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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 5

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    8:30 AM
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raising health awareness the guys that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day Noah entered the ark they knew not until the flood came and took them all away so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be this in Matthew twenty four in the last days it'll be the same way people are unaware of their needs there wants me not being equal to their needs okay this is in section one this is a section one this one is called raising health awareness and it's towards the end there is a right the second last page in the last days of me to say people have great needs people are unaware of their condition unfortunately this seems to be part of human nature most people are unaware of their health needs until something serious happens then when something serious happens is too late to prevent it okay this is the case with Bob Pastor Carter when you're talking about this individual while talking about his what issues are important for your lifestyle to prevent a heart attack some of us are going to have a heart attack anyone's liked the prevention that we've gone through my postponed that for twenty years or thirty years Tuesday however when we brown with a stroke or heart attack or cancer that is definitely a teachable moment when we can go back to the roots and the prevention roots are still equally beneficial for preventing secondary occurrence a prudent person sees the danger ahead and takes precautions the goal and how promotion is to help people become aware I'm aware of their needs and help them take preventive actions before serious problems will occur now for that but the causes of preventable deaths poor lifestyle choices account for fifty percent of all the causes of preventable death sure there's some life some environmental factors that we need to be aware of we don't want to be breathing diesel smoke or gasoline fumes or ingesting excessive pesticides occur we want to get adequate medical care lack every diagnoses as a cause of much of some ten percent of preventable deaths and here's unhealthy lifestyles and in all these areas here we have choices we could choose not to smoke you can choose not to be overweight we can choose to a dwelling get some exercise we can choose not to drink alcohol with intrusion most of the time not to be exposed to various bacteria and other microbial agents we can choose not to use firearms you can choose to practice good safe sexual behavior we can choose to wear seatbelt or choose not to ride in motor vehicles to those of choices and right analysis some of these are related to certain number of deaths prayer to an overall lifestyle and intervention involves all of those involves using a seatbelt as well as not drinking alcohol are not smoking cigarettes the leading causes of death in the US see here heart disease develop their number one and it hasn't changed in an twenty years what does change sometimes men or women change around sometimes age brackets change around but overall I still drew is true of all developing countries as our country goes from a undeveloped country and move towards a developing country they begin to eat the same way we do begin to not have exercise like we do preventable deaths huge amounts of opportunity here for preventable deaths by not using tobacco getting exercise lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure getting a pneumonia vaccine if you're over sixty five getting your flu shot on an annual basis last year we began recommending everybody take an annual flu shot whether you agree with that or not I would encourage you to get an annual flu shot if under the having any discussions with you I want shake your hand I don't want review air unless you got a flu shot I want my kids being exposed to you you don't have that as well you can choose not to get a flu shot that's fine in our office we give out free flu shots all of our employees or about half of them take out and we aggressively pursue the individuals don't go come down with a illness stay home and take care of themselves as I want than exposing me or my employees sue that illness that they could have prevented her well you cannot get the flu which is identical to what was in the flu shot but you can get variations of that is a flu changes its thorough status easily over time be sure you're getting that mammography is the sure you're checking your terrorist you're your ball movement your bowel habits and if you ever certain age to be sure you're getting some of the colonoscopies have test app has been around for years and it's it and it's pretty good for early diagnosis some physicians will recommend an aspirin a day for those to prevent heart attacks nobody want to be in his natural history of disease we had certain health practices and lifestyle we can begin here all week and what do we get clinical signs and symptoms clinical signs and symptoms New York are just paying elevated cholesterol fatigue rather than going into this phase down here I want to I spend my life emphasizing this over here so we can prevent going to