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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 5

Scott Arrington


Scott Arrington

Bio-Friendly Farmer



  • February 5, 2012
    10:30 AM
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I'm okay with you my little intro I always radioed without the meat meat meat had always regularly drunk this is a great site what's in my food .org on the resentful this up and have a years because they can have you know I'm doing this in public chemicals and avoid toxic rescue farming thought toxic rescue farming when you have a problem you go to toxin and now solve your problem now we want to get into toxic residue farming but sweet potatoes it was run liver really easy to grow they are there in the morning glory family ever had morning word problems I can be googled as flowers but I figure we yelling in your crops and add an entry for hours and I take over really is like kudzu in a a way to this website and I thought sweet potatoes anybody can grow a sweet potato because it's basically a wave and actually it's not even a potato it's really a swollen river of title is really the title knock item of data that's on the top of the storage coupon that something is useful in route since all they are the conflict escalated to go underground but but anybody also indicated a real easy-going when people first start off clam weed problems and all the stuff I think grocery potatoes again have just been sweet potatoes here you get some food out it in your superhero once they get started you have to wheel a couple times in the beginning but then I keep this huge champion their low to the ground are not taught on a trellis or even like that and they just sit there and he will have to walk a lot and they can grow deep into the water and other treatments maintenance free crop and they break up your soil let's tie in owning and and you gentlemen that write sectors also cemeteries are great first crop for the beginning farmer to grow and I don't know I have never expressed while disease problems with them but her people haven't scattered most pass up it never happened may add that is really easy and eight due regard break up your grounded and F will do even in the chemical world and conventional Agricola so there's probably what will they don't use a lot I cannot think I can go to store my sweet potato nothing to worry about any chemical residue right on the wrong people at this page in a tie in the top of the top eight of pesticides used on sweet potatoes that Koran and how this was use a lot forty percent forty percent of the things in the store grown conventionally have been heavy is this by Karen Miller commits over sort of anyway toxicity this tells you it's a possible carcinogen not confirmed yet but if they're looking at it then you get DDE down there whatever that is and I don't have a key and scroll down the system snapshot but this is like eight different ones all the way down in a range from you know carcinogens the homeowners represent neurotoxins to a reproductive toxins to park our heart for Harlan B's so after the website you got everything he does go down here to get what everyone interested it'll tell you what there are presently using on those crops and what percentage of find okay I like a person hereby and I only know that I don't know this magnet I I had met and had bought a lot of early on was an early innocence to human health message of Vicky and dangerous as a video zero zero glitzy now her name died recently of cancer and her video went in and inch figures were prominent up and Michigan and she's here to get what you think that your forces must be here but because of the sentences she can make it work you know with the approval well I heard I found by heard that she was a rough patch because no lien is forgot like dwelling must be doing some any of that was hard to take easily to the and answers almost left I heard the church over the busy was a little annoying and because they are out there preaching a help message they lived in here dangers while no I don't know why that happened but this is at least the possibility on them are known carcinogens I'm not saying that's the case I don't know but on same at least immediately brought to the table and discuss bucket of a lemmings running it through this okay because it gave some people are you know how questions are some people were interested some people are not enough of it to be regurgitated material rip them off conflicting hundred eighty months to write okay here's another here is another of a is an interesting graph I pulled up on this the dotted blue line is I become a decline in mineral content of the next from a All-Star post-World War II when the new became the war industry started to declare war on blogs are listed on funguses so we can keep our plants open keeper factories open to the wars over we start spring on these pesticides have from about one or two on a really kicked in and and you can see the mineral content and vessels went down per milligram but the red line is an increase in mineral deficient diseases so as chemical agriculture came online post-World War II medical costs rose and mineral content and the phone went down because that's what pesticides they weave artificially we disregard nature and you are officially chemical as your soil to grow cropping the yield and clear war on bugs and declare war on weeds with all your chemicals you're going to reduce the nutrient content in your food a lot a lot to drink content commuters in literature content is still universal to be in good and has vegetarian but just that I get mental deficient diseases is not an issue anymore because the way we farm in this graph shows that US apartment agriculture nineteen ninety seven saw slapped outfit this is another great study it was not beautiful this on the Internet your research is about what the name of these people the Sonora the Sonora Mexico study right than in the late nineties things that God back in the fifty second forties and fifties when you have a pretty much solo chemicals in California that he couldn't sound more and started selling chemicals the Mexicans right there's a big agriculture got married and grow less food on Mexico's number one and they so elicited that Mexican flan are chemicals and sell them on new market force and of course they got been in this particular group of Mexicans was indigenous they were more Indian than they were Spanish right so there was a little valley who enclosed valley of most of the inferior indigenous humans meaning they were mostly Indians that had been there for centuries and centuries went for the conquistadors right and so there was that you couldn't blame anything on a mixed gene pools and all that okay this is a pretty finite gene pool that's what that's what makes it so rare today to deliver my flies everywhere everybody marries her males may have kids and it's hard to find a realtor gene pool anymore which is a good thing and something church equals bad but in this case it it provided a great great way for a real study we used to that you know that you full name out of the equation right bad bad and an end of them is gotten a lot all over the heading tribal meeting or whatever it was these indigenous folks at the London leave the gringos and they said were not we don't want these women would buy the stuff we want a fun way we've always like centuries we don't trust these another groups hate across bigger yields no wheeze lot less work less work and more yields we like it is always a group of people that meant that appeals to the people that doesn't appeal to make the trust that what they did and then sell them well that went on when on second fifties and there's nothing this is the third or fourth generation of babies since that original thing in a what happen is people than Hitler moved up in the foothills the people the deadline is a chemical state on the Valley and after career for generations a test of the kids which is from the outside look normal people after they play just like all kids those these were foreign fighters then make a series of tests and the one that was really sort of stood out was