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12 Steps to Wholeness, Part 5

Ricardo Whyte


Ricardo Whyte

Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University



  • February 4, 2012
    4:30 PM
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hi logical gambling thank you guys back were on those who made it back on time think of some so let me confess upfront that the slides I got from my mentor Doctor Tim Long he is a gambling expert meaning this is his passion this is what he does so when you try to pretend like I'm some damning expert but so these are his lives right physiology in context and again what you see with addictions as you see the devil taking this stuff out of context guys life is a gamble that's what we need faith you know that right you know we commit ourselves to an academic endeavor is not guaranteed to make it through the one we make it to does it feel good now so so so got challenges is not defaulted I want you to know commit yourself the past you know how you think that is going to happen but life can be likened to gamble you understand that so let's take a look at what damn those addicted to gambling look like when they present to us in the clinic so fifty four -year-old female presented for alcohol abuse and this can often happen lots of people come in for one disorder so three four days per week four drinks per night she had a history of two DUI suggestions that enough polish our children cannot work no tolerance or withdrawal is the and she just can't stop during the intake she reveals that she is a ten year history of regularly gambling when drinking she knows that gambling escalates right and so two thousand nine the car losses totaled up the forty five thousand dollars so one of the ways that break would leave no document is this gambling issue something serious Israelite now I have a question I say her you a lot how my you lost is not then I'm not interested in medical velvet like to come out on top vitamin loss I know how much have you lost in your life this is a very old man I don't gamble Florida two hundred bucks is a lot of them I lost five thousand lives in so you know what many don't realize that you gamble but this is more of a problem than you think what you are thinking them contact person sometimes can be very well-to-do but still once you're past the thousand you start the start time pay attention things on now for a Christian context when you understand that your money is not your own all guys when you understand your money is not your own and we are held to the standard of every resource got gives you let me help you out every talents God has entrusted you with easily hold you accountable for your storyline comes to them what did you do with the talent is I gave you and our talents consistent time our resources are gifts that you multiply interest for the King Campbell and seriously okay so consequences are hidden away from the spouse of questions that bring interest credit card debts time lost emotional distress for work product on productivity so nineteen seventy five this is what the the the scope of gambling LeBlanc in the United States right now many regions were involved with gambling is nineteen seventy five nineteen ninety nine okay so there's a range of gambling behavior am recognized in the literature site social gambler so eighty five percent eighty five to ninety percent of gamblers fall into this range that you have problem gamblers is five to six percent and then of course you have a pathological gambler okay so I think one of two percent of their gambling compulsively with interesting as you have disliked fraction of the population than gamble for profession so there like one to two percent of gamblers I'm saying that carelessly right now but the interesting thing is ninety percent of gamblers think their professional gamblers that's a joke okay I don't receive e-mails to your doctor said no I so the DSM-IV highlights the fact that along with gambling you'll see preoccupation you'll see tolerance so you have to gamble more to get the same effect on Jason 's e-mail periods where they are sort of binging on gambling just can't stop is a point where you start getting illegal acts some of these surveys high profile of hedgehog hedge fund flow lunchtimes when you pull back the service you'll find them actually gambling addiction maybe I'm coming there while lying on kinds of issues over which a further counter fairly intuitive in terms of financially the average that will pull up the forty five thousand nine forty five thousand debt from gambling not for school not a medical cause for gambling relationships divorce child and needs time off from like twenty five hours per week multiply that by your pay rate man my goodness crimes like I'm nonviolent and it skyrockets your likelihood of developing a comorbid substance use issues okay and of course there are medical consequences your call what our good friend mentioned early this morning about how diseases of the mind often translate into medical illnesses okay very very very damaging condition so I mean as FRC has something for everyone something for everyone he doesn't care what takes your eyes off Christ within care all he wants is your eyes off all right so the course of pathological gambling gambling consequences are hidden individuals of the leaders in the things that are kind of unique the pathological gambling whereas with alcohol in Concerta overdose with gambling is a little harder to do that the other thing is what does Anambra look like with alcohol addiction you know there is actually some physical health findings genomic talk about the nose to talk about you know literary synthetic and get ascites and get the bloated abdomen the energy of these physical manifestations methamphetamines you can see what we call the meth mouth so massive destruction of the teeth and that the dentition but with gambling what does the person look like all so tremendous volatile financial consequences