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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 8

Don Hall


Don Hall

Founder, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    3:00 PM
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fungi how important is sunshine to our health can live without it can all life depends on sunshine mangrove food production and for us vitamin D is essential for good health sets the body 's circadian rhythms it enhances mental health and not Oregon we have some problems is called the sad disease that seasonally affective disorder to get so cloudy that people get sad literally a question sellout even the mental health is affected by an just as I was outside their water out of that sunshine and feel that warm sun on my back it does something for says that physically and mentally we also find that sunshine kills germs did you know that so it's one of the antiseptics when I zipped backpack and a lot of backpack in my life and starting to validate research on water how pure the water was up in the mountains they don't recommend you drinking out of a strange anymore unfortunately that is as if you will go to drink water up in the mountains the purest water would be from a lake in Alpine Lake says and that top six to twelve inches where the sun hits at all the times as the purest water is even pure that's what's running NFS Creek I just think it's the best great but anyway sunshine has a lot of positive things for our and were go to zero in on one mystery important for health and that sunshine makes vitamin D doesn't but when you live in the northern climates we don't get much sunshine and in the wintertime the sun is low on the horizon my raise do come through the atmosphere all of the raise that make the vitamin D are filtered out and so you cannot get adequate vitamin D in the winter months in the northern countries so we need to get vitamin D from somewhere we do need to get it from the sun the sun when you begin our dietary supplement and these are the people who are low or at risk of low vitamin D and that persons living in the northern areas we mentioned a line from San Francisco to Philadelphia goes on the north side of that are high risk people don't get outside daily for these fifteen minutes of direct sunshine under scanner reading would be at high risk lot of people in rest homes nursing homes don't get outside and we find that that's a very high risk for this estimates by the national Center for health statistics are that about one third or one out of every three adults United States has low or deficient vitamin D is pretty highest that's based on an old standard the new standards is that we should be more vitamin D than that to be in good health so there estimates as high as one out of every two people have to die to start about September October and through into springtime to the sun 's pretty much overhead I walk outside this letter is great for your exercise all of that which if I don't get any vitamin D are very little might be good for the mental health physical health that we need more direct sun so we need to get from somewhere here's some studies it of been a lot done Harvard what the vitamin D levels in fifty thousand health professionals those are people who want to know about all this right and with this for ten years those with low vitamin D were what twice as likely to have a heart attack is not interesting to let them in the refining is important for a lot of things I found this out several years ago notice that was in two thousand eight seven two thousand eight the next Eddie came out the very next week I went to the doctor to check my vitamin D levels the reason was they were a Merlot in the cardiologist today that said I checked my Newsweek might overload to overhaul recognized and I went to visit with a friend who is a specialist in endocrinology and the destiny is in his will slow and so I had that in our country is Ray Ray I here's a study on vitamin D and muscle strength and ever find the people take vitamin D improves muscle strength and particularly in fray are older people and it helps them to reduce false in this study reduce falls by twenty percent of course an elderly person they fall they could cause some serious injury or broken hip or arm or something so it's very important but anyway over finding is almost every tissue in the body has vitamin D receptors in the brain and the muscles liver and hauled away to our body here's a early observation pants cancer they noticed the people living in northern areas where the sunshine is less available were at higher risk for colon cancer than those people got a lot of sunshine just where they live is not interesting today dozens of studies linked low vitamin D levels with increased colon cancer risk I here's a thought was a very fast and when this is from last of his medical journal and Europe evidence that vitamin D may lower the risk for type one diabetes the study comes out of Finland notice the study it was a thirty year study as a long time is not starting the children and then saw what happened later on in the thirty years that a ten thousand children developed by the study of ten thousand children and he found that children receiving vitamin D during infancy they do that there because it's way up north they needed it and recognize it if they got vitamin D wondering and that they had a ninety percent lower risk of type one diabetes than those children not getting vitamin D during infancy or as pretty significant finding is reduce the risk by ninety percent and what causes type one diabetes nobody knows there is a good clue taking vitamin D helps me find a vitamin B helps with a lot of autoimmune disease and type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease so that's good not good to know if Finland has the highest percentage of type one diabetes and probably because there limits of our North and now that their children to recognize any given their children maybe that will drop and future generations are the problems linked to low vitamin D as osteoporosis what is that once