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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 6

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him him talk about achieving and maintaining a healthy weight the basic principle should not come as any surprise to you okay each year in the US more than four thousand people die prematurely right now about sixty five or sixty six percent of the US population is overweight and about thirty three to thirty five percent are obese the primary reason is we need too much and we don't exercise enough there's no magic hormone is no pill there's no viruses or bacteria this contributed to the dry excess weight increases the risk of all of these chronic diseases the good news about what it is you don't need to lose it all just losing ten to fifteen dramatically improves your risk and improve your glucose levels improves your blood fat improves your blood pressure and a significant decrease in health risks suggest ten to fifteen pounds it doesn't matter if you might need to lose a hundred pounds only focus on ten or fifteen first plus the best weight well is debatable for young adults it might be the way to which you look and feel the best for athletes it might be the way to which you perform your best there are some athletes who need to be vague like the weightlifters shotput how much weight you want to carry around if you're running for six miles for everyone the range of ways for a given height that corresponds to the lowest rate of morbidity and mortality that the one I want to be on one of the out-of-the-way it gives me the lowest risk of disease and the lowest risk of death so we look at this graph and look at weight over time BMI deal of the MIAs as body mass index it's a simple calculation looking at your height and weight we have charts is a chart in your book at twenty five here this is where the risk significantly increases notice so that there's a slight increase from twenty two to twenty five we just ignore that but as possible that lesson twenty two might be the best in my wood also look at anything less than eighteen five being underweight may be harmful to you as well and Esther for men as well okay so there's a universal standards that we use an anti-American is principally so we like to say less than twenty five from normal overweight at twenty five of this authority invariably supported and in corporate America you can see direct costs that as individuals working employers opportunities as they have higher weight obese and excess weight it costs a company much more money than her normal weight person may not employ in the workforce to maintain an employee in the workforce yes there is no this is the same for men and women because it just looks like the way it doesn't matter in here 's a scale is a chart that you can look at a nation expanded chart in your book no one was singing is an expanded charter and resource file you can go online and get a fully expanded the chart for every every pound in every inch and you can go online again metric version as well for those of you that from the Isa one hundred version are from the UK you can go online and probably your health websites and get a metric version or the Sandman e-mail us and unit conversion service practices for event who wants to be an example okay sixty six inches and your weight is what one twenty four one twenty five that gives your BMI about twenty seven gadget did for you I'm sorry here's here that this gadget now this is a body fat analyzer this is probably the second most important health education tool that I use the first one is what the grip strength tester as we want to look at exercise of the differently than just heart lungs you can buy these we have a few that we sell you to buy these online we bought in bulk so we might often have a better price that you can check and anybody want to be a guinea pig here are it you don't have to share this with the public but on religious culture endured so I saw right and she can during your vendor next I need to know your height in inches five five half okay process nuclear waste to fifty three K Angier a case notebook fifty five okay now what you hold that just like not just sounds like that when you press start his holder straight out and then you can write down those numbers this is percent body fat this is okay you going to do is answer the questions at the bottom you can go up or down on the scale is approved on values your knowledge of safe sex okay so those are those are good chose to have I found to be just as effective as the scales are underwater weighing underwater weighing is expensive and usual employee cage and sometimes claustrophobic so BMI life expectancy in Madden who are age thirty nine PMI of twenty four us has a high asset life expectancy versus a BMI forty five has the lowest life expectancy same for women so the lower the VMI typically the greater the life expectancy let's look at some of the diseases diabetes prevalence of diabetes if your normal way is very low over waking a slight increase but obese invariably she did a very significant increase in relative risk of developing diabetes so if your mom or dad has diabetes you're probably going to get diabetes as well especially if you're overweight and blood pressure same thing those that are heavier and a higher risk of blood pressure and high cholesterol typically those in overweight have a higher cholesterol and see how they're related I want to understand we are not picking on heavy people okay God does not love skinny people more than heavy people want to make that perfectly clear so if you are in these categories so your relative risk of these conditions are higher arthritis is because were carrying extra weight around we can wear out the joints ligaments tendons generally speaking the also say they