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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 4

Candace Huber


Candace Huber

Senior Manager, Healthy 100 Church Ministry, Parish Nursing Institute, Florida Hospital



  • February 5, 2012
    8:30 AM
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Huber and I'm going to be your instructor for this morning on nine comprehensive model for effective health ministry leaders creating a vibrant health ministry before we get started I just like to begin with a brief prayer so if you went down with me we're thankful for the morning were thankful for health and life were grateful for the blessings that you've given to last and were thankful that we have this desire to serve you to following your footsteps and so now bless us as we think together as we share together is perhaps new ways or affirm the ways that we had been working to witness for you to be a light to a dark world let us now as we go through our materials may we honor you and all we do and say in Christ name I pray I have found a history like most of you have a history minor skin and health ministry and when I became a nurse I was working in Loma Linda at the young oncology center they are for medical surgical interventions as well and I noticed that when we took your people we catch them up we gave them all the medications if they needed all the treatments they were recovered we taught them what they needed to do they returned the demonstrations they would come home in two weeks later they'd be back so I could morning please move up if you'd like I feel like your way far away from me and then you may be able to see better so they would come back in two weeks and I began to realize that this approach wasn't being was working very well was very effective as I went back to the school of health there I was there working on my Masters in Public health and while I was there I met my husband that time was Mister and he also wanted to mirror the work of Christ in his ministry and so we married and we moved to West Virginia we've been working in health ministries ever since everywhere we've gone is now a chaplain and integration people at their with chronic diseases and at the end of their life with ministry we work together to help people become whole and that's the goal for all to help people become home so is my idol I figure here are just some housekeeping duties if you just in this assignment she is going around for you to initial so please pass it on and somehow at the end of the day it should come back up here I'm guessing I want to begin by giving you a little story and this is written by anonymous you have those anonymous people are less good material out there so listen to this and see if it resonates we are in the midst of the great controversy and for happiness that term resonates well the great controversy we even have a book entitled the great controversy and this is a different take on the God populated the earth with broccoli and cauliflower and spinach and green and yellow vegetables of all kinds so man and woman would live long and healthy lives and Satan created McDonald's and McDonald's brought forth a ninety nine cent double cheeseburger and things into man you want fries with an man six supersonic and Man gained pounds and God created a helpful together that woman might keep her figure that man found so fair and Satan frozen yogurt and he brought forth chocolate and nuts and brightly colored sprinkle candy to put on together important thing and got to try my crispy fresh salad and Satan brought forth creamy dressings and bacon bits and shredded cheese and there was ice cream for dessert and women being more and got sick I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive oil with which to cook them and Satan brought forth chicken fried steak so big it needed its own platter him in his bad cholesterol went through the roof got brought forth running shoes and man resolved to lose those extra pounds and Satan brought forth cable TV with remote control so man would not have to toil to changes in wealth between ESPN and ESPN2 and I got sick of running up the score devil got brought forth the Cato of vegetable naturally low in fat and brimming with nutrition and Satan peeled off the helpful skin and slice the starchy center into chips and think that I am and he creates are cleaned it all and man clutched his remote control and a dedicated chip swaddled in cholesterol and fate decides that it that man went into cardiac arrest and dioxide and created quadruple bypass surgery and Satan created HMOs and I hope that gives you a little idea of the battle the people are in any great controversy and lifestyle event that it was a humorous tack on it and that while I don't think Satan created McDonald's anonymous did and I thought it was a humorous approach so I'm sharing with you and I would tell you that money I would tell you that in your health ministry programs I hope you make them fun and happy people like to learn by being happy they like clever little stories that are unique and different and I hope you'll collect a batch of them said that when people come to your classes they could learn to the window look at methods and health ministry today and I'm going to share with you really quickly that some of the slides that are in your notebook are out of order now because I go through creative moments and now rearrange or I'll delete some so if you see they're out of order it's probably because they were written in the first place and I decided to change them around a little bit some are not in Europe some are not in your book because I was given the young instructions to create some things after we got them printed but I can certainly send them to you if you give me your e-mail address later on okay this module covers the essentials for organizing and developing out as a ministry of the church health as a ministry sometimes we use where health ministry because it's just part of how we speak but when health or wholeness becomes a ministry and then it means that it goes on forever not just holding program so I'd love for you to think that this course is beyond holding programs although programs are part of health ministry this is about how you create health as a ministry ongoing wholeness as a ministry and so you'll see these things as part of the objective of this course is for that is to achieve the purpose of any church ministry well the purpose of any church ministry is to build the kingdom of God by introducing people to the gospel of salvation through Christ health ministry has it's about building the kingdom of God so that people become so well mentally physically emotionally spiritually if they are able to understand better what God has for them the rationale for that is that two thirds of Christ ministry was then healing and the great commission basis to teach preach and heal it's not teach preach or deal its teach preach and heal and being a conjunction enjoying equal parts of phrases so this is a part of ministry is surely as the teaching we do as surely as the preaching that we do it is not however a gimmick or a trick we do not use health ministry with the idea that what people will come for this and then will share the gospel with them there's a process as to how we share the gospel and how we include the price included and the methods of health ministry so that the overall purpose when you look at your vision and mission for your church this morning work on it determine the pastor 's vision to see what he believes about health ministry we are going to gain approvals from leadership and understand how that's an inclusive process it is is not a process just for health professionals were going to look at how health ministry team has developed how you evaluate your current ministries that are going on and how you look at different resources from the nation and from your community from your state how you survey for health interests so that you actually speak to people what about what they're interested in not just what you have presented them how you prioritize and establish initiatives coordinate programs and what kind of health screenings been