we see on the side of their healthy bone has said more like this in his osteoporosis not counting begins to leave the bone inside because more porous so we get these big openings one is not so strong and then it's easy to him to break this is from Harvard 's nutrition source rise website just before I came I I wrote down this list are some things link to low vitamin D osteoporosis high blood pressure diabetes heart disease multiple sclerosis infectious disease even including the flu and a common goal so what can you see from that the Lord invented all of us get some good sunshine regularly and if we don't were in trouble I here's a study with a combined the data from eighteen randomized controlled trials we mean by that is where they give nice a substance in this case vitamin D to one group and another broke his a control group they got a placebo or something and then they look to see if it made any difference in those two groups of people and those who were getting the vitamin D separate supplementation found a seven percent decreased risk of dying from any cause and those taking vitamin D is another saying even that he can show that you will live longer less likely to die to get vitamin D sorties was I do not I took one this morning I even thought so when that I'm still in the Florida I think me around them they are little more than greater than I do in the summer so nutrition source recommends at least one to two thousand international unit daily this is Harvard 's nutrition site especially the exposure is low in the fall and winter and the guidelines for the and chronology Society of America recommends fifteen hundred to two thousand international unit a day and for children six hundred thousand right it recommend that simply because it is so low and we start checking the population they do signal point even checking it anymore everybody decided be taking make sure so if you want good health that's one thing that you can do that looks like it's going to improve the house and something simple to do it the breakfast is often one of low vitamin D D2 or D3 D2 if you're big and B3 if you're out of the is making a difference in my minds the same thing which is where comes from some people are concerned comes from sheep vitamin D3 is lanolin comes in the lantern on the sheiks walk and that's right it might because it's cheaper it did result more effective but D2 is good to and then no problem now a customer vegan source V3 is from animal sources and in my mind is immaterial because it's just vitamin D anyway some people are concerned so their site is okay now nothing about the sun we need some but we don't want too much right and all the research as they get too much sun and organic and we can have increases of skin cancer Kelly and here's a ten-year study out of Australia show that wearing sunscreen regular to decrease the risk of melanoma by fifty percent and the most dangerous kind invasive melanomas by seventy three percent so that's good news is that we can decrease risk if we take protection against the sun for his five ways to protect your skin from too much sun you know where sun protective clothing and I do a lot of backpacking one of the high-altitude you know ten thousand feet and above the a lot more direct radiation and some other clothing items were is separated to keep the sun from going through the quality as a kind of by when I'm backpacking also have a hat not as pretty as that gals that has big reason why the big rent now you want to keep it up to your face in your neck and all those things to so when I'm backpacking up in the high mountains I read it because or seek to shape when the sun for extended times wear sunglasses careful to get too much sun it can also damage the eyes that would be cataracts so there's a few concepts about son son is good for us we need some by the way how much sunshine do we need to make all the vitamin D we need depends on how intensive is the same between ten and four minutes overhead and if you have darker skin in a longer time was an estimate most people do not have to that even ten to fifteen ten to twelve minutes in the first ten or fifteen minutes your body produces all the vitamin D they can understand most of the sun in the skin has set cholesterol in the skin is one good thing about cholesterol my leg request all levels are very low that can be a health hazard for making adequate vitamin D which can then cause osteoporosis have a close friend reverse the problem you're if your arms and face were all open to the sun yet in fifty minutes Antarctica you want make a little more picky shirt off or wear short pants or whatever but in the first fifteen minutes you produce all you can because all the facilitators can that can be converted is already converted so stay not a half an hour forty five minutes or now are going to get twice as much develop on your skincare a lot more than at any lot in the morning and let that be absorbed and take some time for the question will come back again about an afternoon get it began so just a little idea on that and by the way how must you expose your body produces an estimate of fifteen forty or fifty thousand international units as a lot as and we only take about a thousand or two thousand and eight some people are same I don't be quite so concerned is to say don't take over two thousand by the toxic they could raise that the five thousand so anyway we produce a lot okay any questions comments on vitamin D if you put the sunscreen it screens out the raise that that make the vitamin D is also the same race or cause the cancer semester you can't get all the sunscreen on and go out and expect to get any benefit to goodbye thank you the main thing to do is you don't need to be out there too much dropped their ten or twelve minutes already get too much area they got there long enough it starts to turn pink and red then we been up there too long okay I think the next one is in evaluating health information or or is it the one on sanitation K will do this and quickly think that's the next in a meeting this a while ago area this morning seven