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Who Has Your Back?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 10, 2006
    7:00 PM
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everyone is leaving everyone in items other than pleased to see you again tonight I realize you could be spending your time elsewhere but I want to show you you may intelligent decisions in behalf where the word of God is slow because goal horn has hollow to bring about all kinds of miracles in the lives of those who receive it by faith so five just so much for the presence I'm sure Google would bless us all as we worship him through the school work before going for the was here tonight for the first time you were not building my pleasure hounds unless you will bless you from my heart God bless you both of you returning for the second time that you will have that in the long list of items that he got enjoyable to the end shall be saved so I wanted to enjoy one time of high adventure one that is unlikely to do something interesting you can use a lossless underlying I wanted to say I can come to every meeting you must save if you say that you mentally predispose yourself not to come yet is what you must think what must I don't in order to be here tomorrow night that's what you think will learn about next week just think of tomorrow might want plus I do in order to be here tomorrow when you say I have the report have no early I have to find a babysitter I have maybe take time off they decide these are the things I need to know who in order to be present tomorrow night but the law say I cannot be here tomorrow night then you create a negative state of mind and if they become a self fulfilling prophecy much to my sadness and vital suitable rebuttal thank you for coming let's review what we talked about last night what was our subject what women should know about God and what in one sentence one will come along to share all which is his my creationism and his by some vision we discovered last night that the creator is Jesus Christ Martins one for sixteen for by him will be screened in the government have all of that out in the visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and for him I'm discarded for seventeen and he is before all things and by him all things consist so God created God sustains and sensible assays the way he creates is more than that which he say he is able to sustain and maintain us why a person need healthcare about giving life to Jesus Christ Christ is an expert interview care of that which is his and so last night what every woman and every man should know about all tonight our subject is old has your back will have your back everyone wants to know that there's someone who supports him or no one wants to walk this world alone all supported by weekly and people who cannot have as always something is have your back said I was being long has your back but as more heads and pray our loving father in heaven we have accomplished leaves for one reason only a medicine that you want serviceable word I asked for the name of Jesus the remember the words you spoke to Moses when you said to him in Exodus for first twelve thousand Google will be refunded all of an visual love to say father from my heart usually when I should say into the hearts of those who understandably received the words of truth I offer this prayer Jesus name of Florida State a map go have your back why was it necessary for Jesus to die I'm not perhaps an angel while a member of the Godhead whether the goal of the father will do some about the Holy Ghost why was it necessary for Jesus and liabilities as you go there will come again but missing there is some season thereby where you are if anyone listens your fancy ridges happy that you are with us why was it necessary for Christ I will give you some reasons why it was necessary a while he will withdraw himself to get his life but all of us understand that we must first define this thing called sin what is the Bible gives us leverage the first joint of reports for noticeable that first John chapter three verse four novel role for strong with John this original the Bible which John John one of the twelve disciples yes the one who described themselves as the disciple whom Jesus loved your own holy books in the Bible find it really possible John your first job zero seconds on the euro for John and he wrote Revelation if I vote for Johnson three first four minus teslas eleven thousand watts that if Travis Wesson also the law why for sin is the transgression of the law molecular think that this is the biblical definition of say so is the transgression of the law without even reading the Bible you may come across examples of sin but there is one biblical definition of sin and that is a sin is the transgression of them all is you is over seventy the Bible says therefore to have gotten what little blood and with that not edition that is on a sample of same North I'm not going to medicine is an example of the definition and not of course not the five percent within the Bible says all unrighteousness is sin that is an example the definition is safe is the transgression of the law let me explain that I'm not a scientist so please don't laugh at my definition of an animal while it is untenable if someone was if you define animal what would you say why would probably say in my something matter of undeveloped as a living organism will deliver the human beings that each of rules that reproduces uses energy and that's another know if I will have someone one is that of other persons that are fossils of animals with that person right yes but that's not