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12 Steps to Wholeness, Part 4

Ricardo Whyte


Ricardo Whyte

Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University



  • February 4, 2012
    3:30 PM
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I assume regarding triggers of already mentioned you guys playing forward no focus on the negative aspects of it want to talk about the demon in the garden am one of the failures of mental health including sometimes even Christian mental health is we will talk about constructs in a vacuum okay we will talk about philosophies and you know approaches in a vacuum what I mean by a vacuum we will act as if I'm counseling this couple is me the couple and God okay and they were missing something were missing something because the couple in addition for me in addition to one another and the world as well as God there is what I call a fourth element and so the fourth element we encounter in Genesis chapter three and this is why the Bible is not a via radical philosophical in our business practical guides our life depends on this book you know him has gone through great lengths to help us understand this is how you navigate through this lot okay so when we just let it gather dust let me show you why that is so dangerous I once met a crime scene investigator in one of the things he talked about was how difficult it is to be a crime scene investigator this is because based on what is was stolen is that amount of time but depending on the valuables stolen document of attention you should pay for that crime senior studying closely well what was stolen from us in the eternal bliss so this is a topic that deserves some very careful attention the other thing that we see and even if it's one of the few places God 's word where you seen the doubles attack sort of from beginning to see you can actually see the blueprint of how he attacks us are I is that we go to Genesis chapter three verse one it says now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made all right so let's first deal with that word settle well sometimes limits do with the servants we go to revelations twelve verse nine it tells us exactly less certain was and that's one of the places in the Bible when you see all the descriptions of the devil except Lucifer says the devil Satan the serpent battle serpent so you see all of his identities but then of course you see then also a description of the devil in Isaiah chapter fourteen and Ezekiel chapter twenty eight RIP one understand who our enemy is what is it that we are up against these are crucial facts and under is important know your enemy okay so if we raise goes through this I knew this was the you know I wanted to help you guys really do appreciate these concepts I want to go through too much I'm Scripture but if you summarize what we're learning in those tax it tells us that Lucifer is exceedingly intelligent all man you know we settled upon the wheel and that means easy on enough genetically beautiful so the wire the earliest pictures of demons always depicting had no accuses croquettes he is on the imaginable he beautifully Elysée was the other thing it tells us in those chapters as he is a music goal being music is going to be an important part of his attack okay can be critical all right than the other as Jesus Little things you do understand that you are destined for what he lost I you were carefully gone has provided the opportunity for us to be saved okay all right now how brilliant how brilliant is Lucifer how brilliant is all right so remember when I talk about top down control so ultimately his wars against Barbara and his goal is to disrupt top-down control so that is bottom up control of your system running of the long-range okay well that's bottom-up control and view but how effective is the enemy so what I'm been a transition into now is the discussion of food addiction I member from the mice that he was to come to my talk was like yeah no one is to talk about cocaine and alcohol in the likeness goods X again but that's been nice that food addiction is like without visiting and talking to him so sure to make it anyway on the list motivation colorectal even binging but nutritionally anorexic caloric lignin using it nutritionally and corrects RI so prior to this I asked the question how brilliant is the devil so first off Scripture tells us how effective this campaign how effective is that he perceives as part of the world right and revelations he is a hundred percent while I won't be careful when I say that but he said he receives all the world is hard for us to think here I am sitting on hundreds of them in the remnant church how can I possibly deceived like this would you be shopping the way your shopping if you want this was so Jesus is not what you can only imagine the Angels were like you I told you I don't give you my new clothing and you know this thing is about to be wrapped up explain that you're not buying the salvation of souls Huguenot united missionary activity your expanding the size of a house that's about to her she deceives the whole nation but for the grace of God go I so imagine for a moment you have a general describing his brilliant campaign imagine the press conference and he's explaining his idea what is true I can't outright go and just killing human but we develop AAA AAA strategy that is so effective the enemy is going to calm and how it shifts the bullets and install it into their arteries themselves now that brilliance now that is brewing no Dominion capital chased after them and shoot them that will come to you get a get rich off their debt now I is and when people try to warn them well will will make sure they are labeled as weird and and and marginal and will make sure their sideline growing but for the grace of God so why what is going on with this one we do that so that I will talk to you about what is it that our enemy knows about you are right so I was assisted someone will the end of overeating Doctor David Kessler former FDA Commissioner reinvented the food label and tackle the so-called tobacco industry and he talked about some of the science of