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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 1

Katia Reinert MSN CRNP


Katia Reinert MSN CRNP

Katia Reinert is currently the Health Ministry Director for the Adventist church in the North American Division.



  • February 4, 2012
    8:30 AM
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are you here have I believe you are litigating a little introduction of this training and what we are trying to do right and that many of you that is the art crudely leaders and heartfelt message in your church or conference or okay good so the great majority maybe I'm a member of a team in sharing shadow health minister in a here to learn and engage great in the category of uniting about that all you don't plan to be involved on a health ministry team okay good you may not be my call and remain interested and able eigenvalue I am seeing God move and bring people into the area like never before in the exciting because this is a big need to talk about now is really a huge need in the community for a holiday for healing and we have the opportunity to be extending the minister of Christ this way now there are many issues that are often calls for us in this process and outer continental some of them and that's why we decided up front very first session on the Cheney will be assessed in philosophy of health I believe it in the first place one evening when and if we love you lots of feet from a biblical and informational standpoint will be able to then have a balanced ministry meeting and what occurs if people don't stop to really understand that they widen this is important is when and how to go the right way to effective ministry in the church and then it becomes an unborn menu of your pastors and investors in the crowd one that what okay we haven't I S there is on it if you have a minister you might come across situations where churches have struggled with this you have something that is that as they are in one extreme reading judging others for whether or not their folly is to be falling because of the diet examines all of the help principle that we in the church are known for yet again you have other than elite yet all read about that and I'm not interested in so many times there's friction when he comes around this topic and that the church now and then and great number of you and helpful I sorry there works against the message that God had given them the opportunity to use the method of the right arm so this morning and what we'll be doing is trying to bring some of its principles on a political standpoint I looking at philosophical foundations looking at how you balance it with a gate and a very effective successful ministry in your church you I can do that you need to look at the vehicle and then your inspiration that we received in terms of their subject directly to dozens of the spiritual foundation and you see it and I will ask you also explore the reasons behind the ministry of healing and wholeness and examine how to use the right arm which is what the message is the right-wing now this is important because most like you've got to know about the golden circle have you heard of them golf theory this is a theory that I came across actually one of those talks is uninhibited those short fifteen to him that are online and people talk about some topics that are very important yet you have a question that we are now okay so it is now now and that the world didn't go on right on the first module update and exceedingly have an vessel yeah we may need to make some two or three at eleven hundred and above a few to living there to get one of them fully any copies of the captain to set aside one of them and the others we can all write so that all is right behind the first module of their okay I'll wait until you have that many guys are the goals article I came across this gentleman talking about the Wharton of his theory because all successful companies or leaders in the world use this business model and that is when you have something that you want to inspire others to do what you think you have not an idea order Friday that you want to be well that they union she learned that he waves one of the ways is to talk about what you have so say frankness and night he is the company IBM et al. and take him out in the process right focusing on why they are selling or what they want people to grab the in one way and then you make me how they can buy bad order prior that were incorporated that you have gave me why so little in the new iPod this is how you use it out and get it into his life but when Apple and that's not what will that all people and leaders like Martin Luther King bothers with making a few extra copies coming until needed and didn't get it one okay so were immediately met me there he spent time talking about letting anyone but himself why so what was his cell something Vietnam is focusing on the product on the computers out there focusing on the fact that people that they quite knows they are special people there smarts that many innovative and delete focus on why they are better than others are white it is important and people list on acid is time for another whitening about how bad viability of the product so they don't have to be spent to much time is that he be issue at hand but the Y that in any point-and-shoot meeting with Martin Luther King he was a you all alive people not to reading what he wanted to make why there were important and that once people understood lighting bracing and eliminate some years ago that had that feeling good because he understood why that wasn't going and thinking about it I didn't even want to understand why this message in the importance and then how to administer it and how to bring it to your church to meeting and lastly what he is fidgety for an play all I know why I think that England may not embrace it adding they could even if he understood that the trim that make men free is one of all I ensure that refers not to hear the identified many we don't want here is the truth we wonder what we want here and I Chris perhaps that will have a guardian the Pulitzer prize-winning holiday and he will choose that actually is that you never leave people free many time that you want here and I never truly stopped sometimes when we know we will help you for free you from all name in a figment and community invented mind is totally blocked and cannot understand dynamite he is but if you follow this principle in a you can free yourself that while people the one here that need I and that they understand why so Houston got a too offended that from the little magazine dialogue of you might have know what that is and for the college or university student and got his name here I am the way the truth and the life he say I I need to be for you the past love life in the way of death Jeremiah says that and also Deuteronomy that and this is what we've been thinking always wanted to these have the choice of life for persons that impresses life or death younger than me and for your feet and any event I am the way and then your use and now they would turn around and say only a short but over here so we go to settings that while God tells us to be to the way paternal way to life and I think that God made mankind then I say and it is likely to encounter in the truth is that we are waking and I fill in what I understand the reason why this message we need to understand the controversy the main history that whole sound before creation Colorado eight two the very last time I will be anywhere as well findings and messages to people to restore them still his original plan right so he created and he and he and he gave them again I for my part of that but they had to and that when the children mostly he already had a plan and he is now and is based and then an affirmative economy dynamically and Jack three fifteen that somebody will and while I clean them with diseases and really get him healthy and be able to show out for them restoring them to the original plan and ever they were looking forward for that but I want that would come and know what time she is by another math achievement to them they go to the site 's world but it's