included in the what the budget and funding issues are how you gain partners to help you so that his ministry is sustainable throughout the community because us know what we want I think ultimately the goal is that the church should become a center for healing and wholeness think about that is your church a center for healing and wholeness in your community that is the ultimate goal I hope that you'll be able to glean from our classes and what the legal considerations may be so we have a lot of ground to cover and I tried I roll through a pretty quickly this is of paramount theme for me comes from the book ministry of healing page one forty three you're familiar with probably I'm immediately in case you're not I think it's important language Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching people the Savior mingled among man is one who desired they are good he showed his sympathy for them he ministered to their needs and won their confidence and then he gave them follow me and I believe that for her and I don't think it's just haphazard placement of words so when I will looking at a little that the Savior mingled with he mingles with people and when I come to this phrase I have to think in my own life how many friends do I have outside of my faith how many friends do you have of other phase and I would like to encourage you to this point to decide right now never to use the non- word again you know with a non- word is either non- FS nine hundred Catholic Church is a network of churches of all states I'm a non-Catholic I understand that because usually in the minds of certain people there's only two sets of people this mindset of people and then there's all the others that are not but these are people of other faiths I would like for you to think about the people you encounter every day as children of God 's sons and daughters of God of other faiths perhaps perhaps of no state but I think when we look at Jesus and he was able to mingle with all different types of people that should be our example so when I have a party when he does get to my thought now I see when I have a party I feel as though I'm not crying reaching my goal if I look around the room and I don't see maybe half the people maybe forty percent of the people being of other faiths or nothing because my challenge to myself is to reach out and mingle with all types of people not just that friends that I have a church that I know are close to me in that we share a common bond I have set apart for myself to try to know and try to pay attention to the people that I incidentally have in my life not think about this you go to the grocery store every week I go to entry times a week is my husband doesn't like me to load up all at once he wants little bits of food that we don't have sitting in a refrigerator finally one behind her and my goal over the years and I go to the same market all the time I see the same people that you think people at the checkout counter moving your youngest is across the little window community means for me they have their badge on taking the names I know that Joe and one of the stores I go to and has an antique business on the side and she knows me we talk executable I know what that means in a long-term relationship but I know that someday they'll be a problem and if I have an ability to be friendly with people they'll have a sense that when we can share about the troubles in our lives and perhaps that may mean something more lasting if I only stay in my one little and you go I will only know these people around me ever be able to reach the others do you know the person who does your laundry Internet that when you go to the cleaners the dry cleaners do you know the name of that person they are usually probably go the same dry cleaners on are are as a person we take our dry-cleaning two is a wonderful person we know his name he shares his issues with us someday I look forward to inviting him to especially his people that we co- mingled with them we have some treatment a condition ongoing and should only have a deeper connection it were truly mingling with people as one who decided good I think you have to say and he went away and went to it really depends I had a very good point if you didn't hear anything well he can invite everyone to the synagogue we can reach out and if you believe in neutral territory in your community that is going to be safer for people and not have a barrier nothing are places I say that is Ezekiel Bane in man I have no classes before in library by Calvin in hospitals Calvin in the women's clubs and areas so think about that how will you reach most of the people in the hands of intercom and the other part is please begin to open up your mind to the people that he's placed via winner of the encounters that you have these encounters I believe are not just happenstance of any but perhaps not and I could go on but we don't have time but Christ mingled with men as one who desired they are good and I would mention that because we have a set of ideals about what we think people need to know but we need to be able to evaluate what do they think they need to know where are they right now on your journey they may not be ready for what I have for them is I'm not prepared to teach them about whatever fitness nutrition mental health whatever it is no what their issue is what they really want to come to learn about where are they on their journey where is not taken in so far as you want them to go next they give you an example of this in one of the classes that I teach we have about scenarios that we give out to help ministry leaders and we asked them after you've gotten your and your understanding of your church he found out that when churches lost twenty members this actually happened in a church that I know one church lost twenty members to death and I said what with the church 's response be at this time for those twenty people throughout the year and they thought they thought they thought I made this one though even the groups that together and they said well we went into people who have had this kind of loss will feel better if they exercise and if they learn how to eat differently don't feel better any idea when they knew they were suffering but people in grief are not at a state where they can change their whole lifestyle and because of the grief is so profound so you see what I'm seeing people in grief may not be ready to go to the vegetarian cooking class or go to an exercise class so what we do for them and maybe more important to have great support so that we actually work with them in terms of how is the grieving going as of posted weirs where thinking over here but they are in this whole valley of despair which is very dangerous so helping them through their reason they can go on and laugh and a sense of happiness and beyond their their loss is a huge part of health ministry as well so learning about the area that is what is their interest is important for us to show sympathy for them and I would like for you to think about what drives you with your own compassion for me something I could take him or leave him but when I get really passionate about what I really what can I do that I get really excited about you need to figure that one because when you awaken your passion that's when your gifts will come out in profound ways he showed his even then he and compassion for them and it was something that he gave himself to even hold back he was a compassionate individual insurance and that defendant had compassion for them in ministering to their needs and their needs he met their needs and give one of their confidence he won their trust that's a huge pizzas he won their trust on I would say I have a note here I would say that on with some challenges earning trust today and it harder that may be related to the fact that we haven't mingled and not but winning a person 's trust is is profound we really have to learn where people are on their journey I was reading a book not long ago called holy conversations by Richard P I found that seminary bookstore event in Duke University and he's talking about holy conversations is similarly about the mingling and being able to talk with other