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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 2

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 4, 2012
    2:00 PM
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a few minutes on health principles this is in section section one and it would be running as a third or fourth page in octets it's about six or seven pages in this just after the ten steps to optimum health just after the long experiment teaching health principles Jesus wants to give us a choice between prosperity and or or or disaster or life-and-death he wants us to choose life I want to you and I have to do to choose life we have to choose to follow him what's important is it's a choice that we can make each of us individually some of us when we accept this help message we no longer allow those that we interact with you have a choice your comments and we have some of those exuberantly enthusiastic individuals to become vegan and think that you have to become vacant or have stopped drinking milk and think you have to stop drinking milk while I was important for them to do that it may not be important for you to do that yet and that's okay we have to give people choice I strongly believe that that's why I don't tell when I was doing clinical work I never told my patients to become vegetarian I told into eight nine servings of fruits Percival Tours three servings of nonsense eight four five servings of grains eight or ten glasses of water that they were still hungry making all the chicken they did what they get and they didn't have to they need to and I took a way that pressure on getting up what they thought was very important to them because I convince them that they needed to wait fruits and vegetables grains and nuts and seeds before they got to the stuff that used to keep them alive music database asking God to teach them how to live on Lord do you believe that it possibly is far better to prevent disease than to know how to treat it so crooked it irritates me when they can not crooked now an investor it is our privilege to inform ourselves in regard to the laws of health there are loss and while talking about that while I they were when I put them on and it truly is a privilege but again it's a choice which is to have the privilege and with him again on our teenagers privileged prices and I'm pleased to say that all three of my children are vegetarian today most of the time my son my second child our second child my son push the envelope of the he was laying in bed one day and my daughter came by and said you know Stevens laying in bed scratch himself all over and house got a concern about that Sullivan observed in Harry's is getting these red blotches showing up all over his body and I think he's going into anaphylactic shock because he's now having trouble breathing so I call my neighbor is a physician I asked him to come over and bring some epinephrine and we observed Stephen and his body was is getting red so I gave him a shot of epinephrine and it just disappeared and that we started having a conversation with Stephen Stephen doesn't like to tell dad the truth state what you doing today not what you doing anything different no I did not while I finally got out with him that he'd gone to a Chinese restaurant with some friends and had vegetable rice and shrimp I didn't know there was these as well there were extra minutes and I know these guys wanted I didn't think it would bother me site has had a little bit and praise God that my son Stephen is allergic to trap any data under my presence so that we could cause him not to die this is down why do I have to be amended to ensure that tasted so good father go through the idea while Fred was a unclean food and not healthy for us and yes it tastes very good above all you know and he needed that sledgehammer on the side of his head to realize his mom and dad raised him as a vegetarian for a very good reason and twenty six feet tall and weighs size really tall fan and it always healthy and he married a vegetarian life and that's wonderful they eat vegetarian digestive Google but that's okay I don't mind and testing a little bit fun just lasting was allergic disease reason though now there's a good benefit and being a register but we gave them the choice and whether you give them a choice or not when their homes they will have that choice when you're not around so I urge you to give them the choice when their home and guide them through their process of eating good bad and ugly food hopefully they'll end up with ZDNet good stuff the body is the only medium through which the mind and soul are developed for the upbuilding of character whatever enters our health not only lessens our physical vigor attends the week in the mental and moral powers as well what decisions can of victim of dementia or Alzheimer's make now for future life it's a tragedy today that we have these brain wasting disease just that tragedy thankfully understand we understand it is a disease and they've made a spiritual decision before that may not necessarily make one after the disease has manifested itself but they also may make it a reality can't remember if they made that decision and that's okay I found some Alzheimer's victims who can sing praises and wonderful in their lucid for a time that something you might want to consider when you need to struggle to communicate with your mom or dad or grandpa grandma I found also that if you put them on a treadmill and exercise exercise and vigorously that brief oxygenation to the brain cells may give you a few moments of lucidity with that person I wouldn't do it outside of a physician or nurse supervision so but I've noticed that in