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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 7

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    11:30 AM
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let me share with you some of my most favorite slides them out in your book I'll be happy to e-mail them to this is a normal aorta the aorta is the large artery that first comes off the heart the vessels that your sister suffering from now Jean are the tiny capillaries that feed the heart muscle that surround the heart itself this is the big muscle comes off the heart aorta notice how nice and smooth and pink it is these little tiny holes are they are the arteries or any arterioles that leaves aorta the feed of the lungs in the tissues of the developed organs around the heart got nice and healthy and normal this is not so normal but is not really bad either it's got some aorta is in a order with some accumulation of atheromatous material after Rahman this means that the beginning deposits of some hard soft material and you get this artery here this nice and soft needed some crystalline formations or you get some cholesterol deposits other fatty deposits in the calcium is pushed in there by the immune system the Khanna help surround and heal that is not quite as flexible as it should be but it's is not significant disease you might get up a small elevation of blood pressure as a result of that this one is a bit more severe you can see some elevated yellow streaks and there's some definite stiffness beginning to occur here on this sort of artery is not as flexible as it should be artery should expand and contract all that just like an elastic that never wears out to expand and contract unfortunately over time we can no longer expand and contract and it gets a little step S one blood pressure starts going up and one reason why blood pressure can go up like a nurse to a recent lasagna noodle okay and I cooked lasagna you can just slicer with a knife just license click license with an easy to win artery should be as well when Ron the autopsy table I've got two autopsies then and in my training and you know you want to be nice and smooth and slippery take this artery is a low step you actually cut through this with a pair scissors and its a soft here and that's a little crunchy over here because of their cholesterol deposits and the calcium deposits as the immune system tries to surround that inflammation where it is just an Estes niece interact with the soft you get some attention that develops remember that arteries always going over expand and contract as every time the heart pushes or contracted pushing blood nest when you want to expand them between beats you want to contract so where you've got these this tension between this hard soft soft and hard tissue you can have some micro tears and from hemorrhaging can begin to occur and some minor hemorrhaging again isn't so bad now this is a order when writing yellow and white plaques and this is a very good all in all this is getting close to end of stage end-of-life stage kind of things going on and you can definitely see here some soft some hard and where you got the interaction here you've got them and ulceration occurring in inflammation occurring and this is what we call some inflammatory kind of heart disease this is not the blockage that your sisters saying right now now the next one is gruesome so not to leave it there very long is called also rate of atheromatous atherosclerosis Esquire looks like my collar pepperoni pizza heart disease now I purposely imprinted upon you a very evil thing I purposely imprinted upon you what and stage also Reyes atheromatous atherosclerosis looks like I just got a pepperoni pizza heart disease hopefully next time you're tempted that pepperoni pizza with extra cheese I'll want to remember Doctor McLean 's pepperoni pizza heart disease this is a when Doctor Carol small was anatomy professor Loma Linda he says passed away I became friends with him and he allowed me to quit and take four hundred and fifty pictures of different organs and organ systems and I found slightly always taken a loudly duplicated number of slides and ideas these are my presentations over the years this is the exact same pictures and many cardiologists use in their explanations of their patients whether explaining inflammatory also rate of atheromatous atherosclerosis we just caught inflammatory heart disease which is not what your sisters having Jane aloha make perfectly clear about thirty percent of the people will have inflammatory heart disease the other seventy percent when the kind of heart disease that gene sisters suffering from right now when those arteries can block they can block because of construction or they can block because of deposits it may not be inflammatory carry one have another look at a pepperoni pizza heart disease shall step away let's have a good look at is not good all right any questions that might even generate as result of these gruesome now they are struggling all of that is reversible it is caught early enough sometimes reversible by cleaning out the arteries putting in stance to open up the arteries are replacing arteries with graphs from the leg veins her there will be scarring left so this is reversible that in stage one and not so much okay but this one in all of these are still reversible there will be scarring so you'll never get back to the useful flexibility in the arteries that you could have but you can prevent it from going down to the end-stage if you got involved in the program soon K and these are definitely surgical candidates but we know the signs and symptoms to prevent to get to this level vision for an