people and just an example of a crowded airplane one seat left in man comes down the island he sees the empty seat and he says to the gentleman next to the empty seat is that seeks a gentleman says no but I am sit down and I'll tell you all about fun he was a nationality he was a note could he sit there and so I think we have an understanding sometimes to tell everybody everything someone that Ricky pieces came about through campus Crusade for Christ where people were given fifteen minutes to encounter a stranger ask them if they knew they were saved how am all about the plan of salvation and fifteen asked him to join the Christian faith and then along to the next person and we sort of got ingrained in doing this that when we meet somebody would tell him right away rather than find out where they are on their journey finding out how do we join them on a journey wherever wherever they are I think that that's an important part of gaining trust is fighting evil to walk beside people appreciate what God has done for them and is doing for them on their journey and figuring out where the bridges we can build between my journey in their journey how can I join him on a journey what can we share they would share with me is a brilliant piece of our guy has something from their journey that they can share with me and as we walked together sharing these elements back and forth back and forth with you we break down barriers we understand were all children of God and we can then go to the next step this is the next step well we'll get to that then he made him follow me after that this is that this is part of gaining confidence to go binary search I don't know if any of you refined by the Barna research group does a lot of research on Christian development and they looking at the United States and the different faith communities and nine faith communities to see where people are country and he shows in one of his research papers that there is a whole group of people out there called the unattached they are not involved in the church life and he says that they are more likely it feels stressed out a less likely to be concerned about moral conditions of the country much less likely to believe that they are making a positive difference in the world less optimistic about the future far less likely to believe that the Bible is totally accurate in its principles substantially more likely to believe that Satan and the Holy Spirit are only symbolic figures that are not real more likely to believe that Jesus Christ and while he was on her much more likely to believe that the holy literature of the major faiths all teach the same principles even though they use different stories less likely to believe that a person can be under daemonic influence and more likely to describe their sociopolitical views as mostly liberal whining mostly conservative now you are growing sea of people this is a generation of people that are calling on a cash how do you think we're going to get to them how will we reach them before God they are on a cash they will not be coming to our place of worship because they don't see any difference actually if you looking at this report and what can we say to this group is that we can do to help them anyway because our views are so different when you say if you don't believe that Satan is real if you don't believe they are differences in faith what can we offer what you think is not just a rhetorical question is there anything up on half board that we could make a difference in how for people while the stress they feel stress they have real family they they love their real children they love their real lives and spouses and their stress their work and in life with this kind of philosophy that nothing really makes you much different than they don't even need to make an much of a difference right now are stressed because they steal all the unrest they have an anger you know if you believe the system they are so reaching out to them for stress reduction stress management may be one of the ways in which women's mingle with folks who don't have a view of Christ as we know they don't recognize the Scripture as a profound word stress management might be the one and I use this as an example because there's a sea of people out there and a growing group that may have different views from leaving and we must be able to locate one is there any reason that I can share with them because they're on a different plane spiritually or more religiously I would say what can I offer them and it might very well be we use reports like this we look at what the community is telling us their greatest needs are and begin to working with people I think you'll see this played out today as we go forward this is a thank you that's right I will get into that with partnerships because oftentimes they after all of this is said and done then he bade them follow me and so when we build trust and confidence it makes sense then that people would say you know the crisis in your life I want to know how you have peace of mind for you because you hope is unique like technology far I said that basis and I would say if you have any not about what you're a ministry is about I would see you think about those words on page one forty three as the lights dim it's lucky that we have the screen and our kids can go on so getting ready for the very first thoughts I want to think about the mission statement of your church and me do any of you remember your mission statement to stop the top year had an statement of your church your work okay MEC five I brought some here the reason I'm mentioning mission statements yet very good theory system I love that word irresistible force the community your mission statement should be able to define why you have health and wholeness as a ministry it should be that you should be able to define why you're there by your mission statement and remember Christ's ministry two thirds of that was healing people so if you're looking at your mission statement you should be able to somewhere in those words be able to figure out why the answer to why are we doing health ministry why would we work to make people hold it isn't on your mission statement and your vision statement of your church and I brought to just give you an example these are from local churches here in the area their vision statement on one churches a passion for God attention for people of passion for service and their mission statement yes to teach the word of God to lead people to Jesus and help others to do the same that's that concept of discipleship to teach the word of God to lead people to Jesus and to help others do the same now where do you find help ministry in those words to teach the word of God to lead people to Jesus and help other people do the same worst health ministry the first two acts right to teach the word of God there's healing in the word of God throughout the restoration principles that science of salvation is all about restoration happens when you bring people to Jesus what did he do it he made them home I tried e-mailing them off so they are needed in their mission statement you can define and defend health ministry by looking at the language here's another church that says with God with family with others with insurance and with nature or the environment to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to broken relationships with God with family with others with the church let me nature where his health ministry here the healing power of Christ to broken relationships obviously they are focused on the issue of broken relationships the fountain very definitely have health ministry there to bring the healing power of Christ into the lives of people such as saying there must be some reason there must be some rationale that you can easily define for your health ministry in looking at your mission vision statement and if you look it's fair but that defines why you're doing it because you can invite everyone to be anyone a link in a language for health ministry then you need pastoral approvals and I would say you want to determine the views and vision of your pastor and other leaders and understand the current ministries that are