this direction so if you got a poor diet changes if you don't exercise exercise more this is your primary prevention you got high cholesterol or high blood pressure get those fixed even if you need medicine perplexed at the lifestyle is working enough for you for your blood pressure takes a medicine get fixed you to stay over here otherwise it will move here the cost of treatment here are much less than it costs only the first step in health improvement is to raise awareness know what your numbers are to all of you know what your routine blood pressure cholesterol and glucose are negative at least once a year if you don't that's a mistake you need to bring any to know what goes onto the basic minimum numbers you should know blood pressure cholesterol blood sugar those are the primary risk factors that we have when we look at the major diseases that we have in our country today El Paso stages of change some people are ready to take action they need to be taught and this is where I like Wall Street Journal Redbook family Circle that helped raise the awareness they take scientific articles and like them for the lay public and they raise awareness that's a good thing most of the time and it helps individuals move from free to contemplation preparation to taking action this is where it happens I want you here you want to figure out maintain that good and appropriate behavior so precontemplation you might invoke some awareness programs contemplation some assessment program this is where your zoo free blood pressure screening for freight free glucose checks offering to healthcare all that is awareness and assessment those are good things and anyone offer some education programs to come back eight Lisa wellness is one of an excellent education program you also want to offer some change program so in when you once you've done some from health fairs some health emphasis weekends you may want to do some cooking schools a least Alanis and then you will identify some folks who have more specific needs you might have some folks need help with blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes blood sugar and cooking schools would fall in both of these areas you're using and don't forget to offer some maintenance programs all the churches I've worked with have recommended that if we do a health emphasis weekend and week we go through this welfare health emphasis weekend to do some programs you once a month or once a quarter additional follow-up programs keep people engaged you need it as well and you can share your success with your participants yes sure sure very very true so one school district seven promoting the use of whole grains and one year of increased their percentage in thirty day percent you have to chose everything I recommend most people just to fix more physical activity and choose one specific food whether the moral grandeur more fruits vegetables just something like that she was a couple things or maybe it's exercise and drink more water the only thing you have to choose everything for we talked about Mavis and then last year are yesterday I felt was a physician who came down with diabetes in his late sixties and he got on the program attorney Robin he was requesting the doctor returned to Herne turned his life around continuing practicing medicine so no know your numbers what are the three you should know cholesterol blood sugar and blood pressure at least once a year you should have a measured professionally you can get your blood pressure done every day every week every month at the local pharmacy usually they have a machine or your doctor would be happy to have your blood pressure check with the office those individuals that job the control group had certain number of medical claims and the wellness group had less medical claims a lot of corporate studies that document this also the control group had so much work lost time the control group amino wellness group had left work lots so there's less absenteeism sickness is less network and those who observe an employee wellness program Sam Rivera another school district program started here but the years before their their medical claims times a thousand KK and going up every year so wherever medical claims could be in this year appear somewhere they implemented a employee wellness program in the medical claims went down the weather weather prediction flyers are Fortune five hundred companies are doing this all over the country crack we had twelve hundred companies in our well source the database that are doing those sorts of things because of this reason why costs are going up and up and up for medical care who work for Safeway for years under workers comp claims dramatically decreased the more they were and ten twelve years later they reduced their claims by ninety percent did you know that walking briskly two and half hours a week at Sony about thirty minutes a day reduces your risk of stroke by fifty two percent as well as one drink a day increases your risk of breast cancer alcohol cause a hundred thousand hundred thousand premature deaths each year that that's in the year cerebral every cigarette smoke short as one life by fourteen minutes waiting five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily you may reduce your risk of most