not good I have a plan and military preaching for many years there was a message that I had given for the data methods and restoration that he can be stated and so they did that for a period of time how many people have been an average very you write and so that again after years God Golden called Abraham not because after the blood again he's people well versed any he had a message for another will establish me restoration and examination of the Asian page allowing everything that needs of the people and so even you know the story I hadn't design and finally legally exempt very needed and are not an asset to every here and I got sent messages which are called rapid truth for that time so we still have people back to displaying and that they are in all the stories you have initially changed and it was from any human message and he was the message of restoration now the restored people back to the Arizona plant maintenance and dramatic I emulated the life identity in all you need to do is exactly and that was the message that should for that I'm only a message of grace all in the message of salvation is that is a message that never come to that that is a message that this is a great and with the goal to restore now just like that around eighteen forty four well I'll talk about that later but are only twenty four again got called people we do not threaten true that Dragon has staged that needed to come in a fighter that is where our message of health comes in so while in the purpose that were suggesting used legal services for this message and if he only uses one purpose of the message we are balanced the message we need to be able to see you in the light of this three area at least so that we can be effective when then even underlie right it still believe our life next week immediate boss of that or any China prevents disease as much again so that we can have all of our activities mind body and spirit to use the gift got even him who follow the method you won't get in no necessarily in the field moreover and that many people as people of God will principle you don't say who can see will still die and we need to get understandable chocolate about that but it really follow that guy candidate at the Michelin one of my back is glorify thy name not the financial insanity on Friday helped finance from beneath the leader legally had is to glorify the name of God and will look at that and very reason is a fulfill a mission for this admission that he engaged in this church and to people to proclaim a message of hope and help nations in the world as it which is on the right arm of holiday and fulfill the message now here's some fact that handily thought that it works in effect before you life and that God always trying to need that life would suck other than by the abundant life that before you in the way of White House unity and then life as in we hear every evening here and all those principles another I am plastered to your teaching to you learning anything they hear the handheld is of an electric see how it shows full life exactly and then like I have strong unit the journey to life and many the Bible talk about the fact that if we follow the plan of God for that we will be glad this is one advantage that even our will did many children really got very high into the place of the word I got and will do that reaches right I will if you do get to amendment and keep volume batches no immunity as I will be will be player of mine daily 's handwriting is usually friendly and guilty and is one in you follow the agreement you will not have the same diseases that people that are around and he actions of the law that are careful to follow this lot I know you're not looking to open a law with you and he and he worked here but I you will be blessed more than any other people that will keep you free from having the now hear me earlier this fax to give you action and adventure and undoubtedly to do it that if you follow it you not have anything right there what do you keep it from reading the elderly we understand that everything I see the reality that many people follow this section the principle that we have connected and I anyone and very good very important point which was then quite a bit of time talking about and dad of course they look at me purposes were looking at abundant life abundant life and actually are and uses them in benefit they when he had his relationship with God and he's calling out the message of grace to engage in this morning intimate relationship and of course he had the research does show you look at again I felt ready to live in the United States that any faultless principles you have less risk for the youth you have glass risk for some of his chronic issue that I had seen people is not well I am nineteen we know that I will be stronger if I needed the money come but I think these are brothers so lightly at an out is that we are communicating with them in their own life and no matter what happens we know now Galvan you know you and the faithful son of God that there is a greater diversity happening and sometimes we don't see God 's purposes on allowing your new mean by allowing us to suffer something that we suffer so we have to keep the perspective in my next and eight legacy that can show that the variant one two that even those who are born and are maybe falling all of their life we don't validate they may get ill and die right now of course it will decrease the event is a very important point because any people that his message at Yankee that if you follow in the long you can follow it you will not have any and got found in our meal and really live in a Windows issue Olivia Everett Alley but we have to be a living breathing people when you use Daniel panel how many of you have heard the recent talk about her husband you know they have a wonderful ministry they became seminaries later their teenage years and living all principles they know off and he got to unite many people come to her and say all ninety Navy was resting on what he did he have this away if you like sugar already trying to find a man that why I do not agree your message if you doing that you have eternal people at this point right I internalized the economy so when the way we raise those who follow Neil on one diet or for whatever reason I think that we didn't Reagan nominated a mental outlining a daily two I only follow all of the principal there something about later follower house know is really great people and people and helping them in their journey to find holiday in LA and I cannot diagnose it yeah the native ensures that we are not able to see the little theater had any questions answered that it clearly should understand that in the DNA the feature we need to keep in mind that whatever happens is best to follow this principle because they are going to live his life about everything not by following we get salvation is following on that elevation again on the other mistake that many I need to win his message that you want to meet in heaven and eBay United that is on the United States and made by DJs and we know that anyone with God we will see is will and will try to follow these principles and this is what he does that each of us and all of us are in attorney as someone are out on the road led by AVG and the more we now revival in other whole world churches seeking revival Reformation transformation and the Holy Spirit to deport out where we would understand the need for personal growth in this area but not cheap but that into others engage what they are doing the interview him him play with alarming is out of the race and that's why this message to be a message upgrading outline is to removing these from those that is ally remember they were there people around him that he had all been having that were harmful and got here is the profit that the priest to bring in the list to bring modern house currently held by that way as well then you know he can to prevent some of that combination of communicable diseases at least on the law this book of life and want to do within the black somebody got saved you know where they needed a little odd way to help them secure our freedom disease from spreading and also