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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 6

Don Hall


Don Hall

Founder, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    11:30 AM
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all right my name is Don Hall and I haven't met with this group yet that glad to have you here my portion of this training is read the first one was kind of on the theory in the philosophy of Adventist health ministry and we talked about methods of coaching and how to work with people one-on-one and so on and how to help people make lifestyle changes in the last part is not what should we teach them a few got your notebooks turned into the section where is says health knowledge one and I'd like to just kind of gold are some the things is there little bit to reinforce what were about and it says Otis Reidel but those first few lines this is all health ministry leaders need a good understanding of the essentials for good health that make good sense and we want to make sure that were all on the same basin were teaching the things that are our best and most important for people to know says there are lots of ideas expressed by many peoples but what are the essential elements that are required for good health and sometimes there's a lot a little side issues will talk about are the priorities second he says what is the basis upon which we base health knowledge is important that all health programs be sponsored by churches be based on solid information make good sense again you see when people come to our here are message we want to have good spiritual truth Dolly we may set on the Bible so were talking about healthful living whether we base that are well down the organ into that so the Adventist church is committed to truth and spiritual doctrines based on the Bible but the health information we provide to our church programs must also be committed to accurate and reliable content if we expect to build what credibility and trust and that's important so if we have information we given is not really accurate we have knowledgeable people there and so on they'll say well that's kind of the what a program I'm not sure I want to be associated with that church that the Bible teachings may be kind of flaky to the networks and so it's important that we have good information there said that the third paragraph then this is the section of the NAD health ministry leadership training focuses on the key factors of healthful living that should form the basis of what is taught and that we can't cover everything is here but we're going to try to get out of an introduction covers much of it as we can and there's a term that we use were talking about how information is called evidence -based party for me with that term we use in medicine a lot we want our information to be evidence -based in other words it's based not just on someone's theory or someone's got we have good sound research and here's what they did it here's what they found and these are things we know that will make a difference in that person 's life to keep them healthier so what are some of the things were trying to emphasize it also points out there that health information changes occasionally notice that and so we want to update this periodically in Ravenna our goal is to put this on the website and take a few months to get it there been any kind that you want to go back and review some of the sections and so on you'll have that information you can renew research comes out will update that included so try to keep that latest information you cancel is both reliable and evidence -based information nephew just turned the page over the vitamin of an outline and that was all what I'm supposed to cover but there simply isn't enough hours to do that but I do have presentations on all of those topics so you'll find those in their all of them that I was responsible for thinkers one or two that part of the one in the middle emotional health is that we will get that on the web 's original have access to that to and we hope that culture will be able to come and share some of that this afternoon if you turn the page once more the Cuddy give you you are bit of an idea when that will be like one of the things were fine and it's important for good health his sleep you know that you don't get adequate sleep you will actually die sooner and that you want to live a long full life choosing to get adequate rest is important so there's there be a little brief introduction and then there'll be a presentation that you can look at and as of the same presentations that were talking about here and put them on the Internet and room and put a little more humor words with it since you get the idea what's being presented and that topic will be that of the maybe ten or fifteen minutes you can view it on the on the web and see what is there there may be a handout usually it will go with that and then eventually at the bottom there's some additional study resources so if you want to learn more about sleep you'll notice here there is a four-page Shiite getting adequate sleep and rest and there be a link to that instance will be on Internet you just click their mouse will pop up and to undergo further the National Institutes of Health the national heart lung blood Institute has a section on sleep you know sleep is important for your heart and if you don't get good sleep they can cause heart problems that's why the heart group is interested that may have a very nice four-page handout on that and if you want to know more here's the nationalist use of health information on sneakers twenty one pages and some of that material is in the back and you can look through some of that but this gives you an idea of what were going to do well have a brief slideshow the rover the key things will have some handouts and there will be these references so we want to have good sound information in all of these important areas of the topic how do you tell what is really true we have a presentation here that deals with that how do you evaluate information and hope we get just as if we don't is talking about in their as a health professional background by the way is I'm a doctor 's degree preventive healthcare and so that helps you go to school for many years and they did a lot of good basic sound information I give you or information which the judge thinks with IE but in the scientific realm we like to look at research has been published in political peer-reviewed journals and where they do studies and usually large numbers of people you'll see as I get into this usually it's ten twenty thirty thousand people sometimes it's a half a million people they may study them for five or ten years and they look and try to observe what are the health practices that make a difference that cause increased risk of heart attack or cancer whatever those are things we look for and things that people say what I drink you know this green tear whatever it entered my liver cancer the less personal experience and it's interesting but not necessarily liable evidences so will look at some of those kinds of the things on making sure that