cancers by thirty to fifty percent these are good things these are not difficult thanks yes or that's a good question what was a serving of fruit once a serving of vegetables typically one cup raw and a half a cup cooked okay as basically a serving and in a serving of protein food is about the size of the back of your hand if you have a small two to three ounces of a protein serving track one medium-sized bonanza serving one medium apple one medium fruit or whether a major fake meat no as tutors renounces all appear to three ounces to three ounces a feeding tray or more servings of whole grain breads to reduce your chance of a heart attack I have to believe not thank you St. Louis not daily and a third to one half fewer heart attacks by third in the Harvard study I have to nag the self-study so we can arrange their whose right labels for every hour you exercise daily you can expect to live an additional two-year two hours longer okay so there's a good sense this is what we should be doing all the time so you can do some nurse awareness strategies of wellness assessment health fairs posters newsletters most of the churches I've gone through when I been member of always engage the church to have health markets and there are hundreds of health nugget you can share your run out of ideas and general conference has a newsletter called vibrant health find lots of ideas and their are gorgeous raised on the medical journals for the layperson 's terms and a fearsome health numbers that you can share just two or three minutes yes that's a short extract you can get that yes the slides are not inadequate as a Word document in in the book that summarizes this guy yet you don't have the slides for these you just got a word document okay yes positive choices okay so there's lots of the Adventist free website and you can get abundant sources of health markets personal testimonies are great I encourage you to use them make sure they become personal testimonies and not judge mental experiences characters many of our evangelistic health persons become fanatic about certain things in the mix other people uncomfortable the landmarks of the okay I've been invited many churches to do health service health sermons over a health emphasis weekend and in the local health ministry leaders taken on from there yes and good for her and never have okay before we get into this good carbohydrate lecture I want take a moment talk about blood pressure you should know your blood pressure vinyl probably little to know that it now since I'm up in front of you but here's and here's a little little gadget that does her wrist blood pressure one hundred on properly holder after the level of your heart and then just let it pop up and take a blood pressure and measure your heart rate and your blood pressure I'll pass this around and you can check your blood pressures make sure you do what I'm doing were not properly and put the gadget at the level of your heart and you'll hear the beeping okay oh one eleven over seventy four is actually pretty good she want put this on so this arrow is pointing down about the middle of your wrist I'm in the middle of your hand 's address right there to the pulse is over your your arteries there an equivalent type of next year got for five days I don't know how much they are this is a good traveling blood pressure if you want if you need to get your blood pressure checked throughout the day I capture has a some of those at the booth you can buy these things that some Walmart Amazon.com but any place as the ride on the desktop if they're done properly I found them to be equally beneficial guy but some folks if there are to have a little too much extra fatty tissue it may have a problem with this one and the rest one may be easier to take or you get a large-size cuff for here such as defense and yellows why compare these with the Berkeley sphygmomanometers at the doctors have now set the gold standard and we've always used the brand called Omron all and our land that seem to be the one we use all the time and we get had good reproducible results without one in health fairs I used to have is to use a stethoscope and a Mercury sphygmomanometer to your blood pressure and I get lots of volunteers to help me unfortunately most of the volunteers were older nurses are retired nurses as they had the time to volunteer and their ears aren't quite as good as it used to be and so I got tired of telling people that they were slowing down timber losing some of their year function and no one likes to hear that even if they are retired so I've gone to the sound digital gadgets all the time the other thing is there's lots of ambient noise around matter how good your ears are you you might not quite here the blood pressure sounds that you want here to get that perfect blood pressure dry especially the health furthers lots of ambient noise use these this phone gadgets there perfectly acceptable as long as there administered properly put on the right way and the look of there is there there in the right place to measure the arterial cell car yes now I I used to agree with that to the fact is the blood pressure is about Bush that's what it now no whether you take it when you come out from stairs or sit down for ten minutes and take it unique