from from witty on attacking her penny in those power empowerment of people that can together in it and the good user out right now the priest was the center seat year culinary to be heaving physically they've got to him shall if they had whale buddy he was also there to bring this individual hearing the zenith is only the schedule is always connected and he was online within that then came the same thing Elisha and nonprofit public indemnity illness and also to find healing the word of God for their special needs so I don't think the Old Testament and the combination of physical mental combination of full person however whole person Jesus himself did that and he thought and he reached and he healed always bringing the mind body spirit call of holiness city life and friendly when he was regularly treated father and the disciples to do I mean I will night to you please send them to knew what free video now one is more important to preach in order to heal you I will very good is both immanent even though all warnings if we can reach a enemy are not bringing the message of healing on body mind and spirit with a half message is regularly the healing and focusing only irregularly only wonderful humanitarian work that weekend dedicated over are not preaching the truth and the way we are how halfhearted so we are not leaving the full message of the gospel now Jesus is so that you and I can remember in life and delete his ministry the truth is that if they look at the Gospels he is like him he is in preaching in military life I spend more time viewing invented what is right and my wife and I like you as well very good point in your eggs actually it wasn't that he didn't miss all you boyfriends understand why in the county needs and people on the hearing and when one is able to gather the people I need anything signed in all their might when to understand that drills on the preaching that will be open to back and reading graphic we need to meet their need where they are and when people need an integral need them on signing day social and all we will have and what ultimately they have any heating or so recommending we now that I mean those needs that are in we actually what the entry head west for the meal Nice Becky having yourself lawyers very good I feel like reasoning went like your linguine that feelings of people with it that's a lot every single guy in an act life so important some I had to hear this is possible because when people he said that he all heard what he said I didn't recognize that they are there are some who will be there how whatever immediate physical and mental emotional and he knew they are okay for you are right I took an immediate brain down to Holland and a huge opportunity to find healing that ways the Internet and his wife felt selling shares those of you whiners as they remember this is a great way that means to heal and to say and many vitamins and administrate we need to warn you that you are saving the soul of someone that he was legally the thought as well as saving when he only knew the site apparently he healed the physical and four days Sunday brought pardon and and and and health here no one hope I'm not immediately and who heals all you always gather bit preachy but healing out there making more often if you need any copy that's like to make their books in their again thank you so much for helping hands on that now will him crying shame if we are to be able to do is I would have a feeling cell recognition we're excited about what really just about any and mean he can recommend are an insult not only that he himself what we do what we go through each phase so that you would identify with that so that it was an administrator at all humanity so then I can't believe he came to be moved and the rest is meant nothing anyone can do why three men to complete restoration he continued how not only help he and professional care for the whole package is about the physical and mental emotional spiritual very important for us to think that now that the underlying and holds her son is not an end in itself is not just so we can be happy and we can find you a weekend live long although that is needed is longer everybody else how ultimately special is not that we are more special than anybody else in the fact that I found in the Scripture when we follow the principles in life we are open to see God act in our life and that when he given that we are glorifying me explain first Corinthians I think nineteen twenties and then we should do that to glorify his name now in I economically politically looking into the vision and want me to say that he got into heel brokenhearted to convert those who mourn the losses they start I think that you the last thing on many long as I don't have any amendment eleven a job in the authentic on the vision in my house on the one may not maybe go through in life and soul coughing a little morning and goes a little more united and then delete my eyes and thinking you will enjoy it morning and two in the garment of praise for this period of happiness and actually why felt that he may be glorified so he is to get people like an abundant life but also so that he may be glorified this is something very very he'd never need to be able to remember first he said that they are not held with some melted my heart beat and I know that your body that Hamilton Holy Spirit and that you are home from the home you have from God and that you are not of your own so what if they you have been bought with it right therefore glorify God in your body so when he are leaving busier glorifying him now whatever we you we let every three whatever you do you know you get so that you will be long and how is much more than that is so they can glorify God and worship him even worse this is on a wonderful fact that I went initially because this one here at the community health about why is abundant life is so important we get a few years longer on average according to the NFL betting you could follow this principle well it says here on information that the money six page three seventy eighty seventy nine I only got we got along as you are life Lori now really be here in Atlanta on second thought they mind and year I learned in that we may live in Peru's opportunity and management for working how the individual salvation and buy our salvation lies promoting the well-being of loggers so why we should be strengthening the long days months and years adding a naturally to be able to promote L.L. Bean is silly again in the ICU the Nikkei in so that we can get around to more and looking here that if we do that we may build up the kingdom of Christ and made glory of God I glorified and Eagles on how now we don't knew that if we don't follow those principles and we don't have you know that the history you know what happened than the use of our physical powers showing that NHR life can be used for the glory of God and then it is best to accomplish the work that God has in the Philly who are not following it and then I'm having an elegant long time they even used that it are not as able to fulfill the mission that he had invested in any way that I invested there because the shortened in any concert any goal line how can we do now when you hear that power it says I have allowed yourself to do I will wrong had and by keeping why a eight hours I need to meet is all anyone will write that way but I believe eating eight hours I when I is no right twice a huge appetite for Internet that appetite for shopping for talking about there's there is all kinds of appetite that made me have and that we create a habit that are not good anything that is and now to my job even in good he can be any and so it our appetite for whatever AAV had at the expense of how we laid the foundation for people and then he says I need to collect a five by only one online I what happened we now are nervous and then the opportunity of letting on right out of the whole line of reading long the opportunity and lengthy how do you learn Leach got invested in English or in any of the Bobby says that we are guilty on Friday the world of good and good that we could have helped drive you wild on behalf of right because I don't have it