asked to draw themselves Unocal five euro for your commute you are always drawn can you dry yourself require some file no what am I here here is the other foot and only when they stay with their organic agriculture organic is not a new before nineteen forties everybody to organic and we live in we had food it's only after nineteen forty eight convinced us that there's no way we can treat everybody with chemicals as you him and so up in the foothills I have had worse land it wasn't his Disneyland as it was download the bottomland near the river and take messages and you can see the difference the four -year-old the five girls were in a pretty good cognizance of the awareness of themselves in no faces and eyes and noses and smiled amused it's true that's what five what do you expect for five euros Donna Valley this is what you got when Yasmin draw themselves they really have no idea just never found the owner never really had no know what that is in scientifically know what it was it was really like there is something going on here in the only difference was the way they what they ate and the only different scenarios I think the same exact foods the only difference was one was grown with chemicals one was grown organically without enough notices reached your hands yet but you and I were not a measure where it is in our kids are in this group alone will him and he is the pictures that you will note all the science behind the pictures but I'm sure there's a lot it is not good you know it hasn't latent defect in your in the world people are finding out the hard way the aim of the information doesn't really make it in the cities in a single smooth talking so we can be a cover cropping now or get into the meat of it I left a little selfish and our enemy of it here I is a question of these four pictures which Brown is raise our garden here they returned to do something with the correct answer I know they're not already there all library the answer is no it is as if you get started garden here it's expected something like this guy is the best soil is no life and that your name they need to get some android a lot chemical lot to get broken down a lot weeds if we fight a lot we visited that we do have control to the lead in soil they loudly as well they figured out later saliva cleans up the London plant they like rich soil figure in order to move them into growing up a lot of fertilizer on a make a lot of trips but makes a lot of money and confer letter it might organically to don't think you're getting I guess the money what will you need horse manure it's a good thing if you don't needed is a bad thing okay if you need it if you don't give you a high potassium I wouldn't put up with the human world this is what we and this is ready to start regard it as a noun I got that off the Internet but anyway is enjoying himself that this is Buckley it's a really good cover crop and exchange at the grand exhibit also calls for the crop but you can see that this ground is fertile let alone a look at round for dad lifeless this ground is ready rich fertile these leaves her feeling that soil biology with the sugars they exude out the roots with it when we collect exudates but more precisely root exiting yet good your listener through exudates is pushing that easy sugar out the ruins seen all that microbiology something when you cut this down and lightly fill in and make your bed your .net plant that plant in its cut in half all that microbiology ready to help it out okay and you don't have to spend so much on chemicals chemicals chemicals and herbicides herbs either besides okay here's the foreign Guy Gardner took this picture always problem pictures I took myself and went around the visiting here and here we are we just took down this field look like this this morning that young earlier that day and what we did is we could know that and until that is believed the annual planet he liked Ryan in Orion outsource like this is 's winter coats this is an early spring and were get raped her summer crops were modeless this this winter cover crop it we made it all to the winter now spring it started growing in we noted down in a you can't see that here but there's lagoons inure to exist there little bit lower than the grasses may row is a mixed but wrestling alumni tell you that they can get the same I think we do we know this guy thought over in the woods we mowed down chop it up in the intelligence level there is the weak point of the cover probably get into the one one here is in visit Sudan grass this is a summer cover crop or get ready for fall planning we had to fall back to this whole fielder we didn't block rotations with him five thousand square-foot field that's the difference between us infinitely out there is a five thousand square foot block from here to here we had ten at ten beds and it were a hundred feet long and twenty fifty foot beds and here was another same size right next to it right and have incidents and didn't did the description of the layout and here were taken down Sudan grass it seems all chopped up here this thing is called flail mower it's very it's expensive as not worth it for the home gardener lets you get your word on a few acres and you make your money back on it you know but it's not this this BCS tractor is one of those two will tractors and put anything on the end of them our patellar begot up for a different dimension from the intimate you can swing the handle bars from one side or the other that helps to and you can offset the handlebars you walk on the bed what walkway that helps to the flail mower is usually most home gardeners reached with it this is about us anywhere for eight thousand dollars in which when you get enough you model and it still hears about a thousand bucks so roughly your spent about six seven thousand bucks of the whole unit that's what known on how to do that okay but that's the one week I would come across as a get on your and your mom or can handle this Juergen have to chop it down somehow I have to do my head as I will have an easier if you signaled bars that it's hard to kill that is because it lays it down it's a long thank the flail mower she was it it it shots into the air he doesn't send it out to the side like a Rotary but I like your rotary mower does yet which I don't work is good because I get each shooter thing out of the side right this displays it down a mulch is it right there and then you come back and tell her and all that good good green nitrogen rich residue feed your biology instead about dogs going out to feed a whole different set of biology breaking it down you might be a little rhythm I don't know is that Home Depot or Lowes the target good business to get in is to render these type of machines are little out of the some people 's reach because I know is I have thought about that I thought I've got a seven acre and now I fumbled my academic core still do my hedge method in Menlo what's more because I don't get downloaded from a mower over right and have felt well it's a point that have to invest in this because once you get to that you have to do too much you needed to it hell yeah can be out there had been in no cover crop down so I can know it takes too much time I'll have that much time I is will that might work David mulching mower is ricochet out besides helping to cover crops are essential to maintaining fertility by keeping soil microbes and threw it through exudates right we are keeps all and come across any time the cash crop is nothing wrong so there's winter cover crops a member that I will have many more of a guest at the mall the Hopi and that the that peaceful Valley they are the absolute gain they do everything they had tools in your plans to the family rattling chains and supply cover crop and I'll teach you all you want to know about come across North peace is the this is not it and that was the urination what I'm saying peaceful value one that I had been there they're gone now peaceful value can get a leader peaceful Valley and I think it's grow organic .org or .com as covered under the order for a simulator for okay reading it one day have all the good they have has ever probably base element they