going on regard talk about that your pastor has a vision of what healthy churches and you is a health ministry leader wanted know what that is where does he see how this administration and all the other ministries that are involved in the church how does he view that the other leaders because a clear clear elements in a clear way of articulating the themes of whole person how have to be understood by the pastor lambs to detect and left he identified as we held five programs this year that's healing and wholeness denouncing thank you the lights came on thank you okay but we appreciate how so it's important if you look at the books out there called healthy church the interview when they define as a healthy church are all the language of theological professor about developing worship developing a ministry prayer group small group you his ministries all of the different types of the systems of faith and health ministries never mentioned in any of that there are supported were they made your pastor comes from that process and you want to be sure that the elements of Christ's ministry of healing and wholeness become part of who we are as a people it's all about him and we would emulate his methods we would emulate what he is clearly as he pointed people to God and was reviewing who God is in the character of God and the plan of salvation she also at the same time want them to understand God was able to restore and heal that there are ways in which becoming a Christian we become transformed only the same people we were wearing new creatures and that includes our physical health are mental and emotional health so once you have those permissions with leadership and there's this understanding that there is a a global sort of an approach to whole person health and human development team and his team includes anyone who loves the Lord has an interesting how and desire to serve anyone and you would send out a man memo you would send out an invitation you would stand up front she would put it in your bulletin you what great on your website this is for anyone whether they had a health background are not who has an interest to serve the Lord I desire to serve the Lord interesting how and as someone who loves people yeah that women are not that I'm bringing up the point and don't forget if I move over it but he's been on the point of their life the people who are involved in peculiar different non- evidence -based health alternative something so having this team is part of thousand watch guard so that you're sure that everything comes before the people is sound evidence but just getting into the table as part of and what we typically think of in a health ministry is health professionals and I hear so many times when I talk about what is taking like all we haven't talked with nurses got there because social workers affect and that's great because all of those people have been called to the healing arts and have developed their profession but there are many others with rich gifts that God has given and those are people also need to be included in health ministry if the church is to become a center for healing all of our gifts are are about becoming hall I guess her about becoming whole so if we only have it for this group we won't be saying that we are a medical model and that if you're not a help person then you're not interested in it we can use you in becoming whole mathematical approach there is a place for medicine and medical interventions absolutely but we're talking about health ministry from a holistic perspective and so I would like for you to consider all of the kids that people have been given by God can be used because the goal is that all of us are able to heal other people by our presence we have a healing influence as a Christian even going to be a teacher and you may need a writer or you may be an artist or you may not have any particular gift at all that you vibrantly loving helping you build things and do things United are a person is very personable and you can greet people because that's your gift is interaction with others I have that you so here's a little diagram that says these are people who also bring their gifts to the health ministry came to enrich it so you got helpers you got writers of the education that people know how to work on websites you've got people involving fitness those who like years than those who like adults and work with seniors those who know how to promote those you know how to depict visually what were talking about all of these people bring their gift to health ministry to help enliven lest it become the ministry of a few and when they move away or retire or go to a different place your ministry just implodes because it's not woven into the fabric of the congregation all of having you thought we bring markets to help people become Hall is antisense yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yes and I think what anything is if it's it's it's better because they are all kinds of ministries and what here are those with gifts and they may have been in the music ministry but they also have an interesting how whatever this this does not take the place of all the other ministries nor is it standalone because we have all of these different ministries in our church and the health ministries leader would be sitting around the leadership table with all the other ministry leaders and what happens is that when women's ministry or men's ministry or youth ministry have their own programs they come in and finish this table maybe someone needing to save this is what we're planning for the year is health ministry support us so that we have a holistic approach because now we have helped people who can help with more specifically with our youth and the music is huge in terms of how we affect people in a powerful way so the health ministry leader would sit at the leadership table with all the other ministry directors to be able to create this whole vision of how so this is not the only thing that is apart yet well yes and he would be inviting and not complete this is just an idea of opening the doors if the pastors invited some gym time some go so well I mentioned to you that he must be on board and whether or not he decides to come in his business but remember when I figured we have to gain approvals before go forward with leadership and with the pastor and that's the point at which you have those discussions and if you lend himself to visit he had the time that the great at it he lent his support to its essential from whatever other activities there are so yes patient and maybe there their meeting associate pastor you want key people who can help you spread this message yeah well that's why we kept those conversations I had time this is what we wanted you we need the involvement and that the sanctions and it isn't just about programs you so many times NASA's as they are not going to do that and are not involved no this is about developing health as a ministry and so it is good to have those permissions and hopefully know me at the table I hope it will open in that ministry is a ministry team that I've been involved in we have a young graphic designer we have an LPN we had a social worker we have a pastor rehab on a decorator we have computer individual so we have a diverse group I'm a nurse my husband has his Masters and he's a pastor sent we have a group of people that are diverse and that's the point of the slide we must open the door so it becomes more than just medical personnel and sometimes this will include a community nurse and that's a new concept for many in the administrative state community nurse this is not about a clinical nurse coming in to do clinical activities in the church so let me to spend a few minutes with you on this point you will what is a faith community nurse it is a professional registered nurse some of you have an active license and is current in their skills as a member of the ministerial team so she comes alongside the pastor to be his colleague and to be able to share the elements of whole person health to help develop his ministry in a broader context as well and as such delivers primary holistic nursing service primary care are