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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 3

Scott Arrington


Scott Arrington

Bio-Friendly Farmer



  • February 4, 2012
    4:00 PM
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this next one is on a layout and it is really important this is something I really like as one of the first things I can't anybody calls man's as Oliver in the garden again layouts important okay you set yourself up for success present yourself up for failure he is redoing three acres allows and when it went to harass you I like you guys were more than three acres and a this is not literally work for you you need a tractor this layout lesson is really for people and have a killer are you like out like a craftsman tiller bar for the news that BCS number the BCS of one of the calendar there has a BCS sort which is it and it's like a teller but it has a PTL when you put lots of attachments on and at Umatilla Ron Arrington a more on-air send them lots of things and that you can do three or a glass of that innocent enough for one family or one person handle creators need to make money that so in your tractor farmer would want to do more than that this year to do so it will take to pick up some things and that is nicely geared to personally three acres or less and it has a BCS and and and him preach and Carmen 's empowerment walkways which you can do with a tiller type answer to a tractor you can't really go with a tractor okay they don't have the needed designs for equipment we could do with a tractor with a distal have designed so again what is I the trial is what we get to our affair may radio this is called layout Proverbs twenty four twenty seven says preparing work without an vacation make it fit yourself in the field and the keyword afterwords build your house amicably that not many people newly built a house most people build their house first and then maybe ten years when he is unrelenting of women are our IMI to bring this will close the home here is a I got as evident as the website near their breaking ground for new church think we we built lots of houses of worship but no field attached to feed the house everybody wants to build a church everybody wants to the building nobody was put in the field support okay so an accident I don't know what it is about as human beings we can't we can get all excited about buildings but farms we want we don't really want it always goes towards lazier in but this would really need I think a church I think every church should have a space for form I love myself we all know the new start I like the new start because it's just like one word except the last one Mrs. Daniel guided training we isolate picture at which you think now he's at his but which you think support our law the health this picture or this picture we were even stronger than this are we strawberries that an debt are health nurses need to address how it's grown and does it affect you and I and I'm the same way it's going to fix our health and we don't have much of a help message without a far message to go with it how much production can one person handle this is LA again he's wrote extensively in these companies was like to promote independent farms in seeming seemingly to get a website I will pull up a YouTube video of him doing to talk on this after the class we got on I add the he does a great little fifteen minute segment in some big copies do with other people and he talks about the small organic farm and how it's something we need in our societies not disassemble all be over in a Citrix or whatever anyways Alex covers have five acre is a this is talking not Scott Harrington 's Viagra with this I thought I'd ask them think he's both a little more I say will last but it says five acres is the optimum size because it is about as much land as a couple or small family can manage okay effectively manage a farm operation I believe there is a person to land area ratio that cannot be exceeded any upper limit and I say this would be the upper limit of the map are limited below but lower is up usually one one person can manage not to have Baker's things amid a bit with the word been industrious demeanor but I think I would be taxed for handling anger and half one person that he system is more than sufficient land to grow a years worth of vessels four hundred people I mean you know you make it at home I get sidetracked to measure the vacant studies in World War II when Germany women occupied Norway of the Germans were taken out of me for themselves and await his left is a great for that five-year period and heart disease was climbing in Norway up until that time vision of the use of meat products is growing and in winded Germans about the there is as a heart disease went down because you look at them the video of force overnight amazing it's in their device I'd heard before that there is a narrative and and then went after the war when they started me again this is a heart disease came back up while lifting is is that you know to add makers can feed a hundred people so that means roughly forty people convinced that I take her because you give them an advantage a lot more efficient use of our land area and grew up you know than try to raise a cow anchor which can let within one county about ten people before times of the production of an acre when you do it with vegetables so that's about what one person can handle about two half acres per person I would say one half summer between those two and if you have a family of Corsican available I know talk about building your field before you build your house and about what can you handle Alex hit a major from the Southeast ballots it is a farmer and his wife and make their living on small farming for the last thirty years begin over now that mean inductor thirty years they make a good living off small farming and they had some acreage is a block and when they bought their acreages they enhance they spent all their money on the land and then somehow floated investment shares to just get started and I somehow they pay off their Messieurs now they went free and clear but in firstly they took investors and a somehow compensate them I forget the whole story it's really managing his and the first five years of moment goes to three years they limited and and all they need is work the fields of vineyard any money they had a familiar nation system to put a dear friend and equipped just spent all the money on the field to field the field and live in a check for the first three years of their married life in Iraq I still college sweethearts add and then as this ahead of my billable house after three years live in a tent but by then their field was articulate and eight I don't know if they are Christians or whether they are but they may ask a follow that injunction Proverbs first notetaker the field meant building up again it's worked out great for them what I propose to do and as was the one for Weber but what I'm proposing here I call this raise this you see one structure are those that is raised why are they raised because you designate them as permanent command and here you have permanent grasp and walkways in these these guys looked like they knew what I advocate and that's mobile remote walkways every year you leave this alone and you just work these days their life for foot-wide beds we can reach the middle four feet wide because you can reach the middle from either side and you never have to step on these except for when your children than your loudest about our unit abroad for them up they were brought for his later in others but normally that's the rule state law events because my electricity air out the press the arrow you get no biology working for uptake and used to keep these walkways and grasp because my reason shop in my everywhere you know any of this grass is a lot easier healthier and you have no weakness I am into his mullet and that was nice now the same mother walkways you know my friend Daniel he liked to let his grass grow hide and keep as a physical barrier between rows I felt like the modem well evident every every year you have to go on reborn a lot of times you don't