a definition that is an example of that is so when you read it says it is a transgression of the law that is the definition when reread the form of floors is insane that is an example also insults and is the transgression of the law and not those that look at all of which Satan is a transmission wires glow so important anyway when Lucifer Satan you transgress the law because sin is the transgression of the law that definition has operated since they were created beings it is not just to the New Testament if all else functions send is the front Chris will not go all you see is transferred above S Rubens would prevent the Rose Bowl blue book of Exodus chapter twenty five Exodus twenty five percent reimbursed sixteen emphasize the wanted posters instructions for the construction of PR it was a collapsible ten a movable structure which functions as the central worship but here's my school from prisoners in forty years wondering in the wilderness it would move from place to place an actual internal compartments that an out-of-court it was surrounded by white fence and had rabies before Jennifer 's apartment one piece in the second apartment which was the most wanted list in that second apartment there was the art which represented the throne of God I would assess the what if I bought in giving Moses instructions he sat on solve some point in the art that testimony which I shall give the question what been going the way he told most days but that testimony is a VR before the first twenty one on the same template for the five of the ship of Exodus as a continual hassle back like this about some of the voices in a bottle upon BR at an art thou shalt put the testimony that I shall give thee is repeated instruction is basically blocked the testimony Angela PR one S the testimony method a book of Exodus chapter thirty one letters go to force a game welcome both of you were coming and will bless you write and see just of comfortably at the seven thirty one rating for staging were trying to understand what augmented when he told Holzer 's public testimony into VR versus thirty one the Bible says and he gave unto Moses what is with him upon Mount Sinai so tell both of while testimony that Muslims phone regularly with Bob on now from the text alone with this the testimony refers the wattle the law but then sometimes one exit seven thirty two North subject is one of your back as it is loaded to force a fifteen miles this and was turned on went down from the mount and what was it is half that so tables of testimony were in this fashion the testimony as mentioned by both Moses annexes twenty five sixteen and twenty five twenty one refers to the ten Commandments in the second question but before asked the second question is if the layout of the testimony refers to the ten Commandments in a photo yes but one of us a testimony of testimony of course is a statement of something that someone has seen or heard on those something about it is ideally an accurate rendering of events the ten Commandments following closely vascular plant amenable to the reason for the ten Commandments are a testimony mean they didn't testify on something I want to testify on something they are is called the art of the testimony of the most important piece of furniture in all of the Oslo instruction was that little ball and say the testimony of the testimony was and it is what is sometimes called the I wanted on the question of testimony of one testify a more testifying of the building so of God the ten Commandments are a testimony of representation and expression of the righteousness and the Council of God that is why the testimony was placed in the most holy compartment of your builder yes the Commandments the testimony money all may reflect you testify to the counter so of not to go to someone again someone idealistic movement of the testimonies we shall reverse one thirty seven of someone like you I urge you as amount of intelligent participation right these verses down or if you see someone writing them again the service please call them down there's nothing unique about copying images like this so that you may go over before since when you get old always feel the responsibility to check one of producers for yourself and adjustment you cannot doubt on that evangelist he did not make it clear you cannot tell one fact golf said I give you are mine I give you a brain in the same way you used to get a PhD of any of the unit of animated video script to check for your self a high rock rock what would I say Psalm one chapter one ninety one horse one thirty seven regular fairly cleverly and carefully implemented but Chester Manes .com as well it all walked right to us of that is safe for someone like it was one thirty some of the covers one four four one six the righteousness about what law is not of some of them laughing what does that make on forever it has always been there the righteousness of my testimony is at the University balloon all has always been their count of all possible respect to the righteousness of models has always been to nowhere answer the question why was it necessary was someone he glowed with Malik Jesus Christ that I reasonable one side was a violation of a standard that conflicted with the help of God Norman Angell are you with me so violated us tend to reflect that the countertop of raw not everyone are some of the Angels of God himself said second reason why Jesus I send is first and foremost on insult against going personally not in financial Minnesota Genesis seven thirty nine hundred with this principle in action Genesis thirty nine Saudi Arabia four seven it's a familiar passage