nursing services that are educational so she's able to use the nursing process assessment individuals and as to be able to determine plan of intervention for individuals to intervene in a thoughtful way to think about regarding what issues they're facing she's a health educator she's a health counselor meaning she's able to sit with people and discuss their issues about what the doctor told them she develops the membership helps with facilitating support groups and all of this is done with the intentional care of the spirit meaning where is God with you now that this has happened to you she is also a prevention and also a whole person health advocate yes it could be and I mention it because otherwise anything he she he she he she is but there are many men who are nurses who are also assume the goal is to assist members to empowering to reach their ultimate or optimal wellness potential some people are not born healthy they come with disabilities and born with hands with the problem others have developed disabilities they say that by the time a person is sixty they already have one chronic disease so we're not all perfect where not all the heavy Olympic champions black pepper and we are this individual can walk beside them helping them to achieve whatever is the best that they can achieve and empowering them to do so not creating dependencies yet you yes and they would be working in health ministry they wouldn't be this is good well it may add to a point this is a professional role designated by the American nursing Association so it is for registered nurses however it's a calling not every nurse not every healthcare professional is going to doing this is not to be called to do so this is a role for nursing on a widely and very capable people working in health ministry who come from maybe a different play made it as a social worker maybe there's a counselor may be an off course they belong and health ministry and can do portions of this so you see this is a special designation but nurses were not called Dennis will work very well in health ministry as nurses and health ministry as members of the health ministry team this is a special designation and this person here the roles again spiritual care for the individual assessment of groups and individuals a liaison to community resources to be able to make referrals so that we don't have to do everything we can discover what is available for people community and be sure that they are able to access what's available for them health counselor and educator health advocate advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves until they can advocate the goal is to get them strong enough to be able to advocate for themselves a trainer of members in developing support groups empowering people here yet as long as the license is active she knew she must or he must have an active license and be current in their skill set if you haven't worked for twenty years and things that changed right if she's current in her skills and her license is active and she will come to a prep course you can just take on this title there is a weeklong course where we help people prepare for this otherwise they make mistakes and they begin acting as they get as a clinical nurse inside the church and at places that church and liability in her liability for functioning beyond the capacity of her license out in the community and so I mentioned to you and I recalculated the reason I get excited about a community nursing these are the roles of the pastor taken from the Adventist ministers manual and I went through and categorize them all it's about spiritual formation is one of their duties and all those things listed there on a vandalism is part of their responsibility in all those duties are listed here administration is part of the pastor 's role although students are listed there nurturing is also a phase of ministry in that he also needs to take care of himself and his that's another role so the reason I put this up here is for you to begin to appreciate how much pastors are doing the delegates of their elders and their others they may have associate pastors and so forth to help believing a lot of burnout and pastors tell me to get to a certain age and I just overwhelmed with everything or receive it there's so much to do they can't do it all so they choose one or two areas that's what they have to do and then people complain well he never visits me I don't get cared for you know these kinds of imagine if you had a colleague to the pastor who could come in on a professional level and assist with these areas that relate to a whole person health and I'm thinking and their nurturing roles that a community nurse can assist with there certainly are evangelism roles are certainly areas of strengthening the development of health ministry and even has a calling to the clergy for his own self-care many men and women in ministry leadership and ministry have neglected their their own care oftentimes their families are the last to see them and they haven't had too many that they could reach out and to share with you on a confidential well it doesn't go wandering out into that community are into the insurance so I see this as a huge part of how we enable specialized people now in the seminaries are given classes for pastors so you can get your and then you can also come out now with MSW because it's almost your people have social needs so you need to know how to be a social worker and there is another where you have your answer and you come out with CPM I think this education is wonderful because it gives them an understanding of how to work with people in distress but I think also do we just continue to give pastor 's degrees and they can do more of this or do we actually bringing people where they can utilize them as colleagues to help relieve some of that yes they have understanding and knowledge but I see this as being a wonderful way to have a calling to the clergy for the sake of taking care of some of these areas and the reason faith community nursing was developed was a pastor saw that the nurse had her understanding and experience in the physical care but she also or he also knew the areas of emotional health mental health social health and because this person is called to ministry the idea of spiritual care is paramount and is intentional in the spirit so I see this is helpful if the new thought for advanced in many ways but I want you to consider it as part of making what would work for your congregation so what's the difference between nurses work and health ministry have faith meeting at is the calling if the preparation because of this a community nurse doesn't just select one thing she'd like to do that list all on that list are her roles and responsibilities and she doesn't do it all by ourselves she works within the team and there's a whole team development process that that comes with on so are other nurses are other specialists are other giddy people working health ministry but if it cannot call to assume this safety team roles will be mostly fruits and hitting all are examining existing ministries surveying the congregation determining health interest private prioritizing needs communicating to the congregation about what is going on contributing with a variety of gifts nose or group activities that we do it in health ministries that face meeting nurse is a calling to the pastor and integrator of faith and health so that people enough in the church understand how they can help always been together and how they look today and providing health guidance in there the other roles they were on the other screen a key part of this is maintaining confidentiality because and if I go to a community nurse and she's working with me on my challenges and how do I know that it's not going to get out into the church secretaries area or to the rest of the church and it's because of the role of the state hearsay confidentiality is maintained and that he can harness did you have a question I'm not clear on what you're saying alone they would be working with this person in terms of helping her achieve assessment and those kinds of things and often times a face meeting is organized other