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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 1

Bert Connell Scott Arrington



  • February 4, 2012
    8:30 AM
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him morning and happy Sabbath to you all we're going to spend some time together today and tomorrow and looking at ongoing nutrition I think that that is a wonderful wonderful title of this presentation is series of presentations that we have my name is for I am from Homeland University and I am the chair of the nutrition and dietetics program at Loma Linda and are other presenter is Scott Arrington here from third Angels farm and Stone Mountain Georgia and that we have worked together before and it's really good to be back together again here in Orlando I thought that I would spend a few minutes and trying to set the stage for what were going to do as far as gardening and look at the relationship that gardening had for our parents for Adam and Eve and for God and God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put man and woman whom he had formed in Genesis two eight the look of the garden was this garden of Eden there was a perfect one was in that in life we were to cross the pond here and go over to the United Kingdom to England and we started talking about a garden what would we be talking about we would be talking about the bushes in the flowering trees and belongs everything that is there I think as an important thing by the same time we're going to look at it from the point of view of nutrition and how we can use this space these opportunities to develop the very best nutrition possible further in Genesis Nazism out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is fastened to the site and good for food the tree of life was also in the midst of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in Genesis two nine but I would like to suggest that there is a connection between what we have seen and read about as far as the Garden of Eden is concerned and gardens that we have in today's world I want to suggest that the garden can be a source of spiritual connection at the Neve met God in the still of the evening in the garden of the Lord when he was on earth spent much time in prayer and much of this time are some of this time was spent in the garden the Garden of Gethsemane and saw the Garden of Gethsemane is particularly noted for the English that Christ went through but it was a place that he also got comfort from the Angels and from his heavenly father so I would like to suggest that there is a parallel today that a garden is a place where health can be developed or reached door gardening places us in a very helpful environment gardening applies a natural remedies that are outlined my own mind whether we call it a natural remedies whether we call it new starter motor we collect creation think the message is the same and I have chosen to use the original as indicated and Ellen White's writing such as the peer air the sunlight the avoidance of excess will talk more about that rest exercise proper diet the use of water and trust and deposit in divine power little bit about pure air the garden puts us out into an environment where we do have an opportunity to get fresh air we can take deep breaths of wonderful wonderful air and smells of nature can you smell things that you united you looking in your mind going back in your mind smells that come I have a picture on my iPad here of some mountains and pine trees and fir trees surrounding them and I can just smell what is there is I remember taking this picture a few years ago and so we certainly have that in the garden even the smell of the soil I like but I also like the flowers sunlight sunlight helps to improve our mood and helps to produce her produces vitamin D on the surface of our scan and it is necessary for plant growth through photosynthesis and through this process we get the development of oxygen and that's part of the air that we are breathing so the sunlight is going to be a very important part of what were going to benefit where and when we are in the garden the third is refraining from excess abstaining from drugs and all forms but I would like to suggest that temperaments are abstaining from excesses also applies to food is opposable you have any idea how many but we could call reluctance that we have in this world and the United States we have more than thirty percent of the population who is classified as obese they have a body mass index is greater than thirty about sixty to seventy percent of the population in the United States is overweight or obese and so that is something that John I see as a sign of the end times that were living in because we are told that in the last days are going to be gluttony just as there was just before the flood and so I think that gardening is a way in which we can eat food without access but still getting all of the nutrition that we the main and so part of what we are going to see in balance is an opportunity to spend time in meditation as we're in the garden so very restful place and that brings us now charred and forth one and that is rest now it's not necessarily that we put up a hammock in the garden and wait sleep there in the afternoon but it's a change of pace after a busy day in the office aren't teaching our whenever were doing it's nice to have a change of pace to get out and work in the garden that can be a very important part of our rest for the mind and for the body it helps to relieve anxiety and to provide a break from the general rush of life some of us live in a very urban area where there is constant traffic think we see that even here around the hotel you can't be in a hurry when you want to drive in Orlando it seems the amount of time that it takes to get through a traffic light it helps us to rest himself what can we do work and we take our mind as were waiting for that light to change we can use some of these as an opportunity for rest the fifth is out of exercise and gardening is a labor of love or can be just plain labor on Scott and in your work as a gardener to get exercise are is that you just sit there and wait for the garden to grow so you can harvest the data I exercise the balloon is wrong exactly right was the difference between driving to the mall and walking for ten thousand steps in the mall are going to the garden and exercising all parts of your body is still getting those ten thousand steps I think there's some really advanced and real advantage there but the things I like to focus on for just a moment here is out of the dark garden comes proper nutrition so in order to know what the best foods are I think that's important that we study God 's original plan for our diet the first is that God gave us really two sets of food the first says I have given you every year yielding seed and every tree and which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for food in Genesis one twenty nine but then after sin came in he gave also the festivals the actual plants and so gardening provides us an opportunity to grow these festivals these fruits these notes the saves to provide the nutrition that we really need the next is the use of water house across the measure have you gotten enough friends good year for rain that is good because not too many years ago we were drowned I like pretty well dried up what's going to happen when we don't have enough water to client to sustain our plans and even ourselves the use of water not only is important in the photosynthesis process that is important for us as well in terms of refreshment drinking eight glasses of water that we need and when you're exercising on the garden you may need to even have more than that but this water provides a cooling for us as well as well as cleaning and finally trust and in divine power is it important to trust God in terms of our garden have you ever watched a plan as it is germinating sending down a route sending up leaves is the power of God demonstrated in the I think so not something that were going to worship God and not that we are going to recognize this power and everything that we do in terms of the garden and some I