the President Joseph who was approached by his master 's wife within the legal proposition which he rejected by the power of God somebody save them all right Dennis is the four seven and became the best of these things of his master 's wife Catherine Osborne Joseph and she said everything set up and commit fornication with me but he refuses and of his masses want my muscle what is not what is with me in this house one offense especially my Muslim people know what I do in this house he just trusts implicitly and he have to put it off any half of my is not in this house written that I might have to get back anything from me let me because thou art his life I like to read we do this as evidence of iPod how then can I do husband was amazing I'm selling is a father-in-law how then can I go this red wickedness and sin against God is look at what David's words of Joseph 's words Joseph was a logical it is the widely same logic says that every conclusion reached should follow naturally from some preceding statements or propositions of events that these people and bring them if I were to say all all men are basketball players all right together off all men are basketball players if I were to say John is a tall man what shall conclusion John is a basketball player file that is a logical conclusion but your logic does not always neutral as an example enough of the total strike against logic is it remains in the pursuit of biblical truth logic is not the final lands of the Holy Spirit is getting through them all right as wide logic is not the slowly drove all creatures with feathers of birds I listed off our stuff others was the conclusion of similar note that is logical but it is not true at Joseph Satan per se but Henry Phyllis and Santos Russell 's wife my last so what if not what is with me in this house meeting he trusts me into the city it would work and he permitted on any half a lifetime statement to the Islam credit in this house that I stood in three now he says not him from the monthly suitable for John is talking about all the things modified has gone right now who want to come close is amazing how families can I do is read regulators and sent against one of ideological but is not always logical Johnson said how then can I do misread readiness and sin against God Austin is a wireless son against going personally more lives on the one was for this is very good news for the sum of repentance from fifty one four four driver worlds on Reagan Ronald Maduro admitted Psalm fifty one first floor against the fee only applies saying about this even my site now what was missing David had an adulterous relationship with the wife of a soldier in David's army on trial now in our view of the level of David Satan against your eye out but Satan is first and foremost a violation against all charitable forces and so David said I didn't be the only place in both the medical examples with Luther Genesis seven twenty as a visit of the subject will pass your background to the question why was it necessary for goldeneye informed Jesus Christ who said one blue all that was violated as a synchronous call himself who said is a personal affront against goal reverse completing our establishment of the effect Genesis twenty after this chapter ever housewife Sarah is stolen by King Abimelech with the Masonic and the reason why academic that is because it comes that enforced to never have set up several his wife she is my first on Abimelech king of the Roxanne at oh seven based on the information he had eagle on man's system respirators but content of the letters with buying items that have been all how are the dead land for the one without a stack of where she is a man's life but Abimelech had not come near the untouched and was a reason why ambulance but he's anymore will eventually also a righteous vision said he nodded to me she is my sister as she even she herself said he is my brother and his son with him my heart is is am I have some I found this ability is a law I asked innocently positive evidence reinforces EA I know about this this is the integrity of my heart for I also withheld them from doing what survey found this is a slap of Sarah you would've sent out against the bonds that I stop you from sinning against me however family therapy session is up personal affront against God personally long as they human being suffer the consequences of our sensitivities but the same is against law and so however is that our secularism the version reasons one why did Jesus have to die someone before the father one little is as it was not himself beloved peoples is not aware with reasons and because income was not aware with it is a sacred assortments of June oh seven is a personal affront against going exactly three hundred users have to not someone we go to follow I will establish easy-to-follow was also the life who has a Mac book of Daniel chapter ten that is reread verses eleven and twelve verses twelve and thirteen of value to rape him tomorrow night those items if you come when you come home and I bring a friend it may be the best fable you would Riverfront tomorrow my heart is suggested by the person I said bring the person that sells personal commitment to bring the person what would I say what chapter one verses from thirty to seventy Angel Stadium Daniel Robbins is was Gabriel I thought that it will fall from the forest and another set fight hard to understand that she has less of before by going by words were heard on I am come for thy words no doubt of that from the very first day I got it with everyone to the very first day Friday by words alone are in heaven and I am come for