and different levels of blood pressure is fluctuating all the time okay and if you going to do if you're going to take a life insurance examine you want to get up the best blood pressure possible you want to exercise for couple hours before you go with anyone arrest for about an hour and lay down on your right side so that the heart is open elevated he is also a Citrix lower your blood pressure but doesn't do any good to reduce your risk of stroke you want to have your your your blood pressure struck the whole day to below so when you run up the stairs is still low if you are not rushed around doing on Helfer stuff is still low it doesn't race the race is that my thingy and what is a normal blood pressure yes what I want here is less than one twenty and less than eighty one twenty over eighty the beginning of high blood pressure now clinically were not penetrate you for high blood pressure until it's over one forty five over ninety on a regular basis can but before that we call free hypertension and ideally your blood pressure should be less than one sixteen over less than seventy six that's an ideal blood pressure when sixty over seventy six Leslie that's an ideal blood pressure many of us I can have that anymore I'm just happy to have it one twenty over eighty one twenty five over eighty one eighty two ninety over sixty when you're out in our hundred pound five foot three and vertically normal I can hardly do anything to raise my wife's blood pressure consisting of tiny and that's a good thing what would do this later let's go through them I would talk about good fact yesterday not rather talk about good carbohydrates I'm probably not good to take the time to go through every single one of these sites they gave me in a least a wellness eleven hours to go through this seminar where we usually have been given fifteen hours so you can read the material just as well as I can in their is lots of other train the trainer stuff we wanted to give you adhesive over your left has to be on your left wrist sorry I need to make that clear but I'll try these are unhealthy carbohydrates blessed us all vegetarian to recognize some of those foods there shame on you that's all vegetarian okay healthy carbohydrates are plant -based foods that have not been highly refined or processed so we knew doing so is close to the natural state as possible your movement short by design our Creator designed them high in dietary fiber they are high in vitamins minerals antioxidants and a whole host of phytochemicals the scientists are still identifying what those chemicals are because they're high in fiber absorbs more slowly and they normalize blood sugar we don't get this spiking of blood sugar but we have to shed in a bunch of insulin to lower the blood survey comes down to low and was starving and we ate some food or junk food that spikes and sugar again and that's spiking and lowering of blood sugar after thirty four years it what is what leads us to adult onset diabetes and days high dietary fiber natural foods are moderate encounters so we got fruits and festivals legumes and whole grains these foods can help prevent all these host of diseases all the ones become so popular in our current for there are for carbohydrate food choices and prevent disease and promote health one is a more fruits and vegetables that's not a new concept right you've heard that before why are high in fiber high antioxidant high energy drink low in calories and you know I love the way these taste are taught seminars hundreds of them and I'm amazed on a people say I never eat fruit or Afghanistan vegetables okay now I I I can see that there are some fruits and some vegetables that each of us may not like okay can you name from the vegetable or fruit that you don't like apricots brussels sprouts and I'm okay with water to okra egg glass turn turn out to the turn of itself disgusting food cauliflower okay it's okay to have one or two roasted vegetables that you don't like you just got either many ways okay get over it okay no seriously there's wanted to your life that's okay but I've had people say I can eat any fruit off I feel so sorry for current but really you need over I do not like brussels sprout is always a free and no more than three until somebody at a fellowship dinner one time brought in some stirfried lightly roasted seasoned wonderfully brussels sprouts and they were not boiled and hence often yucky they were absolutely delicious Taylor says most of the time we don't like our vegetable because they have not been prepared to your liking okay so figure out how to prepare them properly and ate them over eight the many ways I do not like is still get over it anyways at least a three thesis yes yeah I know that now you you raise a very good point most of us some dietitians have done studies on what most of us he doesn't matter what culture you belong to what country are from it doesn't matter we all eat different foods but most as I see the same food over and over again as about ten or twelve different foods and we got over and over again okay and very I doesn't matter if you're Asian or Islander word North American or sexual assault and that we all have same foods we different foods but we hate those different foods the same way over and over again