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12 Steps to Wholeness, Part 6

Ray Nelson Betty Campbell



  • February 5, 2012
    1:30 PM
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the meeting format and then I have raised over the resource said briefly I will give him a timeline that you have an experiential group for men and divide into gender specific that you can experience what a group looks like and feels like I've done me any deep sharing if you guys share your name and maybe what I struggle with and you know it though at the laugh so it would get that far and and learn a little bit about the group dynamic in that the small group guidelines will intend to have a debrief afterwards to see what that felt like a threat that people can be an interesting experience and then can't get any come in here and talk about where we go from here so that when our afternoon again so we renamed out questions and she's not here so I guess I'm not painting address that right now so in advance preparation for a meeting like we keep him in here today and the chairs are all set up for the film welcoming right if we go into rumors were holding a meeting and we haven't set up before hand then there's sort of that and very organized it is so we want to have their rooms we want to have the charities in a circle you want to have the tissues in the middle of the room whether it's on a chair or on the floor and have a box of tissues there so people can take care enough there having you most make and take care you want to have a binder you want to make an know you don't want to backup you have your tater guy were debuting the new material prevents the letter had a binder they want to have your facilitator guide and this guy is going to guide you through basically scripted what you need to say the cell the criteria for a meeting place is that it is neutral and talked about you know like not having it on the most busy night in the new church because people of anonymity didn't do anything protect it so hopefully that other meetings going on that people can you can be sorted and maybe a separate entrance for them to protect their anonymity now want to talk about people dropping into your meeting that are on the church board or elders we had regeneration group in a church that I was helping and the church board leaders would just float and to see who is there and then they would float out and it really made an unsafe environment like if they come they need to become in there for them not to see who's coming because you know nothing out the anonymity and confidentiality year report to the church Boulevard is yes we have people coming how many people will fluctuate this instance a number of programming our church is really driven by number of a man and that the defendant numbers program if you have two people you have a successful meeting now it's one person helping another person of course we want to grow that you have to talk to finances and she's not here so oh well Internet site probably starts with you asking the church board for to buy a case of serenity Bible thingy all know what we can take these home so I need you to buy some please him as I have no room in my suitcase in Canada Britain has no room felt the initial outlay for the group for the church may be about hundred and fifty six plus shipping for a case of Bibles are sold by KC by Thomas Nelson of course you can buy them through Amazon or Christian black .com whatever but you got to get the best price if you deal Thomas Nelson we have known the sales rep for ministry we get a ministry price so young if that interests you you have given you my e-mail address and I'll put you in touch with him and in your big is about the financial outlay for that aspect of it you may ask the church to find some of the disease so that you can solve into your participants so the fact the whole event that you purchase here was with the price for the house on their thirty nine dollars after the health Summit is over to adventure worse now they are going to be selling these participant guide blacks individually and I think they're going to be about seven or eight bucks so being it does break it down that you know people don't maybe have thirty bucks at one time to put out but they can buy you know every three months they can have another seven dollars to buy a book sort of been the challenge with this I have seen is that with another organization has participant bugs that if they don't tell him that the package and people drop out at step four then there collapsed with three other black so if you know the experience I've seen is a stone of the package then they're the ones are left holding not not the church right but yet every group of unique article figured out what works for your church but that would be an out later in your church board the church board will you want to include what you seriously want to include them the mission statement and vision statement that was read to you this morning and not straight off the hot this last Thursday as we voted on it there got in line know what this ministry just have the room then just put it at the back thank you and then they're going to want to know like what what is their responsibility be okay we're get this done because it's really distracting I don't think now they wanted to pay rate and talk about to buy what they need to now like in format but a church board needs to know to pass that divide my brain is on to believe very well covered with the church board needs but in addition to that church board needs to know that there is a group of committed some of the evidence that are going to letter accepted by your church leadership in other words this isn't just some group off the street that's