had a shoot it's like therefore tightly really explain it well so you the homebrewer knows what the you can read all the material and an Excel small body size as also having less than twenty pound bag meanwhile I get a small place and so you want to keep this as a winter cover crop and look at this is that can barley this is from my garden beds and barley for my own reasons but you can see the frost on their right to cross another job at its expense and they does really well it's one of the Boulevard pricer proxies but it does really really well as a liberal doesn't look like a being a bit and you would need to be units on animal being but it is only going to get pics next from the air puts it in the roots and we get that that that mutilating you got organic nitrogen that's a lot cheaper binary that even though it's a little pricier is my fifty pound bags inorganic nitrogen and you can get about a hundred pounds election per acre while you talk in coming pounds per acre even though you don't have later euros a lot smaller always thinking Hunter in a per acre and he do the math and scale it down to your reply okay I think I a little bit of math lesson interconnected become people with visual modification and division all that your summer cover crops seen as frontline is not detailed it let it stays green all winter long feeding your biology all winter long even in very cold climates it can withstand even understand how it stays green and blankets and keeps it warm it seems that water drip not just at the right amount not watching it happen you know your summer crops in the same way there holding a set of cover crops when you make sure you're not my normal winter cover crop in the summer to summer crop in the winter because they won't grow you get the right one for the season but this is a warm season cover crop called Sudan grass agency he waits cut this is a central picture because if you think eating could get he's currently has about as high as they select and say hi there but guess what Nanette machines impairment we're amazed with with his limited fall for this machine ran into my with a tractor and Loma Linda she took that down chop it all up as the machine so to are probably one of the sixty seven thousand dollars across the industry to help collect cover crockpot and emptying out in only a couple months ago it wasn't very long siege of the fall and what is it in the grass that the graph that some of theirs and their soybeans under there somewhere but the grass is using biomass power you eat the only thing you're adding to your ground when you grow the government is nitrogen that is added everything else is just me and recycle interesting in adding really anything else except for carbon are adding carbon to counter what you grow your car from the area as well as really want to reunite if you want more carbon into the soil in this way you're not your heaven and back carbon into the soul of mulches and compost your you're creating even when they told me not compost or manure microscopy Kathy what do I may still set was okay to cover crop because when I do it I'm not adding any potassium it comes in with the bags stuffed on adding just the carbon it with me the netting just like he gets into things I needed that win with that stuff you get the potassium with it okay so that's why growing your own this is what you call growing your own compost and recycle it back in salt and don't think you're adding anything here to take in nutrients or are in the ground they come up with a plan you're trying to some solid and aboveground and in your put them back in and but when I go back in now there complex with carbon and now there a lot when you something as complex with carbon the beauty of carbon is and what all living things my guess is my own things all living things have carbon anything that's living as carbonate BHR as Israel hole on the start and an intellect go in just the right time to plan so it doesn't cost up to talk the light rock stew and minerals do you know to me and you let go of it and hold onto the eye of this whole market when the plant once it's it's a tight bondage it resists wind and flood erosion but when the plant needs it you can have and that's why you're complexing some of these nutrients were insoluble they were attached to rocks but this plant was able to work with the micros get into their plant matter complex it with carbon and weedkiller back yeah now that iron is an ancestral rock is now taxed humus colloid and in the plan is able to access the iron hour before connexus ceaselessly unveils the next crop just amazing cover hold on talk to him and a lot of material to go a bit of the cover crop carbon capture and Nike encountering with milligrams they even need a carbon without glue down the address but the graph has the big root system that's why you grow the grass because of that they are really good at recycling the nutrients lagoons are there to give the nice from here okay that's my goal but together of a billion is they are the nutrient availability is improved but we just discuss that beneficial microbes are supported that micros the beneficial microbes this will fertility and improve reduced human and rain erosion in out in a much erosion from wind or rain is on your round a bank and it's a big nutrient loss nutrient recycling you reduce your fertilizer inputs and because you can hold in the bank account and you the calcium on tango cover crop after it on the whole of that calcium on the whole and that nitrogen is no wash away with a first rate it was one of those nutrients in a leech away this is to keep it from Legion Way is the nuclear new genetic originally capturing the Senate backup in the development plan message caught recycling infrastructure aggregation and ferocity of soil on the things some of these roots go through the hardpan and break up your heart and you have a mean anything take care so much that we management me this year a lot of noxious weeds in this this is your week is like a handpicked week is like all let me pick my only and let me take a week to help me and readily that really doesn't do a lot of good for me right now so your use and your you understanding nature and your common massage into your benefit you're not taken over it with chemicals like the chemical with a chemical that can look at beta one major Army is just need minor chemicals until Bob yourself in front of our nature you can depend on nature your withholding you can depend I will will will get you to your bottom line that's a promise right you you would know this organic Rashid start their own major anything to happen anything to happen and that's one of their sales this will be long farmers believe it also if you grow up mustard if you go on assault diseases the United pharmacists will board focuses you can grow mustard come across NAIC act is a fumigant into the field again it comes as no bathhouses don't like mustard words and they gather us all disease now to increase water infiltration and recover loosed off and on and on having all you have welcome before this is what young people so when would you become a good format I hope you can come in your finances and buy a bottle of this brown liquid and you will be an instant good farmer don't think you can in others can be needed this is the everybody trying to sell you something I'm even on the address I sent him to be very selective and an individualized as I say what I needed to make you great far as I says is good it is all you need to be in the good farmer they believe that they are not telling you the truth that no model little or no backup however is ninety making it an instant rate farmer you got to allow little things well which were start to cover here and and salicylates again in my head said to me the one thing is coming to great farmer naked except the answer like you got a lot of latex advances I was again in my head I would take cover crop is it's the closest thing I know I know my own farming turned around when I learned about cover crops and I started growing cover crops and spend the money broker but I solve my ability to get crop anagram built up about ten fold so cover crops for it