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  • February 3, 2012
    8:30 AM
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are so grateful for the opportunity to serve pretty on the opportunity to these years at the summons to listen to the expertise of so many who engage in different areas of ministry to learn from them so that we can incorporate a very effective ministry whenever we are but most of all we are so grateful to be able to listen to you because you visit you have been speaking to so many of the presenters then you have provided at an atmosphere of warship an atmosphere where we are connecting with you that this time as we begin the seminar I ask you to please Portadown years upon each one year may your spirit these cells may you open our minds and hearts so that we can discern the blinds of the message that we are about to hear in these help us to leading corporations that these are lining into a minister that's meaningful that would bring hope and healing and life two bills were struggling looking for an answer that may be some hope for the hopeless being so thank you for giving us appertain to walk this journey this journey components and bless us as we together for fellowship and learn from you in Jesus name I pray amen and that I am very excited that you chose to be in this particular seminar and why is that well the reason is you know they are many there are many people in our churches and around our community who are suffering this subframe from all kinds of candidates that are harmful that find them down to a life that hopefully that him in the form of many different practices and acrylic on the practice of no chemical addiction you can come in the form of many other handsets are addicted in a way but that really breakdown life forces as inherent in the state of and so this year is twelve steps to home in Canton man but together with the idea of really blind seeing in theaters scale and management have been going on already nearly twenty years at you have heard of Atlanta's regeneration ministries and that now a couple years ago that ministry that had been served and the churches of your churches across America at the support group for people that are struggling with this kind of habit and an addiction it's been time now and frequently ministries and he had been recently sheer incorporated under North American division Street and so we are now after this has happened we provided some developmental resources a new resource which is the one that you will be visiting our hearing about this weekend that is meant to help you go back to your church and really you that support routing the support that you will be able to flow in your faith community near churches and imagine everybody here is amendment and that you can bent how those who are struggling with this humanity anymore about what that is several presenters that we had here or have been doing this in different ways and in parts of the country but the idea is for this ministry to reading provides you with the resources provided with knowledge on how to deal with those who are struggling at so you haven't seen on their journey they're going through so you can walk beside them in venturing and so that's out you are him I thought it am I getting the details of his is meeting with a very powerful way to help people in this journey as they continue their recovery and this is then the materials every now she lives become that way you out there in AA are the things like that other groups that make it in the language and with the principles and concepts that we sold our embrace our mission principles and biblical principles particularly focusing Christ and the answer and so I'm fulfilled Susan be able to see such a large group we had like thirty thirty people probably who are passionate and nineteen and walking in and about this and I now guide is another beautiful way I have wonderful discussion I know it and neither do share a lot of what you are dealing with I know some of you in the audience already are dealing with this in many different forms in the ring expertise as well not be here in the spring we are all learning together and we have a few people a lot like to present seeking this to you then again engage in this ministry of healing and wholeness in this form in different areas one of them highlighting this is bad for Eddie Campbell he maybe you can happen and for the year so bad he had been for years Betty does not reinforce for nearly eight years in days before when I was recovering in a savage regeneration ministries she then celebrate recovery as while and now you know that we have turned the name says he currently manages coordinating this track how long will drop faster neighboring outcome when healthy here but it may have been and the Granados for putting together what you'll be hearing an result grateful and very painful to have Maddie as one our coordinators for what is the reason name is resident in Canada he is not specific union I think is so much that we know that will have the money bags and asked my doctor required a white needing to translate an OEM Doctor Ricardo why is a psychiatrist and director Floyd that the program had been behavioral and developmental medicine Center behavior management at Loma Linda University and that he has a wealth on the knowledge in the clinical aspects of building bids on a daily basis and will be able to share some important concepts that we need to know if you are to be successful in helping walking beside the point 's journey so thank you Doctor Weiss for beaming as he and I believe I needed a couple of other people and am feeling may