is pointing out more people die from people just not wishing their hands then other big serious things that were concerned about even more people than perhaps they were killed by guns the United States okay sanitation is a cornerstone of public health is an especially if you're working and poor countries seems to be a bigger problem so sanitation is very important access to proper toilets handwashing pure water to drink clean living conditions without pollution proper food handling and you know that in the United States over three thousand people die every year from food poisoning that could be prevented by proper food handling that's as many people that was killed when the planes ran into the twin towers in New York that happens every year United States you don't see that on the television every night be but having good food that cleanliness and food sanitation and so on handling food properly and save a lot of lives when I was working with the group down and enter America three out of five children would die before they reach the age of life in the community which we were working and why was that poor sanitation and we got clean water and top them how to be cleaner and worse their hands and deal with diarrhea and all those kinds of things that the death rate dropped significantly clear some basic concepts we just talked about dear access to proper credit to take so many things for granted in our country Duncan going when you're over in some areas I come across the best month I spent about a month over there and it'd know what equipment like and there are some pretty poor sanitary conditions and the course over there they just use the outdoors go behind a bush and so on never bothered to buried or whatever so it can be a lot of water problems but is here forty percent of the world 's population lacks access access to proper toilet courses can lead the spread of bacteria viruses and parasites in all kinds of diseases diarrhea cholera parasites and so on and it's estimated that fifteen thousand people die how often they are poor sanitation on a world basis five thousand die each day due to diarrheal disease so maintaining good sanitation in whatever area ran in the working on or developed area extremely important and even here in the United States is critical washing our hands is critical for spread of germs both in food contamination for colds and the flu diarrhea and other infections I was in just a few years back any late eighteen hundreds that this doctor cut the risk of maternal deaths by ninety percent sent me by washing his hands between patients that amazing and so they were spreading one one mother to the next infections they were the hospital which of your washer hats here's a list before during and after preparing food before eating food before and after and caring for someone is sick before and after treating the cutter blown for using the toilet after changing diapers for blowing your nose coughing or sneezing after touching an animal or animal waste for touching garbage wash our hands and a lot toward spread of germs and if you want to know how you should wash your hands here's what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say with your hands are clean running water and apply so rub your hands together to make a lather and scrub them well be sure to describe the backs of your hands between your fingers under your nails continue scrubbing and rubbing for at least twenty seconds and rancher hands well under running water and dry your hands using a clean towel or air dried in other words the girl what can you do if you don't have a situation hence we were going across the best running water everywhere what can you do my wife carries this little Corel model in her person I've got one in my backpack there it would go to China in a couple of weeks will be over there for a month and I'm sure will have to retrieve there so you can use an antiseptic and rub and apply that to your handset that can help decrease the diseases can then how about water pure water saves lives when it thinks it ever does is go to these countries around the world and puts in a water well is in pure water and the sickness and early deaths those religious drop dramatically so pure water is important I noticed that the has the potential to prevent at least nine one percent of the global disease burden and six three percent of all deaths if people had pure water honey purify water rises take it for granted comes on the path what if you had a hurricane and that your water supply with said damage to or some other disasters important to know some of the basics is not so here's the recommendation by Department of Health boiling is the safest bring water to rainfall moil for how long at least a minute and let the watercooler drank another way is to use household bleach Clorox and that you add three to five drops of bleach per quart of water you mix it thoroughly let it stand for thirty to sixty minutes longer it's cloudy and that should also purify the water but works pretty well there's also commercial water tablets or iodine tablets never used those when we go backpacking in the mountains send their set contamination and even those mountain streams now and they recommend that you do that so we treat the water put in a one of those iodine tablets put the lid on shake a good letter set for the fifteen to thirty minutes and then we can drink that water that say so those are some ideas and we should be prepared for those thing should there be a disaster my foot is preventing food related illnesses notice here each year foodborne diseases account for one and six American says will get sick from contaminated food that's about forty eight million people it's going to the impact is not hundred and twenty eight thousand hospitalizations over three thousand deaths per year so teaching people how to prevent food related illnesses can be part of what were doing is as if you could just prevent one percent of foodborne cases you would keep half a million people from becoming sick so it is a little bit of improvement and have a lot of effect can and