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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 2

Scott Arrington


Scott Arrington

Bio-Friendly Farmer



  • February 4, 2012
    2:30 PM
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so this is these measures is the right one and you start to think what I think we go through a couple of the sort of visit to Santa Fe have a few of them preach and require your own list of the limiting attribute mentioned this already but I see a church website I have modeled the matter really which one it almost comes as a Sabbath as a Sacramento man sat in the second marriage are the team to minus use the guy gave it to human beings a sinless world we are going going to deny his vision Sabbath and marriage and in the format cells and they represent the highest expression of our love to God and human beings as detailed in the dig members are adversaries Satan and his whole providers anymore making a concerted effort to obliterate both what the Sabbath any institution or institutions that are listed of marriage rank that's what the things try to obliterate anything at IRS completely give up their assault and assault Satan and his army assault against marriage are succeeding of course and widespread as independent dinner right-thinking denigration was in Fort Worth I just couldn't pronounce it of marriage and the family relation okay now we all agree with that right institutions family number twenty three ten ago that was sent around the salmon and marriage are to love God 's original dance family and the human family they were intended by the joys of rest and Mary the joys of belonging right regardless of time place culture of the status of these two institutions member toys to calmly got creationist Sarah they were the fund that his finale the best of his exceeding a good and gets he gave humanity that creation okay we got that again now I suggest seeing that a theory that same chapter there is actually a third institution that God gave Mannheim before said there is the marriage there is a Sabbath rest and then there is gardening a game work the work today was to what remembered the first to work with the words used until network until the select and that's not in the Bible to listen to flirt with women to reduce the mistaken energy conversion work and tell my two things work and fill in until one of you think that will work anyway that's what he gave coupled with it okay dress that fit address and tell direct you Genesis two a and the Lord God help this is engraving a good amazing thing in no mood of the Genesis account of creation nearly to God and God spoke and God said things just happen at the command of his voice right so that want to garden egotist and God said let the regard Internet you did everything that went into that weight it says right there and the Lord God planted a garden insanity exists against begin to exist you have there been over to me and showed his original creation this level to do that doesn't give credence when you get out there and garden out what that and it varies with the man whom he informed so this is something this is an institution we talk about Satan obliterating the Sabbath and marriage is Re: one Re: we don't even talk about how so Genesis two fifteen and the Lord God took the man put him at all there is addressed and they keep it at the okay so Isaiah sixty if I am twenty one twenty three the firm of Paul I create new heavens and a newer than the former some of you remember nor come to my patient when I got into in his new work don't build houses and inhabit the plan bangers and eat the fruit of them on behalf of and in a workmanlike something away from it I was happy to have been in the first creations on behalf of happening in the creation maintenance and they shall not build and have another in the initial initial not plan another eight for the days of a tree are the belts over at the days of a tree are the days of my people and my lack shall long enjoy the work of their hands were any administrators in how I'm doing anyhow you know anything gets off on him I cover this the dog door right now there's been a disconnect Donny pointed this out have a quote from Gandhi Murray said that the disconnect between manual labor and intellect is the greatest threat to Indian society well nobody's in a really brought up here we make any yell at our culture the stupid people stayed on the farm this marks sons mail it back to the city got education and became anything but manual laborers right intellectual job you got a desk job you thought you made your money with your brain not your hands or your Mac and I think we have to reconnect most you know I think that's what we endured sickness yet Newton while this one out on him Laramie well I'm not there my disabled farm is stupid or something on one of the other thought symptoms of feel like I'm stupid but but that you know I think we have to reconnect the tube intellectual bring work and manual work and that you need to get together and really begun is a farming moment we went over there today and was all biology to this morning NOL is a layman 's biology class this morning and bylaws he is a science advising takes Menelik to figure out if you have to be a good observer even ask questions the questions and even come to reasonable logical conclusions in our link is not as it if you leave the dummy on the farm and in smart person does the same with a smart person into Domino city and the dummy on the farm is no getting if he left I thought it might be smarter but if you listen to the intellectuals wants on fertilizers and pesticides he probably got it you were probably on the suffer you know so anyways is not happening anywhere okay customization as follows spiritual side to get a noticeable pest and disease management don't kill the messenger of the races will bear that mommy in her little nymph that's their and the whole thrust of this unless it's a really simple thing I'm not disappointed but my whole thrust is will get into my hope for us and sustainable agriculture model reason artists all testers people say to me Scott you have occasional test which we get into that tomorrow so that but it is the one that means you know we can't center Soloway contestant Melissa Gustavus about your hat in that case you have been looking at yourself as an match with the weed growth you have good weeds can tell you the deficiencies particular deficiencies you have a soft weave with little temporary using may need a calcium deficiency in the top six inches because the test group was think the story was at that rebuilding of way way way down right was the capital that we exist it has has designed a way to survive or other plants can't like hell that regularly host those locales in Minnesota but what they do is because health calcium is partly it's a heavy element and it sinks another really leech off into the watershed like nitrogen does calcium is having a bit of the same down clearly we'll lose it because it's thinking right thing I figure some way to keep calcium up in Québec calcium supply because all that Tapper did we do it that we wait is doing is reaching out and grab in weighing the calcium were other plans can do that I don't have a mechanism to do that some against her mother but that one can so you start bringing your so that that we write their tells you that your soils deficient calcium you started counting that use or get the calcium backup that we doesn't want me to do it in the other things can go there that will weed loses its special way to survive you understand the logic behind that so that when he was telling you that locality and all the other week there's a book and when it took Mrs. not the weaknesses about password to get the weeds and insects and pests back to our topic are about their literature movers and sex don't have livers like we do have simple eye justice systems right they can't handle long sugar chains and long protein chains in the plant and it was a camping apart they got eaten healthy plan is depth and insight okay so when when you a hazardous environment I just think that something in it wasn't until he was eating healthy