coming to do this there's been a be much better acceptance with your church board if they knows that the pastors on board and one or two of yours of church leaders in addition to that anything that you can give them to let the board know what it is that you can show them the materials show them that it's Adventist open source it's published prior or some service charge in other words is not someone else's program that were borrowing and at times what questions say well I've heard rumors about twelve-step groups driver that we can help you with some of those challenges that captured my meet but my bottom line is take the best and leave the rest in other words what some other group does and there are groups should similar codependents go to groups so maybe a little new AG that's the local group is not every group just like no two families of the same no two groups are going to be exactly the same make sure that the church board knows and understands that you want this to be a spiritual program that you want to be supportive of the church 's overall ministry is not out there somewhere and for some of you until you've mentioned that perhaps it might be better to start in a neutral location such as the community services Center some of your churches of Manila large you may have your own community services Center of these two images community services administrative services but it may be a community center in its located away from the church but let your church members know and from time to time keep it in the forefront my shorts and a new church bulletin every week but all this can be done as you planning let your church board and all the uses well-thought-out well-planned and this is what you intend to do and if you have several members of your church board the Prosser part of your core group or even if they're not part of your core group if they know what you're doing if you have a personal relationship with them there to be much more likely to have their approval and review questions you might ask but let's know that you're not here to to disrupt their program your here to add to it and in many ways this is very much like the think they were called social hour a social meeting of the Methodist Church that's how they really got their start and he came over into the Seventh-day Adventist churches cottage meetings a cottage meeting is simply a prayer meeting but it's different than the book study people really share their thoughts their feelings in fact there's references in the writings of nonwhite that the social meeting of the church should be a time to share thoughts and feelings in the early something in his church they would at times simply have Bible study if anything had to be left out it was it wasn't that the fellowship time that was what was important to them and on many occasions they would find it in the breakout meetings after an evangelistic meeting that those aware decisions might be paying so just to recap for a moment I spoken about the church board if you are interested I have pictures for proposal that I wrote for a church to use it as sort of a template to give them ideas of where so if you're instructed in the e-mail and not to you then please send me an e-mail which I gave you the address for the bottom line the church wants to know what a cock and is going around that you know as if that open up the church and it needs to be a miniature site info that is covered by our finance risk management and you and the budget item René asked about food afterwards that's something that you'd be taking your offering for their or if your church was among each church and they believed that they wanted to contribute so that you have refreshments doctor about switching your workout with your with your unchurched if we do taken offerings and in a group that I belong to guide both for a different gopher resources the resources pay for themselves but it goes for helping people in need can sometimes people and there yelling they just don't have food to make it to the end of the month so that's what the offering that we take at that particular group goals for and it helps people at Christmas so every group 's eponymous heap you figure out what works for your group you know over the meeting format is unanswered questions and this is a free program they have to buy the resources they have to buy the reverse okay so you open your meeting with prayer to get together earlier that the jury should have the team clean how do you manage users we recommend having food during the meeting we recommend that you are just there no knitting no selling no crocheting because all I got stopped is crosstalk really separating us from our feelings if I can be busy doing that and I'm not necessarily paying attention with my thing here so we recommend and sometimes you lovingly have to speak to somebody and ask them to put their stuff aside but do it in a loving way at the end of the meeting and not shaming them you start with prayer and then the meeting format is laid out here there's a bunch of readings to do there is the serenity Bible that it makes reference to an unannounced greater go over that format can you take about fifteen minutes and do not break and I'm walking through that is not the leader 's guide but the participant guide and in ninety one talk about that thank you for a do some of you were asking earlier about pricing if you go to the website Fred outsource and you can go directly to each individual guide there is discounting and it if you want to nine copies it's so ninety five ten to nineteen at six ninety five twenty or more copies of five ninety five each so it's all on the open-source website so there's a lot of different to variations that can be used to to go with as you look