and we just talked about three hours no exercise wrongheaded that if I tried and on and on and on that we overwork you mind over what and how my and me balance orders yes this is to describe the object lesson page three forty three eighty three words delete EERA they may not anytime she doesn't be wow that you hanging me yeah okay then he got them out of agony he prayed immediately but because they're not meeting those principles which God lives in you and bring you any meaning they would not glorify him because the leader leaving is not leaving the principles now that means that God is not personally reusing learning mechanism I know that Doctor Keith is going and he gave those up working for you and that we need to singly you don't be able to access many the fact that we won healing without really necessary doing what he's called us to do many areas so things are different and great prices were not only will bring healing despite abandoning an opportunity to wake up and change so there is no a warship that we are doing when it falling it were glorifying him where delete what he caused to do therefore they are engineers economists outlined to that you prepare an identity for a sacrifice I said that the design and because this is your spiritual service of worship very very important now I God we always people moving the restoration and you shall worship him in this way and the enemy from the beginning to you he you cannot stand it a method of restoration and great and so the enemy meaning that he brought information to let to light and his mission was that now I have full control of its people they are not interview to bless others this in a abundant reactive plan because I am an agent is these that would distract them and sell it back to us constantly on the other to agree the rate is fully in control and so he strongly called along the wall of that he has is what yeah I was in LA that I can add me ways any gold doing their thing I cannot even bring me in a very bad way right they want to destroy our health and our moral powers I gave my thinking now that any company possible is impossible for man to serve our appreciate things of eternal word I so you know even great interest was in attendance children must walk me what on principle he will make army as well I meet and anyone be able to understand the sign of internal work and got one for one teacher through the villages of perverted appetite and weight on Hmong hunters who eighty have been quite a forceful in one of those very strong one that drives authors many great and so that you understand how to face why I guess the solar higher interest that should go immediately than in Korea will not come here today I think this is an issue clearly is not affected in any Palestinian understand why ultimately is your right to help people break away and have an appetite that under the control of the Holy Spirit and born because that will peoples minds of even the same the clear message that God wants us to think that Soviet removing the very last day the leader in America they finally now if we are need to be Randy to the point of child letterhead and how we need to stand there to discern between children and evil what's right what's ninety nine percent right that has a little bit that I recently see that the form on the wildflowers are destroyed by Harley Stacy that he got been countless ways to write to buy unprecedented and we won't be able to do because of this encampment so they may not modernize as to why I feel amazing how much other at an diet has to do with how the character and use the Internet need out we have absolutely eventually starting with anxiety some of these other areas as being that land is our physical strain anything really people are mine and they are less able to discriminate between what's right and wrong we are teaching a lot she really meant was that you cannot actually find chilly full life we will be intervention for life as we should and will have less strain on well into that which we know that is and I went Holy Spirit is not in full control over my remembering is very included Manny joy I felt development and one of them and self-control so the ability to hand at writing this journal under the Holy Spirit comes in the fruit of the spirit humility and how that can be emitted valid and have and hopefully bring in our life self-control he is the fruit of the spirit like the relational piece that we were talking earlier so he for us to be listed at now gone son of pioneers in eighteen sixty three preachy and they were diving for seemingly valid and working hard in Iraq the eight Honda but in all that I also even during a thirty nine -year-old man eight eight not very well and in and in eighteen sixty three that beautiful face that help message to help them create their mind and be able to white balance weight so healthy for bushel to her to be very native methods the matter is that when money is the right time just closely with the body and in many ways so she saw that we haven't people must make an opening okay the administration became pioneers in LA area better create in you know Doctor Callahan an influential role and all the time he decided he will reach me they had any rights not granted any more life and then decided to have their mind better prepared this is another site that talks about the fact that all are bound by the most saintly obligations to God to see a sound philosophy and generally speaking is not even telling that men too then in reference to health reform he will invent a great sense of helping optionally hesitated and the public mindbending research investigate for possible women and women again think that saying that I impossible for them when their bowl I miss strolling brain unit rating habit is very basic truth so that is what they needed to do to heat the sound philosophy of health so they can be identified refined elevator inmate in the society after the Society apparently into the kingdom of God was made under ninety days by his message now know singly it would make them fit for their migraine could rest and body would have energy you mean the word and they should and so for me I'm actually in his chalet because mailman were not change and professionalism that was anything back down and she fragmented message any medical school of medicine school they people were dying in the second is good to hear the law were saying how I even write either thing out of the another message many came to first anger now the message and people out there was saying how they are drowning in their life but then you know they needed our church many times and then what happened than sorry I will have that spiritual gifts to teachers and that they cannot adopt a binary I may look and comment ingrained in the methods of how and so is to give ourselves and so they doesn't weld is that God is calling everybody is not just the health professions so use the lady pioneers that we had and then easy to date medical school energy schools and many cited actually to be eluded me the health message in a more clinical role and teach people that he still attended a knee related people like the year of the pioneers so many senior health Ministry people in the column when the Gothic church was happy to help their question in a church that idea that's not very so got called on it very and actually done anything to understand that they cannot be the right person to become a director made a hash and maybe others was not interested in an and being helpless event extending the hearings are we going anyway because it was harmful with it would be if they can use their clinical skills and understand this in a beautiful balance weight than any kind of a person who has been open to hear from the Holy Spirit and to learn both are several however as I've experienced since Raymond Mathis Teresa demeanor balanced view so in a community raise our name people as well as help educator health professionals and how God is calling them to hear is in a way that will be a blessing to say no one I know he will I want to go and how they got to know when I will make me how I can dream house I need the help I needed hold I have depression and anxiety I