as I've documented and it's hard to test for hardness test for him but I will say there is his insight if you look at a person 's financial sheet that's a pretty good way good thing to monitor and so the course tends to be chronic and relapsing right most of the time all right as of this date again was gotten from my friend Timothy Fong from UCLA it is wanted to mention that now don't you hate when presenters and only while you with all this data but they don't talk to you about effective treatment is frustrating and so that's why really cascaded through some of the data in the data 's out there particularly directly now what we really want to look at though is treatment what can we do about this so that's why I rushed thank you for your patience so what is the real issue behind the fiction so I said before for instance processed pleasure God gave us an orange we want orange juice no no believe they want cocaine you know process I like us that life is a gamble what you want to sit in the slot machine no man Google study something go commit yourself to that that is something for the kingdom you know and now that exciting what puts us at risk for addiction I this gentleman Doctor Bruce Alexander I just stumbled across his book and he is entitled the globalization of addiction I do not agree with a good number of things that Bruce Alexander says he likes to say that there are no substances that are indignant I part company with the know but what I like about what he said is that addictions are a lot more pervasive than we think he is famous for what is called the rap part experiment very fascinating experiment so Doctor Alexander was frustrated by the fact that researchers who would say no cocaine is so addictive notice that the rat will bar pressed to death in pursuit of cocaine is like you proven anything all you proven is that they are living in a miserable condition okay and so they would knew that the death gave them an alternative and they wouldn't do that and so what even with the design right and right part was this elaborate car you know where it was basically like an amusement park in Disney World to rest now and so it only had a little gerbil wheels you know all is the kind of stuff and what he noted so what are the support offered drugs in that context they were less likely to choose the drunk now this is what I find interesting and what would he further said about that is made a person this locate a person disconnect that from their social environment and you will skyrocket their risk above using something the other thing he did was he made this an addiction are more pervasive far more pervasive like a serial killer you know that value significantly in other doing this really is a compulsive component to it but he made far more addictive and so that's why now are starting to be more attentive to what was hyper religiosity looking workaholism but in all these addictions but who is at risk for addiction people and pay people suffering this world wants a relief they want pain relief and they are desperate for their pain relief and we're seeing the consequences okay we're seeing the consequences so when we as a therapeutic community decide that we need more law enforcement and we need a crackdown access throughout the drawings and so on and so forth part of it though are we providing alternatives to relieve pain and that puts us in the church in a unique position in a very exciting position okay so what protects us from addictions per Scripture if I go to Psalm one and whatever settings you would make Scripture rich for me is always remember who is writing a writer who is running a soul is writing this song they had estates the person who under there's power in this Psalm 's one building I noticed significant in the Bible is one attention to the first thing that chapter say okay notice what it says in verse one Blessed is the man that walk in the counseling and having writ with me when you nor stand in the ways of sinners nor instead of intimacy in the scornful but have no life in them law of the Lord 's it's saying don't will stay or say in the seat of the scornful business Council the following or do you find yourself under the influence of the on godly because it explains what the consequences are we allow ourselves to be influenced by the on gosling and when you are on the television those are the only influence inherent right Holly probably what the definition of Holly that's correct mesmerized okay so what kind of influences are we putting with the most positive things you can do is the more evil than moving them to watch the movie research the author research the producer is when you get really intrigued I wouldn't go anywhere near that movie was the one that I think about is what true blood when you research the author and what she has to say like I wouldn't go anywhere near that I wouldn't go near that because why will you are in a comfort would introduce okay but you have Psalms one telling you you're interested in power real power you will say this for standing under the influence and then got in guide when we place ourselves in the name of the ungodly way too much but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and unfortunately the word meditate has been hijacked by the New Age hijacked because it's not talking about being your mind okay God did not give us a hundred billion neurons to empty our minds to get those in visualizing the plan to reflect on the past understand the present and plan for the future he didn't list the meditate on the law of God and in his law that he meditate day and night and what will be the consequence of the will be the consequence of meditating on the law and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters and is don't miss this and bring it forward through in his face even with these have anyone here been through I seized a season of difficulty season of straw what were the fruits you produced in Nazis while those fruits will tell you you are