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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 5

Candace Huber


Candace Huber

Senior Manager, Healthy 100 Church Ministry, Parish Nursing Institute, Florida Hospital



  • February 5, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him grand right here in this picture is not in your book and I got it because I wanted you to understand the stages of change the people go through and how we promote programs that will be most successful you know there are topic awareness there are promotional elements that we used to wake people up who are asleep and you know the stages of change and that the first one is pre- contemplative where people are just clueless that they are involved with at risk at all beer is okay so you got that from willing recruitment of contemplative planning action maintenance and support this grid will show you what inflated is a name-calling and status quo okay I call was just going along like I always go the next one is the area in building awareness which is that contemplative area around thinking now that I may be at rest on thinking I may be at risk and I'm wondering the next one is up preparing our planning they're going to get involved they are putting their life together to getting ready for change they been thinking about their signing up there getting ready in an action phase is there involved in programs that are actively changing their behavior and their instituting new ways of thinking there's a lot of going back and forth and then of course they've they are finished and the maintenance program comes in order for Jessica DiClemente sometimes OC extermination I sometimes see his relapse depending on how successful people are after they've maintained their their health this part is important because ninety percent ninety percent of our activity is consumed by action and health ministry and the sad truth is that only about ten to twelve percent of the people in a given time are ready for action so I want you to gather your thoughts about this where doing ninety percent of our work in an area where people are less prepared for that's also easy to sixty from the first night down to forty thirty if you dropped quickly because I'm not ready for change think about preparation and what we need to do in terms of getting people ready to change because the vast majority of them are back here in status quo building awareness and maybe preparing the management we spent more time there how many more would be successful coming to our programs and we do this we do this by on bulletins we prepare people by waking them up with information that's where we use our awareness activities which his bulletins and flyers and brochures we can use self-assessment which is ritual parallel sources put out it got paper tools that have the self-assessment guide on the front and the explanation of the scores on the back it's a paper to all that you can hand out at church and people take it they see on no was a risk I thought it was okay and will indicate at home with them you have to keep records or anything but it helps wake them up now suddenly the status quo anymore suddenly there thinking and they may move into knowing what can I do to fix us all you're having a program in five weeks all so then that you prepare them a little better media and enhancements people are visual so if you're in a church you want to use your screen you want to use your artists to create visuals or you want to procure them from other people who already designed that make it easy for yourself and topic recently presentations come into play where people are thinking about so your current employers your planners are probably an account to your topic presentations you know the phrase that we had this program and selling so this is big as a house then course we had for them we have all these people will come on their precontemplation I don't feel condemnatory about that there is another place is great sorrow when you see people with great problems there's great sorrow great woundedness there and that root cause may need to be cared for before they can ever deal with the other sometimes personal stories of people and their success and their journey of difficulty and success are part of what you implement in getting people prepared for your lifestyle change program this preparatory phase will bring us more success when we do the hard work and the dedicated work of lifestyle change and the lifestyle change program 's time into the action phase I would say that I would never have a lifestyle change program without a small group support his partner people need to be able to talk about their difficulties it is not just about giving them information it's about how they are struggling to breathe it into their lives and small group support as part of their yes that's a real cycle it were really people are we don't need to condemn them we just need to understand this is why they're walking out the door the other pieces what do I need to do to help them see better and sometimes be successful and sometimes not but I will tell you that most people are visual learners and this promotion and using visual arts using the human story is huge in terms of helping people understand that this could be armed for them one of my friends at work was very large probably two hundred three hundred pounds overweight and very nice lady dollar and one day she kindly came into my office and some going to the doctor today and I'm simple one which was what happened well over the weekend I went into my mother 's house I go to take care of her and and I found her on the bathroom floor dad and as I was looking at her I saw myself and I realized if I don't do something going to be just like my mother so sometimes you'll see that people will have an impact with catastrophic and it's terrible we hope that that would be the way people wake up that often times an