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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 1

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 4, 2012
    8:30 AM
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my name is Doctor Gerard McLean work worthwhile source and lifelong health lifelong health is a subsidiary of wealth source lifelong health is basically basically what we repackaged products and well sourced that we use for the corporations and we repackage them in a format for churches and health ministry leader two years recall that lifelong health I've been teaching this eight weeks along this class for over ten years over twenty five hundred people have come through as trainers just like you I call we call this the train that train the trainer class because you're here primarily not to learn about eight weeks to wellness but you're here to learn how to do a week 's wellness of four who you want to minister to is that correct while that's the general theme of this class many of you are some of you will not doing a weave salons class most of you will do in English along with class we have a number of physicians who require their patients to all take the eight weeks along this class lets how popular it is within the medical community and we have many many pastors how many of your pastors today many many pastors who will take yes for co- teachers with other members of the congregation for their constituents why are we doing health ministry why should a church be involved in health work that in the present focus for you this is something we should be doing today turns out that John our church is pretty much only certificates involved in health Ministry the way we define down many churches I might think about sister Teresa among Mother Teresa who did relief medical relief work but it was usually end-stage kinds of things and there's nothing wrong with that we need Mother Teresa 's we need those individuals but there's much we can do way before those and stage kinds of issues show up this is were talking about how so what's the rationale for health ministry of sorry can't dance Jesus chose to work by ministering to the needs of the people first when did Jesus ask his people to follow him after he did something for them usually right he healed them and any begged him follow me so Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick and needed to preaching I got nothing wrong with Christian we got some great preachers in our church and others a blessing and not of course but we need to be ever mindful that Jesus to did health ministry and he did health ministry first is one reason why our great evangelists incorporate health ministry into their presentations as well I be part of a number of evangelistic series will redo health ministry course I'm trying to get more than ten minutes because the process got thirty five working on it's okay his miracles testify to the truth of his words that he came not to destroy but to say you see that reference down their ministry of healing I urge you to read ministry feeling it is a textbook in fact we were required to read it when we were at Loma Linda University school of Public health it was one of our textbooks their other books under their compilations of all the writings of Ellen White is shared with us on health ministry of healing is a textbook okay what you can take out of that content booksellers please read it in the context that it was written in terms like pieces of it in the context that we need to hear about today because things have changed a little better in the last hundred and fifty years but there's great and wonderful principles in the book and we can incorporate them into today I not everyone feels the need to spiritual help you know that don't you I didn't say they don't need spiritual help I don't feel the need for spiritual help everybody needs a spiritual but many don't feel the need but everyone universally is pretty much concerned about their health and they're especially concerned about their health when they begin to lose their health I call that a teachable moment there was vast crowds brought to Jesus for healing the lame the blind and crippled related before Jesus and he never started a large church on Sabbath for Hilda he never asked them if they smoke cigarettes before you know them he never asked and affection they are not or drank alcohol before any of them is a mobile health than screening in rural communities they reached out to almost fifteen thousand people every year all were invited to take further material on health including Bible studies each week thirty to fifty people requested by the sudden turn we've got some wonderful help ministries going on around the country not suggesting you need to do that but that is an example of what can be done many hospitals have about the van ministry to go out we used to do coronary risk readings and many people do it now still a oil is particular example over eight hundred people signed up besides the personal contact during a screening visit to our evaluation covered covered eating habits and exercise a non-smoking ways to call this the heart to beat program now that gone away but we do many different programs instead of that and it's an opportunity to touch and hold in Iraq with your ministry in your community with your population in your area of expertise is the best way to tell people what God was like why not demonstrate to him what his life rather than telling telling telling all the time one way is a British armor there's some great sermons on her but some people would never step foot in a church to hear some you can demonstrate God law by accident by taking the blood pressure Christ's way of presenting truth cannot be improved upon he went about doing good and by this good he accomplished by his loving words and kindly deeds he interpreted the gospel to management this is a quotation from how and why national conference on health that's one of those books that the compilation of sayings throughout all the writings