my wife first were surveyed but the ranks of the kingdom of Martha which told me one and twenty degrees and will like one of the chief princes came to help me but I remained with the kings of Persia of course of course thirteen we have the prince of the kingdom of Persia and we have the gains of torture tool different personalities Gambrill said I was opposed to one days in order for this opposition is remarkably hard to understand guerrilla was Devereaux is now by orbital evidence the highest Angel Lala one power outside of heaven to stop the highest speed you have for twenty one days of opposition was so fierce real said Michael for the price had to come and help me know my brother 's assistance I want you to fling at you Gabriel is that whatever nonsense very critical messages to Earth you would send Gabriel with total capital one Deborah 's video message to Zechariah the potential father on the farm to be of John the Baptist John the Baptist was chosen by God from birth performer to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ this is a critical position it is an absolutely vital office and down relays sent to speak to Zechariah operates about what would happen Zechariah 's wife Elizabeth could not have children she was married by the way all significant limits how to several of them have children Rebecca of them have chosen Redfield favorite wife of Jacob cannot have children Hannah the life of Samuel the mother of Samuel Sando the first prophet could not have children Rebecca Rebecca is Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist could not have children or send one or two from you what you quickly it was about the F1 of that is about it it was the only about the only non-Jewish writer in the Bible according the evidence one for staff of the hallmarks of the people who operate without other type of the instance of the other hand a mental of the Lord Stanley on the right side of the older lenses and what Zechariah saw him he was trouble and fear fell upon a what does another fan of Zechariah libraries were my wife Elizabeth Shelby views on how shall call his name John knows Zachariah was terrified when he saw the Angel know is what the Angels says about himself in verse eighteen Zacharias said whereby shall I know this number of how shall I go out homicide because I hold on my wife as well I was at an age when my wife as well numbers like the vigilance exhibit I am Gabriel in the presence of God the ones that mean I didn't realize just how much we want to his credentials on the basis of what he was secular I have the right to know his heart I tell Zechariah I love you anyways oh I am DeAngelis and the very presence of God now that Angel is what would culture the Lucifer used to be that is used to be that of Ezekiel twenty eight verse fourteen how are you going to chart about cover it I is set to be sold at the biblical evidences give Google displays but not as a Dino ten thirteen first Gabriella that an opposing force for which he needed help no one on riddles of Mozilla was the highest a divinely about proposal remarkable musical trivia versatile the Bible says thou seems up to some form of wisdom and perfect in beauty the expression of those seem to stop the sun simply means but in modern English when Gore made noodles chiffon he broke double there was never before I'm never have to hand an angel like most of the so you have top on this he wasn't the coverage Harold is an alternative reform they now went on to those instructions notify there were all in one but in the case of Google some of the Bible says thou are the one covering cherub and I do so now what is supposed to be good love you in the office while reforming unit lost the love of his power we're trying to establish why was it necessary for a block to die resort was one of them was violated is sick of his volumes of tool set is a personal against going three seven has a power behind an image that no individual can do with not even the highest angel in heaven right now because when he came up against that power what you have to do over help okay I'm once facing them my thought was like Jesus Christ's at the highest angel Gabrielle currently on death row also if all is not safe not only certain of digital Gabriel is as biblical reasonings you reason the Bible to speak that if we would bring our intelligence for the baldness are eloquently not that fast mingles essay does represent me as the personification of the pile of sand in it even as Christ is the personification of the power of righteousness the righteousness of God as it has powerful the evil of Satan 's incident and so it goes in the presence personal referring to Satan why do I say that no human being can resist an angel the present person out of ten thirteen before the liberal press a Haverford I think that he hired an okay because from Genesis to Revelation you must be generous as you let's look at some examples we saw an old chapter one when Zacharias on Angela Bible says he was the Arafat appointed by the Temple to remember things as a considerable has about the man who has your back is your remember to bring the power of Satan what is a cause that Jesus Christ most of its normative overstates underwear in the zip country shepherds abiding in the field you want over the phone by not and behold the angel of the Lord came upon them on the glory of the Lord shone round about them underwater so afraid of his shepherds walked out of sight when this saw one in liberalism have liberals but this initial contact this one Angel that was so afraid towards Lee's extremely good enough you can immediately see how human beings