event will occur a friend will get breast cancer cousin and uncle and aunt something will happen that will wake them up and it may also be the personal story at the front so I would always encourage you think about this plan you know what you're doing to promote well in a van book and plan for changing and having the small group support is critical to helping people learn how to be small-group facilitators is important you don't have to have a degree in the cycle analyzing a night you're not to be giving advice but how you take away men and prepare them to be socially warm up not shutting on people do not I mean by Shane Williams shouldn't be doing this you should have done that if you only follow my advice is that not that way but helping people to be friendly around the table facilitating the comments of the week what happened this week share what your story was sure what your challenges workshare what was troubling to you all of that preparation for small group facilitator training can be right here while you are busy promoting getting ready for the future so we need to have our health ministry team of who would like to be a small group facilitator which would see you go to the fourth United be the one for one of the four support groups that we have while we have our class these are your roles this is what you do you know you might be involved in doing the measurements for the week you might be involved was sitting at the table listening to the stories and if you find a person having a particular problem you would direct into the leader of the class have to correct them together like direct them to the leader of the class and we teach people than how to be supported in a group environment so they take in information and they work through it and they have the support of the small group father going through that I think sometimes we think we doesn't give people and of ever figured out and of course they are travel I don't but it's going to be on the website all these flights will be on the website North American division health ministries website is going to be putting up all of these different talks so you'll see it there and if you want me to send it to you directly I have a sign-up sheet here you just have to take our print your name so I can read and tell me what you want me to send you and I have to be able to understand your writing otherwise I won't be successful on the slides will be the overlay for the stages of change and preparation for programs yet the self-assessment by user from wealth source and they have a host of them on the environment the table out there they sound them in packages of a hundred for twenty or twenty five dollars so there soon enough and I use those because they're cheap affordable you can amount to an audience they are able to understand around what there scores me and there and then an awakening tool as well as helping them be able to get ready to come to program I think one source has done over time they've use many of these with a corporate wellness programs that they use for years now and again on what you want to do your trying to a person who believes that health expos and health fairs are good for awareness but you can't really measure what happened so if you're getting the help that self-assessment out as an awareness on that's all you're going to do is boost awareness and you don't really know to what level on the public using their to a health risk appraisal however is far more in-depth cognitive this appraisal usually involves a lifestyle questionnaire that invalidated using balls lab values and so forth there's usually computerized processing and is using a health educator has to instruct on what it means along with the report we did this one time we had a comprehensive say are likely when now we included five churches and because oftentimes fears take a lot of time to do that you don't get a lot of participation and people civilized in there before I got my back last year I got my pan I got my brochures I don't need to go again e-mail but we had this house there it was a huge deal if you interferes to them holistically provide things for people spiritual physical mental emotional it's an social health and did not have those areas provided for kids and young families school-age kids teens adults seniors Elder that's a lot of work don't just go and grab anybody and save had healthier because you got a couple of companies that want to volunteer and handout brochures it's a comprehensive healthier and then you can do a lifestyle and appraisal health risk appraisal if you will we get connect takes a lot of partners it takes a lot of people we had to have physicians and health educators to explain the results to folks it was a very good learning tool and hopefully he would use that as a way of saying out during the year these are the dates and hear the program 's government in the offering sign up now because if you have a risk this program will help you I would only use it to lead to something bigger otherwise health fairs take a lot of time and energy and here's the mindset of your health ministry team I only have so much time to give to the church priority gave it to your health care and he wanted to come and help you with the lifestyle change programs and participate in the and a party spent their wad on the healthcare so you determine what is most than the cost of human resources they can only give you so much time if awareness and assessment is what you want at and waking people about healthcare great do it very well do it really well document everything again and realized then that if you exhaust too many people and health fairs that are really well I put together over six months to a year if you have lots and lots of managed and participants and manage approach for dealing people to be participating with you on two major lifestyle changes in screening so you have to kind of way that and see what people