read David Edelstein David so there's a couple of minor presenters that will be here and I see David walking and rate walking away so it is straightforward to introducing how to prepare and we want to know who you why go David blackjack like I said it right he will tell you what he had had to delete them immediately with people in the area as well for many years but he's joined and is a good administrative and our board meeting now bringing more information he has a book written on this area for people pastors and others who are struggling with this entry to minister to others and he will be sharing some very boring he is back and using University the vice president by the vice chair for that school of social work by the professor the school social worker there and he is not observed for the newsletter many of you opened your registrations on newsletter in the back him journey to life so David is our answer and easier now I have a whole bunch of newsletters that were sincere he didn't even take them home to your group so you can keep back to two people in a church that newsletter is that many will tell more about that in my monthly and that this is the first issue is so very grateful to have David as well and he would remain to you or them and has a faster rate announcement is also been the person who had been instrumental in making this ministry alive then and then you know striding through the years he was the former director fragments becoming urban regeneration ministries and then becoming this is when Randy Foye in the transition into North American division and he's so passionate I'm sure you'll be shackled you more about that about the reality is the other presented and then I think we have the fun of you will be really think he has in his journey and that I know that God will bless Leslie government to absolutely love you I involved out what I wanted to introduce a really gone as well she won't even angry say that she was on one of our coordinators and I think union and at region and also Frank Francisco is a coordinator in the solving problems on an union and cancer many churches can be made better I don't think I'll is that it already be in the coordinator as well in the area New York and Vermont areas there is a man he is just checking up there as well and so business is growing and that we are in the process of restructuring and writing to health ministries in a different number than union and could be there with us our website seen from the back in the newsletter you can go in there for the newsletter in a sleeping bag to get communications regarding ministers on a regular basis and the well him here I wanted to know how many of you are involved in some form on the recovery ministries in your church inability may not be linked to anybody wonderful I want that I already introduce I see very good hands are so that our and wonderful and deftly wants to be able to connect with you what you're doing and hoping to use of materials to enhance what you are doing already so thank you so much for being here we are looking for the book will do with this group I am residing at Yglesias to do a better minister as we move forward thank you tell him how the microphone today and in the meantime I will be working this is so you want to make sure that you sign this is here forget certificate of attendance at weekends on and think about I'm Betty and I'm a new creation in Christ the daughter of God and I celebrate victory from chemical injection and I have other struggles which will probably come out later ability emotional eating I don't need anymore I'm good and I could hear me a line two things on me and veterans that are the fragile this morning about the power of words identity and to analyze who argue from the very beginning words admit an integral part of our life here on the world of creation I dare not there is no handouts here to sell you I take notes or tape into their they are filming and this will be on the website later advent first website or our website but no they won't be handed out the needy filling an integral part of our lives from from the earths creation Lucifer and have been wanting to be greater than God I was reading in Isaiah and Ezekiel last night on how he wanted to be more than what he was created to be on those words the things that he said hand cast out down here the back to the creation gotten used words he said let there be and then we we have everything that he created he said B B B eighty words have power they get power and influence our beliefs and others words are used to shame there used to build the words simply have power we destroy we build up we affirm we change we improve our brain function by how we talk to ourselves by Jeff Arlene Taylor last weekend and how we envision things in our brain to worry that we use I'm going to try to lose weight gotten the message and I say that try to lose weight or I and going to lose weight I am going into not I got ice cream how do they talk about Google cluster ice cream on my bed I printed here in Florida condo but anyway you know anything am not going to do something and then you identify that sleep planted on your hand I'm not going to eat the ice cream and eventually I am going to eat vegetables and fruit today so then the vegetables and fruits a person foremost in our minds because that's what we are choosing to do the so everything works from the beginning have been important got used to work he said let us make man in our own image so here we have our first identity relation we were created in hair like the used words are used words to speak boundaries he said Delhi even a tiny thing in the garden