we need to get the variety I think you're not getting a variety and not eating enough fruits and vegetables and that variety and remember supplement that is those in the engine doesn't much matter what supplement you get as long as you take a good one and you measure your values so that your your calcium intake and absorption is appropriate in vitamin D is appropriate your homocysteine is appropriate and while you being twelve is appropriate some of those markers are okay then you're probably getting good nutrition with the supplement as a seller in the crack kind of thing okay and for seventy ten servings each day emphasize emphasize the brightly colored fruits and vegetables but even wall as we traveled around the world on amazing how my different fruits are available the vegetables don't change but there's lots of different exotic fruits around the world their son is a must and fruits that that very few people very few people don't market well but there's still good for you at night usually some people can have a problem with Rob mixing of fruits and vegetables if that hasn't digested there's a issue with you if it gives you a a.m. dyspeptic stomach is what LOI calls it then that's something you should pay attention to that's one of those things that is much more important the lower your blood pressure lower your cholesterol get exercise that is to worry about mixing fruits vegetables but for some people it is an issue okay so I put that way down enough want to actually on a scale of of of a hundred and exercising and lowering your weights and lowering your blood pressure up there in the seventies and it is nice that maybe I should let you have any good science is important but that's the that's exactly right that's the that's exactly Rose I found us was that if you have a dyspeptic stomach then same thing if you're struggling with losing weight maybe you can benefit from eating two meals a day I don't recommend eating two meals a day when I do miss a day when I ate two meals a day already sold my slogan makes me uncomfortable because of my exercise levels but again is nothing wrong with reaching those a day as long as your temperate about eighty two thousand and now it's a treatment modality for a specific individual that's where you okay yes yes okay there is lots of fruits and vegetables with B12 long as you leave the soil and fecal matter on as the only source of B12 now that's what the true statement I don't recommend you eat food fruits and vegetables with soil and fecal matter on K so if you're not going to eat meat with blood in it where the B12 comes from then you need to take a good something there is no basis there is no clean plant -based source of B12 okay how do you know you're in a enough B12 have your blood test taken during all the milks the soy milks and all the cereals we today are fortified with B12 why because no is not absorbed well when there's fortified is not absorbed well when you take it in the supplement okay and when you get over sixty it may not be absorbed at all so you've got to get your blood test done in vegetarians it's extremely important to get your blood especially vegans but equally so for budgetary have your blood test done work with your physician it's important to get adequate protein adequate B12 adequate calcium adequate zinc iron is in our cookbook on page fifty seven I think it is regardless of all these things those are the main ones and is not important that you take and lots of calcium what's important is that you absorb the calcium that she taken how do you know that have a bone density exam that's the only test it is pretty much useless to have a blood test for calcium why is your blood will need calcium calcium is very important for muscle contraction where does the blood get adequate sources of calcium in your bones and teeth so it's pretty much useless to have a blood test for calcium but work with your physicians have your blood test done they know what to take and what tests do and have your B12 God yes you know another call comes from the car from all your bacteria defecating in your mouth swallow that's a good idea is natural okay but is that enough big twelve how do we know gets your blood test done okay now do you want to ignore B-12 deficiency B-12 deficiency ends in vegans could occur within three years and non- vegans could occur within nine to twelve years B12 deficiency can often mimic multiple sclerosis and B-12 deficiency can often be the irreversible nerve sheath damage meaning irreversible nerve conduction function so you don't want to mess with B12 deficiency it's really easy to prevent B12 deficiency gets a blood test take a supplement Re: blood now I recommend you naughty black on the budgetary car I recommend you not be engaging contaminated and needs and resources for excessive amounts about it's very easy to get adequate B12 if you plan to base theater waiting out and why said years ago years ago all the nutrients you need are found in nuts and grains and fruits vegetables and I was very true hundred percent two hundred and fifty years ago why is it not true today because a hundred and fifty years ago creative fruits and festivals with soil and other mildly contaminated ingredients in our product today we live in a pure sterile