the treadmills that I've been able to administer health improvement is a work of grace this is found okay found apart from divine power no genuine reform can be affected there's lots of things we can do but we need to ultimately content to the divine power God always gives us freedom of choice invite people to good health again I didn't tell my patients to be vegetarian I said what these concerns are probably say this enough she just bounced right back nine servings of fruits vegetables eight glasses of water a bar three or four servings of whole grains multiple servings of nuts and seeds and he got name requests maybe you can have some of that fake meats are the real me fake meats are not much better a little bit better than the fake meats I've seen lots of vegetarians who become vegetarian or vegan diet they're still not eating fruits and the what is a different race car my wife and I will remain a cookbook we remain a cookbook that was thank you that the food looked good and tasted good five feet and lots of food that tastes bad and I can do that because I can I don't really like it but I cannot do that but there's something about good tasting food that tastes good but my wife makes a healthy cookie that I knows healthy nut cookie taste a whole lot better in fact it can even need to unhealthy cookies anymore sucks up people where they are don't judge them leave them by example to personal responsibility is your health change to empower assist the think and make decisions you know when we when our teenagers have their friends over we brought pizza over we brought soft drinks over we also have fridges but also had a bowl of fruit and a bowl of the vegetables they all disappeared I mean these kids were hungry and so we have something that tasted good for the fast food ones and we had something that tasted good for the healthy ones God will not work in a miraculous manner to preserve the health of persons were taking a sure course to make himself sick this is really a personal thing we don't want if you want to throw that anybody's face this is for you and me you are near taken to a higher standard July be careful I'm sure that with your participants to ensure that strongly you may be judging them in your moving into an area get uncomfortable kiss principle is not rules okay this is why is not the president of being a vegetarian is not delete Leslie the principle of the vegetarian is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables whole grains nuts and seeds drinking water exercise of the principles of being a vegetarian is to be all that good stuff okay so there's no room for the bad stuff to give you discomfort is to read more healthfully he probably seen people have a smart vegetarian diet and adopt vegetarians in the stop eating meat and just eat fake meat is still not eat more fruits vegetables vegetarian okay so you got age of fruits and vegetables are not as whole grains and then add some fake meat if you want to on I do not look on the laws of health as sacrifice or self-denial some do they've never given up their desire for that which they think is getting them on and so it's important to move towards the cravings for healthy food and let the cravings for the unhealthy foods just fall away that comes through prayer not to sacrifice the constant prayer matters self-denial you can get it up like yourself and you want to lean people torture their body hair to become a path -based dietary individual could always raise as a Catholic I was exposed to some happiness health message make good sense to me and I took me a year after I became baptized to become a vegetarian now I just I got if I was in the wilderness and had to read something on not even sure I could eat what I'm not used to eating but then again I'm not starving I'm not sure what I would do in a situation but I've taken some wilderness classes I know what leaves I can eat I know what fruit we don't normally find in Safeway we can I know what routes we could need police I used to and and and and possibly know what your situation I would still be a plant based diet but then again I'm not hungry and starving praise God that would live in a country where we don't have to be hungry instead look at the big picture some of the major health issues are smoking drugs and alcohol is pretty much gone away with this group we don't spend too much time on smoking in within our church is not many that small but Natalia prescription drugs and love the dollhouse coming back into our church so we need to not ignore the physical activity good eating habits a healthy weight adequate rest social emotional support regular health and wellness checkups of doctors many individuals come through our connections on the Fray to go see the doctor had as LaBarbera from a friend of God might be cancer we got some good medical care today early diagnosis is really preventive medicine but the men are the ones are most difficult to get to see the doctor and on the last lecture of health checks will talk about how it's important to be engaged work with your physicians and nurses nurses and have regular medical checkups as we will all come down with a disease eventually become if it's early there's early like middle-aged then there's probably something our doctors and nurses can do about Craig emphasized positive changes more the negative on investment with a sense of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables whole-grain bread more legumes rather than saying what development might have to understand I'm a staunch advocate for red for plan face I don't eat any meat but I would rather emphasize all the positive rather than say don't don't don't does the principle of want to learn