CHS and certified health education specialist certification program started last that my life working on health it has been fun we have a company called wealth source and that we work with corporations across North America and what is most companies registered in keeping employees help and does it cost less less the fact that if there not sick there on the job in their productive right is like a call I got from the president of one of the large electronic firms in Portland recently Intel Corporation and they said that we'd like you to come talk to all of our administrative staff we feel their key individuals we just lost one from a heart attack it's been a serious blow to our company we want to make sure their help the and they contribute a lot to the future of this company we do want to invest in their health is good since that's what about us and we may invest in our help as well and so we would take some of the same principles we've used in the corporate setting and we work with about seven hundred organizations nationwide right now about three hundred hospitals large shed institutions set universities and so on and were try to take some of those same principles we use in the corporate setting and ten simplify them so that we can use in our church that all right any questions before we jump in more questions we don't have that up yet this will actually be time prepared in the LAC should be on the North American division website and invest the first step because it will have training for the leaders a second step might be easier like might like to use some of this information yourself and making presentations at your church or something and I'll be preparing those and will have that all on a CD or will also have it on our website you can use it either way it on my website that's coming down the road just a little bit this is our first presentation and so word is a pilot project answers we get all the bugs worked out and we want to have these resources for you to use yes they will be in a format for you use this training but they won't be the general population the rigid set church health ministry training website Weller got a few of the under votes called lifelong health and that's not available yet and just letting you know that that's coming that's are our plans are working as fast as my little wheels were thought I'd just volunteering my time at the run this other company to Maria Weir were getting it out there all right so let's jump that in the first when I might just show a few slides from we want to talk about priorities in the kind of things we can do in a church network health ministry leaders ripped knees were going to work through largely educational efforts is not rare not healthcare providers and that's important to know we don't treat disease we don't try to diagnose disease of people have specific problems they need to see their doctor or other healthcare providers and get that professional treatment we can teach people how to live healthily and particularly how to prevent disease and by living healthily and so that's from or going to emphasize here and then what are the key things we need to emphasize and helping people to be healthy so prevention is always better to prevent disease and cure would you agree with that and so if we get sick we do need medical care and we should get it but there's a lot of things we can do to live healthily to keep us from having to get those problems that's reasonable to here's a slide that came from the medical journal that talks about what are the preventable causes of that Marine other side of four-year is how do we set priorities what are the leading causes of preventable death what are people dying from that they might be omitted differently that will save their life and I just look at this is the number one cause smoking four hundred and sixty seven thousand people die each year from the effects of cigarette smoking the major problem is that so we always want to keep that focus and I'm thankful I was born in a church where we didn't smoke the government to deal with that my parents raised me as a non-smoker but is still important issue is and people who join our church people in our community are dealing with it struck me that this need to be able to help those people number to leave your non-smoker was the second figure most likely to die from high blood pressure that a bit of a surprise attack is our most common help of the United States is about one out of every three people would get into that in a minute obesity etc. the problem has probably our most common one is that about two thirds of the people are either overweight or excessively over later called obese notice there were two hundred thousand people year dying prematurely if they had their weight under control they would find amazing is that such one of the underlying issues that we want to work with in our churches and our communities is the next runner just about the same inactivity or low amounts of exercise again almost two hundred thousand people how about in our churches do suppose our church members remarked that the population as a whole probably not and so that's a key factor of things we can work with them and keeping them to be healthier the next that is listed here as high blood sugar at the blood sugar gets too high what is across diabetes test and are saying that the blood sugar levels of our nation could be brought down by healthier living at a hundred ninety thousand people year could be deaths could be prevented by lowering blood pressure you don't have to have diabetes to suffer the effects health effects of high blood sugar digital that and so even long before you get diabetes people with prediabetes elevated blood sugar but not high enough to be called diabetes Jeter toward new actual medication and treatment needs limits on but they have health risks and you can live in such a way as to lower the blood sugar levels and lower those risks so we have a whole program when that's what is completed out there's court preventing diabetes and talks about how to keep blood sugar levels low then high LDL cholesterol what happens in my cholesterol is too high against the clogging the arteries this and the cause heart disease and a big one down there high dietary salt reach my sodium was like when I have high blood pressure and also has a seems to be an independent damaging effect of the heart even outside of blood pressure and upset over a hundred thousand people year if they simply didn't use as much salt they could prevent that from my perhaps from dying alone omega-3 fatty acids to be thought about that provided those omega-3 fatty acids have special properties it seemed to be helpful one is to the brain provided that in preventing Alzheimer's perhaps and the depression that those kinds of elements are half-hour important and also for the health of the heart and notice there are eighty four thousand people a year they simply got them more omega three fatty acids when you find those who will talk about them or talk about health effects high trans- fats as an unhealthy fat is nearly as many people are dying from that and we