are fair or poor health are typically more than the overweight and obese category that question alone is worth lots of money to corporations those individuals who answer that question I've actually held typically cost less in healthcare expenditures versus those individuals is a fair report and we are found this is difficult for people to lie and this has been shown to be true in many many studies across the typical annual meeting medical charges for those her healthy weight twenty two hundred dollars a year versus those that are higher way three thousand or more per year it is presently the same numbers show up today it is presently against the law to fire someone if you are overweight it is not against the law to hire someone only if the normal way it is not against the law some companies have purposely advertise that okay there's one hospital system over ten years encourage their overweight folks to develop enroll in various interventions to help them lose weight because they knew it was costing them too much money to maintain that overweight population okay so they resisted that in order to intervention still didn't lose weight so I finally said fine if you're not going to his wife were to charge you more for your healthcare premium and they were taken to court and one so I firmly believe in the power of choice by choice means there may be pending on what choice you embark upon there may be lower cost or higher costs I firmly believe that people should be allowed to smoke cigarettes but if they do in their health care premiums should be higher than mine because I choose not to smoke and that is happening now with our auto industry you know if you're a smoker your automobile insurance will be higher than if your non-smoker if you're a alcohol drinker it will be hard and if your nondrinker perfectly legal and perfectly logical I think our Medicare reimbursement should be the same way if we choose to not exercise we should have higher premiums and if we choose to exercise if we choose to smoke or chose to allow her classroom levels to be too high or a blood sugar to be too high our premium should be higher because as well documented you can do like some measures to lower or you can take pharmaceutical agents to lower was harmful agents yes sure sure and most of the insurance covers I've worked with if your smoker they will pay whatever it takes for you to stop smoking bill pay for the premiums are paid for that nicotine patch or whatever it takes to see the doctor okay yes you on your way typically means there's some disease going off track that's typically what it means underway if there is no disease that that doesn't have a higher cost but underweight typically range there's a disease process going on so another measurement is looking at your waist circumference waist girth is simply measuring a firm tape measure about it and shoot above or at your umbilical cord your your your your umbilicus that enable and you can measure that it's real simple measurement although it takes some modesty screens to do it it takes an effort to do it privately weight still may be the best easiest to do but in man one of the lesson thirty five anything higher increases our risk and risk for what risk for cardiovascular disease for women is less than thirty three as a target cell were as less and eighty three centimeters or thirty three and from man ninety centimeters select friends and eating in August the supersize your own drinks and supersized burgers all this stuff out I just want to drink water I donated supersize me know or if I'm traveling and I need a some agents to help me out I wanted all my little camera coffee out one of the shoulder the five apps to your Coca-Cola or something you might want to have that to help stay awake when you traveling but it's hard to find a normal size container of anything anymore it's really difficult yes and I guess I asked me my member having a patient counterargument and she was drinking AA jogger Pepsi three of them a day and she was feed natural children to because it helped calm them down until the caffeine just invented just about so we know we supersized off we ate outside the hall we have a lot of snack hours and has no reason why were overweight may not be surprised if we weren't overweight as a country were also as we low intake of the fiber we gain weight higher intake of fact we gain weight low intake of the complex carbohydrates regain weight higher intake of somebody's of protein foods we gain weight and source no wonder some practical steps to lose weight unlock understand a lot time on weight but set a goal followed weekly to be active the most important thing about losing weight is to be active sixty minutes a day if it is a waiting out the act of sixty minutes a day and you lose one to three times a week has all it takes for genetically persistent and even that if you a little bit less food for the dailies W exercise it goes way it is a simple physiological equation calorie and is balanced with calorie out if you want to lose weight you want to have more calorie out some Asian burn more calories it's a simple equation so you can look at different exercises that you can burn calories when you're sitting we use as a baseline so if you climb hills you doing ten times as much calorie burn your walking a good four times as much escaping will or running it during 9/11 times as much so you know the more active you are the more calories you burn that's a good thing but be careful sometimes the more calories you burn and also stimulate your appetite drank and so you want to be balanced in that principle is well the more fit people have lower relative risk of mortality so eat well choose healthy foods choose lower calorie foods choose a more recent more unrefined foods why do a snack foods have a white elitist neck anyway