have too big a playsets of the doable and sometimes it got bigger place bigger bed the only have to reform the meet is going there into your mark your strings in your ally they just tell you lightly tilt and actually sky keeps the grass and bank as if you're right it does want to creep in Anya had to go back and reporter the best that was in it first it's really hard to the ground very hard you take your spot like a couple days after Raymond Brown saw and you know and the more you do it easier that job becomes because it gets looser and looser and looser and here's a guy does the same thing that he is chosen so the grass is chosen the mulches beds which you can do helper I don't prefer that but that is acceptable this is garlic it looks like as you can see his variation in Maryland into that other farmer raised as here's a way to be raised at the tractor and follow this is no Mrs. is small tractor this good for small farming which you can see the UK may forfeit Wynette 's this is about probably to have maybe three feet between her to get a four foot wide spacing EMI and big huge tractor that I make about think about what I can afford that much of the tractor and pluses overkill not the only reason your mind is not that you are currently too much and you need it so there's an extra expense but that your buyer for the wheel clearance he can make a four foot wide that I liked for the white beds because we don't to put walkway and for foot-wide bed is about two foot walkway gizmos push mowers like twenty one twenty two expect pricing to their mobile walkway and when you're four foot to foot you got your grip the greatest amount of growing surface in ratio to your walkway if you don't yell you can do a free foot-wide bed which is how is this if and because the instructor seated on the progress it the walkways and I have to plant the grass in the eye like this keep the grass there season after season after season but you can do it this way but these very foot-wide bed if you go through the match of the walkway will that your ratio between productive ground and walk away nonproductive grant is a little bit less in your favor you don't same yeah so that's why I like you fourteen because it works out and that's great because it's a lot easier we are going to keep the weeds off my bed to write but I not only did I get the multiple walkway so that's what sizes it's roughly about thirty percent the correct negative thirty it's lazily fast so it depends on the length of the bed and went to court seventy three five to thirty percent of your area you don't have to worry about waiting for his moment of lot easier we him saying a word on finger the way this is an easily really with this processing your setup yourself to manage your weeds okay and you don't set up this way you have from these guys they looks like they went through an attractor right and got us all killed off and then thereby hinder not seen a strong up the strings it when I straighten it twenty one high Street is because it helps when you're waiting makes you make your life a lot easier in every thing a lot more efficient we all have to bob and weave off all your irregularities anyone straight rows straight because you can be really efficiently reading the really fasten your making adjustments all the time you can get used to motion when you're weeding and you can fly through it that you got zigzagged all his other stuff in your lines are straight and your always have the correct and adjust and correct and adjust and it takes more time and you want it done we quit you wanted pictures so this is another way of building raised beds without that this you don't want the boxes they look nice in the beginning but they take a lot of extra work and in their constantly fall apart on you the biological soil it signaled with little boxes and you can use pressure-treated because all it free us of the linear solo so you build those those wooden boxes are always disintegrate there always a constant maintenance upkeep so I don't like structured as I like just rays bent unnaturally without the structure this is another way this this is regularly took over from Daniel and I assisted that season and CEO Lincoln Davis and Sacramento to women farmers who can farm circles around me because they're just good they they get the attention to detail they got everything it takes in they bring some good stuff the market and everybody loves them because they do such good farmers and and CWC assets that that that's the sort of the big time filler she's doing a grant that was a make or happen and what she's doing here to see what clear with their tractor into Alyssa analyses reestablishing the walkways she's got far or behind this Rototiller a Cisco pushing dirt either side now the problem with this is this is not to be his little narrow that add you get weed problems in the walkways we can get in there with a mower this is her first year to seek out where the hardware outside talk her out of that but anyway that's another way you can establish that this is a lot of that what I did this year the top if this was the business on church property the claimant that after after the lecture how that went but this is all church property and what is I establish my beds and here I just note down my cover cropping on telling that cover crop in lightly not deeply member from the first lesson with the lightly and on this I'm not ready to go back and do the other route and that's that that's a counterrotating tine tiller and ECM put the strings and so I can keep everything straight yes when you're when you're mulling that the heart of this system is your cover crop gets pretty high and that's good you want that you and enable you and how you take it down it's hard for little but were in a lawnmower take to take down drafts of this tall it just bogged down right so the weak part of this whole system is I have together with head sheets enhance the grass Galahad Sears and then Molly and when I'm not what I'm here I'm mulching is not what the stuffs filling out everywhere I went keep it right there is going right back into the soil drop it right because that's all that's biomass I wonder that's carbon what was what now I'm all set animals I don't let alone eventually found inside it I have a side discharge its benefits these can be like torpedoes going to my plants is not a you know in a minute the wounds in the stanza minute laptop to the site and it has a back discharge him again grass all over me immediately maybe work but really all I do is multi- right down there I and less on collecting it for us on as a people not compost and what that green grass my compost pile are collected on rear discharge then but otherwise I put down the government the women blocking the blocking plate on their aikido mulching mower in open-minded mulching mower and just drop all your stuff right that in the grand here especially when drop it right back on the bed we do get it you know you do get a download for your page here's the most mess the weak link from events walkways four feet wide to vote walkways and that's a recent picture that was my garden neither this year the Springer for you was in the last year mature Vizcaya Gardens Saint Victor comes up again again you see how this is broccoli cabbage is Daniel was funny was the pilot spring broccoli are grossly rock because most broadly with the bull is getting warmer the zero from broccoli but he was not spring broccoli and as a test of a good farmer because our menus just test the fortunate that your butt when you get broccoli that big in the spring is in the southeast when we have shortened springs it goes like from winter to summer real quick in out immediately brought that making people that because this is what I call ahead and begin it or the and that of beds not permanent tend to overkill all you he did these with a tractor-trailer yell like that one picture within this commanded and then he ran up Rototiller over the top of the smooth it out this is Rachel 's best done without a far or accuracy tractor told everything and he planted his grandson here just wasn't being hidden from neither need none of these are permanent back to the