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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 6

Scott Arrington


Scott Arrington

Bio-Friendly Farmer



  • February 5, 2012
    1:30 PM
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I want to start our first mall Santa is the most important tool you have a pencil and notebook okay keep in records allows you to do good plans next year yes you have to be a me I got a little bit on on on the different records you need to keep his only six you really keep at it it is home Guardian on the market it goes down like two or three okay eight is keep them separate is a little easier to get the energy of their coming school easier collect the information of their separate so when I set record basically just whatever works for you computer five you are doing and notebook fly and what you're doing is every day you make a lot I like to have a column for the day the call for the day of the week is not like the looks he would be the week that was and then adding a course you need to know the month and then I like to do Shannon and I got up at the vocabulary a twenty garden actions so have an action word here and then I have a remarks column I decided I keep my own I tried on the business of spreadsheet works better for me add out that way now I can just do action remarks X remarks and I had to write debate over what you can do that thereto but you don't have the right debate different actions with our ways and when fertilizes them to read through all this text is all for life there is not any conflicts of all my action words are in a column by themselves all my main action relations so that's where I keep that's my main going back and record tools and I put notes in a remark like how much a hundred pounds of nitrogen and put on or how becomes a feather meal out on a win stuff germinates how may days and see determination when stuff blooms the data mums on sometimes and don't have time to calculate it site is that the data in MySQL one and over that reaction column by writing the remarks and equity in the winter we got time to go back to restart plan for next year you wow you will you thought I don't let that little later person like that and you and this is what you become a better and better and better gardener because you learn from mistakes in your past of a million dollars in a you forget all the things he said you're going remember you write it down you won't forget it in a making a farmer that regard okay hereby agrees her that I they are here tool categories you put in your bag utilities are weeding your groundskeeping like Malena cover crop management like flail mower or like those face years of planting trusting irrigating fertilizing all these things take tools all these actions take tools monitoring your crocs have some monitoring things here and the guys I use that this guy you know he's a home home business guide up in Minnesota his name is Luke Lammers a senior international act lab test through him you he can he can send he can he can blend those fertilizers they recommend for you and all in one package okay and that's really neat because I had à la carte this thing for years and you don't have to my fifty pound bag in a shipping cost now I buy what the recommendations that he blends all the dry ingredients up for me and I get sent to me that's what I use and I really like that services on these guys recommend things that are biologically friendly and you're not enough time at Home Depot and you're not finding a senior night of fun I love anything you go your County co-op the floor persons I don't know what you're talking about they don't know there's different kinds align real and very say what you want your cow six Cal city line that I just wanted by the things they know there's different variations a lot I want to announce it my model one oh one I don't know the difference now there's a lot in those co-op places together everything everything has some that the guy in the back room there is one awful person there you find another persons on what you want don't trust the floor personally think a nice and even in a co-op person doesn't know anything about sales for you knowing a Home Depot doesn't know what you're talking about okay I anyways look glamorous has a service at and here it is and they may test with the reins model he said that the international adolescent has one of the salts esters you have and what radio is talking about monitoring tools this is a refractometer we discussed that it's in a nice case the only thing it's missing is opened is broke the case and that's referring to our brand-new he said to me now because I'm in a relationship with me what you know but Ari so what I want to do is I do this island on this house that just put put put put up printer printer get unboxed and high stages this is working outside the seventy five dollars and this is worth about thirty dollars so does the hundred five dollars did what everyone and I spin gets the best that they can juice extractor tool is that you don't have to do that so much with an orange or something like that is juicy when you get a leaf when you have to do is add this line is a sky calibrations through my mind is up a little more for my I guess it isn't like a hundred and fifty dollars anyways itself calibrating but this will screw a notice and you have to calibrate it renowned for temperature corrections okay this is the prison was stick to the opportunity but that's a future Brix reading and and in this is what you have to do is you have to go I asked Lisa Zoltan exposes your perpetrator not your farmer and and you wrap it up and up you want to leave up and you rapidly cut the pantyhose of the little squares and you folded around the leaf why and in your able to Christ that an and in the Navy don't have a pantyhose around it just as a squash out the size it out and really make a juice they did have that pantyhose buying it up and keep it from squashing out you can do sadly that school trip and you can measure your lease bricks why are growing and did some corrective action we still have time that way but if you're just a consent order and you're not wrong when you can take this to your problem you can think that's a problem store and talk to produce medicine I like to bring some Europe was urgent and I wanted on my hybrid samples I want my hybrid broccoli and you can keep your grocery store on it is not until the distributor distributor tell the farmer fifteen hundred miles away and the only way to get hybrid food is bygone more biologically friendly you can get there conventionally affect and so consumers know the farmer to change the face of farming I demand a for their hard-earned money hybrids produce okay that's how consumers have our as everybody wants your dollar and are trying to do the least amount of work to get the most dollar from you okay keep allies tell me one bit produce your body this high rates in your measured Internet you're not taken there were four okay so this suicidal thoughts that are accessed monitoring part of harvesting tools equipment maintenance of course you know that some of these things easier files keep these things sharp at work in Leicestershire lady was unknown to some binges bending over well they're not sharp people disbanded over will do his job okay so you need to set a good files tracking tools we have to watch those reversals you need a hose and sprayer won't get a nice break along but you need a saint you can drain my stuff out of the new novellas out of the yard somewhere enough waters that from trees or something like that he departed and fruit trees so there's a lot of prep tools any and any of Corsi I have your market tools when you are marketing in an attack at a table yet I got all blocks the market materials plus an easy ten night all year for going market you know that's a whole other set of tools okay different types of cells I want someone here this is the most important one in every father should get these two things first go through several quick this is your first set of tools in a like salt-and-pepper shakers usually they sound together is like salt pepper shakers you got