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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 4

Bert Connell Scott Arrington



  • February 5, 2012
    8:30 AM
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I find heaven I think you surrogate for this new day with thank you great opportunity to learn and pray that we can take the things a landmine back to our churches and our conferences that weekend share this news in that many will come to know not you must result of our work here today we pride craving your bus artwork and association here Massey sings in your loving name amen I'm not just a note of time talking about one of the ways that really made me feel that gardening most important element I'm garden for a number of years not anything like Scott has gone but tomatoes many other kinds of things several years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe and the purpose of my trip was to teach a class asked Lucy University and on the weekends the chief executive officer of the University referred to as the vice Chancellor took me to several places in Zimbabwe on the things that really fascinated me was the houses that they live in and we were talking about what they look like inside and how they live he sent to stop and see if we can't go in the house and so just a few kilometers later I saw a lady out putting close online and sell the stock and the approach Karen talk to her ask permission for us to come and look at her and her home her home actually was made up of three buildings a kitchen area where there was a small fire in the center of the room and the smoke would ascend and go on a small hole in the roof there was another bedroom that was a separate building and then the third building was a granary where she kept all her food as we were going to the kitchen particularly she indicated that she was preparing her last meal she had run out of the there was no more maze in the granary our garden hat was depleted with the exception of one loan to make it and so on the stove on the fire pit in the middle of her kitchen or some greens and the very last grams of maze that she had her husband left her her son had died from aids her daughter who lived with there had been raped several times and had two children and so together they were preparing for their last meal this happened to be a Sabbath morning and we decided that we would take up an offering for the poor morning enough so that they can advise several fifty kilo grandma fifty kilogram bags of maize so that they can eat for a few more months but the thing that really impressed me was the garden the opportunities that were there that were not taken advantage of and I think that that is important for us to teach those that we are in contact with to enable them to grow food for a long time and not repair their very last meal her situation was because of economics because of political problems in the country and because of disease we have similar problems but not to the extent that they get on like to spend a little bit of time talking with you about some of the political and economic aspects of gardening that I think is very very important the first thing is I you familiar with all my international conference I had not been either that this is a nineteen seventy eight conference that was held in the former Soviet Union and the purpose of this international conference was to protect and promote the health of all the people of the world and so as a result of this they come out of the conference was the establishment of six goals the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger hunger just I was going insane in Zimbabwe and by the way this lady 's plight was repeated time and time and time again Robert Montgomery the present had been head of the country at that time had moved many of the population from the more fertile land and moved it into the rocks and very very soil that was not very good but this is part of his political power and that he was doing to the natives of Zimbabwe very much what we had been doing intense and moving them off that there prime land and taking them to Oklahoma like the Seminoles goal number two was to achieve universal primary education goal number three is to promote gender equality and empower women but number four is to reduce child mortality one is someone major factor in terms of child lack of nutrition and lack of healthcare and many of the problems associated with healthcare really reverted back to problems associated with nutrition net goal number five is to improve maternal health and six to combat HIV-AIDS malaria and many of the other diseases that are found on the face of this earth but the focus of six of those goals really had to do with children every child has the right to survival almost eleven million children die before the age of five because of a preventable this cause second is the area of food and nutrition one one billion people on the server live on less than one dollar a day and much of that money goes to purchase food so that is very sobering aspect survival is the third almost eleven million children die before age of five from preventable I'm sorry done that yes I'm sorry that is education over a hundred and forty million children in developing countries have never attended school in the quality and protection we have not achieved equality in this world and many like this basic protection and a social economic physical or political sense even in developed countries I think that we have major issues in this country in terms of that area and the area of primary health care special attention must be focused on the promotion of the food supply and so he and proper nutrition and an adequate supply of safe water very low of the water surface water in Africa is safe so work of address and others in terms of going into villages and drilling wells is a major positive impact in helping the health of the underprivileged in many of the villages in Africa so to achieve these five or six goals the coordinated effort of agriculture has been sure he the food industry at education at all Doctor work together in order to provide an environment where the children of this world can live in a was security and hope for tomorrow as I think one of the things that we can take away from this conference today is to verify paraphrase the praise that rather than giving food to a child we will teach the child and the family how to garden to eat well for a lifetime if we can do that I think that we will have achieved help to achieve many of the goals of them all conference so were talking about a serious effort an effort to provide growing food and nourishment for the family and every space are plot of ground that is available and so this leaves us to the concept of what can we do as a church here in North America on Inter-American to make a difference Scott I heard him say several times yesterday that whenever you build a church you also need to build a garden and I think that is so important for us to be able to do that can we provide are at least identified land for community gardens can we teach the community how to garden and can we improve the nutrition and health of our community that Islamists in top-ranked things that we have done in Loma Linda as developed some community gardens for the Norton neighborhood which is in northern part of Loma Linda are the Longmont area San Bernardino has probably some of the worst health outcomes of any community in this and the United States seventy percent of the population are living on some type of public assistance and so several in the community have gone to the Norton neighborhoods and help to develop gardens for individual so that they can learn to garden and that they can be independent as far as supply of food is concerned there urban gardening as were talked about in terms of your community garden is one way that we can look at it in another way that we can look at it is in terms of major urban gardening gardens and produce it does not have to come from fifteen hundred miles away but it can come from within the city and I have some pictures some that are spread out throughout the section of urban