have a high intake of trans fats especially damaging to the heart it's greases the risk for diabetes increases the risk of breast cancer is a whole bunch of things that can have an effect so need to cut that out as much as possible and alcohol use sixty four thousand people die each year from alcohol use not actually that is closer to about ninety thousand but they've re- they reduced that this a little bit because older people who use alcohol on a moderate basis have fewer heart attacks the fact we don't like to admit that sometimes so they subtracted thirty thousand lives from that otherwise it would be closer at their ports a hundred thousand not a committee that is a therapy for healthy hearts but it is a fact that's their end in the next month low intake of fruits and vegetables is about as many people are dying from heart or from alcohol this from not eating enough fruits and vegetables is not interesting and then outlast and then there is just again the proof of what is proof of how it all only unsaturated fatty acids thus the best book that is the kind the oils that's the kind of fats as found in the plant kingdom we find that people ate a little marvelous neck cases says you'd save over fifteen thousand lives a year is simply up there and take a little bit of the poopers and are not that interesting but will look at all of him it gives us some perspective doesn't it and so those are kind of things that help us to focus what can we do with the groups were working with that can really save lives and desert that the program shows now I think I'm better just bounce right out of this program a woman to get into specifics within a get back on the first run their senior book is on nutrition how many hit the escape here will minimize that one maximizes else's lot of water covered to go somewhere to go pretty quick and the you who have questioned the sister just burning a chance that it will answer them if not what I think of the end of the section might be a little easier force to zip along okay now the first one we don't all think about that in the importance of the kind of carbohydrates were eating but the kind of carbohydrates we eat are just as important as the kind of facts rear lot about that no saturated fat and cholesterol and so on and refine it there's healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates in the old days we used to call them complex and simple carbohydrates and see how they were listed there and that they said the complex ones were good and the sample was Rebecca Jupiter that is kind of what was thought you want to throw that idea out that's an old idea is that not valid anymore we find is a better way to classify things because you notice the fruits down there with a simple sugars are in those fruits are healthy and the starches are up there with the complex carbohydrates and refined starches like the white bread there can because the detrimental to our health is high sugar intake so we have a better term should be unrefined carbohydrates were doesn't show there but it's supposed okay so some hundred five is a must we should be using more of there the whole grains aren't they you can see them listed there and other on refinements we things like steamed squash beats in the red potatoes are potatoes of a little little healthier force than they the regular make potatoes on all vegetables are unrefined are very excellent and the fruits and so those the ones we need to be even more of them at the refined carbohydrates notice the white breads the roles the pancakes the cookies pastries all those kinds of things that made out of grains with a refined and so there is not as healthy force army potato chips and fries would be another example and that in all the different kinds of sugars and suites soft drinks as the number one source of calories for a lot of people in this modern world and you can look on down through desserts you like desserts I will like to search them make sure we get is healthy once again and keep you the kind of minimum so its effect on the health throughout the refined carbohydrates their low in fiber are low in nutrients their high glycemic index a computer that term that is a measure of how fast the blood sugar rises in your blood after you eat them some foods make your blood sugar rise rapidly as not that good for us reply now and there late so increased risk of chronic disease look at those the unrefined carbohydrates and I have the other hand are high in fiber turbine is protecting their hiding the nutrients the body requires for good health they'll raise the blood sugar levels lower service at a lower glycemic index and a protective foods so we want to eat less of these and more of these dollars leadership in that direction Mister shows a little example this is an actual lot person 's blood sugar levels and what they did and when we are looking here we look at are two kinds of foods first of all quite red the solid line and that this is Arabism in a blood sugar level is zero Emmys when it was when they were when they woke up in the morning as the baseline blood sugar level gets to zero nine H you can't live that level at the brink was functioning NSB have asserted my semester 's baseline and then they give the person different foods and white bread is often used as the standard now in the white bread additives are very rapidly notice how fast it goes up to your blood sugar level so the blood sugar level goes up very quickly and we look down here but in the first hour goes up to the highest level this chart is showing blood insulin levels so be sure to let very quickly that pancreas as all want to sugar coming to produce lots of insulin is instance what brings about and so then it produces a huge insulin spike here because an overreaction it went up so fast and then all of a sudden the blood sugar levels plummet and they go even lower than they were when you get up when you got up that morning and what is that now it's about two hours later his now they go down and was called hypoglycemia or low how do you feel your blood sugar is low not very good do you might get trim leave my get a headache you get your nervous and upset anxiety levels are higher brain doesn't work so well all of those things are negative effects around about ten o'clock when you see in the office and workplace I live not too far from the 7-Eleven store I look out my window about ten o'clock I see the parade of people going by their going down to the seven eleven and presented a comeback in order to have they have this great big Bengal Domingo and what is it loaded with sugar and eyeliner no must be able Court is a huge amount of sugar and so they get their blood sugar levels up again that they go through this cycle mechanical all day long and when that blood sugar level is high here at drops rate quickly wears a graphical medical historians does that this is what we call stored calories at the start energy storage carbohydrate and that a ghost and a storage easily it comes out more difficult doesn't it so we have to be careful that so it were suggesting you healthier food it irons that out here's another one this is called spaghetti