and operated by neither comfort foods using undergone my office a young kid these twenties separates and he was always snacking during the day so he asked me some basic questions I answered his questions and I said why is knocking ways is a hunger is why you hungry on a normal but when I'm hungry it was time to relate when I'm hungry and is not trying to be fidelity is LL while I don't want to mess up my appetite for aware time we use a Java working on him he finally realized that a shotgun doing healthy snacks now is a cyclic authority gets nervous leaders want to keep it is what is it a nonsense is now and fruit that's a good thing I guess that I'm trying to get an OfficeMax okay watch your portion size when you fill up a plate of food make sure you can see the place if you can look down and see her play there's too much food on the plate or Pentagon have that might follow use a smaller place okay that's true very true and white in a second helpings because you wait too fast or slow down enjoy the meal Karen or create fasten the plates vanished then I said no more milliseconds the only seconds you're not going to die okay limit snack foods plan your meals to my plate this is not in your training manual I forgot to put in the training manual apologize for that if you have Saturday am sorry it over it it's in the manual it's an instructor 's manual with updated all of our materials with this new choose my plate campaign it's a decent campaign we didn't object to the food guide pyramid in fact we like the Harvard food guide you can still eat a good God is really complicated this is a little bit more set software I suppose but it still emphasizes in our training too much on dairy even upwards and often aside from over there without too much emphasis I think about you notice what I like the festivals is a big triangle on the fruits not take out half the grains is more than three quarters without load approaching me walk around the restaurants today and you'll see that protein piece will take up half if you're in Texas takes up the whole plates cardioprotective and Elaine when I was a mediator our databases stay I have three pays and I take two bites of market data are not always a healthy ride the you know what I mean and you have these competitions on the television sometimes is if you can be no know if you can see it said a negative seventy five ounce steak if you can eat seventy five ounce steak in one setting that is free as long as you do in certain number of minutes I forget now what it is seventy five ounces or minutes of the debate pieces to serve there are some restaurants that advertises and people go in there and try needed to know makes me sick so let all these guys on the left your laudable as a vegetarian Journal in August good stuff it borders on the right but you don't have to read more calories just because it's healthy doesn't mean you can eat more initial behavior change techniques you may want to and embrace a support system avoid diffuser triggers to eight if you eat more when you're watching TV told watch daily wiring no I keep records a positive outlook lifetime weight control this idea of gaining twenty pounds and losing ten in gaining third in losing five in gaining forty hundred and twenty really hard on your liver and your heart and your kidneys just get there get the day where you want to wait send stay there and actually as we get older it's perfectly normal to gain five or six pounds at perfectly fine in your sixties and seventies of the ten or fifteen pounds overweight but not fifty or sixty pounds of all right that's a quick run through of some of the weight principles as the old food pyramid still like it nothing wrong with it okay any questions on weight there is no magic bullet on weight is not exercise enough and eat less or not to maintain your weight yes but as we get older we exercise less and so are our muscle is replaced by fat so even if we exist on our metabolism changes source normal to do that as we get older so we can so let down by exercising yes sure sure continue watching TV but don't eat too much yeah put the photo on your plate make sure you could put the food on your plate make sure you can see the place and put everything away so you're not taken any seconds if you got a good front alone that you can do that nothing wrong with but if you're lonely and just eat and need to need to take you to our street soccer that's a problem Dallas firm a lot of people are grazers yes I yes you'll gain your games most of those muscles back but not all of you know it's impossible for a sixty -year-old looked like a twenty -year-old okay a few people will do that like Jack Elaine Smothers yeah but they kept the whole time but you can you can you can gain since you can gain tremendous amount of muscle back if you engage in physical activity again you never need twenty years ago twenty years old now to do I want to be twenty years old again okay but I want I want to be an active and engaged middle-aged person from our life until all of a sudden I'm old that make sense look at that example there okay okay so we've done waves how much time do I have it's ten thirty organism through the health ministry cycle health is good on this one okay so let me give you some more ammunition to do helpings him this is in section one and send Word document summer party section one different versions of John ten ten I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly my purpose is to give life and all its fullness health and healing the Greek word for health and social this word is translated many ways in the Bible and thirteen twelve this woman was disabled unable to stand up right rate to near Jesus that woman you are healed using the word social when hitting a man with a withered hand Jesus said would you be made whole using the word