big tractor till bubbly the demands are not met and when it does not permit my opinion is we are doing with tractor you don't need an expensive or will tractor I really prefer doing three or the last with a BCS regular because that way you can do it small enough we can do permanent beds and prominent walkways we need over like an anchor like this that was your force to use a tractor and now you know you have to just fill up everything in and reestablish her walkways every time that's a lot of extra work for my book but no people do it well usually the tellers are tracking a horsepower right and you have to have a certain baby you have a smaller teller you got too much horsepower for that little bit of the teller and I can tell you in a big gap between the tires they don't go for feet usually three feet is a nice size tractor and I see entry for why busy we can live with it but they don't make tellers on those tractors are just briefly why they're always a always thinking what killed the book behind each prior right and I know how looks a lot and are influential between the tires and they don't make something like that yet in the job I'm interested in and let me know below and liked by attractive is that you may question what kind grass where was it okay I this is all Bermuda grass Newberg memorized talking earlier about rapid repair grasses and not much messes this is a pain in the neck talk about one grasp on becoming your best this rest is now crabgrass is missing your two crack at once to reach across into the open space on surface of Benito licensed all you know it's subterranean this actually here to see only the stem is actually underground a nudist families come up as the grass right that is the worst grasp and constantly fighting to this is permitting crabgrass and here this year in the fall I when I try to send some fescue on their at least tried as Dallas fescue and maybe held that it do it for thirty four years continuously I can establish fescue here you'll compete out that the premise of people tell me it's impossible at best progress really wrestling a win down I tried a necessity because this is a once tight grasp so if you didn't do much track record like on a much rest are a graphic doesn't want to run it just he planted the seed sprouts a mixer nicely Rosetta grasp he had to do the beautiful list you don't side-by-side that looks for you but if it stays right there does Windows know do extra grasses like strawberry plants or something that's a good question fescue in my area alone to our souther fescue may does work in a diligent of the more marketing it's a cool season grass electrical or whether the first few words good and who is the states by this is a race that is what you can do it alley backyard gardeners this is what you can do you take that same principle they don't three acres or less Asian just doing your backyard layout your bets to foot walkway forefoot that it can do that always handtools is that small I visited this is not so good most people may go there and Soundgarden I got there they just fill up a bit all huge square with her teller don't do that does not visit these are literally likely that if I is like walking a tight rope to get down there knew many of the plants growing his knock in the plants around this is way to small walkways and even and that's what it is and you have a huge weight problem there's in the week this whole area meeting the walkway met the young thirty percent as is my one fear you all under the sender that you have to keep weeded it's a lot of extra work you're getting frustrating I can do it there is another example of going out there until not a big rectangle you can see the weeds are a start girl everywhere and once again this may is hard battle to get into how to take though we management your present but you just set yourself up for failure there we just do what their database where do don't do this do that okay there may get that every available that's a wheelhouse and I got one I'm sure you guys up of several modern version as I can but they've been around for years now here's a guy in Florida when did you whenever I don't visit somewhere here's a want to take a step local harvest .org local harvest out or out on vacation in the Tampa area and anytime I go anywhere and stay somewhere one of those days you know some people don't do touristy things I like to look up local organic farms in the area and say and I don't expect them to work and I'm sure you know exactly me back to show up in the OER gave up on that anyways I went on the floor and these guys that come with me I don't know how they afforded to what their gig was that he was a far manager NASA's lead this was the intern and they were going down there and he therefore felt like that done with a tractor that is a big hot contractor unaware they get the money for that tractor but they were doing it and actually to go into here in England they must have the pocket somewhere because they had these the went down here and he's right on this summary up there in the cab and he's on the back and he's up there cultivating between they got looks like cabbage broccoli going here and in the middle the good companion planning and in the wrong arugula now people talk about companion playing old-time it's a weeding nightmare to be a companion planting I don't like it but when you get a fast crop like arugula Ruidoso is that they can easily grow faster than the weeds and pretty soon it establishes itself any of the root was in remember my neuroma really nice I would really love you and goes really fast so I'm thinking that would be a non- ninety companion crops but because of the waiting nightmare because the ending different growth rates but we've grown a slower cabbage and it is fast growing arugula that suit saying out the Brown CIA dementia ways I think this is a great idea when I saw thought you had to change my stubbornness about not wanting to companion planning because live in a weed management problem because I can see where this would not be a weak measure probably what they're doing here is her come in and do an wireless reading your cultivating the top of the soil before the Preakness just have to let it go young offensive against the unity in filing their one last meeting and before the plastic tubing you can get in there with you ninety and the like the reason where is important is is primarily for weed control it also helps in rotation you when you look at those beds he saw they were all the same size same link for foot-wide and on the same link when you do it that way you set yourself up for easy crop rotation crop rotations are great because he was for some of the best disease like change in the location every year and certain things like the file certain other things one of the wrote one of my rotations if you tomatoes on my star crop I make more money as much as anything else so I want to have been sent before tomatoes has been actually built my cell because their nitrogen fixing right so I like to grow beans to Lausanne whenever done in April my tomatoes in in rebuilt soil because these are not the only thing their slow builders most everything else takes from slip okay means actually builds wealth so I can grow tomatoes behind beans and I like to grow I like to grow what is it sweet potatoes then onions and then the beans because sweet potatoes break up the Brown garlic and onions gone behind them Groucho broken up and lose because I'm been vigorously defends in the days been growing and come in behind the garlic and onions which scanning software and revert software helps fix nitrogen and silicon beans after the garlic and onions among these the better because it offended the previous crop has gathered nitrogen into the slope would like these can use it he reviewed it if you have a bad layout list this is actual farm after this picture add anyway this guy nearly comes in and build all of the box is now a cancer lower between there any late all this landscape cloth you know they can use combat believes that when he went eight eight eight he met with YouTube a guy handing a frustrated market miss what is dark looks like that's undermining food