Ministry of health is a textbook the others are compilations of her writings medical ministry can exit the a work or part of every work of every church I believe it should be part of every church and every hospital in our lab hospitals and medical claims are so busy taking care of acute care needs but they can also be doing health ministry as well when I was then known as the hospital every place of work that I developed a lifestyle medicine program back then we used to call health promotion those of us with Doctor Stricker and in the life the Madison area where we worked with physicians and nurses and rarely took it to another level about it hence the hospital in Chicago a younger guy that has hospital in Singapore Bangkok Agnes Hospital in Thailand and the Guang SDA medical clinic and in one and I'm were surrounded by wonderful acute-care practitioners who realized they didn't have the time to share the principles to lower blood pressure or how to stop smoking for the principles of harms way they were actually clinicians to diagnose that blood pressure and fragrant blood pressure with medicine but they struggled with if these people would just exercise more or lose a little bit of weight or a glass of the harmful facts and more of the good fats the blood pressure would come down and the other would need as much medicine or they would need to know medicine depending on how well the body adapted to the good things it now they were happening to them versus all the life things that are happening that caused the blood pressure to raise the weight gain or whatever was going to have to be very careful about presenting health ministry to get people off drugs possessed the wrong reason we need drugs was a powerful miracles of medicine because some people won't are so afraid of the drugs they won't take them when the prescribed properly they save our lives twenty five to thirty percent of us will develop high blood pressure and we don't smoke or not overweight and we get lots of exercise you think that person needs to take a drug to help prevent high blood pressure over to know what the side effects was a side effect of high blood pressure stroke and/or death so if your body is not responding to the exercise and stress reduction and the good food in the non-smoking high blood pressure you're probably Frederick for some pharmaceutical assistance I have folks in my class Eleanor can take on what I've educated them along the way to understand the side effects of notes on sources drugs and you never thought his all-out crack I strongly believe in the benefits of exercise and good food to help lower blood pressure but there are some people need some additional bill preferred to work with your physicians and nurses to take that next step as well not every church can have a hospital or medical clinic but every church can have a place where people can learn to live well our churches should be refugees fast while the purposes of this health North American division health ministry and race alone this was the first class that was taught over ten years ago as part of his NAD health emphasis week is just the good classes stood the test of time as it stayed there is no better than any all the others are out there it's a really excellent good introduction to the overall concept of where we used to have one now we have thirty one or so and I would urge you to take eight weeks along in the next year take another one I would urge you to put in your budgets five hundred thousand dollars every year to add to your health ministry tool just so that you can always do health increased wellness is a really good introduction but then if you got some folksy realize and got diabetes if I want to take a diabetic mastery program and bring it or you might want to do smoking or tobacco cessation program we might want to do a weight management program as many options in Palm Springs when Doctor Hall in Iraq Loma Linda University we did some ministry in Palm Springs and we started with the health screenings within blood pressure we get coronary risk this is duplicated in many churches in the last thirty years all over all over the world really did some weight control programs in local search there and South West Washington state restarts and how screenings did some health classes and then invited all to attend an evangelistic series there's nothing wrong with that some of called the health ministry in the entryway and that's okay I don't object to that at all I think they should go hand-in-hand it was Jesus mission to bring to men and women complete restoration came to give them health and peace and perfection of character and I do believe that we have health that we can share but without accepting the universal injunction of lifelong eternity spirituality we can't really achieve wholeness in a man or a woman so far we do is teach them to stop smoking what's the next step but getting to that next step got to realize some people are still not interested in us where we can pray and we can still show by example and leave them that way Chrysler alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good to show his sympathy for them a minister to their needs and won their confidence then and only then did he bade them followed me so Christ ineffective health ministry first and then he did the gospel the hand-in-hand I might add I forgot to mention this is in a written form in your textbook here under section one about halfway through section one one of our churches just south of where we live and work in Portland one lady was invited by her nonchurch member husband to attend this lady 's husband didn't want to go to church and like going to church but he had an interest in health through one know more about health and nutrition he liked what he heard any attended every meeting he became a vegetarian he started attending church a year later he was baptized went back to college took theology and now is an ordained minister and this is the guy who weren't not go to church he wanted nothing to do with the