one you should have the other okay you call us pay for because they force people to pay for an space shuttle noses while not much concavity there is while the bottom I like Lulu Beckerman but some are just flat it's got all that scout out the thick part here so you don't break your boots when you're stepping on your envelope and their sharp barrier in the Boulevard seems Mildred is a bit and I keep I think a right angle grinder every year I knew a guy who can keep it sharp that week that's right into the dirt don't work myself that is like a sharp knife in the kitchen did the laundry extra work it sharp knives work a lot easier same with the garden tools okay the reason this is a space always you can border with it you can crack soil open with it is due to summary things within a short handle I don't think you would like some guys do you know the bigoted anti- spot open up uphold the end of its messages the use of one man's pressure on that amount of handle let you then I leverage thinking about foot-pounds eighty start trying to cheat on your breaker tool this is an eighty dollar one this is a cheap I inherited it this is a cheap Ace Hardware one I managed to find another handling umbrellas but he was always right and this time I found a handle for that if I had to get another one that got broken beyond repair I don't get an eighty dollar one good tools worth money you pass on your grandkids have wanted your logo maintenance will last a lifetime so anyways different types of cells get around what shovels were questionable yours regards they wanted to show you the attraction showing a trait during spatial always if you try to do a job always use the right tool is a lot easier if you try to shovel set off a sidewalk or something hard beautiful as he tried to get uncertainties around those we tried it you try to make it a lot of times we get a pulse and monitoring well you dig in a little channel to get the water to drain away user drinks they could try to do it the DHL needed at the user a trenches they just can't like it version of the drains they would just go the legal okay we would lay pipe or something like that might use that Trajan targeted anyway I hear your different types of force this is the decided that we did this once great because you know you can area your soil this will indeed join cracked open her slow that Linda rising and when the teller is going here and crack step of six inches crash get all the way down there cracked open rack is easy work title time is good therapy exercise some analogous as you know we need a boombox a reason using a marvelous and the birds I like him was a little classical musicians that are still like now you need a different title he thinks this is what is at one four would just as you would just fall through is a small seeds of a lot of times this one is the opposite extreme that's for hey visit you can get before and how I would let all those times you get someone less force unless you read the friction and the to penetrate a hay bales let's pay for an excellent NFL would support and you get stuck in between for anything everything in between okay so think about that when you go by I got I got out just a run-of-the-mill red one which can't award for widgets and it works perfect with you you you missed them you the advertiser race was we always read probably leader greatly when your guard up my political background or collect in the macabre let's say I do that to others are typical dark rate here's your cultivator where you can you can scratch those weeds so you don't like it one of these children away it in scratch we delay OR you can so your grass seed and step you come across he would let cultivator and this is a net right which I have one of those this kind especially when it's a lightweight it's not a leaf rake SunGard rates of its input bins pretty easy for what you do is you is you start with update embrace are already in this thing anyways what you do is is a you want to get your bed till and you get time roughly right smooth your list this is for direct seeding you not go as well as the transplant you come in and all the big dirt closet might get away at your seater and there you discern a likely go through the soil you have to bear down and kiss her lightly rake and Doctor Desai lightly Ray and Doctor Desai and to your full forfeit what that always after things that take long at all ages are finishes off nice of your cedar to go through without notes Dublin and the clods or subtraction of the this break doesn't decompose and that sort of thing so that's the other one a safer place owner cover that okay brought for the basically all this is how drove this is a brought forth you get these and I got my from I got most like to try different johnnies because it is a good service and the good quality tools and this is basically a potato for R&D space for on steroids okay you can you can see you come out like three times maybe four times a wit you go faster it goes a little deeper I think the no limit focusing that but anyways it does the job and these are protective gypsies are really sharp kids I keep I finally keep him sharp and it's this is a beauty this is a European made Swiss made tool does they don't make mistakes in this inflation go but it's really quality made and what happens is in of course I have gotten a route one time I thought how I discussed of soil and ice had died and I had been in one of these boys always was a two hundred dollars and like it is the wine of units a lot of money I called Isaac was old no I just paid to our dollars for this note three weeks ago announced into the Henley single Beltway backers from a number of anger on your door is good to us and really using it is the type over independent is made of a metal that doesn't weaken when it yields you can bend it back in his justice Jonathan was the first format and that's a quality tool you don't get that line tools made from China okay is that five dollars for a reason and they didn't pay the guy anything to make it and the engineering guide is a very solid even a big engineering a anything to desire either always skipped that part here they said hey we get the special metal limit never breaking and bit back and it's worth two hundred dollars area in the soil this is what you can aerate the soil without China I think of these and if you had tractor hell not had over a quarter of an acre probably couldn't do this in figments time I let him again lesson coordinate and had worked for had tractor that the subsoil or linen of my tractor and nobody's heard that this also is basically this retractor okay yeah their protectors is a good idea you just want to stay sharp and ninety Dolan banged up will the trinket that makes it easier when it short we Artie went over the trap this is the trapezoid hello I don't have a collinear some of my list but I like the trapezoid hell because is low more forgiving the collinear 's wider is about seven inches this is about the love for half maybe it goes between the plan member the rows it taken care with the storehouse in between the rows in-between plan is taking care with this and this in UCI's angle you're supposed it is posted just slice it underneath the salt transported up back straight and you're just going down like that and I like to do this side of the plan and in the middle they come down here maybe due to rose like that and income that do the other side all the way down the goalie of the site is significant for rosy note and twenty million in his life is like this bike was just pretend it's a plaster of Arredondo between the rows with a start how right you come in here with this site is going Inc. at the the next meeting and I have another one of the changing needs of them have to go back and forth little bit and remember not to folder your folder on trying to shave the same the weight and their little reason these things will not work after that we get the next all okay you can forget you got to get the wheat was young for these things work and it's got a be sharp for work Sonia had stated it's a lot easier and diligent like that and have a comeback and trampled they always these blades is another quality