but it is no one magic bullet on the Nikon regular they give you force me to say some of the magic bullet I would say I don't think it has been just gone come across the McGivern former okay the you get you probably can give you a free present value of the one percent they made a minor cover crop this is my own that anything we had met the youngest night here for a lab and on you can see the green stick it out here until I is not a nice blanket and here I took a close-up shot and see how the snow display on top not touching the ground its visit melted strip and will nicely so it can infiltrate the grand way letting a lack of the pomegranates are not limited you'll be too much water to send the drip drip drip drip drip drip no part in it it so can better you know I mean you get better infiltration yogurts which Rosen is the most advanced to know where I was amazing I think I know when okay eight percent of the homes and here is the link don't think at carbon and nitrogen goal announcing her that Harry Met Noble Fern looking things and try to grow two or three windows I also mix in Austin P two UN University you know you gave nature is about diversity not just one wine thing okay so you're mixing up with a graphical ability to get away with April two or three times buildings not just one because is getting more in different biology I hope you take up a probiotic behavior by providing some store in there good for our values of a lot of things inside the Pacific and why I usually try probiotic route first and in the basin them up on this thing why not saturate my body with positive bacteria rather than wiping out all bacteria and letting the positive bacterial take your that victory that's exactly right so your format anyway him and in the family thank you deliver even when you go I provide you always want to get one to have all this for all the women of the most rains and has the most numbers right and good most and if the same thing here you go diverse cover crop in a you might want it with regret system with real guns I just sent to hear because I'm still learning and well I didn't have a branch out more more I read and and you may get a whole different set of biology fit with the differently down and maybe Google more nitrogen which input on the higher pounds anchor nitrogen with a hairy vent cover crop and fluctuate when I'm imagining about that in the state and hope that expanded the span of that very met if you didn't even give her to you underground like that you might take my breath is like a logical lifeline I can so it might not be called a ninety degrees you might have put in the neuron is high in nitrogen or some fish meal feather meal which is a protein form of organic nitrogen you might have to subsidize that but at least you get cheap night show a hundred pounds of it real good and I think I win the breast as I like to have about two hundred pounds much inside it happen I get halfway there with it's lot cheaper to buy bags of feather meal and then when you do it go read by the immaculate always but a certain innocuous to go with certain legumes seeds abatement by the right peaceful Valley will let you know what the documents of the object are mine what the doctor with that cost mixer five bucks is not an and I just shaken up and here's my life by Harry next season I just worked like a black power and you are usually poor little of her milk on a little water because you know that skeptics bacteria rich the buttermilk and amygdala molasses and Mary really get those bacteria love and you know and then it helps them get started you kind of just enough water in the article to see it on a soupy wet just a little drop or two and then get that bacteria all over those scenes in menu on this broadcast when I have my own garden you know you can't come in mechanical cedar that's only problem with inoculation is you got to do a really old files that a water so you can use a mechanical broadcaster or begin to sweat I was really where Texas was not home garden hoses do it by hand in a Conecuh by hand to so they gained a lot of ground that way and yet it's application Rick Wright and C&C days this is my hairy mess that was left and right home that's custody but you can see the nodules I ask it full that photograph these are not these are for the rhizobia bacteria which you inoculated your note of your Betsy with and these are what help the plant fix nitrogen from the air beds are full of billions of the rhizobia bacteria in the bacteria are actually able to work with a plan and they could live without the plant that couldn't a being can be a being without rhizobia bacteria and you can need the being that was of the bacteria right and one helps the other the plan helps the rhizobia in the resolution helps the plant and it than what the hell to do is fix nitrogen if you don't have these modules you're not fixed and ninety and there's no point Ronald Internet fix nitrogen okay if you dating having a nozzle and you cut it open and is not pink it's not fixing nitrogen or something wrong and we didn't know what to be wrong but it should be pink on the inside was working so you should have a lot of they should be pink on the inside when you come up of women who want to pick okay to twenty percent grass we are a set route you want to you what you need to the graph because they think they're better and recycling of massive root system okay ads and other carbon a complex as it complexes your recycled minerals with carbon makes it easier for the next crop a okay love him live you all and moisture control erosion Re: I know that here you see a nice cover crop I think this is because I read on the Internet use is not any NHL my only that in between the event that's in the walkway now I love my walkways out really spend the money to come across Amazon guy like that cover crops in the walkway and don't not want to that one and insect barrier between their beds I'll do that when passing good farmers your bring goods of the market do it that way and that's one of their ways of not only erosion control in their walkways but insect control is a barrier crop between the beds a tall barrier that I worry about is going to see because sometimes used to cover prophecy becomes a week okay so I'm always concerned that I don't like our property something I can get rid of it just recedes itself by kangaroo in itself I like to take them down before they see I think these guys do that like to relate one CLU but they like from grow tall they don't cut it when he gets a little shabby they likely would grow tall yet I walk the walk line it doesn't really hurt it you might may need to spray some as organic high return on your clothes or something in a menstruating you know that's plummeted as malignant you will yeah guys that's an is is is met and has led to elaborate out throughout the rest I thought the grass first and thought that seek first and remember I don't think I hope they don't cover enough up the underlayer but in order to get twenty percent breath in Germany yet it says on the harder pounds of this scene on brick breaker while I ask you how do the math it will become the need for me outside when you have a gram sometimes I need for my little plot right a skillet onto the map and then put up with a lot a hundred of the brand using is a hundred pounds per acre it's easy to talk in those terms everybody is a sadistic optimal when doing the math and scale it down at talk as I want but it's what he has to have a regular procedure put on will even though you're dripping on five ounces big yellow plot sale France leader I'm planning Elliott Alea the forms with the England game if you like the Matthew I add oh well you get you out what a percent lagoons is a mostly Internet nice fit in a while and I don't want it to be all graphics want twenty percent grass that's enough that's kind of the is a book out there called up community later and having my book list but it'll it'll go over this and then in order to get down because I'm not a real farmers go out there and I have seating equipment NL drilled cover crop in and it goes in a receipt of this right depth and it's all mechanical and you get you know most of