spiritual component of that church but he had a healthy another church in San Bernardino held a health series once a week for eight weeks hundred people attend one lighting on that I live in the shadow of their stretch for fifteen years but this is the first time I've ever been inside the church I often say we are the best-kept secret in the Western suburbs why has she never visited the church before she was afraid of those weird people who do cap meetings and potential she was interested in spiritual but she had a health need when the convalescence and understand more about health and realize that were normal happy healthy people and I begin to think there might be something to know about the God they worship and oftentimes the same God they worship is just a different interpretation of that God because it's a different church they attend or if they attended no church we still understand the sugar but maybe they've never been represented by their parents or friends the God of love and God of health in every community there are large numbers who do not listen to the preaching of God 's word or attend any religious service for whatever reason they're afraid they're turned off their disillusioned off in the release of physical needs is the only happy about which they can be approached yes that's a good question I know that really works in many places but some not so much Paul went to Australia and he communicated with a number of Australian brother and manager grass dry are not interested in religious matters the churches have a very hard time reaching their communities with religious programs when they tried health screening and education however it had good attendance here now in Australia the zone is a health food ministry called sanitarium and they sell more breakfast foods than Poston Kellogg's together all around the world some of the Saturn parts are available in the US and Canada as well so while Kellogg's and Post we think invented breakfast foods factor ourselves more around the world both of them combined so they got a strong emphasis in the health food ministry and did you know let's owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church that for-profit business brings in a naked body of thirty four million dollars and gave it to the church 's last year or overseers of years I forget them in detail that's a good thing that allows the church throughout the whole South Pacific area to be vigorous in presenting the gospel and health message church members were delighted to see something finally working the research and so taking the board get your pastors involved in approval and teach this the Fellowship interact with your church members I don't forget about your church members on my this isn't just for community you mind if I say we need this message just as much as the church members who are as members in your community I don't attend your church can I say that I still smile at each other be friends with each other we needed just as well Pleasant Valley church this is a church I attend in order one of our great evangelistic campaigns back in net ninety eight we mailed out the e-mail forty five hundred invitations to people okay how much did it cost you to mail out forty five hundred invitations notice in the sincerest evangelist of dollars a few months later Manning was made to the same people for this very same eight weeks along with certain series of classes and twelve people can write what Paul is not a lot you know it's a whole lot more than two million and counting along with forty to thirty church members growing our scene was repeated all over in fact and pastor Congress church in Harrisburg we did them they did a follow-up after that and they get out once a month vegetarian fiesta or vegetarian meal and I've done this in half a dozen churches I did this in Guam they are we use the governor 's mansion in Guam and just like we did with Esther Carter they advertise it got a bunch of ladies in the demand to prepare foster healthy food I would come and always AMC inelegant medical lecture we has some special music be sure it is good music and then we had a meal and you suck my wife along the way out Lugo a brief food demonstration on something that we have Q&A nearby golf and guess what we charged people to attend you charge the account number seven fifty I had churches a charge as little as six as much as twelve how many people attended your vegetarian seven eight two hundred and sixty and while we routinely had a hundred and twenty people who are vegetarian faster Internet Windows media you found us a shot because they heard we were turning away people and you couldn't come in what would turn away people because of the fire regulations not that we didn't want them to be there and once I reeducated the newsgroup we now that is good to hear something I reeducated and is always on the news house on the TV all over Guam I could walk around anywhere so you're not vegetarian Doctor sometimes it was good and sometimes it was that the way they were sharing their opinion with me that's all right so why should church be involved in health ministry of the church in Detroit area Detroit Michigan area I think Detroit they don't want to hear vegetarian fiesta I forget what they collect the rent the local school gymnasium they take tickets they have well over eight hundred four thousand people attend this and they turn people away from the door provide table they come in there and they present food as like a you walk around and interesting they walk around tasteful from all different flavors cultures countries and turn people away I think they charge twelve dollars you got my tickets six months in advance something like that to go when you make good food should taste good people will come if you want to reach out to our communities maybe we should be effective if we use we would be more effective if we use Chrysler health ministry can and will reach many people more than any other approach it demonstrates to the community that what the gospel means and what God