addiction I want to share with a food addiction I want to share with you on how significant of a problem is this Kathryn Fleagle noted worsening trend towards obesity so she works over at the CDC and she noticed a finding that she initially thought was actually some sort of mistake the average size of all the twenty eight -year-old back well someone from twenty to twenty nine -year-old back in the nineteen sixties when you think their average weight was so hurt one forty heard one twenty believers are not it was one twenty eight one twenty eight ninety six nineteen sixty now in the year two thousand what you think of the average size of someone between twenty and twenty nine years old one fifty seven one fifty seven million if I challenge you to put in place a campaign to get people as a whole their way to increase how you leaving your campaign would be a campaign sold that he is shifted the average weight from one twenty eight all the way up to one hundred and fifty seven so Doctor Fleagle she initially thought hey I've done something wrong and in like manner she looked at the average weight of people from forty to forty nine so again back in the nineteen sixties the average was about one forty two well by the year two thousand it jumped that the one sixty nine so why do we go let's look at the food itself let's look at the food itself so you guys know most popular restaurants and talk about things like potato skins okay what is the anatomy of a fattening food like that I know your scientific so we don't want deep-fried skin that frying process the hot drinks and reduces the water quantity and it also increases the quantity are right then of course they follow it outwardly scoop on in their sour cream okay getting himself but in between that what we have we helped potatoes winter what carbohydrates on sugar on fact and of course all buffalo wings it again in a deep-fried and then of course you got that dipping sauce rich again in carbohydrates and that all right and then like for you coffee drink please don't copy drinkers but white chocolate mocha front machine what is it that we're really talking about the sugar that is the way he noted was that fluids that have been double combination of the salt and sugar tend to be very indignant they promote eating for pleasure as opposed to on on the more hilarious note God does not trust me with my appetite apparently because yesterday I had the unfortunate event of you know I eaten I got my plate I went to a difficult of the all right let like that you know but still feeling me know I'm so went back to get more usually seen that waiter man is I know you can have no more I know you'd like God put him there him I have orders from above him the more you will want a presentation at anyone's as this lead me to you all and props will be a day and will and will will will while in their defense he will knew that they couldn't go back for seconds and him and it is a beautifully monthly giving the same as these ones him so this one guy got created because when I went to get the food there were no big planes the only small and so I say to the women who regularly play on about the wild father nonchalantly as well be clear today basically anyway it's okay but stimulation results in the secretion of opioid chemicals all right so we want to know that we in our body 's natural opioid like chemicals and you only understand that when you stub your toe on something and it hurts like crazy doesn't it but people begin documents the inside albeit system is so effective the pain disappears and you even realizing and disappeared pretty quickly because you have an encyclopedic system one result is how the power of not just pain relief they actually mood enhance Isaiah CNN they actually move enhanced so I just wasn't there are fluids that when you eat them they drive the production of opiate like chemical pain relief mood enhancement so as you start to show from eating because you're hungry to eating for reward okay this is what the enemy knows about you and I so identify Doctor Josh will be up at UC San Francisco conducted an interesting series of experiments step what he did was he would expose rats to say I'm chocolate right and then she would mix it with the chocolate and bananas and see which one they would choose that they were initially exposed the chocolate gets what they prefer and then wake up not by the manipulative intuitive so naturally they would choose bananas they had their fill of chocolate all right so now it is both empty bananas and then exposing the both guess which one they chose is what I thank you bananas because they had their fill of chocolate I figured your village chocolate ninety one bananas that you get your villa bananas may want I speak with then he got interested he would expose them to let the bananas but then he gave them an injection of all right enough for you thinkers and he would expose them to both which would be one if you expose of the bananas give them a shot of opiates what you think they prefer a okay on the other hand useful than the chocolate gave him the shot of the opiates in the next both in the book which would they prefer and what it talks about is the role of opiates driving our food choices are I was very very interesting X experiment furthermore the thing to really want to see while you are sad why some people will have a tendency of wanting comfort foods okay comfort foods what people will choose comfort foods and to just drive home the point of the significant role that opiates play in in in in in affecting our food choices there were other experiments done in which opiate receptors so the only effect was blocked by medication called ultrasound naltrexone blocks the effect of opiates when the effective opiates blocks people would actually reduce their fee these animals would reduce their feeding okay again all I'm underscoring is the role of opiates and driving eating for reward okay all right so now what is the role of dopamine in all that's what is the role of dopamine if opiates enhance our mood as well as relieving pain what does dopamine to the main drives behavior remember that from way