hope that as a result of this class today and tomorrow that you will see a possibility of a lifestyle change and when you do in terms of getting out and experiencing the eight principles of help as it is related to in the garden a bit later work on to talk about how gardening can be a very important part of the life of the church and but until that occurs a minute turn the time over to Scott and get started in terms of really in the point is important and not I want to start by open a start by first authorities myself is this is is is the homegrown attrition is my belief in my opinion my belief that you know as asked in over seventy minutes and I came in early came into them is about twelve years ago because of materialism and help us I want to be a vegetarian and money scattering by the way and for forgetting that your level of them that right here patently okay that paper you get everything you just come in with everybody make sure that you sign SEI 's will even appear as a guest pass around once but yes in the latecomers of because if they don't get an idea how it people like their Army people attended note they might cancel it next year you know it so it's a good idea beside it you know over there anyway anyway I got into this because of I the I got everything because the health is a related area and then you know sort got from there you know that the real messages and everything completely irrelevant so I had quit my job I was always a sailor I worked as a first officer on merchant ships of data and merchant ships like tankers make good money with God come down social life within .biz is not the two months of time home to most of time anyways we can have as I walked away from that because the seventh complex media can't honor any days of ownership went for seven three sixty five forms are on there you're married that shipping whatever it needs they hurried to fix it right so I walked away from that and oh one around feminism and decide to become a medical missionary but that's only been writing the help message so that is ninety eight became a medical missionary around of you know between ninety eight and two thousand eight two Wallace helping somebody with a medical missionary work and I went of anal cancer on the heat islands some of him and we saw like a home video he handled how he got them he was a pretty good artist at a cancer stage four cancer of inmate by the Internet and process of spinning like too much within an unit of this live in women in was the right there we watched a couple videos and what he had was the one with the Guiney job providers Jim I first started the first picture up there not mine but I couldn't I have a picture my digital camera time in ninety eight but I but I let that square foot garden has anybody ever in doubt go try that some guy Bartholomew wrote the book and I bought this book and I thought I'm in the health food store am I my demands and him you now on the Vietnam organic foods immuno assay DioGuardi does make sense of this was a logical progression from her health message do gardening size and I don't know think about gardening about the bug square foot gardening and basically is like a magnet just like our books at a man really good following and no instructions when I want to know enough in this order I realize this ever fortnight as I fall this extra teammate will square foot in a chart for couple years and just enough a lot of money to buy all the right things all that and I just didn't get the results I had thought I was getting yet I was disappointed and I thought well fully on this this is a medical mission work a well-regarded as the weather of the net for whatever anyways lots convalescing in two thousand three when this guy we saw video element it was at all and has staffing firms inviting her to salamander okay some guy I ever been there but he was a wingback coming Anna is on this video is a shot in the hall and he is talking about see the end of the square foot gardening there is okay use organic inputs like potassium you'd re-examine for phosphorus use bone meal is always riding arenas across a lot no but the money writing good results with less than her jumper by sinister of homemade video me this is like it was lawless Unser was lightning and fifty years ago from two thousand three back in early nineteen eighty and dessert microbes and how they interact the plant were edited together was that was my lack of picking the moment that's when you make a light bulb went off my handling microbes in the dirty mainland I'm looking at reminder and with public methods are having me there's this thing living on the annular space living in the Army like earthworms we see a answer anything anything to do with plants and I thought they were for my spiritual plant you know whatever was there at it and when he was talking he was licensed as a whole microscopic system down there it's like an ocean alive has more life in the ocean doesn't listen to you guys are compared to the soil might well add insult and in these micros are interacting with the plant roots all the time in the there is a symbiotic relation you big where buzzword relationship is a symbiotic relationship between the plant root and these microbes in an healthy plants depend on microbes and in a natural setting so this is the way the natural God designed this world and for plasterwork so why is it a try and it now it makes sense as trying to do something totally different try to understand that system and work with it and so two thousand three one fifty moment and so I finished I went after that they did he die I will find that he used to work as I do that starting in some results and job providers helped me because I went found in a nursing home you look much older this time and I brought them back in Houston hate and tease me some mistakes and I and he was a whole guide is coming no cadre to know whether Windows information to willingly was crying every day you know tell how you know this on the unit assigned to a normal stuff you and I and he and he finally caught up with a better share with you some of the books that he showed me that if he got me to read it really was whole idea about forming an end of rules so that went well then I started eight from two thousand four two thousand eleven hundred acres conferences and merrymakers USA okay is USA Network conference every December like first week in December I really recommend you go that's when I started learning for some of these books came from their publishing house and bought the books of acres USA and and start going to Congress is in their very different the big guys not really for the small guys for the for the big guys this should even more like a literary science orientated there's a lot of time on a small farming at a organic farming conference is out there most of your worst practical knowledge this angers is larger towards the science so I like the fact this is a unilateral but Eggers is coming on in a relevance all because it provides you with some of his life this layman science they know where you know that nobody in doctorate in your biology is the fact that so you can understand so when the Lakers comes in I still don't know why this year ninety nine I have a valid candidate for five of no advantage of thousand filings revealed gently compress is a slut he runs a Sullivan Missouri and Nebraska and he does all you know he's into alternative farming in the power game is alternatively think outside the box and then in two thousand and six he has an okay start a guild 's book knowledgeable this conference knowledge and taken notes like you're doing now as I got a Niagara and yes I know I think a notice in the Yolanda Casas and reunite again do it right so so as I got in and nothing was okay to nobody can make a living in small farming writing me know without years ago even back in the female White Sox Mets thereby complete to make a living back in the eighteen hundreds so I know this was a point in we can't really do anything with it is just like a hobby you know anyways either days later this guy Daniel Carson and this is where he formerly was on the lease agreement with this townhome community