nurses on part of the rationale and annual seniors is working in health ministry as teachers what are you working group is now the differences this one will work with individuals and if they a few do have a nurses working with individuals I'm sure would be fine but you will Freeman they will if they haven't been prepared for this paradigm they won't waffle out into what they think the role is not what it really is and the other piece of this is that they are calling to the pastor which means that he or she must understand as the pastor this person will be my colleague and we will work together like I work with the elders and the associate pastors to develop health and wholeness of the ministry well and it is old 's how did that happen how did that happen on my second year he learned that any nurse any nasty work over here in nineteen ninety and working again when you get into the area you can have someone who would just decide to do blood pressure screenings if that's all she wanted to do and that oftentimes happen but that's not a community nurse at generally in our church is earned there are there are a few churches where there is a paid position for a community nurse and I hope and pray someday it will be it's working that way out in the rest of the world depending on the size of the church and the and the young the budget and what they can do with their financial resources and how history you balance I often times it takes about a year to a year you have to demonstrate why we do this quietly needs this one is and after about a year and half you begin to see the differences and the dynamics that develop as a result of having facing no questions yes and yes yes that's right and and and she and that they community nurse will develop other people to do these roles position away one person could do office but remember our goal is that every person in the congregation all of us can work in healing ministries so they'll be different once a day I want to be a leader most people stay away at the responsibility of the person here says this is for a moment in time to come and work as a team member no heavy responsibility but you do participate and help us achieve the goals that we have interesting point that you bring up a management health ministry is always wet the goal 's primary MFA community nurse works inside of a health ministry so you have health ministry that the primary role that the primary goal that we have enough a community nurse becomes a part of health ministry for these various roles and functions and often find it work-family and often trying to work that we have had to procure and health insurance and so forth guilty of the cleaners working part-time with a hospital or some other in is the other part of her week is given to the church in this work so it works very well and it's a beautiful example of how ministry can be expanded in new ways so what we want to do is ensure that when we developed this came we get everybody on the same page so there may be some foundational meetings where these kind of discussions go on about what is health ministry what's our role in it what are the aspects of the health ministry and how we included clergy in this process so that they see in his ministry not just programs so you look at the vision mission of the church all these things we just talked about whole person health as ministry and reevaluate existing ministries which women talk about in a few minutes with every year national and local resources for you establish different leaders and coleaders for the ministry planning congregation and your survey to find out what the congregation is interested in before we decide what were doing prioritize that planning development programs to meet the needs bring in the strategies bring in the interventions that meet the needs that you found out about an lifestyle change programs the same young determine the budget and what it what it requires to do this type of ministry and what the calendar is like and how you implement the plan and how you evaluate so let's talk about evaluating current ministries we've already got is this individual has pointed out we already have a host of ministry going on to help people become home and so what I suggest is that you develop a grid where you look at what it means to be whole and spiritual health it's mental health it's emotional health and social health and its physical health and you notice on this grid here it's spiritual mental emotional physical and so Herschel on so I put beside that that listing the different age groups because we are developmental groups that have different needs so you have your parents with babies they have certain needs you've got school-aged kids you've got teenagers and young adults you've got adults and seniors you've got elderly frail elderly in your church all of these groups have different perhaps needs some of them overlap especially when we think of spiritual needs and so forth but some of them are different and I think sometimes we claim to a certain audience and we learn this some of the others because we haven't focused on their specific demographic there needs so on I listed a bunch of ministries and add these ministries are out there to help you figure out what you're already doing and then from there you develop the grid after seeing what age group does this apply to and what what aspect of care when it before and I have a whole host of handouts here to give you an idea of the types of ministries that are out there on the administered in different age groups and that would help with the different parameters is that spiritual care is that physical care isn't mental emotional and social care so if you would these are sets of three so each person gets thinking sometimes we had ministries that are very familiar to us I wanted you to see how many different types of ministries there are so that you can begin to think of what we offer in crisis care will crank this care would be hospital visitation the pantry disaster preparedness CPR for leadership from my perspective anyone out there are a leader in the church needs to understand CPR and first aid because were going to bring people and to our congregation until becoming we need to know what to do in case an emergency occur on domestic issues counseling services and financial needs requests and those are off the top of my head of what I come up with just randomly for crisis here and we had disease prevention issues and this was the blood pressure screenings in different self-assessment it would be I intend on annual exams and brochures in the lobby and immunization schedules so that even as adults you know we need immunizations so helping people know what they need as they grow older health promotion would be the exercise classes the cooking classes smoking cessation weight management any lifetime change glasses and addiction recovery all of that would fall under that category education and training would be listening skills and how to mingle with people CPR and first aid training again living wills and advance directives disease management classes humor and health stress management might come under that and then social events the social events we have built our health so we may have greater loss support coming in the air and I have social events and support grief and loss support recovery support new moms program different parenting classes intergenerational programs in different social events that we haven't pictures this is sort of random for you that you begin to get an idea that you would survey what you have welcomed in which category it falls under I'm been looking for my age group it's directed at and at the end of this you should be able to see where we focusing most of our attention which is the target group so that you can begin to know not only was present it needs to be sustained you can also see what's missing anything that we could develop to help our people at the dummy you're welcome I hope that will help help you there's many opportunities for serving people and history of the financial ministry is similar to financial peace University Linda Ramsey teaches people that disciplines of managing their budget and