more you see the day approaching everything subjects I want to look at first the Bible says assembled together another words by meeting together in corporate worship our hearts are inspired new courage flows into our life something takes place in our bodies basically that we may not totally understand having developing friendships in the context of a loving relationship with the church helps us to be stronger physically mentally and spiritually it contributes to our physical health or mental health or spiritual help the Bible says consider one another in other words caring concerned about one another when you have somebody to consider when you when we are those kind of people that reach out in love and kindness to other people that brings health to our bodies but it brings strength to bear his as well I love Galatians six chapter two rights rated to get chapter six verse two and three together bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ we fulfill Christ's law to love one another as we become those kind of people that are looking out of ourselves to bear one another's burdens I was on my way to preach on the love of God to a group of pastors and I flew in to Cincinnati Ohio on my way to Chattanooga Tennessee it was in a February day and when the plane landed in Cincinnati I looked out it was snowing as I was running it through that airport and it was snowing I noticed when I came into the airport a announcement all flights are canceled I said all Lord know the last thing in the world I want to be as start in Cincinnati on a snowy night you know I have to speak to those creatures on the love of God tomorrow morning I was beset you should I know I did I was running through the airport say that I got a get in that hotel free voucher line pretty quite forget that discount is running through the airport I noticed out of the corner of my ideal woman twenty eight years old or thirty auto know about that age with a baby on her lap crying and crying but hospitable printable of the passengers ran right by about halfway down that jetway I said you hypocrite somebody said a man on now give the preacher of rank and so I said Lord I got to talk to so want back sat next to her and I said this Macy's seems strange for an old guy in his sixties to sit next to a young lady like you but I guess I am a preacher I notice you were crying and I didn't know why I may not have the solution to problems but I'm a pretty good listener if you want to talk it's snowing here were not going anywhere and I'm here to talk she said past right he wanted talk I just left and I flew all day hours after our from Germany my husbands in the military he was transferred to Iraq I have the baby now I don't know what to do I'm on my way to Kansas because to tell you the truth at the military base they diagnose that have a lump in my breast and its malignant I'm here in this airport stock with a crying baby with a husband whose any rock with cancer she surpassed by my parents are with are waiting for me and Kansas City they are not to know what's happened I don't have a cell phone as we saw that right now here's my cell phone calling parents she called and said I'm stuck in the airport is now the next thing we got to do is get your room for tonight she said the pastor the problem is the military deposits money in my husband 's account tomorrow I'll have it tomorrow to look when you check in you don't need that money get your voucher so we went to the line and I know little bit about your ports because I have been there many times traveling the world you know the system after while so that our hotel voucher daughter on the way on her boss the Bible says bear you one another's burdens who is there around you the good touch with God 's glory was there around you did you can minister love to cool is there in the congregation that he will attend this week that you can look at the Latin congregation say what this went today and didn't get anything out of it but bless your heart would you keep what you can't say they are new one another's burdens the Bible says about us as assembled together consider one of start love another word share the burdens of others and allow God to enable you to be an agent of love to touch other people 's lives you know it's true that man shall not live by bread alone but we all need a little buttering up from time to time right it's true that man shall not live by bread alone cannot say it we need a little buttering up the title can you give a compliment including a black bats are toward put it this way flatter me I may not believe you criticize me and I may not like you ignore me I may not forgive you until I listened to the tidbits that I will encourage me at all not forget you love me and I may be forced to love you few research project report on February thirteen two oh six revealed that people who attend church weekly are happier than those who attend monthly or less we are still things that I you want to live longer and for that Bible believing trade standard Christ centered church and the church is the Sabbath be filled in Orlando but if you want to be happier pew research that has them regarding your sites it would venture to spend to be happier so here to help principles one let's read if you want to be healthy in best in developing healthy relationships to relationships developed in the context of a loving church environment reduce the risk of mortality increase life 's happiness that healthy relationships we must invest in them relationships don't just happen but relationships developed in the context of a healthy church environment make all the difference but let me be honest with you tonight as the third principle at times friends will let you down at times the church is to disappoint you but there is one there is one there is one that you can depend on at all times he says in John chapter fifteen verse fifteen no longer do I call you servants for a servant does not know what his master is doing but I have called you for ran for all things that I heard from my father I made known to you Jesus says to you tonight you are my friend you are my friend to be a friend of God I love that old hymn that you what a friend we have in Jesus OR sins and griefs to bear what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer O what peace we often forfeit all what needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything to God praise you Fred they compare your burdens have we trials and temptations is there trouble anywhere your friend we should never be discouraged take it to the Lord in prayer can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share Jesus knows our every weakness take it to the Lord in prayer there are three things about the friendship of Jesus only shared with you tonight first Jesus is a friend who is eternally committed to you easy entirely committed to us he will never leave you he will never forsake you he's not merely with you when things are going good and then leaves you when you have reverses and things are going bad in your life Hebrews thirteen five let your conduct be