from your subject varies now is a great rather than never eat sugar okay if you if some don't want to stop smoking that's okay get involved in an exercise program encourage them to improve their performance they will realize eventually that they can improve their performance only by giving up that which is in hindering their lungs and heart it's of little use to try to reform others by attacking what we may regard as their wrong habits rather present what is better talk about the benefits of first virtual benefits of whole grains the benefits of all that good stuff they'll come to the conclusion all by themselves that they need to relax or know pigs and cows chickens sure sure from freaks the positive start make changes gradually talk to lots of people when I was in clinical work that needed to lose a hundred pounds and dad were told in Toulouse on the box always told me lose ten or fifteen pounds let's work on one what do you not have to do how do you need to engage your self to lose ten or fifteen pounds to go through that process and they lose ten or fifteen pounds in which I have a conversation again okay to talk about the next ten or the next fifty hundred pounds is too far away is too big a goal so start small that's true that's no GNU bring something very important rather than telling your friend that their fact invite them at six o'clock in the morning to go for a walk or five o'clock in the afternoon engaged in an exercise figuratively holder handout with gold for a while you will gain benefit as well as they are lead by example leading by example is not just showing someone how you lost a hundred pounds leading by example might be zipping up your mouth and saying let's go for a walk sergeant walked briskly in the hospital around like your window shopping in fact I even enjoy innings and exercise forceful talk about that in a moment to people where they are and whatever their position or condition help them whatever way possible this is true ministry you may need to be creative now timing is important if you've got someone who needs to stop smoking and doesn't want to compare to someone who needs to stop smoking and want to stop smoking are they two different motivational on a two different individuals as it approached differently yes so you need to understand these stages of change and I'll talk about those later because I want to get into my exercise talk now well actually that's what this serves as an introduction to some people are in the action phrase actually want to stop smoking or the one exercise some are just thinking about it so you approach means with education and protégés was holding hands and seminars we'll talk more about that later a loving approach is always more effective than academic anonymous like to be judged to my son my youngest our youngest child a son at age seventeen or eighteen received his first training was quite distraught to tell his mom and dad about that his dad wouldn't go with them to the judge that his mother would I was doing tough love and my mother among my wife his mother was doing abundant love so anyways I showed up and the judge was absolutely marvelous my son has never told a lie that I know of any is yes I was speeding and I apologize for that and the judge said this is your first ticket I could charge you three or four or five hundred dollars whatever it was as I wasn't five miles an hour over the speed limit by a change of fifty five down to thirty five and he was still doing well over fifty five is doing whatever he was doing wasn't paying attention and the judge says that this is your first time I know you're just on the driving let's use this as a teaching learning opportunity for data and said you know go forth and sin no more for he said that in legalese wherever that was my son really learned his lesson on he understood that any valid to pay more attention it was nice that the judge reinforced with mom and dad were trying to teach them to pay more attention okay we're sometimes a stronger sermon will never preaches what what we live by example and so the positive effects of role models of not smoking or drinking being physically active eating healthily you know we've got some role models out there unfortunately that in our young people look upon the Hollywood stars and the sons of the Hollywood star sons and daughters of Hollywood stars some of them are absolutely crazy I found are doing the right things and I I'd like to do a research project to interview all of them interviewed Lindsay Lohan some of the other one zero what was unique in her life that screw the master up totally and what was good and healthy in an Scott Johnson's life that she hasn't yet know and put in jail was different between these guys and girls who have unlimited money unlimited frame power some make wise choices and some do not I think I'd be a powerful research opportunity and a powerful book to read to write and share and we those I've read biographies of thought upon the event and Frank Sinatra and others in some other kids did wonderful things some of the kids which is totally messed up I marvel I see the good things that happened in and influence them that say can make the right decisions and others without I've been to meetings with the various hospital or medical clinic meetings and we would sometimes meet in their choice of restaurants or bar and they would marvel that I would go into the bars and and have no trouble ordering orange juice or or ginger ale or something and they sit there have to eat after drinking alcohol we would have meetings on my father passed away my two brothers were marveled at how I could get it through the PF the Chicago on my dad passing and going through that