tooling Switzerland you can replace my new place for cheaper than the whole thing cost about fifty dollars until you real story I had a couple who want to do a little plot the backyard sigh I hope you must provide notice for settlement do the work for him as you know and they are very meager means you know I know and they were in call Chattanooga area and I said well on you know your ligament you got your ligand in need of at least get this home even before the start because you can still do between the rows with this just takes longer to get one of these trapezoid hoses not as long as a collinear with little more forgiving when you start now all you cover more ground that the seventy 's as long as you got me a little more exacting of Harriet 's license suffice so anyways they said analyte comprises forty fifty dollars and for a whole lot going on where you want robots cannot sit in June to hold like this individual American scanner fax oh you know you feel there is only long annual gala I said I distance inside the monies than it is waking up a dollar a week away and five after forty weeks or something you know know that both the Hosea movies will so you know you got even watched ninety nine fifty five you take care your tools you think everything are physically carry out they didn't like the tool thank you get back on track again by the tool and every kind of very telling as best we don't we are in and in and make it really for four dollars ago they make it meet an alien a nice garden while they still let you away from sometimes simulate your note landline is slowly getting together we want young but ill studies on about yourself and hopefully improve it back I think there's a start bonus of China made others the wheelhouse argued out since abroad you take this out I sent you about those the two I have theirs they make about six or seven different sizes we do this Doctor a noted Hollywood to further trolley and I like we lost the final hurdle or drawer somewhere in a link and unpacked with a fact that this is a will so you can see the handles for the cameras you see the handles are offset right this is a three hundred dollars will but worth the money it saves you time number time is money okay so I say while any one of the business and make in America Saskatchewan you might have a budgeting business here but United Bernie villain things I got a Maslow while he was a high-stakes like that possibly like this in public who hope my column on his Goldsboro will that you you go to your grandma cannot walk in my bed I want to know my walkway and going out here and you just go back and forth most is you can't because both ways is sharpened but that is you can't and in you it's expecting you expose what you just got to the son and you cut and explodes try and expose extra aliases however in man you know three hundred and you gear your spacing so you can just inventory comfortably the only two MySpace is when the rover don't get me know in a few extra waiting dildo and as you know give yourself a couple inches on either side of it so that's I think that's seven inches that one so you know maybe coconut know that's acted in air when the space lanes maybe as a limited cut and exposed classmates with a flied arrow that you're doing winner Jan and your keeping templates are okay and you can replace that life you can replace this you can replace the handle all the different parts are cheaper than the whole don't get that the China me to most assessment in Europe Switzerland that the Europeans are way ahead when it comes small form because you know they'll have a much land in a galloping hat of a servo there's a file set usually have a raw file on finishing file are somewhere between best different names of files and it's important to keep these things sure all we are over here is in the house is to let to heart ha ha I don't have one on Manhattan and accordingly we all seem to my pastor we all seen the Apple printer can everybody tell me when you would use a nano and use the bypass no new mail okay and those are major living stems are not sorry bypasses are made for living stems as are more like a scissor and letting central softer and more programmers can handle that so much larger but you don't offer dead woody stems and you really don't your receipt of money is a living stone this is you can have a tendency to crack the back side of the stem as a for the new don't want across a living standards for front front rank here here always to understand you don't care about Russian president is that this is for living pruning this is for taking up that stuff now all you can get the good was your Home Depot is one thing again at Home Depot and got a cheap when you go more specified by the marksman of you I can afford that and forward cars back and forth with a now they had this thing which I didn't really have a lesson sex on this that you make your compost and do what I did I kill the whole class about make an accomplishment for someone this is it this is the area air that they make one little wings like this one it's all that we push again and fallout people in the sometimes get back pain and a compact accomplice powers pretty tough words this is a pretty easy and want to get in there you had to pull it out sometimes I stopped by the visiting minutes workout polite out a good further easy and amiable about sometimes loudly as I'll go in a little bit of the goalkeeper and pull that makes will leave you this is great for those that make the entire compost piles okay ending apartheid I got been reminded to get you you can check your temperatures in the middle if you like to do those things in check I got this in Johnny's is made of stainless steel of the call compost crank your unique open-air holes member were trying to develop aerobic microbes they love their increase as the compost all breaks down it gets cut I earned more Pat 's gravity so all you do is yell every week he got there hope that you will keep the air flowing through it more of it breaks down for you it doesn't you getting off track guess what happens you losing your nose anaerobic vineyard it started to spank and draw flies own competent good compost doesn't smell it it smells you got something wrong with it it's not good Bob was not using that's right I was right where you guys were young five years ago one wow I know that so simple one in I know exactly enough him and said against him and now you pay man you wanted what is normal Natalie Mister and Claude Bernard Bernard thought that one what is that our client saying we don't regularly pester the organization get environment right the early forms of bacterial column it is wrong they won't be there so you make an environment where they like now I know why let me know that either something you have to buy the hose that that the licensee donated by Army out of the Y ladybugs is in LMI have enough insects a lady by the know eventually you know sometimes I have to wait a little while but I figure patient no is the this is called earthly seer and for a small farmer doing you have three acres or less this is a great tool and what you do is you have received size is a smartphone near you and there will and and NEC house design what happens is I love you can see it or not but there's a little recess here is that the discharge with no real right like this is the case connected with the appalling right here down the coal belt is blue belt and any charges a plate in there and it picks up the scene in these localities analogous to the top exhausted goes down the chute and it is it's like the big ideas on the big tractors as if the hand version of a payday because I didn't know that you could serve for certain fertilizers United the United States and certain death and here you can adjust the depth of this level of letter of the color engineer when you can just set with a wingnut and you can adjust video like ordering statement images the beta since my net up and down and it makes the scene things real quick the other thing is you might not be seen it really got ten foot bed you might not be seeing a lot concealed lastly I see you don't get enough in there to pick up the elder life in