diesel this is leased land is not in and had a really attractive lease rates or to be farming he is first customer was always the people who lived in the town it is really neat set up on the honesty of replicated materials as my whole goal in the last couple years China recognition churches because it charges its community right and you have when one was forced to sit in one music and even if you have to make it hardhearted happenings of the farmer to make a living I sometimes people love the idea regarding the they what do they really can't really copy of mission to go with the guy doing the work has to make a living so that anyways as I was able to make a living he was beautiful when I first started at noon and from two thousand six any sense of this after I had a couple years ago when he offers very high thinking was grossly forty grand a year on acre and a half and you gone on a paper and a half years gross enough like forty grand a year and he was given that USENET may deduct twenty young but so great it was okay but by the end of the year because you always grow and step up your game is the community gets to know you you know that they ate always comes in you know that you get more more sales and more more people know you and it takes time talk about relationships relationships like that it is what is your hero in a meeting somewhere you know anything all I know that's even forward including the network relationships take time they take more air is that some you just you know you got you into doing that in the farmer has to establish trust with the community I got a get to know is can instantly have relationships is I'm time okay this is what this guy develop and I thought Madison be a great way I think developed inside the research community and would really feel for how things are really getting into or revealed in some type of alternative farming is what they're doing our food out in our first Christmas in decibels I mean here you come down was reading about your perfect vegan no evidence because a lot of the things or put my blood in their splicing genes into the DNA now I mean from three thousand as will obviously okay and you do it we can have a help message was presented with no clue into the health of the food is only under the health of the soil will that is start teaching that are helplessly obsolete this is an is is a you be obsolete and we don't get ahead of this carbon right now I feel like as a young servant there's a few pockets here and there is a general thing behind her we just make out less than figure not available to nowadays open anyway I went to the eye and turned their two thousand six two thousand six I started going into two thousand ten with his southern sustainable agriculture workgroup song for sure that's one of those conferences that is more or less for the practical knowledge and this was for the Southeast region and in every region has also find them and they go to these conferences for practical knowledge and faith comes a greater rub shoulders is not the Switzerland classroom and in the hallways and there's always some either doing what you want to do in our semi you can help before doing it you can help this up Congress is a great that would just like this conference in two thousand seven the farm and a hundred angles related to another farm about three miles in this one and a use because you getting your community that you getting your area by certain tools and yes the money right and anyways outside and two thousand seven and and password when farmers markets I really got the buggy it is uncertain on the are connected to him the expert them tried on my own thing was that I was actually successful the first time I tried this and two thousand seven two the Georgia case taxes which is another regional conference in Havelock practical knowledge in two thousand and eight two thousand eight at the visits of the land rest year and that's my only peculiar trend workings of them illegal and should rest on it on a particular seventh year right that was the year I had paid for the land riskier I took off from work and the slowly having only soft and hence I just worked on Gaia Gardens compost systems you'll see here they had compost piles of work on that this remake in soil two thousand nine I was an assistant guy guards they had the best McDaniel moved to satellite and follow his wife to the you know what real job chief General W the farm is a real job anyway here in Florida South Carolina Seattle the benefits and he started up again they are mean he's like the immediate value is fifty your argument is just a young guy in his mid- thirties and so another lady came in Rachel and we orbit we are interested in Iveco six with Daniel ACG me they they were looking for a farmer and he displayed a great work when he left to see the farm is to stay there is permanent is not just owes unenthusiastic person came along and started that's another thing that scientists are excited churches that yeah I'm at the heart enthusiast but you want to build that you must set the structure where the farm stay people in church teaching pastors becoming out farmers in Canada with the forms they fire the church building enemy and that's what I had here so they shop for new farmer and I got Rachel and I assisted her in two thousand and nine and in two thousand ten and fifty thousand and eleven I found at his church to have some land in the last two years I've been working there in one eight the maker and not in Stone Mountain Georgia on church owned land and in going to couple markets wait and last year we had a Jamaican regulators about fifty five hundred square feet okay VM concept that famously feathers were feet unit was a hundred feet by five fifty five hundred feet right and as a pagan concept of it that way being fifty five hundred square feet last year the first ridiculous first is always the toughest all Bermuda grass metal were stressed that we regret that it was overly aggressive trees a quick growing but you know it it it it comes from roots in a you don't need to see you sprout from Ruth and get rid of that stuff is really a open Wimberley got rid of that regular function around and and and that was a hard year I think we gross and I will think the church had it yesterday as I said I'm in this for money if I wanted out what it can only work and unable to sustain myself with if you don't teach in that format you're really not doing anything this young person any favors must keep it just in the hobby realm or keep it in the poverty realm you know some dozen are independent ministries in animal Farm section but you know before managers like stipends you know it might will power level in the users it is a scholar the labor you know of an incentive indentured servitude sort I really don't like the way I think that's why our our our agricultural pursuits in our inner summer and institutions has contact is because the notice that really set in a capitalistic formatting we are makes you so that you know capitalism was among the top corporate cap wasn't a big mess things up a free market sole proprietor capitalism was a financial engine became to trust visit to this country it made a countrywide has immediate NEA has one month because I think of corporate corporate capitalism in own corporations be treated as individuals under the Constitution which they're not there to shelves are not individuals I don't either they should have a vision of how precious is not a constitutional right I think that's how messed up capitalism it never think capitalism is a wrong is a is a great is an and yes it can run amok it has better chance of fixing itself and runs and runs a monthly any of the other isms out there okay so I'm a free market capitalism illustration of the church they give you have to operate as an free market wasn't sure young people similarly if you make a living and this is fun it's work but it's fun working on you enjoyed and a proclivity and so two thousand ten we didn't we grossed about nine oh six thousand dollars on the drivers were treatments like a lot when I netted maybe a thousand that was in it was the first year okay we kept that this two thousand