planting yourself next if you don't like the rooms change what you're planted next government television government music that is so questionable but is influencing as we also shall not wither and whatsoever he do with shall prosper and again were talking about addictions so now that was the Council of the father now listen to the counsel of the sun Solomon Proverbs twenty three was also destined to do with a ruler consider diligently what is before the end hotline nine two nine world eight dollars young man given to times socialism that's easy to miss and being desirous of his dainties for paying are busy people means it is expedient to speak you want but what does it do it slows you to drink alcohol to calm you down the Martin showing up to me with an anxiety disorder ticket for mood enhancer when we know ontologically alcohol is a price and then it messes with the neurons to the point where using a policy this a lot of times I drink to feel normal ninety one deceitful means but just when you thought it was talking about food just when you were short was talking about fluid a third labor not to be rich cease from thine own wisdom when thou set thine eyes upon that which is not for riches certainly make themselves wings with an eagle toward heaven even though not the bread of him that hath an evil eye neither desired about his drinking meets for us you think it's in his heart so is he eats and drinks they appeal to me but his heart does not would be the more so when she dies he then thou shalt mom-and-pop and lose thy sweet so many of us have been victimized by this we sat to dine with the ruler of this world and we created is gained seats we wanted the degrees we wanted a house we wanted the beach home you know and you name it you name it sold out to get those known as the ones that we have a cell with the self time and we have to sell house and so often it's okay to spend more time with you or I could pursue this and too often we pursue this be more sensitive to how you're using your time we crave the delicacies of this world and a lot of us have had the experience of not having vomited up our good words all this car is awesome but I was sitting in divorce court how to drive home the car not a pleasant experience that the more fascinating note what did that with the Doctor Alexander talents Doctor Alexander said that this location is also what you isolate a person where a person is in pain are going to be at risk for addiction enter the experience of Daniel a lot of people don't know some of the back story with Daniel let's talk about the trauma that young men experience how old was he when he is taken to Babylon brothers like seventeen want to think about the average seventeen -year-old today the brother is seventeen she survives at the it wasn't too bad of a C drive and see talk about someone with experience hunger you guys remember 9/11 I just two of the buildings in our country was not down what happened to Jerusalem what was the political mindset of this young man but that was enough right now minimum will the Suns get killed from the king-size and the King is mutilated and put in jail to Jerusalem the pride of his joy is destroyed I want you to think about the psychological mindset this mention of is not all that was done so I know that you read the book of believe it is the deal I think publishers I know that I fared him one of them but in the book what it does is Hezekiah so I fixed them the prophecy for him Hezekiah and he lets her know dude you made a mistake you showed these Babylonians on your good magician is shown with your God winner take all those goods ended in and make your signs yield so there's a good likelihood this young man in addition to all that was castrated as a condition of the man who was sitting now the King 's table and suffering is over to put you what the change table that the change means in your restaurant to the Obama White House could listen to now get you into service servicing in the king 's court and in the condition of the mind where he said he was in his heart not to defile himself but I thought he was dislocated Doctor Alexander Doctor Sigmund is located you'll surely he would succumb when I'm emphasizing here is there are protective aspects of Adventism will send us if we follow one year from dollars wired .com the question about what God my faith my faith 's culture is don't try it once don't try once that has been a preservative form was crunched times when Christ has guided this faith to put in place keychains that will protect us from the start and we will stop trivializing so what can the church knew about addictions I do believe I do agree with Doctor Alexander that suffering discomfort and dislocation increases the likelihood of anyone suffering increases the risk factor for developing an addiction what do we as the church meaningfully do for the addicted community we made sure into the attic through Christ in the red and relevant singer and the risen and relevant savior and that means we don't start talking about I don't know what are some of what is something that we like to push on people we don't eat meat but we are making sure they have a plate of food to eat suffering is a window through which we can shine and glory of God that's all suffering is when people are suffering their own but not hopeless to try a more open to sharing their open open to the relief of their suffering and that's why we really do have a God inspired mission and agenda we said you know what we want to do with the church you know my champion we want to champion education and we want to check and health because I don't care how much you hate as shown in Hungary Israel the opportunities for you to embrace an okay unless you hate me with your leg is broken and I have the ability to heal so we get to the relevant well how do we be relevant to ask alcoholics we need to listen for the needs we need to listen for the name we need to listen we need to stop talking and we need to listen for the