only from that tree he said it distinctly and clearly and he also said if you do eat from that tree then there's going to be some consequences so he stayed at clear boundaries there is confused words to say I'll usually can't get afraid not did he rally during an theme and they had a dialogue to metadata many of how to dialogue about the other good and then God 's next words were where are you where are you a self there is word that we use all the time that are used in our families and are used in our committee meetings are used and just in life that will and paralyze us words that for many especially as children their growth rates there is there Southwest to solve for these are things that they hear they believe them to be the truth and then they start acting out truth is all coming words that are in demand fairly light in the fall retard I mean sometimes either just that Angelica has apparently sounds into a child receives such a retard when a child believing about themselves you know perhaps you've heard nothing just like that I know I can't I went online to see like most hurtful phrases are words that can be sad and this is one of the links that came up and I was really humbled when I read this list because unfortunately I said many of those things are not what and that will yield a old phrase of sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never hurt us that's not sure that's not true when I look at this list and now I know what I sent to someone in particular I know the damage that those words stand and how that person was so broken and so Christ for a really long time so he shining phrases you I sure heard a lot and I don't think I'm alone on that that you can read them here such an idiot than you think you are why can't you be more like your brother or sister I mean children hear that all the time I hear sometimes my family thing messages that we get to ourselves you will never amount to anything I think that you and there begins out I talk to myself sometimes in third person all that you are just never going Bob off on him so my messages go between third person in first person I blew it again betting he'll never amount to anything the message is these are words that we say in our brain to ourselves continually you feel in your airline these are just some that I was familiar with so you will also have meaning so when we hear a word we have sometimes an emotional reaction to it sometimes we have a judge natural reaction to act so if you hear the word Masonic Hall does not bring up like a positive or negative instant reaction to you positive or negative five thousand and perfection that it could go either way right here where I again could be both ways if there is an alcoholic and his people pleaser father lobbing pond that had not felt that we can see how word has many different connotations to many different people the book is your mind when you hear the word your father lives Giants for people that come into recovery many many many many people have a very strong reaction to the word gone to the word father not some other things that we need to embrace and work through and it really affects the core of our identity when the reaction that we have a father and God is I think that basis of our disconnect with our identity and I'll explain in the many of you identify with your job I am a doctor and nurse is announced to you are only identified okay I'm glad somebody identifies money identified through life experience that I was abused to our shout for a by identifying not okay to me that my identity was tied up a lot in these pictures that you see I was adopted at the age of two months though not little person I went to an Academy than I was really proud I've got a bunch of people on the left-hand murder I don't know outside I would been there huge identity and being a nurse I'm a mom a grandparent and I'm Canadian and other things you can get I think you and I know they did not please note things and a grandmother probably the greatest identity I have right now other than being a child of God is to be a grandmother altering on out there later be about five years ago my identity really check a hint I had growing up in the family that I was adopted into knowing that I was Danish my adopted father was a half days you know I had cried because evident on the person there is no identity like Theodore Blank Slate he gets locked into someplace else and you take on what would verify the knowing that I was being proud of it and at the age of forty one I located my birth siblings and through a long journey over a period of years finally learned to my birth father was by a piece of paper from my folder brother his friend Pat and I was no longer a danger I was finished at seventy five years old or something like that I am sobbing in the backyard because one of the things that I had known since I was like four years old had been with a piece of paper exchanged in a heartbeat please say that you really make much difference you know my daughter-in-law my wife and she did not want to be the day all day it was like to know my family is in English and no but I couldn't guess how to any evening I knew I should know him you think of music that were important thing signal in music who I was balanced that night I googled Angela I came casting crowns in that wonderful wonderful song about who am I is not because of what I am because of who you are not because of what you've done it because of you know I'm a coffee bar quickly fading and it just goes on and on and on and it and that I am yours I you are parents selecting a set of keys and I went to bed in the next morning I woke down