eleven we grossed almost seventeen thousand dollars on a dominator take it to market sweet sometimes three week and we noted about twelve now that's a connector eighty yeah eight name those percentage of whole and you can just mail out to make a half-acre it becomes for right so where you look at your talk about Rosen for start of work on so that that's forty eight thousand and twenty four thousand one half acre or twenty four thousand minutes bare-bones limited at me that's at least something you could probably manage on bigger limit your living comfortably and type in a if you have a cure it could scale that up to now your interest on this decent like forty thousand dollars net crop failure deal of faith and you can make what you can make you that I think we believe even make easy a grandma maker sonnet the urban gives our metropolitan markets okay you can be a have a farm in the metafile area but you have to come in yet to come in from the outside maybe if I'm outside Geneva the intellect with an hours drive of the metropolis that they can support this kind of stuff is really what country is limited around the greater hard drive that is hard to find customers sometimes you don't yet take it stuff to where the people okay that's a good thing because now I think Iraq was a good thing when the church illustration of the church a church and get money out of this boo-boo in a positive kind of the night because I did it myself payment of myself but with the church that was really positive PR on the other now I don't always always you have tried to show much of you that did the positive PR is in a you could devalue dollar value on me and think about which causes in day-to-day relations Mars failure five thousand homes maybe get one half percent show up you know I send with this on CNET download but other people your CMOS time I get the church 's name the front of the vendors about a hundred people we come in conversation with myself stuck with and about ten or fifteen other people say what the word third Angel me in aggressive tracks on the table wasn't all you know that his church has a help message and whether they're sponsoring this farm and nice enough that you pretty much get you the rent-free use of that of the land and and their sponsoring their competitive in a part of the committee will bode well for the duty presence in the church I talk about which we need to serve the community well now we can do blood pressure zero one one we can month but I have a working farm connected the church that you didn't have to form every week during the growing season and the farmers able to do it because he didn't say something up and get what you're showing young people hate it to make a living at this so yummy and so you have it while the searches of what they want another team Ralph so they'll find somebody who's retired Army major money ages living on his fixed income and labor inputs around that you recently young people to know that Larry Cantley Farm for Lavinia to make money firstly I get some emptiness or mom you know who is looking for some you know some to avoid up from the children living home and she does it in a negative offer is all done as are the frequent John Magnus any favors by doing that method is my opinion okay you need to show that it's a moneymaker just like any other decent job out there okay and the church can foster that without making the money to get the positive PR I promote this in people that are going like this and any president go down that much when the bottom fell out housing market because I have this farm there before there's a weight life by these goals will liberate their platform is feeling what other backdoor and even I don't buy the produce they still like jogging around the still slightly and look to meet everybody loves the dark so anyway that's made now on asking Alexius Johansson we got to get your ten thirty was the initial hands of the people to Catholic yelling out Scott Arrington struggling independent salt posted under the evidence I'm quite what I wanted to get below zero or later is a shorthand of okay I don't know why you're here you I know you have me now that I know you guys so I wait any masculine hands position here just to take notes in the other kind they don't have any space in a really meant it sound like an interesting class of it one of it is in here because I got the backyard they want to turn into a farm like I'm talking backyard like four hundred square feet or less and therefore my people visit here because the what writer I wanted about cornering or less okay and that is got hit creators for less than one developed similarly okay so you have some of those and have to pay his bills and here's got three and furthermore they want no wow big guys okay allies are now zero living that his thinking is a modest flat Nigeria towards highlighting noted to be similar like Desmond I'm going to gear towards the smaller life less than three okay but that doesn't mean you need yet you the reason is because they couldn't even a need in the cost go up is the morning and it agrees you have a vested by the dividing line and as I want to get a feel if you're going backyard farming of the four hundred square feet or less which is no less than twenty by twenty note you can get pre- handles of eight of their chop chop chop incorporates that the movable allowance of like that okay you can handle it you're trying to a corporate or less between quartering and informs Murphy eating until the good Rototiller not messy brutalism great number to get into the unit of Rototiller you need I was the one I like the one I let down what the first time I did go through a lot of was a Sears craftsman this give you that right now Sears grands good to have a counterrotating time easy operation these pillars man of the Canada okay I think women traveling to Iraq I got types are cremated but less I can imagine someone who will left upper body strength try to do it you know it's in a big grabbing a woman take off point but counter rotating Chancellor Sears craftsman the wheels go this way the title reverse license just to continue to build one half just a great design so Sears craftsman because they are all but take this big metal included on the recent okay note of it don't be afraid of investments Miami magnet when I was when I was at I was down it is my backyard here that out when I was over there that if the maker you had to end this board member Excel is really member the church and he was always thought you have anything that we had succumbed the house because he was always likely the cheapest way you know and like you said you had the same I am interested in the church 's man the churches have spent a dime there let me limits with in a and in other than evidence and just let me make a money economy as an asset illness just by posted by things we need to cheat on this because it's not pay off it's about faith having to struggle Gigi Gigi your solid play I knew him I spent five hundred dollars on a teller or a three hundred dollars tool the immaculate market and sell it a broken flute I can make them and you know this is the globally I think it's they just look at the initial outlay behavior if people are loving yourself in writing in the human Québec plus the unobligated inquiries in a and so therefore a cleric or less again you didn't tell her now get three acres to four acre you're probably a step to step up until like a five thousand dollar to will tractor they call for Will 's records called to will track you look at you take a listen teller will notice more than a teller of its less than attractive you know it's almost attractors only had two wheels up D'Angelo track to operate like a teller but it gets if the PTO is a prime was the peak of server power takeoff is that power take off and the contractor does the need for any appendage on the front of that for the best or even reversing out right and on the back that you want BCS and Grillo make two other made over in Europe of the two two oh tractors here here that's three hundred lesson you probably I need at the theater this note three acres of a quarter acre of faith since I was only a writer