gardens in the city of St. Louis Missouri where extra space has been used for gardening rather than for urban plight and all of the garbage that is there some neighborhood Gardens nurture not only food and plants but the people and the local culture as well so what we see happening is that in areas where individuals have been dealing drugs are they have found use this area as just a garbage pit this land has been read Ryan and this is being used as a center of social activity for that area of the city and painters and musicians and other artists are making their homes in these areas of the garden in the know and remember of the community may not be a gardener and benefits of these are urban gardens can be felt by all the citizens for example in nineteen ninety one in Seattle and an urban garden that urban garden contributed eight tons of food to the local food bank as a significant monthly and I think that that is something that we can do in our local community and so this is some overlooking one of the freeways and downtown St. Louis you can see the arch in the background but I was impressed this was right next to the hotel where I was staying so I was the only was not of the lower social economic area of St. Louis but I'm major hotel but next to it was this very large garden and I'm showing you here only a very small part of the garden but that to me is a role model that we can find within our church to really make a difference in our community so the gardens have built cohesiveness and Bronson brought people together in a very positive way this picture is in the mall area of downtown St. Louis ride in one of the major streets leading right down to the Mississippi River and through the Gateway arch but some it makes wonderful green Ranieri as well as providing food for homeless because I was one of the things that John is one of the goals that these gardens are playing urban setting this often I have been these gardens have been built on vacant lots which were previously used by drug dealers by gangs and squatters and so when these people no longer RNA neighborhood hopefully they have been rehabilitated it becomes a much safer happier and more pleasing place in the urban environment another picture of just the mall area in the center of the street people going back both ways and then in an area this is just a walking Street on basket and I completely agree with what I've been on the slide that costs almost nothing to garden but you that the average plot and a community garden yields about four hundred and fifty pounds of food annually which translates for individual family of about four hundred and seventy dollars this data is just a few years old himself it probably has increased a little bit more from that so without roots in a landowner family many modern folks feel estranged from basic human rights of being unsettled and rootless and restless people removed from relatives and seasonal fluctuations are not humbled by nature modern writers speak of the necessity of wildness are rituals are returned to the human you are just simply getting back to the land I feel that that is wonderful just to work in the soil I have a difficult time in passing a weed in the garden and got been down and and will that we what should I do it upstate shape and you are right because asbestos is in Masters Fenster the thing that I think is important is that we take the information that Scott has been sharing with us back to our church so that we can help to achieve similar goals of this arm on the declaration that was done in nineteen seventy eight in recent years this has been replaced by millennial goals very similar goals but Omaha I have at the the world world leaders are working to try to solve some these problems associated with poor nutrition lack of land for gardening and I think by working together we can help to achieve some very important goals for this country and for this world I give him a yellow lesson from Doctor call from bringing her back around this with all the information you don't know what Jan and your amazing listed here you know what the potential and some of the other of what are you cannot lose sight of that the baton to me I'm doing garden with the church right now I think they didn't want me come back this year because if they know is submitted and if there was hard for them to swallow what I was selling you know but I think it would work I just didn't it hasn't it I gave him again in two years and it didn't really pan out this time because I think a garden is like the law you know it was a law is like a mirror of what your character or it reflects you know you smudges a center in your will guards are contemplated as are a lot of work I take a lot of cooperation coordination they take a plan to me in a MSRP come in the same page and if it does not happen it can bring out a lot of character flaws in people it should act as you know myself included and I think that's the churches are accustomed to that legal in LA so investors decided to get rid of the garden and I will try to convince them keep regardless guerrilla character flaw that are causing some of the striker is not the garden causes the strife the people who sometimes work the garden because it am in the pilgrims ran into that I told about that right I discuss his alcohol number one asset here in that the pilgrims ran into that when they came over note the model they had come from a sort of a feudalistic Europe in Europe Catholic dominated Europe right when they came over this country they were they were owned by them one of the British big corporations or whatever and made in the land these had to work it then they were all that I give some of the money back to the company Britain and enable them cheap some of them they were to share them wrestle money between themselves well the status and human nature is twenty percent of the people and up to an eighty percent of the work I have an tagalong for those twenty percent earned on the work to get resentful I just have to have the churches have the banister constraint and the pilgrims ran into this so it's not something them I'm not I'm not browbeaten noticed a specific group is to serve human nature and the pilgrims finally said yet what forget that company don't forget the Corporation over Britain organic and the leader of the premises unless you begin Ryan high your own list land again every family of peace only an instant were to have fair trade and free enterprise here to be able to trade amongst yourselves when they did that after three years of starvation on a further communist feudalistic model they had abundance is now people could rise to their ability and rising accounts at once a lot of churches forgotten is that Protestantism we came over this country was built on reading the Bible and seen in the Old Testament trade laws and property laws and and and how to do that fairly and eight you were expected to be good at what you did in your craft can be compensated for that and I have to know all your help retitling a typhoon to the to the Levites and priests and on and then in a related type also took care of the poor everybody else to write it wasn't just the priest and the so you know the rest of the ninety percent if you got your good you can give more time that titles there which you kept my percent so it was built the passengers in America was built on free enterprise and not a sort of a communal system I think we have to go back and we get inside the church nothing was ever blessed Protestants but yet we get inside a church a country communistic again went live in one big in Oakland by a commune and and and and really that it didn't work in Russia and amendments struggling in sign of and the gym is everyone it when you have a system everybody has one in LA Canada the beauty of American young mute Murton America is when it became over with the processor established and they built this is called the Protestant American work ethic and permanent and that the phrase Protestant Americans call Protestant because it would lead to the Bible makes place on this property right laws you have to do it fairly within it lets people rise to their abilities and