soil to help six oil healthy microbiology to give you a healthy plant and when you got long sugar chains as for so long sure changed and long protein chains great for our systems we need our help the one-week long search as long procedures are my breaks apart we have a mechanism to deal with it we went to charity under bad food and simple simple 's real short sugar chains in short protein chains and six rival Massa and eight can pick up the vibration and find specialty Canada they'll suck and molecules in all of us that they can pick up infrared frequency radiation implants that are disease and are low sugar art of balancing the Sonata signals like submarines in all summaries I can identify every summary facing air that because of its signal of its engine vibration makes plants of the same I think that since officer signaled a new insect says I need that I can take this one it's healthy but I can eat this one it's the it has a short survey and and I need this when I buy is a long searching many this one I won't die because of its signature you know his vibration is enough I won't thought and I feel about that so we have healthy soil we have healthy plant has problems you had to buy some of the story it might take a year to get back to that point you have to sit there looking and sexy your plants for a while but eventually if you stick to it you get to that point he just got halfway this is a smash the best of the best insect and disease a chart is hot for hybrids claim I did bring it but here is a picture up try to have it over there over the air of it some point I see that will actually decrease my brings of fruit in the marble bricks and see how it works out it bridges out at okay but this is up refractometer and basically all it is looking at that picture is as is my compost followed on the salads in their feel that shiny stuff that's that's the bacterial list of I was talking about at itself its form aggregation my compost I wiped it in there but it's got really related to the bricks were mom I was going to but this is a refractometer basically all I is this what you see when you look to that viewpoint of limit the scope over there and Mason God is a prison was a president been quite right when you put the juice of a lease or the juice of a fruit dropout for five drops on that glass right there a nice even films that used what happens is it'll been the light will further because it's passing through a thin film of that use right well that's what you're measuring here are measuring the extra refreshing and what refraction is reduced then raise the glass right but when you send it Susan Janice it's all the same but that's about it and drop drops in the area make that overthrew the thin film even don't know airmobile and an annual see the extra fraction in this breaks the only conference because a German guy who design of the bricks of fatal if not it's just measuring dissolved solids dissolved solids are indication of nutrient density and high breakthroughs like a sweeter here to be attracted to it is unlikely the rest will just have not been corrupted and other still invisible things and that's because the best as you get me know how much sugar to the environment store under conventional farming methods you have low brings food to meet the tomato and from the store with and things like tomato it bridges out about three or four they had tomatoes breaks out twenty I got mine at eight and a taste of a lot better than the ones of the store the site even tell the difference in one percent bricks and indigo from one to two tickets you can taste the difference okay if you go want to its way out masslike UK they just don't love that they are finally adult you got you know I'm not need my vessels because these vessels are fitting jimmies on the city don't go this docile tiebreak Seligman estimates it will be healthier for you to help your for the because I know I is a money market I got my care except to note it doesn't happen all at once easier to build yet yelling this type of farming you get better and better every year so I got a chance of eight bricks I think only takes a lot better and that young free pics pictures store and I have seen it in again I will inappropriately does he receive of mothers bring Interlude two -year-old follower of real power and say well you know I had to buy your for your budget carrots organic carrots because of the only ones my child we pro forma this is a message here to say is that it sounded I mean that's actually not actually happening yet yeah I got I got extractor in here that I can show you how to press the juice out of it this is it's really just a vice grip of tournament that adapted mice that you can press the juice of a leave or something normally would think you could use that you can immediately do set in and when the bricks comes up and an okay that's good for the program and tell you what the end of this press release management in every community begin like the former garden in every consumer would buy one of these and I think it cheapens out sixty bucks right in the amount of thousand unique digital one statement he did not if every consumer would take the pocket and when they go to start site brick system for a black outline and then I'll decide what to buy some more and you know you like it was negligent and and immigrants as loci will be paid that much high for low bricks for the idiot would buy make your code is person-to-person of decision based on the nutrient density of the food and not just the looks because I can grow a tomato that looks really good but countries like and is not then have all the nutrients it should have it in your business overview it is not is not just like one that they forget I guess it doesn't bother me it doesn't taste good and it doesn't really supply you the help you think you're getting from the mail as I thought as you know you can be the best vegetarian address of the world vegan raw food whatever premiering out conventional grocery store you're going to disease and sickness because the nutrients aren't there anymore you yet yes it is not it's it's it's it's it's a good assumption I mean I'm not saying that you're measuring the sucrose level with bricks you're not measuring the sucrose of your matters and there might be certain ways with high nitrates to to get a false reading a commitment of what your measuring the dissolve how does I frequent is not good but if you try to grow organically eighty on your hottest person a united front to pull the wool over somebody in is a great thing or measuring how well you're doing is a farmer it's a great bank in in out if they start China squirrel or holiday jobs related to give false readings you appear to be able to know that you're getting this much trouble of your eyes because it is right so I exclude correlated with a great faith is a good reading you know if you get a hybrid food this letter doesn't taste very good and you know some items been swirled around and just try to get the brakes of an argument you some underhanded way in on the wall I got on the vessel as it can appear it is in his second you and has anybody got anything free from the table put that in I'm afraid to get it yet I'm betting everything is by the I don't explain it first has out what you know what you're look at this only takes stuff is now these are little companies in it you know the cost a lot of money to print those things so it's it's I told him when I asked him to send me to stop us that I'll make sure that one increase of business and all that on so I make sure all the hands of people use it subject to use it after explaining pages for anybody I use it for someone else gets it in a something because I was there because I think Anna this is what I gave for free of elegy pasties are household every dining room gets one I told you about thirty people at the most they could really keep one this is your visit to the last question wasn't yes I can this is it this is not exhaustive chart is that a lot of the fruits and vegetables on their arrival it is nevertheless all right botanically is not the same as early note early it's about sugars and the certain third things with a