inflammatory markers in your bloodstream metaphysicians Galli 's blood test called cholesterol and HDL and LDL cholesterol and glucose in blood pressure all of these things are an indicator of what stage you are progressing along during this is inflammatory only thirty percent of heart disease inflammatory the other seventy percent of the blockages when the combined together that's really the silver bullet okay does it raise any more questions okay I like to go through your manual just emphasize a couple things in section one I like you to go to section one and churn through the fifth or sixth pace looking for this total house spiritual house I mostly just want to make you aware of that is when you're thinking about this in the contents of health ministry it's important not to forget about spiritual health or mental health or social health oftentimes we can do with physical health okay don't be afraid to engage your patience for your participates in all aspects and you might want to bring in other specialists you know we don't have a hole in his life on spiritual health or mental health you might want to bring in somebody else demo of four six week series on stress management Skip McCarthy has an excellent program on stress management to sixteen hour program to spiritual approach to stress management he used to be a a pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church not sure worries anymore J vital he retired anyways it's an excellent stress management program from the spiritual point of view but it's Pastor Skip McCarthy and I can't remember the name of this program was a stress management series is it's just the way out and do something like that I can remember there I use it myself I've used it to ten years ago and stress they are coping that's it thank you very held a awesome for an eighty one -year-old woman found on funding over the name about twenty years younger her has almost embarrassing thank you visit us trust me on coping I saw Pastor McCarthy Accardi the two years ago he gave me the latest updated CDs inside purchases for program a decade earlier so he's updating a material effect is working with his his daughter is a clinical psychologist I believe I think she graduated moment am not sure but together they worked it up and it really made an evidence -based psychological and spiritual program I would not be embarrassed to share in our churches to be sure work-related make sure they understand it's a spiritual program is a definitely a X not in play don't sell it but Pastor Skip McCarty does not the region he often teaches at this seminar at the health ministry 's not here this year the I noticed an ad in the NL somewhat don't come within every year but not a right comes every year so you can reach him doing a search and you'll find or send me an e-mail and I'll try and figure out his address so there's an information and spiritual health on the next page wellness pyramid and I would really purposely have programs that deal with all of those issues in that Internet our programs will focus on prevention and control and weight and rest physical activity and diet we don't provision look at environment it might be something you could bring in our community spiritual felt I would encourage her church to put together a budget and every year you buy additional programs and a new do a variety I think it was the longest is an excellent introductory to everything and I would always do that but I would encourage you to add more if you got a population that's that need some specific help in diabetes or blood pressure we've got some excellent programs over there on diabetes and blood pressure but there's others to the diabetes mastery I'll think of doing it this year by the here diabetes master is a good program but as long as more medical program the meso brochure here you can hand out on ten steps optimum health talked about the health principles of us over here in the behavior change the health ministry cycle I spent a few more moments on that just two or three pages farther health ministry cycle looks like this okay I want you to look there are stages of change number one precontemplation summary ranking the kinds of things that are described every person is a precontemplation okay what sort of strategies could you try than for someone who doesn't know they need your help as an example is that yet you just saw information out there bulletin inserts health nuggets so many self assessments that we have with God close to fifteen different health assessments that you throw out there you want increase awareness health fairs you you know they got a need but they don't know they got a neat so you need to be thinking about what do you need to do to create in the event on a lot of folks and all over the world and are doing wonderful ministry but they still need to do all this stuff how do we motivate them to get exercise in foreign countries where it may not be safe to do so these are challenges that your folks have to deal with as they go around same info foot is a comfort to wonderful company and when you're traveling your lonely foreign country some of our leaders and our church travel well over two hundred days a year if not three hundred days a year I know what your averages but it's a tremendous challenge and so there's international companies do the same thing and they embark on some pretty powerful incentives to stay healthy but we have budgetary concerns you can do that such a challenge I know it's a contemplation human thinking about making a transfer how do you push them over the estate take action what are some strategies here excellent testimonies some sort of evangelist is not you okay and that's part of preparation