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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 2

Lilly Tryon


Lilly Tryon

Certified Professional Coach



  • February 4, 2012
    2:00 PM
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him anyway just I want to let our voices and hearts to you with praise for all that you've done for four years time you get down time that we draw closer to you and constitute each other and today is a special gift to be able to spend a little time learning more about how to share your health gifts with others we ask for you to be here with us for your Holy Spirit can press on each heart is special take away message for them the reason why and he we thank you for what you will be in Jesus name I ever going to five thirty assassinated and we will take a break in the early afternoon I'll be presenting for most of the time and then the last half hour south two hundred is coming back to address another one of her topics so actual ministries director I found that there were three reasons for discouragement and health ministries one eighty people don't help out how many of you have had that challenges the health ministry leader and able to help you I'm not today but tomorrow we can be another reason that people again this Thursday as a people just don't come to our meeting family and youth had passed challenge Valenti and thirty one people don't change all this effort and not seeing it makes any difference in that latter one is that when an address today is understanding how people change and how maybe another person we can use in working with them to help them be more successful we change so understanding lifestyle change changing our habits is not an easy trot him him we've all been there without trying to change a particularly stubborn happen in our life and found it rather difficult our client is to begin a healthy have been found in harder than it gains cylinder little bit about what what makes it difficult and what are some of the processes to understand for successful change you have within your books are not limited to you little overview and outline some objectives are today's session I like to start by dividing Iraq into tears if humans are apparently the person closest to you and hate you and to describe where you're at right now in the area physical activity and physical activity whether you are doing anything or whether you are on the slaves run a marathon nicely shared media partner where you're at the area of physical activity and you can mention any of these things that I will just take you okay we can bring our attention down this way hold on that conversation will come back to a level that is the fact that I explore a little bad for understanding chains and the first one is recognizing that God is the real power behind positive change is little model and then diagram shows where this phase in our health ministry model we got three circles of an diagram is usually needed a circle and where they overlap is just as important as what in the present but this reason that will appear on the right-hand side of Logan 's are health information this is our health programs are our health ask those I will always hearing that creating awareness for where people might need to change and provide them the information they need to change in lifestyle coaching and giving people are not just know what they need to do that how do I help them walk with them on the process engine of change in talking about that little event later this afternoon but anonymous article Leon when one is faith faith in God as a change agent that that we cannot change without and I believe in that house health ministries of element or purpose then just identifying health risks are providing good health information like many health programs out in our world can do different people begin many and was really a matter is getting the van when the master restore did we again had their lives to the purposes of God is he right there so I think that we wanted to English and he and our health minister 's estimate is that in every health program that we have an family died as the change agent bringing people closer to him a single of our health ministry at another passage in 's ministry of healing God alone is the one who can heal those things minds and bodies and disease are to be holding Christ the restorer because I went he said he shall live also this is the life we are to present to this day telling them that I have faith in Christ is to restore if they cooperated with him obeying the laws of health and striving to perfect holiness and his fear humor and heart again his life when we got Christ again in this way we are imparting a power of strengthening the value for it comes from above this is the truth are you hearing her body and soul there is a difference between health education and health ministry is available to link people in them getting specific information on how I help people change and hearing your stories of how he possibly change and some of the promises that he is blamed on in his word they will begin to understand and experience to as that agent pertains something about it just a minute let me hear some your thoughts last in this understanding of God as the agent of change that impact you as a health ministry leader I might think differently what might you do differently if you carry that mindset with you into health ministry while some of the practical implications I have my six agonizing years and some of them are very good but how are they to learn practical implications for understanding the concept of God as a change agent and only one in Christ personal ownership pertains that were not present we are here to sell them tonight down to push them in any way God offers to get that house and he encourages us to participate in our healing we want to be able to recognize that our goal is to convince banks to offer that same choice that we've been offered in Deuteronomy thirty nineteen I have set before you light and death blessing and cursing now choose life so that is one practical application is standing on the change agent a second engaging the teachable moment the most famous and most deeply affect that if you look back in your life your most significant moments of change were not commonly related to information you are an era of our relationship that you have and how the three is entity focusing on trying to engage that is normally in someone's life being able to not just how in case that help people learn help them to be able to learn from their experiences to see where God is working in our life and to be able to experience that that health and healing and make the connections where where he is working