us don't have that but so what I have to do is I just got there broadcasted engaging is lately on top of the granite won't terminate you got go out there with a range and can arrange it in your back and forth is how lightly raking and to get some of it some of the some of the load on you but some gets covered up with the dirt and they germinate grow really well watered and keep it watered for Germany you don't let it dry out and out and you wait to start coconut and an end the reason is that in order to get twenty percent Rasmussen was trying to you got that unlike a fifty percent rate when you're just broadcasting in your drilling in ELN equipment than just on twenty percent accurate with your broadcasting and ranking you're not going to really bring termination see a make up for them I put a mobile bit extra some in my experience I have played around these numbers and I thought it is any rate or maybe forty his breath is usually quick to grow it will come up first on the even younger like forty percent rate I think in the back off the fifty April forty percent rate and and you get about twenty percent to germinate grow that's what you want you want it to exaggerate with those I want eight percent I usually double that I put on a hundred sixty percent A SC one hundred percent rate is that I back off of that eighty percent in the I-AA and probably simple way to do that but that's way I do it all down to the item harvest of her brains are like that is the Avenue you defeat the purpose if you're going to cash crop these are coverups are meant to be sacrificial layer yet add to the virtually assault you are trash properly in your progress you are well questions that can run concurrently prevents that if you like a half it's not a sonic cash profits and number provinces suffer a slow building crop well the thing is is is it I thought this one but that debate it's a it's a it's a slow building crop cycle I was sometimes a call agreement or your network alleged agreement or will this disorder it's a green manure is a scripted it cover crops based specifically for joining and enriching the soil icon agreement or crop a cover crop would probably be someone like just going out the enemy 's line but we thought we did that have been resistant and then there's Sally no mitigating action that does the one good thing it goes really quick it had been probably the shades up with a ground tailgating you know it goes quicker than the weeds they would shave about you competition with is not a nauseous week as it did by really easy now they doesn't have a banal resistance at so they call that a smother crop we write for controlling weeds because her smother high-heeled weeds right if you do it for when you let go to flower attract insects visit waffle that little white like that it looks really pretty and being loud your ever-growing government of crop but we got of flowers is I go out there early in the morning could be that's when these are active early morning yoga staff their annual dispute is united to earliest sunrise when to do so I advertise is so bright and rainy here this is your life I regularly tangling everything on this talk about is if I am magical I was a medical psycho blessed moment in your now this is grown in the winter or in the summer between cash crops in your knuckles in her actual season cash crops are wanting to press the articles even catch up your oligo on roller cover crop but you know that you got your broadest summer cash crop you'll you don't you don't have to grow some are correct cover crop ever going to win it it's where Betty designated goals isn't that the unit about May or June in my area I chill up my spring vegetables and I plant my summer cover crop in it grows like July and I start to think about thinking about it down like first August because I want it that's the other thing hopefully I get into is when you take it down you got taken down about four weeks before you decide to plan because when you take it off until then those microbes are to be interested nearly ten help -year-old lap negotiation breakdown all that plant material just in Europe your plants will suffer it but the plants into soon after the cover crop okay anyone about four weeks okay some people so some people say to some people say six values for hot decomposition is lowered a little weather so you all this is can you give me from the southeast Georgia perspective year different area the principle still applies but your timing will be a little different I get away with not having a plan B the local harvest .org go to a guy who's a local organic hardware for a living as a head when you do and just copy it they got worked out for your area in a he that neither world knows he got that she got Austrian winter pain you got crimson clover it comes in Rome Iraq tried to levels lower Austria but I can't get it to grow so don't beat your head held in UK this is earlier so for some reason I figure out why Hasbro does work that sorts Muslim keywords muscle slows the two aggro I don't waste my money any I don't waste any more money ashes and try to grow crimson clover do what works don't beat yourself up trying to sell you heard about this on book you know I had something come up and out liberal limits reoffend Kentucky outlast Songhai DNA greenhouse on again you know you have wrote you have any expertise about everyone things as season way out of climate like that no why would you want wanted to try growing some you can grow your area why would you want to do the horror is language I'm sure somebody is really good at their craft can grow a lemon tree in Kentucky in a greenhouse in its beautiful eagerness began I'd go with what works in that was what is probably going to fail in a you have the floor that the other option is to pick the right species and do what works don't try to go the weird thing of the thing that works I'm not rather have food and say well I grew up of three how do you know how I got women's opportunity to have a lot else it is not your transcendental imagery this is met if another summer of winter cover crop then here's my barley in the winter and then there is a weak crop and you got Ron you get out there is your winter grasses for some odd reason and it seems really kind to me there's a lot more variety in your winter cover crops and errors in your summer it seems like an summer we have more variety or come across but for some reason you really commented here in the offing these are the only four lagoons are arming I had more pictures I took that letter cover crops but soybeans wire telegraph that when you do I brought the Lego domain why not because in iron I do mean it's more locked up you want to take that soybean balance still before as it is starting to blossom in the US CIGNA is that all benign I just about a grand original forgets all bound up in the being of everyone forgets from the course and at the Kasparov in a growing for so you wanted not present in the what and what they say there was we see the flower restarts a flower you what you want it taken down before see that okay that way you get the maximum use out of the crop now the problem is a lot of times in my spring in on the plan and April seventh I got up no letdown Mark seven four weeks before and it has started a flower yet that's problem I run into and when that happens you did like the bullet and mow it and let the decomposition you don't want to sit and wait and wait and wait for the flower it would be nice if it did but the worse of the two wrongs as you know wet take note of flour and then have to wait and you will lose your window plan your crop because are still waiting for the decomposition happened in owning so it's ideal to to note down what you see there would be no more whatever flour the grasses in the flour for we see the Google starflower musing about a twenty five percent flour right not everything flowers anybody passes then you take it down or sooner say that one these are usually come across mustard buckwheat at the biochemical and beneficial area and out lots agreement sex love that little mustard flour okay but yeah before I do not take it down because you don't want to go see it now