are getting patterns and feeding patterns and spending patterns Stephen's ministry is a wonderful ministry I hope that we will embrace and more it's where special special people who like to minister and console others can learn to be skilled in the aspect of emotional care so they go to a special training class they learn the aspects of our nonjudgmental communication and support listening skills conversational skills they don't advisor direct people but they're there for them in their grief in their sorrows and some of the troubling times they know how to be appropriate with people who suffer so it's a wonderful program I would think any visitation ministry really I go to Stephen 's ministry training to understand the nuances of how to be a therapeutic individual can be very helpful without being offensive or stepping over the line of intrusiveness and learning how to maintain confidentiality and the learning when people need to be referred on to others and I I will tell you that you have I have see and that's probably one of the things that she's going to looking at it was how are visitors instructed in how to remain a visitation and how can we do better at Stephen's ministry might be part of a ministry that would be developed if you don't have that already sure who I know is that I know it's another thing on as for the training centers around the country I'm here in Orlando we have one church that has gone to training Dimitri a training center and for very little money anyone can come in Orlando and Bill train you how to be a Stevens minister to go to camp were Texas or wherever it is that the training answer it if it's a wonderful option going apace as anything that makes sense okay assessing your community then on and looking at the nation you need to be aware of the different reports that are out there for your community and I would say to you that from a national perspective we could go to healthy people twenty twenty if you want to know what the nation in your community is interested in look at these reports and I put them on the screen there is no website healthy people .com twenty twenty and you'll see here that old objectives that they had to achieve I don't know the Ouija them all my twenty ten but we have new ones now the date added adolescent health is a new objective for twenty twenty blood disorders and blood safety is a new objective for twenty twenty and dementias including Alzheimer's disease has been handed early and middle childhood has been added why do you think that it really that some children drill serious health problems right now you'll notice do not mix is a new area global health has been added as new healthcare associated infections have been added health related quality of life and well-being has been added to healthy people twenty twenty on lesbian gay bisexual adults has been added in preparedness has I mean how has been added social determinants of health has been added so it got a lot of new objectives for healthy people twenty twenty the website is helping people .gov twenty twenty I think I get that right how did people .com twenty twenty did you need to collect the Jimmy Dickel had all signed okay we need to send this around so you can initialed by your name market thinking about local where you go for your local health information one think about your local and state departments of health so I'll get to that soon this is the national lunch what else is the nation considering and I like to use United health foundation .org because when you go to this website it'll give you the summation of what's happening in our country and your notice here's a copy of the website is in the last decade the annual improvement in America's health has declined sixty nine percent compared to nineteen ninety so will give you a lot of information about what is happening around the country about where where where achieving our goals and what kind of challenges the nation is facing in addition to healthy people twenty twenty and when you click on state rankings it will rank states by you from zero to fifty and you'll see when you move the cursor over your state you can click on that in your stable and it'll show you where you are and ranking of your number one in Florida's number thirty three we used to be forty one almost at the end so we make some improved this will give you an idea of looking at what this case are concerned about from the standpoint of health and that you can notice here that they look at the different strength areas they look at the different challenges they highlight the different improvements the states of Maine and they used terms of health it might be unusual to you they encompass all of the types of behavioral health like in Florida they will tell you that are the ninth graders who graduate our graduation level of high school is below fifty percent and forty percent of our ninth graders we can expect them to graduate now what that means is there's a large number of people who are graduating high school and that's a real good indicator for us that women have trouble is what happens and people don't graduate do not prepare first of all they haven't gone through the discipline of continuing to learn how to think and solve problems which is a big part of the school but the other part is not equipped to move into better jobs they are not equipped equipped to be productive I debate of the earning income so they're setting themselves up for financial cascade many people work two jobs and because they can't make enough money to survive and support their families and supports a part of the health that the state is looking at how many children are graduating high school in and what we do about this how can we help these people to move on in the course if you're female and you have one baby and have graduated high school what is was going to happen to you probably will be a victim unless someone comes in to help you move on as a single parent asset as a mother as a human being that got gifts and talents how will you move on to achieve your goals and what once we develop this a great place to go unlock and then be aware your local state a particular level your local state Department of Health will have what your County is looking at and after Florida you can go to www. DOH state .mil .us health and you'll come up with what Florida is looking at Internet fire we giving up even locate your County I think that you can use the same approach for getting the Department of Health for your state if you go DOH state whatever your state is documented it should bring up your own state since it gives you not only do you know the interests of your congregation now of what they are what you're thinking that they are interested and we haven't talked about surveys you that you now understand what your state and nation are thinking about what your county is interested in and how you will join with them to achieve their goals we have our nurse who is a pastor 's wife of the community New Mexico and their goal was to get a grant to begin to work on the issues of New Mexico and childhood obesity in the obesity problem is huge for Native Americans in New Mexico serving as they got a grant and they knew what their state was worried about him they were working hard on developing their own health ministry in their church and to develop no credibility with that leaders in the area that felt leaders in the area would join them and they could join with the leaders to develop this program for weight reduction and offer it to children and families out in New Mexico and after five years of working diligently they half the support they need from the University of New Mexico from the local Presbyterian Hospital from others who are working on this issue of obesity and now her organization is part of that million and after five years they have now fifty people coming to the weight loss program that they are having they call it super fit family challenges about families becoming fit not just the problem that the child has and doctors are referring their obese patients to this program now that success and it took five years five years of developing health ministry having a team getting the church