have been illegal on what they physical emotional social needs are and how even today that need and I'm coming to you if you understand I will leave it in a much greater impact and glorify God now that we ideally the availability of immunization because the very recognition one permission of the seven administration which got called is due in eighteen forty four when he called that people in another sanctuary and he was saying the Bible what did they learn while recognition decent command of the case what is an immediate message to a lot I fear you have such a relational database first and then that there are many games out there that are not the truth and they need to comment me the open humor what the wheel is for you two four eight one five two to live and then wants the kingdom of God upon it Connie and so that you need to be ready because there is a judgment in the name that I feel like he to complete right now inhabitants of salvation and that we are made him him about combat Liana is a whole is that a message of lot and hopefully those will help accurately and coming back and so we and the chairs were called to do that to bring the message to build the one is that of human medicine we are to use the right on this golf right he didn't and regions as you anyway to be a good athlete we have to fulfill me and I maintain that you and I know he'll do anything here all week long vacuum that a manic laughter they rated probably right method a long lineage is exactly reaching the people wedding gown he means all with mad dog while in he shall live English league and this is a very neat and by doing that he will never was only after that in effect and follow me so that is always talking about meeting people need mean really with people mingling with no outside our church walls meanly when all I want is a a while so we haven't actually printed message perhaps again partner with mingling those who are out there because many are doing is wrong church and Internet hierarchical authority we are not going out and marketing into auditing my mother loves to participate in creating partnerships we need to me is that we won't be fine I was also a national missionary work I went back together we've seen that in that the principles of short report might be bound in manufacturing the when I eat half of fiscal forget that you are a series in an e-mail delivery is now minute that the health five minutes before him I will get to the real passage and how becomes the Hulk to something else that we really want that type that are gold and silver to his account and have a little thing that people will come and undergo when anyone ask of you want them to be hooked out everyone wanted to be back in the wrong to want to accept Christ and he decided to follow him and that there is our ultimate goal we want people to find a hole in Christ and Link Eddie Ray can than any spending eight years and if you're just using them as a whole at something that is to leave it to the IP without realizing that people see that you know if you're doing something what's the spirit of prophecy called the invention and the national vitamin and kindness without you doing this for free we now exactly that you know there's something else that he do they will see that if they do that yet coming to creating a healthy because nobody wanted to come to your church and then exit a revelation seminar that that that that that that and that the Bible say that any reading environment with what we realize he was apprehensive that your message all know right away Bailey sign away and I'll come back but in the United States and of the region and he in a physical knee and then the Holy Spirit create opportunities and play-by-play I wanted to have this new year all you know if the visit our church this is what we do you want to rehash that you can either need along the way to building friendships building connection with them in a way there's no strings attached in the law of God noticing that you want you want in your life today that money save anyone follow this is no way you have one of course I made at all what I really try that consistent with you now live in the memory don't remember really feel like we need to walk beside the other ready and Holy Spirit the work you just pointed out with him after all Junior Day secondary and Christ I hope that we need to be able to lobby while it is within the church and the only immediate hand of the service we were talking about the same passage anything that we had such a program here in the church every year there is not one that cinematic team on his back what do you think about that I think they should be having that there is no less than coming out of what do you think about that okay that's you know my name they are not being held because they think they know need help right we can only know the message all we know you can talk about how all the results by embracing the will demonstrate how I know that already don't need any help but then you go out there really that the good lately people how open in terms of teaching outmaneuvered Fiji and to the community I think I came to you the next phase of identity you have to use the him only allow way that began in the world now turning those so yeah I think they know why the profit on the Fannie Mae administers that there in all event not what you say and what it had been good for you you inspired way they can this is the science proving that a human being on a hundred years ago so now we have to be meant as an administrator of doing that and talk about the church and I apologize for any online one year ago he talked about the method of health of the community and as I turned to him and yeah he made at midnight Edinburgh man have a different ball of a different audience and if in way that you approach that I have no I have no care at all using welding I think my writing because actually as well pruning all of the things that we have now an example many people do you know the things out of context and use one that talks about not eating dinner or any one detail about the health any as if that was the most important thing and without taking into consideration the higher fund in the books she wrote on this and every single thing she said about that topic very easy to take one and use it without putting it in perspective with everything she wrote about that topic and about what the specific situations she was discussing when she arrived at copping out so we have to be very careful when using that and never use it as a hammer never use it at the initiative visit I know we need to teach and in light of the information and making sure that we are bringing the science behind very important that yes him very for you why can we talk about that because I think it's important for us to talk about that into a one trillion and when you have a pastor who is passionate about the health of working using the that house of message are what we know about misuse of the right arm to change my right the church can do a wonderful engaging the community now many of them talk to us we criticized the pastors for not embracing and I think we used the same manner on the past is that we use in the community and we need to be very carefully because all of us even house leaders we are including it in a journey and it is generating with God is teaching and utilizing your veterinarian unfortunately I wish they would we are working toward that and I would improvement now and bringing that back you were here for those of you who are here and anywhere to be painted over huge push from GE health ministries and others that we incorporate more of this message in my seminary both registers both for after they're done so that is to understand a little bit more so then why I ask you to give when you go in you may have a church where your pastor is not at all interested in this and maybe even against the Cray for him pray with him trying to ask the Holy Spirit to give you gentle ways to walk beside your pastor in his journey and in a lot of leeway in the same labeling deal with people on the community audio with your members try to allow the Holy Spirit to work and I'll tell you one thing diligently and even