there's a list of a variety of kinds of factors that can cause sickness and be passed in our food and don't take any time at that which might be interested in reading more about some of those here's up as an example of food poisoning is is pretty recent lesson two thousand eleven one of the largest meat producers in America recalled thirty six million pound once a fresh and frozen ground turkey is a hunter is that gotten contaminated with antibiotic resistant salmonella and in our country salmonella is very present the poultry business and we need to be very careful that it also with eggs consider every egg or meat chicken or turkey all of those things you need to consider that they have salmonella on it must be kept separate in a separate place in refrigerator you cook the meeting to make sure the cook thirty to kill those salmonella things and clean all the services and knives and thinks it was used in preparing that usually has passed along today we get a lot of planning my adamant examples revolve faster growth and stop infections in animals and in the bacteria that the other associate with those I was a become resistant now we have a big problem United States a lot of the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics a lot of that comes from the unit the animals and American Medical Association others are making statements on methods are trying to eliminate that but so far we don't why don't we money they can grow bigger faster turkeys to give my addicts and why are the chickens live a little longer and lay more eggs to give my antibiotics they said they put them in a healthy living condition they would be better to you wouldn't have to do that would you him it's a big problem have you heard of E. coli contamination of all heard of that and sometimes set people dying from that the nineteen ninety three was the first big one they came out in a tainted hamburgers and Jack-in-the-Box and four children died children are more susceptible lesson to because they're smaller and of course many many more were second but were still having us and assist in the Middle East ten known outbreaks of E. coli in over seven hundred people may seriously ill and it gets seven effects the kidneys the harbor in the kidneys and then that they get too much of a barrier that causes the blood to ones that do anyway accept the kidneys or kidneys quit functioning the people have kidney failure and if that's not corrected the people can die from Tuesday caused by fecal contamination of meat and poor sanitation and improper cookie so if you ever do have people eating meat it should be thoroughly cooked to kill that in all cases words and transmitted to choose because of poor cooking but that have to be made like cantaloupe is one of our latest outbreaks was not and with Listeria bacteria and people in twenty eight states were affected twenty nine adults by one miscarriage occurred the note probably more than that but that's what they know was a caused by dirty equipment poor sanitation unsafe act food handling practices of a Colorado Farm probably contaminated by nearby cattle farm any truck that went there often mystery infection is common in cattle truck went to the cattle and did things they brought it back and use the same equipment for carrying a cattle open and was passed on and then I went to the homes twenty seven two twenty nine people died so we need to be careful the dead were Stephen the foods that we can wish her hands cooked things properly when can use good sanitation hears talk about don't cross contaminate so if you have eggs or meat or poultry in your refrigerator they should be to set this separate section and the separate your cutting board and and so on and purify that area cook things well here's some recommendations hold meats cook at temperatures of at least two hundred and forty five degrees internally four hundred and sixty plus degrees program meets by Graham Mink usually the bacteria is on the outside of the grind of the bacteria gets on the inside so must be cooked all the way through and if it's not that's when the people get the E. coli infections and saw poultry cooking a hundred sixty five plus degrees eggs in your green eggs and when the yolk is still running is not recommended it should be cooked hot enough to cook all the way through so after eating the runny parts of VHF that's not safe and when the food is left out it should be kept at least a hundred and forty degrees until it served than afterwards it should be chilled down to something cold what is the thing I'm on temperature cold less than forty degrees I guess that says it over here and refrigerate leftovers promptly as you have food that is in large pans and things that might stay warm for long time and insights of the recommend shallow pans clinic quickly and when serving keep foods that are cold below forty degrees and above five hundred and forty the bacteria can grow still hot when it's below forty it's real cold and they won't the toxins and things will be formed and so that's the idea and be careful of keeping leftovers to law and what are the highest risk foods Roanoke 's number one and a lot of bacteria there is that a lot of disease in America's past my run-up now it's almost always pasteurized never recommend raw milk is not safe raw eggs and foods can be a problem eggs cook until runny raw fish cycle sushi not recommended and use it however signs up where they served sushi warning people that this can be high risk especially for pregnant women and the unborn child is especially high risk I sprouts and wild mushrooms did you know that repair for seven from contamination out of date food and other things at you can see they are so those are high risk so the concept of cleanliness using lots of water on the inside and out it's good is that baby clothes our homes our neighborhood even our nation include an environment that is cleaner rivers our cities our parks are beaches all of these things we keep them clean it's a healthier environment make a sense cleanliness relative question is is a help article message sometimes doing but it