all had that it's made out exactly the same thing almost as wide as its spaghetti not absorbed her raise the blood sugar levels the fastest look at it right here it goes up more gradually here's the insulin response and so that comes down more gradually and here about three or four hours later still about which you were right beside three have more satiety from so this is a low glycemic index food was made of the same things so we does why is it lower I think about it for a while I could take a piece of white bread covenant and put them in a glass of water come back in about two minutes where is this just old disintegrated in all little pieces so on so when you got white bread future stomach is digested very quick because it is a little small pieces but the digestive enzyme to get to it it's absorbed very quickly if you take spaghetti and leave it in the water for five or ten minutes when you come back what is it still spaghetti it's in big chunks and so it is good physical shape as well as the sergeants on itself but within the stomachs of these bigger chunks has take longer for it to break down and then it's absorbed more slowly you do the same thing with oats if you have quick goals this may shrill then maybe spend a little bit and so on in the stomach nerves are very quickly if you have old-fashioned routes it's a little slower if you have steel cut oats with a double grain of the old discredit into three pieces in big chunks and you eat that the lawless and soapy water low glycemic breakfast field notes would be a nice low automobiles wide-awake you Cheerios history of the hundred percent of whole grain yet it is as the whole openness ground up real fine is so when you Cheerios reason was it is on their it's even higher than white bread even though it's a whole bring a digital vibrant thanks with Sony to notice me to be a little smarter in choosing somebody think which of the vestments used based on their pricing index will look at some of these here for just a moment now what they usually normally used today now producing these kinds of studies he is quite ready to use glucose for people that like tricking that stopped and that's another use bread and they compare other food so they get the white bread one hundred that's the amount of that rise you get in your blood sugar and everything else is relative to that notice week when you have your table sugar table sugar raises your blood sugar level even slower than white bread that is surprised that who would've thought and silliest of white bread in the complex carbohydrates is mostly starch and then now we see what this unit that name doesn't mean it's healthy because it's actually sort more quickly beaten table sugar but some other favorites here in America french fries like french fries that vegan food in the budget analysis made out of vegetables it can be good for us right but not very good for the blood sugar as it goes up quickly what we find is the particularly potatoes you know again it's a start it's absorbed great regular business and raises the blood sugar you can even faster than paper for the mashed potatoes a little higher is little more small pieces is not fresh red like that but crusty French bread I like the crusty bread I try to get the whole rank I very highest measures glucose that's what body uses this system Friday and that's about the highest of any various okay so let's go down and look at some other watchers of unrefined carbohydrates now modulated and has a glycemic index of less than eighty based on bread is the standard to be considered a low glycemic food so here's brown rice seventy seven and get white rice up there but we just like this or higher that's pretty good as that's what the fiber with it it's also a bigger chunk and it doesn't dissolve quite quickly and so it has a low glycemic index through the steel cut oats lower yet is that here's an orange who would've thought origins lower glycemic index and brown rice and that's what is so some of the simple carbohydrates we used to put all the simple carbohydrates thirty two million dollars is actually good and it has a lower glycemic index and even whole wheat bread that have hope we went on it but it would be up around eighty five or so I'm used chickpeas around about sixty is the Apple way down or lentils found a forty one Laguna soybean twenty six okay to all of these foods as it keeps your blood sugar level lower it does two things one is it that keeps that insulin from going up quickly and so you don't get that overreaction which brings your blood sugar level down you get hungry and what we want to do when you're hungry we want eight dollars to have some Minnesotans are more slowly it has more legal satiety value don't get so hungry because your blood sugar levels are still higher and keeps you from eating so soon and that then helps us what how have you from overeating and helps to keep us from gaining weight so that's one of the advantage the second thing about this when the blood sugar levels are high they begin to damage our markets and they damage the red blood cells send that little arteries that go throughout the body your heart Eisner kidneys and so on the call that glycation unit of glycated hemoglobin hemoglobin A-1 C is a test that measures that glycation of the glucose molecule and that whatever it's attaching itself to an aching to do damage the damage in the brain so I low glycemic foods are helpful in preventing both heart disease stroke kidney failure diabetes and all those things that go with it so here's one on glycemic index and risk of diabetes this is a large study looked on here ninety one thousand people the study is that and that it was a study that went doesn't say how may years are usually put that in there but I believe this is the women's health study so probably about attend a fourteen year period over here we have risk of getting diabetes look at the people 's diets averaged out the glycemic index as we look over this range as that goes up what happens the risk of getting diabetes this is low glycemic index these are what we call quintiles for me just explain this this is a savage used a lot in research the first quintile of data twenties percent of the people who have the lowest of whatever you're looking for Kate this case glycemic index this is the next twenty percent or higher percent or higher and so on until this is the twenty percent of the people who have the highest so we have from low to high an article from low as in the index the high glycemic Navistar risk of developing diabetes and was up nearly sixty percent of the increase is so one way of keeping a risk of diabetes down choosing unrefined carbohydrates backache Bangor Deming looked at cereal fiber line of fiber is helpful and fiber kind of slows the absorption of glucose again and that's one good way of helping to keep our blood sugars lowers eating more fiber now we see just the opposite again ninety one thousand people very thorough study and notice as the fiber goes what happens to the risk of diabetes goes down so what we want to prevent diabetes is high-fiber foods that's again the unrefined carbohydrates