people being compensated for the work they do and not have disorder remember that for anything to become a successful that some of the problems we do things inside churches everything is just expected the communal you know at a nova really teach our kids writer really you know I think the kind of activity listed model that you know I think we you know it's nice that will list all this work and share with most of us don't do most of the work in the lot between a person of this further threat you just as little as possible the twenty percent restrictions left alike a lot lot lot lot lot and they get resentful after a while say hey why should I beat myself up on after about two years I disconnect take on the right to ride the gravy train children and nothing gets done in a cell matches my take I might be wrong about it something you don't have to dress red you know in the discussion stage hopefully rather than after it you blossoms and becomes a problem you know I think that I didn't guarantee you can run into you get in here now I I think what the one I was doing and I have a couple of videos listed in your life really is what information do we manage learning me know couple wedding videos come back up what he said delete management art okay I wasn't the only not I have a little than conference a little video meets are doing the same thing he did but like two minutes you know and I can explain how to show Jim Marshall report arguing to remember what network is as a Wi-Fi really don't I will get elected weed management as generally adored conference video and every meal think of Google you can search Scott garden search Scott garden like that I can probably get you a list of mobile American I get again for your four hundred of the two are the two short ones I like to get a whole hour-long conferences my first first-ever one as really and he immediately is is that in a agency that was my first time in front of peoples in my thing didn't work to make the video anyway put it up at all but it's too little sort little clips are really I mean those that cannot really good there video media department put together displacement and note it puts long really nice and says what needs a say in what I started teleconferencing CCC short of the GCC and in when you get to I look at their audio link and then you go down to the video and you can see any of the separate sites that link to as an gathered and put in their garden Scott and Arrington in the garden and it'll probably come up short we call the church sponsored farming and that's what you put in there to church sponsored farming yes okay we management and wilderness it writes the okay and hello spiritual things it was all white of things all the thing I got out why I have her books and we've put together and helped an agricultural alike wrote a note that some are quotes in there to write a book on her culture but we've compiled some and have the thing I got out her the old in a kind is a little bit onto the young churches and stuff like that unit is installed in occupation she never called a ministry or the fieldwork ministry or a outrage is one of your calls administer your outrage around with the other word people use a mission for a mission ship first it is an occupation is talk about thousand acre farm to some small army as an occupation and that's what she saw as a viable form of work and can't be compensated for people connection make a living small farming as an occupation multiple don't believe that the issues in Dublin but she made she also indicated everyone should be somehow involved in the actual farming then either supporting it with your food purchases or organizing you know of farmers markets there's a lot of ways you can support local organic agriculture is a organic release meaning naturally grown her bio friendly unit can be Strickland that we'll survive earning a degree to be a little looser while families what we want we don't want destroy the earth will draw her food and everyone to somehow be involved in acting salon organization to do farmers markets for the community to organize a farmers market with me he is a great way to help the community and expect will help the farmers because it gives in the market for his produce so he can make an occupation with a livable wage and she also talks about bringing science into the work and an end to this work in agriculture because you know we've learned a lot microbiology a lot of biology it's a chemistry and this can be a lot of physics and electrical energies we have to sort for Lehman 's grasp in order to do it well since he talks about involving some it's not just about one hundred one horse maneuvered to learn and think I'm an organic farmer now you know that's all there is to ask a lot of science enough you what you want to know sometimes worse we were good sometimes it's not you want to Wiseman Wiseman okay so that's what I got her great aunt and here's one of her statements I put the trilogy things I thought and yellow in a study of agricultural appeals will you not only theory to practice very that needs liking this new PowerPoint song and actually got there and do a woman you know while they learn that science will while they learn what science can teach you regard as the science into nature and the preparation of the soil the value of different crops in the best methods of production let them put their knowledge to use that teachers share their work with the students and show that results can be achieved through skillful intelligent effort and then select dumbing down the farm you know that's maybe that's maybe awakening genuine interest and ambition to do the work in the best possible manner which in front it does want try to shift you know some even one big garden tenures and I do know we had to do all this well until I am telling you the the reason for teaching all this is because I didn't want pharmacodynamic eleven night for half an mobility guide or half in the efficient unit executing our plan you get exited the plan you will have time to sort bottle in LA and know when and how long lunch menu got us X amount due on a certain age is like having any kind job to check in and check out okay and you're the math you know you're your own boss in the late ninety nineteen are not limited you to have self-discipline to get out there doing to get it done needs to be done so teaches a lot of those things right it's such admission together with a very sunshine theater withdrawal benefits of gardening will create a love for agricultural labor were not cigarette really manages right now I mean it's gone downhill and monitor my thing of belief analysis gone downhill because we rented a morbid communistic manner you know we pay the Army becomes about stalkers might of them becomes not looking back to southern tidings which is our conference is no well exactly the union 's magazine is always the same as bare floor work Academy manorial economy is in there for ten years now and with performing at Lakeland they are to fill a position and hence the reason is coming out one of asset with civilian alike I like the farming while they went to be five hundred dollars a month the room board and is a paper DeLorean a late free labor you need your students on now I know that the bigger figure arose the only people and do it mainly different couple years are people that have really no talent in a desert land area and I mean any a it never works out there's a lot of hope in the beginning any disorder fizzles after couple years and only realize hey this is not to be done you don't have any interest is not a job for some I use this need a place to stay with a roof over his intimate the as one mission and motivation really coming if you don't have a lot of enthusiasm it wears off pretty quick and let your ninety degree weather in July or so I think we need to turn returning to a more further capitalistic I would say Protestant model of free market capitalism and fair trade and I think that teaches the kids think that white LC can be occupation because it know you're out there you make a five hundred dollars a month your limo will hobble that it gets ivories are your paycheck and you get it