certain amount of sugar classified as a further light on the matter counsel I was less faith in the plant world mechanically anything without Paulus a pulp wrapped around the seed is a fruit as a friend so tomato is a fruit avocado is a fruit squash is afraid because it's pulp around the state right is the bank 's sworn oatmeal in the flower right back is always a fruit anything when you need to leave understand on-the-fly our mathematical like a vocabulary of the grains every thing work well here anyway know the difference in the wider Internet but anyway here you see in the top list of the top of this thing is as poor poor average good excellent closing it in the store yet you get it tonight I see smooth deliberate noses you get the costly command for three informed five if you just go home rough estimate it usually even conventionally using it a couple bricks hired with your breaker too hard it's a somewhat better music wow Essex Princeton a diagnosis heaven you know is so much better look at how they tested on both tomatoes break bricks twelve and heard something from Bethany community twenty one on such a yellow tomatoes yellow cherries and a higher sugar content of any of the net in a get out because six bricks to mail taste great in the regular twelve bricks tomato taste like a radio beyond the average there is a unlike our experience in a bricks tomato that was really good sign had been reached yet unlike us it is a long-term thing it takes a lot of biology going to LA is the razor bricks is going up biologically friendly get in those microbes the to interact with the roots and get all that spectrum and nutrients into the plant because of you wrote is using NPK fertilizers like an entire culture does you get healed but you don't all you get as much a nitrogen about the water in attendance exciting thing consequently the bricks as really love is now on nutrient density there finally your health suffers if you know your vegetarian if you get hot return in your ear braces her appearance had twelve and twenty yeah a lot healthier person and the only Internet to be a lot more ecologically from the farmer because that's all you can get hybrids on the old ones are won and that that that's okay to make harnesses chart okay the don't feel left out because of this is just proven to you that they tested his means and a garden being an manganese garden these were higher is a higher everything everything is higher and where it really comes into play is calcium has seen some other ones where vitamin C is another one to tell some of their body even though it depends on the vitamin or than the element you're talking are the of mineral your talk about that calcium and vitamin C CD a lot more in our hybrids for a lot more of in more quantities of fabrics the okay so this is you got your very own bricks chart I need to do is gotten in refractometer and I got one of the guys easier hybrid gardens note that I use a hybrid phone with glimmers of hypersonic he pink that you don't need to setup a refractometer have with devise some way to give it to Ida he said it to me back I got one already so I thought maybe I'd devise some kind of media test or something whoever gets in high school it's as if the refractometer of the state savings they given a glass don't leave you sometimes doesn't like I said yellow cherries are using bricks up higher than no red tomatoes the sugar content in a yellow tomato is is higher than acid content in a red tomato as content is higher than the sugar content so you can read the bricks in the sugar content Leo Yellen to be higher as he got out how to add our own farmers market I thought a good thing would be to have a bricks contest between farmers meanwhile as the farmers are organic farmers hang live in it in my circle of friends that don't know about this stuff until he's got to me I'm not in allowing them out there person you know is I don't donate his throat composted manure on their organic gardens you know and yelling at seen improvement in this break something a lot of the rest of their freight would entice that I will I mean I might get beaten by some of these guys out nobody would be a good test any differently competition as he can get into the same variety because of note it in and everybody is certain writer by growth maturity purple there were narrow and thereby grows her son bold yellows there is yellow cherry so you are in one and hybrid note well true corn is a grain elevator local and this is what car is a hybrid it's always going to a hybrid that didn't happen in the next and is I preside I don't that a heirloom only person I grow hybrids and heirlooms you know as heirlooms answered is that they're not they're not yelling all you're doing is playing the unit you both a hybrid you're just taken pollen out of one one for the cross pollinating your own and you can grow the same thing again it won't go beetroot itself it regrows it might yet like a twenty percent chance of the pictures of it when you try to form for living you can't afford to a percent chance you know you need under percent or ninety percent so I okay with hybrids and a button vehicle because the court I hate growing corn in a small garden humming a bakery wanted to do and grow corn you know you got a tractor and you can did you tractor out so much corn and an go for a bit corner class life in water and final lot hydrogen is addressed in the right and true corn is a hard kernel like grits me grounded in the flower next roof cornice your immigrants sweetheart is a super specialized hybrid bit takes a lot of attention more attention I'm looking into it you know I love sweetcorn but in a small space I want royalties up too much room for fruit moments of anyway I'm not the subject okay how do you get hybrids balance biology of balance chemistry and balance physics in this morning 's interview energy is just movement movement is energy so when electrons we put some in the soil you get this note the couple Asian of molecules in a recalculation of compounds right in that movement of breaking apart and put back the other new ways that energy and really hassle we all live on plants plus we all live weeds on the food it was not like were just taken molecules of tomato and make them into her flesh we are actually taken a tomato our bodies are breaking apart with masses and in our visor putting it back together informed we can use and all his other place and that that's what we live off an exchange of ionic energy okay that's movement in plants of the same way in your understanding that Juergen have a balanced approach to farming microbes the elements are important like calcium new treatment nitrogen phosphorus passing boron and how that energy you you want to keep the energy up to his way to do that okay so I get back over here all we had for a couple of our government I want this one back in the corner appendicitis theories ever you can get his book is really good I get some quotes in here talk about disease and pest management says in general pest and disease play a role of guardians not want in destroyers particularly different thinking that is why they are certainly a selectively attack and destroy all which means he plans that are weak and unfit plants that are sick and would not produce good food for animals or humans there is me saying this this is very learned as a great business up in Michigan he grows toward he's got his a dairy Mandingo Negroes is grass for his cows graze on he sells dairy products are from his grass fed cows there is any make sure he knows what he's doing with address and he even says that they expert many experiments have proved that plants given too much nitrogen fertilizer although they may grow fast and look greener are actually physiologically unbalanced and more susceptible to pests and disease attack implants wrong with balance fertility now we're talking about measuring the bricks for actually want to get the first date you really can't do it's very much you can't correct anything right we want to get to the point where you're able to go out there and if they exert you get started in insect attack need to do something in order to save the crop right and