I managed to just units already about to step up my game to half-acre minimum probably need investment BCS mess five thousand dollars but I'll make it back to work okay and three is a more well in your end your search change your farming and hearing today before will tractor range three it was more of this month that's my opinion okay I was so that's why I ask you about that so we got a good service scattering of all those other day now let's think I take it out and I'll have time to go there me what what what what you hope to learn hear me using my willing to go in and maybe some of you who are in agreement don't have to put your hand but just know the difference is a guesser balcony private life container okay are you presently guarding okay that's a good thing you need is shown by experience you know okay and it is some handling your way any itinerary and not right okay making fertilizers of level given that the us to pray what it will use it some of you live where Dana has a new live in okay got a way of a little different okay yes I do a the URL and are in where that help the schedule and Sandy like a lamb trap areas now you yeah is hundred sixty acres is awaiting a PowerPoint I think I may I never knew about the things that is going to now look on the nightmare of my notes because I know I can give a talk or even from a thing I do like well that's the only title that is okay your more arch across the your more perennials let me make these future you don't think the trees of every of the manuals easier your yes there are more perennials or orchard crops are traced different traits terms and often will yeah right this his anger towards aggressive annual vegetables okay that's not my forte I do have a little information on orchards and stuff like that but okay okay well you know that is an idea yesterday I know our way right right okay and I and and is in the same boat now is taking the last Lakers announcement house butanol jazz that will limit how let's start one let's say it and as for my worthless person I can recommend I found Daniel Parsons who was doing for a living and volunteered my time with him and I and and and and I was out there how this series voluntarily just out there like well you know I might have been exactly the doing you and I was out there and I were on the output is part of hours and and he was it you know when you do this farmers are very like standoffish sometimes his face everybody comes up the Lincoln will we longer will we one garden that you never really know a person so you will and what type of time there will admit so when he feels like that to me like IAM anytime and back to it I came out like therein o'clock I was right aware workload lighting can help you with my street clothes on as an okay what did you know Anna and get me to work out work like to volunteer within three days we got first year no money wake up eight hour days how they will do that and so and we became really good friends were still good friends the day and I felt in that first year up his game because now he can do more with your labor and so the train was that he was abusing me in allowing it was unexpected free labor I was asked and hey if you'll take the time to explain why you're doing stuff why were doing stuff I'll give you the relay will opposite opinion for your knowledge I'll work for you for your knowledge and you'll be willing to explain Yugoslav capital one explains of his government work Tiger and that sometimes you have to do that you have found all in a getting things done but he was willing to work with the events of the first year I did that and it anybody you want to learn you can't learn all this class lets me know I'm on a foreign okay what you what you need and they respond he was in your local area who small farming organically once amazing art art art at least one towards organic right who's doing it and making a living at it that's it she got some ideas have a hobby wants to give us some I did make a living at that for a dollar because these people have time to play around me there can put bread on the table just like you do even more you know you you got a series that you got to get your name so you got some time want to three days a week half a day to times a week what ever there is receptive that smaller organic farmer in your area and say I want to volunteer my time and help you this year and beyond time show up when you save the show is also whenever you feel like it get on a schedule so he can plan his workday around the beginning okay you got it on the show you pictures of people there husband-and-wife that are making a living okay I might say pictures of either the husband or the wife is doing it and the other one has like a job with benefits you know that connect worked to go up about you whatever you do when you want to learn from people in the real world of practical knowledge you might you want to your volunteer at a farm that has come to classes okay got volunteered for and really well it was okay the spiritual side is also I read this heart means them and twenty eight monopolies that means we do not mature worker that is going unanswered anyway is the sum of all the incidents Lisa some twenty through the prostitution member and an AAA in Iraq does not thought what areas are coming here as a manifesto from that we did us to do that stuff do not send me to throw and I thought this was so insightful and Soviet German guys of the Industrial Revolution has all of has also resulted in error water and land and land pollution all those three gluten industrialization know a lot of our lives are you we spend money the causes pollution somewhere else in the world causes a slight labor somewhere else and write a legal energy nineties me some more personal Regina preventive cycles together in owning when you buy out conventional to the grocery store relationships you think about what minute and gone through to you what they have to spray on who had actually get there you know your food has a history scientist and how it goes just as it is just you know shortly grossest groceries store shell magically overnight I mean together had been transported may have something they segment fifteen hundred miles with the average from any a time of ego transports to you either and you know fifteen hundred miles and he does it in anywhere from five to fifteen days old from parts of pavement when you get it at the grocery stores something about that technology in some instances has manipulated later rather than manage it wisely that is some first lesson of farming we learn how to do corporations have learned how to make money and farming by Dylan away with managing it wisely you know it's geared toward the bottom line for industrial farming is your bottom line is not near towards your health is geared towards yield that is what they want a modern industrial avail one yield me they don't want nutrition I don't want to human health they want Neil and they're going to theory anyone you know that I get there you'll nonindustrial chemical fertilizers okay and they bypassed major in what God is not okay and the nutrition of the vessel suffers okay the new drink onto the vessel suffers you guess that looks like a tomato that is like nothing we've all had experience running exactly that your chance of becoming out heart disease in your farmworker years rails is like seventy percent above the national average as of that and in a and in your legislator imagine if you think you wash it off your investments of you you don't get everything out there certain things are little easier yelp and other than some less of the systemic and out here in the wash and often your site because Elaine is wrong he doesn't have the vitamin C it used a half-dozen atrocities that doesn't entice you know we used to have here is as you get to the nitty-gritty here we are stewards of this world and should do everything to me I at all levels with us was not begins talking about the micros in the soil right little invisible Mexicans living in either the woman there interacting with responsible for that life only response maintaining that life as hopefully this will my oral presentation is