as well talk to other people to make changes successfully then taking action and pretty much everything we design is in the taking action things I got a tell you what working with corporations now who want to identify their population who are smokers who want to change versus who are smokers and don't want to change we know who those people are when they fill out our assessment the way they answer the questions we know whether they are in precontemplation or inaction and it's a different program to convince a smoker to stop smoking weather and precontemplation versus action you'll want to spend the money for an action program for someone who just contemplating what free contemplating graduation money she introduced targeted interventions when you analyze the assessments and understand what they're asking don't forget about number five maintenance you can you should not just do the program and walk away this is where I've encourage churches and one for Ghana health Aaron and health emphasis weekend they do a series of meetings like eight weeks the lungs then do a series of follow-up meetings like once a month or once a quarter Romeo started out a vegetarian fiesta like MasterCard number of the churches I've worked with how and maybe then rather than do it once a quarter takes a lot of effort in our takes one person question one person in the kitchen for every ten people in the audience you need cooks in a delivery persons and eating clean operations any dishwashers they need a minimum of one person in the kitchen for every ten people in the audience to do it well and everything starts out with a minimum of three is that regular cooking school with only three people okay and I will and and wanted me to cook one should be clean up and portion and in the other is to do whatever else the cook needs you to do you need multiple hands those of you that shaking had you known of talking about yes cruel that's great idea in Oregon every year we have that fast is called Northwest or N W fast it is not sponsored by any advanced organization although our local Adventist hospital always has a one day Friday series of meetings prior to the Saturday and Sunday weekend meetings in the end of Portland convention Center and I usually attend that on Sundays and on Fridays and there's lots of people there is hundreds of people there have come to learn about being a vegetarian and our Adventist Hospital and a number of her church is always of those at that and we have internationally acclaimed speakers newborns are effeminate auditions many famous figures representing good to the general public which is frayed but the whole day all this information that we know it take for granted so much okay so don't forget about maintenance your participants need to be followed update on all embrace the program with gusto like you do they need their hands held they need support and it's also good for you to get reinforcement periodically as well so once a quarter or once a month having a advanced faster a follow-up of some kind is really a good idea in and in Singapore we had a wonderful all the people came through my new start live-in program I was invited back to the outpatient program and in not every day I forget now what I did it was a Monday Wednesday Friday and sometimes it just once a week I would meet at the botanical Gardens and we all exercise together at sometimes in the morning sometimes afternoon I let the participants choose when they want to meet in the meet regularly for once a week and we always met as an exercise outing and then when were exercising their always asking me questions so it's it's like a doctor 's visit but is not on the sidewalk on some level a sidewalk consults the sometimes don't mean anything but it's important for the interaction and interchange that we can maintain some a paper to her relapse don't forget number six but a fallback he'll like Akamai to your fellowship you want to welcome them back in holder and let's get started again when you're ready then we have to go through the whole process again from precontemplation contemplation to take an action and follow them through them when you know that on the on the program I stick with the program then there are the ones you need to use to help evangelizing bring on the culture let them be some a your great marketing professionals so the next page where the cycle all the time okay when the cycle all the time change and follow-up and awareness assessment education awareness cycle all the time and you want to be continuing to provide opportunities even though you got some experience partners it has a newbies coming in all the time so this is a continual process I've written a annual health outreach model that I'm not sure is in this book we had hundreds of handout in our booth there there is if you want to get my from Catherine or I can e-mail one to you it's an annual health outreach model that I wrote it's a one-page summary of what you conduce out the year and it just repeat the cycle every year by adding a new topics bringing in new experts and sometimes yell expert but you not made may not be appreciated as much in your church as if you where you would like me or somebody else to come in and and you're welcome to do that we often engage in various churches I visited forty four countries doing seminars and it's fun to do is just expensive because there's airfare traveling all that stuff I know is not to bring you invite us to do that I would be happy to engage periodically to come and help you with your health ministry even invite me and my wife to come and by the way I don't travel anywhere without my wife so you have figured out in the transportation expenses but you need to figure