in my waking moments I am out of the loop -based reasoning behind who now mind and I could hear the house and began his ministry I presented with him a lot of time saying your new creation I I guess my seventeen year new creation in Christ and it was like I do and I'm screaming in my mind to go and then I heard a voice that sad you are a child of God and it was like nothing screaming that he can do anything we can do right and the next thing I heard was here my precious daughter and when I heard the voice I had a piece of software ever happened my greatest losing had been as a daughter the family that I was adopted into I'd been disowned and disinherited so my greatest wounding on two different friends had been the daughter so when I learned that I am here on daddy I am his precious stone so when we think that we put that into recovery ministries eighty ten into a twelve step meeting when we identify in the mainstream media will identify ourselves as my daddy how times and by the way I am an addict in recovery I celebrated eighteen years yesterday praise the Lord is at so when I talk to meeting him I identify myself as an outright ban like he is not placed on that the word out a test she meant that a lot of the MasterCard when a minute to come and speak about how little back and entered ministry we identify ourselves as being a new creation in Christ a daughter of God a son of God whatever our ice however we can win our identity is with Christ and our struggle is those words sound different I go to I want daddy and I'm at how does that sound and then I go to that meeting and I say I'm a new creation in Christ I'm a daughter of God and my struggle is using something here and here it takes so much as the way I am here is an design struggling with the all struggle with stuff if you don't think it's on the list of coupon Carol will give us enough honestly we all struggle with staff and not for criminal concerns me so this issue of identity is something crucial you can recall in the Genesis account where God has just outlined for them what is the calm and well do as opposed speaking it from memory on this recently and unto Adam he said because Val has hearkened unto the voice of thy wife and is eaten of the tree of which I commanded the thing thou shall not eat of it first is the ground for thy sake and in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life stories into souls shall it bring forth to thee and thou shalt eat the herb of the field in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground for out of it was now taken for dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return now you recall what Adams did was you are in the Genesis account that bottom was good at naming so God would bring something before him and whatever Adam called it so it was and here it is God has just proclaimed to them you know what you guys are doomed you can adopt now it's time for him to name his wife I know what I would mean my wife and you jacked up my time in paradise and public design and then his wife he names his wife E mother of my little less and less is more he washes his wife with the name he theaters that would just know doing was prophesied to his temporary and he names his wife he emphasizes the crucial role of the name this issue of the name is something that we have to tread cautiously when we are dealing in the field of addictions so you want to know for myself personally for example adventure advertising is what saved my life a lot receives Christ through the use of the denomination of Seventh-day Adventist so that is something that is passionate and something that I don't like it really talk about just logically insincere in like manner when we are dealing with the twelve step community you want to understand that the twelve step I've see these people 's lives this is obviously eventual large degree there's quite a bit of truth to that so that you want to be very careful when they say hey I'm him him him an alcoholic or I'm an addict but rather than getting into a fight over it I would encourage you to emphasize I am in recovery urine recovery that's what I think we would all agree ended the less of the debate and you would not be dishonoring something that they treasure as this thing that saved their lives language is extremely powerful and you want to infer edge those who are that you're interacting with to embrace the language of Ray number of studies have been done that show that our brain network and neuronal connections change from minute to minute thought to thought much less if you're speaking and so the other thing I just wanted to make you guys aware of is that God was so committed to his word it has creative power God is so committed to his word it has creativity power how committed are you to your work and what excuses but we often verbalize an excuse for not living up to our work something that we want to be aware of have you ever heard a job interview that went like this you know I know you want me to be here at eight thirty that's probably not happen I become in and around nine fifteen each day and you know and the pay is decent but to be quite honest I'm going to have to try to do a little bit with some embezzlement in an job interview like that no of course not we know what the right words are busy on time every day Sarah are getting before you we know what the right words are than we don't live up to so we want to encourage you to sensitize those you are working with to the power of their words right unlike the Jewish Scriptures from the Philips translation one of the newer translations it reads like less the grace of God who has called you to