is and if we go to other parts of the world we can recognize that more okay no similar references on food handling and things that you might like to get into would try to have all those resources in all these areas to get them finished up the questions of sanitation alright might've been a topic you weren't expecting that especially is redoing work in other countries very important data next yes a half but all were just going over there for fun and my wife wants to see the terra-cotta soldiers and that was a cold Zion and programmable budget places like China it's a interesting place and interesting culture have been there several times and at one time we went into Tibet and we went got to go climbing I'm not Everest a mountain climber so that's yes I okay evaluate health information I think we got fifteen minutes we can do this someone asked about this how do Gray tell we were looking at things is that good information are not to be trusted through and try to look at some the some ideas here first thing we ask who is providing information to gain information on on drugs is probably the drug company which might also like to see what other people say about alternative medicine company there are no regulations on alternative medicine they can say anything they want basically is the bottom line and so most of their things that they put out are put out by someone who's trying to sell it written by the ad agency probably has very little to do with real health information vitamins and food supplements as much as the base be the same thing it's largely unregulated and while they can't make your supposed to not make claims about doing this or that think they often do and when they get their hands that they just taken off in this coupon selling at claim something else next year so anyway it's a problem someone with something to sell us the basic thing is so we need to be careful and that it might be good information that might be true but it might not and in today's society usually it isn't if it's one of these things they're trying to sell it it's a webpage who is the sponsor I always like to go to the about thing and find out who sponsored his and reliable organization or to do somebody putting something on their they had to sell is the information reviewed by experts and if it is what is their degree oftentimes I was reading a book once it was written by the P date and write a book on nutrition -based PhD was in sociology rather than me can be a good researcher and find some good information but he wasn't asserted authority that area turned out information is very poor are they healthcare professionals how they link to a credible organization is the material show research references you notice what I'm putting these studies appearance on unlike the list of medical journal that come to look that up you can use when using materials for yourself you're going to speakers notes eleven full citation down there and you can go read about these things and read it for yourself so that's important is the information largely testimonials are testimonials good reliable sources of information I had one lady when I was years ago I was a pastor before you went back to Loma Linda and I went to her home and I was just a young intern and the first thing she told them she had bone cancer on its terribly I better go visit her a lot give encouragement and I did and in one of the days of his meet energy center bone cancers all cured wow rigid two pages as well as that should begin to tell me that all about it and I found out the way she was diagnosed with non- bone cancer she said a urine sample through the mail to somebody across the nation and he diagnosed her with bone cancer can't be that she did know that and then what did it well he sold her whole bunch of them really expensive pills that she took for natural pills they were she took those for several months then she said another urine sample and he declared cured and meanwhile he took on a lot of her money and notice you doing now she is selling the benefits of this wonderful doctor because he cured her from bone cancer so she telling everybody in town you should talk to this doctor is wonderful and the cure from Catherine 's on a wonderful testimony binoculars she didn't have enough education to realize that she was this been hoped for the whole thing to have to be careful of testimonials testimonials could be true we don't know that they're not reliable so we like to have large studies like we've been talking about where they have several thousand people and they do randomized control studies major part of the group of the Siebel part of the group a dog of a separate in some other way in several years later it to get over cancer didn't and if it shows a significant statistically significant difference between the two groups and retailers some evidence for that is it up-to-date modern times we read books about health and information comes from long time ago and we didn't understand so much then now may not be accurate I hear some other warning signs that sounds too good to be true probably is I driving to work one day there was a sign on weight loss may be a put it up here anyway he says lose thirty pounds in thirty days called his phone number is not a good major not really work would solve the obesity problem in America would resent us all that jet but that you give that person a certain amount of money now they'll tell you something I'm not sure makes outstanding claims the claims found sound outlandish then this probably clear is that I like the one over there in the right here's some outstanding medicine I got in a major in the mail here recently since belly fat just melts away at some a little outlandish sounds impressive doesn't you can burn up to five hundred extra calories a day without any exercise you go to minute exercise now it says information that health professionals just plain don't tell you as another run at Jonathan here is a Sunday that I'll tell you that your doctor is hiding from you he doesn't want you to look lose I think that all of this if you just buy my money