without covetousness be content with the things a gap for he himself has said once he said I will never leave you nor forsake you Jesus said to his disciples read together with me please Matthew twenty first twenty ring together low I am with you always even to the end of the AIDS crisis is a friend lives eternally with you these with you in your joys when you laugh these with you when you sorrows when you wipe away your tears these with you when you're on the mountain peak of the health and when you went disease wracked her body is with you when you are financially doing well in prospering and when you are financially having reverse is your life is with you when you feel you're on the mountaintop and he's with you when you're on the Valley Christ is an eternal friend friend of mine described it this way I lived in Chicago for many years and for many years the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world it's not any longer their couple buildings the limited thirteen hundred fifty three feet and one day he said to me Jesus is like the elevator man I can look to them I thought it was a little bit crass and to explain he's a Jesus like elevator medicine what you mean is oh my life is like that elevator in the Sears Tower it goes up and down is it my feelings like the elevator taking Chicago's tortoise the observation deck on the hundred and four he said things when things are going well in my health and finances in a relationship a great I live in a hundred kids school is like an elevator just know that for my feelings are but then he said sometimes things go bad in my life and my feelings plummet faster than the elevator basement dweller in the bottom floor but he said you know what Jesus is like the elevator operator because whether the elevator goes up when the elevator going down Jesus is still there my feelings about where Jesus is in my life do not determine or Jesus is in my life my circumstances of life whether I'm financially prosperous or financially and difficulty whether I have abundance health or poor health whether I have whether I'm on top of infield with joy or whether I'm discouraged those feelings or circumstances do not determine where Jesus is Jesus is a friend is eternally committed to us secondly Jesus is a friend who uniquely understands us that whoever felt in your life nobody understands me I've just gone through the trauma of the divorce somebody says nobody understands what it's like to be a woman forty eight years old and your kids in their twenties they now are married your husband leaves you for his secretary and your alone in its midnight in your crying yourself to sleep in an empty house you cry out nobody understands going through chemotherapy radiation therapy you say I can't take this sickness but that I reacted to the chemo nobody understands my family they've not been through this they don't understand financial reverses where are you God do you understand me now Hebrew stupor seventeen therefore in all things he had to be made like us that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people Hebrews four fourteen to sixteen seeing then that we have a great high priest whose past they have is Jesus the son of God let us hold fast our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted like we are yet without sin but is there that were come boldly that means confidently with assurance to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need Jesus understands you Jesus is not merely a God isolated from human sorrow but Jesus entered into human affairs he took upon himself human he faced disappointment and sorrow he faced anguish he faced poverty the face of rejection Jesus knows what it is like to be feel with sorrow in difficulty and pain Jesus understands us because he continually identifies with us whenever you are going through tonight Jesus can identify with you he has gone through whatever you are experiencing at this moment Jesus understands because he has experienced those emotional and mental feelings he understands what it's like to be rejected teenagers says I feel so rejected by this group of guys that had been going with they have rejected me I seem to be the outcast may I remind you if you feel rejected as a teenager you feel rejected as a wife or a spouse you feel rejected as a husband you feel that somebody has rejected you they talked about few they criticize you you feel torn down they mocked you and ridiculed you they are reminds you tonight that Jesus came unto his own and his own received him not he understands what it's like to be rejected he understands what it's like to be ridiculed Keith feels the pain in his heart that you feel he understands what it's like to be treated unjustly the businessman sat down with me a few days ago and says I have just about lost my business I'm going heavily in debt because a business partner treated me unjustly do you feel you been treated unjustly treated unfairly you've invested a great deal in a relationship and that relationship is crumble you do not deserve the treatment that you have been that you've got the Bible does not teach that life is a life is not always there it's not fair for a baby to be born of a crack parent smoking crack and for the baby to be afflicted with that crack tendency is not there baby needs mother to be born HIV-positive it's not they are for children in remotest Africa to be starving to death or children in India have walked the streets of the Indians seen these little ways these little children starving to death that is August they are this world is not fair it's not fair for a young Christian young man seventeen years old studying for the ministry to be coming home from school is just rolled in college at seventeen or eighteen years old coming home one day and have a drunk driver hitting the drunk driver survives in that young man dies life is not always there but the audience and one day he will set all things right when you go through injustice when you go through unfairness there is one uniquely understand because was not clear that they put the crown of thorns upon his head it was not fair that they nailed him on the cross it was not there the base beard him in the side you cry out and say this is not there Jesus says my child I know it's not fair I know it's not fair I know it's unjust although the world treat you unfairly a minister my love and grace to your heart I'll hold you in my arms I whisper encouragement to you because hold on my job because one day on the sit on my throne one day righteousness is going to rein in one day on the injustice of the world is to be over Jesus understands what it's like to be betrayed by somebody extreme and close to you if you've been betrayed in a relationship and child betrayed you set the things it really nasty a close friend betrayed you a husband or wife betrayed you have you ever felt that so betrayed that it rips you apart inside so betrayed but the pain is too difficult to hand look to that cross this one called Jesus Judas one of his close friends betrayed Peter one of his disciples denied him the