social so healing made whole same thing referring to Jesus name it says you shall call his name Jesus because he shall save again using the same Greek word until safely perform their sense so the same great road the same Greek word social was translated to heal to make whole to say all are varying meanings of the same process that process is restoring God 's original purpose for us bringing us abundant life abundant health abundant hold most and abundant salvation the World Health Organization defines health to be more than merely the absence of disease it is a physical mental social and spiritual well-being the Oxford dictionary defines health as physical mental and spiritual soundness what does the Bible teach Jesus said you must love the Lord your God with all your heart all your soul with all your mind with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself so we got hard equal emotional soul equal spiritual minded Clemenceau strength equal physical neighbor equal social this is actually what the creation concept is that Mark Finley has been sharing with us in the EJB it is also looking at the environment and us being good citizens Jesus grew in height and in wisdom and he was loved by God and all who know him that the scriptural account of the development of Jesus Loma Linda University where I graduated one of our premier medical institutions to make man hole so the Savior ministry both the soul in the body the gospel would you talk with a message of spiritual life and the physical restoration of God 's two books we need to understand he has the written word which we call the Bible and has a great book of nature which we call science study of physiology anatomy biochemistry and through that study of science we can reveal the principles of life and as we learned that high cholesterol is harmful with everyone a lower cholesterol if some of us cannot lower cholesterol through lifestyle modifications that were a good candidate to take some of the cholesterol-lowering medicines if we can lower blood pressure because of the physiology that we have and the genetics that we have even though her exercising enough in eating properly then maybe we need to take some pharmaceutical agents to lower the the blood pressure it is our work to obtain a knowledge of these principles of anatomy and physiology and biochemistry and diabetes to cooperate with him and restoring health to the body as well the students so for optimum health all dimensions need to be developed and working in harmony is a close connection between the mind and the body member and graduate school experimenting with biofeedback is one of our scientific studies that we had to do and I never looking my finger I think up to a heart rate monitor you sit there it measures your heart rate and blood pressure cuff on a measure your blood pressure in a normal baseline and the instructor starts asking me some questions and he asked me a question that was not too bad and my blood pressure tweets in my Parkway just tweaked a little bit nothing then he hit me from the blindside and ask for something that would typically really embarrassing in the heart rate went up fifteen points you might lie within running or jogging just mind over Overman okay and so the reverse of that is hottie special people can be taught some of the bonsai biofeedback techniques to help lower the heart rate and lower the blood pressure psychoneuroimmunology the study of the mind affects immunity is hugely popular while the most popular books by was by Norman cousins cousins called the laughter prescription one of my classmates worked with Norman cousins any pioneer some of the powerful studies done on and endorphins and how they can affect pain and improve the immune system some of us if we have some aches and pains as car usual normal dollars and tell you a happy funny non- guilty guilt free joke we laugh so much and I'd ask your question about your pain you would notice for a few minutes your pain is all gone partly because of that endorphin effect Norman cousins the laughter prescription it's an older book and there's some updates to that but any of his books would be good on the left of prescription the endorphin effect is so powerful that when you exercise somewhere between thirty and forty five minutes continuously your body produces endorphins this is why some people continue exercising beyond that thirty forty five minutes because they love that narcotic like endorphin feeling okay this endorphin effect is so prominent that even watching used to exercising for months if you were to stop exercising just thinking about exercise would precipitate the endorphin effect unless you think you can think about exercise for very long that quickly goes away if you don't continue to exercise now there's also been some studies that singing some hands may actually increase endorphin effect smiling and laughing smiling so hard that your cheeks ache in your belly shakes for fifteen or twenty minutes maybe enough to increase significant level as a member of the remaining there has a business that is better maybe it has been suggested that prior maybe one way that when you feel comforted after a prayer it might be that God is precipitating some endorphin effect we don't know that for a fact no one's way to spend the money to actually find that out yet but it has been supposition Sebastian Center for mind-body relation is very intimate when we effect that the other sympathizes so the condition of the mind affects the health of far greater degree than many of us realize a merry heart does good like medicine we know that we often forget about the last half of that statement but a broken spirit dries the bones what has happened to you when your bones are dried your dad so what is leading to dry in the blow Dave is talking about my spirit is broken