is really like compassionate forgiving loving and eager to restore physically and spiritually our members will benefit as they share the message of health and abundant life with others so they understand the principle how close chapter get someone when you take your blood pressure and you got a hold on our with their hand right here look them in the take blood pressure and respond to that blood pressure on done treadmill exams on patients where I'm working the medical clinics and works on patients to come in with blood pressures two hundred and forty over hundred twenty we don't do but for it we don't do treadmill exams on those individuals but they didn't only high blood pressure a lot of folks don't know they have high blood glucose so these are easy test that you can do when you work with your okay let's talk about this lifestyle so you can hand this out and had a reason to reject the box scribes you and the scores and BNC and any of you get a total score in the bottom of the page we can get it out and at an objective measure of your lifestyle score a week for our corporate folks we work with we have a very sophisticated seventeen point scale on a scale of zero to one hundred and we give folks discuss score of anywhere from no zero two hundred odd times I get fifties sixties and we don't consider you health into the other score of eighty or above in this particular section sixty nine is doing well tended while his Excellency of goals and get ten as the goal here so I'm not good I do a survey and ask you what your scores were but the point is the more healthy choices that you failed to make you'll be closer to zero five six correct and a more positive healthy choices that you do make it because it's a nine ten eleven and twelve so all of arts evaluations we have we put together a score based on one or two scientific evidence scientific principles that we've we've learned that this is basically from the information from the cancer prevention study and Bella congressional good health practices study I might throw in some stuff we know from the Adventist health study and then we create an instrument that we can use to objectively measure your health so why do we look at the cancer prevention study and asked some smoke and asked them questions about cancer well looking out over three hundred two thousand women two hundred thousand men ages throughout middle-aged notice of Middle Ages still sixty nine that a good thing and there are four independent lifestyle behaviors are starting so we asked the question do smoke cigarettes what is your activity level what about your fruit and vegetable do you think certain vegetables make us healthy yes lots of scientific evidence that's also why the US surgeons general for the last thirty years and now recommending that we eat more fruits and vegetables one singer not love that they used to not say eat less meat but now they're also saying that as well but the point is I didn't care five years ago when they wouldn't say Leslie I didn't care about that while mothers during this file wasn't concerned about you being a mixture if you're eighty nine servings of fruits vegetables three or four servings of whole grains how much room you have left in your stomach for trial I don't care how much continuity if you eat fruits and vegetables and cereal grains and nuts and seeds are almost continuing could you need very much at all if eating fruits vegetables nuts and seeds whole grains cereals and now we take over farther many of us become vegetarian I like our highlighter anymore plant -based diet very kind eating more natural motion of the cows matter so different than the feedlot lately but will get to that later and and obesity surveys for risk factors are measured in these impact your ability to live long or live less how about if you live long would you don't feel good for the last twenty years to think these impact that last twenty years so we ask questions about these things smoking you want have the lowest probability of dying for the highest probability of the so those it never smoke have a much lower probability of dying than those who currently smoke today we hardly ever talk about smoking because being a non-smoker is more common today than being a tobacco user I in fact you can even be part of a public gathering anymore and anybody smoke without the rest of the population getting a little aggravated about those smokers I remember going to university classes in Canada and of the smoker came in and sat in the classroom which was totally acceptable I vigorously with gusto as much noise as I could make will move away from the smoker because I was an evangelist I don't know if that help but I do know for a fact you can no longer smoke in any university classroom the administration eventually got the message but it was part of legislation part societal goal to live and work in Eaton playing a non-smoking environment so we know about smoking we don't spend too much time on that anymore body weight this is where we can't forget about this you kind of don't worry about this and those that have optimal weight have lower risk of dying in middle-age compared to those who are obese and overweight kids a little bit is increased by not actually concerned about this goofball there are some studies that when Reagan ninety and if we are overweight were actually healthier why is we got reserves for dealing with those cold and flu 's a nasty bugs that come along and then we got lots of studies that they are overweight exerciser who may have already lost eighty pounds is just as healthy as the optimal way to this is where we as a church fall down in this obese cat category okay since I'm being recorded I can't say what I really want to say okay our wonderful children other work tremendously a lot and food is a comfort and I understand I do understand but is not necessarily a good representation of our church as a whole but this is where we can catch up okay I would not wonderful church program now called instep for life we developed after the church