the soil food web don't think about the life in your soil all in a little microscopic life educators say with a worse was that maintain life at all levels is when you join or harsh chemicals and your marital rows and your pesticides it is wiped out all your might shop at life now the plan is totally dependent on you and what you throw on it from store okay it you'll get something and it makes it grow it does its thing they figure that out but you just got rid of all this little fragile life in your soil it used to be the thing to help with okay so we really are following this evening using chemical agriculture okay by keeping the legal what about that and his coming Antichrist will destroy those who destroy the earth and from this perspective Kristen Stewart are not only responsible for their own possession but for the world around them and thus the whole thing you know if that is not what lands in my backyard to help what do I do today effect generations to come in a week when we go store only purchased carrots grown conventionally you realize all the pesticides in all fertilizers that way what I can for Lebanon dry G by UW the money juice anyway about eighty percent of fertilizers and up in the air and the watershed that the plan on using about twenty percent of the chemical fertilizer you're wasting money and I like that your your ego think about your are you waiting of refrigerant we don't remind kids and I inherit that we got our food but we only much for you the future generation and we get we were able to live and you don't maintain someone within existence but the things we did how we doesn't estimate up twenty years down the line thirty years one hundred downline you're really thinking ahead with organic farming you're in a clear conscience or organic type for you and set your farm with organic farming instead of you getting worse every year you have the more it equal not inputs or more inputs on organic farming your inputs get less and less than last year by year in the soil gets better and better and better and able to better their food and that's a huge difference from the two conventional farm in organic farming is is when you legal Angelina in a better state to your children and we've found with conventional farming is now leasing of a foreign land they move on the Sun Belt simulation simulation that died because the capsule has gone away they just abuse the soil in it you can't think of a landmark and you have to move to another spot party this fizzle out altogether the civilizational civilizations about the ungodly we don't have any more people because they just waste of the topsoil by it into the farming or never for anything that so think about that I mean these are dire consequences okay this was back in this was the front of the Reverend Thomas Gourley was years ago and will and doesn't this look wonderful help Ms. Primus our help message social orderly and frequently learned of Ms. X like a menace to the help of strength and later discovered realtors and background you know when yet in a garlic flowers and Holly Little League you know young last year and you just think no man is just way and you know that this man has out method I is outrageous in the top you have in our Internet in the US you have to dress up in hazmat suits to spray the stuff on this map this is an interview going and stuff and there were countries argued out away from U.S. Senate on the law then you put this late risk for Parkinson's and Carson Café prices and thinking cancer she's else's bit about latest raid on an loadmaster not sorry to hear my guns from this now here's Dustin you know and you have and then there's there is an ammonia gas going into a cornfield and hear some sort of insecticidal dust on some crop soybeans looks like here strawberries and now this is this is a lineup Internet let here you wasted it has a site like this outside and I'm going here to talk significantly raise your help just don't indent of the Strawberry Fields this is Wanda at the tracks he took myself down in Florida and I thought oh I get picture this you know what the strawberry patch and I started housing in pictures and got turned off the tractor pulled up yards and the house from EPA risk but he stared into his map yet when there's no transparency we don't know what will we try you know that this will go what sort of reality got nonrepeating do we need to really realize that the way we spend our food dollar either supports this or it can't support something like this should be aware that are you willing to pay the amending is little cheaper but he waved a you will pay a little more for something like this party why does it achieve stuff it's not like this and now I think of your own health in the health the way does it leave this world for generations to come okay thanks for that second witness yeah I'm not saying I'm not this appears hyperbole exaggerating United is really out there okay here's the softly metal covered and symbols one more hour for you to get here is ever letting anything right bathroom habits no when you don't feel more out interest of okay his is as simple simple simple picture of the slow food whenever you ever heard that term soil food web you have reviewed just read that you have a young concept of what it means in right okay talk with the salted with something folks and permanent resident even heard okay well hopefully will get interesting a little bitterness and EKG reading he glared at this is out for this one I want to talk about this first as I don't get anything else I want to do it least understand a little bit about what's going on in the world leader feet okay okay this was often wet and basically what this is if you got you got your own there far and you will find here over there on the fire and you got any plans he got that matter okay and they done this in their giving him him him to eat not with me this time would be like overheads and that my matter okay so the things that and sometimes about David Kaplan example is that its attachments you don't like small stuff and basically let your to basically spirit to microscopic things are off bacteria and fungi okay and you got me little small nematodes with certain words really like the calm on segmented worms on top of theirs more like less of a millimeter a mental smaller millimeter Brisbois okay and elevator rotating indigo some of these things are bad but guess what you're on a lot of these things are good in fact of all the life in the soil and at the microscopic level at all levels these are just basically here's a really small things this second trophic level here's your roots are a medium sized things that you can barely make out with the neck and I these things are only in situ microscope right these this first year here is that you are a little bigger and they actually see on the smaller stuff dislike of foodchain except as a food net cannot always get the food chain a little busy to make this is the bigger visit Vegas is a nice long election one line but at a slow food web different things are able to eat different things like earthworms apparently happen or form your webs to be on your throat above the nematodes and then you have your birds with microcosm to it although there actually here on the silhouette will guess what they don't think they know getting by in Italy this big jump back and rest of the bacteria basically I call earthworms like the blue wills of the soil is in a blue elite plankton which is like the Clinton interview notes of my construct almost will earthworms eat bacteria make it also I already get an adjournment of the neck and whimsical worm castings which we like but they're really not after the seller after the bacteria on the software and on the organic Apple minority and you have your bigger ones these are even browsing the net these are visible in the neck no problem and yet the things of the reasons I think each the smaller thing but then there's always predator prey relationships they can cross over and go back and forth and sometimes yell bacteria can take out bad nematodes you know so you have bacteria being a bigger thing in a cell and its attendant to get wet as they see