and calling them to be another key concept to understand changes in lifestyle change this was developed by James Francesca and University of Rhode Island I think somewhere in Rhode Island in the name of the University that has its formal name of the trans- theoretical model is a foundational concept that was used pervasively in the wellness field it was actually begun in the field of addiction and recovery smoking cessation that sort of thing that they found many applications in the last number of years for it using wellness helping someone to make positive behavior change it's very simple deceptively simple maybe but it reminds us that people don't change until they're ready to online people don't change until they're ready to and it also reminds me that behavior changes and events it isn't something that happens it's a process selecting a look at that process it's a six stage model moving from free contemplation before free contemplation thinking about it before it's even on our radar so all the way to actualization is our last step six stages and people are at different stages they need different things in order to move forward in a positive change the handout like have you held Melinda and I go over to engage Taliban is just another reference for you you'll see here that people at the apartment seems to circle around the men come out the six stages this day and age are like a fire alarm us like a slinky and people can recycle through it many many times for example someone might think about changing and beginning an exercise program and maybe they get down there and they start tracking your stats and I become very conscious of their activity and are doing well in that area and then they go on vacation and the back life is busy and they get disheartened because no longer are they walking like they were walking they just got sucked back into their old lifestyle perhaps moving back to his contemplation or precontemplation to talk about each of the six stages help you understand them just a little bit better this first level history contemplation at this stage the person is not running on their radars this is not actually convince this important exchange they might be wholly unaware and unconcerned it isn't that they can't see the solution they just can't even see the problem they're not they're not aware that the problem they had no intention of changing their behavior and often it will deny that there is a problem although people around them I can see that there's a problem they don't see it they may enter health ministry program remind you there now adopt babies somebody got to be business center and branch banking I like forty five seconds and more than that how many will in the role that where we are however lacking Arbor Day perfect sunny as long as they might have to do something I may or may not stay long they are in short just delete and change in their lives are resisting doing anything different I sometimes did loan the label these people being in denial but I think a more positive way to consider them is that they just have a lack of information about their situation that lack of awareness about them so what we can do with these people as we can just provide a supportive context for them to get a process to be able to begin contemplating making changes sometimes just using the phrase consider consider the possibility can make a difference for them in this little handout that you now all have broken it down and I don't have the last stage I have the others the state of the stages precontemplation to maintenance is a brief description right underneath this title is to me and one or two words the language that you can hear from them help you identify what stage therein a little get about where Ararat and then the goal when the goal is that individual to be able to progress to the next stage some tasks that might be helpful in getting them to be moving forward and then your approach how you are going to approach them and maybe even some specific questions that you can use in working with them like a person a meeting awareness what comes to mind is an later we can build awareness and treatment and later think about your health ministry and what did you do to increase awareness I have one idea however thinking about donating an account of the program without error and can we do to increase awareness of locking okay yeah okay now what will I do okay different steps in different stations and they might pick up some information they might get their blood pressure checked and Cedars-Sinai have realistically that they are my blood pressure blood pressure is a silent killer that you can't feel you have high blood pressure I can think of something else that would increase awareness for the three hundred later think about the use of your media search your your printed materials okay okay health spots as a result a little help help and I get anthrax in your personal ministry 's time may be a health nut inside that the bulletin or bulletin inserts something in your newsletter if your church has a newsletter all these things are just little training ways that we can send positive messages that might build their awareness that they may could possibly haven't found anybody raising an event yesterday I myself will positive messages as others have some pretty smaller and a pocket-sized and being able to pass them out at places where where these negative times a hundred letters and they may not be attending church or attending a program I soak we really want to be meeting these people as well not just the people that are ready to make change and not assume that there is something our programs they probably are in constant later so we contemplated meeting thinking IND people are thinking and thinking very long time about making things they passed by the appraiser on the bulletin board they may be written down the details for this program manager having any thinking about going but they feel staff these are the people that say I like to is always something that gets in no way something as loving up big and prevents them from making change they are now in help for my depression that I think it's that bad I know I should stop eating meat on my cholesterol is not that high or war or high noise to stop being neat that my husband is a meet and potatoes diet is not a monolithic thing anything else is that this is the first has no definite plan for change there's no plan but there is the thinking of the possibility of change this is ambivalent they know there's a problem there's something that's getting in the way and thinking about the logistics of what it would be like to change how they might accomplish it far from taking action they know their