and we want twice a low glycemic and make article together don't both of those factors are showing by research that is helpful is another one showing this time on glycemic index or load of the people and the risk of coronary heart disease here's the risk of heart disease is the twenty percent of the people at the lowest glycemic index foods and as they begin to go up what happens the risk of Parkinson's large study is in your study working years twice as many people who had a high glycemic foods develop heart disease as those who ate the low bicyclist was an important that we have good evidence that a evidence -based there's better for us to choose healthier unrefined foods that keep our blood sugar levels lower who would've thought that the kind of carbohydrates we can double a risk of heart attacks interest in his mouth this was fat will show these little later on if you go from low to high saturated fat intake you know what that increases your risk of heart disease the same people how much four five times as we might think but it was actually increase of forty to fifty percent so it is any good music kind of carbohydrate we may raise our risk of heart disease as much or more than even the kind that we a lot of us have heard that we don't hear a lot about refined carbohydrates so both are important all right now where we find fiber is very obvious fiber is in the whole grains and fruits and vegetables most occupationally season foods down here here's the refinements most of fibers that they get out of white bread as the cornflakes in the dawn of all those kinds of things ice cream not much fiber in a soft drink is and this is what most Americans are eating a lot of these attitudes that carbohydrates are the phenomena their problems now recommend a whole-wheat bread and here's Zach corn on the cob maybe regarding equal to that and shredded wheat a good high-fiber cereal and arranged so see how these are all loaded with fiber and we those kinds of foods is very protective against heart disease and all kinds of things so here's this study where they took three hundred and eighty eight thousand people as a large study is not looked at the amount of fiber in their diet and then nine over nine years they saw who developed specific diseases or look at the specific diseases of the divided people into groups of those in the blue represent here the low fiber intake and their risk of that busy I did put it beside each one is because of several diseases are comparing a low intake low fiber intake to the high fiber intakes of those who eat more fiber notice does it make a difference in heart attacks and strokes carbureted Aziz and reduced about about twenty five percent doesn't those read more fiber at almost twenty percent less cancer those who have more fiber had the now be fifty six percent fewer infectious diseases is not interesting why would fiber protect against infectious diseases in direct effect on the immune system as it appears that it does one thing and advises it reduces inflammation which has to do with immune system may have some factors to do with high blood sugar to when your blood sugar levels are higher what is that due to your immune system it suppresses it we know that diabetics have high blood sugar more likely to get infections this is kind of a surprise eating the whole fiber foods very protective against infectious diseases here's a respiratory diseases interesting is that in all other diseases a thirty percent decrease that it are simple things aren't that we just use the unrefined foods we get more dietary fiber of their carbohydrates and affects almost every system of the body so here's this summer they said for every ten gram increase in dietary fiber per day the risk of death from any cause drop by how much fourteen percent in men and how much and when even more so eleven seventeen percent not like to give you a pill to take a once a day every cut your risk of dying from any cause by fourteen to seventeen percent Inc. of the popular medication that they can be a rich man said I'm sure I let it but here you can do it and it's simple and all we have to do is eat more high fiber foods and where do we find fiber whole class foods whole plant foods not refined guys that God chose us to eat so we can look down through here fresh fruits all different kinds with some of your favorite but they look good and that no picture there is getting closer to lunch for breakfast I had strawberries and blueberries and arrange and those are all good for us they're high in fiber their healthy and those are the kind of foods and eating more whole grains steel cut oats when I'm home that's one of my favorite to be like shredded wheat AG bread get the whole wheat bread it always and when you buy bread it's in big chunks you can buy bread is that way some of it is finely ground and it's just like almost an extra appointment but you get the kind it's in the big chunks and virtual find that has a very low price unique index has to help your kinds to be using lots of vegetables salads all kinds of things tomatoes squash broccoli greens although very protected the system and legumes and by the way of all the foods legumes are the highest in five thirty so he and lots of legumes are excellent and here's what you should be getting today that's a number you should be familiar with somebody asked how much fiber should I eat and hear the guidelines for Americans at least twenty five grams a day for women and men tender Lovin figured a little more about thirty eight grams of dietary fiber were met now this is just showing us that not only the brown bread whole grain bread it's also the rice is not an look at the comparison here here's on fiber here's the white rice is the brown rice to make a difference of twenty two six times more fiber to the quarter times more iron five seven times more magnesium two three times more potassium almost twice as much as a fully look at the polyunsaturated fats those are the kind of money has to have a good help members look on that list said there's fifteen thousand people die any year from eating the healthy kind of fat and the brown rice is five times higher and is not interested so everything about that please easily eat up more like God has made it aided in the unrefined state the healthier before us I would support what kind of rice do you suppose most members in your church organization church church use for any American community head but eighty to ninety percent of people always choose white rice of the event going to some of the restaurants renders entire restaurants and things I like Thai food IIS and how do you have brown rice just white rice as well so every time I go to rest and I always try the moment as old as you know the brown rice is healthier for you you should have that for your people here do I've been doing at home for years now and now all the places where I go the typhoon if I is for brown rice they have a form so we want something healthy when we deduce people without we don't ask for it or they are provided seventy to let people know that in a nice way mildly kindly take your round rice is a lot more important