though you know how the pension board God will open doors and less as what you are doing NASA will see the results at all better than patient and diligent assays and you do it in the right way God will be baptisms it may not be the first month the first year they will be many people in the community will understand and I can happen but that may take years I may think while I make a glad that he didn't start because of some subway in place by the health message anybody anything three guys likely to report five people so we know that God is bringing people in his right arm but it may not be the results that you see right away immediately patient so I was dying that Albert I asked me that question I said you know Jesus when he is managing to keep my window people eventually seem to have been the result many came after but mainly following eight hundred eighty in the Bible but after he died that day really started to grasp few things anyone who believes in with them right so we need to do the same answer in regard into heaven now there many great I know how I love my beautiful hair like to see that we need to make sure that vandals or their family are working on again his weight lose weight and I think why more will the opportunity that will be that that I think a lot of articles and because of that we have to walk again beside the educators in respect of anyone better making the choice again that's right and very good point you make and actually I will tell you the reason many pastors sometimes I'm not thrilled me break this is because of those people they dealt with in their ministry why did a judgmental course catalog wars and churches were divided are you happening on so they had a bad experience with that kind of behavior is God is always falling in the healthy has now come out and that you know exceedingly detrimental way of teaching this message to let DCA leg raise the law and so the casters out and well and we had attract younger pastor this week it was wonderful we had a large group of pastors who were irradiated once this message to be hot in the way got a great silver message and why each is made in game where I can tell you are NAD health ministerial director accession to come here and here to talk to the pastor this week to view within this weekend one of the pillars of ministerial department to help starting encounters on health words and deeds have been screening in our pastors like a gentleman he said the numbers many are injured when their health and so once they realized that they start to live the message they start to understand what important that have their own life they become an war on open to include that and I have here at test every glamorous ways that check the conference president and the story you haven't yet tested to say that he went to a journey and use the health director for the conference and I joined this couple words about that path is respected because of this topic they were talking about yeah and I praise God for the way you use that other members they are because you know that having gone through his own experience and an end using this morning 's judgment he was batting before and now as brethren and me it is wonderful when we have I hear you sorry a single CD and management journey we have to be able to be careful in the national economy through this course without upgrading about what is a reliable whatnot how to haven't seen it down and I shall people that are able to teach this from a biblical family practice can do that as well as laypeople can also interview the teacher and learning harmonica and having developer health professionals when you have no but it very went to be able to be open to work with our pastor 's been out and no objection being judgmental criticizing them actually working with them they want the best for the church and that when the Holy Spirit impressive in their hearts and this is the way to go there open date and it can be a wonderful way effort and then on board with many of the things that you're doing but we have to do our part we have to have a message it down and nonjudgmental in that sense so and actually on that one I bring this to them that they need out there is a need that is a really in a way so overwhelming and even opportunities for Ms. strain to people deviant and chronic disease particularly is everywhere and God gave Monday's rally that I hear Eric I got it in his rest exercise minute etc. etc. to write now one occasion and neatly changed it because it is a beautiful way for us to reach the people that are having the crime and deviance however many we do it in a way of her talking about the recent focus on only many I know he is quick to criticize the medical profession quasi the hospitals because they're not you as for now as much as they may shut and I believe that is true many times we are not using it but it sure is that in the role very important role for medical professions what happened procedures will want to be accused he shares so if somebody diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of fun at all no double chemotherapy no multimedia element download to do this almost enough to do that shortly and it is not an easy falling hill beneath your medical profession what do you have somebody who is a wholesome professional who understand the prevention and treatment that are available even better than they will need medication they will need a procedure done it will need surgery and chemotherapy there would need at all in treatment that can actually help because those also said they liked theretofore he immunizations their other immunizations permission well you know there is a rule regulation and white children child to be human I love you so we need to be able to understand that in all the medical procedure that out there some of the medications that are out there are important and we can have health directors preach again that we need to plan on the contrary people to be seen goaltenders creating better year goaltender his vision for the physical every year and that evil talk about that a little more meat on amazing that more and later opening the advantage that the research is now that's enough in so that we need to view it to go to the site the places that actually are taking it because they are teaching in my county are more than the I will remain a lot of people in on their hands and say something analogous happening way I reason why research I think Daniel diet in the early game across the item is ready I learned this week that he was backlighting one day overnight hundreds of people he was overweight and happy and he almost had a heart attack going out to be believing that by immersion and so he went ordering it with hundreds of people that I go people are being built not only he was overly the people in that guide me what you are feeling another man one of our way and that will be anyone having a high time that he sent me something that immediately came across Daniel and he is dying and he said Daniel I guess people and that is huge Manning requires juries now rare McDaniel diet plan they will guide and all his undefeated I am sure he had no real cannot yet come across Remicade and you know the music and teach the eight laws of Rachel and auditing administrators are away I love when he and incorporating that as well so heavy right we need to do it in a way that is a blessing to others now automation has many easier than chronic diseases that we are able to do and how you know over the years in nineteen hundred people anything longer but not married how your life is wonderful medical management that has happened the antibiotic events dining out effective technique than anything that can entry discovery of the procedures that are helpful and being at home and anywhere in nineteen hundred and however the cost me know the cost of May okay can anyone than the cost of medical care is not happening is not only immediately around the world community you and I think I didn't feel the need to say that we had here but I cannot bring you to an medium digging to America and that you are representing your main problem of these many years till number one this is a feature here from the CDC twenty