well source developed up to the church and gave it to the church and was a very nice sophisticated computer program that we gave to the church because of our many our belief that our church in our church members need that a mechanism to be encouraged to exercise more so those who exercise had a moderate how much lower risk of dying than those who get slight or no exercise growing nowhere here in this wonderful city of St. Mary suburb of Orlando how many of you walked ran or swam to the city last week to arrive at this wonderful convention it anyway shame on you so you sat in some conveyance and got no exercise to arrive at this wonderful exercise oriented convention in fact is this is the kind of society we live in I'm picking on you because I'm picking on me if the society we live how many of us hire a gardener to take care of our yardwork when we could do it herself World War II embarrassing to do it ourselves and I understand that in fact my next house that my wife and I buy might be a condominium where there's no more yard work left to do but we like doing the yard work and we loved looking at the flowers I don't always my wife does that or when I can bring my kids to do it actually all my kids are bigger than I can't do that anymore aside from the thing against the law until so this is where we can negotiate their friends and our health in fact we talk about the exercise slide and exercised section after lunch exercise is the single most important risk factor you can add being active is more importance than stopping use of tobacco I didn't just say it's okay to use tobacco or want to make that perfectly clear by there was a question over here somewhere yes Yahweh are just more stubborn know how I got no that now those are the facts as very true and I don't have a good reason for the guy smoking and exercise those that get heavy exercise okay and those that get no exercise I must longer stronger benefit drag exercise exercise still lowers the risk even if you're a smoker smoking citizen and the last one was for women I molecularly can get really excited again there's good things in fruits and vegetables that they know what they are doesn't matter it doesn't matter I mean there's a whole host of vitamins and minerals and there's thousands of antioxidants scientists are vigorously trying to figure out what it is reported that someone might buy it and take it it doesn't matter eight fruits and vegetables as close to the natural state as possible they make this perfectly clear the apple pies not a fruit attains me say that the pumpkin pie is not a vegetable is my favorite it just pains me to say that so those that meets the highest volume of fruits and vegetables as are those of the date of the lady the first quintile or the lowest number of fruits and vegetables have the highest those that meet the highest number that he will have the lowest probability of the conditions been borne out in study after study in the abdomen sounds that Harvard health study the Herald 's Friday that good health practices study all over the world and it doesn't matter what country you live in it doesn't matter what cultural foods are favored for you frozen festivals we've traveled in over forty four countries relived in four countries and every country has written questions to in fact some have some different ones the vegetables are pretty much the same all over the world the fruits some countries have some awesome fruits especially the mangoes when we don't have good mangoes in America because by the time they get here there is when we lived in Thailand there were five different kinds of manual wonderful sweet ones and some solid crispy ones and then there was very entitled behind by jury during the worst food in the world is actually one of the best tasting when you get used to it's amazing they call that the King of the French any other some kind of male connotations of that we got I learned to like that mail for that takes time and effort to understand a man to admit maybe there's something to that I don't know but the mangosteen is called the Queen of the fruits and everybody loves the Queen everybody loves the Queen and it am babysitting the queen and it's it is just there's nothing wrong with effort so what I learned from this little story as it takes in Africa like a man but everybody likes a woman as an and you may really something to that I don't know but it took me three tries to like this Dorian I could smell and Dorian truck pass me off he could go get some other it was awesome wonderful my American friends would visit me which is get sick when they smelled delicious no director and you want to if you want become mildly exposed to Darian ate a frozen dairy and you can get in the Asian markets today is like ice cream if you won't like it shall never like it but that's the best form of the jury and do you are I a.m. yes yes it really stakes mistakes worse in every any toilet a cesspool yours now and absolutely delicious delicious as got a low apparel has got a little alkaloid in it that has a mild very very mild narcotic effects after a while him some wonderful and is illegal and dislike of Islam getting flasks with a whole syringe full of endorphin and it makes you sweat since really wonderful stuff that's one way to look at it and I'll tell you another way God has a no I know is a sense of humor I was a young man with gray hair and I marry a woman who is yet to have a great here and my children are really worried about what's going to happen the lab is I inherited the gray-haired gene and my wife did not like yesterday truthful she did have a pluck out one gray hair a few years ago trying to can you imagine now what dangers like I was going to happen with his McLean Hadley Jane's one of their children there looked like how about that I have twelve conversations never had one yet so as not existing how now the Lord for the my Canadian genes and with his North Carolina Junior would come up with some children who may or may not be healthy we'll see what my heart children were