elevator for your help so there's just a quick summary juice primarily on refined carbohydrates high in fiber low in glycemic index of the healthiest kinds of carbohydrates and never we do that you might picture risk of a heart attack in half you see them listed down there in the kind of foods we moneyed less of his over there in that article is not the white breads and rolls pancakes cakes and cookies all those kinds of things that's where most of white flowers used is not refined breakfast cereals you can find record shows that more children and actually grain to read the label you can tell because the first ingredient is listed first bottom of sugar first less that those potatoes chips and fries soft drinks candy high sugar desserts are all those kinds of things that's the kind of carbohydrates and get us in trouble and again are those very common other mostly would you get answers the same thing with the pancakes and waffles and so on have you got a good recipe for a whole-grain waffle if you don't I circle one inherently make those all the time at home to think about all the waffle starts with white flour got eggs in it it's got some kind that usually ending you make it an annuity but on top if they got a solid fat than butter or something and you put sugar water over the top of it had any think this was the obligors it's a wonder we survived but it didn't start without Walpole is startling I like to make it it's actually from oats peas beans and Barley cookbook of you ever seen that one some of the Janata that around a long time it's that whole unrefined foods it starts with oats and sunflower seeds and primarily men got about ten or twenty different variations you can do on that and put it in the blender new Isabella and then we think it takes a little bit longer and then we put the fresh strawberries blueberries and a sprig of some walnuts on top is even have a really delicious mail and be healthy for the same time that you is high in fiber is high in protein and and it's a low glycemic index and all the good things is good for us so that's what we need to be encouraging and art health classes in our communities and our churches moving more knows how to directions and teaching people how to do that is most of our church membership don't know how to do that much we need to do poking a questions on how the carbohydrates yes what you find is the sweet potatoes are lower glycemic index and white potatoes and unfortunately the Google make potatoes and I grew up on raises your blood sugar just about as fast as anything you can eat in the nurses health study they found that that was one of the foods with white bread white rice white potatoes and that sort of the those are the things that were most closely related to increasing the risk of diabetes so sweet potatoes to be little better the yam and be the same as Rivera I do know what a monopoly is the root half yeah I bet might be helpful if you did a natural statement by the more helpful to my delays just just because that potatoes that doesn't mean we should never eat them really raise her blood sugar level is not even so much and does not meet such great big giant wants to be cut in half and have a less often everybody is a potato reason that I think of the the little red once we would find that they have a lower glycemic index and abatements that would be better to get a comment yet little red potatoes of investments like it little once government have to make in our oven and other delicious and so we does occasionally what if you ate more fiber than a you probably live even longer affect these numbers that appear are minimums that are recommended not maximums AG more fiber than that I'm sure many days out as I like lagoons I like a big bowl of lentils and that you know for separate might have another legume or something and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables through the day and whole grains so there's nothing wrong with eating more what you would want to do is just take fiber by itself and like put in a cup with water some intrigue huge amounts of it that would be good but even the foods for healthy foods ring banana bananas are our fine and green bananas are you probably wouldn't fry them or something while Marlin Arce how they would be a starchy food and so I think I have bookmark super glycemic index is I'm I'm just remembering bananas are about eighty five or something not too bad but to Bobby when wanting to eat all of those my was another good whole grains and other kinds of things as well ha ha is asked about the ratio of different kinds of foods I'm not sure picking up on it but what percentage of the calories should come from carbohydrates for example here is what you find is asking of what percentage of our calories should come from carbohydrates first thing we did is we make sure their unrefined secondly we need to kind have been balanced out with this freak things everybody needs for good balanced diet we need good healthy proteins good healthy fats and good carbohydrates now what if we push the carbohydrates heavily and they get way up there as percentage of calories will happen okay thanks I'll happen one issue will have a higher blood sugar level because of so many carbohydrates and number two you will suppress HDL levels and that increases her risk record heart disease so rather than getting too much carbohydrates we need enough but let's also get some healthy proteins in some healthy fats which balance in your HDL levels will be better the healthy fats and proteins both keep the HDL and then they keep the blood glucose levels down so they could meet you can eat too many carbohydrates and what we'll find an Adventist churches we push carbohydrates all the time and he'll say much at all about proteins that I know what I never got a hard on the facts and so people end up eating a lot of carbohydrates so it's better to balance it out have a healthy carbohydrate a healthy fatty healthy protein at every meal is more balanced I think the the health of most Adventist diets vegetarians would be healthier if they perhaps aided fewer carbohydrates and maybe a little more than healthy proteins and healthy carbohydrates with immune health effects balance a little better if my observation you can try to think of the same way for the glycemic load is is they take them out of carbohydrate grams multiply that times the glycemic index and because you see the little one bite of potato or feed a whole giant potato differences in their the glycemic index of be the same but the glycemic load takes in how much you how much carbohydrates you eat with it and so that's when they look at heart disease and that the glycemic load all right list move along here quickly and will bring up the next one to do this year that make good sense to us okay now this a which happens to be healthy proteins undergoing paragraphs okay protein is important to his back is required for building strong muscles bones organs a healthy immune system at all requires adequate protein people don't think of their bones is having much protein and thereby have working and that research shows that if you a lot of time