destination they know what they may need to be doing that they are still holding something holding them back so what dominated for these people we can listen for sure and continue to raise consciousness is in your precontemplation or what I think that you think might help someone is stopped when got been keeping them from making change that black share your stories or success stories I used to have people that have made a highly change in use during the interviews in the meeting in the evening I think aspiring they now will nominate you and they can build confidence and capacity to change as well anything and anything else how do you rank on him later once inflation maybe helping them to explore their and there was a little bad weighing pros and cons usually these people have it big time changing is happier and probably changing they can think of the car in the classroom is so much to change what they haven't probably considered a blessing and not to change they are thinking of how easy it is to stay where the rat but what are the benefits of changing we need to try to skew the scalable vector them so it's having conversations within the next one the benefits of changing and the cost of not changing can be a helpful thing we don't police these people because that's a very good we don't want to think them even convinced them were not in sales worrying health ministry there's a difference and so with these people we just want to foster that confidence to try to get rid of them in and help them move forward and filling change is a possibility when you know I think is important not to necessarily take their side and empathized too much because it's time to change process to feel the month figuring it we weren't hot or cold would never go over to the thermostats change the temperature lately religious they found him waiting it would be oblivious that the temperature may need to be changed but when my hot or cold we get up and change the thermostat in the same way I am with our health behavior change they need to feel that tension between where what they don't like about their lifestyle right now and the negative consequences that they are experiencing and where they would like to be that attention is part of what any get moving raising our next day three people have been interesting anxiety and depression can be useful because it is okay though there protected in a way I'm very there they are helping us to like our senses emotionally and master okay okay and anxiety and stress and tension under feeling that discontent with their life is actually something I can be using to motivate them to do something different and that's where offering hollow can be a real good approach for these people I are pretty contemplated the language starts to examine a preparation to the language starts to change he started hearing I will start doing something about it I will start exercising on Monday and sometimes even call the commitment stage and these people are feeling a little more confidence and make a decision to do something they're not as gathering information about the problem there like they might have been in contemplation they're focusing on finding a solution their focus is just a little bit different instead of starting to explore the resources and options that they had available to them these people are ready to sign up for your classes and he might be working out the details of how they can pick up the kids and are hauling and suffering homework done and get back to the church in time for the program we can help these people perhaps by offering software before comes to consumer suburb of our health program offering childcare just to make it easier for them to be able to Arlington the facts as people are planning to action within the next month the never never he is identifying the preparation stage they are are telling others about the change which is also another key that and an important step also an inner change efforts currently these people you would need to realize they need to build confidence and we need to help them set visible goals and an help them is to develop a good plan for action helping someone move from that tree contemplations of contemplation or contemplations of preparation can be a huge huge accomplishment is Wednesday in contemplation for years becoming chronic carbon layers and think about it all life is probably every one of us has something in our life that we have thought about and talked about the years it reminded differently and we haven't done anything about it yet with chronic contemplation stage for that health behavior so many times we really say no if we don't get accurate and later to jump right into action at weekend times and later to begin making these preparatory step for action that a huge accomplishment because it remember behavior changes not only that if they process exactly I send is most of the picture with your behavior James and during this stage people are actively involved in their new behavior and inhabit there and it might take a lot of energy and effort and thinking because it's not natural for them they might have to be adjusting and dealing with some emotional reactions and social reactions of others around them the Netherlands attending your class and they are very involved in various they are the very behavior an area for them because they are trying hard they bought the company said China change their way of eating they are beginning to exercise whenever the health behavior is the interesting thing about this stage is only a small percentage of oxygen sensor at this stage studies show that only about twenty percent of people are in action at any given time yet we find that monster health programs are here for the action stage so that's a big take-home thoughts for us to think about that we want to not just orient our programs to these people that think about all the different stages and what they might need the person action because they are this is all new what immediately began to offer them to me again he support absolutely and you need some support layouts maybe need they might need some tools from how to donate money ideas they might need some accountability they might need to make a half times when they went it doesn't go as well as they got it when it collapses and so helping to redefine that laugh learn from it and move forward maybe even planning ahead for high risk situations someone like that are my family earlier in starting an exercise in going on vacation planning ahead for that vacation how they can get their exercising while their way would help them to be able to continue on in this action stage that whenever maintenance people they are on sack race you are changing usually