need to listen for the stated need when we need to do is send lesson is no more powerful ministries and when you stay me and need his address shop at my house with old guys and I haven't said anything that it's insulting to people sometimes when you know now sometimes we know that in foods of your phone again right my best friends does that is an awesome ministry but on saying is why not ask the need you know I might might might start hustlers but my marriage is in shambles with long-range but listen to many let's index our strengths in addressing the stated needs so what this is underscoring is these ministries of our churches that are operating so so so separately and got complimented we have to collaborate collaborate collaborate and in regard to come together well these differences aside I got to need someone to need here guys on your music ministry the skylights you know what not to be an important part of his sobriety the understanding that we collaborate is one of the unique things about our church we take something Susan we can move on because we have an awesome infrastructure that we need to stop being ashamed of bottles that God inspired it was together so essentially what we're talking about his recovery looks like really nothing the person struggling with addiction with the natural hearts okay to give a family member or a friend who is struggling with addiction you will know that they are a meaningful recovery they are experiencing the natural highlights in one of my talk about natural highs I'm talking about their spirituality the news revoke God is not the God of our understanding of God by his very definition stands outside our mission you will okay key by his and the minute we start understanding him the development of God by his very definition stands outside of our understanding okay were my soapboxes a lot of people are asking for more than exposure show me more you know what I showed you want to show you more than the love given you intimacy is the important part of recovery is intimacy so is meaningful intimate experiences of Isaiah is an online school right to romantic as romantic as part of intimacy but there's also non- romantic intimacy okay and that's what relationships are so critical nutrition sleep wellness lifestyle guys lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle so there's no way to get sound like a is the bonus is my straight with you that bring himself okay lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle I'll have people who think of me in there like to know your psychiatrist we think about your new medications medications have a role but every physician knows that when you want to get some awesome results people got changing lifestyle and got a change of lifestyle when we know it and what cracks me up is when we see these will bus experiences of people changing their lifestyle to come into the doctor 's office and they are humble humbled because they know those results pale Google 's results far from what the medications were delivered I don't sue me I'm not saying you don't need medication I'm not saying earlier doctors and try right but I'm just saying I cannot emphasize you how important a healthy lifestyle is and then of course exercise exercise in a category all by itself and also significant so again the point of one talk with you about this is I want to emphasize the fact that if you are looking at an addict and you're asking yourself is this person in recovery look at how they are experiencing the natural highs and when you see someone and there there there there natural highs is collapsing that's a good indicator that they're still struggling in recovery one thing is really exciting when using recovery you see them on fire about something that could be yellow than on fire about by my good friends a class five for his last name but three one oh and actually we talk about one things you recognize was he's not reset themselves my goodness am putting all his energy into the pursuit of heroin what would happen if I put this energy to good use and significance significance why talk about meaning and purpose there is no high greater than when you feel like you are connected with the purpose God has for you and unstoppable I got to take care of this is not the ultimate time that you would want for anyone that is pursuing recovery so also the church into it all you have to refer to treatment centers and treatment professionals but I would say litmus test does you choose needs to be how much are they empowering patients to reengage with the natural times okay it's a therapist know how seriously do you acknowledge their spirituality I think tolerate their spirituality I mean celebrate their spirituality okay not some carelessly know both your disparate left okay not a lot you nurture it how do you encourage it have you respected how do you foster okay and so I probably lose my job suddenly unplugged my university is a function MK but I am coming from my behavioral medicine Center Loma Linda University and still is in the behavioral medicine what does treatment look like so there are addictions that require detoxification all addictions require detoxification but there are some with the detox is actually white bread okay mold a lot of addictions when you're detoxing is very uncomfortable but some are actually life right so you get all church income since I stopped drinking dream and reform in the West End he and I need to stop you know you want to refer that person through treatment professional immediately okay but it wasn't until the reservoir a seizure and delirium tremens specifically all right so they are addictions with a detox requires withdrawal same for benzodiazepines like adamant and young people on this thing for a while and nothing is one-stop and suddenly that's not a good idea that's why the church has to partner with treatment professionals understand that can disable previous one no out in the role for prayer this prayer that let us the developing