rest of the disciples fled the nation he came to redeem stood there while the Romans nailed him to the cross Jesus understands betrayal to see Jesus understands every aspect of our lives he understands what it's like to have your body wracked with pain because his was on the cross but some he says wait a minute Pastor but get real here I'm try to give up alcohol and try to give up tobacco I have physical cravings they just drive me I'm locked in a problem of drug addiction pastor Jesus never faced those things so how can you understand when Christ fasted for forty days in the wilderness the physical cravings that Jesus had in his body were greater than any physical craving you will ever have so Jesus understands what it's like to be alone he understands loneliness he understands rejection he understands Hopper to the understands what it means that no place to lay your head because the Bible says the foxes have holes and the birth of their nest of the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head he understands driving some cravings you can come to that Jesus and say Lord I'm coming to you the one who is eternally committed to me the one who will never leave me or forsake me the one who is the friend that is always better the one uniquely understands every aspect of my life Christ has experienced the full gamut of human emotions if anyone understands us Jesus does but it takes more assurance that he's with us it takes more reassurance that he understands us to get through life you know the island Molokai was an island where lepers were dropped off like a hundreds Molokai is one of the Hawaiian Islands for centuries leprosy wasn't ready to skirt one of the most well known leper colonies was on the island of Molokai better known as a loop of its one of the Hawaiian Islands in the late nineteenth century hundreds of lepers arrived by ship they were sometimes told to jump overboard and swim for their lives they were isolated on this island the ship 's crew would then throw into the water whatever supplies of insane relying on currents to carry them ashore with the excise swimming to retrieve the Damien to boost missionary to the lepers decide that he would go and leave he would leave the comforts of home believe the convenience of home he would be the safety and security of home these of these lepers need somebody to minister to them somebody that understands them he went to this leper colony not only did he shout encouragement from afar he came he lived among them he ministered to their needs he taught them how to make garden he talked about it make their houses this missionary identified with the leopards they sensed that he was one of them and then there came that day after spending sixteen years of selfless loving service then he to develop leprosy any die Jesus was not content to be separate from the leprosy of this world he came in he board the impact of ridicule and mockery in shame he took the results of the sales of this world upon himself he was condemned for seems in which he had no share so we can receive the righteousness in which we have no share he died the death that was ours so we could live the life that escapes is eternally with us he understands us they no longer hangs on the cross the grave could not hold he is alive he's risen from the dead just as father Damien fully understood the lepers of Malachi theists living Christ fully understand you Jesus totally understands you in loneliness he understands you when you feel weak he understands you when you feel powerless he understands you we feel rejected he understands you when you feel that there is no hope you understand you when their tears running down your face he puts his arms around you we understand you because here the Bible says in Isaiah sixty three verse nine in all their affliction he was afflicted he went through what you're going through the angel of his presence saved them in his lobbyist pity he redeemed them he bore them and carry them all the days of old Christ not only is with us Christ not only understands us because Harry's us in our difficulties he carries us in the burdens of light we face here's the third point Christ is alive he is a friend ever interceding for us Jesus is alive at the throne of God as we come to that proud he gives less strength for life journey Hebrews seven twenty five says therefore it is also able to save to the uttermost those that come to God through him since he always lives to make intercession for them you are not alone the Christ is with us the Christ that understands as we go we say Lord this is unjust he says my child come I will take away that harbor out of your life will take a anxiety that stressed the attention of figure likely PC since casting all your care upon me because I care for you we can throw the full weight of our anxiety on him he has the wisdom he has the strength when life seems time when all seems down when the journey seems long when the relevant seeds arduous when their amount is before you the one was with us in the one understands will give you power unlike journey all we need see supply Jeremiah twenty nine verse eleven says for I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give your future to give you a whole Jesus Christ is good for you Jesus Christ desires you to live life filled with joy filled with meaning filled with happiness not because there are no problems in your life not because everything goes good but because he is with you because he understands because he will empower you because he'll take that sorrow and dry your tears and put it spring in your step and put joy in your heart because he'll be the burden and carry it in your life in from your life and place it upon his shoulders I love that old song just when I need Jesus is just what I falter just one world ready to help a raining here just when I is the just when I need them most just and Jesus is near to come here just want to see Jesus comfort tonight you need them to lift some pertinent nine did you get into this meeting tonight with some heavy birth Jesus once the Charles St. Louis wow your Hensley Jesus giving that burden Jesus had been giving it up thing crashing out my joy of getting you now I will leave this place a new banner Jesus says they'll learn to emulate and I will give you rest they'll take that burden is eternally with me forever understand since he's there heal broken hearts he's there to lift heavy burden this is Charles Nelson nineteen and disease we plan on so I is him him me and I is the and ninety in a shelf and I he he is and will and he grew his is on him in a time is now hanging is in him and Eric Byrnes just need Jesus is wrong if you leak a Jesus is wrong Barry might result in a long sunburn you have nine visas once there for my sorrow leaving us all just when I need them this video was produced by unbelievers will be anything else summoned if you would like to learn more about the Navy some of the please visit www. DNA to help someone .com I was more online is www. audio numbers on board


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