you have a weight problem with mustards okay so your timing is spot on the Asian religious gold vacation and come back two weeks later you might've missed your window now your monster which was that of little help because you can take announced enough balance become a weed problem because it's receded itself so as you you know this stuff got me on what puts you offer CI does not know do it in a the that the young it's fun when you get into it and yelling you start learning how things work and they work for you and you're not in your things start rolling in you have start have infertility start being growth things we've been wrong before and you think it and even if it were enraptured with you know you like wow this is just the nature of work it's amazing what you know what you say you're better farmer buckwheat Re: what over that smother crop and the service specialty crop problem okay here is the problem with trying to grow up winter cover crop in cool season that is you have overlap your family get the cover crop in the ground at the same time your cool province just start day come to maturity so what you do and I knew what you call enter cropping the CNMI muster I don't know what this is muster extra plan of her transplant I think the collars are some but up to see this is my cover crop brassy there you can really see the windows together darken it certainly did was look into the grassy so why now is I just don't want here and now going between the roses are cultivated men add and because I let that this cash can't get a little further ahead you L arose behind it and I'm able to your heart is there anyone that has gone are the cold takes it out the cash crop is right a high rate in there because what happens is you is recovered and special the winter cover crops if you don't get it on before it's really cold it will germinate so you got in my area on my window is the first week of October I have to get my government worker upon the first legato if I wait a week later I don't get half the stand I do you do the first week of October yummy because it sorry I must have some sort of freak weather going on it's ours are you cold enough where I don't get the germination I didn't must do the first we got them because they'll live through the winter we sought limits of the snow there but they won't germinate when he gets a certain temperature so you need again tomorrow so they'll germinate and about knee high are the at least in high before the winter on cold winter hits the midfield Mike but don't expect a negative outlook with households via an week so the first week in November with LMI we waste but we got a little bit of a stamp it was it was anemic compared what to do efforts with October so you really want a good lifespan so what you doing that with the falsities mustard better cool season that and you can say I find this one just right sometimes I don't get on right and I like these get too tall they say that they don't germinate as a liaison they don't represent any son and when the cold pixies out to me the closings across the excerpt actually do die okay but what but it isn't about waiting list these things get too bad I don't get the growth here I get a wingspan family time well I I didn't get my time because I politically slanted to be in the advice in these plants are too small then the cover crop overtakes the cash crop it's a it's a fine balance their big you might spirit of the first couple times you do it but keep at it and you get better at this is this is a good where broccoli field broccoli the cool season crops ACL broccoli better been harvested but you see the cover crop is gone but it was under sound right I don't like doing here is there to protect the grant to the Larry Sanders at the right and ultimately tricky to overlap and that they didn't come across one of those cool season that they are they not died I want to provide things within ICANN becomes a little plastic bags the only much a lot a little bit on inoculated me back here super small so a little minute victory will indicate used too much of it of the knock Saddam rallies like the store I just know you know it could I could do a lot secedes with it I just dump it all in there and you don't have to do that you just make sure when you put the water in the inoculated the lipstick you put too much water and you don't like to be just what kind real estate disease and the other thing I be really careful when it is you don't use chlorinated water I know you don't is that why you use rainwater are distilled water in a something without that chlorine kills microbes okay I got rain barrel I collect rain I use it for a lot of stuff I don't I does not go ahead with that limits irrigation estimate that's another topic bouncing a stroke rate don't think that you can water your garden even a small garden with rainwater it you have to buy bagel it simply will how much water takes the water garden specially to get to which the way if you can make it one week maybe with no ring the doctor we can no way you have to start your day and I mean plants like about Edgewater week now somewhat little more some like a little less but youngest average about a two week in the young plant voice of the site once I have breakup in the wanderings in the week or three Warrington week and and and I'm telling you I got three hundred on Teixeira and I got to three hundred gallon tank and a one three hundred gallon tank on rainwater Michael asked me my little four hundred square foot garden might last me a couple weeks if not being on frugal you know and care for so if I get a six-week drought coming you know what I do is visit irrigation of negative what it was I feel like three high gallon tank and I treated with it on the campus of you with his friends now it takes abhorring it also takes up the money which I don't like like ammonia but it takes out the chlorine and I just had this for beef up the amount you know some of my mowing sulfate fertilizers you compensate for you the money they take subflooring and you know I get housing on MI Chang were before just R when bro out because of all the chlorine and and now they think that is used it will obviously than the open and will evaporate off notoriously volatile this leave the water after you shake the water spray the water just evaporates our ability bought titles built on the Essex answer but now most your municipal water supplies room County water they're adding a single chloramine ever that chloramine is a stable form of chlorine may attach it with ammonia lot of budget of ammonia Adam was a anyways as ammonia compound and that stabilizes it and it doesn't leave the water for three or four months we doesn't break every four months up chloramine which is what thereat Eduardo Theissen Ibanez out of West in twelve years and start doing that they really can just let it evaporate like he used to first you broadcast it timing no different right have the right season and all that the one that grows eighty twenty megs and get your timing right into various a variable called the mayor are right yeah you're right and any got this equipment you can likely television like leaves the Senate really like the visibility of the yellow Mary has seen to date is a lightly you know just under the surface okay I like this right I mean it's not is beyond huge placing his right a lot of ground really fast but the long and you want to keep water member you got it once you start the germination process you got to keep water on until he gets released and you can back off no need to start back up what emerges but if you really want to make sure it doesn't have to fight to Mario in the AL 's hot sunny days really hard on it was an infant just like a little baby you got really care for what is really small and gets bigger you can it's on its own any content for itself in a that you can water with these watering lawns are really nice dram makes the best ones these tripods pointers are great because you can because you can drip or airport it will cover crop is a broadcast things that you can trip line okay doesn't really work with drug lines is not done in Rose 's broadcaster were so these are really nice