because of the Muses calico indentured service paydown their tuition or whatever rewards the motivation and it's like I'm literally colorless things is like a work camp in Russia something and I make him and I think it I know I was energized to do this when I saw a free market marker make a living gnomic and forty thousand dollars a year small farming method a I can do that if I went to one of our independence reason I started with the way that you are not a man everyone knew that I did you had to go through a mediator to the board board would never let the president of the board I had to go through and he always got lost in translation I think gay union worked around to us from the more ministry way you never really known it that's worsen the problems came and as I'm all capitalism they were all like mission ministry all this now the thing is when you do it right it becomes a mystery I can't say I was charging people for dollars a pound for tomatoes it to markets in the middleweight in Atlanta and I think I was selling church for three dollars a much and I can't tell you the amount of people came up to me and said it on my phone will be sponsored by the church or delimited lamprey much rent-free that's their name on the sign here's some of their trip literature in here's the church compiled only as a combined salary combined to see the garden anytime you want to give me a call first I can act I can't take another evil it would pay for all Opera a tomato insight him really what you think your church for allowing us to have this opportunity because lobby for it and listened allotment why get maybe holiest too much work for them as they are somewhat me that because I get you know which is knee-deep Mary the people of the land with the people are willing to the work and let people know and do the work profit from it and be motivated by net profit and people and say but hey I'm a landowner you know I need a large share of that is the violent land and only landowners and a happy little more than a factory in a little more giving otherwise it is if there do nothing the newly nominated anyway I've written about the landowner of the here take this lantern are my probably get it I'll give you some infrastructure I will see something as you're proving my lanyard to raise my property values I can see I can realize the money later on you get the money now from what you're doing that now it's hard for some people should see that far in the future you know sharecropper never work tenant farming never work this was not around I mail it back to the history on that that's what we can be found later corporate farms and the farmers had to get out there and basing out the guys who don't own a thousand or two thousand acres that have direct contract to big corporations and corporations since this is how we looking for and it is not there just like puppets on the young there's going to be a bullet corporations and say I have eczema tomatoes make my Campbell Soup in a limbo block of his work and open what you need to give a seminar on my Alan Moore's so how witless that share the landowner defense you I wanted too much of a percentage right in the pharmacy is not enough for me I think another city of Africa right anyway that's myself and people is that we go far during migration which Nelson is so strong for the great cities of said about that here's another quote you as fresh frozen this is a special families and institutions to learn to be more in the cultivation from Atlanta people only knew the value products in the ground which the earth brings forth in their season more diligent after we were diligent efforts would be made cultlike all everyone is a few people attribute way with a special value for its vessels fresh August at the store but fresh from the board regard like I said all should be involved somehow of fresh food note with your supporting with your dollars with your organizing the farmers market I went directly for designing and the growing and harvesting of this is the highlight that no one gives in seeing art and agriculture regarding without attention to the laws involved the laws of nature the special needs of every variety must must be studying lots to learn I'm still learning different varieties require different solid cultivation is true about that compliance the phenomena that compliance with the law the governing age is in bed and each is the condition of success potential garden transplanting care of the young plant pruning warrant shall see the summary things return to think along one of the time the frosted my taking out the weeds which are going to come here a minute training arranging carefulness Patience Amici fixed notion pretty much covers the whole deal right there concert contact with the mystery of life and the loveliness of nature as well as the tenderness called forth a mystery to these beautiful object of God 's greatness that is character building okay character correcting a meal bring out your character for are you later have to sweep another Carter deal with enemies that you keep getting brined your face again and and so the thing you know is that nearly we know about nature and in what you walk around the lake and Oksana did you admire God 's nature that you think it might've been ripping the sufferer said out there but you'll feel when you do a garden and a new start learning all the amazing things how that works yells in the things of the setting and how to do a good know that it's it's like walk around the lake times a million eyed beauty have been disappointing this with nature and you still get the full depth of it walking around like a mishap from you do it every day in the garden nature really really if you know comes out and gotten H okay we got a little lifestyle right now I was a little late is anywhere from twenty five before five K net and that would take about fifty to ninety K Gross the goal is I was that Miami's is trying to gross a dollar a square foot and my my net is fifty cents a square foot usually on the first year I can meet that and the second third year gets better and better so takes things for years really get this thing up and running until land needed to meet the minimum net is about fifty thousand square feet or one two acres for the first year here is that they may appear on the Internet about how the schools that your graduates were the highest degree of first year out of college and gets it was never aligned with you can even earn the most money first year at college in all the schools Loma Linda number one seventy one thousand and one K a year first-year college and ended somebody my gaze above heart heart Harvey Army medical Harvard are reminded is that anyway there's a pretty big name causes run your Carnegie Princeton print setting Carnegie and Boston University New York anyway desert is no slouch of the arrangement colleges area yeah that's true this is little and is concentrated just on the healthcare bicycling and some of these others are healthcare was a lot of things encounter an average at lower down you know because help you know we got here in healthcare you know you get a good thing because it is a lot sick people around you know what a first you get proud of his name on Linda Hager things are taken why are your young people wanting to do this rather than beginning to small farming where the small farmers and any start thinking well pay seventy one K a year to start now sounds pretty good in our farm in and working that hard for forty K a year maybe I'll sounds so good and notice a lot of prestige goes up you know and with the healthcare industry so I'm thinking of you which I have worked a week were gone I had a really do a thing with that small is no smaller calls with a church were not have to get it out of ministry missions and all that they bring it into something or you can compete with this and you know an instant help of the people in the back after they get sick a garden helped people to find before they get before they get sick on us and his nominee for after sickness care but there is also it just as much they are more need for before sickness care and you got to make that problem this may commission