at your participant guide and a funeral the map right amount of classic yes and if you go to page seven visit the table of contents and introduction apparatus recovery ministries of directions of this is the participant guide number one on page six there's general directions their fellow travelers in a map for our journey our life journey but we think of us as a travel guide we all traveled from time to time even if we just traveled to the grocery store everyone understands a little bit about traveling most of us when we travel undergraduates in our hometown because I know the road as if it were the back of our hand we don't need a GPS to get us there but if were going to travel at a distance if I'm going to travel to in your hair Florida I need to make some free arrangements I need to ask online and find out what airlines might be flying there are going to a service subordinates or whatever that will help me to determine the best route to take the claimant may get me there with the least expensive and I meditate Amtrak less expensive or some of us have to ride the bus it's been a while since I've done that but I've been running most of us and on that as well but most of us travel with our cars we really understand what it is to be a traveler and were all on a journey as members of God 's family we believe that Jesus Christ who lived here a couple of thousand years ago he's coming back as he promised we have that hope we have that confidence of faith how do we get to where he is so that we can be ready to meet him when he comes in somewhere traveler fellow travelers each week 's study is a lot like a Sabbath school lesson poorly noticed different because relevance seven days of study materials it's five days and no notice of you if you look at a the page eleven that the first session which deals with knowing that we're after giving the back person I'm sorry we admitted that were powerless federalized to become unmanageable there you'll see the introduction but we are links portion of study and if your group is meeting on Monday evening that you may need to change that the days of the week doesn't have to be there a specific as to when you study the materials it will depend on wondered winner remains but if your meeting on of a seven afternoon or Friday evening then this would work out quite well you would have to worry about being concerned as to the days of the of the week of the future we might just say Day one Day two Day three that might work a little better someone had to worry about the stresses specialists obsessive and a logo that I have some summer Sandra left but you'll notice that each step is divided into four of parts and so you go back to page seven the introduction is map gazing was reading a peek at the journey ahead and so that first session session one doing with that first step so again we're flipping back and forth between pages eleven and page seven that first session dealing with step one is concerning map gazing and campus or compass reading a pic of the journey ahead some of the most exciting activity and getting ready to travel someplace is to plan for the journey what am I going to do when I get there what's going to look like a rough looking at pictures on the Internet is that a friend might share with us was perhaps been there so in the first lesson and if you back on page seven now the section appears as the first lesson each week study its purpose is to introduce the step to be studied in the most important courses within each step the general ratings in response questions will explore one our current attitudes and outlooks on these issues the section serves both as a glimpse of where we are headed in a compass reading of where we currently stand so where are we where am I in relationship to where I want to be where my going what's the purpose of this manual notice that is the second to session will be the travelogue portion the look of the book and so it will be getting right into to God 's word the serenity Bible and the details therein so that the assignments some of those assignments are to be writing none of us are limited to just one style of learning and writing for many people is a very effective way of learning some people it may just be one or two words my son when he was in school has notes would like to look like maybe four five words on a page my dogs would look like fifty pages at the end of the semester or quarter in school I'd be taking longhand page after page after page of notes and then not review those when the test would come so that no two of us are the same each person will take what is applicable to them the more person puts into it the more they're going to get out of the more they study it may not be just this material may not be just the serenity Bible maybe one of the other recovery Bibles recovery devotional Bible on which of the new international version the whole whole Bible or maybe the life recovery Bible new living translation I have all those that he mentioned so my recovery has a Bible for their groups they use and some of you maybe somehow come to your group that they don't have any of these Bibles because I have a Bible at least you can give them some guidance and direction so that the study of a new rating may do will be meaningful and will be centered in God 's word and some people learn just by being out in God 's book of nature or perhaps bearing with someone who has had experience with this in a person I say I read this but I can't for the heads or tails of it I'm a friend of mine who was a pastor and he said when he first started reading God 's word it can make any sense out of it he was going to a theological school he was doing this to escape the draft is that a lot of what please teachers were changing