the small receives even in your small gardener and it is some of your friends or get your friends or whatever it is you and I like cutesy yet it is going to see him I wanted to do my hand when you're having of twenty yup over ten feet use it the cool thing is I've even been in the chain on the back of the car covered up I usually go back with a knife this regular garden right and I have a pound it down a little bit is to press the barrel top of the seed is planted so the chain doesn't really do a really good job as a sort of covers of old but the single wheel now on the other cardinal now I don't the back wheel actually you know President Siegel have to do anything to meet its planet when you do that this is a case fancy setup doesn't work a lot we need to make a wider something but the other thing that this is really good for you don't even put the plate and an even when you're sent out transplants and drive you want straight rows what you do is this is a marker here really ingenious of this stuff really well made and you can set the input you can mark your robust fix on this article by your as straight as you don't get that first frustrated and in this marks the row how far you want to be right beside it and then you come back around you can put this on the other side go down that far with your now you don't need a stake in a line of this is made you go down this way you market another one you turn it downhill right back the other way to go down this way you market a line that you can use that when your direct seeding bar you can do a transplant and then immediately transplants obviously interested for directly but when you get with transplants so I'm not limited to talk about these two don't let me forget about finally going to guide you as you can for your ingenuity have your line out there I usually string this is a hundred foot type I would like two hundred and they sell hundred foot three hundred puts two hundred B ideal this one works on her foot take good Home Depot something to Home Depot and you late outside and when I do it I have this lanolin outside my beds are in the middle of the bed sometimes and I'll just come down here and I have tickets to slightly push these out right so it is some water it is another that's another classless of it and send me know what you don't kickstart and then I just go down was driven I let it drain as much again about of water mixed with some stops will starter fertilizer and then I just go on and I lay the transplants right in six inches of harder for our world-renowned panel 's drop of whom you like this boom boom boom boom boom go all way about all down that one row and before Sunday's to much I usually do one road of time you come back and I get my right ankle trial for if you like dibbles again he is a double racing these devils in financing right angle trial this is makes a little easier and faster administrative trial or little I like the child better my mind is like better sometimes a reasonable lecture onions suffer that much of his nice to have options you know someone will and you just go in and does things early and write a database he don't pay attention to take because you did your job right you drop it exactly where was supposed to be ages without thinking you come in I like him uneasy the good guys are they stand on the just and have not have to bend over as little bit of a work trip they commended to go really fast you just get all those largest layout really fast while there multiplies in others drama meeting visit desert is a plug-in electric ones and we might want to talk about this right now around the house okay there we discovered that the argument but we need to the condo to meet up pick up on that follow talk about this these examination tries how I sell me two for seven dollars each IFU Whitney began finally Diane a corner the market on these but I don't have that many sub seven I had a special relationship they Henderson up in Hendersonville it is a big nursery do you know all North America with flowers late they started in the seventies and ended by the nineteen eighties their electric car buying these cheesy flat trays with their two farce this last maybe three or four years of Warner to follow the bigger this round this is about a dollar each this may be seventy five cents each these are usually get two dollars wrapped up in this right you have to replace them every you know which one of every two years José average Dublin this time because this kind bows in the middle it doesn't really ask the next monitor and when those in the middle are your water tends to follow in the middle and you waterlogged metal ones and these ones are drained better and they grow faster you build them grow big and you don't want that in a germination for you won't all come up with the same size okay don't that even you really hurt yourself and some are going faster than others affect what set my own germination very narrow and my off-season for me know that I have a friend with a greenhouse I don't have one myself and he lets me that I payment on the greenhouse for the is somehow one friend I see in the scene he does all I pay them by the sea in this folder so please link back to me for ten dollars and it gives you might these are the way to give the effect Madeleine in a much raise it on the grill on its regular aspects of nature he liked the money for him save me a lot of times the greenhouse which once know now these are these urban search race and I think there is patented by the net operation that the nursery of the net and their multimillion dollar company and they design these the very entire book this might force plastic so the desk I sat down and design is perfect right it's hard plastic it lasts for ten to twenty years meter still use them over and hot average young innovators and they instantly get away since the permission project initially got home and the owner told me there's Lee is on the Ethiopia twenty years later and is it not possible they don't get really how you return so you can you lower I is washable gone right after you finish with the dirt still soft in their blossom front back I just powered Jetta hose on know all the different ways wandered off in front back and examine some fun sterilizer don't know transferee diseases you might have to the next rock levels on sterilizer they are saved and stacked that when you begin a series of all nearly well what you do is you get wheelbarrow the germination billionaire and you can get on the unit by turning you want to my termination thirty one focus by his little chunkier is made for putting stuff up when I germination dirt is a little finer and I just don't the big bag and I make my own Demos and perlite vermiculite and worm castings and a few other little goodies and make my own opinion startup and I usually put it are you can buy premade it's okay and on and I put in a wheelbarrow or a CNET mixer beat the semen mix and bends it will be noticeable on the midnight and I usually do it will barrel and all you do is put on top of the top of the termination or edge as he did on real fast and then smooth it out and then drop it in a engineer pockets out it and keep it on another subject after dropping to come below the profile hurled that he gone us how smooth it out in a plan to get your fingers to get to compete vigorously I usually do it the germination is ninety percent or better idea to see that image night it is worse than nine percent or lower than ninety percent of receipts because in order to make because you spent all your time defendant because you have to pin it down the one okay that you do that later but you are from the resulting chances you'll have a dead cell is now your water and dirt on with it is that PS is the waste officials L I like this snippet was a good question some people do some people just tension you you're usually belong to something else he convinced me now yesterday you make a little bit of your finger are you to make up for the people McDevitt boards but you make a little bit of your finger is guesstimated Quaranta happens when it says and then he put it back down and this time rather risk a knock in the CL in the little bit