share his eternal splendor through Christ will himself make you whole and secure and strong you like this is a twelve steps to wholeness we want to behold Jesus Christ is a third-generation something unless on both sides of my family my dad was a something was pastor my mother was a nurse and we always thought of people with problems with addiction and some I have promised substance abuse in fact as a boy is a child if someone was smoking they cannot Miss in feminist theory using tobacco and so my initial introduction to injections was someone who was using tobacco or not using drugs and other substances no alcoholic beverages and I never knew for personal real left and I know this guys name is in Joseph days Joseph Bateson was a sea captain and management twenty hey where is imprisoned during the war of eighteen twelve in England and another American by the name of this is an Dartmoor prison and his friend in the Mister Davis who were prisoners of war in England and Joseph Bates made a pact with himself and with God if you are to be released from prison that he would seek to be liberated from the problems associated with intemperance intemperance that somewhere we don't lose too much today but a means to avoid harmful practices and habits and to you send moderation those things that are beneficial on too much of a good thing is not a good thing and so he decided very early age that he was going to do this eighteen twelve and then in the engine twenty nine eighteen October eighteen twenty one he made some further changes he recognized that he had returned to the moderate use of alcohol or liquor with any of those limit himself to one glass and dinner the dinner hour that wasn't working very well and so his thirst for alcohol was stronger than his meal for the meal and so this led him to resolve that he would never drink another glass of ardent spirits as long as you should live a couple years later he felt that he should leave all leaves of tobacco which individuals all prior to some feminist church coming into existence he was baptized in the spring of eighteen twenty seven and joined the Christian church in Fairhaven Massachusetts and he and the pastor decided they would start a temperance society one of the first in North America and American temperance society and so he decided us of the time of his baptism and then he discovered in eighteen thirty nine the preaching of way a mailer concerning the sun return of Jesus Christ and as a result of this is the begun to study and as he was studying the discovery that the seventh day was so and so he brought that message telling why we didn't before this you left off use of modern Greece she is an rich case when I say that he was following a plant based diet and he was resolute following what Daniel and the Bible follow the other person that we had to send this picture to my recognizes one Ellen White and nonwhite we recognize as someone who were gang directions it was an established church early on I like this picture because it shows that the help message is holistic it's a sense of physical mental social and spiritual well-being it's balanced life in balance words change meetings and Mrs. something about human experience in your life having a recovery vehicle control truck needed to call someone to total your miracle to a repair shop sometimes called about your message automobile this map learners and recyclers Association so sometimes it's taken to a salvage yard and you will never see it again instead of bits and pieces that have an environment being stripped away and then will be crushed and recycled but perhaps Agosto place like less just a couple days ago I was with a friend of mine we're driving along when the streets and the Orlando and I noticed a sign that said recovery room at this is from that era website and they can turn out of the article it looks like a looks like glass we supposedly might look like less denies ever that easy to change our lives in our minds not quickly with a few dollars or a few thousand dollars depending on their insurance coverage to them to do that type of thing are financial capabilities nonwhite reseller picture earlier Christmas vision December twenty five eighteen sixty five in Rochester New York it was with direction in this version that she was asked by God to establish a health reform institution this led to the opening less than a year later in September of that next year the opening two seven September five on the Western health Reform Institute which today we would call a reconditioning or a rehab center people would come from minus they didn't have insurance but people like the Rockefellers are in this developed into what today the norm once known world renowned is developing sanitarium in hospital by Doctor John Harvey Kellogg was the director for many years the medical director for the Battle Creek but these people would come in it was expensive they would put the money into getting back into health getting rid of tobacco and just recently I saw some of the unique equipment I had the chamber looked almost like a cast of the Yukon of slide into the flight said they would sweat the Vienna entertainment software about a one system very interesting museum there in Battle Creek early on the seventh of his church was invited to be involved with the women's Christian temperance Union eighteen seventy four and on why she had this admonition she said that we should be involved in some of the onus with the women's Christian temperance Union she says we need at this time to show a decided interest in the members of this organization none who claim to have a part in the organization and