it's a weed choked mess up but that's what poor layout then it's cute when he first do it it looked really good they won the first week within a few weeks can they even use less time to pull a mitigated weed management would wait management follows this lesson you have to have a good layout getting good and do good we managed here's my own personal benefit home and this is the form these beds are all not quite four feet nearly more than two feet so I sense why my bed so I give for why bad I inherited that Elsie one back there so don't pay attention to that one but it works and I did think it would does and is just three beds and I grow this is covers those are tomatoes a man and then these are all summer crops are grown over here and go to the beach in cucumbers here in that space and it are on mulch in certain lines of peppers and tomatoes because they're there so long there their annuals but there they are from you like spring always so Marianne so that you are already only need a month because Oprah what I wrote here anyway call the big simmer five they would agree on the most because I was a cop have to and empathic which means a cup without they get some sunlight through the middle have ruled that dense coverage but they seem to put out some count was were we really like to run over someone with your money and once when the nearly all the way from around anyway I cannot read him early let me after that that we don't really follow the cucumbers are in a pretty fast and I don't really mostly because it ran out so fast I forget why don't all be valuable leads over there at overly multilayered as we does a couple times agreements and after that in the fully disorganized the sunlight is down the ground is no weeds only year of nightshade family peppers eggplant tomatoes the well on the potatoes with you you're really telling them and I think they'll stay in the ground to you can do this thing called double digging and I didn't get what I want to extend that ban him I heard on the right for small garters but a lot of work even for a small space on the basically this is elevated you mark off your your bed is a four foot wide bed and I'm going this way with this my initial dress for the initial dinner and wheelbarrow and then he'll take a section of the start and turn out well before you that you come in and you listen that second that's my skull this is the first day and he owned in this outrageous or losing their manner was so hard on the head of these tools and how useless I had to listen that I had to go get a Mac topic X but I finally did it on me I just went like ten feet is not worth it to me like today's I wore myself out pointedly and then you turn this over to listen that you turn this over him stood out like a handful of gypsum and there is just supposed the flocculation will bit and you turn this over and and you keep going down like this part into the empty space immediately and for the original are back in the end is called double digging that's really great way to do to get them the muscle to do it and not in your gardens not too big and here it is in the head I put some compost on their see how copy and why it is not doubled in the home and their somatic I had to use eventually this is if the church garden we did that's the guy was on the church where there was help me and here we are in a lot bigger were doing the same thing we got been tractor inherently Alyssa week we came here we took out as much Bermuda grasses we could even see these walkways and at this point are right national plaintiff this unit did not misstep in communicating back on the but here are making the beds I put like an inch of compost on those beds and I may see what we did here we are measuring tape twelve hundred footers and like every I we worked it out so we took that will narrow it for in like a reach wealthier so much as we had an even layer of compost like every twelve feet we did Wilbur there is a liberal and we're just frenetic composter now we can do assault as we do so this is in the early summer we did assault us later that fall and it came that same dumping accomplice on as we had jacked up our capacity numbers and here's that same garden later on this summer because it's a very productive garden had been midyear that second two thousand and ten lineup again here's the strangest and this is on yet this is garlic and this is what walkway there is a pole beans he wanted to grow corn I wanted to let you talk me into it these are peppers which they had problems he most than what we must and will leave and I'm not sure I would do that I like straw ha ha folding and all the polls and now here's something I came up that I I got of this comes in the tools the best that semi- demise these are ROTC T-shirt tee posts you heard of those people as we can only begin with the tractor supply Home Depot doesn't have it it wasn't home a lot and became islands are many were gospel areas Gary Ali stores you know that that that that but these are like ten of these are eight flutters and I think that's the and the guitar one but that's only when they carry special order but they come in various sizes five foot eight feet and and basically I just cut little disjointed I can't really explain this is my chosen method for pulping I ran a wire right here about a foot off the ground and just type from here here and that ran wire the top there and then just rest of line no natural fiber twine around it he can and let them know you know once I got to rose you want on one of the one from the other week and it has gone from here to the next with an ex-husband I said about that on the ground in the middle in the middle right because and in the beans I just put online they take up in the spring up that way in the spring of that way and sometimes they cross island whatever they want but the Dallas Chi cheapens it for e.g. if I get sometimes it took asked people to hell my electric amount hamstring to be extremely jealous of the tedious atrocities like every six inches so I like a ten foot gap I can put about twenty twenty social sizzle in a natural fiber client and I like that because I just come again and she's not and I guess their natural fiber they decompose I just cut them all down Lamar is well back I got a guy come in a comply because it really went along the wrap around your killer to get economy like this isn't another job easy pace might help me argue it's my note buying dinner or something to help me is fine no people it cannot help you sometimes I hear the way you do this you are you back your farmers are pretty small doesn't work for you tractor guys that are your you know that we are pretty small when you want to do is you want establish your area this is a big and I came as you like until this whole area what you want to do is put Drive rebar in the outside corners and you I swear you has for Ryan make sure you know you you do not ballot in this seat for two feet for the activity for what you do is if you go to do it this way you'll do this is six feet right six feet six feet six feet minus two three the number of beds times six 's on his face it's three times in eighteen right minus two the authentic worry about that too foot walkway there right number beds times six eighteen minus two is sixteen feet to sixteen foot went and that's determined by having that I have outlined the lives are in this case exceed is what I use I did three foot as it would be five times the number beds minus two zero zero and select eighteen feet we can count four four four is twelve and then or more as a team on works every time and you can make these as long as you want as long as are the same size and reason again the reason you want all the same size is it helps you in your planning when you rotate the next year you're not having a sale on a smaller space I was in last year I made plans for preseason I need is the same as last year says in a new spot because the spot of the site a bit of the same size Teresa when we did last year no you like what you do that here in disrepute and answering the same spot he has by the same number seeing the same amount income amendment to put on that make it on the next day in the house