back when when we said that dopamine will drive behavior so they would if they would erect these elaborate set of we close things out a obstacle course it's right that would separate him animals from food and what they notice was indeed been given a shot of dopamine these guys would do anything to get that who they were given a shot of the weeds of dopamine will try to seeking behavior but on the other hand they weren't given the dopamine shot and they would do it even if they weren't hungry all right but without dopamine even if they were hungry they were doing everything they could to get the food okay yet again it's just at dopamine will try behavior preceding half of fact that studies to chemicals work all right the world is very aware of a chemical called serotonin and other serotonin this agency has been connected to increase the binging increased impulsivity and aggression as well as depression okay so again reduced serotonin levels has been associated with increased binging impulsivity aggression and depression okay now as to why the other serotonin levels will reduce that's a significant question out because sometimes doctors is why gives you on an antidepressant without checking your diet to understand are you eating the precursors that it will lead to the production of the serotonin in the first place I give you all the events I want if you're not eating right do not necessarily get the benefit of that medication and it really underscores the importance for lifestyle frankly I for those of you who are interested in this area of food addiction you are to be here more and more about the neuroendocrine called neuropeptide Y okay the most abundant widely distributed neuropeptide known it's the most potent activator of feeding behavior so they were animals that could be driven to eat even though full so they will they will Google pass being full of it to the level of the hypothalamus and and its effects were blocked when a person was given no locks on the lots was very similar to know tracks on okay so if you block the ability of opiates to carry out their function they also noticed that neuropeptide Y cannot drive the animals that feed the message to me as a practitioner is important role now trucks on could potentially play and reduce Chris already know that it does that with alcohol there may be a role for it also in food addiction so as a medical practitioner just inside the so the bottom line with problematic eating is when were eating for reward as opposed to hunger I wonder eating for award as opposed to hunger what you see isn't God designed these wonderful wonderful practices prefer uphill of Lipitor versus you know some nice healthy in our basket of food of vegetables or fruits you know in contrast the Lipitor here does God gave us the medications in a beautiful you know time released package in an and here we are doing ourselves to having to depend on medications of the post what God originally designed someone to show you that what happens is these things get hijacked so eating a process that supposed to lead us actually get hijacked to where now it's actually something we're working towards something that right so what we need to do for his hunger as opposed to pursuing reward or pursuing comfort are so what is the working definition of addiction if you look in the Oxford English dictionary it's a formal giving over or delivery by sentence of course this is surrender or dedication of anyone one master surrendered to a master giving yourself over to a master and is very scary state of being addicted or given to a hobbit or persons almost considered spiritual context devotion are so just a quick summary on food addiction and now I like talking about sex addiction I threatened to believe or not there was I was suffered to be sensitive to my colleagues who are for recovering from addictions but whatever the kids are talking about sex addiction yet again in context I want you to notice that sex came at the end of the building process you see that sex came at the end of a beautiful process it is what it was the problem I literally had this question I have a question from a young audience on the ask what do you do with the sexual energy nobody's telling us what to do with the sexual energy and you know it's an excellent question it's an excellent question what I shared with them was that energy was not accidental God wants you to channel that energy into building into the building okay that good energy be used to overcome obstacles when we talk about that you don't mean driving behavior into building alike backhaul needs and so what could be more beautiful than you actually met this person can actually understand who this person is actually built this life accomplish academic leaves on and so forth and then as a culmination of that you guys commit yourselves for going nonverbally in nothing promises you you you buying together formally and then celebrate that form all of them I can you know you celebrate not formally what's next the physiology and context and what you see the devil do as he loves that God gives and take it out of context okay the last lesson and so you have the general again in a briefing that got them to take what God gave not and I'm been a have been destroy themselves with this one thing that God gave them to have them destroy themselves whether something is a four -year-old head of state goes love not Murphy has an escalating to sleeping with the wife of one of his subordinates and having him killed before the affair comes the light of day on my talk about my friends should primarily describe as an self-funded their lives in and secular seventy nine novel is that he is finishing the papers being on their smartphone right so one of the people who were really loud voice in the area of actual addiction is none other than Doctor Pat Carnes that book is actually a a workbook backpack Carnes has for those struggling with sex addiction is of course I got some of what I will share with you from his book all right so how big of a problem is sex addiction were talking roughly about three to six percent of Americans suffering from sexual addiction