environments our food is brought to us a lot cleaner than it used to be in fact when it doesn't come to West clean we get salmonella poisoning or E. coli or something along this nation okay it's a whole lot easier to take a supplement in the week dirty food what supplement I don't care how the blood test done if you're the lower limit of the twelve is two hundred and fifty that's too low you need to be for hundred and fifty or more find a good supplement take it you know you're on a good supplement and humiliating proper amounts if your blood test is fine work with your physician don't ignore B-12 yes on eight organic eggs are eggs in general and organic I like better because there dramatically healthier okay I can be an excellent source of protein and if you get rid of the egg yolks then you you you not an interesting cholesterol that may be a frown for some people I will occasionally eat eggs because I'm gluten sensitive and I can no longer eats a lot of foods as I used to eat a lot of older folks are starving themselves and I highly recommend it eat eggs as it is not getting enough nutrition so it depends on the situation I would not eat eggs in don't mean the afternoon pressure comes from you when we don't know all the issues about sore yet but one were beginning to believe as they saw in America is not manufactured the same possibly as a soy in Asia and eliminating short for two hundred thousand years track so I envy the fermented soy may be a lot healthier than their than the than the regular soy so tempeh miso actually is healthier for you I study unique flavor and you may want to flavor have settled that you might want use it I really like using tempeh miso as a meat substitute in stirfry it hasn't has a flavor that some in different flavors that you can look I would be cautious about eating too much so I not the fermented soy is okay but the regular so be cautious about eating too much well it can it can elevate some mom hyperthyroidism or hypothyroid depending on the individual but in a ballast units or three times a week that hasn't been an issue when people give up meat emanating made half the meal and the throw when soy best when we see some of these issues so balance not the balance dietary is a principle that we need to not ignore yes in a you go the whole saliva is much better but I still think of me so that DF romanticize would be better for us that's a good question there I would imagine of the less the twelve in in the kosher meats but I'm not sure it's intellectually I think that would be true again we ate so much shorter we find B12 fortified and soy milks in the cereals almost a nonissue but check your blood pressure are checked check your vitamins B12 levels and then make a decision if it delays for fifty or more whenever you go okay fruits and vegetables and strokes three servings of fruits and vegetables reduce your stroke risk forty five percent that's a good thing okay of vegetable and fruit and probably dying the highest intake of of the festival her throat and women the lowest risk of premature death same for men best sources about philosophies of the dark most later that the dark colors and brilliant colors I don't particularly like kale and broccoli spinach but a lot of it anyways okay I agree with the first President George Bush he said you don't need to eat broccoli but I think we should improperly it is a half as much as my wife does but I still read counter is raw cooked I still even I prefer to read some peas or carrots but I still need okay so who got closer I like that's okay just get over it even anyway we had some green beans you the other day on a cooker but they were still green beans I may refine myself and and there is an IV you should be eating everything on this list because their higher nutrients in something then broccoli and missile of a different set of nutrients and beans and you know so you get a variety and lectured that your metabolism figure out how to put it all together send these fruits there isn't any on-air that you shouldn't be eating and Kaylee we never used to get in this country now the growing California living in Canada would never eat these foods except occasionally for one or two months in the summer and now we knew cannonball and energy living in areas where you don't have access to this fresh then you need even fresh frozen or canned nothing wrong that can canned or frozen I can be just as healthy as fresh and may not taste the same but they're just as healthy and when we can you want to make sure it's it's lightly sweetened or no sweetened board lightly salted or no salt yes yeah well there's a F frozen Fosamax we better than fresh because freshness picked early and then transported what's best is fresh from the farmers market or frozen compared to fresh has been transported and then can and yes we should pay attention to what liners assigned to supporting the King okay early years ago there were any liners now they put subwatershed and water still he knows best high what's are called like apricots dried dried apricots excellent sources of depending on how hot and how long they been exposed to air you can lose some of the antioxidants but dried fruit can be an excellent source of fruit because it preserves the the shelf life of that