of it some of these are pretty shallow you know like less you might never gave it all and you might not daddy to service economically did originally so now all set down in there and I'll pick it up at this sort of real fast flow of this is outcome from a vertical position more used to handed I'll know how pretty fine because now any level it off you level up about a quarter entire minute drive and then went to get nice level you press that down on top of the seat is a fast way to do okay any water in good and we have a real open bottom so there's no problem with water let the other very drain very well you want that is what they do is they are universal blocks think we need to solve lots saltwater rate in the mildest plastic girl achiever for all the set soil blocks but their lot for me there were a lot slower and you got your mix just right you may sell in expensive mix or you can make it a little cheaper but sometimes I know what it is they does it for me I mean it was just much sometimes I did hold together it's like making soil ice cubes and you have the mix just right so as not to harm is not too saw and it doesn't disintegrate remark as you know it's just a Cuban dirt no structure around and calling his own needs where the violin that you won't have it maybe he's got the data I never get fasten of eleven and these are better for me and well when we talk of when you when you when you put any energy you have a P mix and you dampen it a little bit pictures voice of its more stochastics together useless it goes into my wet is not like a damp cloth vegan rainwater out of its two wet okay but you want a little damp NNM stick that will let right there what let's do it and you'll notice that two of the corners are open slots down onto the corner that this is a ventilation hole thought like a gator fan is that all there is a relational left is for that's when the duties of the tribe this has no ventilation the difference all the hotspots and cold spots usually that outside is warm and the inside folder vice versa minimal of the denture is outside running in a media hotspot signals like to get uneven growth hot stuff bro 's bathroom the growth so this illegal ventilation holes in it or not to be full of dirt negative fall through eighty one level there's a nice air circulation to their knees what you do is you set it on a screen like hardware clock up in the air are examined couple two by fours turn on and that is the risk that an eight square around here you get rude rap we regret that I really never recovers people so you can slice it with a knife directly that stresses the spin is young why would you want stress of planning you'll brought down roving and they can adapt they can recover but it will never be what it could it will never reach its full genetic potential of him and so what happens is in a square law it hits one wall it is interesting to both corners are solid it is a solid corner where to go it doesn't go around like it would hear it goes down in Windows now you notice a little death there is open and you got it up on the screen it hits the air and it just airplanes just like this will block your to get all the benefits of slow blocks well not all of you get some of the benefits of slow blocks without having an aggravation of what that is more expensive it is more than serviceable but well against them but but when it hits the slide quarters it hits the air was a little pissed off 's retirement Roman open-air running so it stops and then to get fixing your roots pointed sideways instead say responded down right so that does enter stop and not wrapping the number one is the reason they're better than these lines it has when they start to regret I know sounds pretty quick and they start looking little fatigue and stress right so you got maybe one or two days ago mammogram before they start oneself when these because they error-prone they'll regret the last about a week longer are they losing us out there because the other nutrients your schema water and eventually less ultimate insider I guess I don't overwater these either yet even know that you won't waterline the mutants less nutrients out when you overwater write so oh eight is a you get a longer period to get them in the ground give yourself about a week longer abilities and the other thing is is because the efficacy roots are not rapid void Senators might they take hold in the dirt we know you are you always service even you trespass on any old know what it said thanks maybe me with those it takes about ten days sometimes a week to ten days with easier talk about three to three days three days a week because the roots are rapidly take-home quicker you got a healthier plan I mean the guy who thought this up there scriptwriter and you can get on it can you commercially or wholesale and always a recent reason I found I wanted on and I made myself available to the Knesset K if I come up there and do all the legwork we sell me some almond in a in a sincere and so they have a heart for the little farmer but there really a big multimillion dollar company and they don't like trying to sell these at one point over so they try to sell these back in the nineties and make money with it but there's so well-made there's no repeat customers they last that long once they fill the next there's a little demand like Harley-Davidson 's insomnia demand buildup buildup buildup and emanate a certain number and that's how they get these guys that could ever make money on his is no repeat business is there's no planned obsolescence in this and so he says with an echo chamber but we does that use of in-house leaders look like an cheaper than really good as well as you and I because I have a special relationship with the first cell went really well they like it because they frequently do they listen leader overs are the only new we only sell the oversight I salute for seven dollars but if you get in with me I'll resize anyone by mass quantities of it there only like for this year we have a supplement that were sold out the big belly open up so many visions or overstock and because I need him to occasionally because I treat them like they break the forklift into a money data is out of price I reminded a last twenty years in a butt that they break about so therefore smart casement but for a whole little container and I don't need fifteen thousand tries they maybe need to know when I starting trays Ehrenreich five or six thousand traits entity could need half a container with a order one so sometimes they'll sell the other half of the container to the small farmer while they shop around how to get a big guys to get all didn't get it all done water that convinced him to let if I do the legwork you outdo the mom-and-pop stuff can take all the time you get it out to the small farmer they said okay and these are seven dollars because what is why go up there is a twenty four minute twenty one twenty three minimum visit can't deal with the award to trade and with these SLR tonight and do seven dollars for those five dollars goes back to family and and I keep seeing for myself registered Cindy those are good but this question at him and these are dram tools this will this one is stupidest kind of their cheap version and try to be which I know there but there is as rampant through the quality of this is a drama one this is a drama trigger sprayer this is a drama you want clogging holes this is brand redhead sprayer which is the best one has got like five hundred holes in their and unlike the cheap ones you can get the store it have a whole list on the outside need a hollow center you'll get a lot of water through that one on the shower setting with this is just a shower and got fulfill all the holes in the center seat a lot more water this saw sprayed it doesn't bounce the dirt out of those things and this is the redhead is when I was get and it is not just when I used to Doron I don't use the shower on this I use the flat right and I wash vegetables listen watch root vegetables and over the well this is this is their attempt to be a cheap one and it's like twenty bucks I guess me fifteen this is not expensive at all the exit is not expensive I