you do on weekends Coolgardie individual weekends beggary of making money I know you're doing a backyard garden take two hours a day or hour day or hour every other day you can do it pretty good garden at home all these people I know I've met everyone on and removing that Eliot Coleman over there he makes hundred twenty thousand a year up in Maine I thought he probably nets about eighty at the zero couple books I doesn't that help sink that helps his average will be too obvious as Alex and our converting the Bonnie hit therapy North Carolina you can go to their farm take a tour of your North Carolina and Europe the main visit LA farm out to the lot of these presentations is not administered ever to get him to speak instead of me although you learn a lot more than you learn from a disease this has been doing for thirty years and he and his wife there the two people that lived in a temporal talk about and and and sold shares of anime have the money they were to start college and they were college sweethearts and eight at a somehow devise way to have investors and then make after about ten years they paid off all their investors in the own the land outright now their distal service in the community with early people like those the kind of people who come to market says thank you for this community the community outreach event on charging for a conference in Italy still seen as a community outreach and they still find you was coming to thank the church for letting farm on their land to make it possible that they see the connection is called paradigm pharmaceutical fountain paradigm falcon in a good apparatus of Falcons owner and its policies in the Raleigh area no germ of the triangle there were outside just outside their business martinis in Arkansas a dripping with the biggest culprit explains that he makes a living farming makes a good living that Donovan do it for twenty thirty years now Ellie just about of forty years him about thirty years this is the device family over here in California and Pasadena in Europe that way check him out the ill let you look around this column familiar and forces is the you know who after five years and I have gardens there are not for profit he won this call that this is George Romance anyone the land stewardship of the year award I tell you there was in Anniston and around and you know and and and and and you get this award because you form organically and you are and teach people and help people and they see that as a community service of any award for no and and he was farming for profits in first year and make forty grand a year he grossed forty Manny your puppy kept twenty but the basic year he was gross and hundred twenty grand a year part ninety many on this plot seat and forty five grams on acre and a half so Tammy got a newspaper daughter novel ripeness I think the address I know you are making a living at it hard to die singers of the national knell of them can I and I think a guy in West Virginia named if I know him anyway he's naked I think he's making I'm not sure it might be retired and be a little attention but I know the diocese are trying to make a living church sponsored farming is what I call it what is it for the church 's good land stewardship you get to walk your talk very fresh nutritious food community building relationship building relations over time this really relationship building membership building because people sometimes when no church has more you never should satisfaction people I mean even though we had sort of your personality from the church I was over the farming most of the leg members love coming out of the dark I don't care some people have follow the way was driving it for profit not be in a giveaway project in a bundle but the garden itself everybody loved it the church was love coming out there to good relations for the community and and we always have the thing of entire preparedness know what we are doing that would enter it we connect the Garth who are being gathered berries I guess her go back to meeting this world on what Saturday for the church okay there's no money for the church this is takeout than right now let farming the money in my view in his I get rid something you probably tonight he had to work hard that my people who thought it was a bad meal while villagers who thought that they were getting a raw deal beginning in seeing how hard is not much work it and how much organization said in a cyst that you deserve every penny what you magnum so don't even think there's any money for the church or free food for everybody I try to bring that up and I would probably have to mark a sometimes three IDs average the front of the fire the church is named so at church SMM 's logo a thousand people a week so the church 's name and some famous logo that has value when a hundred of those thousand people came and bought stuff a week then I could reinforce that know yet is the church wants to farm or to produce they don't want to know of anything religious so they either said no to change money but still it seemed a little more in their heads and and then when people symbolize their aging maintenance like home I and the third angel and Siebel one is a church that is in any discussion you know we don't allow people with the discussing your support here take this track take this paper with churches and now that has value to me how much you must validate your relational mail is a point that Wright is it it's an outlet for that okay and you're not expect the slightest up there and do all this work for free you just identify I have to know usually five people wait in us a lot it's always a person is feeling them but notify people when it is more multiple was his cell in and it worked for me I think it works I mean it may try to get a community garden women which I don't need are another tours visit whenever you think of free will be part of the community and had always ideas you know how this color the only only one guy was doing all the work and he was spending a lot of his own money he took two thousand dollars in the church budget and I don't have a garden look at you go over there looks like a ghost town is there that's community that the community gardens it worked well or when you pay that you have a manager there or it keeps everything organized on a day-to-day basis he has plans to put people 's nanny has tools been put in people 's hands people rent the guards they so they leave it they get kicked off the soil 's ability but when it gets put on and had to have some power station structure and papers but that's regards I've ever seen work in there good when you you pay at least the guy a livable wage of the Gala level ways to run executive Joanne S Molly Wendelin it works really good just remember just like a pastor needs away the person running that far my daily days of that meeting our needs away you can especially by the free right but that the committee manager late to have a house with a half of seminars and programs about gardening to have a tool shed were people that you bring your own tools of you don't haven't told you can get loaned out Neil signout tool that you need yes I'm back at any of its cost structure and organization resistant chaotic mess you know you I'm not quite following him around like to discuss only the beginning monument on the explained to me a letter okay we imagine and build character reels character in the genesis for San Diego as well so you not be accepted this is the best we can entertain and you do not well symbolizes the door and to the issue because desiring and and and you shall rule over him so there's no hours a week the tears always looking weeds like you know if you have figured it like that it is says about your character enemy your layout was bad for preparation or planning was bad your attention to details mad and it's like a in Windsor Lysander the door if you don't you're not diligent there to take it to take you over just like we did today but it's not hopeless you can rule a rule which you have a system behind messaging at work on Prince 's efficiency benefits of weeds weeds are always bad like I told you before weeds I have a good side to him