out a health emphasis weekend and making a big deal anyhow this I don't need the recognition but you need to recognition so if you can use my professional expertise to come in and help union health ministry follow-up with a health fair and do some seminars free community church would love to do it I've done this in Trinidad in a Bahamas Jamaica Jamaica four times actually the non- Adventist people invited me back to Jamaica more than all they had been sent is an exciting visit as a Methodist ladies in Jamaica that heard us speaking at a seminar she just founded on Internet and she gets inviting his back to Jamaica to do some she has a passion for providing health ministry to her Jamaican and Trinidadian of folks in Oslo that about the administers but not much so once the administrative was coming back I finally invited me once as we do not unfortunately I wish we did I've been to I've done this seminar many times for Spanish folks for Japanese Korean and others and they just translate for you and your sister performed takes longer but if you need if you need me as a professional e-commerce issue my wife and I be happy to this is not something that I travel is what it is okay and I see where are we so on planning out ministry you got a great idea of knowledge are leaving here you may have to form a committee back at your church pneumatic adventure pastor to do this if you can't recall all give him or her popular book called out to all pastors are racist with a passion okay you got the Bible on your side you got Ellen White on your side but sometimes the pastors get involved in it and it in a device the church and that's a problem passes don't want to divide the church so don't bring judgment will be happy be friendly share the science don't share the fanaticism so put together process on page for their plan with some people and a good idea to put together Canadian get board approval at your pastor to a great you might want to get your pastor to come in and offer spiritual father later in the program not read the beginning you might scare some people away I want to analyze the data that you can collect when you do some of these sub cell phone assessments you might want figure out Jim a high diabetic risking your population Jim a high blood pressure risk you have a high overweight risk yes the only ones that do are the other guard the only ones that do aggregate compilation are the computer scored one so that your health age your stress and your corner risk all have a brief data sheet that you can look at current there are surveys of different purchase from various organizations that are hand scored R 's or have scored or computer I scored you can look at the population data from the Census to get some idea of what the diseases are in your area and go visit your vital statistics area of your local health department for a purpose for a particular County or particular city you can find out all this information as you can find out that you got higher populations of diabetes or hypertension certain errors and you can address that area was certain kinds of programs yes I have a annual health outreach model you can get from Kathryn is just a single presentation that gives you an example of what you can do throughout the year you on a plan to the permanence of this is since I had missed thing I get really concerned about some of our wonderful annual mission trips that we make and we never go back and what good is that you set up by some screenings of assessments and expectations and then you don't bring in and keep something is permanent there certainly going to go to some island in the way South Pacific because the gut for medical care and he wanted to help outrage go on as you planning on developing a medical clinic or hospital or something to create some sense of permanence makes sense I visited the island of the joke was called truck Lagoon years ago and now is called to I have been a number of times in a wonderful hospital but they never put together the infrastructure to maintain the hospital and got a wonderful laboratory but they don't have the infrastructure there to maintain the reagents you need to London machines to Jamaican effective laboratory we had patients come to us from Wong from children when I was in Guam when patients come to us that this is dear ladies would have blood sugars of five hundred and fifty or six hundred they be pregnant and the babies would be dead as you might have fifteen pregnancies that only had three living children because of thy out-of-control diabetes we get in control we teach them how to keep a controllably given that insulin and the needles and for a three month supply but in the three months she's cared until she is no longer a few months later and she's now full-blown diabetic and she may get pregnant again and the baby will probably die the hospital doesn't have the infrastructure in place we have taught many of these unfortunate leaders of Ghana spent the money and bought houses in Switzerland and they haven't built up the infrastructure to maintain the care that we've given to them for free the real tragedy so on your mission trips planned for permanence not just a one-time event and when you do these in your community plan to stay there you live there you're a member this is in the one-time event once you're done with working with your population evaluate ask questions how to get there did you learn anything what could you have done better what could you've done differently ask your population do you have numbers in your community that you know that you could bring back you might have twenty or thirty people come to the seminar they might bring to its reason he might have a hundred people you