back guarantee book surveys are clues I think so what we want to have a Ricky Jenner in our churches and our temerity programs evidence -based information we talked about clinical trials as the very best kind of information we can do we learn about vitamin D from population studies and the next thing we want to do is we want to give it the people and see if it makes a difference like that once anyone looking at it that vitamin D in your group didn't and they had fewer faults showing that muscle strength was better by the dozen other types of study called prospecting studies these are usually large in number there for longer periods of time and much of what I have appear prospecting studies and they call constant for other possible causes of understanding about the effects of exercise it might also look at the person 's way and how old they are there gender and whether they make a lot of money or don't you know social economic factors is about as a whole list of things that they want to hold constant for their study and seated that exercise really make a difference or was it because her voice exercise results originated for lifestyle there are very poor and had a different lifestyle or whatever else might be so those are the kinds of things they do in and prospective studies and those give us more confidence to be because of the large numbers we had some of my peer is over hundred thousand people meta-analysis is a something else is often done or don't take ten or fifteen studies and combine them so they get a lot more people and some of the studies reported here and meta-analysis really take large numbers again and then combine them all together and do this is significant difference or not if they don't then they say there's no proof or evidence that it's beneficial for us then there is as scientific reviews and summaries and my credible organizations such as NIH's the National Institutes of Health the government may have standards and so on that they look at closely and the recommendations they make are usually made by groups of experts to study the evidence read carefully muted researchers it's involved and it is some that can be helpful the recommended NHL LBI is the national heart lung and blood Institute very good organization for information on heartfelt ADA I wanted to get appears American diabetes Association and they have committees that make recommendations every year in the diabetes set cares the name of the medical journal and they make about a thirty or forty page print out on everything is not about diabetes in the best possible way to take care of it how to prevent and so every year the January issue I go there and I get it to see what's new last year this visit need to know those things and we use that information teaching and educating people what are the best ways to take care of those problems in CHS national Center for health statistics the best organization for getting reliable health statistics United States Institute of medicine I went in there and organization that day is often contracted by the government to take a problem instead it and give us your best information on that they do that give those reports to the ones that set the dietary guidelines for example and the dietary goals are much vitamin D were vitamin C year whatever should be in the city those things are carefully and so when we teach information usually they want to be in harmony with those organizations assess the best evidence -based information we have for our country some other ways of telling reliable sources most health professionals who course would know a lot more about how the person the mystery but sometimes we find that the person on the street seems to always be a help authority that they know better than their doctor that is me the doctors don't make mistakes that there is much more trading and we should trust them more I recognize health organizations and you can see the list down through there we mentioned this a lot of those now when I'm looking for something on exercise I go to the American College of sports medicine at the best guidelines that are available in America and when you need that good information on the church health ministry would you go to North American division health ministry 's department we got good people in that department can help give you good guidance so look for those reliable sources for good information what I go to time health professional myself have been studied for years I read probably six or eight medical journals carefully every month try to keep up on the latest information on nutrition and fitness and disease prevention and so on but sometimes I get stuck so who do I go to a legal element University and talk to the top people there talk to the researchers doing at this house that you call him while back on an issue and we talked over some things I like to go to Harvard University to have a website called nutrition source and unfortunately right now I say unfortunately because we don't have one as an Adventist church none lobby for that right now that's the best most reliable source of nutrition in my opinion the things on the web and serve your looking for good sources said its rhetoric meant by Harvard University we talked about some of these others pass university posada nutrition newsletter I like very well there we seem to be very good on nutrition and prevention and you can see other groups there Mayo Clinic John Hopkins medical group these are all groups that have good sources of information and then you can see the other national groups as well also found American family practice as a website that has a good sound basic information on how I'll be living and usually quite concise and that also Webb MD has very good health information I go there every day and they have house music comes out faintly read more journals and unable to present a staff of about hundred people and they got some good news house things I look at that and I see what medical Journal it said and I go to their website and read the abstracts and it is good material and make it up we put it in our content