incorrect whatever's wrong about this lately and you know so what you do is you can actually breaks the leads one to believe and in defense track extractor and put the drop something and bristly if you can keep your bricks and Emily up to ten and twelve again you'll have the high nutrient density in SF bugs won't touch it down to about the each of the high bricks so that's why you can use it out in the field when you get a hybrid is easily from his usefulness praise to bring networks up voters Frazier give you a temporary fix in their apartment fixed and Internet address or soil imbalances that they will when they call that sort of give you an immediate response without filler biology director or how they were to have downhole water I made in the unmitigated that I would need some other than just table sugar yes that's free simple sugar plasma exit might reconcile again I like simple sugars helpless resist pests and disease without toxic chemicals genetic factors that I see what you're doing you're hybridizing you know your are open your segment seamlessly or has a Maryland city you know you want to pick a first look good you want to get the seed from the first fruit as you want everything to be quick so you want to have added is a genetic capability to come on be the first one be the first at eggplant Satan as seen from the first segment don't like to let into the scenes that while San Jose's other sites and see now now you want to say your sightseeing USA but from the very first one because are the healthiest and you are breed that in the plan with successive generations right you might think it gets the CW when the energies almost used up that firstfruits to be the best you know it's got all the energy right in the season of the dancer and stronger anyone agree that successively okay and so that's a genetic factor induced resistance it is as since this is how you protect the classroom of plants from the vessel disease is a external help whether natural or man-made basil plants like farmers of fertility management program Intel if I make sure my my sales goods when prices are high I induce assignment and outside resistance to insects is a my management practices right I could put on this visit organic product called surround which actually coincidence for like a bit shocking thing is a certain physical barrier that's another induced resistance and you have planned mechanisms example would be maybe the glossy sheen only if you got something that looks kind velvety and not very little porous that's probably anyway you can get out of a lease with this thick you don't really want regulators will affect LASIK laser lot healthier mental leaves okay you want that glaze and I got a nice gloss and I seen a monopoly that is that she is there to protect you from disease we almost the hairs come out of tomatoes on the stem those are of those are actually make it difficult for young bugs the crawler is a lot more difficult in nature everything was in the path of least resistance in LA and it's too much trouble even if in the Bard 's are a parasitic butter of flatulent but if it isn't have to expend too much energy to get the energy from the food is not going to is not worth it to get to the film because the Mexican extent to which any shining at the food everybody wants to do things the easiest way possible and that happens now with him is what bugs know repelling chemicals actually when it is when it wouldn't plan its attack it connects the make and produce its own chemicals little bit will it be poisonous to them but in an healthy plan to do that very sick plants so just like in an RMS help message we can't let the immune system eight yet have an opinion everybody got cancer but again the immune system to buy sites that rank as a single network plants and immune system still in the plants are healthy builder 's disease and insect attack I say that I know it ain't it happens I'm not me I'm not as really haven't talked about you but you're probably when I started this target I always tell us why this product to buy that product your these organic whatever I'm actually absent how to helping your best insect deterrent is a healthy plant and not crazy because Thomas Jefferson lived before World War II which is when all chemical sores starting from mainstream and he may yet let Israel letter to his arts is when the earth this is his daughter had complained about her farmland and well he says when the earth is rich and did it when the earth is rich it is the finest drought I feel that abundance and best quality I suspect that the sex which have harassed you have not been encouraged by the path have you had been encouraged art have been encouraged by the feebleness of your plan and that has been produced by the lien state of your soil now Thomas Jefferson is not any and he say anything within the same panda said I'm actually on regurgitating some Thomas Jefferson believed and he was pretty good far and you can have toxic chemicals for you you if you need a toxic chemicals to grow a crop we were we wouldn't be here right now we do know with the toxic chemicals only came on online about nineteen in the nineteen forties not use a La Bohème you felt your daughter yelled you are you happy so long as one person if you can find this to build our business USDA this is the United States for agricultural but can they possibly say to be any good while they actually gave credit to this as well that plans are usually less susceptible to Slovak organisms and are part better than our pearly nourish plants went well that Nancy is a susceptible slow more organisms that are poorly nourished and on missing something there out okay let's is a good fertility mace may so enhance the resistance of the host plant that the parasite cannot successfully attack the roots as the USA needs they may see the same thing by Alec Ebrahim upwelling most of the name deliver me be like that he wrote couple bugs and now he's like the godfather of small organic farming is really neat guy I met once in and in is this is these really unifying of small farmers breed nicer insult of your people anyway Galileo realized that he would have the mold in the brains of men in order to establish another understanding another of his rounds the flat the change are proposing from a preoccupation with plant pest destruction to a focus on plant construction requires a similar molding area as they face and you know that there are contortions humanity went through innate unit we went from the earth being flat Earth is actually a sphere you're back in the day to Miguel I almost lost his life over that one what he's saying that pre- much right now things are so much here towards toxic no rescue farming it to say that the plant can be healthy enough on its own to resist insects is like the mice will beast and the earth is round back and thereby severely flat in owning people just don't think you can feed people without toxins in the say anything but isn't it but it is a change that will allow us to eliminate all pesticides and sound thing is growing more nutritious crops updates of that space San dance gal who writes on the books I recommend setting up reading list and give it but basically I find it okay okay here sugar sugar but now he says Mason fish and seaweed combination with phosphoric acid so fish emulsion seaweed seaweed of the cause of Maxi crop makes it it's a recount of soluble seaweed and you mix that with a little of phosphoric acid is quite effective in keeping insects out of the field is a list that you have lower rates is a you purchase for your defensive tech but you lose the crop so how can I do something that plans for the mix these together and he will give a temporary boost in your bricks and ethics will go Mumbai so that's it when you deliver a higher level of dissolved solids and the plant the result will be a healthier plant finally and you do that with folder feeding Evernote for your videos for your feeding is that when you actually take a liquid this biologically friendly and you spray on the leaves and you actually seen the plan through the link rather than through the soil as a temporary thing you do it it's one of those