of every figure refigured refigured business size envelope down all around okay it helps you with crop rotation is why he won standardize your bed sizes and then escort you just did eighteen feet by ten feet are you yet take a few nights a week you might have a TV here you can see their aching feet there can feed their they might be one of these whereby the color parallelogram leg over the corner so how do you square that measure your diagonals to your power-hungry that Zachary and there am and for right triangles and that way you know you just do eighteen squared by ten foot square and you get with this hypothesis should be in this labor should equal this one and when that happens you guys were writing and you get nice even beds that are all which okay this is our gardens from Google airman now here is a twenty acre plot all twenty acres you can see that the townhome community developed ten acres of exit townhomes is about seventy townhomes there and they let the other ten acres cleared they built that spring up there in the woods began right here this is not spam Arlene burn or whatever and create runs only down here you can see that's outbuildings here they had toolset in a greenhouse there and you can see that only the other picture but they did not vigorously left the makers to develop into a farm this is a sloped area they put blueberries on the slope perennials right is not the targeted selling annuals until ground sloped landing to get erosion in its part of a dangerous work attractor Oslo round pick is world record go with either flat spots and they were able to get this is an acre and a half is about one quarter acre it is about a quarter rate over here in the medical rancor anyway it works out for me not to have a two acre site two acres one half and then at the half-acre that's having it some like Vanessa Baker there is what is anyways so you want to go this and this is how they laid off the field I can't turn it around see the ending her head but but anyways what we did here is we get twelve sales this was blueberries will count that it's illegal numbers here can bike to visit this is a feel that this is a field designation as a field eleven as well in time with the benefit piece together what they had nine eight seven on the other different angles in the same square footage all over five thousand square feet okay I want feel the night this is a feel is five thousand square feet and inside that we develop each bit page for foot-wide bed we kind of fifty foot segments so this is a hundred feet so next to fifty foot miss mom know the moment Alex R mine died he really can't see that we are out there on this picture there's tend to adhere ten ten as a non- regulation that by two fifty foot beds Disney twenty fifty foot bed the five thousand square-foot plot here I had a hundred fifty foot lot so there's seven long and not regulation that an agent on regulation that is divided into three fifty four that's right so hats when I had just about maintenance here twenty here twenty one you're close enough okay that's as close I get the point is that everyone everywhere these villas five thousand square feet are all standardized I can get a twelve year crop rotation that's really good twelve you're yelling at more than that in the fifteen maybe we had fifteen feels that you want to do it like this though you know you want more than a six-year crop rotation anyone know some are less than twenty in Accra your crop rotation every year this crop of Florida number one again and one gold tinted on how everything went down one and only rotate in the same family across every year it really helps standardize your crop rotation okay here are those fields of fashion is that because here it is here's the old number seven writer layer two hundred fifty feet long and you can see my minds eye for planning purposes I got seven non- regulation that these are walkways here and I in each of these is fifty feet long okay SME bigger farmers and would talk about teenagers you want to do this this is some you could do it is when you get a small system in your backyard each year that is your crop rotation here here you got twenty bad analyte is longer writing the same family plan like I can do some and peppers and some and tomatoes it's the same family of plant facilities family psyche all the family and one man in that I rotate that that regularly losing crop the same family and that Christ and the rotator cuff and you can say infield one words feel one right up there it's two hundred feet long so there's four fifty foot wide this is only final twenty one total days here tween as here everything is roughly the same why is a good thing planning purposes it makes life a lot easier they hear it again then I guess at its designations to yell you can save money writer notes you can say in one way on the plant this one be unknown plant that once the amount went back a pace to be organizing into this because you don't want to sit there and be haphazard with it and not know where stuff is going on we'll take notes designated areas know where you got weed problems that were yet slow problems anyhow you can things like your plan even be successful in anything you don't plan about planning is everything so when you get up the field and severe scratching your head and time to get away from you is only seventy hours of the day make efficient use all them hours in Houston are doing this I'm usually diagnosed during the winter when you're planning and not some you need to be doing when you're out there as they like when you get it you need to have you you shall Re: make this plan when you get out there in the spring so your your make and use the fishing is that they like get work done and not sit near drawn young figures about your head it should be all figured out when you get out there now I want to stuff you don't have to rally do what you can do contour farming word tries to go yell perpendicular to the Salt Lake catches water now when the slope is six to twelve percent you can do contour farming IL-6 twelve percent when you are long levels you know you need a frequent level AES you know you could only granted a slow ground you know it's good bubbles can be appear bring it up get the bubble centered any measure three-foot you do the ratio three-foot by the vertical rises off the ground now in the air and he can work out the percentage slope benefits that same Asian slut anywhere from six to twelve you convince contour farming were you curve the best that be perpendicular to any slope or any does more than twelve percent you have to do terrace farming which allow work but people and aren't much to establish it pretty much holds that is beginning of a lot of work and that's when you have overtook my my advice tripods of left-wing is our yellow contour farming at the very least don't do it in terrace farming okay here's raised beds from worms view here is the theater elevator lobby for and when you tell a lie because the dirt wants to go out on your Tory car Reagan at the end and you have a slow arise here he'll yell you try a little bit and from the rise thing work so that's about a six-inch curb anyway sometimes up samurai on the peak there sometimes out and about the range is a really complex plane about thirty inches we don't use that you can write a little bit there you can have thirty six inches that's a four foot wide at anything you can see him really and really forfeit his campaign right next the grass right next to the walkway and here's your attractive that you do tractor the tractor tire usually are two feet wide don't get greedy and try to go right in the same tractor passes you may come over little bit make a wire walkway and in the minute in until the next block because you want to try keep it to thought while I hear that you can push no even if you have had a tractor I want to do that I want to keep it to walk back and know see what the valuation get the general idea that you're met with saline the centerline is a note from the middle of that to the middle that of the middle that the middle that be six feet case of the implement anyway you will be a lot of work for me to talk us make major