don't know what all the parts I think about this is the most expensive part this brass this is a kind important thing to this okay this is important work to this press is about twenty five dollars but it's a really good quality made these a tool is probably this whole thing is a twenty five dollars this is twenty five dollars right and there also all pieces are separate you custom make it what you want you do that online dramas an online store you can call my literal helpful there Milwaukee made and you see this all in here this is an oversized hole okay so a lot of these things are a lot your connections are get narrowed in your house and you lose a lot of pressure and volume and all that these oversized the fittings are a lot better I I I when I do my garden hoses which is another tool I come from the house or wherever I'm going to work the garden and I do it frequently hose which is a noir sidebar notes regrets his Victoria's inside diameter and a nicer door to apply for a normal findings garden hose because it's hard to drive around recurring total water so that I at least like to get to the garden with his big hose as possible by oversight fittings in order to get there because a lot of fittings they mail you got a quarter of an inch on the fittings so find a skilled reporter asked anyhow you lose all your mind on your president what the oversight entities away no in a plastic versions that I have aluminum version of this that I like that my seafaring days on no well yes and no sometimes yeah I rather have well water but you get your filter that greeted the Greek club stuff up but what I do is there is I did bring it better there is for negation tank which you can you can put that this grand stuff into the waters is going out I don't really like it me black guys it was like fifty dollars much of it is did the whole of a servant a siphon jet I think of them try really can't tell when the thing is used up it it doesn't really suck out the time pressurizes announcing that it fades from light to dark brown arc welded the food coloring is to know when it's gone because it goes from the goes ready to get some but rather it it pressurizes out rather than sucks out at any age his face what a dark color to light color and is not seen up but when you put some clear and there like that green stuff to take the Corina you really can't tell what is gone you know you as our guest and I don't like this is a must have a weekly to my think we ought it would be good for but sometimes you have no waters either free you are so you can collect that now that the things allow water to drummer this is a conductivity meter and I got wanted and I got some dirt I will not do this weekend is afterwards if you want in your interested this is how you measure your errors and and and the reins guy they really believe in this energy released for grandma soil herbs add on is like two electrodes in your measuring is the still water in here and dewatered doesn't conduct electricity your shaken that are starting us up your sternest and then your attorney measuring the resistance and you need the energy released at soil units conductivity and you want for anything to grow I don't care your organic culture whatever you need at least two hundred words in hassle growing it's all below two hundred hours you're not giving up anything I just sit there ER GS only the rings guys talk about this that all great guys don't talk about this and the leaning guys talk about this I say to you this is all handled over two hundred and nothing more than twelve hundred is measured in micro Siemens okay over twelve hundred is called to your letter regarding all this all that means there's too much conductivity and the sideburns plants okay so about five six hundred right in the middle is the best I get this from all place called Viagra labs of the main in a cell mother places but I like given the business I like the guy there motivated after class conductivity and that way you can still monitor you can feel Mario Henderson into landfill liner through the bricks are you filled the money or fruit major competition in the market are undergoing you can do this set makes your britches up in your plan and here you can make your skin to make sure so I love her lot times you get a good rain and you'll see things jump because no nitrogen is being carried behind the soil with Arena can mix things up right atmospheric nitrogen but then after the rain is Bill 's stall the jungle debt and inositol one because that rain has washed the law that the solubility out a created initial solubility which increase your nitrogen increase jurors again as it dries out and that water water goes on behind the watershed eight flushes out the window solubility in your soil and takes time for the microbes the building solubility backup okay so lifetimes what I'll do is optometric eye when Felsenthal hefted and now measure this and also because sure enough up to three days after rain must be other herbs really low and outgoing air osprey sufficient motionless well in water that is made just for that little wall G builders at some not well and now and I keep that stuff growing event fish emulsion needs right now is to find this is my compost monitoring are no sorry this is the slow monitor is like a meat water and and that's how you your you really don't work often you do work out the dates in the spring you want your last frost date but it's really about soil temperature and which I learned the hard way with my writing over the picture of the running of we went over the refractometer is with you that's what we go silent auction off leaves you imagine that this total dissolved solids a.k.a. your nutrient density in nearly all here some hours these are all different in your rotary mower this is the flail mower and it is what it looks like underneath okay this is it on BCS life as it is anywhere from twenty five hundred eight thousand dollars as around me were three hundred and twelve hundred dollars and remember but that I is little panties emblazoned why now and is being the grassland where does the most on a roller near a thousand five hundred foot pushes it down and beaten up in the utility that can handle at that famous and let me also than residents are this is a sickle bar mower is like no scissors knee and asked that I like I would like to get a small unease for the walkways in the middle of my walkways the little taller than I have been and then cut it annually ventilating cutting down and just keep there is a nice soft mat rather than juvenile or better or multiple young so I like to be well always been they don't really make a small burden with we haven't landed on the grass of the moment I had upon but maybe me am I not do that happen and it might be good mold illness biology okay cover crop incorporation here's the weekly member I had to get cashiers on that fall because my mower would handle it once again at Sears I was able to Molly and I could put it in a bag and in re Duncan and this is after I filled in this is what it looks like it went from that those pictures were taken just in our part I had hit motive dump it back on their children and and now I'm white and four weeks for that right now and decompose down and help out maybe you'll finish till on that and then plan away got why don't answer that you visit like this I try to go about three inches anyway I do have a final prep I try to even do less than that as I really don't want to go deep in all that one of our children three does your site a little bit more arrogant organizing and Republican whip slave driver and you can you know you sometimes it just depends but feel like it I have the time here's what it looks like freshly know I'd freshly redone so this is what meets the length of active regions areas with everything lay on the surface you don't you want again I think some ASA that you want children right away but still green because it's green and lush like this is full of nitrogen you let that set the service in the Sunday is not a Catholic car ran out of in the all the nitrogen out of it and I have effective for your your critters the dinosaur okay so help out with this lay on the