funeral they were drunk guys drunk in the past the way they got through that patient they didn't understand that alcohol makes make sadness more cute and makes you mean I was sad and depressed now got over that of course but I did need a holiday that because the lifestyle that I choose to people first I talked about social occasions which is when we allowed pizza and the good fruit to be available for our children to share with their friends I do make it a point felt when I meet when I eat out specially this was true when we were traveling around the world always made sure that people know that I was a vegetarian and I went out of the way to make sure that I ate properly one time where I forgot the kind of muddled through it and ate lots of vegetables and they wondered why I didn't need to state that was their shared family was there a wrong cylinders I share with them earlier they were okay always learn to make sure they understand I won't wonder when I'm at home we won't eat too much of the cheese or milk but when the traveling wind up doing out on less concerned about that when I travel but as a person decisions you have to make people are more likely to make changes if they are accountable and so if you can encourage them to take a record or embark upon a buddy system this is why your friend take your friend in a lock if they're struggling with losing weight because of the good for you as well if you need to stop smoking take a monologue for me to recover from the loss of someone take him on a walk exercise is a great prescription drug are the acts prescription exercise of Safeway we work for Safeway for seventeen years and now Oregon area they started out that the head of the Safeway distribution plant there were no loss fitness program a wellness program for his employees as I took away all the all the cookies and cakes in the in the break room and put fresh fruit vegetables and yet it always runs to the to the choices there any developed an exercise program they develop an exercise program in the created T-shirt and you could only get this T-shirt if you did so many miles a week month year and every year they had an awards banquet and they gave out these T-shirts in these T-shirts that bonds on the run as they were they made safely buns and had buns that needed to exercise you understand I was so popular people want that T-shirt but they could not get the tissue until they documented that exercise so much so they decided come up with another T-shirt to motivate people to continue their exercise program guess what the call that T-shirt more buttons on the rock so if you can come up with something unique like that ensure that it's a good idea nothing wrong with that so setting goals changes that they want to make not that you want them to make for you like that lots of people in my career that the wife brought the man the smoking program because the wife one the man to stop smoking some of them were successful but it is until they can internalize that they want to stop smoking they become successful sometimes the daughters his daddy on coughing because the doctor says my asthma is caused by you smoking would you mind stopping smoking sometimes that's enough is a lot of the data for the daughters enough to get them to quit smoking is perfectly acceptable for certain goals that are measurable of the realistic that are specific and time-limited and reward yourself when you knows that fifty pounds the next six weeks if you looking to lose reward yourself fortunate got some friends are struggling with whatever day and they stop smoking reward you got some sort of reward I got up and in my gas that but I remember I was rewarded for something I've got a couple shirts I wear it once in a while that I asked my reward if you treat yourself to a trip to Bahamas original why take lots of pictures and that your reward for whatever that reward was reminding you of just didn't have incentives we were to safely Nike are at this hospital locally diverse rewards you can put together elected the meaningful thing might be unique keep in mind the overall purpose is to secure the highest level of development of body mind and soul in a lot of preset to soon in fact you may never want to preach that that is her ultimate goal my goal is not to live to be a hundred years of age Mister live forever whether or not after doctors to get there I don't really care me out would love to be around at the end the end of the world but a North can happen when that is already wearing a white shirt and tie or phrases can be very very dirty I am not sure I want to see all the suffering and pain going around you know have to be real careful like being recorded now bringing other history choices there in time we will either be martyred or imprisoned or running away living in a cave somewhere if are still accepting God 's truth those are only three choices are right the fourth choices ago the world the way of the world are not going to do that but those three choices and after martyrdom is no more it is no more pain and suffering but there's lots of pain and suffering living in a jail or running away living in a cave so I'm glad I don't have to make a decision let's could happen to me as up to the Lord to decide where that's could be that I so my goal is to live forever whether or not have to die first to get their I don't have an opinion about I'm not smart enough to make the decision I just want to make sure I'm ready to make sense and how we lead people to that understanding is a fun challenge you wanted is that concept to really understand so when you understand the laws of nature that they are the laws of God and are designed for our good obedience of and promote