things that you do as you're growing not usually fertilization is done in the fall before you plan with dry fertilizer for your feeding is something the cat is the icing on the cake you can't just employer for you to address the problems in your soil but once you get the soil working and you can come in and temporarily raise that what works plan at a higher using non- toxins and let the bricks take care the insect problem okay anything engineered crops doesn't enter phosphoric acid fish emulsion insightful seaweed yes I think I've got there there is my kind of people of the essence of put that in there in one gal is still worried about two thousand square feet because it's a wow that's a lot for just a gallon of water on tiny when you fall your feet the trick is to do just miss you don't want to drench the leaf you want to come in early morning when the stomata on the underside only for open and you want to come in with a light like missing something to my special nozzle and get a white light almost like a smoke yellow paper come out into your wine there and you just want to race through the end are silently a little bit of a long way because the foyer feeding you driven it off they are put heavy spender is not I do near the good is a white vapor will so that's like to buy one Gallican cover two thousand square feet of garden space is cheap or free rank do you do it says their liquid fish is not anyone's race since it comes in optics and saucepan says want to eat what that's a tablespoon one tables one oh tablespoons of us I will see we met the crop makes that and then about five teaspoons of phosphor gases the great asset and you will raise that brings temporarily and take variance from the right upset are the six five is a liquidation may have a small starfish hydrolysate like that emotion hydrolysate pros and cons of each of those okay ready into every fourteen to fourteen days this is ground-up fish usually using a utility process is a fish emulsion and they say that destroys good things or they do with a biological process and liquefied biology and an excellent fish hydrolysate in a cynical processing is actually does it destroys much of the pros and cons to both so you can read literature directory so I use both you know and he seems to help you weigh now that he's really old guy now that he's a really neat guy and he wrote a couple books I really like he's a easy these not a scientist he never went to college he worked on the railroad most of his life that man is he a good plant person and he had organic farms and he made a million dollars and couples it is his famous quote is in a I'm a lot more my son cop was never based on his move and hope the but anyways you talk to acquire a seer and I get again one of the best present for one of the best Malcolm X 's recipe of equal parts orange oil liquid you may molasses and finances take finances the Pentagon water and the final product import on your aunt hilly to requiring all walks walks are beneficial in every gardener should love your what you want is lost in the adult stage there they have to beat their wings like hummingbirds and really fast like these so they need sugar so adult wants feed on nectar their next variance rank just like these get but they don't they'll have the bodies to go inside a flower so they like you can plant flowers that have the flat they are complexities flowers they don't have big pockets he underwent us don't like to crawl in stuff like I get from the outside weather plan I am so like Queen Anne's lace buckwheat flours of flour type of flowers that attract wasps because once what they do is they come in again on buns and feed into their larva back to the S&P lowers a limited egg hatches the larva has his buggy Amtrak and the little cell right and so they take care whole lot of insects you have washed your garnish if you have a wasp it's in your way I always try to sit up and take it up and take it somewhere else you know in the shade of the light the disorder out of my path and and was failed by wasting they can give you warnings thing was for intelligence and even train once they get there probably most intelligent insect out there and and the building it warns thing is like okay people worry about you young as their only try to protect their area another not like evil things and and they do some good things in the garden you are promoting out not to promote cell of always your watch for good things once were that's another way you can manage classier your garden by encouraging wants Charles L Walters he was a he's the guy who invented Aker zero Rachel silent spring back in his sixties he was a journalist majors awaited e-mail Anna those robots with farmers to work Arthur's and that we have books like eco- farm that he wrote and then we have a and what he did as he interviewed farmers he was a farmer being interviewed farmers a handout on the chemical bandwagon as he was afraid of the things happening like Rachel Carson said it's not spring is imperative that the silent Spring by Rachel Carson how the thing that set off the holy ecology movement you know back in the sixties and he read it and he says what kind is a journalism major is I know I'll go out and find farmers that haven't got all mechanical bandwagon and I'll write books that tell people how to find their way and estimated net net acres as a publishing some of his cause for the other six four nine twenty nine vote farming to these capacitor a comedic he says out of more than six or five thousand and six species only five hundred can be considered fast that means that they are the remainder of that five hundred is beneficial in sex acts he gave thanks little thing off as all insects are bad only an secular professor back and usually the good guys just like in a microbiology configure the bad guys it even works about as well as belowground the rest are beneficial all the choicest insect orders fifteen Japan Cretaceous parasitic insects meaning the fifteenth seat when you're mandatory Internet sex we don't like vegetarians we like to meter the music world because they either instance nor do they eat a vegetarian work go go carnivore and sex right more important perhaps is the fact that while many plants harbor a great bright and six most insects only dine on one thing that makes her double easier there's a few his sex I mean it's really weird Heinz accident because I got beans and he and I have the and I've been the Mexican bean beetle is attacking my cucumbers like they're totally different I got next company meals on my cucumbers and others Whitman says but what he said his government usually one sick like one plant it's very not very common to have insects and just eat everything maybe grasshoppers may be Japanese beetles is a few but most of you that an sixties that plants it makes your life will easier when it exhaustively suppliers I have become dormant high temperatures can kill them he got winners at July and sex evaporation and that this occasion which means you losing your water orbit in his constant anger low temperatures annihilate cell structure very few inserts at the insistence of my thirty one degrees fair and I and the indestructible grasshopper what middle of the Fahrenheit temperature drops as low as twenty three for two better for today's USDA recently has been forced to admit that of the five hundred and second crop destroyers two hundred sixty seven have built on the market resistance things that the site obviously insecticide makers just don't understand bonds because bugs communicate around our synthetic chemicals faster than we can make synthetic chemicals but that doesn't stop some that come because religious patented chemical and about my such a endless hamster will remind you know you're in the end of the chemical trap basically this guy was up Philip Callahan he was talking up the antenna and how long they're attracted to infrared radiation and they got these leaning high towers over Ireland and for some reason seem to be able to collect energy gets kindly waiting to do something is that a lot of the speculation why these towers are built nobody really knows and that these are shaped like an antenna in it