just like you and besides we is is that they indicate of shortages nutrient shortages in the slow because we can survive where the plants can't we develop ways to survive or other plants and pets might seek a week will have a crack in a sidewalk okay and nothing else can grow there but we has figured out a way to do it and it's what it likes and doesn't like a lot of competition in good soil syndicate your soils really good and a lot of things can grow their result really one brother is not their best mother their habitat they like desolate souls and bad soils soak with ways that ways and indicators in your candidate was someone are some ways like fertile soils to but they really not usually are not noxious weeds their heart you are really hard to pull off a really hard to get rid of the reason using you like other plants like you how easy it is a full basolateral soil you know when you are done will bigwig weeds are going to sell it pretty easy even another parents that their wings and enter soil builders because in time we will reap let me out calcium will be pulled up by the camera reads and ended the line will die on the surface annually accounting on the service Allen you think you know five feet under the ground and nothing else to get it right but that in time we would fertilize the earth they would take longer than her lifetime for that happens only every of the processable variety indicates element of the variety we encase imbalances in the soil decay problems suddenly sprout because you got your you're not decomposing your your resilient your residue into the very good microbial activity is not decomposing for your you married either we called it I think enabling to this which actually likes methane gas produced by farming stuff again don't I know into the and it is what it handed that means until into the I needed to start sociality is an affirming sundowners give off methane gas that's not good for most passes good for him that it likes that given time we could fix the problem for trying to sell for higher platforms you know starts off as prairies against the shrubs and again gets a higher and higher more try to grow crops for triangle pretty high platforms so we have been slow to grow those no role those platforms as well become more fertile weeds that do grow become trap crops for harmful harmful insects adjacent point is I like them Basil is a cover crop sometimes during the summer will you let nasal goal you transcended him for disease but occasionally my next drop it be something else and I'll get a few volunteer basil will accept just like those brought because they actually a trust not actually their lure crops they actually attract lots because when the flower so cute basil growing in months my plants I think is a good thing right of way is it defined his state Romer you don't want her lesson we so even some even broccoli plant if you want to grow their it in a unity around the well yeah you can do that they still it is not wrong where you want to grow than it's designated a week and a matter what it is as well become more for release and a broken trap crops more harmful insects not sure I am technically not work optimally revisit my number father as a cultivate a small weed top becomes ingrained green manure for the slow while it became NFL's when you mix it up for that we okay you guys S S most ways proliferate my seat all very few proliferate by leaving roots in the ground allows her problem and you do want pull the ones of those ones are the most but most means that ninety percent of UDP approval from my seat so what you wanted there is the only on white figures are special tools a Michigan maria and ensure a long because part you shave off if you get another TV and there is no entrance right as the sacred and when they're just like you have everybody has gone on sprouts you're right no one sprouts to start scrap metal Fred stays a colorable Whitetail comes out if you get the weeds then or before the meeting is maximum in a time and after Nash is pretty much there pretty much on their way with you get a really young and you shape home doing the road in their lot becomes a channel for error channel for our water and also the carbon that you leaving that route is good A becomes Carmen decomposes and feeds the soil right while it recycles should save us all dozen feet were to get another after lunch okay so he should then than the top court lays on the soil right and he composes it becomes organic matter for your garden so that's how please can actually help you if you get them young right okay seven you okay you have different ways yet broadly suites like better we hear with lambs quarters another one you have the brass is another once again abroad links okay then you have a grasp type wheeze this is the hair grass and anyhow Curly dock which is broadly for the tap root okay the bitter herbs any another not all bad he will be bigger roots up in the early evening help arthritis and stuff like that you dry the room and then grinding helps arthritis so you know one man's weight is another man's early enough that and actually they do grow these for you for profit and stuff like that but in your garden you don't want to go there it's a wait and somewhat uneasily and usually I'll broadleaf weed means you got low phosphorus and high potassium okay that you would be people say all will will be donated as we know we can send Arsenal Tessa will your weeds can cannot tell you of some of the problems also this is sort of a generality there's a book out where did you every different we and everyone means the soil and I have that book and I am only looking at disabled what is it sweet me but first you identify the week of Ouija Viagra and had on here so broadly please mean a low potassium and hot low phosphorus and high potassium K needs potassium graphite reads me low calcium in a Lutz and Johnson grasping complainant jobs aggressively get younger crabgrass and Bermuda but we told the difference in grasses using any of their these runner grasses that are nauseous you really can will lease because they're all over the place in the lab another route right so what you do easiest people not now and hopefully to wear themselves out and that's the other reason you mean when the really small because think about it out if you can feel that we went through a small has no energy come back anytime it wears any hot mail the next day this is number of the Messiah because it's really small and you've got the next day the hot days no rain the reroute receives is to die so when you say it like that you know it the perfume appointment anyways we will succumb but when you shave it yeah okay it's like that like the FAQ it's like like babies you know if you get punched out on the graphic into a get well and it's like when things are and for the yellow things are in for their fragile and you get to kill a man I don't come back and let that we get to is three inches tall you should you try to culinary shape in Birmingham until then it's probably got enough energy left in that room you come back okay because it's a teenager now it's a young adult is not full grown but it's it's got enough energy to come back able by the next day in the sun and you know you take your you reduce that you you you lose the efficiency of the emotional and that makes sense you guys okay no know those conditions exist and that we has figured out a way to flourish in that humpback condition not good for your higher forms of plants like your broccoli from your tomatoes that's what you need to do is I right now before long or not in the end times I would send my soul to soul asked why do some isolated assault us because I'm not real good at this year about you always like her muscle test of the way something I think that that will come talk about another blast of the public housing and broadleaf weeds are either grass leaves you know and Outlook says this type of grass in the final of calcium so now operable checkmarks and cannot like Alessi that we before only looking out and I know that when I don't have a chance in my soul to soul laughing at the scientists of what's wrong myself I can hopefully go back to my