years of me when I present population of the country white of having an easy to more than thirty percent of history in your trip I helped around the world and so people were eating and writing the medication that we are having the opportunity down about something better and so we'll be legally I is in a study that was done some years ago we believe that has three meeting people where me three times as much hypertension that much better problem three times actually can't mind that my Saturday so we had to die immediate environment right happening and my computer is throughout the world and we see that happening we had to be confident in Geneva in two thousand and nine at it with some of their company site here and we were asked to be there by the WHO World Health Organization there at the conference I get the audio and video remember that for the first time the World Health Organization opened the doors on their headquarters to a faith group coming me that caused kind of videos here hey how long event at WHO leaders and Halladay had a chance to talk to one of them were not happy that we were there because we are now mixing religion with what they're supposed to be doing but actually many of the leaders recognize that everything we are in the church that has the structure is a structure that will only will print out that there is in a rush hour whatever they may be South America that can actually teach a method on how in a way that they can make an impact in the community and so we hung this partnership with the WHO where we are able to go and teach in these goals through our changes to our medical schools I managed that is about recognizing them out the rendering primary care for those who need access but in a way that we looking at the whole person it was exciting to be very Geneva and that is when we lie and lighthouse ministries around the world is that every church will be a center of health Center at funding health and we here in North America and of course getting to tell the world namely given our mission is to tell the world of the gospel and then combining that with ACN is already church at the center for health weekend shells the theme shows full life the world as our theme for North America division health ministries so we when he chose full life for ourselves July for giving Christ and tell the world that gospel which includes the right arm in the gospel of God and then you would have every church is not recommended in any venue that where you are in America as well be entered for health but not only help with clinical model the incentive for viewing enforceable where people can come in fuel and Rob where people know that that church and community they are afraid that they are welcome to come and editing of any judge they're going to belong really in great with a message that is sound when it comes to have will him me information with people who are longing and offering the vision and the national identities is that it is their faith under interested anyhow I'll be Christlike and so at least I imagine why don't happen if temperatures and in and around the well would become the center where people know they can go in and delete against Hitler about depression and night about how the ladies about the you know what they can also learn about a guy with a healer that creator the father can give the ladies like to think the trial of their life I didn't have or a crazy or something that was Kilkenny is not yet have the resources they need to have that great but be negative next Miley Incorporated healing wholeness because you can do with a wellness whatever they are in their journey of how the terminal illness and still have well because it advanced stage they can be as well as they can be and be whole Friday the goal that we accurately that you can about that one very important to have become economic is one of the huge area that are under first of all legal matrix is even covered that he is considering each of you to bring that they do it in a way that had the information and so many have assumed that the reliable people say okay that's right they are sound in one easy to speaking something fell off middle that you know the crockery no now I am dictating something that helpful and they are reading it in alarming rate so this is our voting irregularities it is any component can only happen if people respond I got a lot by choosing full life then each of the and in the legs and care right now and for each other this is so he now we know that if we go in the right way to bring down President it says that much of the president to prevent the truth from entry from regional hearts of people in general but on the third Angels message could be immediately moved if we were to use this message out how to acquire the right way when people become interested in the newly opened to other things been prepared to enter a valid truth is basically reacting to happen again loving him out about how then it will be more ready to believe that we are also sound in our Bible doctrine but we need to be intelligent about how because they know anyone know if RBI guys about how they're not now that you are indexing the ministerial work done you know you may not have an organized church many nine hundred ninety he is you have another people out there you know maybe persecuted in the local art the church social relations in this medical missionary work now turn health ministry work really is what will continue on as we bring the message of restoration mind body and spirit in Christ as we reach out and the world needs today thinking you need a computer with your two thousand years ago one hundred he needed the revelation I'll write a new blog in Waveland lovely and amenities only to raise up right in his work on the restoration of illegal Mandel emotional and spiritual can be accomplished not all can be reached in the same way as so important many are hiding there is a warmonger in Christchurch as our brother pointed out many the way it might be the thinking happens outside on their assigned weighted media they not only does not know they have needed me and gotten the enactment on their unbelieving and believing you they won't have to very very many of these can be reached on the she said to act on the information they kind remember though that that we were talking about leaving Outlook without they can only be reached fairly there is no one like the first cared for NBC CNN and your wife I doubt that is live for free United antibiotic uses a unique acute-care for activity it will be different and that means a lot remember these are people with obligated not in contrast anybody was thinking about the history of video offering she is saying they are having their physical needs wants and then and physical one of sales and they were in the evidence of your selfish it will be more likely to accept and understand Christ's law in fact that we are here yet to teach things that many the world is not teaching and many deficiencies do that him in Virginia love you were here last weekend anybody was not nearly as we can see the hands you are you okay our site is already a favorite here and she came to help us celebrate the medicine that I specify printer that division wide initiative particularly in electric generating plant because the countries and lines the flexible initiative which were partying with and I encourage you from other countries to build partnerships with your local countries days see now that I may be so that you can see how wrong I was trying to accomplish at the church to be helpful to meet any Social Security help you calibrate a big initiative which I hope that will talk a little bit more about the piano Thursday and you'll be able to see how we can do that meeting the needs of the then built this country and engage in the last there is bloody call the national prevention that a strategy and that here under the handle quickly show you what they are because we had the church for decades we have been teaching some of the things relieving prevention of drug abuse and alcohol in that well many years I hope of meeting and regarding history which is run in the meantime and easy that you give it away this morning