and if they thought maybe some of the ancient Irish people were on to something because of the sugar Canadian generally invalid systems is out and out when sugar is disproportionate she made in a specific part of the plan it indicates an artificially induced condition because the sugar can name in which it is in such mineral imbalances is out of balance with the rest of my that announces broadcast and IR infrared radiation emanated by the plant signal leaking the garbage collector and sixty comment cleanup and sixty six her healthy plant and again the panel has picked up that IR radiation of a sick plant because it has a different frequency in a healthy plan and we know there's subtle energies around earnings not only wagering sometimes you get scared assessed new eight and sometimes the movies cut people do get a little mystical you know and in any eye I can go there but but there as we know it there that they set clocks hello Krystal watches we know there's a migration Dragon extent we can keep up with my races on a personal rock me there's something scientifically to that we know that moons affect the prize of the movie affect the soil eyesight was to have inherited the end of the soil the soil of the groundwater is affected by the eyes and the moon is not like it's mythical or it can be explained by Monica my science is the day when you think about this think of these two guys will investor which we all know of nobody never heard of this guy but these guys were contemporaries and enable another ad pastor is always an integer is everything in the terrain is nothing and Minard was always in the terrain is everything in the germ is nothing basically we follow the past year and said he only automated chemical and attack the chemical until the germ notes from the germ theory but my sanity if you change the environment you don't have to worry about the germ and a significant fiscal message we save you have a good immune system defeat yourself with good food the exercise you Rusty Niemi also help the environment called our bodies is able to not harbor pathogens is easily as you don't take care of the environment works the same thing and that in the natural world it doesn't change so all why were quick to know a man the same with our bodies and our help message we need apply that same thinking with our farm management and quit relying on toxic chemicals of network achieves to proper blood management is to be a lead in a fire but okay now you can see all these bugs are all in the same order there all have Tera which actually care any care which needs I think it has to do with five figures a trial there is a trial there the trial there the trial there in the final thirty five triangle and usually they'll have that in common exhibit five layouts but some of these this is an much about it the predator in Jalalabad we like him but he is very similar to this think about that before any can be a predator is an omnivore tastebuds and plants so I think some bugs do that across overwintering bugs are help wondering your plants are not help we need to see the same order they are the same suborder in the unit to the family they start having it different and then when you get to the Jessica recalled different there well the other all different and you get to the species within the genus Sonu can identify your blog and elsewhere can extension agents come in handy is that you can help new Internet we can just take a picture scimitar tanks and shades are some I have a call that state insects of etymology send it to the entomology department and elegant fight at my command when you have the reason this is so good is when you have the genus species of bugs found instances of the insert type stink bug which the oh what you call a stink bug in Tennessee is different but black costing bug and Georgia is different from what Diane Washington called the statement field named again they get passed around read you not really able to pinpoint the Google Internet Internet and you Google on the Internet this family soon you're going to get scientific documentation on how to control that but that's why you need a defiant with instant you know what they call a taxonomy in identifying things whether a Latin names and even organic in the search and you get organic ways to get to the two organic ways to control that but okay that makes sense so that's my unique and in and play with the Internet was a lot easier used to be used up my books and all this tonight 's budget on the Internet you can send it to your your e-mail to your account extension agent or your entomology all this is a good website that the author of the rest of it you really click to the rest of it and you can actually identify bugs with that website is made to identify bugs anyone to get the essay went to get the Latin names you can Google that organic finding ways to build stuff here's one I is I don't know all there is no better utilize competing your NetMeeting backed out there in Jesus excellence there Jesus must interact all BC for short in a court Museum courtyard that is the CMO cornerbacks have found a way to pick up this is a this is a bacteria that when you pick up a gene that bacteria spliced and accordingly perform the resist disease because you think across the N/A the corn with this bacteria that we wanted to make Jimbo Korn but when you applied topically on the leaf that the softbodied insect needs it nearly stopped by and such like how close entering a mosque a event bacteria and basically to get some long diarrhea they just dehydrate themselves but you have physical consultant and see here's one that I found Hannah as it had to spray on my was a cabbage one time and I was found on ratified and seen all that dried up the diarrhea put themselves evident that insects easily like that now they look like this and it doesn't affect humans at all that you need today up and that's an organic biological control you can use in your essay you know you're just trying to save your crop okay your crops not resisting a Mona like they should see this one again it will that's one of the things it's very target specific natural everything like you do with my returns you know you know pyrethroids organic until everything these the bug actually have to eat belief before has the problem is only good for softbodied insects I doesn't really affect meals no as the Gerhard show it can keep the monster and these guys will lose more throughput in the dispensary but the bad thing it will the there has been dissolved really and his father Marty sprayed on and if it is not for you to spread on heavy topically okay is not like for your penises some your plans and psychos running second and organic insecticides and it only last about today so you wanted to a cloudy day or run for evening is the only bright sunny day we put this onto the interiors and sunshine and of course in the Arena wash off in one of the things you can do to help himself and washing off a little lump node non- on the other antibacterial stuff don't use that because that competes all-purpose disk is some dishwashing soap put couple drops and there'll help it in here to believe little better I get it all you want to continue if you do this by doing early don't wait till he gets back in our do it when you first decide who white moth with our mother of local rock your message across all heartfelt loves her little harder to deal with you basically have to go out and pick him up I had there's not a lot of target specific you can use pyrethroids and you can use things that wipe everything out in their organic but you don't want like everything else and then you're left with just handpicking that's easily mobilize really got involved with a shop vac of your field a disciple son-in-law usually a little faster picking you yet failed ashes okay on dust it with we would okay and maybe interrupted their lifecycle somehow okay let some new learning to pass on another death remember that for myself and the probably dresses is you know you can bump up your potassium because ashes are related to potassium a note Gary Lavigne which might send it in a different direction with the I estimate that I made a yell