so those are the kinds of things that help us to find reliable sources if you're not able to do all of that yourself that you work with people who do that and try to use that kind of information peer-reviewed health journals when 's research is done they like to publish it in a journal in that area and as soon as you send it to the publishers for these blows they do they look over with a careful eye this is good research they actually send it to people who work and research in that area have those specialist look over the article look at what they did with their good methodology to become up with good results and you know what they do they reject most of the articles they get an account we need to do better research this will better develop better and then we might be in the publisher so it's sometimes difficult I did some not thanks for the American chief Jonathan Journal of American Medical Association American Medical Association and send it in and they sent all the reviewers they came back with two adrenal things that I had overlooked by correct of those then they published them and use them I wrote about six health programs for the AMA was on their website percent years and recently to see the Stiller menu as the process they go through and so I even see her there all the different kinds of medical journals they're very careful about the status doesn't mean again it's always perfect they don't make mistakes but if they find more information later on they will come back and correct that and let you know and what I like to do is read the letters you want to assign to the Journal has come out and then there's other physicians and specialists around that read that article and they may have a little different opinion they write in their letter and you can see different opinions and to give you again ways of evaluating information so unreliable sources material from people with something to sell is usually there was common things some real interesting things you know you can wear magnets over parts of your body to help and be healthier and I have an act who wears magnets on the inside of her glasses and sports to help her vision and another she paid for but she believes in it and the area of the exercise they been selling oxygenated water to get people to play extra money for this oxygenated water while you take one deeper breath in and to get a hold on more oxygen you get a bottle of water as anyway there's susceptible and that for every kind of a funny thing someone is willing to pay money for such continues on this so we need to be careful of that in the talked about testimonials anonymous information a lot of this in Internet talk about some of it is argued faster today on the says canola oil is toxic mold damage or help shouldn't even be used on your Columbine might run enough that brought the joints of all kinds of terrible things are said about it somebody was just mad at somebody wrote a list of civic and hurt the visit be careful of anonymous sources and engaging health principles are some teacher help the person Prince was a think about it undoubtedly what skeptical ask a reliable source for their opinion avoid extreme views and every topic there's always extreme views on and we want to have a balanced message and if we don't then people look at us it extremists and they may be turned off and they don't want anything to do with it so that's very important this is a rule and medicine should apply as well in teaching health principles it says first do no harm be sure it will do something good before teaching it this is what is meant by evidence -based health information a lot of five people at recommendations and actually be harming the person to make need to make sure that it won't do any harm good example of that is talk of puncture for back pain for goatherd said all wonderful thing help back pain to go away and so they did a large studying it took several hundred people and they give half of the group occupy which are like it was supposed to be done that actually three groups wanted it that one that Doug had with a call shamrock puncture and they went Nagarjuna they just affect the needles randomly ran to the body of any place where they should be people thought they were getting out in the third third group got nothing and then he followed this for several months to see what would happen and those who got nothing a syllogism in Spain is ever those who went through the talk about your had a thirty percent improvement and less pain and less back problems and those rather Shamrock Conger had a thirty four percent improvement what does this tell us that the mind has a powerful influence doesn't it on the body and that's why some project Debbie's placebos and double-blind studies because if we think is going to help us it often does so we have to be careful of that were looking at PSA test now for prostate cancer it looks like that it doesn't have much benefit in reducing number of deaths so not recommending as much anymore as some of the things are looking at mammograms what age to start this over controversial right now that authorities say there's no benefit and started before the age of fifty but because it's a political issue they still recommended by the age of four experts are saying your cause more breast cancers were starting up forty and you will save in your better off to wait until your fifty to start so anyway this controversial issues and what you do when you have these controversial issues realm of best thing is to try to stay out of it if you can wait for more evidence or sometimes present both viewers and let people decide themselves so anyway some concepts there okay any questions on reliability does that make good sense we want our information to be accurate we want people to build trust and a Dennis only do any harm now I will this media was used by bodybuilders will begin ACL summoned you would like to learn more about donating some please visit www. and help someone .com if you would like more free online was www. audio Bruce John Ward


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