plan for repair for the good thing yes I've not done this program specifically on the radio I've been on the radio number of times a number of countries and in Guam and I had an eight minute spot that was aired seven times two days and I talked about these principles were not specifically was long but I think it's a great idea if you got access to a radio outstanding the Nagano listen to it for two hours or for an hour but you can create some some ten or fifteen minute segment it's a great idea if you got access to radio TV even cable TV lots of cable TVs and many many countries are looking for content and and they would be happy to fill in for free it is just so up and make the presentation how to make you nervous does not to be on the TV but don't worry but it's a great idea great idea okay I want to review this number two again I kind a word over and over fast I keep flipping the page was sort of a surveys can either save when you've got critical and disease there is an emergencies it's in section one is the last page in section one okay we've got excellent emergency rooms and hospitals and physicians and nurses good medical care but we need to be doing over there in lifestyle and preclinical this is last on assessment awareness education this is what health ministry can do in this area is a lot cheaper to do it here one is to do ER hospital but we need in ER 's and hospitals we need doctors offices and nurses okay is not everybody's going to change not everybody is ready to take action in your area you might want to find somebody who's elderly and has made the right decisions interview them and put them on the radio or put them on the TV Guy there was a lady and Michigan that had written her bicycle across was there a mention Mavis Lindgren yesterday we had holder crooks a research assistant at Loma Linda University holder cooks was a physicians will and she volunteered to work with Doctor Harding and she was the oldest lady to climb Mount Whitney and she is the oldest ladies ever climb Mount Mount Fuji in Japan at the time and I remember how there should be John and swallowing around Loma Linda with Arkansas food in her backpack to give her weight and she would just walk up while Whitney she would never stop and the kids that I either case it should be the young students it should be with not all unscripted up with key could even keep up with her and she would just plod along and get all the way up to but because he prepared for back to sea level Jim I want to find those champions in your area invite to interview them bring into your class so the law they love to show themselves off do you have a need to work with your children in your community and all the programs we designer for adults is a number of other good professionals the design very good programs for adults or children and don't forget that's a market that you can use as well that super size me TV program is an excellent program by the way you can purchase in addition it doesn't have swear words and I forget what it's called but that supersize me for just as juvenile as one with lots of cussing swearing it is another one's got an abridged version of you can purchase that one and in Florida Hospital has put together a very good program on working with the overweight children she might want to inquire about engaging some of those programs there I taught a class as an adjunct professor for Loma Linda University in the Philippines at IRS I want to primary emphasis of the class was a due health screening screening assessment I recommend you do some sort of assessment in your area so that you know what your population really needs some of the folks working through a negative assessment of the village or their small town they came from they realize that they had a greater need for to prevent infant mortality then they had a need for stopping smoking but I don't know anything about infant mortality they sent and I said find out what can you do it could be as simple as improved sanitation improved clean water or learning how to do simple IVs to prevent dehydration the most common cause of death often is dehydration in the nasal babies it's even more serious dehydration we almost lost our daughter when she was eight or nine years old were reliving against Oscar she was vomiting and she was having diarrhea it's very difficult to keep any liquid down so the pediatrician finally admitted her to the to the hospital and gave her IVs and suppositories for four Tylenol and a antinausea offender Brent and she was able to recover hundred years ago she probably would've done using so sometimes we can't teach a program to meet the needs of the community because we don't know find out if instrumentalities initiative bringing some experts learn present the watch is smoking not just a waste alone but because we live in a industrialized nations most of us who have access to all this fast food access to cars and buses we don't walk we don't exercise this will remain within their weeks long run okay related to mass early this afternoon I will be emphasizing stress getting preventive health checks and talking about how to rely on what sources of information surgery limits on the Internet it's okay 's are correct unmitigated some serious scientific administration hence is what to bring what to believe in what you read and hear and see and purchase okay any questions you want and when you ran here in one of his media was used by the honeymooners including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about eliminating some of please visit www. and help someone .com would like to listen more free guidelines and www. audio numbers on board


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