what I'm saying and it's based on size the other microscopic a barely visible visible and it really was so that's her soil food web now you need it what is up as an organic aura unless the organic kind is overused but I want to say as a volatile friendly farmer but that's Lorelei biologically is a biologically friendly farmer you wanted to know about this and you want to promote this because these things ninety percent of this life is actually their index he helps the plant broke his leg ten percent is that nothing in a first draft for all things work microscopic germs in your band their job and get us right supposedly going to kill them before they kill me in a that that's not true neither said we could do in the last of his room today was in for good bacteria in our system so as I just did okay saving assault assault you don't hate you look at the elbow Miller helplessly talking awareness and get you your big or small intestines a little love you know that sexy what you have introduces that was severing your intestines into the bloodstream right will think of this as well have better picture but the soil is the plant 's number of bacteria in your digestive stuff so the plan and take it up with its feline the roots I okay see what this oil is a lender sends the request and bribing one of the awareness and magic and not tried this on completely different with no baby blue liquids something wet and she's not a fertile soil highly active biologically active so you gotten millions maybe even trillions of bacteria like I said ninety percent of them helpful in the ninety percent that are helpful will take care of the bad guys is in their best interest to protect that have a relationship with a plan playing it was a plan to involve a long guys sold house out there make energy running probably makes energy bottle of only drinks and carbon dioxide is rising from it I think a lot of the atmosphere you know it it is not really is very infinitesimal part of our atmospheric degree but when the sun comes up and start making the soil atmosphere work together carbon oxide volatile bills from carbon cycle Bozeman solid-state and gasping the liquids in between Whitewater it was solid again and see the bottom of the league leaders had to vote onto the top makes the energy mix the sugar 's Messiah and the bottom has little holes in a cult a lot of drinks in the carbon multilane Upsala okay so it is not a fertile soil he got and what makes all that happened hours a big part of that happening is bacteria your fungal which are scenic area are like that of millions of truism and high-fat are like little tiny threads a really fragile okay the problem and is hundreds of feet of that teaspoon salt protozoa there's thousands of photos on a different dismissal and eight at the McDonald's opinion of nematodes connect to be helpful in the garden you may think that Mickens you might know that there's actually helpful nematodes not all that and here's an like this because you will get into them anyway there's dozens of the agreement in case I understand of yellow user is in a shuffle a good soil using County fire the fifth was like twenty earthworms like that incident and the negative that right times do I find you like with you becoming about the England after his rant a little cool you should really count you know like twenty or from the builds of Mozilla for your payment down we'll have other forms if you don't have your say so while the microscope nine oh one you have the earthworms the estimate sign of rust suspect there because you know it the earth warms up and all the other something in their subject in there and all that stuff you can't see farming out there even if the earthworms are there in a list that you can see probably is there yet it is also the humor comes in by themselves they can earthworms and that only they sold all the things they represent in the food chain healthy food healthy foods okay now where all is well where are all where is the majority of his life in the soil like these are always this is the root this is a root this is rootless Israeli misery in something they call the rhizosphere which goes out from like right next to sell the book root all that about five millimeters which is not very far you have this area and what's happening is all day long this is an amazing thing the plant is making sugar right energy like store sunshine and wasn't doing well even for us what was given with lengthens the roots of the world cell division and growth again a buddy else Norman was other good answers are right answers what with all this is what thanks center you thought process of a stored energy source sunshine will the microsatellite here although there good intro to cell division and growth is linked directly to make inferences all that selling at all it takes energy that the police for a guess what sixty said that only about thirty four percent fifty to thirty four percent goes into growth where does the other sixty six percent ago feminist store and lobby is exhibited pushes it out the root cause accidents that's a good work root exabytes or network you can look up on the unit root exits and what does it sixty six percent of energy that is stored through the day at night he'll push it out to the roots and what is it Dylan is trying to establish relationship with both the soil biology well in their giving to the way you finally has made it so there's no some ideas this is his column on a home that no place is called yellowed organism is not there okay and any indigo south and then you're stuck on a chemical note sort of hamster wheel unity have to do victim you such as when with her chemical dependency but you can promote this you can let go at half for also allots of the biological activity then the window route when the plant which is this it's rude exudates is carbon minutes made sure that his mailbag out its roots guess what they can attract bacteria into the rooms that were there that you may not protection is one very good e-mails that once inhabited by the around is for system with other reason well the other reason is one of the other reasons in the volume of hundreds of him but whatever the reason is a plant is able to digest things there on at calcium in your soil doesn't mean it's a plan available for my calcium okay that comes in the salt doesn't talk about that later but on your morality of bacteria and fungi in this rhizosphere that's where the majority of it is is that he is busy what's the this sugar the plan is like dessert for micro write the things we pushed out the roots that ease the food they know that at times and it eats in and in any other organisms and then he comes to Jesus easy sugar through the imminent ad and in return it proves it spits in sweats and dies and those those those nutrients locked up in their bodies is likely we urinate or when we put another country I mean that Internet access stuff we wanted we need to get rid of but in a something else in this world might think it is his food okay and that's what if that's why the plant life sadly like the checksum these good bacteria because they can digest things in the plant can I get the plant root can I just so they put out the sugars they come to me and hugging is an easy sugar on your needs and desires and return live in my rhizosphere and proven sweat all these things he digested there now available to me for whatever the evidence of a clip article is on your own type article writing designing Samira right now well you know sometimes it needs out his specific plans like they did in the anymore either the aware of that probably not you know that you have your spirit and energy to the plant can call that is a man I need at iron I can get off the article 's tube is blocked on that flight particle engine in the smart article what I can do it I can check that you actually change to mystery of their exit dates to attract microbes that are good at digesting iron and making it in the electric all micros to the rhizosphere and the and now the the the the back of the bacteria are the fungi as the irony in it and is designated groups about and out in the rhizosphere and black inhabitants in its