because the tripod reciprocate sparklers because they can just plug a water hose it down there and there is a hose plug in here only as dancer of above it and so you can water things and you don't worry about waste physical cognitive out I don't belittle my cash crops just whatever of the and you can always do it by hand in your gardens and small enough menu growing much of water to Germany and then you can back off and you want to cover crops and for some of us say you have debated the whole time just the initial phases okay a backup and you want alleged target of eighty percent without twenty percent grasp and here's a hard frost killed everything else did you ever had a nice green carbonate soil nature never leaves bare soil and always tries to cover and you're just trying to simulate that you try to dispute the beneficial we can help there from other in our little four hundred square foot I know for twenty five for footwear square-foot garden reality standing in the walkway and we just we just followed by you see that the cedar had tears in her hand I get AMG 's been older she gets up and gets her exercising wears her out but she is she loves her garden in our student Amanda Spring brought me my mother to get you really together and we got there we have a common bond how you were not to generations fighting each other you know we haven't altogether enough and and she's got her head to see how this has been heads down here because I don't have that nice equipment I have to use my mower about my mulch in Colorado in the Badlands the multi- right and you know I found out that I will experiment that image is resulted on the think the most part doesn't work is good it is a little extra step I wish for something I think you might knows other you don't have to value is multiple you know in leave it there we don't have a backup agency is a rear discharge illness I discharge rehab bag like that and everything on the site most of her rear rear discharge now but she had to wish he had had enough of this I would hear before I can know it because I can't love this tall that it is mobile lower but it works that you even don't have too much at it yet I raise it to the highest setting is still bogged down and in which he met with this is freshly killed and see how clumpy and lumpy that were inserted trashy networks will hereby be working for weeks time to be ready to plan they won't wield enormous transplant usually don't have to go back over there until then you try to did Rick see stuff like rashes and roulette stuff like that are being and you have to come back in here and will I currently the most concept in regular and nice against the clock without you have and make it look really nice like a good clean CNET but if you're not a transplant automating many run over once little rounder too much because you really don't have to be particularly transplants which is another good reason to grow transplants spend less time driving heavy equipment across Ursula right and that's the end of okay so structure you're ready okay this is about my first slide on soil structure and what kind covered during the slump in the Symphony elements on the stop this is a this is younger or find us on the Internet or HR I made this up because it helped me understand what was going on everyone's law have to refer I can just burn it into my brain again and I got that copy on what might my handouts is on the air inside the box or things you have some control over as a farmer there things that you can match the things outside the box or things that really you can reach you can't manage insect pressure you get the insights when they come you can't manage me pressuring certain things you do inside the box can effectively pressure but they're going to come at you in any of you don't have any control over the win her over the barometric pressure over the sunlight temperature humidity water you don't control the reins God controls everything outside the box when he does decisive control things and that he set up inside of us but this is the things you have healed in allowing you to manage a little bit more right and so they can adapt like any new managed things inside the box well then these things that come at you outside the box don't affect you so much if you manage inside the box well you don't get the weed pressure natural like you did you an insect pressure connected to man-made pressure not sure what I meant by that help when we are overrun fields and build subdivisions and stuff like that in a way if you manage this correctly whoever your lease land from might not want to sell that land to the subdivision developer you might like it is a nice form so you know you do this well and you might be eminently far but it is a centenary they might take to sell that's not something I enlisted the money at it and no houses so you do have an effect on that somewhat and you can record these things and it can help you manage this better you can record cloudy days versus Friday's win when you have what went is something every plant needs when too much one is that thanks to you know when you don't get corn crop where taxiing toward Wayne Hemingway meant when is the muscle that since helps in some of those nutrients up into the head okay they you have there's a joke about that I will constant moment of you know it he and I might complain about the weather Alan farmers get-togethers light on my smallest letter and so your God says no telling what you want and I'll deliver what you are the perfect weather for just tell me what you want to come whether that sounds just right the temperatures just write rings just right any come out there and enter Southwark forms looking really beautiful and as tall as his ever been is as green as ever been in a coherent harvest the way women do everything looking so good from the outside is nothing they never wouldn't check a crop is looked at from the window the car in and going to the poor way with it it will happen to give us everything perfectly willing to release agenda from her when it is a slip is something that you hope it helps a lot of the and see where it we don't really realize these things were always fighting major Medtronic we live in our little metal ringtones in our car we live in our house is brick walls in the majors out there we're in here where it's nice and where controlled environment but it's always make and they learn to know they're there magnetic flux into the ground the wind the barometric pressure on this is the class a very sensitive just because you're not sensitive to it doesn't mean the plan is aware of it and you need a intervertebral space you know you know become the ball you know like a vacation that you got to become the plan the plan doesn't care what you call yourself the unsecure Internet business the figure the remnant church it could care less they can doesn't care of your organic and you feed the poor with all your produce the plant could care less but perhaps only trying to survive and it has to encounter all these things and your help and it survived by your efforts combined with nature okay so deserve are you trying to hear is the Albrecht method he focuses on chemistry a number cheat now he's dead but they got their disciples out there that think Albrecht is King and he's a good guy and he got been dismissed he lost his tenure from the University Missouri because he wouldn't get on the chemical bandwagon and you don't lose your tenure do you think can happen it doesn't usually happen it's a little weird weird thing so he was right thought he was just great and then when he didn't changeover to the chemical back in the park late forties and fifties we didn't change our ways they just dismissed him and he lost his tenure because even though always a certain earlier so a luminous nobody listens on the universe that I the corporations are given a sex not onward no one would you not on board see you later know as the money popular was because I follow the money him and anyway that's William Albrecht allotted I still he's dead like I still promote Neil Kenzie won the guy here on out the bag and some of his literature that international Atlanta air as