spent in older age of you not get enough protein AFO more protein to your diet you actually have healthier bones and lower fraction rates certainly good for immune system is as we need adequate amounts are proteins should all be again unrefined foods shouldn't it that contribute the protein this is not all foods high in protein are necessarily good for you sometimes people say what's high in protein must be good well hamburger with cheese cheese all notably thought I'd broken his what else does it have a lot of fat and cholesterol so we have to evaluate what is associated with Saladin the other correlated corollary that goes with that is you need enough protein but more is not necessarily better than think of people say well it's good for you twice as much or how we regret that Bob United States ruminating prices much too long and my so we need enough but the more than that is not necessarily bad for you are our harmful to you and does not necessarily desirable parking now protein foods that are foods that are rich in protein are healthy proteins which were defined are foods that are rich in protein and contain at least eight to ten grams of protein per serving their unrefined nonhighly process they're not high in saturated fat or cholesterol or sodium sometimes I'm worried about this when in some of our meat alternates are pretty high in sodium and they contribute other key nutrients as well including fiber antioxidants vitamins minerals thought so good example of that would be beings legumes are high in protein their high in fiber are high in Antioch this is almost as high as some of the things we think about like blueberries and so on when you look at antioxidant levels very good that way and are low in saturated fat in their cholesterol free to those meets all the criteria doesn't in some legumes are very healthy protein and refined their protective against Harvey show the protective against heart disease and cancer that is how study showed that other studies show that their helpful in preventing diabetes is a good one after some other examples look down through the list there and see the house would mention the legumes the soy soy happens to be the highest in protein of any plant -based food and a very healthy kind of a protein there's that banks like the all meat alternates the garden burgers vegetarian entrées and things are not send out letters are all good healthy proteins and determine to be using very using the nonfat dairy would be a healthier time you get a much most of the cholesterol and saturated fat out so that skim milk or low-fat yogurt or cottage low-fat cottage cheese could be a good source of protein if you use eggs don't use too many American Heart Association says what the more than three to four per week all right for some people will use egg beaters in their place so that I get rid of the cholesterol that they still have the same amount of protein and that you have anybody in our church that uses its meet that over half of Islam including these eight regarding the use he made one of the healthiest kinds well skinless poultry has most all of the fat removed what's left is mostly protein to be little healthier and fish was the story on fish 's vision of unsaturated fat no it doesn't it's a healthy fat has some cholesterol is a matter cholesterol is says to me that this kind of fat which is the most important thing to join our own is better so people who eat more fish course this was the result of that they actually have fewer artifacts that have less risk of Alzheimer's disease so if you have people in your church that are eating not meet regularly but would be to help your kinds you may be the healthier times and then hopefully over time they can see that you are there other sources to plant -based sources that are even healthier have other advantage but anyway this would meet everybody's needs yes most most any fish but the Coldwater fishes are the ones that have the highest polyunsaturated fats also the highest level in three fatty acids but I think most fish would fall in that category okay if you read the Internet there's a lot of thing circulating on the Internet that says so is bad for you reread some of that but if you well I read the scientific journals you don't find that is just in the popular press you'll find practically no studies or any health organization that says so he is damaging for you in fact the US government has made a statement they put on things we ate so I didn't eat a certain amount of soy per day it will reduce your risk of heart disease so it's not based on evidence -based research it some theories that people had to write a lot about it we don't have any evidence the child within several good studies the last couple years that show that people who eat more soy actually live longer and they don't have as much disease one of the things that the limit particular concerned about Miceli and breast cancer that and a good definitive study came out on that recently when he did several thousand people they looked at their diet Red Cross lady for all women who would already had breast cancer and there are a high risk of developing cancer again when maybe so this end as look at their diocese see what we can do what kinds of things we predict before they get breast cancer again are not a problem for several years saw those who got breast cancer those who didn't and what they found that one of the most protective foods against redeveloping breast cancer was so I have a habit right here is where I was questioned more than I have prepared for the SAG get my newsletter we put that kind of thing out regularly and e-mail newsletter to get that it will bring these studies African so what were finding is that all the current research is showing that it safe in fact in that particular study they look at those women who were taking tamoxifen in the mirror that at the substance of people take for what helping they think it might be helpful and there's good research to show that it is in reducing the risk of breast cancer in this particular study they found that soy was even more protective than the tamoxifen and preventing breast cancer so again if you look at evidence -based research so he is not a problem anyway which country in the world lives the longest mature group of people Japanese Japanese and best longevity many people the world and that we suppose the a lot more silly than we ever say is not a problem to come in the back no problem if you eat the soybean out there were some early studies that counted begin to raise eyebrows earlier in life if you have a large of mouse of the isolated isoflavones that they took out of the soybean concentrated Internet very high levels of this they were afraid that I might have estrogen like effects and might affect children actually we don't have any research to show that the problem yet but we don't recommend you take the isoflavones out and take them in large quantities repeat the whole soy foods tofu soybeans those kinds of things there's no problem whatsoever what we actually find out is the kind of estrogen that's in the soybean called vital estrogen has very little effects