excavation near the equipment sure I'm yeah it I had a little bit of slopes and the walls are wood I would try to level it out churned and build muscle on top of that is pretty much could have subsoil him usually you try to write all the topsoil over here will I let out and install the topsoil back on but it is not to slow down when one ago excavating mounds of just make it level me you can learn a lot gasoline almost be worth it but anyways when your plan is facing here for walkways to let one bad and you know it is getting to this they see a video or something a new bio intensive gardening rate you refer to ensure that works in some cases but the problem with that is how I unite you put just a little bit of this here little bit of that era will listen that there is no when these are young you can't really get in her waiter to stuff all over the place and you have all these son gaps these delightful cabbie circles Emily Sundance and we silently will restore your weeds you want to plan this out in as little of it the little graph showing the safety and fully sized as when it's totally shared re: why are we problem of exploits and after we've is an early beginnings when you're young and in a fully KPL eight allowing them to try and longer as big as they should enable for as much as a ship is is that happy ballot initiative that would experience that CD plans for a car in eagerness hodgepodge United yet united the only effectively around the hot hygiene others get a body and alley rear add year guy get that later on you're not getting it full of groundcovers so they love you keep someone out to be due know this sort of side-by-side planning light in a full canopy dissociated as big hole here in the middle it was there an alternate staggering across like this need a lot less sunlight getting through the a lot less weeds okay here is my mother looking at my list and she's going to my mother doesn't give many competence and she's really commenting like this looks really good so to get now I'm out he must deny good and that it is his roaming lettuces and I staggered plan on and you can see there's not a lot of sunlight into their it full-size I regarded him right here our here and here you the classic math in my fifteen note last month as a good question again you got good crisis of there's different thoughts on that I like the plan all the same time you can eat I mean I suffer something I do back on that is you get through your crop and you get all at once sending out but it's a lot easier that way it out and I got there sounded they would like you have a lot of time and when I got there a plan I like to get all the highlight and ten feet and had come out two weeks or three weeks later plan another ten feet and you're up against a lot of the work is getting all the stuff out there to do the planning United take it all back in again and I'll back out and take it all back at like to grow it on the day that I like to grow an early maturing crop middle maturing crop and a late maturing crop and try to get a longevity of a harvest window with maturing stages you know rather than ranting stages and assist my personal preference a lot of people a lot of good farmers plant successive plant according to time I like to get along harvest window according to crop variety that time and I like to get all done at the same time I want to come out when we plan let us all you know all season I wanted that my lesson the spring and be done with him maybe I am wrong this is on my spreadsheet I will think I'm crazy I can see guys later they hear anything it's like an axis I just don't have to think about this right now my spreadsheet went out at forfeit waterbeds and wet sense of the two rows normally I can Adam I would have thirty six inches apart and that would give me a six inch her now before feet forty nine eight inches right but I cheat on that one actually manages them to be a part get myself a twelve inch per normally I try to go for six-inch curb rampant around the latex with three rows normally I could set and thirty six inches I can plan one here one here one in the middle that gives me eight inches between rows eighteen inches between runs right but I killed it move it inside you like a nice curb and do fifteen inches but I do anything in freeze and then when I do something for Rose I just put that I put it on a Texan apex and did twelve inches in between and then five rows I got nine inches in between sixth anything was six dozen savages in between and easily seven rows on some things but that got too tight I could get my will we lived there and I went back to just six rows about the maxima do anything and forgot what a legacy seven inches that's clamoring to get a small of the Republican and and I have myself six-inch curb your and occurs between the walkway graphs in your first plan open and so that's on her soft pink battery so I would before rosier when I need with the spacing and incoherence in an Emily sonnets if you expect your head every time and maybe mess up his yap surfing amazing also need into the spacing rankings to language planet other considerations outweigh picture met you once have sunshine because sunshine is the engine and I don't care you can't grow food crops in the shape and mean him you might have a space of his essays based don't waste your effort in our gold by CSA shared by your produce from a farm down the road organically and locally okay because you need sunshine and something like with fruit crops and same botanical fruit in him but not culinary fruit with fruit crops takes a lot of energy you need a plus hours of sunshine grass flower and stock crops any validity can get away with seven root crops you can get away with six Emily brought seeking there were five has been take a liar you'd really might think anyway these are things it takes more more energy visiting the maximum energy use China grows on the fruit not okay see you need laser energy your sunshine is the energy you need that site and the other thing is morning Sun when you're determining what your medicine of the yours when I have no trees or tall trees to the east as you walk that morning sunny and an dry up any new real quick you don't have to be warm and sunny and do and do still be on your flour your plant because it's not getting sunshine in a book fungus is that fungus is like warm weather and what you wanted to drop their hurry you can need at Eastside don't put your bed anywhere near tall trees to the east or culture is the South I got a problem with that plot mannitol freezer to the South and come about September and started shaded out because the sun sinking lower and lower lower tall trees the Western upper big problem tall trees with northern no problem at all actually I prefer to have all my poultry is to the north because it that operates as a one block from cold north winds coming down you get when bought with tall trees to the north other considerations okay Vineland Eversole is nice by my mobiles was great because it does collect nutrients the best thing about plan is doesn't drain sometimes it just that is what in the year to go anaerobic in your Nike being with you down the micro population underwent Saudi anaerobic conditions so be careful with bottom when because it doesn't drain you got big problems but it does tend to collect more nutrients and is richer drainage too much not enough humility to alleviate you can have too much transport never holds water you cannot afford it holds the much more plants need water but they definitely immediately be in the they need air to any of all water nowhere they subtly drowns likely to this lovely arty whenever that you know you each time I get off let's thought you don't really want slow when blocks are usually good to the north or to the prevailing winds as long as they don't block your son and I went black I meter tall shrubs like humility blueberries children are your tall shrub in a week dual wall blueberries would act as a wind block of North midblock you be helping your help help help in your beds out the Mobile where microclimates and one guy he put it into one of those houses it had a tall windowless wall it was to this and in