this is beyond six months action stages of ethics month-long maintenance pages beyond six months as the president continues to incorporate these changes into his normal day-to-day life is beginning to there are more habits always not happen to take some thought about it not some nice energy still our support system is critical at this place because James doesn't just end with the action there is a lot of ongoing work to be here most diets are successful in the short term it really doesn't matter what diet you have to can lose weight in the short-term the problem lies in the long term and not fly people in the gameplay so easily because they are lacking this long-term support that is needed for maintenance stage absolutely unethical because it gives feedback it helps them to see the progress they're making film where they might need to change season patterns in and now where they tend to continually not have as much success tracking has been an excellent days any people if they do they do cycle back to the previous phase then while going to do is be able to help them regret and redefined goal based on their new stage they can move forward again the hospital has altered Prochaska 's last days for task title determination and I like Florida hospitals title of actualization this phase is characterized by someone who has successfully gone through all the phases and now magnetic and goals they maintain their goals they might even be turning around and helping others along the journey to make the healthy changes the crazy behavior is no longer temptation for them they they have reached actualization and sadness these people want like to continue to him on board and that is exactly how and how many times advanced for how health how then join your health ministry team become a coach to help other people and that not only is a great way for them to be able to share what they learned and instill hope in other spaces reinforces the changes they had in the narrow lines are and what I like to do is refer back to earlier conversation that we had when we talked about where we were at physical activity space than your partner and see without them telling you if you can identify based on their previous conversation where they are the stages of change with regards to physical activity and impact on your group for a minute and lets face and see if you can take them I'm where they are right so how did you do have is hanging your neighbor with these days and sayings they were at with regards to physical activity have any of you felt like you got pretty close how many of you think you still got some work to do in understanding the stages of change that you and raise your hand so I'm thinking that maybe you just nine meters so the last time I to not exercise because I'm sure we have began in here anybody actually based on exercise they wake up to me they love to move out and got a couple of you I want you to notice not only is raising their hand the number of hands you can try and get an idea is very typical often as of how the percentages of each category and a largely in line with three hands are actually basic reading and maintenance they exercise fairly regular and then I have to work at right now little more hands it probably have maybe ten million accent and K in about ten her many in preparation right not to be how many income simulation yes you can make a behavior changes not NASA that yes you can get question seven hundred eleven in contemplation and anybody in precontemplation probably not even have been here all week long and an improvement in patient infanticide the absolutely is very cyclical he cycled back and there are many times you can cycle through the stages numerous times before you eventually can get the main uncomfortably challenging behavior behaviors like exercise L what are the practical implications of that how when understanding the stages of change impact your approach to health ministry leader in planning programs or maybe having a conversation with an individual what can be different putting anything about anything that comes to mind don't look down at my notes in your thinking here when they are important enough to be aware that you got all stated he wanted to do something to address each stage yes good good insight anybody out to go RI I like traveling different because our front to get to be different for each stage of people living yet you the love is there a process for over a year that he saved your life is close to the contemplation stage again England's hands-on marketing language Kaiser Permanente Bay insurance Company on the West Coast and in marketing for a smoking cessation program for their insurance Larson a population that does not cut healthcare costs and Naomi got light I don't know to be in three people in responding to this material so they contacted with concerns to help them change the language and said they marketed some things and those that are thinking about stopping smoking or something like that they change the language to target your Crimson players and a had a huge like four hundred percent difference in the number of people that responded to that program so they make a difference in our conversations were to be listening to that I'd like to buy or I will guide these kind of language will help in our conversations and also how they were planning programs Linda will include activities for every stage and even our marketing can make you in I think just becoming aware of yourself of the different stages you don't need to pass this out unless you're working with your help ministry team and wanting them to be aware of the stages now that's sad when I worked with groups or individuals sometimes it's very helpful to help to explain and the stages of change because it helps explain to them why they had been successful in eating a plant based diet for years that have not been able to our and exercise program and be successfully and very different stage of change and they might need to will you are handling that inhabit so instead of you know getting jumping into action with new recipes they might do for a cooking and they might be trying to establish or exercise as you do it I need to just join a gym and out and then they fall flat on your face back up to some of the other approaches them that is keeping them from the power I like to think about basically the practical implications Johnny Clayton acts in exchange is not the same as because what we do know the danger of dying they were overlooking some of the other clinical staff that people need to take a new follower life weighing the ambivalence of the present times or bad beginning the preparatory stages for action D dear your program when I talked about