your causing my bulbs to dry up was on me causing me to die is broken spirit his depression his guilt and depression is causing him to go okay so we want to reverse that we want to be happy if you're guilty about something glass forgiveness if someone asks you forgiveness give it answer keeping that internal is causing you to what drive the ball is and what happens when you're going to drive your dad so you want to be doing things that are causing your bones to dry okay positive emotions promote health the good health practices starting sixty nine hundred people study for nine years people will answer the questionnaire how long they live how happy are you turned out to be the second best predictor of how long people live a happy are you people who lack social ties that is they were not married or they had little contact with family or friends they did not belong to or attend church regularly when they were not a member of other social groups are not emphasizing being married did you know some folks don't want to that's fine this is one of four okay those who did not have social ties were more likely to die from heart disease stroke cancer and other diseases they were more likely to die during the year follow-up than those with strong social ties strong social ties are defined as two or more of these okay so again social ties people lacking these social networks were almost three times more likely to die than in the nine-year follow same in this study in this study all this one here was those who were unmarried or had no close confident is in or were over three times more likely to die in the next five years this is those that heart attacks or angiograms with blocked arteries so if you're not married or if you are married and our contact with our spouse you want to get contact you I have a good relationship or a good friend this is why this idea of visiting our shut-ins every Friday night and Saturday afternoon is a really good idea Doctor Berkman study those are not heart attack and those with emotional support those with little emotional support are three times more likely to die in the next six months survival after heart surgery this is a study done at the University of Texas not known to be one of the strong spiritual universities of the country I don't scissors at the state university to questions before surgery do participate regularly in a church and social growth do you draw strength and comfort from your religion those with no participation in church or social groups four times as many die so science tells us it's a good idea to belong to a church right Doctor Herbert Benson and another is a cardiologist another physician I can never say has done a lot of prayer and looking at Herbert Benson did it on meditation and other physician dated on Christian prayer and they found the benefits over time strongly improved heart attack survivor rates yes as an address your house and you have no means creating healthy communities of family and friends learning to communicate in ways that help you have to have intimacy with loved ones developing empathy this is the one of the most powerful raisins we can we should be doing health ministry to be friends to hold her hand to get some figures of hoax or literal hugs of your auger I thought someone would take the blood pressure current is also why I like to show this slide there are two there were twins born premature they are in a neonatal intensive care unit and they were struggling one was doing pretty good the other was really struggling and the nurse was really worried about this one eight that was not was probably going to die and so she broke protocol and should put the healthy when next to the unhealthy one click this health thinks when who's doing fine this one was going to die and put this healthy twin in the same bassinet is the unhealthy one and this one just did that all by itself and they both survive but are not the first one what a guy or not but this one was in the process of dying but even then at that level is an archive of interesting okay knock you send me an e-mail asking for that picture I'll be happy to send you and I'll send you the article that accompanies it in Newsweek magazine I think it was okay let us take a thirteen minute break I'm going to begin speaking at our regular break in what time today all we have took authority all good because it will take a break you all do one at at eleven fifteen so we haven't written all right I want to go through and share with you your health age without we got three paper and or and computer assessments that we price very inexpensively for churches and community centers to use the most popular one is your health age the other two are your coronary risk and your stress profile they are simple their older underpay under section four I think they'll be an example over there I think under section four images check and see yes under section four this paste your remember your health version and you get an example of what they are actually the first version it's a simple ten questionnaire assessments and you and you hand enter that data into the computer program and then you put in this paper in your printer that prints out the results were some personal recommendations and on the backside is some health education there's also a forty five minute PowerPoint presentation that will give you want a CD that you can explain what does this mean right how want to go through and do a health age for those of you who would volunteer to have your health age done okay just a moment let me bring it up I believe it is I can't remember if anybody's user on a Mac but if you get the Windows emulator to work on a Mac until such a simple program that you enter your name underscores a female next how old are you doing this publicly agree to share your personal health