this war was facing south and he put his bed right there will that wall reflect a lot of that summer heat a man it was hard to grow anything there'd was sensitive to heat and mean some plants like it but what he could broker is there is is too high even in early because of them the sunlight was announced off that all and in that little microclimate anywhere before five degrees hotter the air that weekly cells in the art of the wall okay and what will he and will and in the middle is a big big working your favorite Thompson microclimates can be good or they can be met and Michael committed their dissolute defendant surrounding area because of some structure that's their salt tax or previous use of course the thing is to discourage it was a complaint about the sacking of farm because my soul love it you can take really poor soil and we cover cropping and biology you can turn really poor so that would broadband is also nonbusiness currently like this take you longer to get there but you will get there but it is a consideration maybe have a choice the idea lets on there's been a dumping ground for young car mechanics or something like that you might take a longer to clean up if you actually need I thought it you Balaji can take care of it but it might take you longer and then this is very important always choose crop varieties that are best suited for your location and Verizon data highlighting it seems from the north because Northern sees Apple big winner there ate till the last seaboard funguses that I would start class at all how probably try to get from Southeast so I'm going to set things it originated in the southeast of him in the southeast I just think it they create healthier plants but also varieties no an example of this are the enemy Georgia we get really short Springs really shortfalls logo broccoli I got only about fifty days to grow broccoli words like broccoli whether you know any beginning to get to collate check out his duopoly checkout fifty days maybe not even to grow broccoli number who takes a little while to grow so that got visited a broccoli couple of varieties and I got a eating broccoli wall now I live in Canada I can get where going eighty date broccoli all I can go because they can they can do it in Georgia I got fifty days into my broccoli I am only limited to fifty day broccoli at all I can grow good not to try a rocket is about a workout that will always locate the varieties there good for your area okay I always like to go longer varieties I like to go public because usually in the essays in the groundwater is more nutrition edits and stays in a row longer be Sunday can't find the store usually stores of full of short maturing low nutrition crops as they're not I went right it's a luxury to be able to long maturing crops with more nutrition and a thickness less like another consideration is any gap running your met East to West two reasons for that is twofold this allows a foreclosure to the north-south magnetic flux lines out I'm not getting your way here but there is magnetic flux lines that run underneath the earth that's my all caucuses work in point North right plant pick up on that magnetic energy and if you can parallel that flux line you can capture some of that energy always tell people if they will have either the former was known one good thing you have to do a lot of little things well and in all those little things add up and you can be a ten percent better formula because you pay attention to these little details like this you can go stuff North and South are not saying you can't understand this gives you little bit of an advantage you will put more energy into that plan because the magnetic flux lines because they're parallel magnetic flux lines rather than run perpendicular to it you capture more than energy the reason is it bodes well for what was how the Sox to the sky and you'll have to worry so much about tall plants shutting out shorter plants with a run north to south you might have a little last year and you rewrote things in a number of the same thing in the same spot every year Soviet fall talk plan here is morning let talk plan goes boldly did I send out my pepper plants let's not good then around these last men the sun are ancestors of the Starbucks on our time and those those beans never shade out my pepper plants running east-west okay so that's another reason it's better to run things these West okay Tanner garters I think it was a couple here patio 's this is what I would recommend you can get these online the whole kit is called boxes see this writing that keeps the soil above the floor there has about the race is between the bottom of that emigrating and this is your water filled to write under here is an overflow valve so that when you put water in here ill ill never rise above the grading will always fill out the overflow seating is one of your hearts content never have to worry about overwatering you'll never get it above it so he pictured her on top of that and you match down the dirt into these back corners their open and where is where your social contacts or water and it'll cavalierly with water up from the bottom which is a lot better way to water them watered from overhead with you you know capillary action wiring is a lot better in this this is designed to give you that capillary action and and you never have to worry about the big thing about containers is either underwater in your overwatering in this you never have to it's always perfectly water and so takes the guesswork note is that stupid excited in fact they had visited the bottom without the grading agency there is one of the tubes resistance and right there there's the overflow valve notes filled out so when you get too much wiring incident on about the grading is also a wet illness overflow it's really cool system is simple you get online I think with everything that makes an attempt while the original game in Tempe probably so yeah I think I think it's yeah and anyways even big farmers do it because it's really nice to grow your perennials Examiner pronounces weeding reading weeding perennials and stay there year after year with ease it's a lot easier with them if they make a fitted plastic sheets why these are all near the remake of a plastic sheet over the over the top of so you don't have to worry about legal and here's a example never heard of these guys that device family you'll pathway to freedom it immediately and only Billy 's guide and watch their video these guys are making of about forty five thousand dollars a year growing hell will California since no right near Lublin LLC worked with was that subdivision thereof Pasadena is in the same ballpark but here in Pasadena they doubled the little fit of an acre plot the house on it so that it's not enough that the maker and they got all these have structured raise that as they grow forty five thousand dollars in there every year in making everything they grow because this guy said I am not going e.g. low food I'm not refuge my kid is gently draws kids there is no need for married people there are married Mary into the business on his two daughters and their own YouTube video you should watch the videos are inspiring and this guy makes a living and his kids work the farm with the best is the fifth of people so while you need a lot of acres now these guys on all the good attorney will sit like a plot about in the middle of suburbs into a forty five thousand dollars regard is a seventy run at him he can fill out one time that George organic seminar and at the presentation entering values that the seventh two thousand and that that's the end of that okay that you have a website called pathways to freedom or something like that with the YouTube videos good you can Google and YouTube are virtual money to the device and you well is it sitting exists because I think the one of those videos it went viral is a stat guy in our mouth is I know Mister Maltz now I back to aim that you saw that right and I say everybody that the above it that the attitude I thought I would think around centuries and perennials I would yell while any cranial with the newspaper in the mulch like that but when you're doing