five percent of the population meeting criteria for sexual compulsive but sex is so ubiquitous in our culture really feel it for people struggling with addiction because it and re- wear yes everyone sort of a million people that we recognize that we recognize addiction is turned by Heinz is an illness of escape are right as a sex addiction basically like all addictions you want to know that they're basically two components to addiction right to components Paul should is that with me will and negative consequences than zero what about any negative consequences and okay still there those two components legitimacy accompanying addictions and compulsions under the behavior despite the consequences are right so as an risk on so those are isolating those who stress people given the opportunity those suffering from other addictions because these addictions tend to occur together based on a description of what everybody in the room you know when today's culture eighty percent of individuals who use sexual behavior negatively will tend to be male or the findings of Doctor Carnes and others and males of course tend to choose physical sexual gratification I'm going fast forward to that given some people present and females focus more on the emotional aspects of sexuality and so as fathers in the audience me know please be diligent about showing your children love being that person I want to make it so difficult for the guy that tries to compete with me from my daughter not really is not true but I want to make it clear to her this is your expectation of what it is you're looking for now I want to make sure that is the way who is confident and so that she is not left in a situation which is try to find that assurance outside of a home so this is the power that we have as parents are right and so typically found in the use of sex will begin in early teens peaking between twenty to forty and gradually declining says the studies so they were some phases of addictions under the speed past the city one another people will use no serial relationships a lot of times when these cases emphasize is the fact that people have a tendency of only coming to treatment when there has been massive and I do mean massive negative consequences so we air life is not colliding with their daylights okay is that some people will finally come to treatment all right so as far as the neurobiology you guys remember the biology that I discussed before we talk about the role of the ventral segment on the nucleus accumbens the amygdala we talked about the prefrontal cortex or wrote on court things that neurobiology is going apply here as well here are some reports that the serotonin system may play a role in the disorder there are some reports that dopamine excess naturally drive and sexual compulsive meets are just some things to be aware this life is just for the point that we really want to be careful this is not the sexual addictions neither are the sexual assault with sexual disorders is different but he was disappointed I wanted to notice here with exhibitionism these are people who derive sexual pleasure from exposing themselves and watching the response that you have fetishes with people whom they are very the different articles sometimes when women garments that they derive pleasure from coming in contact with their spin vendors from tourism so these are people who derived pleasure from people who are not from rubbing against people who are nonconsenting things are all familiar with pedophilia in the abuse of the sexual abuse in the under age and there is sexual masochism so that they derive pleasure from being abusive than doing shaming practices and then there are others who derived pleasure these are sadist who derived pleasure from being shamed on being abused what was interesting is when you look in the DSM-IV what they say is behavior is required before you can get that diagnosis this was not just a thought and behavior is required before you get the diagnosis what almost that was lost in the minimizes the importance of thoughts but we all know thoughts lead to actions so I would be very interested in before you become the behavior I want to know about the thoughts and so noticed how that is in contradiction to Christ's standard reviewer called standard Matthew five twenty seven he heard that it was said by them of old time thou shall not commit adultery but I sent you that whosoever will get on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart you see that Christ is a different standard right one of the things that Doctor times JEE addiction community I'm discussed regarding sexual addiction was this issue of the addiction cycle the addiction cycle I want you to notice where it all starts to say that with me on their falling off already come on what God believes this is what is where it all starts beliefs is what you believe what this underscores is the critical role you play in what is affecting your beliefs for you parents and what is the belief you are allowing these children to shoot to consider okay this is where the enemy is going to document the fact that we were in that cycle but especially here this is this is world 's so let's talk more about this billing system what will contribute to a faulty belief system absent pets that is why you're out to the matter the matter of your world-class athlete doesn't matter if you are clergy doesn't matter if you are in a medical practitioner you know no matter you are a truck driver all that matters is you are missing your missing because the devil is more than the limit of not being present to affect the belief system okay divorce divorce people say well you know at least if we divorce nothing can be exposed to this harmful environment okay you weren't getting along when you were living together what's the likelihood you can and get along better now that you divorce so a lot of those titles battles go into the number divorcing or funding of the confining continues to intensify in some ways to get something to be aware that it can make it work and this is why we have to live on our knees the enemy is attacking our relationships and how do they