fruit but I wouldn't let that be your only source of that fruit okay just get a variety I like this statement of eat a wide variety of unrefined foods in sufficient quantity to maintain your ideal weight so we sometimes fall down in wide variety with all dollars far down in unrefined and we found out in sufficient quantity because we just ate too much now you can go online to the USDA government website and you can download hundreds if not thousands of pages on your trend analysis on all the food food like this or packaged foods are processed food writers go for something calendar at all I have now you can do it on my computer you can get an Apple put on your following you can put in how many grams raw many ounces or something it didn't enter the data totals in all and gives you total detailed analysis of everything UA exactly how much protein and calories and all the vitamins all the minerals all documents that you may have consumed throughout the day it's all available for free for you you can go to eat right .org or you can buy a nap for your smart phone or for your computer the more frequent consumption of vegetables whole grains aspirin folic acid reduce the risk of colon cancer carry cancer prevention choose predominantly plant -based I was stay away from his much insecticides and pesticides as you can I think organic foods are probably healthier for us we don't have any studies long to the studies to document that but it just makes good sense but what is the definition of organic is not a universal definition of organic but they're working on at so as often as we can will purchase organic fruits and vegetables okay at least of the same price if the organic is more expensive ways and don't purchase a but when we do consume nonorganic foods we make sure we wash them properly and you can buy somebody's vegetable soapstone wash things in an I would certainly do that maintain a healthy way I walked briskly in a five or more servings of fruits and vegetables we say this repeatedly because that's how important this yes sure something about sea salt and lemon juice so there's lots of ways to eat fruits and vegetables there's raw and never heard a raw keeper supplier fresh fruit on a table or counter if you don't have a snack at the much healthier snack I don't recommend a snack but if you want one thing to do it more solid stirfry fruit salads finish a meal I usually finish a meal with a mixture of nuts and seeds that and I showed welding his Mia a.m. as high society level to my taste buds and I feel contents current nuts and seeds chisel grains in many different kinds of whole grains and don't forget there's brown rice grains every restaurant I go to always ask for brown rice all know we don't serve them but always ask him if I know they don't have a want and they get the idea that customers want brown rice whole wheat and heart disease about a fifty percent reduction in heart disease when we hold grains so a variety of Brian and multi- grains and help mailing high-fiber cereals brown rice there's brown rice pasta is gluten-free prostate you need that various kinds of cereals experiment with all different kinds the longer it takes you to make oatmeal the healthier that only a list so steel cut Irish oats are the best ones for you they just take thirty to forty five minutes to cook so if your rust in the morning just as soon as you get up have you while quite a high glycemic load this is a concept we never used to teach but now we think it's important to know and let me explain what this is glycemic index it identifies the effect of carbohydrate on blood sugar high glycemic index foods raise blood insulin and blood sugars quickly usually higher than desirable glycemic index is determined by feeding subject to various carbohydrate foods and comparing the rising glucose level legal amounts of sugar or white bread so we looking at glucose and insulin curves and white bread spikes the glucose and spikes the insulin response whereas spaghetti just simple white spaghetti to different kind of grain and has a much more moderate rise in blood sugar and moderate rise in blood glucose when we get this high spike it comes down below the hunger zone this is often why those getting very little breakfast and have a snack at midday our snack at yet ten eleven and spikes of sugar spikes instant because this likes and brings it down to how we get this rabid hunger here we got a something else again at this is often what happens with diabetics because the insulin is being produced but the gates in the cell to use the sugar is our it is close to the incident so we don't get the use of sugar is what diabetic is hungry all the time so we don't want a failure behind our scenic index that caused the spiking to occur that's the principle working to get right to that regular right over to get to that donating high glycemic load meals now we talked about glycemic index now want to move into glycemic load glycemic load compared to lower glycemic load meals results in higher twenty four hour blood sugar levels higher insulin higher by isolated hemoglobin levels this is hemoglobin A-1 C or what we call now A1 C eight one C is a blood test the doctors use now the cover looks at how well you manage your blood sugar over the last three