happiness in this life and if it doesn't promote happiness that you are ready for just and don't judge folks let them within left him ruminate on that for a while and Asian preparation for the life to come it isn't that our ultimate goal okay now I want to go through and just mention a couple things but our first talk this morning our first talk this morning and so I didn't bring it up yet sorry when you purchase the database alone as instructors Mayor you will get a CD that looks like this all the materials are on the CD you will notice that there is a certificate when people graduate you can print off certificates you can you can view these certificates in Microsoft Word format you can handwrite their names on him or you can computer generate what's going on here okay this is a merged document it's a nice you can get certificates from Best Buy our office by a Home Depot or no Office Depot or Staples into all kinds of tickets I would urge you to get a certificate that's a reward for attending the class and you can personalize it or you can put in a nation girl mage merged mail merge and do it with Microsoft we have a man PDF form Jan .pdf and then you can generate a significant data can sign it is going to do that kind on the same day also God quizzes if you were to get the anyway salon is on a DVD this quiz is at the end of them or you can use these courses as part of your class is to engage the participants not only see if you're paying attention but to engage and make sure they understand the principles that you presented we got quizzes now there's also lots of promotional materials we've written for you some card stock that you can print off for a nap by eleven piece of paper and you can just put those involved instructors are passing around your neighborhood we got lots of materials that you yes is just eat that particular one was each week 's topic here's a PDF is a poster this one is of the lady getting dressed in the back of that SUV putting her shoes on getting ready you got room to put your date time and place location sponsor you can all hand like that in reason use your computer to generate it or you can make your own anyway session samples therefore you oftentimes I'll resort our refer to some resources and on the CD there is sixty or seventy different PDF files of resources and know you can you just things that we've been creative put together seven goals for healthy living for example you can use all of these as handouts in your very seminars remember the worst you can do is do exactly what we tell you to do it's all here it sprinted down I need to share the information handling of this is one that I really like ten thousand steps a day that's in the book form and go back to this one it talked about ten thousand steps a day how many steps are you taking today but you don't know you need to know here's a kilometer okay we sung on the environment Amazon .com or Walmart everybody should have been dominant to get used to what your usual and customary okay and it takes me about somewhere between two thousand steps and twenty five hundred steps of the day to get no exercise that means just housework walking around the yard doing office work is about twenty five hundred steps so beyond that is my exercise so I don't like going to bed without his numbers being ten thousand twelve thousand or fifteen thousand eight and like it better when it's twenty or twenty five thousand that means I didn't go to work that day that means I went on a bicycle rider I went on a three or four mile walk with my wife in a practice and so find ways to be more active anyways as a whole resource file for you read the CD go through all these resources understand what you need to do here's a USDA nutrient resources that you can look at it here's the presentations that were doing going through now this presentation week one I have unofficially done yet but it is basically what I showed you are ready when I did that how have is your lifestyle self-evaluation it is a presentation I did that on purpose I wanted you to see that you can take one of those weeks and just do a standalone seminar all by itself we did we color how healthy lifestyle it stands alone it talks about all the four major issues smoking exercise fruits vegetables and was asleep now my camera before fun anyways it talks about a sleep fatigue walking regular exercise talks about nutrition I want to show you this slide when you think of this after this slider this is an artery is a reasonably healthy arteries and other still a big movement or dystopic passageway in that artery disease the blood vessels we would call this moderate atherosclerosis there's probably not enough to get any significant symptoms this person would not be a Olympic athlete but neither would they be bedridden okay the finance to let the blood flow oxygenates tissues and pretty much asymptomatic it isn't until this whole area is blocked up with a little tiny holes on the way through so blood can see through that's when it begins becomes a problem or forget totally blocked so we don't see his heart attacks occur in interview got ninety five percent blockage or more you start getting these symptoms the lots of evidence of this prior to that one as so many evidence to heart attack prior to plow that's what what what evidence is there before you get pain in the chest what evidence is there before you get shortness of breath high blood pressure might be a sign okay high cholesterol might be a sign lack of exercise might be a sign carrying around excessive weight for thirty years might be a sign to put all those together although I've seen lots of skinny people with heart disease don't let me know anything will let you think