come up with this arrangement to promote a better human being that was as the Gabriel and Daniel ten thirteen what would I say what chapter reformers one thousand of her life when I go back announcement does anyone have your back right now will eventually just think if no one has your back before doing this Ms. Mitchell someone has your back after Freddy and reformers long lines this is the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first of the week ten minute magazine of the other managers in the sepulcher and before there was a great earthquake flood the angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came under all that from the door and sat upon it is is was like my plan is relevant as white as snow wherefore am what I want to keep in shape and became asked that no one is where the Roman God of the arm on this is an assault that is usually when they sign in now as dead men walking until I say on human being with all of the recessed oppose an angel in the execution of this war when angels and human beings and human beings that's what another example quickly as the numbers of this chapter numbers twenty two Riverside one this is the version restorative den I'm writing a massively accessible and because the assays of visual of the essence survives well at three times the edge of volume of knowledge in the donkey turned away not wanting to go anywhere close this angel and then I'm going seven with this animal a book beyond Williams and worried what you do unremarkable beloved animals what would be ineligible back so we know what it has thirty one Mercer the Bible says that the Lord did want to learn the eyes of the lamb and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way he and his sword drawn it is man and then under what fell down and did what he bought himself unfounded for lack on each face scared to death when he saw one angel so if we go back now and redundant sensor to read Daniel said but the prince of the kingdom of Persia with so many all human being can walk on along with Cendant real it must have been unknown the entity reference the something to do it himself Biblical evidence for that is what Ezekiel twenty eight event will be quickly invited that is much like you and I felt as though my audiences if I'm quickly anyone in front to back I will slow down for five seconds and then speed up again what would I say what chapter of the fourth eleven moreover the trouble of the world won't give me saying Son of Man and take up a lamentation upon the king of all Cairo Sunset impulsiveness of the some full of wisdom perfectly newly though he did some Islamic cash on top of the king of Tyre is funding as the problems of dollars speaking the gain of tyrants whose kingdom was supported by the devil gone he uses it as a symbol of the devil and because of his rivals about the roof is left on Isaiah seven fourteen there were another's lives of most of which are before the vice area of their again lives of not speaking for another human being representing the devil this is the king of Babylon Isaiah fourteen four then shall not take a macabre again saw against the king of Babylon and say I'll has to process each of the Golden city cease is one of the first twelve how about falling from heaven odors of a son of the morning rehab wheels of the address through human being who was supported by the power of the enemy as so as to the value of ten thirty when Gabriel said the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me he was referring to the seed Tommy agency that was behind the Persians ruled that Wilson was not over and see himself what you will see as I was hello by the highest expression of evil and that was seeking himself and sore he was Michael Jesus Christ then you will dwell in the other if you need help yes I put both my hands are the highest and have a say in Jesus Christ came to have me and my confrontation with all after the highest angel core lobbying oh seven one one one originally what you think about Anglican about the diver said Wednesday it is a very powerful sadly we need someone in need of someone high on the highest angel was surprised at how nice of you that is Jesus Christ the only power that counts as a laugh into whose hands you are not submitted our lives anything less than Jesus Christ and we showered the overbroad and Holocaust if you haven't and you will and I cannot we need Michael to come and help us I don't understand how people of this world without having anyone the public that the devil comes your back you uncovered because you cannot double cannot defend you against the Rothbard it is even with visit again I have to say for my harvest about it Christ said cannot protect you from the Rauf of God but want to protect you from their officer I also read no one will throw back of arrangement comes about when a man in the holiday but our own so when does the life and that I have the five hundred and one says any man what's is life in my head long jump but that person from my no one includes signal one means no one only bought nine percent because sin is a transgression of a standard that is as sacred as God himself it is a reflection of that account of more tool only going to buy facility because all sailors are personal affront against want to read only what I've said because only God can take on the power of Satan which is the best only go so he will die Jesus Christ when he was human yes never forget he was also going the leaders in biblical evidence I love the work 's going me to be pretty frequently time flies Frederick remember having good time Matthew twenty three four thirty seven eleven was the