months okay it's actually more important than just blood sugar now okay so obese children ate either instant oatmeal or steel cut Anderson has a high glycemic index still can't has alone cowers where the same for breakfast lunch and ate whatever they wanted for supper after eating instant oatmeal is the high glycemic oatmeal very fifty three percent more calories at supper as they work sexy in for breakfast and lunch okay rats fed a high glycemic diet compared to rats fed a low glycemic diet and marked obesity and virtually in studies conducted with humans fifteen of the sixteen studies found lower satiety that's feeling full increased hunger and higher voluntary food intake after eating high versus low glycemic index nail salon we learn from this we want to foods that have a lower glycemic index a lower glycemic load RI here's an example anything I need about would probably want to stay away from okay so there's a white bread baked potato any kind of dictators are not good for diabetics going so eat a little potato not addicted to white rice here hundred and two okay and in over ninety probably want to stay away from whether this broccoli I don't care how much more clearly do we care how much Cheerios cornflakes we picked cornflakes supposed to be a miracle for an example of how you can figure this out you got this in your book a knocker and go over very well but you go through this calculation in the nurses health study a daily glycemic load greater than hundred and fifty was linked to a higher risk of heart disease so that tells me as a address wireless in the sciences and you wanted to have a daily glycemic load of no more than a hundred and fifty three so you're saying here I say manslaughter about a hundred and fifty pounds that I know were increased risk of heart disease by glycemic load higher than one fifty has increased risk of effect on heart disease okay you know I forgot to hand us around come back in about ten minutes and thirty minutes please pass around and him sorry but that so here's a glycemic load that glycemic index and glycemic load so here's some examples of glycemic load remember a hundred fifties our target I don't care how much more clearly Tagalog glycemic load of lesson one blood of the cornflakes the widespread use of rice Yum one cop against the right of rice and you've got one third of all the food you can eat in a day Sullivan had thirteen again I'll comment more clearly yes yogurt have to look that up I need right .org okay no duty to put in glycemic load and ill tell you exactly what all that is so a glucose has a glycemic index of one hundred adults about fifty two why moral things first out here moderate amounts of food in here and very little amount of these foods over here on my suggesting you never eat these foods would you want to smaller quantities of those foods of the glycemic load principle is this these are hardly got glycemic load high glycemic load friends notice Israel vegetarian déjà vu all glycemic load foods notice also that they're all budgetary current exec I give you an idea in the women's CS actually I like that idea and that's part of the principles in them also by God and your interest on first start filling up region themes first get that's slow down and I get your satiety to help you monitor and manage eating less food so glycemic index and risk of diabetes women who ate the least fiber were twice as likely to get diabetes as those who ate the most fiber connect so eat more high-fiber foods protects against constipation high cholesterol heart disease high blood sugar diabetes certain cancers and obesity where do we find fiber all the plant -based foods fruits vegetables legumes whole grains nuts and they are armor unless fibers enter his inmates what about all that stringy stuff you eat less the arteries ligaments and nerves sorry about that so we need a meeting thirty eight grams a day if you're a man women twenty five grams or so the current average of America's ten to fifteen grams of fiber per day much much too low the fiber in the circular common and in the end of vegetables and grains so there's some more principles to eat more fruits you see all the fiber there were festivals all the fiber and rains all the fibers as this is your book some marketers spend to much time on the Kim's lots of fiber the Jos a soft drink is a zero fiber orange juice half where the orange itself without much more fiber right not to seize even have fiber so here's the apples got three three grams of fiber applesauce one five Apple just point to an Apple soft drinks are what should we borrow always ignore the Apple moderate amounts of the applesauce and apple juice anonymous author okay yes right soluble fiber is better for you but fiber on the forgot your business is as fiber to read food labels estimate the food intake is a exercising outerwear but African-American males of the day four four grams of fiber even if we don't know that it's always do lesson ten grams of fiber is a wondrous and nice to read about this media was used by bodybuilders including NEC helps some and if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or you would like more free online sermons please visit www. maneuvers and on board


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