and the others doctors in this well-known theological school in Boston he said their classes were as dry sawdust so you he was really there for the right reason but he had a conversion experience through of woman that he met later became his wife and she had a conversion experience with milligram one of his evangelistic meetings so together they began to explore God 's word and then he attended a conservative theological Center Nelson Santos many was put in touch with my thirtieth something as pastor some years later and as a result we can send them as pastor himself but the thing to remember is that spiritual things are spiritually discerned Paul tells us this one is writing to the church in Corinth first Corinthians chapter two spiritual things are spiritually discerned that's the principle to keep in mind not everyone is going to be able to get the same thing from a meeting and so that's why we usually enjoy optimal site take the best and leave the rest that much meaningful to you and people learn from each other and what is shown in a meeting may not necessarily be sure to the depth that would be shared in a one-on-one conversation as in a sponsor sponsor a relationship are many questions as you looking at the material is self-explanatory you can buy them in bulk from Thomas Nelson and just because the last name is publishing company is Nelson I don't receive any royalties have nothing to do we are related but all the records were lost in the big flood in just you can go to their website and ask for them tell them that that your church is involved with me the ministry is mentioned in this recovery ministries and tell them what you'd like to order a case of the Bible 's yes he gets primarily because of the expense it's relatively inexpensive and it is a good introduction to the twelve steps the first eighty pages are directly related to each of the twelve steps how they came to be explains each step and then after page a Bible starts renumbering himself with the gospel of Matthew of the Stebbins recovery .org valsartan our website and we can put you in touch with Thomas Nelson known because after some feminist and you will be delivering advanced recovery .org seen any other questions or we fit is a very strong point a very important point I think that one reason that many twelve step groups are not more successful in their ability to help others within the group is that those relationships are not developed November Jesus Christ when he commissioned his disciples he said go and make an disciples of all nations I didn't realize for many years the veteran actually used to get her worth urges is used to give her words are grown-up of the King James version was sent to go and teach all nations baptizing them and teach them to observe all things those two words for teacher to give her words the first word is not sought a means to make disciples the second word means to an end that's an abundant on-the-job training make disciples so in a sense of sponsor is a disciple maker and so that's the way I I think of it yes for a yes Hawaii just give your eyes and ears open and it may be that within your church that may not necessarily be someone who would be a qualified sponsor you may need to go to an open meeting of a Europe rocks overeaters anonymous error such talks anonymous or another anonymous group that might be meeting in your town where there is someone who's had considerable experience and see if you can find someone who is a Christian because I think that's important to know that they have the spiritual roots ideally they will wonderful and will be wonderful when without all of ourselves that musters hopefully someday that will be that we will have those who are qualified to sponsors and a person may come to the group and to say I'm new to the group I am looking for someone is a sponsor someone can give me some direction and working my program on the new to this and it may be that you may want to meet two or three times before you ask a question like that are within your own church family if it's a larger church the chances are they'll be someone there who has had experience perhaps as a sponsor in a secular 12-step group yes I suppose a person card but many times a counselor that may or may not have worked ideally they should of been elect those words could've and should've would've but ideally in their education they would experienced a twelve step group so there will have some understanding thinking for the payer for volunteer the most counselors are not inclined to in other words it's free for services okay so I deleted it it's a volunteer program and ideally would be best if we can find some other we don't have to be paying something for me for more you need to get you in no that was a term that was used invited plan to stop smoking many years ago and it was an accountability partner that wasn't a nice jellies the responsibility of the spicy to call the sponsor so the sponsor there are available but they will make sure that the spot see the person they're sponsoring is responsible in other words of the sponsor says you can call me anytime day or night or they may limit the time you call me anytime between here between eight o'clock in the morning in a talk tonight or whatever agreement might be then you have the village of calling them and they may be busy may not be able to take your message but there did not invoice from us as a touchstone which is something telecom and this video was produced by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit you like to learn more about the event any help from the please visit www. and I hope some .com will look like I was more green online at www. audio verse on board


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