and I'll is to help people break away from addiction support groups in our churches similar to AA meetings and without that program but a Christ centered in Christ focused and are doing that now invented a health ministry 's department you want to know more about that you have a newsletter I had any areas you haven't got one you should get one here with us today then healthy active leaving the .net wrapper we doing this big initiative and acting for life which have to do with physical activity I reversed the meeting and then let it on the other wanted men will FLSA we had not been in that LE needs immediately my passions and that nothing is having a wonderful depression recovery program which is scientifically made them look at our message and landing in a beautiful way we have other practitioners visited by Isis with others are anti- government ministries of our door and behavioral health magazine of doing my scenario but we need to bring this topic torture to expire health history to continue doing more on the area between the actual how there's a lot in there and he needed a area that are not being that I wanted a result of that has delete eight a.k.a. the back of a jnana and about their aging and author they are a wonderful managing the area we have a huge need to deal with those who perhaps for whatever reason have acquired a.k.a. many that are related to sexual happened with that anyhow as well we need to be able to bring those topics your health ministry the one endangering my moving animation injury and free leaving we encourage lines and now a few years ago how many of you have not heard of any good anybody who had heard of anything that we go and he made ahead also they are not sure if they know if they don't know rather than any nation that was lashed by I'm driving you back has to do with prevention and awareness of violence against women and girls in the academic and public health problem around the world communications of the Stan on that immunization have been a wonderful job getting the word out that we need to partner with them to get the word out about my archer is him him him who are both suffering from abuse and they don't know who to talk to we need to be able to provide resources there is a track where hosting this weekend on abuse and that what we can do in the church there is an area that the priority around the world and the public health problem in having a clean break as well in health ministry as I can see that the priorities anyway but every parties around the world in a public health problems in all it is struggling with and immediately a letter church to partner with the initiative that are locally being sponsored by the government by others and saying we overcharged we really have a role to play we can help you in regard and then Galleria later and right arm will open the doors to ladies to be done so we had a number of times I've been opening a knife resting on the church people with long will I have something to say about how you remember that you address geographic article we would add a session Geneva and that we are now he is with an initiative called for life and is okay the White House is participating with us it can happen where you are in your country and me as the world are reaching out with a message with initiatives that are meaningful and we want you to be able to incorporate bills I am talking I tried because they deny division initiative and that many ministries are being young and not wear his ministry alone isolated from other ministries you had to partner with children's ministry of youth ministries adult ministry with his family ministries with aircraft or with community services on this is arbitration the only umbrella all held on because all and something needed to will him telling you how to program in planning manager like tomorrow and in the afternoon you have to be able to think collaboration in your church you can be successful you need to part of an item as an efficient at all her health is allowed to help all of our schools everything and actually many more to see that even Howie action a serial invincibility ministry family minister is exactly how joint initiative how long you'll need children and community services were already begun last year so the green waste stream to what we are doing we are interested in making a community a healthier place in the website if you are not yet registered I encourage you to go to the website and register your ensures your self and start recording your mild-mannered the other goals related to the initiative we had direct no date is your knee on the twenty third of September until you have all year long for a day where everybody all to examine schools in North America will be training event on you can be a 5K walk around it will be just about eighty that you can easily find your community walk with you and in the initiative that we have for two thousand thirteen you are and you know that urban adventure in the crusade being planned we are working directly with them and he be 5K on Monday at Central Park they'll be of several hundreds of churches never be hosting events of last Monday I didn't only saving grace is one of the many things are doing clean break the community and let them know we care about health and many other programs will be done in screening done because we can use this as a way to meeting will delight are we then in Toronto actually I is yeah okay I was wrong they have to put in your day in a beautiful way and we invite you to be engaged in this initiative and how weird he thought that this week and that we are using it in administrative management I want to show you something very important to and within even though this method is that math is hard to use please remember what access is a lifespan and I will start this quality here while the housework candidates place in the promulgation of the third Angels page it advertisements not in any way strive to make a cake plate when do you know how methods and the message and maybe is no way to take the place of the gospel is Christ centered grace filled message of elevation we bring him down to the health work so you have the ability to not seeing any way made this message be the message our finances and their choice in Atlanta what we carry like it's wonderful part of the message but then I think is really a Christ centered people and until people do eighty on no clinic or the Shakopee school with and going out all the wonderful community to help in focusing on that only they forget to bring Christ always at the center of the reason why were doing it and sell yes we hold that his message was necessary that that explain be everywhere it will be even explained in the chart him the way that changing the home yelling at all and economy in the unit everywhere will have been gone in a right way it is likely should be because I got happened awry I than we deserve that I but we must remember it in the right and is not the five I visited the time that we must remember the Bible that he recommended ongoing hundred people every image of the food and already accepted in LA the church may be slowly in and get a letter you think they need to be remember all his CNET alarming rate before ending up in the booklet before people so I had to need to focus that we do anything else people Eagle County for food blogging brave Condi for what you teaching your brother is grieving but because of your and what you are teaching you are no longer walking off do not destroy you is talking about the follow-up or is that I haven't many that means division does not destroy me carefully no one from Christ I think you know God is not eating or drinking person it seems each make for peace probation one may edify the other ladies remember that I'm close to a story that happened in here someplace and you are and Doctor Hardy talk about a story he went to church and preach on how and at the end of the sermon with a beautiful message they had a potluck they went downstairs the person prayed and I started writing before she was about to crater leader said okay really great now he was out there not very home front


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