I know what you're probably going to kill him topically your you're probably breaking its lifecycle some young pit in the ground and disrupts the Aguilar person like that so there is that's another thing you have to we are doing it when you're doing this pest management is more in the blood lifecycle and maybe you can get it when it's a beetle in the evening it was a lot of maybe it was I maybe there's something you can do organically they can get it at some point that lifecycle and I was separately one state in the five or six cycles of the things in a white gown you know Asians are really easy to kill there is of course yet natural even released ladybugs you can buy ladybugs release and that's a little tricky I've never done that because the latest fly off the data but insecticidal soap is pretty harmless and it does a number on aphids so I is insecticidal soap and see Omri approved right there anything it's organic should have that or it's really no organic half organic materials research Institute their success these things and they put a list together and in a grid on the Internet it's been updated constantly as new products come online the big question is this is only approved and in a well they're still testament you know they don't know yet known sometimes discover that we use the approval or some this is what I had this year I had my dislike two thousand eleven that two insects of the year that had seen before and again a problem this year in health and always learn something farming you know it's always a you know it says it's an adventure and this year I had this is what these work they were like I look at my being my pole beans and as they were covered now believes that the students are often understands age of the hairs there with an identical image on this but it doesn't seem to mind and needs a kamikaze book and a really prominent and I was read about my dignity I actually had a first I know it was yellow Mike this can't be good this is really bad and they actually suck the juice out of this town they don't really believe alone and I call my farmer friends as likely to have a network of farmer friends and I said I saw pictures of what is this makes it all but you get the cuddly but at last year enough so I cut the bug after indigenous species that we look at that and the other I don't think of value to add and I had of this year and I am what I do I think I just spray forget what I sprayed on I did get a couple applications it seemed to come and knock on back a little bit I think I just did some insecticidal soap on a thing sure right now I did but then I had this blog this is inherently over the river that right and not legal to thank you for your compost pile or under what do they bring their shredders actually be developed help decompose stuff and it slowly went and this year they were just boreholes my tomatoes my green tomatoes mostly my heart that these were my good guys and I think these were press have been evidently for some reason they don't know really the reason I'm sure there was a good reason they actually made holes like this in all my tomatoes and there were some really perfectly round holes there is little hole but now you don't write on the run so how you would enjoy that and I just picked olives tomatoes and destroy and break of their life cycle however riddles Ms. Annette Rodriguez and I was even able to buy now I just yet compostable this complement of compost it was the weather to be anyway can you and I and I can I can get them in icon I tried to get the money just wish about in a an indicator enough that's a good that's a good way to do it in a eighty acres and acres and acres of property and really significantly perfect are finally friends Lessig and more in this morning as he did and just spectacularly know before it gets out of control fleet meals this is a picture endlessly kneeled out on a eggplant usually either this year I have won my life so I guess is good enough worm I have one flea beetle attack and usually they just love a ranking in Wycombe and really the only thing they're a little hard self-dealing can barely sleep and really the only thing it really works in his row cover and therefore their barrier for treating a physical barrier of April covers are organic they'll hurt you you know that indicate the plebeians make sure you are a happy trap of sleepy land you know and inheres serious this is this is the Mexican BBO which I have worked with it in writing but that is a Mexican being elected in a can be of a high control of the fittest which those but here's a loss of Paris it appears that while it right here that one is laying its eggs it doesn't have a cell it takes it to its laying its eggs in a nation and it is like somehow to science fiction movie the eggs hatch inside the body Nathan Lincoln Center from the inside out so you want to attract those sidewalks and how you do that with those little flat place farmers that will their nectarines in the know they lament the love of bacteria and sugar Japanese females make it might have those free there are nowadays in Hawaii everything generally matter what it is other specific but the Japanese menial wage you can take care of it is number one there's always this is if you want and actually build these things are they later and underground about six inches on the ground and actually describes a really big are you always fail nasty looking a big home runs with actually large estate of Japanese baby add what happens if you got good biology have a statement of chemicals you have these lost in here and maybe not the first human milk because the food sources there you might have to suffer through Japanese B2B leader but eventually they'll come and that they had that wad late at and on that grubbing at guns it's never not had to become Japanese beetle that while the baby was devouring okay that's a natural pest control it nature doesn't know myself I would rather pray to God that wants to show up that would go get some current toxic chemical and spray my being meals you is for is a bacteria that effects this largest thing that I got to know you are missing you can't really do anything to attack that field once he gets it outside but this bacteria actually in digest these larva to so you can put milky spore on your soil in the fall you don't like it says in the fall when it's calm voice and it lasts for about five years it just cannot put this live that Japanese beetle update on head-to-head Japanese meal since it's all done with bacteria there's nothing not that the toxic about that hears row covers the that you were off-line modes usually only need them I'd during the younger say to the river and it out in the wild young we used to watch those wild Kingdom things and yell is major deal and the you know the Lions always waiting for the week antelope or the are the baby you aim it warnings are a sinner just a healthy halibut can run really fast as it requires too much energy to go catch it right it weighs the finest writer saw the long road maybe it can't keep up and he goes after that went to the desert requires much of his own energy as one of the same I use later dynamite attacks when plants and their infant states because her tender in there Jan and I really developing immune system therapy how to fend off these things up usually these wrote covers on during the early stages human beginning of the debate often they convince themselves okay and then waking those were covers on it is where the Xanax and there is a certain ways to do that it broken rock this is from my cucumber crop and we had been here for all anthracnose which is an airborne fungus and here it is in the beginning stages and here is what is left to go too long and misleading visit the copy infected leaves when their best laid awaits ligand this way and never handled when wet because that just present disease we all heard that you know it'll go out there and start picking fruit or the disease leaves off when it's wet because your fingers get the fund is only just transferred it leaves you can use baking soda which is an alkaline or you can beat testing bicarbonates and delete it duly got some water you can rotate