on the web writer estrogen would do and actually lowers the risk rather than raising what happens you have estrogen receptors in certain parts of the body and the vital estrogen attaches to those estrogen receptors and they block other estrogen from UCB targeting those organs so they actually decrease the risk of estrogen which can be in the sine die BA a factor that raises risk for cancer two protects against the all right unhealthy proteins recognize a couple of them there a good American breakfast would you say if you like the breakfast at Denny's and some of those kinds of things that's their specialty unhealthy proteins are foods that are high in saturated fat cholesterol and calories okay three things we need to be careful often forget you much sick of problems and that an reluctant red meat and hamburgers and hotdogs and luncheon meats very high risk for those things talk was very high and the saturated fats pizzas loaded with cheese pepperoni very high in saturated fat that by the way happens to be the primary source of saturated fat American diet and all the foods that people need beaches with cheese and then the pepperoni sets the highest source of such an fat American back fried chicken very high but I realize that you get just much saturated fat and fried chicken as you go to Colonel Sanders are one of those as you would in a beaten path hamburger and intercourse fried eggs and bacon and add a lot of extra fat to so what happens when we too many of those kinds of unhealthy fats and here we have a study on the meat intake this is red meat beef and pork primarily act could be a lamb or something as well and he simply took a large group of people and how many in this study to say the sale Mister is a half a million people were the largest that is it's ever been done United States it took a half a million people in here again we see this quintiles is the twenty percent so on the left is those who had the lowest meat intake and every time there's an increase in the amount of red meat in the diet what happens to the risk of dying from any cause it increases the soaker the researcher and used that to happen many people on Bolivar in years and you say that every time there's a small increase the amount of red meat they are they are more likely to die what would you recommend pretty red meat and so now the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association all these other organizations are saying first rule number one eat more plant -based foods and plant -based proteins and eat less red meat and I'm going to say entirely donated all but that's the message is that it is less and less of it we eat more and more healthy things recently don't need that at all so here's it's a little exercise how much protein do you need now about twelve to fifteen percent of your calories and that's about the if you are a figure that out for yourself you multiply your weight time zero four and if you're need a little more protein a drone awakened from programmer for building big muscles from weightlifting or something multiplied by zero five and you can see that's been done therefore is is not a lot is that about fifty eight grams maybe for an average woman and about seventy two for an average man that once you meet those needs your you got good health and is no additive that a state bar but also it says there is not a disadvantage is not harmful to eat a little more so than at the rebound high-protein diet damaging your health images look at some quick examples and won't spend much time on there but you go down and see some of those foods are pretty rich aren't they premises is pretty high in protein with the beings fifteen grams per cup or soybeans twenty eight grams and remember that's not on the highest and quantity is also the highest in quality protein and we put me down the bottom is comparison two ounces of most of those again about fourteen grant their high in protein but they also have some of them some disadvantages nothing but even the whole grains oatmeal vegetables they'll contribute sound update their unrefined and even berries fruits have a little bit so here's a sample breakfast might be what someone might eat for breakfast they start out with some oatmeal I prefer to use soy milk as opposed to cows milk so I put aside knock on my and it has about the same amount of protein by the way both have nine grams and a little peanut butter on your whole wheat bread and when your behalf twenty five grams protein foods is not difficult as it was sample lunch may start out with a veggie burger you like to garden burgers I like those when they came out and I work with mostly nonadministrative Galactica together that they will be having either one of a Gardenburger today is what is at what you try him I like that is a good value not on a nice whole wheat bun they say that that's about as much of the restaurant freedom on statute that can be something you might like to try some of the things are pretty easy and then a bowl of lentil soup with that and I will Apple for dessert Libya will handful of mixed nuts and for lunch you could have as much as thirty seven grams so effete unrefined foods choose some healthy proteins is not difficult as it hears something for dinner maybe you have that whole the soil roaster or a Swiss steak or something like that bowl of vegetable chili soup green peas brown rice for the grain and and maybe some walnuts in the salad and middle class of red grape juice for dessert her Kia for fun that's what I do have to consider why and then I'm a bit oatmeal cookie for dessert there's no twenty diagrams show that adds up so for the whole day you're already at well over what's needed is that ninety one grams a day so every mail try to plan a healthy protein protein does have an advantage of finding very low glycemic index and it keeps your blood sugar levels up it has a long satiety values absorbed slowly and you don't get so hungry afterwards so having a little protein with your meal is helpful and ever gone out to a Chinese restaurant where they just add chopped vegetables and white rice and you need and what happens in two hours later you start again already urge it's all carbohydrate to make sure you throw some tofu in a competent cashews on top so there's got some healthy fats and proteins it and then we don't get so hungry it last us a little longer and it also helps to give us a more balanced diet to plan for a healthy protein food rich in rich food at every meal eat a wide variety of whole plant -based foods and sufficient quantities to maintain your weight and you'll automatically get adequate protein even if you have no animal products in your diet at all and limit the refined foods not much protein is there an sugar margarine soft drink zero so be careful okay and a good sense of broken any questions or remove four hundred and ninety two this media was used by bodybuilders will begin a DL summoned if you would like to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. and help some .com will you would like to listen more free online is www. outfielders John Ward


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