annuals that Hades of the hail big enough it's an extra step that I don't really think is worth the time and effort on the health enough and I know that with the one Baylor Haycock about four months from LA riot and I hate straw visited between Haverstraw it's it's wheat straw and Lupe at work or it's good nutritious but I got a lot of weeds and it might give yourself away from strong as he doesn't have a weed problem and with straw I will pick it up I know that ten to twelve feet with the form of a bale straw cost me four dollars and is thick enough to take care that we and our visitors eat so the newspaper so doesn't all around it's a good concept of you got a lot of time begin of the farming I do try to make a living at it and I am out there puts around town like you know it it is that's the thing about small harming for letting your Hemingway is this is just okay this is good as a cost any more time than it's worth you know yeah it's great many cost you too much time is not right anymore that's not the probably most of the soy-based vegan eating anyway just don't use the glossy something sake of that stuff wasn't that much of soil that's what mistake I made earlier I bought monitors all because it just sounded good in a cost more than your list also must be good and I have a small soccer forty four only how large the the colonizers all in mushroom compost it is composted mushrooms make they is just that their mushrooms are grown and Al know what it was before based on previous companies got a lot of good stuff in the younger organic seventy but the alkalinity of outlet they knew this was sterile so they started him on competing fungus is in motion very just lush undergrowth and they somehow they sterilize it was some issues the shoes the pH way up it's super alkaline so I put down all over my garden I now is a great thing and it's taken me four years to get that alkalinity down to like seven it was like eight which is way high in oh seven or six five is where you want to be an be careful about your problems over much on because and ill-suited to illustrate your creative way when we went to the house of star thistle I don't know if your plots the unmitigated list with what's next for help weight management we get on what kind we quit mobility tenets of my lower right part and arguably let me talk about these over here we do that okay okay let's was take this off and you guys can come it like I said this was freight I like going to tell you about these things before you take them so you know to leave home for people that might need in your neck of any notices and up in some landfill because the only year from now you clear up your house you never used right I don't think leaving the putting our my my original copies if you want to play bingo I think bringing him back would be sunk without those how I can okay now I call these people up a similar free literature like I said these are small companies sell this wasn't helping all the stuff out and now anyway now and will help it is okay now these are my Whitesell tomorrow these are my list you got your registrar I invite every first camera window I got I let's go through this memory I will start here this in this lease it out on of these are the same fund my mutual fund might be these the disguising Kentucky told the four Excel BCS is a big sellers any also has some good handtools that are made in Europe and are a lot better quality the separation Home Depot okay for the BCS sores these were great guy like you said I think one of these is just hand tools the other one is the BCS understands what is the BCS Berryhill Army irrigation if I get my drift we haven't gone over irrigation yet but for drip irrigation very well as I make a left five thousand square-foot plot however here page eleven and they get different ships and I just bought the supermarket because it's the size I needed okay my drip irrigation I haven't covered yet it is lately here meet don't think you might need is a you know it's a good good resource trigger an error in Virginia now it's just flat dripped IVs on the line there is not the little emitters not that BBC it is a special type it's like this it's like technology but it's hard to go over that but that that's very health extra interrogation this is CSI okay okay limited to the catalogs of noticeable testers there can only result is relapse this is make or create an ever bigger Creek heirloom seeds it was Missouri's anatomist guy listening panel think of it is in journalism now incessantly where the chair Jericho Jericho or someone like that guy Connecticut to this guy he was homeschooled and ask item about them back with them Missouri right before the 9/11 9/11 right before the year two thousand twelve Peter this was a crash he was like HTML Kitty Figueira C catalog while he was just the right time right place because everybody was in a fair free world and he sold out his little stored seed in it financing and to buy more see and he's growing this is a multimillion dollar company like being biggest heirloom seed supplier ever in LA the North American car you know it he started back to your two thousand and eight -year-olds will guide this is a really kind of a little and homeschool industry or whatever his back and was the one in Missouri as if in the end but the problem here is he just see he doesn't like organically grown seating is Mister heirloom at the heirloom is a long way to go okay bear alone I had to get questionnaire was the versus highbred versus open pollinated all those things there is a kind of vague definition it usually means an old time self column are open open open polity first open pollinated means it can breed itself it can stay true to type it's a it could've been the result of an heirloom hybrid hybridization process way long time ago okay goodbye and DNA and genetics stabilized over time and now sometime before nineteen forty five the cutoff date anything that was stabilized prior to nineteen forty five became known as an airline ENT see right now that doesn't mean hybrids are bad it just means they stay true to type in their there arrows now you can have open pollinated seeds but they don't get net designated as airlines because they were hybridizing stabilizing genetic stabilized after nineteen forty five open pollinated heirloom of the wizard heirlooms are always open pollinated but over the holidays are not always airlines that make sense is just about nineteen forty five is why because Nike 45s when they started kicking in hybridization into high gear and pretty much that's when harmonization took over you don't like the hybrid plants of nineteen forty five his uses however the shipping date for open pollinators being designated open pollinated the same TrueType or being designated as heirloom to get me through to type in from Europe your get the same thing the problem is with Mister C company analyzing companies it hasn't always bugs worked out taunting me I don't like the cure people on much I turned down he's got a notice a lot of midseason all heirlooms but I sometimes I ordered one thing and I get some completely different on young results and I noticed that both male and working on me so he farms out his production to other people and I don't know their quality control is white when I would want so that's something you have to deal with which they committed the heirlooms are important to you and growing southeastern type this is your man and his piercing company you might have to just live with the occasional mess up and get in the book the other weird variety reviewed in order but by the time you find out that what you are displaying the season starting on my arm well now here these two guys are upset these are high-volume think they're on Oregon much many of her monitor but I get mixed up that he's heirloom and these guys are totally organic this guys is truly organic these guys faithfully Ireland so you know I mean I don't know where you're at Hargrove I use them all you know I used a newsmaker great something 's not well every season different there is a there's a sheet appear about the consumer thing of be


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