out any negative crop rotations along no cucumbers here next year and you convoy of public mourning shape when you got your layout which really get to know is when I make sure in your hatcheries you have say yours want the trees to the narrator in the northern hemisphere you want the trees to the north of the sons always bear this out right so you it's okay to have tall trees the North because it never got really affect your garden and Easter West is better it is better to have trees on the west you don't want to ease because you want at Morningside more muggy nights you wanted any kind due to evaporate really quickly want that Eastern morning sun on your garden and you have to have some say have any afternoon don't have it in the morning okay so that the the layout here's my phone with over one year and later these rude seminaries are some sick roots I pull out admittedly what they do they plan to proceed down the line that's not good usually I can play I should transplant program enrollment in a transplant selling transplant not regard for that very reason because infant plants come up from the sea breaking the lessee are more susceptible to insect damage if you can grow and protect the environment like a greenhouse or move them at your house and you take them out with a three minute nightly is called data and draw much other like teenagers and cannot aground have a better chance of resisting a disease attack is a more mature rights like anything I like human beings having its attention for themselves the teenagers usually separated just anyways I eventually became a big road about four inches tall and then about half column stopped and they just sat there for like a couple weeks why Newsom was wrong because annuals R not be grown as annuals he reviewed everything 's got wrote regularly but smaller and also just stops the red flag to start off as some happening because it should keep going you should see progress every week you know when you get too wasted to sit near the same size I knew had promised after two weeks in your life check blackberry for my percent weight save others are awake and present I just gave up someone at their policy with promise as awkward sideways to these but it was the thing I did as I was able to replay and had a good crop half of them look like this and it was one of the complex rock that that's what it looks like his life as riding the roads due to it was a cool wet spring so the conditions were right the terrain right is not much I can do about it the last frost was on April ninth I direct CDs April twenty six and he germinated on May third at Cianci denotes is nothing any visitor to keep notes and things like this happen it was for this column of the twelve the twelfth of May was still for just all on the sixth of June by the thirty genes are mine 's that's a long time between five twelve and six phrases that if oranges I went out there so that it pull them out full lung and replace about twenty and forty with more transplants you know what my bike by June third my cool wet spring to turn into a warm early summer and having a problem brought so you know the terrain dictated and what can I do not have that propaganda I could check my self-image is better yelled like classical just go up to date on the calendar will that's neither here every year could be different that you know your enough what you really want to do is go out salt temperature in the spring in no species level the monograph and when hassle captures consistently right around sixty and early morning the coolest part of the day then you can plan things like Oprah when you get a consistent sixty or more soil temperature is probably out there does not offer they encounter Atlanta when the country was too cold was with the environment for micrograph so I do my part was in the plant 's fault it was a black roots fault it was may not be a good farmer plant according to the sultans that they and use again use transplant anything that you don't have to grow from seed another something you have to grow from seed like beans corn but after people grow corn from transmit the same these are usually they'll like to be moving at a plant inferencing radishes grow quick yummy transplant rashes and some right datagram so that anything else you can go out as a transplant row is a transplant because you want to put out there as a teenager and I have been having an Coleman said you know a plant grown from seed is a gamble but a transplant put in later on is is close to a sure thing in Guardian Germany get because you don't no can be identified and everything in the world want to get the little infant piece of growth okay this is a friend call me over this is what his tomatoes look like they were beautiful one day a came out the next day and they look like this and it's called out tomato bacteria will what can you do about that I looked it up is really not like it was a slow more organism except help your plans and this guy was a conventional farmers I don't know what his souls like but you what you do in those cases you busy one for the straw that had only half get rid of it for the wisdom and the compost pile you can sole writer sought Evernote that means lorica soil districts black plastic over it and pick out the dozen blowing the wind and you leave it there for about six weeks in the summer that you don't usually go up crop in the summer because the black plastic of the attack he will not show you about six inches worth of pathogens and weeds season everything else you want to reestablish the good bike micros in there but the sora 's agent who can take your some your soul borne diseases and spacing does use the sun to heat up the slope black plastic you crop rotations I mean the same thing the cause of bacterial and vibrant tonight are there every year I have bacterial will probably every year are online bacteria will because I grew the titles are we right but if I rotate out of going to try as a despot and put something else in like beans or some other plant family it's not affected by boom I don't have a problem right you can have afoul year where you grow mustard crops most across her fumigant crops they actually fumigate soil and natural way and kill a lot of bad funguses and pathogens and bacteria seek in a fallow year with mustard cover crop okay better variety selection maybe this was just supported and also insists on heirlooms heirlooms are susceptible to diseases I risen Condon as for the beauty of hybrids as they are not susceptible allies these so I like there was a Kiesel I think the more we got intended you now because you can save the sea but I also wrote hybrids with minor wounds because they have some in our qualities too I can't say the same but I can get a pretty good crop without having to worry about some of these diseases all you can find a as the trellis gear gets the disease i.e. the flame sterilize the trouble scare roots look fine but forgot to check that what I can do here I bet if I cut this open long ways and right here we goes from root to stem right here's called Hans posits his lap working to bridge right there usually are Canadian blockages and I bet you and I cut this this this this right here to be pearly white it is a bit evidence any kind discoloration and that's the indication of the disease in your ego anything to do in secret world with more that that definition pearly white and it is not in the event disease from an accident on a you okay beach is an insecticide we talked about that's okay here's another one you need right now every as a stuff is in my farm organic farmer friends using they like it spent a sad is another biological insect in a bacterial insecticide surround WP on over the WP says for that is that physical barrier that sex Clay and in a lot of Beatles don't want to eat through that nodal it is like a chalk it really looks bad on your garden but because it's white chalky think that it can disrupt feeding cycle of one of the insects and its organic amino clay Clay doesn't really want set off agitated serenade is another fungicide that people use in the zeroing out and name zero but I


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