are able to do and what you're expecting that in developing the plan we just talked about self-assessment tools health risk appraisals I wouldn't have a health risk appraisal if you have a health ministry team the beginning and I wouldn't do it unless I had a faith community nursing my church you could help me manage the confidential issues and that type of thing and there's a lot of details to a health risk appraisal and you need a whole approach that makes that valuable and I would use the health nuggets the bulletin inserts the winners of Windows on ministry areas for promoting this gets all the things that we talked about there on the board topic presentations are good for people who are planning and thinking about how change they are not changing the biggest thinking about so the people were thinking will come to a thirty forty fifty minute talk and it usually doesn't change behavior it's not meant to it's meant to give them the parameters of the disease are the parameters of the health issue and help people become aware of some of the different features involved in it it does not provide change so having a plethora of a lot of talk will not usually promote change it will spark awareness and promote and help people decide they want to change the topic presentations are good for awareness buildings small group presentations and where you go to a small small group ministries I think our creation health works out that way is a plan for a link you can use it in small groups using the national health observance days and you know that if you type in Google national health observances outlook on all the months of the year with all of the dates that all these different stages in our national agencies on health have as that missing part they are you know breast cancer awareness of every month we have national days of emphasis and when you click anywhere you can get all kinds of materials they've already developed in the Flyers they got the promotional details they've got the videos they got the patent is for you to use so you want to be thinking is your planning what should we do and you may want to hear your activities to the month of the year reported that the nation was focused on some of these areas you'll have the local agencies were doing that so that's a good thing website promotions keep your thoughts before your people at all times so on the website your health ministry should have a window and you should be able to keep that data going before people and have incentives for them to join if you join today that ten dollars off the cost of your block in our something like that so people feel incentivized to get started with their plan I would encourage you to think about having fun with how and here in Florida we had several churches that join together and interchurch competitions across the end they ended up losing a thousand pounds between the two of them one church 's bouncing against the other church they had fun together they played together they played separately they measured themselves separately their pastors got involved with coming in speaking at the different churches stimulating the people today Bob with the competition so you know we've had in step for our life here and we've been recording our steps in walked over Mary instead of miles and so forth those are the kind of things you can have fun with and I would encourage you to do that of course if you have interfaith competitions if you've got five churches on your block and you're the first administers island on and work with all the passages that are there things that you know let's join together to help our people become whole let's do a campaign let's have fun with it we could have a big black party any you want the people who are armed our highest social folks who are your promoters to be involved in your health ministry team because they know how to have a party and how to stimulate fun most of us if we're in the other side of our personality were very stable and secure and we follow the rules and that's a whole different personality and wheat we might not think at parties and socializing would be much fun there were very engaging FIU needless personalities on your team they'll be the ones to stimulate and develop your promotion when you're looking at what the North American division is doing you want to go to our website North American division health ministries .org where going to have a lot of materials for your resources on there we have a newsletter that we send out every month that will also help you with resources and can help you get started and then of course because you're going to be involved in your community you'll see the local promotions that are going on with those local component promotions that you're part of the community and you can begin to join in and take advantage of some of the things your communities already doing anything about program resources regarding talk about what training requirements are required establishing a budget yet to figure out the timeline for the year we talked a little bit about that we talked about partnerships and people with like-minded goals and objectives and we talked about partnerships you can help you evaluate the reason I put that in this because if you're going to do a major our ministry anyone a measure improvement with your health ministry and myself change program you may want to bring specialists and from the community to do your measurements for you your evaluation if you will for you so you might have a local lab and dry your blessing giving those results you might have a partnership with a local hospital or doctor 's office or wherever that will help you with validating some of the results so that you know what you're measuring ahead of time and you know what parameters are that you'd like to be able to reach and having professionals you can come into work besides you develop what these evaluations might be ahead of time