used to thinking this way getting the church used to reaching out and talking to other people she's been a long time working with the leaders in the college and and have been able to make friendships and professional colleagues who saw that we could work together on the and develop this program for the good of the community now the blessing and this is a degree of money doesn't last forever that grant monies that you get for certain things it begins and ends the idea is if you're ever going to be sustainable so that you have funds for what you want to do it's about bringing others and who have life mission like mindedness to work on a cause they've got other grants now coming in they been able to get other monies to support this ministry so that gives you this idea that this can be used you can open up your mind to guess and say no how do we work out in this field to bless our people in our communities with what we know and they are others out there today can join us and we can have a really strong ministry working together without compromising any of our values and that we can go on and really help heal our land and become known this was a church that was not known in the community it was chosen was not not known enough to welcome them into the college of others and there was no evidence hospital nearby no Adventist entities nearby this is a long church in a conference like we have many conferences where there's no antennas help institutions per se doesn't loan church getting no health is credible health ministry so it can be learned is powerful when it happens it's intentional I think it's intentional work and we have to be willing to spend the time it takes to develop okay now surveys are important because when you know what the county in the state and nation is interested in a member we talked about learning what our people were interested in as well you wanted to survey your church in terms of health ministry when people interested in that they would attend so I just one sample of the arm of a survey if you would take one and I'm if there's diverse facets here out if there's two of you together just take one because I'm not sure that I have enough this is one example of a survey that was given to women in the church that we we pastored and it wasn't so much about what they were interested in globally as it was and what they were interested in attending if you understand the difference if you give me a survey asked me what I'm interested in I'm interested in everything I'm not going to come everything down so what you want to know in your surveys and when you interested in coming to what you want to know more about not generally what your interests are in case you can take care of those kind globally anyway social interest survey is about what will people in your church want to attend and so here are some tips about being successful at surveying it needs to be a single sheet of paper singles she one side or single sheet double side it needs to avoid looking like a test so you can put little pictures on you can write it up and use a lot of white space so it's not so compact you can use the large size wants to the people don't have to read a little tiny little words and you can also insert what's the date and during the day and weekend time you would be able to attend I think his bacon all I want to comment I can't come you know so finding out one of the most date that people can come Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunday whatever and what's the best time for them because some seniors will come in the morning or the afternoon working people want to come at night on the health interest surveys I would avoid asking personal questions this is not a health risk appraisal is not about how many times a week you exercise is just about health interest in what they want to know more about entities accessible I would avoid handing a now globally to the congregation on Sabbath and collecting the plate because people want hand-in-hand and I wouldn't say hands down globally at the worship service and stand at the back door when they go out with a basket because people don't hand me what I would do is recommend that you grow as a health ministry team divide up here team and visit the small groups doesn't require visible worship group visited deacons meeting visit the elders meeting visit the ministry meetings visit the Sabbath school teachers meetings I'm going to small ministries that you already have an survey than say say to the leader can take just five minutes of your group time and explain what that Congregational health ministry wants to do we want to determine what you're interested in learning more about you will attend this year before as we plan our ministry for the year just mark down what you're going to attend and then collected on case five minutes and then you've got almost hundred percent participation of the leaders and the people who are engaged then you have to be thinking about how do we help everyone who may not be involved in group take that survey some gone online and that works well if you're computer savvy you can take the survey online people can click click click click click and you can get that with survey monkey is a good tool for taking surveys that way otherwise you might want to do a phone survey where you because you are not answering asking personal questions he does one know what people would be interested in attending at if you have members that are not in those different kinds of ministries you can do a phone survey with someone calling and clicking it off and on that way you can you can know you don't happen to have people sign their names but I would say is a great opportunity to say if you have a special gift that you like to offer health ministry and work with us to provide a special gift please put your name and contact information so that we can include you in our ministry meetings so you may have time done this many times before but when you do this survey gives her platform to start fun you'll then prioritized your answers and it will give you a great idea of how many people are going to be looking at certain issues and if you're interested in certain issues and you know that that may be where you prioritize your time first you'll get to the other things you wanted later but first you may want to identify and hand out take care of those priorities are giving example of what we did we found out that most of the women who completed the survey were interested in breast cancer prevention and so while we had gotten forty people who we gotten a hundred that surveys back and most of them set most of the women said they'd like to know something about a breast cancer so we decided that our next meeting was in the October was October breast Cancer awareness month so we go with a good will haven't a dinner meeting for the women in the church you sign up to come it'll be in October and will do a breast cancer awareness will do breast cancer prevention will have a speaker come from the American Cancer Society will see people dinner right after work so all they have to do is leave work and come right to the church will feed them to get good information him go to remember signing up and there were forty people who signed up and we were a little disappointed because when you have more women the manager Jimmy God is a little disappointment over not okay for you then we can do this so we put together everything we decorate the Fellowship Hall it was beautiful we used tablecloths and we had beautiful people skate and we had sent in Souderton Brad and I will deserve it we were all prepared and we open the doors everyone was happy it was a great time except for the fact that the forty centimeters in breast cancer went home and told their friends and they were eighty people that success is when you have a meeting like that bad newfound out people are interested in something I I was a little line because that was double what we had planned for but fortunately we were planning since illegal more water in it didn't matter you know God bless a five thousand and he blessed our meeting of forty to eighty t


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