level of the University and okay I still this study the role for transitional medications like Ativan Suboxone so Valium and in particular these are medications that we will at times use the distinctly transition someone on Wednesday alcohols on and so forth safely often okay and then of course there also supportive medications and I'm not in the labor you with what they are doing gone through detox detox is often somewhere between five to seven days if the insurance companies have their way it would be three days now but safely undo it would talk about five to seven days so it is in rehab that people will experience their so people will be placed in groups and group therapy is something powerful because it is in the context of a group that that person gets to look into the future and see what is waiting for the baby continue along that path the group is very very powerful and there's a part in group where you are embracing you are taught how to function basically everyone puts their arm around you and I'll occasionally get the patient who comes in and I cannot think of any group anymore you know I think I'm good when I erased the second phase of the enough phases when you put your arm around the newcomer okay so it's very very powerful components in group and the other thing about visiting allows you to see yourself in ways that you never seen yourself before I love watching a patient in a group because they are things that will happen but a lot of times they will not articulate sounds so there's a powerful role from the BMC we do twelve steps based groups and so there's a role for a sponsor you know I love to say that I live a life of recovery I like your opinion I do hope you guys due to I have sponsors I have people that influenced me in a positive way now I'm not meaning to dishonor the twelve steps I didn't legally meetings I'm part of a group in the miles they group I attended religiously because I know it's a very important part of my recovery as a Senate and the other thing is other clinician I can't preach this without living it myself okay is hypocrisy is detected very quickly by folk recovering from a personal policy right so the group also give them a social support network lifetime that's very important because it's powerful to pick up the phone and single person I'm in trouble and they understand exactly what you mean is not your aunt Betty let what Angel is a little luck you know people clueless about what it is you actually mean in the family support groups one thing that we pay attention to the behavioral medicine Center is alcohol is traumatic to families alcohol and addiction instrumented to the family and so in caring for the attic of the alcohol will will forget to address the needs of the family and so we have family support groups as well as just and talking and conceptualizing this I was just reminded what an extensive team we have in order to participate in this and this disease of my recovery is the season recovery in the disease of addiction so we have nurses we have counselors therapists we have chaplains we have students that where training is critical for them to be exposed and understand the seriousness of his vision and we also have administrators administrators are so important because they make sure I was in meetings all day but it's a team for launching am sure I missed somebody on this social worker in the case managers to make sure that we get paid so a lot of people helping us out him we also have behavioral health Institute where I have an outpatient practice so that plan addiction clinic where the medication management psychotherapy and in development we are doing to be developing specialty groups and educational workshops so with conviction there's no full scale ultimate goal is realigning the attic with their identity their purpose and their meaning okay so one thing is very fascinating to me is some of the crucial things that we can learn from God 's word take for example the sanctuary service was familiar with the sanctuary service okay is not handled well the verses that back everything up but there's a crucial role for fasting when it comes to addictions now again we got be careful because with eating disorders they are actually addicted to restraining okay so we got to be careful with that would be sensitive to that but at the same time there is a crucial role for fasting month as you know you just purpose purpose Leslie abstaining now you are abstaining from the given thing and you're praying as well because your goals your purpose your intention is to reconnect with God okay so imagine the role of fasting fasting there is because what was happening here we're talking about the courtyard of the sanctuary service and it was a missing in the courtyard of the century service that we encountered two pieces of furniture so that the altar of sacrifice and the altar of sacrifice you can get the Scripture much on the line when it signifies the cross of Christ it signifies the DVD crucifixion and the sacrifice price paid to redeem us what it does signify the labor what that stands for baptism then to sell ultimately one would talk my diction when we talk about self gratification and so here you have the labor emphasizing the crucial role that to sell the South stopping inward focus and let's focus outward and upward okay you see how helplessly as philosophies are predictions of this of course there is a member what the warning from Psalms one one meditate on the law while here's our big book the Bible okay this provides what it is we should be focusing our thoughts on okay and then when we got here the altar of incense were not holy place now prior the significance of prayer and of course that the candlesticks let your light so shine before men they will see your good works and glorify who the father you have a witness you have a witness that they studied the century service they would understand how is that candlestick produced incidentally I was introduced from one piece