would be good so that you know what you're measuring and you have help getting those measurements done with licensed people establishing the budget is pretty critical most important budgets before you know that revenue is the amount of money that you have read about arrays that can come to offering for special guests or grand or partnerships with in-kind contributions on and will talk about Branson a few minutes and then your expenses and the cost of the program what is the cost to train people was accosted to purchase the materials in the program itself what is the cost of your promotions forty and twenty years for flyers with the media what are the brochures in the handout all that costs what are the cost of your teaching tools the defendants that you'll use of the classes I use every week when they've accomplished a new challenge with different words what are those incentives cost if your vanity doing a cooking school or any kind of demonstration for the demonstrations across and how much will that be your cost of your instructors what do they require maybe there meeting their offering it to you as an in-kind contribution but maybe the paper the expert to come that's not a problem if you a priori so what's the cost of your sneakers and your guest speakers I would encourage you here do not be afraid to charge people for attending a valid course sometimes we want to work with churches only in my charge people well in America we value what we pay for and we also foot plate on the table we also show up as we paid for it so if sixty people financing you think they're going to come and have in charge of anything how many people really show up in the percentage of sixty is not usually the sixtieth like thirty will show up as a man to attend something better came up and since they didn't pay for it they not accountable to so if you charge people to register ahead of time you have that commitment and usually most of them will appear and you determine what that cost needs to be accurate figured out how much you need and how much money you have what is the cost that doesn't break the bank and prohibit people from coming but what's the cost that says I am accountable as I put down fifty dollars and that's a lot of money I need to come I need to show up for that so you determine what the prices in making a determination of scholarships for people who can't afford the want so you figure out that cost my husband and you can teach smoking cessation programs and we would collect for the legal was two hundred fifty dollars for the five week five day course by the existence of as a lot of money for a week with your people with a heavy addiction problem with smoking and nicotine that required a kind of the commitments of a particular fifty dollars down and we went to the whole league and the support afterwards and so forth and those who were successful we gave them their two hundred fifty dollars back at the end of class you can blame anyone with out what you do with money but we care about it and so use it as a tool floor on accountability and four by and for commitment to that live in California have thought about matters that are likely did you have a thought leader in no it was a surprise it was a blessing in so now you don't think they can announce you can catch you later we just lose their commitment money with their commitment and develop your time yes I yes church members are human beings and down and we do still try to see what I have is if they sign-up with it before this time they get Arafat with a reduction of some kind as an incentive to sign up but I I still charge my church members and if people can't afford it if they figure out what the church have a small sponsorship approval for people who are really need help with with money so you consider your calendar you consider the other ministry conflicts you consider the availability all this you pretty much know when you're setting up your time line and you're looking at your partnerships and your considering who can come alongside of you is you put your plan in place where the local hospitals and health departments in either Seventh-day Adventist hospitals and professionals that you want to include and what I got on local agencies that you may want to invite to partner with you so when you're doing this kind of planning you need a plan way months in advance because these folks also developed their own calendars and if you're looking for partnerships to come on board with you professionals to come and help you this is not something you call in two weeks as they were doing this would you come and help me do six months out so the people I know how to plan and they can start working with you on and you can develop your part here's all things with American women in their inclusion and when you wanting to think about how successful you are it's about evaluating and I would say we have some simple tools of evaluating when we advertise we see how many people came and sometimes we report that is good for our marketing capacities will be successful in reaching the people we wanted to reach how many came how many stayed many demands are put at the end so attendance is one form of marketing for one form of measurement I hope that you'll really start thinking of measuring for change what difference did your activity and if you don't measure the change in some way you will never know what all that activity the sound most of us are used to looking at what the baseline factor where people from the get-go and what are those measurements that determine a baseline measurement I be looking at their blood pressure what you've been waiting them we've been looking at BMI will you be looking at their level of activity their level of strength of what we can measure and as a baseline details that you take in the very beginning and then you may measure throughout him immeasurably or you may measure at the certain and then you have to