book and look at my notes lounge and I have met with locales another as more counts in some okay if you got the weight calcium flow method that you don't have to have a brownie of the week that we can flourish and low calcium other plants can't replace your China runway can't that we can interest in ways we know is not true I happen to me you can have too much as most nurseries and because I can talk this winner universities is is no such thing as excess in the soil there's only deficiencies why do they taste at nurseries because they can sell more product review never thinking if you never think you can have too much thing it is my more than you can hurt your soils because excesses can type other nutrients and I can how we can get into all that you know you can see I mix it well I looking about asiago iron deficiency we might have twenty ironing your soil but the plant shows UN iron sufficiency was that because you too much potassium and when there's too much potassium iron doesn't make any of my usually how it happens that makes sense the you seem to have a look I have heard of patients and all but one of the store and buy what are these and I have plenty higher when you're vomiting excess capacity that means potassium walking up to all the permutations of the eight hundred in books and writing and I have to go back to books and look at pictures and stuff out somehow to cover all that yet it in the ideas that you get the website now mean a lot of the stuff he does Google in Osprey in a you got before you can before you can address the problem the identifier we know I had both knees and put two pictures on about the basement panama Panama guard and for the longest time I send these are the same way but they're different I consider anyone ever grown at the same time I like my men I think that's what I had noticed couple months ago and that is not finally you could look on the Internet couldn't figure it out I couldn't figure out what it was and I finally was in a bookstore like a Borders or whatever Barnes & Noble and how went over the Plant section and start looking to their weakened education books and on what analysis flippant though it sounded like there and that was that purple dead nettle which is this one right here from there now this is an very similar to see when they'll wrote the same time you think that we again but again I went at it and you can see I had a net winner when you you receiving their proper defecation the taxonomy is seeking to identify these weeds not just below your people might recall this purple denim of the money come from general people might have just been where you are you names mean nothing we need to get pathogenic species menu to go get that genus species and now you get science picnic University reports on that we cannot just folklore okay this one is an bit and like illegal ligaments again as they like well and a prominent half again as I look outside about weeds and why they grow by J the Cayman JL McCain and I were to look a little bit of pain is there here here's very has little introspection and information intersections must know what I'm getting announced very interesting but then the bulk of the book is all these tables right here we have right here does know in my purple dead nettle right there by car there there is identified by looking for debt now I find it with his name here this is their genus species name and guess why low in calcium low NP two oh five which is phosphorus the plant the form of phosphorus the plant used in level high and calcium are sorry Kathy Eggers on hearing at all you don't need a magnesium and magnesium the ironing of sulfates all these things that used a goes on out I got all the other ailments on the next page you're so very very informative I write tools I got some of these are wondering the attaché after lunch but here you get these out in the Chinese calendar I don't sell it Ace Hardware though somehow they felt it with cheap trifecta our China knockoff there okay and you keep semi- employed over in China these are grown over here seeking some employer rear and someday when the people start mine East Toledo have American manufacturer these are right now were just in the big farming so we only make big tools only make cheap little backyard tools fruits the budget conscious homeowner you know over in Europe they are serious about small barn and a over the air they can make money building these really good tools that you pay good money for about fifty dollars for these two modes this pulling out when a trapezoidal China knockoff of Mister Hope I got a Cybernet you can find that a star with none of these others even finer and down there the wheel okay they got by the right tools and the good tools may last a lifetime he passed down your kids they get replacement parts that you can work in the replacement power is cheaper than the whole thing but it should be this is there is no replacement part for this in some nondescript company you never know any level Regina this you can find a manufacturer and an giant to sell these tools they can send you replacement part in handy in heaven three days this is a hand version of these two so we really have to get close you can you like character supplement that you can use that these two you stand up and used and this one is basically hysterical how one wheel which is a lot easier to use and that this is a video that's even easier to cost not to want to learn a dollars and it's worth it saves time and time is money why the right tools you want to be doing this look at businesses are either upping the sprawling garlic or onions would like onions are collectively help most of the people in fields like crazy when I was a little pointless until you get Mosley 's winter really really small that's when real farmers do it I don't wait for weeks like this that's how the wheel so as to offset handle so you don't have to walk on the bed he can walk on your walkway and its angle oversea can not step on your walkway why are we and that's how you like to make your best to wide again is because those offset handles don't really work when it's the chemical way over they does work when you have a little ways for a so yet as the will host a solicitor color wheel is a lot of we got to do this much after you could knock that we need to get to the interest looks a lot like three hundred feet I have a new back and forth motion with his brief that you demand that route you know three minutes and waited three minutes that's how real formula and we would cultivate the ladies like scratching the surface before the weeds become a problem when you're out here like this you're not using your intelligence you're not being disciplined enough to get there when her small yet you got a lot of character father need address because if you spend a lot of time eating it frustrate you to give up and you walk away the beach is buyer food from the store like everybody else is in the market because here command that wasn't at was easy to take all fear is that the all they just a little piece yes what can't you keep it sharp yes you got to get a always told that here so for backward always told that here you need a file on every winter maybe sometimes in mid-summer to as what you do in the winter we had brought is your digging carrier tools okay and your file immediately conjure when a sharp they cut when they're not certainly didn't much lower than in a combat idea file like it I have of a primary file inefficient policies on the thing won't let you want to be doing this he highlighted at least two big entities having what there with them standard American at how I call it having become the children of such a waste you have to be here used in a straight back and take it here you're been overall a long whack whack whack it maybe last thirty minutes an hour doing at midyear you're done for the day okay he did get much done so don't let your weeds get out of control that's the big secret by the right tools here's my garden I got my a form of O'Hehir how I got my teacher has turned cold air with a young about for a new better and in and you can say I'm done way of knowing the only part I have waited in see