conflicts with a carbon is mineralized inorganic not organic as always we gather together to sort meetings until even later like in the discrete homework regarding organic means complex with carbon and organic means not complex and carbon okay so when complexes at the Carbonite run official digestive system and open it up then the plant can use it it's complex when it was locked on the part of the plan can access it something supplanting access but not all rethink somethings interlock some things are more assignable and are not locked on this type of faith and with airlock wanted to estimate pushes out the incidents in the bacteria fungi in the rhizosphere can save the day and the reason I bring this up really is just to point out that the majority of biological activity is very right and is five millimeters around your roots okay that's were you know that's the metropolis of the soil you know are all the big ball of bacteria and fungi because that's what the plant once here's another picture of a plant root without these are little bacteria on the you know there's little room here now a route list that's important rootlets we put your plan UNC last living room lets you associate the roots you know you little guys know because that's where all the absorption is okay and they're all around a necessity for any small bacteria to show that size that's a pretty small room and that you can see that there are dotted all around the rhizosphere okay gather some different shapes of bacteria to start the you can introduce you cast the characters in the soil you know was hysterical lines are in the tubular wines and Ms. Windley ones and they have real scientific names we don't need again on and then here are some functions of bacteria in the soil many bacteria were talking there were millions in Chile in some emphasis on the most widely little independent living unit in the soil and and and most prolific their services between aerobic bacteria and microbes and anaerobic bacteria microbes okay aerobic means oxygen loving anaerobic means oxygen hating okay in fact they might even die because of oxygen immunity is not disseminate a very intimate feel we want to concern ourselves with trying to promote aerobic microbes affect anaerobic is when together things are met and putrefied and things like that you don't want to have in the soil and the and also it gives us in an alley smells file that is awesome those gases are very harmful gases and actually end up killing the rescue to biology are so many things putrefy yourself and what does help how can you let us will also be mutual or game entering really need to get down there the really low oxygen that disputed by the other instruments Inc. is on gases until everything about it in a so there I was lucky when the know tell which I've never experienced enemy might work on any kind what I call love to do as little as possible as shallow as possible and I want little bit of incorporation but I don't know what I don't want to go deep every time I want guys go out there and you know that as well you know it's like it's the room the motorcycle of life never let him have or whatever you know you are and it is like to do this way in a set yard when I got first never started this I know that they get answers pressing items for annuity is so yeah because of the depth of how Hardeeville and a label at this point we were going to close a thing about aired on one date when Olive turned itself up and I was I got there out of the deep as I can go and know I went this way this way as I did a couple bags alarm United students alone will this destroy all my Microsoft will be nice for day and write him as part of pancake again people don't get in this concept of yoga lover for either you give your unfair dig it off again that the dryer had that you don't want fluffy dirt you want chocolate crumb cake that's not fluffy that's however at the crawl method you know that's straight congealed together but it's not like fluffy you don't want fluffy there is certain I would say what you think is this like him appear that music coming and when you have myself then you know so you really want to focus on aerobic microbes and eight a creative environment that helps them in an interim is that a good amount for anaerobic microbes decomposers bacteria decompose you know this is the thing the Dems think that Jane Fonda of bacteria like the soft wet tissue okay they're not big they produce they crucify alkalines and I've dissolved stop it it has to be soft stuff okay they're not really good that you're not really good because of least of the heart of cellulose and lignin since of like that there are materials bacteria like to because the substance Los Angeles with a branch falls on the ground fungus he will start off because it's hard to make and they can do that that of bacteria come in and went once it's off to take care of restaurant disputes get the sacred spring plate your bacteria like the soft tissue matter any predose what they call up bacterial slime as for protection you know into colonized and and but the byproduct of that is it helps aggregate the soil in the present structure is a solicitor suggested that chocolate crumb okay that you want to submit to Islam is a good thing because it does open for them it also aggregates the slow music it was together in this revolution attached away users Santana loosely attached no soak and that's what bacterial plant debris and what of that the composers to been there's next year their action pictures cornerbacks in the team for the right likes them because your psychic highways in nineteen years all like you said without all the chemicals these got out my back to your real or nitrate nitrogen and so an on-air get the results this likely put an athlete on steroids you know that the results are so married and entered on any you got nothing you know and just governmental and nitric nitrogen than taste like anything plus Thessalonica besides talk about how fruits greatest vessels can actually Chilean is a finite high nitrate process and vegetables your call heart arrhythmias in advance for your battery so again the wind roadway is from matters that the election fixers are actually take niacin from the air fits in the soil they don't take nearly other underground like a good air from above ground they get the air that reason out the soil they take action into gases plant can't use into gas not valuable and Jeep and I know that our answer that said that eighty percent nitrogen when it is so indeed here's another the embryo that nitrogen is the base of all proteins I like and hemoglobin it's iron in and Carville 's magnesium but there's a lot of carbon hydrogen oxygen yelling at those three of them with proteins is always nice and attached some nitrogen and proteins of Cosmopolis okay we break down proteins beginning in nineteen right so that you think is that since I think into gas in the atmosphere and turned into NH for which is a multisite nitrogen plant vineyards and informatics for other bacteria and just that and fix it into an NHL three which is nitrite in an knot in a street in oh three which is nitrite in and out to my brother reverse which is nitrate nitrogen and that's another form is a good thing to know from his classes there's two forms imagine ammonia tanks for the plant can use and annotate your help for a term of their plans of can use to one is for condensing energy like fruiting when you have been jailed on the move of the money and action and one is for growth the nitric direction now our chemical companies just go for the growth you know and Nikolai nitric manages the winners and nitric nitrogen the next step is either volatile secondly I'm surly Chilean waters okay it's out the door so you're trying to keep stuff you want these bacteria near that fix nitrogen so it hangs out longer in your soiled and forever aureus or if I is there for a little bit at a time of you that meeting is twenty percent in a single way that the answer back into the watershed needed in all that those dead areas in the Gulf because all the algae blooms and and and and you know it's


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