take care of that information so that you can compare and contrast as to where they were and where they are and those are the ways you measure success that's the way you're going to be able to include others and perhaps get new grants to help you and anyone who evaluated the team had we functioned together well what worked well what didn't work well when they want to do next time that we need to do more forcefully and more cohesively so you've got several different types of evaluations one is with the attendees and the actual actual outcomes of your class is a lifestyle change and the other is the whole process of how the ministry got this thing rolling and what the in terms where they were successful for you in terms of resource examples we've got a whole plethora of them out here Mrs. Florida Hospital County one hundred website on they are trying to develop a network of churches so if you go to healthy one hundred .org will be able to click on here there are recipes on here there are all kinds of activities and comments and thoughts about the creation health program and many other little tidbits that will help you as you develop your health ministry said that's one of your resources this is the creation health programming you've seen that here probably at that health Summit I think it's a very good beginning program on what is it mean to be whole it talks about choices rests the environment we live in our activity levels are trusting God our interpersonal relationships our outlook and nutrition and it gives people a very broad overview of where they are in their journey towards wholeness and so it down is one way to get started I think is an excellent program to invite the community to or to work with our people he cannot do you know we have people in our church to his relatives don't speak to or whose children are estranged for their outlook is very negative or very critical and maybe direct stream on their nutritional levels you don't so I'm people needless to and terms of what is a balanced and whole life but this program is very friendly to the community without any extreme unction against them started it has a host of self assessments in their workbook and it's a friendly approach without with the DVDs by experts in group activities group support activities identify excellent way to begin a health ministry of course you know Doctor Don Hall and well sourced well source has a host of user-friendly resources for churches among rebound self assessments we talked about a host of programs that come with DVDs and other measurement tools I've used fitness for life for years of helping people learn how to get started exercising safely so they don't injure themselves and and so forth and that includes of course exercise and nutrition the interesting thing about getting fit is its both its diet and activity most people won't give you their time for two separate programs based on half fitness for life is a program that includes both so you can't do that to our program you learn how to exercise safely have group support and you get the nutritional inclusion along with it so that people get votes as they go to that class but he has all kinds of power points for your help nuggets and you can download right from the screen all kinds of recent research PowerPoint slide I think I mentioned I think she's a great source for all health ministries this book is called forget the limits of program that was designed by Doctor Kenneth and we often say what you need for any forgiven we never talk about the process of how people work through their lives to refrain them so they can come to peace with the resolution this book comes with a textbook for small groups as well as a workbook and we idly by when you can take people to a small group setting or large group setting the process of forgiveness and people are found this to be very helpful on with their egotist afterschool programs are small-group programs are Wednesday night meetings are others that they have I think it's a wonderful wonderful approach he has used it in the prisons here in Orlando and when the people finish this class that does the prisoners you were young boys and an travel and that they had to tell their story what happened to them as a result of taking this class and they would stand up these big bigger and we over to telling the story of what happened to them through this class on forgiveness so you can think about this in terms of what ways would you use it out in the community Doctor Natalie of course has his depression away our course which is really a mental health education course not a depression course the mental health education course on lifestyle that produces brain health and healthy behavior so that's a wonderful program he's just written a new book called the lost art of thinking us again I can't remember the lost art of thinking he also has proof positive as a bookend and a PowerPoint and cassette apparently called PowerPoint CD and aware he is produced all of the toxic topic presentations and got on the PowerPoint slides and they are all well referenced with research you can find everything he does yourself you have come up with a program for a topic you can he found life there he's got all the content there if you're a teacher or presenter that the nice way to get started he has a wonderful website that you can get more information on the question of the chip program is well known for coronary health improvement and you can sign up and go to classes learn how to teach and then begin now for your community as well the full flight diet is a new I think in a year or two ago it's a wonderful dietary program teaching people to eat whole foods and complex carbs and so they have an online training system in the end you cannot use that for your community as well helping people learn how to eat this is lifestyle matters you know of their courses are excellent as well flow of information and