get us he dangles about the five thousand square foot home about three thousand square foot home is that the work a little harder but you will be happier in a finally missing on the market so what is available more stressed than anything else that could hate cares five thousand square foot home bistro think about trailer and as we change those things there consequences also again of course mental illness can of course lead to absentee parents substance dependence substance dependence a great way to knockout parents because one of the things that I told you that God gave us the gift of what the gift of time to get the time I is so sobering when I say my age thirty I can't even bring myself the same thirty six years old thirty six years old it's like it's not so much of thirty six is old it's just I can't believe that much time has passed so quickly very poor when I think about the amount of time that goes into thinking about the addictive substance personally the addictive substance being under the influence of the addictive substance covering from the addictive substance he has just blown the single shot in your time and your time so substance dependence something that we definitely want to conquer factors enter into ultimately systemic trauma are my good colleague talked about the critical role of protecting our children in a whole is one parent themselves on the because the proponents or the arbitrary keyword by the perpetrators of trauma would be the thing that will shutter a belief system should believe system trust I was on a when he asked us to list what are the values that we want in our and our spouses how many people it was wedded spirituality coming to notice the big picture and the last thing for the first thing trust you heard from several corners of trust trust trust to get the spirituality okay Lisa's feeling of loneliness feeling unprotected non-trust and feeling inadequate worthless less than the searches on him that person who suffered up or something are looking for something dependable they're looking for something comfortable and the winner is drugs alcohol you name it sex and fill-in the blank with a host of other addictions fill in the blank workaholism religiosity shopaholics know how many homes are being devastated all on and on and on as of course you get in here to thinking so most of the times when people are in that addiction there is denial on problem is under control I can control I can stop anytime I want and on this day that's why I can sympathize with the twelve step community in the importance of embracing okay I give up I'm in I am an you can see how that's the first step in recovery okay now I'm championing and encouraging people to save their recovery one of the first that is acknowledging that hey all right let me stop this nonsense and denial I have a problem I have a problem all right so then of course I mentioned preoccupations or addicts minds completely engrossed with sex everything encountered is the possibility people to come for a alleged or called the case nature of your quarter together when you were in love now that was all he could think about act like you remember Desdemona and Meagan good in trouble so the pursuit behind the search the suspension at all the only person you are on call from everybody else is an annoyance in the less always a people struggling with addiction there is a ritual is a term that we will use for the non- process addictions for the nonchemical addictions process addictions because there is an addiction through the process okay so you want to know that for somebody who serves on the net even even hearing the dangling of keys computer okay so we have to be so sensitive even hearing that can be a trigger so what were sometimes neutral stimuli become what we call salience that becomes the this is and then my consistent talk about marijuana in the problem with marijuana one of the issues with legalizing drugs I want to be aware of this dynamic one of the things that makes getting off of cigarettes so difficult is the fact that it is legal why is that because you can use it with a wider range of activities can you see that why you're a range of activities will actually triggering and that you bring with you to give you a high user with things like for example there are only at specific places where you are using specific activities when you legalize it now there's so many more activities that I will become a trigger that you have to so that the whole dynamic than that creates this be aware that so with the compulsivity the addicts is is powerless and the failed attempt to quit needs without feeling despaired shame and guilt and then the failed sobriety causes them to fail to honor decisions and they feel hopeless about gaining victory fairly horrible place to be and that of course can lead to despair and hopelessness and so I had my good friend here asked me how significant are these in no addictions this is how do you rate crack versus gambling versus sex you understand that a person facing a lot of these guys that sometime we want a laugh that stand there with their spouse and talk about things they been caught in an affair so on and so forth it out but for the grace of God the more little don't kill themselves as they realize that their whole life is over and I'm supposed to join in the mass media and the inside jokes we should be praying for those people a so so this is a serious issue the people who ended their lives over these issues because I really want to elaborate on the given present but when you understand how serial you know how how how how much and how many relationships can start how many lies it in fact that it can be something horrible and available to help me with this feedback feel free all right okay and so each repetition of the move strengthens the addiction I is the course you get to the unmanageability this is usually when they now show up for treatment so you get broken family lives broken finances impaired upkeep and finding out they often come in the treatment because the spouse or somebody's singular treatment or else okay and that's why a different talk about Nino