they'll let me make you think that you have to be overweight to get heart disease and so while this is the beginning of atherosclerosis the end stages of real pretty we talked about nut consumption healthy fats we'll talk more about we talk about whole-wheat bread grains achieving a healthy weight we recommend a body mass index of lesson twenty five you know what that is in my body mass index talk about that on the weight class but it's a it's a measure of your height and weight in a certain calculation wind up with a BMI lesson twenty five has been shown to have a greater chance of living longer that means we probably want to have a BMI less and twenty five if all the BMIs over twenty five cause us to die prematurely does not make sense that we should have a BMI less and twenty five okay what's even more important is later some man we should be less than thirty seven inches in women less very fine for those of you that need metric you can convert that this is about eighty five is not I can't remember now anyways we could figure that out just some weight ranges for BMI would talk more about it the good news about what is you don't have to lose very much start getting benefit just ten to fifteen pounds that's a huge benefit I tell people they can't get skinny please get fit all those heavy people for exercising a lot better health than all you than people who don't get any exercise that hell for being physically active this choose lower calorie foods like to get frozen vegetables nonfat dairy or soy milk whole grains brown rice nuts and seeds for both men and women the highest intake of fruit and vegetable has a lawless risk of premature death so isn't it a good idea to eat more fruits and that's than an risk of stroke there is ischemic stroke in rats and hemorrhagic stroke in and yellow the more servings of fruits and vegetables the lower your risk of both kinds of stroke if you have a history of stroke and your family would be a good idea to eat lots of fruits frame dependence on smoking and alcohol who want talk about those too much is it easier lines and here's looking at all of these good health practices and if there are seven good health practices those who practice all seven have the lowest mortality rate than those who practice only zero to three in those health practices so what is a good idea to do his best you can for all seven but there is a progression of change I would imagine to get the wall seven not everybody is going to jump on or seven right now help them do it one step at a time they might be due to retreat when it might just jumped also had a patient in Singapore that said my internist friend in working with for two years to involve them I know in the lifestyle program and any million in new start or creation are nineteen fifty eight what everyone called all the same thing that nineteen fifty eight the Cheney shared with us last night how she came up with nothing is great doesn't matter for all talking about the same thing I hate when listening to this and his wife and embrace it with gusto even listen to this and Doctor McFadden had been working with him and he was instead want to do it he was a lesson at all but didn't want to make any change I joined the staff of Youngberg Adventist hospital I started doing my thing and I talked about well the new stars I think the Cotonou start back and recognize all the same thing and for some reason this poor gentleman decided to jump on the wagon and do everything in the next week or almost everything almost everything silly he started eating all this fiber started eating no meat they just lots and lots of fiber it was right exercise too much you didn't drink too much water yet he was admitted to the emergency room with the following action is everything stops my poor friend Doctor McFadden had put gloves on since this patient to relieve his balls so yes you can embrace it with gusto but there's a process and you got a do it all in this particular case he ate so much fiber are not sure of when and if there was any amount of water he could've done to to assist in this process true for men as well all seven lowest risk of premature mortality it's a good thing I like to sew the best longevity 's protectors predictors are for both men and women just in different slightly different orders physical activity not plant -based diet maintain a healthy weight and plant based diet as fruits vegetables whole grains nuts and seeds healthy weight in a healthy way is not just a thin way I have no problem at all in fifteen to twenty pounds overweight that is not a risk factor to Mister fifty sixty pounds if that is that five or six dollars a year that in five years and fifty pounds basswood gets us in trouble okay so all those other four risk factors none versus off for you see none of those risk factors has a lower premature radar done all those risk factors for both men and women so healthy choices to make a difference do you feel better yourself personally because you make his healthy choices I do and I especially noticed when I travel outside of my routine now I'm forced here to read more food than I normally eat at home that a good thing or a bad thing now why I often miss a meal when I'm at seminars like this as I don't need that much fruit but again if we did provide that much food to be the most significant negative thing about this seminar is fully supported for all of us I so that's basically week one it's the same almost all healthy lifestyle you want to share both in and take a break this video was produced by honeymooners including NJD health summoned you would like to learn more about eliminating some of his visit www. 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