helpful hints about eating properly making better choices living in balance in our lives and there's more you know there's more I could go on and on these are websites that are very difficult for you that have excellent resources and information for you better standardize you have in your slides here's more better on national yet the American Heart Association diabetes cancer Association breast cancer sites and American dietetic sides the CDC and the FDA NHLBI has a lot of information on blood pressure guidelines for helping people with unhealthy lifestyles that affect lowering their blood pressure and so forth so these are there to help you this is understandable you can glean from them it's all part of their work to help us live a better life in these RNA administered websites for health so look at the top if anything health ministries .org and our commitment to be putting on more and more information for you and resources that you can access healthy life info .com is wonderful you can look up any topic you want and they have information so when you talk about making bulletin inserts or having small nuggets these sites have these pieces were used to going to glean evidence -based information you got the antennas dietetics Association during the Commonwealth source and some of those other websites are listed there June I just talked about fear their content antennas recovery .org we have a lot of people suffering with their addictions and their addictive behaviors and so that is another great site where we can learn how people recover from here on their choices I think they didn't now become part of their health and when you're thinking about the legal aspects you need to be concerned or you need to be mindful let's say you have and risk management that gives you a lot of details and night I copied some of them off here in terms of how you protect your charts in terms of the public coming in so your church Artie knows these important and working on days you are to have a safe and by it's about going to be a problem the other issues that will be I don't have ever had out because you can go together stress management and download advanced as part of the North American division cabinets risk management and they have all these guidelines for your printed out we also have as a part of health ministries because we know you're going to be doing all kinds of assessments working with public we are just now ready to publish the address health ministry guidelines on assessments so when you go to our website look under resources and you will be able to download the guidelines of how you are to safely engage people for lifestyle change and doing their assessments from my standpoint and from what I know about nursing and the licensor here in Florida we do not under our normal nursing license we are not able to do any invasive procedures we can when we're working in hospital we can and we were working in a clinic is under a doctor 's supervision or under another entities and license but when we work out in our own territory out in the community we are primary nursing which is essentially education and assessment in conversation with people for health counseling for its advocacy is referral it's about that we can do so please be mindful if you decide to set yourself up and check everybody's blood sugar if you're going to set yourself up to drop a line do these things you need to be able to bring another entity on your site and it's under their licensure that they would draw those things can have that invasive activity you will see a lot of well-meaning nurses who do not know where their level where their boundaries and in terms of invasive procedure so that finally have health ministry sidelines for you so that you won't be placing the nurse at risk for the people that you're working with or your church did you have a five Glenn close check IBM concerning the taking of the blood pressure is noninvasive if you have nurses who are able to do that that's a noninvasive assessment of having a weight is noninvasive the only thing that you have to be thinking about is confidentiality yet that is exactly ample in your processing at health ministry what you have to do is plan for not just what you're doing but what you're going to do with the outliers of people who are in trouble and there's an equal process of when we do it people who are dangerously high and how do we take care of them and how do we have them sign a form that says I'm not regularly and told me because I'm making that choice not to go to the hospital and you keep yourself safe by having him sign advantage they needed to go or what place do you call 911 if they get help the otherworldly yet there on the web I was also that those are the guidelines that will be there but I got the part of planning if you're going to assess people it's just not doing the assessment it's what you do follow that after handling assessment with people who are in danger that's right and as for the screen whereupon under primary health conditions or if we want to go further going to partners that need to come on to the campus to take care of that so they were not legally in traveler we don't put ourselves at risk and train because we have partners you can do that for us exactly and that's why you bring the experts on like yourself who are going to follow-up and he has to have those plans in place you have to know that we are not advice givers unless we're legally licensed to do that but we can give out evidence -based information we just need to know that we're working with the sea of people and where are the referrals that come after that can't give you just one example and I think I need to get on the floor over to Don is here we had an agreement in this area from an organization this was not a church organization but it was an organization that was going to work with a certain ethnicity and assess at this group of was that a group for