follows the reason method they focus on the energy its college physics is talking about you have ionic exchange is not about the chemistry it's what the chemistry does the plan doesn't live up nitrogen the plan is not new the chemical reaction the nitrogen produces that the energy act which takes it a little bit beyond chemistry amid talk about chemistry biology but it's the energy is kind most important leg of his trial I think there is a really important I think it's all free equal like a fire triangle but you know you can do these guys think this is what we are left with SMS primary altogether there as well as I see it silently tries the Marriott altogether they got there in the rain is they think energy is the most important that Geiser and Albright think history is important most important like a guy and people there and playing and who still live and you can still take her classes the organ and she'll give you microbiology class and do microscope with it you become your own biology that's what she did she believes you don't have the chemistry don't have to worry about this if you got your biology right and this might appeal that fantasy don't want to get you or anybody who doesn't want to do any work she says if you can do your biology right they'll think you're the history and every soul has everything you need if you have the right biology experts make else I guess that's impossible you know if you have calcium there's no micros that generate cows it have to be there for the micro to work with on this sounds very promising it offered leniency and she's really neat lady one of the books my book with the dog had done her down in layman 's terms we can visibility space is very understandable but when she writes began understand any of its way over my head real quick that but they have a lawyer guy who was above a barbarian he was used to make things simple for juries would learn lawyers uncertain after that and he took her stuff because you are a gardener he was able to Dunn announced most of us can understand your fansites on the booklets was the first book I recommend is the guy who wrote this book and then of course some people think tillage is part of a trial archive utility on the outside because the physics of the physical world some people put physical here but the physical world talks about tillage you know I like the energy there and that is physics electricity is physics after the tillage out here surrounding that affects all of this okay again you have some control of any way I think that's her it's helped me a lot me to help you this is the perfect soil and you have to manage the human Spinelli this sometimes is called organic matter sometimes called he was I think there's a difference between organic matter is you go from mulch to humans which your mulches like a leaf you can distinguish images like that black coffee grounds you can't distinguish right it is the good stuff right most of your term but is not good for children your soil is a plant can't use the very belief it takes time to break that down right so he put on humus in your story building is in your soil some even called organic matter to meet organic matter is between molten humus and you don't really want about in your soil yourself it's partially broken down to me that's the sort of in between stage anyway on this one goes to say that you must add you got your parent material which is from your bedrock that mineral subbing one usually was on a semi- want to go in all host people down during the same compost and wood chips are paying for this is the perfect soil sand silt or clay and five percent humus it's hard to keep five percent it takes a long time to doing so because you don't belong review even if you don't know the writer lives that really fastest it's called the carbon cycle member of the carbon cycle he is a farmer everything cycles the car in nitrogen are the two things ago from gas to solid get gases in the solid real quick and you want to try to get to hang out the solid-state your soil is much as possible the generated habit forever that's laid out as well is my try to elongate the planet hangs out there if you can build five percent she was in your soul good quality was not tripped up for the good broken down you must you have perfect so as you can have the biology of porcelain and they built the pore space in your structure to have to recover scenario twenty five percent water inside the fort was okay that perfect soil it is not all woodchips they are okay this is rude is the breakdown we look at a handful of dirt where you look at will the inorganic part and talking to the chemistry or inorganic part doesn't have any carbon attached to it is just from the bedrock material right or blown in from somewhere else firm while the flow down the mountain the bedrock rock the inorganic material the mineral I guess you could call it to is you got three sizes really doesn't matter what constructs on the three sides he got slammed we did like Jupiter yes still which is like no Venus marketing is a highly likely to add and then that's called yourself extra and now here in fire or mental I is the click Melissa scholar in her own mineral okay and so it would make out a claim should be the biggest and less ecologically a parent last date you the claims is together little minute little particles of clay is not always that Clay can actually hold onto things better than Sandy every people has had a self fertilize lot more a lot more frequently little amounts to get everything washes out same and fan doesn't really hold on this stuff you doesn't attract nutrients you know doesn't buy nutrients play hold on the water hold on the nutrients and you don't have to fertilize is often an and what you get yourself perfect face a perfect with clay soils so don't think Clay going bad is always bad sometimes I guess I don't have that so not really from a buffer that term a lot doubles Lilia is fully still doesn't that you can work the gumbo to Zaire the guys talk about that well you were go about that I've always read my voice heard I do and send my clay alumina is I have a lot of sent but you really can't hear you got a plate has dealt you when it comes to Sultan you really can't change that even had a few things and it doesn't hurt you really like to change it that much you know the way you the way you help this out is by working with the soil structure I will get to that right now isn't this like a simple happen at that forty five percent mineral content is either fan still our clay are this is the best part this is the best this is the park the release nutrients quicker than any of these other three right this is what you want in your swell and your daughter that is like new granulocytes or whatever that is zero zero millimeters but this is the part also elicit what was the next now talk about now calming things he used to be a line that are now bad right in the wire the organic as I got carbon attached to it right carbon makes organic food in a in a chemical since all you got balls now we know we can look at that sale at the leaf and that's molten that the purpose you can use mulch menu got organic matter which now it sort of in between this and this right is startling and romantic and if intelligence of the composition the chickens doesn't want that those little stick and Beth will be smart enough will busily you can cut it a lot of the composition that's what I call organic matter or litter litter and a ego from that it breaks down to that and anybody units that's sort of the holy Grail and really there is one path that connects Colina Ed note the little dots on the inner side and and and especially on this list can hold ten times more nutrient than that will enter okay and one count of carbon can hold four pounds of water so Carmen beauty thing about carbon is its ability to hold water that's what he wanted yourself to get too much of it like people who think they can grow and cop just pure compost too much water you have some diseases in love a lot of you have waterlogged soils okay so this past year everything you do something well it's good now


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