of goals and was was that it is and is and is until you can get the beautiful details of the almond flour to the point would be that was so precise it was also at home and in the father we come to understand this difficult life that is leading us is producing something beautiful if we will continue on the path outlined by immediately the adequate understanding of purpose that there is a purpose in all of this and that was all the holy place five hundred and two this is an old furniture let me show you how useful this is no imagine a life yelled at me and she says you know take out the garbage and I checked my time I don't respond immediately but I think about the crucifixion of Christ and I had topped an attitude of sacrifice and I die to self you see a lot of anger a lot of anger comes from feeling insulted focusing on self how dare you talk to me like that all I'm sorry I thought you were done you know five I thought it was Christ so don't you mean Christ the defendant you know and after I die to self I went over here and actually brought relevant Scripture to mind you know let your words be like apples of gold in settings of silver you know and then actually whispered a prayer father please help me not to be angry at me not to be insulting but help me the chair what would my witness the above coming out of that experience now I respond probably somewhat more like yes there is him stipulated to do okay because ultimately the whole of this is to get us back to this the first session with Don I agree this location puts us at risk for infection and God wants us reconnected so we designed little obstacle course for us to understand reconnection and when you look at how the furniture the outlay outlet and pattern across so might I show you that I'm bringing back to you for Daniel it all started with his commitment to his diet and too often we hear diet we think of food but there is no way in his shoes unhealthy food and is not spill over into other areas of your life okay what we eat the spiritual one we even spiritual and it's the beginning of addictions are right so I have to question asked of me how do you deal with the fact that was you know sex addiction they view masturbation or self gratification as healthy now and if any of you are in the field of secular mental health even some Christian I was shocked even some Christian mental health practitioners believe sexual gratification is healthy okay so let me go on record as saying that I disagree and then here's why take a person who is addicted to sex again a person who is addicted to sex right Howard Lake and the defined recovery now the secular literature would like to say recovery will be what they define now that's a little problematic to me because you're taking a person who struggles with boundaries in the first place and you're asking them to set the boundary cases that seems a little wishy-washy why to do what you do now when the patient goes home and they sent a questionable boundary between them and their spouse and keep in mind often people struggling with addictions choose other people were struggling with addictions so I think there's quite a bit of proven to be some problem with setting boundaries and so we need to be cleaned what the boundary is and then you have the standard set by God thou shalt not commit adultery thou shall not commit adultery so that gives us so much insight into what sexual recovery would look like for a person who is in a committed marital relationship closing in on the next anger at the life in your break now so what is healthy sex will look like this is Doctor White's opinion okay so does do with it as you wish but it is in my opinion healthy sexual recovery would look like you taking the focus off so and focusing on the sexual pleasuring of that other person okay you taking the focus off of self and focusing pleasuring that other persons factually okay so your your your focus is outward nonexempt and a committed marital relationship so what does that do and interesting that person to be the sole person responsible for pleasuring you sexually select times got focal command guys in particular financial aspects and what that tells me immediately as a lot of the time not always a lot of times it's because her needs are not being prioritized and ultimately when you're asking for sex which everything is taken you pleasure meeting you know and I can will you tell us what you are there people who are settling back to select let me be unfair but does not is not clear on what sexual recovery would look like okay so now you're focused on no outward focused and the other thing that's protective is that now there is an immediate accountability sex experience cannot take place in isolation it's placed back in the context of community that's my argument for my personal philosophy I okay so in summary God set up a perfect system the devil played an instrumental role in corrupting the system addiction is the primary tool of the devil uses oxygen to disconnect us from each other from God and the purpose that God has aligned us to Christ is a proponent of recovery in fact Christ is trying to recover us to salvation is recovering us to an internal high open and encourage you to be sober and to be vigilant because our adversary the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and the I'm going to show you a man who went hunting and what he was doing was he had shot again so I can help her something but he's out there by himself so he's trying to take a picture of it and so he set up the automatic flash and it wasn't until the next day that he was able to see when he took a picture of atmosphere the flash probably saved his life but that man is lost we walk around here so often thinking we are the predator when in fact with a prayer is for this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com or would like more training online services please visit www. audio verse is on board


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