Hispanic individuals in our area they are beset primarily with hypertension and serve this agreement was given to this organization to assess on Hispanics in the area for hypertension high blood pressure so they they got this large amount of money for three years and I've met the director and I said so how does the brain going she said all was great we we assessed five hundred people and as a wonderful funny people what you do with those that had problems and she said well we told them to go to their doctor if they had problems and nights above how many people have what she said that's the problem not many of them have doctors know they don't have their own primary physician assembled in what do I praise is always something to the emergency now why I tell that story is and that is not a good option and because I are around our emergency rooms are there for emergencies but the idea extreme and follow-up people once you know they're in trouble and where are the free clinics that are going help them with an ongoing relationship how do you get them assigned to a primary care physician or what is the clinical follow-up is necessary so they can get the necessary medications and what they don't go to the ER and so does the steps they didn't get plan to her grant and I think it's almost unethical and evaluate people if you don't have a plan to follow-up with them and take care so please put that in your mind in terms of why you are doing these things what's going to happen when you do them and how do you follow people than you have problems did you know I think it of referrals made ninety percent are not acted upon so who's going to walk beside these folks to be sure that they the referral was fun and and what happened how everyone makes their own choices if the follow through or not so you can't even make everybody do a certain thing but we need to care enough that we've given enough time to try to shepherd and try to encourage people this is a NAD health ministries website and when you go there you'll notice there's a faith community nursing bar there's health news resources are there there's the newsletter there is you can utilize and we're looking forward to become much more active and very user-friendly for you and here's again that health screening guidelines follow-up will be with NAD health ministries that work under resources so you'll see that soon I see we talked about health risk assessments comprehensive health is its essence we talked about follow-up labs confidentiality issues are important because your church is not a medical provider or health care provider you don't necessarily have to be concerned about the hipper regulations I called Medicare what about churches that are doing healthcare cheeses do you have a provider number and I think now I have provided numbers uses then this doesn't apply to you it doesn't apply to do what I wanted to tell you guys while he may not apply to you confidentiality and that's where your healthcare professionals on your team can help the information you're getting from a cognitive health risk appraisal is kept confidential and they know how to handle that detail that's very important I again I would encourage a healthy community nurse if you're going to be doing anything is as a comprehensive health risk appraisal keeping that data following up on the data working with people over time we just talked about some of the legal considerations and done essentially when you go to address risk .org they give you a host of issues for your charts that you are already aware of in terms of having a safe plant so it's all here at heaven 's risk grants and funding sources I will just tell you quickly if you're interested in grants think local first if you don't have any experience in working with grants state local and think about getting started small when you take money from an organization there are expectations of how you're going to work and if you don't have the discipline or the experience of working with grants and expectations it can be overwhelming because they will give you guidelines that you must meet in order to take that money and if you don't have a seasoned team it can be very frustrating for you so start locally with local foundations local philanthropic individuals local people who want to contribute to you is far easier to have a grant from there than it is if you go to the nationals in the fence they're very okay to write many grants take six months to really ride and develop because you have to do your work on smaller grants not quite as much research and so forth I would ask for partners to help me if I were doing a grant oftentimes people want to give to an organization that has experience in taking and handling money for issues if my church is not known I would rather have my local hospital via copartner with me on a grant and they go forward to get a grant because they have credibility Milo Churchman the credibility to get the grant so you choose your partners with light minded values and goals and you choose and the credibility and if I would be dismissed from the grant because I don't have I'm not known I go with someone who is known I'm going to get the money anyway because were partners but may have more of a chance of getting a grant on take a grant writing course and if you use people the right grant I would also ask County granted he written but how many have you got good at maximizing you can write it it's about how many of you been successful and I think all of these are on your on grid as well so that is essentially concluding my talk and I've been blessed to and I helped you I hope that I'll be hearing from you and he this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit if you would like to learn more about donating some of please visit www. NAIC help song .com if you would like more training online is www. audio verse on board


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