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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 9

Katia Reinert MSN CRNP


Katia Reinert MSN CRNP

Katia Reinert is currently the Health Ministry Director for the Adventist church in the North American Division.



  • February 5, 2012
    4:00 PM
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or the like so how many major American a few of you at the record from the US so we need some of the key priorities for the country you never that and that very point that when we look at our health ministers in the priority that we have hurried list like this what is the very first initiative you use item in the stop smoking program I do the full plate I had event is a better life so you know why is it that you will do when you get back on the future and so it helps if you look at the knee in the community and in the country I think we talked about the national priorities prevention strategies those of you who were here saw the Surgeon General discussing them and we did yesterday morning that's very important to look at the same window that is not to write the Bible of creating the pain that radiated on that prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and alcohol in other activities and behaviors we are doing that I mentioned to you of the evidence recovery ministry which ran next door trained about thirty people today yesterday on how to hold support groups for people who are broken by the addition there are the harmful habits that they form that they learned many times from their parent 's or whatever immediate environment in which the church does not have Nottingham England job in responding to them more effectively in helping them support groups with no some ways that we can really help down in the journey to wholeness to recovery so that I don't encourage you to consider as a musical that future is also tell me what we had been believed that he left a lot about that today and this weekend and many other programs we have to you are you waiting for you when you wait I is among you and to check and many other programs we also have actively been something that can have everything active and yet it is one of them that year is really helping people getting gauged and motivate down and doing all that healthy eating healthy meetings and other activities that are about family somehow and how they are neglecting that we didn't have a huge monitor to span on this anything is important for you to keep in mind of the unconventional repression of anxiety and depression even number one worldwide the in the next twenty years if either Spain and is growing rapidly needs of humans responded that that links to many other Asian than those of you have pertaining to go through that debt and equity depression recovery program may or may have been very effective ways to deal with depression anxiety and other mental illnesses and help people prevent and recover from that evening and then they and inspirational biblical inspirational film you want to help is very important about adding automotive presented sexual health is another area that we need to help people with and that would encourage you to get familiar with the guidelines state that the church had about abortion about contraception and some of the important avenue that health issues that many are health directors don't know what pictures and views on those we do have a stand on that in a comedy website is also why anything him the resources you need to be made into English as a hearing I previously is coming out problem is you are sure to respond to the violence that women and girls begin the more prevalent form around particular Internet firing on and that is the way that is now the CDC that they had problems of people who responded to a survey about all of it will be the emotional sexual and that he received the results for men when children and their lifetime prevalence as well as you know we these and I and so you also respond to that I would encourage you to go back including your calendar the fourth on list of every every year using prevention staff which is generally ten years ago managers in the unit nine million days and then each of you to help educate our pastor and our RDAs that at any point he shows that even invented worldwide as well as in this country he made it one of the Senate the problems that and so as you keep in mind that weather three is looking in trying to meet you don't provide programs that can actually meet those questioned believe and I have been able to talk freely should also be on this event even more details are encouraged to talk about that yesterday maybe you and you can be learning more about the thing about it program is leaking them to the national goals you have more ability to partner with your CV with your phase I went on a mission that I will write about that and again we don't want to be isolated doing something to change we want to be able to partner with others in the community recreation for the Greyhound home I like to go over with you some of them may go now they have had any health ministry because you live in Hawaii and I might illegally when the leader is why golf is to reach out to God and humanity namely you will very coming along me that the Holy Spirit in our personal life and look for an outpouring so that we can work in the way that he will do I is human of you have been okay now forty days of prayer and they actually do the third one he feels away the principal health principles for people reading the last days and I heard a single that can be made waiting to I alone I have to say right now is make we measured hearing in January he will okay bring their act of what we are doing then we may not exist to be I felt that he could reach out the here and that is supporting and encouraging to be involved in one of them is mentioned in our and recovery ministry that have to do with providing support groups for those less dirty street in a London senior church that is also banking there are people there groping in the insurance billing limitations in habit that are a harmful and they may take away their life immediately so that you to help bridge that results in people then the partnership I know I will take down what I wanted in mind when I have my okay outside of the carriers you partner with bad arrows they were never in any case when I is the battery is a standard and present how many remember a ministry year remaining history using the mean weight in the community is worth doing as he reads to me how often in history are help the hero wiki community to be sure I will be going to know that in everything they do in Orlando Albany so they get you church and self focused novels get so you can actually answer the questions of all age groups and all areas of health mental physical social and the patient is very enough I will day we'll had been a year now I had heard enough about it and I'll do a few things on this so they can go back to church register first yourself and dandy for Nader for your church so you can before the miles to go important with himself and so you children charities any start reporting on my health today your butcher as we plan ahead of you have right now a month now and for that but they said he had argued with people and is now out when you're planning so you are posting online on the website the data you have relenting but it would identify with white on throughout the country is here you will O Sharaf who will bolster at the Lilo can know exactly what you hanging in I is he in on your committee and am a happy calendar and will be partnering more and that is a healthy I love my rally elite that much and have a few years you will be available that will be as far as what