surface I try to write after no meant no more than the next day you know I don't want that to go brown on the hotel it was great because wising up the ring around because the sun bought taught is the nitrogen and carbon cycle the green is the nitrogen in the in and all you got left is the resilient carbon and it is just carbon food and you lose all that nitrogen which car is good but it's not as good as carbon and nitrogen others are walking tractor and Eric and even offset the handles on those I got a Rotary Tiller on the back of that here's another regular teller we know the difference when walking into a tractor and adorn only none both of these are children this will always be a Rototiller Michigan but different of limits on excellent quality will tractor is this like a tracker even but different amounts on that I can handle different implements in fact at the same one is different allowing that's called as the vertical plow some people like that peoples and races of that and here's attractive you really lucked out when even farm tractor I like using these tools as I can determine with the tractor I have to tell up everything and reestablish the beds every time that I would like a tractor to turn big old pile compost I would like a tractor just for the front end loader and be able turn compost like you this is what I have is what I would recommend this is not about whether it on sale about six fiftieths years not in years ago now they're about eight fifteen eight hundred and can get along sale and they're a little bit while I think are sixteen inches wide fourteen it might be a little bit more horsepower and everything is low bigger wider but that's okay but the video this is a step counter rotating times any as the wheels turn this way the time spent backwards and you are able to have a nice state-controlled crawl through the store e-mail will even a girl to do you know that you will is so Abigail had things I got a they do have the counterrotating times are never seen these that have a third with a time the front these are rare times will arrive in the moment tells me good I like the rear time counting atheists all have the engine is in the back times in the front of the time of the engine on top of five hundred and eighty and otherwise that why this in other areas like this they're all over the place okay the site is worth the money we hear Macias is an estimate that today's version of harassment stool is a seven hundred dollars nothing is more now and vis-à-vis this is your BCS as we went a little higher two thousand six thousand but here I can square foot that can have elected health coordinator easy anything over of a quarter maker to three three acres this can handle and after three acres of public and attract here Saudi killers will we cover some of these measures are Rototiller our mouths out this is called a rotary plow same thing the article and the beauty of this thing is okay this is important on these dollars you know that the time modular goes out from the half and then does the elves else it right in the blades right there on that Elsie or by another and goes the soil and does this number and was at the bottom of the stroke you got some clay soils what a Louisville smear that you know whatever gave you said that's why I like the sound children you don't really get that affects a much reach out to when you detail your set up a call plow and sinking of the heart and eats out mechanically induced a hard panzer naturally induced in this and the physics of the soil itself as a mechanic needed and motels especially found relief of those the set they create plow pants that's another bad thing about Rotary colors so some guy that has been called a rotary plow which does the same thing as start and drive the soil yoga with Matt but it does it this way see him get that slick note bottom struggling to do the Rotary tiller so this is me now it has its purpose and some people swear by that noun as you can get these for BCS into a tractor don't beat you to death as these are liked little space in their life was MySpace so anyways oh I love out there does you will hear music I guess I'll hear secondhand and cockpit like Camden camshaft meaning is Africa does this number is not a straight shaft and an enigmatic doesn't like a piston engine and exam he kicks back and goes up big matrix that goes up does that and it gives you a nice clumpy soil you don't get a plow pan he did Sharkey used to smooth it out somehow but you do you can get a pretty decent so on their left reply Pamela because they tour as you're basically means a substantial I like those that still thinking that he Rototiller to the indecency because I really don't say anything is not it seems like I always have to get back to the Rototiller even though I try to get away from this right here is what they call a killer you can use it for Hillary potatoes or you can use it for creating beds here's another form of the Heller noted this source NA disorder as you drag the sauté deceives the soil to the middle rank here is a bit maker make in this is really nice and is not a lot of work to let you know what you have to do to get that you have the children act out it which is what you were trying to get away from him the unaided nice and fluffy we want don't want fluffy girl who wants to restructure so this has made is I to you because I is some of my friends bought one and they do have I feel like they haven't over Jerusalem is to get the bed it does say some work it makes nice with the best but it was the cost you know you loosen soil structure this is not cool it's basically vertical blenders this is a finishing tool that measures the Hannah rose until lightly you do a lumpy until we're still developing and independently this and it has a smoother in the back and you can than a nice smooth better service that you gals too deep remain you know this is the way to make it I'd like to have one little shorter teeth that are messed up so much soil but you know I design my own tools are a you and that is that when you dissolve that whatever I forget the name of that I called that there is another name used as expensive delays over two thousand books and opinions there this is a subsoil or you have a pretty good horsepower engine and drag it is of his inherent reviewing the two much acres the user brought for then you need a tractor because your libraries Juergen Juergen have to replace all you can use articulate antediluvian tractor and you you what you did stick his way down the usually only about two feet and you all you do is try make a crack in the soil you don't want to override down that the youth annually wanted to drag us about thirty inches apart in illicit and Dragon every six inches or every foot you want to make big Pentasa than the optimum social and wit is about thirty inches and the reason for that is view fracturing and plan the roots of my next race he fractured to much villages reform any fracture not that you were talking made it but you get you heart cannot put down and you know your total budget of this won't touch it and I already got a big piece of property and you can't use these things then you eat you know this is all you got and you will like you said there is a part because I don't reform that well that hardpan and you do it closer closer and thirty inches with it I think some horsepower okay Tommy trouble we don't have gasoline anymore it is less interesting than it you're stuck with it handles near your home and your cultivator on the other side your home on the sign well I probably still have these homes what an annual and cut grass you have the existence of this was ever saw I always do side you have these assignment referral letter of but you you are busy little googling and now the latest window natural in our bulimic than a high tech was now you think you can only get that late certain of my hand leaning out looking Hannibal King is fixed but you know if you country don't just bought one of these things by about five oh is when everybody comes out because of land essays you want your tiny little in her hands a goal cut the grass if you want to eat this is this is composting Brewer is the