racing again most of the time of vegetarian on the time for ten years or vegan and you know people talk about where you get enough protein as a vegetarian I just want to laugh inside because it's so easy to get protein and no both of my boys are over six feet tall one is six foot two weighs a hundred and eighty pounds news got hundred and twenty pounds of muscle amid the guy looks like a nice lift weight for fun I like that because he's not doing drugs or getting involved with girls and all that stuff I do it all away to us our daughter was race a vegetarian was a vision for ten years she's got a bit of a weight problem she's got exercise watch her die that's fine it's wonderful so all this health behaviors present if you evolve for president you have a lower risk of premature dying compared to having one of these for risks present K and as well as true for both men and women suggest those four things if you redo just four things we don't announce new Sirocco exercise more and more fruits and vegetables to achieve near normal or normally one of those is most important more than others which one is being physically active if you guys would lead here are or airplane or boat here and want home I can guarantee you you would not need to come to next year 's health convention in town to show you might need to add him to but if you survive that track home you'd be a whole lot healthier than you are today how about whole grains as a whole host of well-documented peer-reviewed evidence based journal to talk about the benefit of the whole grains the lower risk of heart disease diabetes colorectal cancer on the ball problem well documented will study is no question we need whole grains some people unfortunately developed intolerance to some proteins in some grains we call that celiac disease or gluten intolerance it's a diseases around forever but it seems to becoming more popular today in the last ten years or so so what you're seeing one of your very prominence health professionals one the leaders in the church not eating whole grains maybe there's a medical reason for that is not to pick on them too much going in fact eating whole grains reduces one's risk of heart disease by fifty percent so if you hear dad died of a heart attack or your mom or your brother or sister you think you might have a slight genetic disposition to heart disease and heart attack maybe you turn that xenon maybe it turned out Jean off I don't know but the point is eating whole grains can reduce your risk of heart disease eating white bread versus whole-wheat bread dropped your risk by forty four percent it really irritates me every time we have an Olympic competition come around to get this gorgeous man in female athletes telling how important it has been for them to eat Wonder Bread to be strong and healthy as is irritated because I can take a little Wonder Bread squish it down a little tiny ball and pop it in my mouth I used to do that I will not do that anymore so recognize the power of commercialism just forget about it whole grains and cardiovascular disease another study looking at the mortality and about the risk the more whole grains Julie the lower your risk of hair three servings a day but you risk over half that's a good thing so he can eat wheat there's plenty of brown rice there's plenty of other potato breads and how grabs another kinds of breast another grandson many different kinds and you can you can still you wait certified diabetes cures diabetes probably the most popular disease in America even our children are coming down with diabetes why because relating their taste buds choose the foods they want to week we never let our children choose the food they wanted to eat they didn't like our food they did meet they only did that once I can't ever remember going to the store and buying a bag candy for our children I can't ever remember going to start buying twenty four cases of soda pop yet when we buy groceries the story where the line this is much what we see in the grocery bags in the grocery carts as were going through so we bought good fiber cereals for our children we ate them ourselves when we can and those eating twenty or twenty nine grams of fiber a day have a much lower risk not to risk of developing type two diabetes type two diabetes is clinically defined as adult onset diabetes at a we still have a pancreas that produces some insulin but our insulin pancreas is tired it may not be producing enough insulin and the cells in our muscles and other tissues are blocking the absorption of insulin to reduce the sugar in the blood so that we can burn up the sugar and use of this food to complicate things but the fact is it nearly didn't happen until the mid- forties or fifties FY was called adult onset type two diabetes we are now getting this very much adult disease in children ten eleven and twelve years of age why is because a child is dictating to mom and dad what they want to eat and if left to their own design they will be one only taste good and flavorful and makes an exciting and gives them abundant sources of energy and so must call that ADD is not ADH okay we can control that we can monitor the as a whole host of these kids today who are severely overweight because we busted the school and maybe that's a good thing because it's too dangerous to walk by bosses bussing has contributed to the demise of our young people agree that's a good thing because is dangerous to exercise our two and from school unfortunately but when I went to school you know I walked about my bicycle it didn't matter how far away the school drag whole grains and risk of death from many costs are just eating whole grains five forty eight percent less death from any cause so there's good strong scientific evidence to read whole grains ball and that's that's even after adjusting program why so doesn't matter whether you're overweight or have high cholesterol or don't exercise this is just whole grains now what would happen if you're a whole-grain and larger cholesterol and exercise and had a normal