information correct all female city ha ha how often do you get aerobic exercise for at least twenty to thirty minutes so no regular exercise program when he got aerobics to a once or twice a week how often do a breakfast more than coffee and a sweet role often do snack between males what is your current smoking status often you get at least seven eight hours of sleep daily how many alkaline beverages to drink him and him and we see with taken a lot ahead on this questionnaire because because one it was never drink units is cavernous life hard for all of us as they want him to one means never drink got read the question as as goes dead but still reminds me of of the public history taken so five foot seven equals sixty seven engines okay with you put this in an instance don't put five seven which is fifty seven a lot of people enter in five foot seven foot and fifty seven including sixty seven Ryan your current weight okay with national questions we click computes and now we can run the server printer and we would get the answer is or we could just it will give me a summary here okay it says your current age is forty four zero deviantART right okay your health ages forty nine means you're healthier than what your mama thinks you are if you were to follow all of the good health practices you could be thirty nine two so you could add one seven years to your life expectancy if you are falling also you were getting quite enough exercise was was principal one is 's article okay so it's get regular aerobic exercise yes yes that's exactly what we do well when we've done in two ways you have a fella that out and then run it later given back in the seminar or you fill out a health fair get the results back at the same time you invited to a seminar they can choose to come back it doesn't matter this is our most popular health fair computerize health assessment it's really inexpensive flights Vegas two hundred and twenty dollars and twenty five something like that is bulletproof I never had any problems with it except for individuals calling me because they don't not use a computer he had a loaded and got tell the computer what to do in a push that button sometimes the printer doesn't work anymore what does I bought a new printer and they haven't mastered to their computer and there's an administrative function and when their new connected to dear freelancers a printer but some folks is going to do that so the greatest problem is due to Peabody 's computers not taking about a used program it is not bulletproof yeah work it out figure out how to do it I got it we get we had three or four calls to hear I'm up now sir I can't work as your programs terrible weather did you did you did you do this all I denied the push that button whenever samsara as you say I thank you guess you get that she printed out in your paper you get a sheet that you print out with the data filled in there then you can use as a teaching opportunity to share with the population and also with the program you get a CD with some number of PowerPoint you can share the information and you can talk about this garlic and basil study is Doctor Birdsall study looked at seven risk factors seven risk factors and then you can have a PowerPoint presentation we talk about those and we give you the power points and give you instructions notes of you could do all that Helfer but typically you'd want to do that enter the data in the questionnaire to help your hand in the results back then invite him to a seminar the seminar will take you an hour there but we do have the health agents then yes it would have all three of them in Spanish helpmate coronary risk and stress profile are all in Spanish there is a manual that we provide you in no you cannot do it by hand if you need to calculation computer provides an any questions on that it's a really good intervention tool to use to engage someone when they come into you and them monetize their forty five but the computer says that fifty five teachable moment and the computer could do it can swing seventeen years below your age or above seventeen year range based on those seven risk factors could anybody let me put one in here no one would volunteer to do this with all the bad stuff so I may put in a bad one I want to embarrass anybody some input and my dad okay let's say when he was sixty when he was sixty he had no exercise program he never ate breakfast a snack between meals all day he currently smokes all day he got lots of sleep and he drank all probably eight to fourteen per week and all received seventy two inches and his current weight was two hundred and fifty pounds and it was six thirty seven euros sixty and his health age of sixty three two he could actually be fifty five so he could add eight two years followed also such a teachable moment wow I want to be sixty three along a sixty is a so let's do one more I went out for volunteer your monitor good always I didn't do now is the God holder your genders female often to get aerobic exercise hoppity breakfast snack three no smoking sleep for alcohol never how tall are you fifty two inches currently ten great computes sacred pages fifty one your health age of fifty one three you could be forty six two Q add these fix all the seven risk factors no one likes to be older than they were earlier present us with a nice computerized assessment that we can use for health affairs we have found some universities purchase three and four thousand days to use for their student welfare and community health fair and there can okay let's take a fifteen minute this media was used by body builders Lien NED health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV something please visit www. and help someone .com if you would like more free time lines www. audio numbers on board


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