you're doing you can do it and you can actually lay out in the direction he is still on Monday we know the day and until we go to collect monthly Cingular MET on Fox using crack and he predicted that he is so they can actually be listening to this time anything is the conservation with you they feel better more particularly are doing their enemy is the community intellectual and an week and I maintain there now the client is reaching out and crossing his oddball way he to connect with healing awaiting the house so I show you I think I is still here in his letter and that if you haven't subscribed yet it's free you can go to our website any help is not a work night and set it right to the newsletter you don't know the website and related got there to registration of the DoubleClick and everybody became available in an is Oliver by information I website our phone number and an ineffective in order little booklet which is reading expensive I didn't even house of people using the street joining as a whole series in late stages for life he him that Scripture in the ways of tuning for library as well as the type of meeting and more information there and so on he subscribed and I think that there are five languages English Portuguese Spanish Russian French so you're able to read that you have a question update yeah yeah he's got it then download and print name and using as easily not in the page for one of the newsletter is blaming you want to use the outreach struggles were not from the church I think I think by adding the information and facts that you can use to meaning a known addict till you're only a matter or adding to your health outreach have practical materials or he screened in the community years back page for each other but also have technical knowledge on an ordinary one because there is one essential resources and reminded that the resources for you there is accounted a national health calendar everything is related that he was the one he uses them as you know what happened in your journeys into a demand like the interstellar telepathy like to feature every month and Easter compliments from across the division and they also know how to fix them and ask for something so we placed managers story legitimizing that trained the Miami Navy in the community and your information with our Internet of the electrical and normally have in the first date a book that we reprimand and some docs and then I'll be out of other areas and I is here with reaching out across in the course this change in government in England team developing the pilot right now I very know that you're able to hallway and DNA myself as prolonged as so humanity reheating AVI is a online and the feedback about this training and see what I is that we can do to improve it and we go forward and sharing in the online free instant access to the way of enjoying that he has a high yield right-of-way to David and IBM on Wednesday is my array yesterday radio because audio verse is very quick on their turn around when I now live we also have guidelines health education guide is very important finally our website any of this is not a word that guidelines and you will need clueless on what he should and should not view the Western church at risk for liability so alive and human education health education we are not very diagnosed to be met by two degrees great and counsel on how they dare to seem to show what is I that what the Bible says and what are the principles they need to teach our people to know complementary goals and vision their healthcare provider for further when I meet you in many guidelines like that in terms of what humans create these wedding chandeliers creating the follow-up on those pieces are there health education so we accept those right now on the website and initially is not a MacBook the beginning of this event will the beginning book review site in one out of five little booklet that now for companies I have lying back munitions showing done leading to handle it you know my hair on the open and read Lolita had called beginning so yes so that in the book is talking about the beginning and I got them out as they are exotic and he guessed that he had right now he doesn't have to but he will the next edition the way they are even even in mind how to start up that one out of five better becoming the available each year gradient of the year thinking on an health Summit Helios aisle we will have another something next year and that he may be in a different location it may be smaller and in and in time I envy to hear that we decided that we will have the long ten days coming in or maybe ninety seven days Sunday to Sunday because you have on right that we will be getting more information about that because we want our friends from international unit coach Orlando so we really haven't every two years anyone here to let every other year we are considering having a regional one the West goals in the northern part so that others can also seem to me to have a shorter version of the act so please be being taught to our health and invite any help in our comments are any of the informed than you also included the calendar so you mean more on what needed we know that you manually and ultimately mean anything these very important to everyone I have partnered to be trained and be really worried me under the guidelines and and is recognized faintly nursing and then he talked about the importance of partnerships on mother like that I just want to briefly talk to a little bit more about a better life in short you what you need to you you know we need to to make so we know this year than last year one million and to guard base of a lifetime feeding I will show it here will not registered yet he will left by an enemy is right here on registration and reporting once you register you can meet face to the website anyway at that toddler Lolita even in the age that they handle and he isn't minimum in any event under the mild that the symbol I cemented you can then hear your link went on the organization coordinator and you become a regular church very you register and then this is your only warning you click on the organization or Nader anywhere near the grenade to incorporate church then you have the last life insurance intervention program that I had to have the right regarding and then you come here to the regular site along the event me how you are in a unified and integral reporting now for your insurance the New Zealander uranium reporting by now you are you doing reading this again because I definitely want what we are doing we won't have been happening in terms of nationwide goals I know that as vacation we are ready to enlighten from you regularly read my four the economic whiny weekend we tested that need to be able to be held all pictures in four thousand median whatever reason I actually count on and Haley and that he spat at and so we count on you and two thousand and twelve I mean that they write I will say that the singles online and download the materials that are available for you now I will remind you all I see is a skillful way Colorado and that he had that he given the choice in the air now teaching people they haven't but I don't forget love the Lord and I will be boys currently two p.m. because he recovered the session whenever England Christ enters approach and for life it is not allowing people to a person for life and thing breaking him to the power of the Holy Spirit is really low one theory is that they had on our testing laboratory cinnamon that means you this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. anonymity help someone .com or would like there was more green online was www. audio Bruce John Ward


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