nine figure kind and encouraging to all stages not just the actions hailing your house we talked about that people would need different things keep in mind and individuals in different stages for different behaviors and people need and at one stage the time without skipping stages so we want to be patient with them all we made me his success not just that we've gotten people to take action if we've got men that they contemplated to see recognizes a problem and begin thinking about chains and is in the contemplation we have been successful and in and helping them move on that and the stages of change the last concept I like to share with you for understanding change is recognizing to keys to readiness to change what you think without looking down at you they are two keys to readiness to change researchers have identified in both of these are hybrid or have to be ready to make change but my baby need okay see the need to change nothing that went definitely that would problem way around I have occurred before anybody can be ready to change without a lot of attention particularly motivation is one motivation that seventy can be highly motivated and still be missing something this confidence is the second one horse self-efficacy is what researchers have called in this particular model motivation is there any internal process that gives them the desire to want to change and then toward goals they believed their risk of developing something of problem are suffering some consequence I didn't want to improve their condition usually is related to their values with important to them if people place and value afforded on their health and their well-being or on this particular behavior they can be more apt to move towards it and then self-efficacy is confident in their ability to even be able to do it to and that's extremely important to the change has to feel like they can achieve it and that they can accomplish it that's little on diagram types as importance of these two concepts to behavior change even if motivation is high they want to let their self-efficacy is on this side of the scale they're not even be able to make change one and get people of the year whether motivation and confidence are high and more successful in chains and there are a number of ways that we can do that this is a sign in sheet and had everyone sign a paper narrative and everything I can't find a friend to okay I'm sorry that make it so again please sign it and then taken record researchers found that healthy imaging sensors three in exchange for her symptoms since they know what changes necessary that the information I help program survived that helps them know that there is a need and desire to change their motivation and announced that the tools to achieve and maintain the change that provide the confidence they need in a number of ways among other than here every kind of condensing this weekend workshop in Malaysia we can increase motivation and confidence and just keeping these in mind as well working with people individually or providing fostering motivation confidence arrogant people in our our health programs again time to go implications how my misunderstanding of readiness to change people needing both confidence and motivation how would that impact your present health ministry leader Hawaii when a carrier first to write anything on a needing more motivation or are they merely motivated they really wanted to thank you here that they just have had several attempts in the past that have been successful in a distill the evening and they don't have as much confidence so what is it and and how can you kill your post to help them build the one that they need keep in mind that someone may seem motivated and that they may have never explored their own personal reason to change just because your doctor has given you last values that are way off the charts and told you that you need to write them down or you need to be on several medications that may motivate down but there's still a deeper motivation that if we can help them tap into them be more successful so helping people to explore their their interpersonal motivation the why behind the change will be powerful and moving them forward and then I said before even if that motivation is high without contact and in our ability to change success is unlikely living in exile then a little break afternoon so my much more slowly warning him Arnie sat quietly today and we had a nice wonderful dinner so they finally take a break I like to hear from you on these three concepts diamonds and changes in the stages of change that came theoretical model and then into signs of readiness to change motivation confidence was connecting with you which one was on news or something that seems to make sense something of value in your health ministry but the stages of change of and what not that seems to you interesting tablet that I would like to try Nancy had a worse now if you get some of the health risk appraisals like Don Hall's materials for example it is not a single two questions that will help you pay somebody in their readiness to change and so that probably would be the assessment tool that you're looking for just in a single question you could do last year you would have to ask the question directly related to a particular change to get probably the fact that you're actually meeting there probably in and what you still have a wide variety by asking for the specific behavior probably would be important and I think on that Samantha did not anybody out what is your take away from this what we just talked about the last hour all three are important okay I wasn't included in the fighting agree with you on that yet I'm looking a good time changing your thinking about planning for camp meeting and what you might might offer are you paying providers I like that anyway out yesterday evening we are so complex pictures that they understanding changes is one aspect cultural differences personality differences learning style differences there are so many different things that make us act as unique individuals and I think Jesus was a master and really understanding people and self harness of our success and health ministry might be in following his steps in really learning to understand people and being in our approach in a way to enter the experiment unlike you you little bit of a break its leaders if we can take him and pray I will start writing at three forty nine this media was used by the numbers for the NEDs councilmen would you like to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. and help some .com you would like to listen more free online was www. bodybuilders on board


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