G1 is the judiciary against five hundred twenty five dollars in air and it did this are the weird thing in here is it the spiral bubbler is that sets out your bucket you have here compost up anyhow besides it doesn't go all over the bucket you want to strain out layers will easier this way you can just dump it all in their that I like to do this way and you can make your own area to area to the keyword composting not just compost or manure thrown in and barrel somewhere and now you're growing area to micros and we can get in to that lady can look these up online but they worked really well and you can't keep this up yet either I went okay because the debate the use of the use of the food and then they die they go anaerobic on you don't want that these are some filters irrigation told her staff well I use there is the top online three hundred gallon fuel tank and I had run in the gutter run into the downspout right into it I put up the pay is a lot banning of the hour of any of the negatives I have the number of visitor girls and they understand another human always giving their own I always find it useful at the pantyhose under their darling of all the roof debris and plus I got a filter on the top of it and psychic reclaim our inherent I just Alice Rainwater I like the present but I have to if I don't get rain use of all the water acted in good city water in here and enact this stuff on okay you see it takes out money chloramines and chlorine sufficient is when it is for the microglia might probally friendly they make a different version this is the smart use so this results in the pond department would people have responses like that it's Graham they solicit Home Depot these error this is a furry nation tour you pick up picked us about water is your sin of water through this colonize I injector I think add anything creates location there is a suction and you confer again thickness and within any gala fertilizers and in our gate as your fertilizers you urinate his congregation okay fertilizer here it really easy way to do it you might find some your filters and I like this way rather than the one I got that diagnosis that when I bought it but because I can see the level going down like this when pressure and this is a charcoal filter for your garden they sell those by Charles Elders only take out chlorine they don't take out chloramines and okay this is a tool I made up I mean ideologically with my urination system and I went to Home Depot and I bought these pipes galvanized pipes you don't have to be galvanized by Bob advertisement I put it all together and then I have this inherent I did a lot of classic on the end had built the school myself a cup cup brown circles it threaded bar and eighty C pipes in the middle that Wilhelm school adult hat I drilled a little half the anti- stick a wooden doll in America and I can really might think that way and the only visit now are all wanted up in a corner somewhere like a lot of positive you keep that insider last year after year of your really don't want up sunbathing I lead out with analysts you through it Melissa has done many three by three binary by so you take care yourself and I had built a special delay to make one no site and build a special blue and I love in us like crap and then here's your backpack sprayer this is a four gallon sprayer which is about all the backpacks are but I really like this one way and I was told SP1 is better is more expensive because of and then I was told that compost tea corrodes fields and one is an SP1 business be better seals of the corrosion available work but the cool thing about this is if the PSI really high diaphragm pump this is a piston pump problem with responses are high maintenance using the parts or even buy the parts and do it diaphragm pumps with their loving test with a lower psi now I was told I was quizzing the lady about this they make a new one is across affiliate PS I have behind fifty now I might be doing a fun of them or the better trap because laissez doesn't matter what the PSI is you got a bias that you got to buy the optional model is what I'm after I thought psi and any smoked right spray what I want for your feet you know but she says now at sixty psi is fine what you need is the right novel to create Mister Spratt I'm not a rewrite I want to believer in him that's what she said okay here's my second Windows Mobile by the diaphragm pump below maintenance and just buy the special model as you read earlier for three years and the thought of having another baby can just buy gallon sprayer and walk around with your God a large area I tell you that house very freaky zephyr while okay this is nice his egotist of their competence Brian Poppins writers like they are working member is no otherwise uncertain or have every time all apartments bragging is not mumbling about that a lot faster in member speed up my time is money in unit you're not doing it for money you still want to go and watch maybe and it was then only if it are out regard of those are really good when they cost about two hundred Virginia and of the several hundred but I like this briefly because of the Internet specially that but I don't know if they have the option on the nozzle now maybe I'll know that you we are going over the seed flax neither soil blocks this is real this is the alternative good thing about these is you'll have to mile that plastic me four dollars and seventy one seven dollars these is expected you to get all these different sizes of the slow blocks and make your own cubes and I even have a friend who doesn't think he believes in the music CD block aficionado so we usually had it etc. Azucena he lets them dry out many discrete waters we rated plan there and they hear the cool thing about this is it doesn't work I would see highlighted notes that you can get ones that are begging to get a mini version of the many versions out there and it will fit right into that whole and so when you get this big you drop in and out on the money that we guess that I get better when you drop them on another and there's no plastic you get a whole set-asides left about three or four hundred dollars and boom you're done worse you know here I've got over thousand dollars and message rights you know but here's time is not it's less time to fix more time now it's time to time cause is the problem in a yeah initially you want to start throwing a fit me but then you just don't get it I think you can go up three times and so some things you know like tomatoes one of them falsely taught them up to the next way to the big you know and other things you don't you and you will and will you will you see the scenery here these were started in a little bitty cubes and now they put them up in the bigger cubes this is your water from the top some people are forced to live in Nevada but sometimes you don't get the mix right because it is charged in Apollo must that's why you know I was having problems with it you got me good at an LA and some people are fast and they get the recipe right I just never could master slide without but you can master is a cheap way going eat a little bit more timely Harry and get fast it's just that probably better way to go in you get all the benefits of air pruning bad switcher after the year for United regret okay and while I got this box out this I use all the time I got from Ace Hardware is just a simple automatic cutoff mechanical copy or I don't like the digital stuff I like to start watering myself I don't like that automatically come on it I want to go out and water when they need to you when you need a water in ten o'clock every morning is because you can digitally set that to happen I like about their feelings soil and water when I need to edit with your system you can water at night without Italy's wet and then you can set the cutoff you can set the call and you because your family would drip not to reduce the pressure they doesn't work for the hours here you can think of why these dollars hours I was usually I figure out Miguel as I want on my leaders Wednesday on these outside scale and I put it on like the other six hundre


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