first person to find all right a handsome gentleman to my rights normative final verses first please matter how different was the resemblance of the Jesus Christ or Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that because the profits of sodas that would send resume notice how Jesus phone call zero seven euros and let's go to on March up to ten seven ten okay this is assorted with over thirty eight of forty one forty two where Jesus is a house of Martha and Mary and various settings of the word of Christ and Martha serving verse forty one models while not serving as you get him and said Lord dost thou not care that my sister shoplifted a survival benefit for the geography of Jesus as instead of their model off the other the caller my thought Martha I want to have a problem in Jerusalem Jerusalem also have a state with a vocabulary through regular Atreides have is a Jesus is not threatened by more biblical evidence neutrality over thirty one the Lord said Simon Simon says not designed to have the other the residuals when shy and silent it seems to me a style that Jesus had when he coals let us go tomorrow chapter fifteen Mark fifteen hundred four thirty four three fifty one has your back marked with the first thirty four may have that market the shortest possible it is the most fast feasible ghost was immediately and and and and marketable to the heart while fifty four thirty four and other life hour Jesus cried with a loud voice eight oh why oh I love you I was a needed part of their micron my God so he said Jerusalem Jerusalem and Martha Martha silence my God my God is on the Mac seven nine with the addition of the dilemmas of Jesus is not recently happening often it was going to launch a new of the government or legal attack SF gross for twenty thousand euros under a voice saying unto him what Saul Saul this was assault in the so we have a style of quality and solids and want no more present I am Jesus Christ no particulars also my God my God Microsoft or Jerusalem to Simon Simon is no Genesis seven twenty two dozen federal recovery to the end of who has no back Genesis twenty two in this chapter gone is instructed Abraham to sacrifice Isaac is something in them so dearly of all his hopes were pinned on the first of Genesis to the Bible says that Abraham settled his hat at the life the slightest time I did a blog called him out of heaven sidewalk and a half ever have that South America yes it does but also familiar enough with an excess of the three were trying to establish that Michael Jesus Christ is running on contrary to what some people one hundred and eight when we say that anyone less than one channel to become at this week remembers one important step default object of his father will be submitting an event default the backside of the desert a given amount of blocking with the Laurent of the envelope at him in a flame of fire ultimately some of us unable under Baltimore's quantifier in the bush was oppositional and most is that I will not ratify as he does why do Bush is not hard I would also like to read as I can see more get out of the mess of the Bush said he will visit South America yes and that's not familiar enough with oversight of seven three in this chapter God is calling Samuel and God called him a certain way was it always does when it is message one flight numbers where's Osama was made obsolete by first two ends of air the article did the last one went over the Temple of Montréal Bob was a son that was made obviously the Lord called Samuel antioxidant verify and he'll rather than Eland said they are I have about policy on the life I call not like him again once underwent Amidon the law call yet again Sonia and cellular laws unless if you have sent terrified when others call me at the outset I called up my son like you have four sevenths now Samuel did not yet know the Lord neither was awarded the money getting the review looked at Mercy a lot can I call Samuel identify five Samuel Goldwyn observed that and Samuel arose went to Eli is that verify the above is holding an Eli perceived she was universal and global investment story perceived that little golden child therefore Eli said to Samuel why don't it shall be if you call me about José Spiegel for several so sentimentally nondisplaced of the Lord came and stood and called for stem of the times that's a key expression how we bought called as at other times on how many called shiny shiny out that's actually how we call it for four and four six and it were say were spent as much as that in clout of the other five what we're seeing is little evidence of the bottles and assignments the Bible said Mary Madigan Oklahoma about essential Rosalinda Roseland 's also my God my God is the bottles that everyone around both Islam and Samuel sounded out about God as Jesus I wonder who write their own students were times volume of your minds Jesus Christ man who should have your back is gone as much as the father is gone it was absolutely necessary that God will cause a guy in uniform because only God can deal which sin the power of sin and the personification of sin which is Satan nor all hope how will you deal with it on get real news that could affect when he called her to help him against what they want Satan if you serve Jesus as a little dog you are in trouble because of unauthorized Bible tells us there is not defaulted on some of the Holy Ghost and then I think you left it there is a lot of public on some notable goals that uses the bond the Bible does not teach their there something that will teach Jesus was initially thought he was not that Jesus Christ was remains on will always be