all the resided that is because in between the rows you'll see the rows of mustard greens are unease in a circle between the rows are right but I have a little outside it is there that really can run the stone circle down so I cut those off with my cooling your home by little I call razor blades on the state is facing what they are razor blade on a stick yet that's this one here see this little area here I can't really get that big white circle down there sounds just and you always want to lead towards your plant you want a stripped swell away from your plant are you exposing errors and that's a little charge it it is reported out sliced no not stop in time and slicing your cash crop which is that it used it because it's it I'd rather waste if you cash crops just don't get my my method now that strips always from my entire crop because of afraid to cut the cash is when you want to do that if you don't want to drag a lot of soil least tools may say Dracula soil around it was the start of the slow slide over the hole you just cut the weight right so you don't want to be dragged on so that you can drag a little bit assault and the insulating your dragonfly Dragon towards the plant and stopped short before you cut the plant and heart away from the plant like you can't want to do a needs of the along tonic not be afraid we are as I wasn't very good at first but the guy who taught me Daniel and that picture said what the hell it's okay I want to forget his thing was a legitimate rights and take your time and get it done right I mean did you waste if you like my plants that make my living on you was aware I was a time that someone has probably cost them money and taking food off his table in a in my learning process in Israel Gabriel patient with me and I will at first but no one got better and better I got better at first I was really slow to those so afraid of the custom then you get any faster so his thing was first do it right and into faster than this one right here that's told here how is call half of how the stream is the same as it is made by different company and I like to leave better I would trade at infra you but I bought already about fifty dollars of that sheet I use it in this is a sad American hack out again you can see where you had to a lot of work here in your destroying the hair roots are servicers of Marion chopped up here there's minimal disturbance to the surface roots and actually when you surface we like that you're just skimming the surface you ask a stimulate any surface roots under your catch-up again it can't back it actually stimulates the roots to go deeper and branch seat and if you go in early CI earlier what's this world is really bad I can go and release tools anymore Iran by Casper I got you only we in the early part of our early early stages of your cash crop growth and it may get naked you can get in there anymore but that's okay because their annual tribute you know economical not announced earlier and in your big enough in no shape to ground out in the weeds will grow anymore because there's no Sunday into the ground that's my plant spacing transit plant spacing is a big part of weight control in the pictures that you are with your plastic for park they get sunshine there you can have wage while the gainful row now you have been going there me whether they really practice you need to your plant spacing right you do these this a couple times early with their job in it oh you're getting weaved into the sunshine some of them but then it eventually gets big enough and you don't have to wait anymore and then a few weeks ago grow it doesn't really matter physically that person anyway you are a you know your audience of the crop in your ear get money out of it into at it you're done you know so oh a Drosophila talk about that number mainly will the unit is not this here I even this is a little like the nasal leader here right here right here that's the norm now have to answer any cormorants there are a start there past the white French stage some a little late even now but still not there ought too far gone and so passed infants infant infant stage bit of a archangel says it is a hot day after you would do this right for rains with the when you get it let like this this is corn in the whole understory weeds run a report to it in this was my field I call it a day at the top of them start over I targeted to a cool season crop and alert as they are with is no point even wasting your effort on open what it takes a lot of heat it's like the weekly tears you don't want to give yield nuclear the good thing taken Venezia so you really pass up one hundred thirty are give other young client allows disabled for when I plan him but after that's another thing I prepare the bed like our shower run the surface till the soil right before I went right and get the only one pension plan transmits I really don't have to do that fine as the uptrend has been go in the ground seeds are really close the servicing user-defined seabed I had to run the Torah just shallowly above the soil and then I play right away I don't wait another week before client because he went illegally to grow in the replanting of Burgundy almost ahead with unity could be germinate and grow what they had aware your cash crop right seat until it appeared that phone don't wait more today before you plant a cash crop the direct scenery to transplant in order directs a transplant seed right around versus a little plug in the grandpa that and then after you do after you do that you wait about ten in my area namely others as will different I know in my area wait about and fourteen days and I really have to start after we get is valid and become an up-to-the-minute process takes about ten days for Lisa Stark appear after you taking care of them once you know and then I wait one more time I might have to read it a second time ten to fourteen days after that usually I will have to wait more than two times and by the second time my annual plant is growing fast is it big enough to take over the ground and outcompete the weeds understand how that works okay outside that we don't have that square and have the walkways in between outside in the walkways you will leave your mobile walkways anyone among those walkways before that grass is so tall you can mullet or goes to see there's an old adage of one years one we've seen in seven years more work the weeds and their windows remember that when you farmers anyway the point is that she can get back anything or on the border your garden keep up about ten foot media twenty foot swath mode in the walkways mode at least before they got the weeds on the outside go see the only have to worry about any of you have one of their grass is nice really that weeds out there don't worry about it rentable Diskeeper mode and don't let go say because those see it and put out a million weeks easier and have to deal with all those weeds over the years as you keep this under control but we probably go down and down and down and down the chimney that was something to do about the legacy and all that stuff you're not really actively weeding likely letting the tools given your border areas mode is important and not let you go to see in your walkways noting that we the walkways know before the receipt at our nostalgia that initially while water and new transplants okay this is inside the back of a retirement outside the border areas and walkways now now inside that we got a beer the other one way of taking care we does mowing outside of that is normal everything that insight as you have to clean culminate with a special tool and when you plan that transplant are met of direct seeded seed you want to come in and you might get one of those old water wands and the really good ones are made by drama the Milwaukee market made and it really good their professional grade wiring tools and I can show you mild bringing her afterlife and you want to water I got a trigger sprayer on which they sell to and I just go along and that with the first water he's always done by poser like the first week of his water with a hose right by guards law find


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