codependence and enablers were most helpful things you can do to hold him accountable when most helpful thing you can do is stay in treatment or else an honor that word that is often what brings people and the people who I didn't sense how a sense of that significant other is not serious I see the lackadaisical commitment to treatment but the ones that know their significant other is serious they come in with a wholly different attitude there up front and class down no-nonsense death two sick below the guys name no knowledge of follow-through he's not playing with me this time okay so addiction cycle and the media the neuroscientific world is on fire regarding this this new finding about what's called mirror mirror 's mirror neurons am so the scientist Doctor Rizal Lottie and document how tell what it was they identify the fact that we have circuitry in our brains these neurons that are called mirror neurons that when you're looking at something this is even doing your brain is interpreting it as you are doing it all yelling at me okay think about the implications of this army on the morning sense you can see why as you're watching murders it's whether you're committing yourself okay is he watching sexual perversion is that you're participating yourself he added me know what he's bombarding us with this stuff but on glorious no that's the reason why Christ said that you define the left and live independently just let Christ as we are doing what you do as I can know enough myself with his long hair and slammed lessons with his word 's notion of mirror neurons now think about mirror neurons and think about this addiction cycle now think about the high sexual content that our kids and we are looking at nowadays think about how that's affecting their belief system leaving them in impacting that when you imagine anymore the studies have been done and it shows that the kids that are exposing themselves to more sexualized content are more likely to begin sexual activity earlier now that's been documented okay and he knows what he's doing a hundred percent we believe in all world okay how does it promote impaired thinking what's the impact of the mass media so before I talk about the sexual this order of Moyer what was the voyeur they get off by looking at sexual behavior right people who are unknowing right well what you see the media doing and the significance of this is men tend to be more visual the guys know that men are more visual that's the reason why you do not see for the most part of these female singers don't care how good you can say you got antibodies along with no women on the other hand you guys are more generous because you are more auditory and so as a result of that you can take a guy like you can hear this in an event in the right because I somewhat women I complain more did you know because the way to you or subconscious is through your auditory system and the enemy knows that and so very very obese but his voice works right now I want to bring all back okay or is it what you see the media doing is it's promoting men to the lawyers okay it's promoting men's of the workers and what is it doing when is promoting them to be exhibitionists promoting them to the exhibition so what you see in this life is see this gentleman here is watching them and she is absolutely horrified by this absolute horrified by this I'm because he's exhibiting known history not by their response was that one that woman is Catherine Zeta Jones and so I had to look at them but not because of my friend you see her doing the very thing he was going in her scantily clad outfits like you getting back at him this is not this so far being promoted to be voyeurs and the winners are being exhibitionist and then are being stimulated or are encouraging lawyers it's a marriage made in hell do you see that Iraq and the technology now thinks a member counseling young man who was struggling with a sexual addiction way back when I was counseling smart phones one thousand volts is the only place that this gentlemen could actually indulge was on his laptop so we could put together a plan that would denounce strategize around now with the smartphone and the accessibility of the smartphone it has so crippled the ability to strategize around it but for the grace of God okay so now with technology access is out-of-control affordability and anonymity and a lot less accountability and this is Doctor Weiss who am one quoting him so went better this Germans conference in LA and the things he told me about that I had no idea about him so now they are your old familiar with okay and so there these applications on the phone the first of their GPS locators so believe it or not there applications that will inform you where the nearest sexual no of potential is now with other consenting person horrible there is a sign that the site and the shallowness in the name but I mean that the Delaney sent Ashley Madison for married men and women life is short have an affair that is their slogan this is their mission statement to provide an way for like-minded users to explore whether they wish to meet each other shot with each other and/or explore extramarital relationships now you say what was the impact of the site I just mentioned that three million members international business quarter last year some shorts Donna by now May two thousand nine six hundred seventy nine thousand men and women use the service to contact the sexual partner in that single month ninety two percent of males on the site Simon is married sixty percent female Simon has married okay how would build on this okay so now it's like they're using these devices from far away again I let go into the details of that but it brings me right back to Genesis six and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of the heart was only evil continually getting to the point someone cut on pathological gambling and I want to stop for a moment bring this video was produced by bodybuilders rooting in the fulfillment of your life to learn more about divinity from the please visit www. in an marital song .com it was 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