weight is about everything you can do you may never need to see a physician some of those do need to see a physician what happens to a person is embracing everything with cost of doing everything right what happens to that person when they get high blood pressure or they get breast cancer what often happens is it totally destroys their faith in the help message and that's unfortunate because we need to understand we live in a world where sin is evidence by David good evening good strong healthy people get sick why because we live in a society where were exposed to all sorts of carcinogens and viruses and bacteria it's not like my grandfather lived to be ninety five and would never go see the doctor he didn't write his card to go December eleven p.m. to catch the horse he had to saddle a horse or rider not Bobby and that Bobby didn't have seats made by Henry Ford and shock absorbers made by whoever you see we live in a different age today we know about whole wheat versus this writer when the auto manufactures around today they get rid of fifteen to sixteen percent of all those good nutrients and not for you not I what I what I really like care of these essential fatty acids this is what gives flavor to food spread so you understand the white bread you don't need that meet the whole-wheat bread what would happen if you purchased so if you purchased flour and major is that whole-wheat bread you made yourself tasty little bit better than the whole-wheat bread you barnstorm why because of this writer and if you bought the grain ground drain yourself make the bread within thirty minutes and then make that threat it would even taste better why because of these essential fatty acids when these essential fatty acids are exposed to light and air and heat they become changed their adulterated or not rancid than just changed they don't have that flavor that fresh baked whole-wheat bread limit foods high in animal fats and cholesterol I like to say limit after I've emphasized the nine servings of fruits vegetables eat three or four servings of whole grains or more eat one or two servings of nuts and seeds that I say learn all the players in the last from that stuff I will care what fast all the talk about that very much it isn't just yesterday gets us in trouble what gets us in trouble as we don't eat enough fruit and vegetables to get almost hugely powerful antioxidants and vitamins and minerals essential fatty acids and the saturated fats animal viruses perhaps hydrogenated vegetable oils these are vegetable oils that is unadulterated to taste better than to try to improve shelf life and they lose the taste but they improve the shelf life for your findings and cookies cakes and candies would talk more about these in the fact class that lecture May the second knots all the knots are really really beneficial except one there's one that's deftly used to be afraid of you know which one is called a doughnut him and I had to did not him and here on the palm of my hand as I could've told you anything I had all right but many people don't eat enough not they are not fattening foods yes not sure high in fact a wonderful delicious godly beneficial effect and why should we good fact so you have energy so you have smooth health is you are and you have normal production and balance of hormones comport you think that is as a whole host of other reasons why we see a good healthy fats but is not studies done this was the primary study was done in the others was a Harvard study but Doctor Salvatore at Loma Linda University did the first studies Battaglia the ninety the nutty Professor but he started not send look at the address also to observe that those it ignites five or more times a week at a lower cancer mortality other studies have also documented diabetes and heart disease in fact those individuals who make the exact same amount of calories some of them were knots other control group were not nuts and gain anymore weight in fact lost weight and reduce the risk of number varies so not some seeds are good thing as long as a part of the meal and part of your caloric intake that you normally would he so we have a quart jar of knots and seeds that we put in the refrigerator we mix it up there's all different kinds of nuts there are no bad knots except which one Donna you're not bad not there are some not maybe we'll do better than others but we don't know for sure because there's a lot that not going to be given to Doctor seventeen study is the not the only received lots of walnuts and almonds from the law ministry and not only should all referring to the bonus advisor not the task but generally all the nuts we think are fine in moderation I had some folks say only is many knots as you can crack with your hands and I disagree with that because not so good healthy food for Aiden and balance in moderation choice and sees I like to have all the knots and throw in some cashews to give a smooth and creamy flavor the sesame seeds make it or so I don't put too many of those in a all the nuts and seeds and we get a variety in an extra to increase would you please not plant -based foods major alternatives to meats and poultry even a lean meats and poultry that we were led to believe that are healthy for us yes the lean meats and poultry healthier than the not lean but eating more not legumes beans and plant -based foods is healthier for us and that is the objective from the US Surgeon General of the American population is to eat more nuts and seeds more plant -based Teicher get adequate sleep we know about that not to talk much about that except to say less than six hours a day of sleep increases overall mortality not to translate the Lord don't stress over questions just the way it is but there may be things that you can do to increase endorphins one thing you can do is make sure you're out walking during the midday through your mind through your eyes sees the sunlight that reduces the hormones to produce endorphins so when the sun goes down you don't keep your life selling your house until midnight