temperance lines neither claim to have a part in the work of God should lose interest in the grand object of this organization and temperance lines would be a good thing that our camp meetings we should invite the members of the WCTU to take part in our exercises this would help them to become acquainted with the reasons for our faith and open the way for them to unite with them and for them to unite with us in the temperance work eighteen seventy eight percent feminist church organized officially organize an American health and temperance Association in eighteen eighty one because of the world of work in the something is church in health and chopper two became known as the international health and temperance Association in early songbook that I had was called Branson Gospel songs for children's clubs and Gospel temperance meetings among the songs worth of smoking and chewing song under interesting songs some of you are a little older and perhaps remember songs like you not to temptation for yielding is said and dare to be a Daniel standing by a purpose for our standing for God egging on nineteen thirties were dramatic not a recent history of the American temperance society and so we were perhaps members of that organization in props college or Academy eight nineteen forty seven international temperance Association nineteen forty eight the first magazine the first lesson magazine was published in nineteen fifty four one and twenty thousand a film that was used throughout the world in the library plans to stop smoking which came about in nineteen sixty two through the work of Doctor Wayne MacFarland J Wayne McFarland and Doctor AJ Falkenberg and literally thousands hundreds of thousands of people would would commonly quit smoking through the findings on the stop smoking more recently in nineteen eighty three and this is kind of a landmark organizational structure the Institute of alcoholism and drug dependency and enter university tutors known as if it's in your name came about in nineteen ninety five is to flip a bunch of directions located at and use University doctors Duane McBride the director and your all this associate director in the present time nineteen eighty five the Association anonymous parents came in the meeting held through Carol Cannon Francis Soper and several others nineteen eighty six and this is where I became appointed with holidays not in this day because it wasn't until some ten years or so later that I became according with holidays and you realize that we as Dennis had this organization Seventh-day Adventist of the extinction of addictions regeneration ministries built on Christ centered twelve step recovery model and this was from a statement of the general conference study commission on chemical dependency and listen established church the destructive effects of chemical dependency touch every aspect of an individual and his or her family the disease is recognized responsible for the loss of significant human and financial resources some of them as schools churches and institutions today we know that objections is not just about somebody else is not just that I'm an honest but we ourselves we have our challenges and whether it's food or work or whatever it is we have challenges as well we know a debt of gratitude to Doctor Dwight Williams through provided immeasurable support for the addictions ministry of regeneration ministries and it was through his encouragement and wrench Burgess direction two thousand to two thousand five at three regeneration ministries awareness chores were organized have the privilege of being involved with all three ladies man to Miami two thousand two Frank and him him about the things we got further south on mid America two thousand five Israel measurement times and it was in the Muslim Betty was with us for the beginning of this in Seattle Washington from Seattle to Southern California two thousand seven conference on inductions ministries at Andrews University I think some of you were Proxmire and this was a four-day conference and it was very well attended some two hundred people when they're not participating in that people that May thirteen fourteen two thousand eight the Association that when his parents and this regeneration ministries united because our missions and provisions were very similar just a year ago feminist recovery ministries voted to organize our to reorganize as a North American division committee with his standing as an official ministry of health ministries Department North among the health ministry 's department and so we appreciate that we celebrated twenty five years of regeneration ministries but just a year ago lumberyard on January six two thousand and eight on Martin Luther King Day free free at last and how dates the founder of regeneration ministries is here in stocks in the Philippians ale and in the background is deducted wetlands the platform and then today we owned out of gratitude for moving to a nice level was copy writer chose the health ministry 's director for the North American version health ministry 's department and we also have a new resource which are we talking about more about those tomorrow and these are currently area coordinators of the Frank should does Ray Scott and yours truly Goulding is right done moving is serving us in the Northeast so we need to index picture to share with us all right thank you as this media was used by bodybuilders including NAEP help someone you would like to learn more about eliminating some of please visit www. and help someone .com I was more green online was www. audio verse on board


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