brought only got her break I'm discovered on Friday night of Jesus Christ was the superstar of creation of life I want to think very clearly very soberly of the resumes who is your God will do you serve I was in London England in April and May when I have his encounter I was able to family a second week of prayer and the family had a helpful environment I suppose that's the order and I discover that the helper was a Jehovah's Witness so when she found out I was there to the weaker bridge he thought she would enlighten about the Scriptures like to always use Enlightenment holds a men only bundled everything so she arranged convert my knowledge for a few over and like there's the cost of a house so one day I came downstairs Lysol will forgive the synonym of a percent of nice-looking man when we got to chat and mother said what you mean about Jesus while I don't hesitate to pick up on Jesus was human and God was in the shop I wish you look at affecting that was what was working I am shocked that you believe that Jesus is not within my vision before you should be the light in humans introduced on the perspective when I tried to shore from the Bible Jesus was gone she found some creative reason to terminate the discussion as she left I want the privilege would have that so the stars when Jesus died she left there are people who do not accept Jesus Christ as God hit Centinela is a nice man one nice amount of safety nonisolated to the trouble of Iraq and all I can say only now just as unsafe as it is Jesus came to die Jesus Christ is going use always been there as one writer said yes life which is original on borrowed underwriter when Jesus stood editing of Lazarus 's system off of narcissism with the reporting she was sorry she was brother of use video brother shall rise again these are organized in other resurrection last night when Jesus said something Jesus said I am the resurrection Jesus didn't say I am the resurrected arduously to make you what this is not what we don't also wrestled him we shall be the resurrection Jesus Christ is the resurrection which is where Jesus himself I he raised in South another one was less about raising one that is correct because God gave the alternative was but if God has raised Jesus Jesus would've been to resurrect head not the resurrection is one of the love that Jesus is gone because all involved to raise himself alive to raise the dead these arrays the event will raise the dead but God that was unlikely like in heaven but the president on a set and then on the public to raise themselves that would be a line Jesus died and rose again with Mike Apollo was natural and inherent in my brothers and my sisters it is critical that you understand without one or more of the Christ who died on Calvary was gone by that I mean going back the ballpark was all gone as you look part was he was the human part of blog ideas but that was gone because Jesus said to John Carruthers one seventy Johnson I when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead here's further proof that we're human beings these major will the collapse I fell at his feet as then the letters right out of understandably awkward to the members and one I am here I'm the first alas I am evaluative and was the actual Jesus said on him he got nervous and Wallace and behold I am alive for evermore eleven hundred keys of hell and back so Jesus specify from his olive I was there but I have the resurrection and the life or both of my sisters why was it necessary for Christ to come and I want because the former law was broken is a reflection of that accountable to say that is a personal affront against golf in his north for us became the bitter price for insult against him three or leading golf can take on six and when are you with me on meeting off and takes either the highest in jewel shall resist the devil like where one of my right to say or legal get hold of argument only law to hold argument with all the talk with his exclusive angels and God does successfully argue a citizen only I bought the car and die to overpower the doubles the first to bring it says egocentric is of the devil for the devil so that from the beginning for this purpose the son of what was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil shot of God God himself Jesus Christ will feel that they can like it is a Jesus Christ who is not the water conditioners provide with me that is open to remote syllabus is what you are a Lord I put my life in your hands we don't say that if you will get original right have I would like it you'll has started with me please was right I put my likely to have if you set off from the heart I'd like to make that mark the carton of a card with you simply says I give surrender fully to Jesus Christ if you want the card yesterday with cards to me I would pray over them tonight and in the days to come particularly if you have no relation with Jesus Christ I surrender my life to the one who is not the only one who can overcome the devil I want him to have my back sign the card I was given I would put it woven for you all during the day and night and they ever had about a very close father the name of Jesus let your words sink deep into law hearts of medicine more videos like these words of the Savior will guide what God is going to always be gone before a life of his father people still fabricated by the resurrection of life raises us up that we may live with him forever we offer this prayer to Jesus and for his sake but all God 's people say amen and amen I shall see when more like one time seven o'clock on message


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