so your body recognizes now is the time to produce endorphins to go to sleep maybe not watch the evening news and daily news are extremely passionate there is violence passion their sex actions their sympathy passions as all the passions evidence on the evening news at all the TV shows as well so he can go to sleep within two or three minutes of putting your head in the pillow maybe there's some things you need to to get yourself ready for sleep alcohol we just don't recommend alcohol increases cancer risk for high blood pressure half of all fatal motor vehicle accidents significant family emotional suffering and responsible so much premature deaths alcohol in breast cancer as well as have to drink a day increases a woman's risk of breast cancer by twenty five percent that's all we put a glass of wine over here wine is thought to be a good thing breast cancer Street regular meals and the good health practices study of breakfast breakfast skippers tend to be overweight frequent snacking has been the overweight diabetes dental caries snack foods are typically high all the things we should eat less or none of saturated fat sugar or trans fats what are the facts are found in our digestive system should be allowed to rest and rest every night you has a twelve hour rest in the evening why do we feel like your ten o'clock or eleven o'clock without our something dates we are hungry right now was a good thing when I get hungry I look at the clock and it is the time to read it I is not timely fidelity assets the hunger is a sign of a good thing I hunger means you're not sick hunger means you probably don't have cancer courses you have uncontrolled diabetes can be hungry as therefore the hunger generally is a good thing means you live you strong and healthy things are working on a short enough lobby on diabetic then waits until suddenly people who are happy content live longer and in the good health of practices study those in a happy and content have a lower mortality lower premature metonymy that's a good thing your genie and and after Finley talk about this merry heart does good like medicine yes well I actually agree with our principal she said some nutritionists recommend don't wait for your hunger right don't wait to eight until you get hungry could you tend to eat more but that's because these individuals can control that emotional hunger okay we learned away properly hunger is a stimulant for a number of things and add it all as long as you don't have low blood sugar or high blood sugar honey hunger can be a wonderful mechanism to stimulate a meal to create a meal now my wife knows not to send me to the store when I'm hungry as I tend to buy more of what I like versus what we like okay there there are some that recommend eating five or six meals a day and as long as your your cholesterol to refine your blood pressure is fine your waistline I don't have any particular problem with that but nodded a problem with eating two or three meals a day as long as you learn to control your emotions and recognize that hunger is a natural process and recognize that hunger doesn't mean it's time to wait it is not kindly visit you well one of the common symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst excessive hunger woes it won't heal spilling sugar in the year and having a sweet smelling urine and other issues so now they are diabetic if you're hungry all the time you want to consider talking to physician about diabetes but if you're hungry to her three times a day is perfectly normal but depends on your physician what sort of treatment protocol they want to you via some want to have five or six meals a day some want to get three e-mails a day I've worked with many diabetics get along just fine and three thousand and it depends on the protocols that they once involved yes you are yes there the idea was to let your stomach and digestive system or your digestive system myself never rest that's always going to address and you always working but but but your stomach and your jejunum the upper Opera Ball needs to have time to recover the on the sugar time with this D'Souza starving has been there blocking the sugar and ice is why your hunger is not because you don't have any food is because you don't have access to the food internally okay we got closer to geneticist forgiveness is part of the other good and I'll try to study people who forgive easily tend to enjoy greater psychological well-being if you need against me if you need forgiveness ask for me to get forgiveness given that emotion is the theirs power in the physiology of forgiveness and you we don't forget little chew you up people make frequent contact with family and friends attend church have lower mortality tank social networks will talk more about this later spiritual health developer spiritual life it provides peace and direction and meaning in your life we had an awesome wonderful enter Adventist faith of the community of believers we have a spiritual message we have a help message and we should never walk away from that those who attended church on a regular basis actually had lower risk of dying as well yes the make sure everyone are registered as a manual everyone here talk to Catherine if you don't have the manual okay churchgoers live longer healthier lifestyle the bottom line connecting the fifteen years to life expectancy and reduced risk of dying midlife to a quarter about a person 's with an unhealthy lifestyle if everything is done now is to take care of your heart and your lungs and he lived to be ninety five but don't have the muscle strength to walk around at ninety five then you're not balanced would talk more about that after lunch so the choice is up to you in good health but for nine hundred hundred Berliners some of you this media was reduced by maneuvers including NAP health Summit in July to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. NAIC help someone .com if you would like to listen more online is www. audio Bruce on board


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