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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 8

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    1:30 PM
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okay let's continue our service your couple of follow-up strategies that you can utilize you want to express a commitment to lifelong health but don't forget it's taken years for a person to get out of say they're not going to get back into shape in just a few weeks okay eight weeks to wellness doesn't guarantee perfect fit in the weeks but it generates a a process or a continuum they were missing a year he only knows when you give up so there's no sense and quit trying and people are going to backslide to the middle back and forth which is big persistent love them and the kind of them and help them move along the process continues self-monitoring it might be helpful to keep the health Journal and less support from friends and family continue to raise study explored new ways there's lots of information out there is also lots of information you should not be reading unwinnable trailer share with you about halfway through this afternoon where it's perfectly safe to go visit all the time it is not a lot last thing on your own okay that's basically your anybody at any an institution anybody can put together a website go on the Internet doesn't mean because they spent the money do that it's all good information there is lots of very good information out there as long as you know what to look for occupation principles to do that I reviewed the benefit you gain from healthy living periodically to keep in mind why is good practice good health is good for you to come to these house health seminars while on a annual basis is a regenerate you in Windows you it helps the manager what your commitment to staying on the path or you may have already lost fifty pounds and you need that commitment to lose the next ten or so you may not need to lose any weight but maybe neither that commitment to begin that exercise program because I talked about the benefits of strength and not just the heart law periodic self just make sure that you check yourself on a regular basis in the last presentational due today is called preventive health checks why that's so important it's important to look at reasons why other people quit her frail physique and maintain your own health goals you can make an intelligent decision join a support group join the Y if you don't feel while exercising out there in the big wide open world join a health club it is too hot in your country was too dangerous in your country or too dangerous in your county or two gold then join a health club or did you know that you pay taxes for the local school system you can use it you can use the local high school gymnasium and swimming pool if you make arrangements for when they allow the public to come in just about every one of them have public hours to come in to all those facilities it may be free or maybe a small chart to take care of the shower and the house that are used there you don't have to join a fitness center to get access to gymnasium area will track after that that's too bad it might've been because of some problems having with people coming in but if that's unfortunate for years I've been recommending death and that's unfortunately led to Laura California 's terrible maybe there's been too many people coming in the business of problems it's unfortunate but at least check into it maybe in your area is to allow that hold help programs periodically usually during a health emphasis weekend every year I mean there is a liberty weekend there is advantage review weekend there's a natural weekend you should have a health emphasis weekend and if you don't leave it invites him from the experts to come in and and being a champion for you to just revitalize you know as well as revitalizing your church don't forget to invite your community to come and participate as well you should be holding monthly or periodic health events month you you you you determine what that timeframe is usually good enough to keep them engaged if this is your passion then you should do it I might also say about advertisers when I come to distrust class if this is your passion don't let anything else your passion you don't have the effort you don't have time you don't have the energy you need to be the Adra coordinator of the liberated coordinator to help ministries leader and you know if your name is Sarah you're in big trouble Sarah the Dorcas Leggett began to have a however not our well anyways Dorcas to yesterdays in our license forgotten anyways he led that for the sake of the argument and if your name is darkness you don't have to do everything okay Joe one singular dwell and learn how to say no no I can meet her Sabbath school leader I'm the health ministry leader but being a health ministry leader with a passion with a kind and generous spirit not judgmental okay offer a wellness newsletter or website we do we do that corporately for twelve hundred corporations around the world what you can do it yourself it doesn't take much to add a health emphasis portion to your church website I just about every church in the nation now has a website okay and you can add to that with a little help emphasis corner and your local IT person can help you put that on is not difficult sponsor some health screening events for healthcare in our local aroma church has a fellow started a blood pressure screenings at the local Fred Meyer which is a local grocery store and he does it all the time now is trying to give it to somebody else but it's his it's his passion is okay health challenges or something is good you might want to start an annual 5K walk or run or a monthly 5K walk or run it doesn't matter just do something do a few things and do it well maybe you could begin discussing some health values in your regular church activities but I urge you to go very cautiously in that area I've had this divide churches that there is a that potlucks a vegan potluck at next week 's lesson is potluck anyhow just don't even go there and prevent that with a passion in fact but all the churches I go to either known as a vegan I was a very strictly for ten years anywhere no churches I would eat everything them economy was registering I would make sure they saw me eating a little bit of eggs and abilities can someone help it's okay to eat the movement to move the even when I chose to be a vegetarian even one had a very successful vegan cookbook type one the church is not belong to an Oklahoma we have fellowship dinner for every other brother the second for Sabbath second Sabbath was the vegetarian potluck in the fourth Sabbath was a vegan it was a vegan potluck and they had the big and Nazis over here as vegetarian Nazis over here to make sure what food was was presented that the appropriate standard for that particular part of I went to both potlucks and a raise a lot of eyebrows I was one of the big professional professional doctors at the lifestyle Center of America and yet I was eating in the non- vegan potluck that raise a lot of outcrops but it made France okay so my colleagues tell them gotten over it that's okay they don't don't care no I know you got treats balance and moderation and dignity of vegan be it yourself you want to be of the Nazi okay and and I sure that kindly I got some wonderful great friends were vegan there's nothing wrong with as long as your nice about it and as long as you're getting vitamin B12 and some other other things that you need to be aware remember Christ purpose for us and you might have life and have it more abundantly is nothing wrong with that okay all right net us go into talking a little bit about stress you have any stress due to have a stress-free life all right there's good and bad stress okay stress is clinically defined as the body 's response to any demand made upon it the general wear and tear of daily living there stress soars that her demands events and situations that cause stress when I was younger standing up for fun of the professional group like yourselves would give me lots of stress now that I'm reasoning the mature nor reasonably reasonably sure I feel confident in what I need to share with you it doesn't give me any stress anymore is to be when you asked the question I was just okay I answer answer when I realize I can say I don't know all the stress while wearing it's hard for me to say I don't know what it's okay to say I don't know and I'll give you stress over this anymore the stress I get is when that gadgeteer doesn't work Orlando I want to realize something lifetime is a stress I get is when one of my kids cause man's sense although I need some help in a less stressful but that's life Apostol of us now you stress is what we call good stress this is beneficial for life and goals stress on our bones prevent osteoporosis every time we walk briskly it shakes those long bones and helps the the cells that make bones make moments and it also helps the cells that reprocess bone to reprocess this stress is excessive stress this is a destructive to physical mental and emotional health so what are some examples of good stress about getting married going through the marriage ceremony to both my wife and I that was good stress and bad stress the best wrestlers we were so exhausted we can aim I remember that we got married but I got a video graph to share that I got married we know that I couldn't even tell you what the cake tasted like I couldn't even tell you what the what you're there was all this activity to need to occur the weeks and days before the wedding ceremony the wedding ceremony is almost a black example so both my wife and I found that when art when our children got married it's good to be a stress less marriage so when our daughter got married the greatest wrestlers coming up with a thousand dollars to take care of that ceremony but when we ran a budget and we presented by to Wasatch front they agree or not budget they went over it and they put their own money and can't possess always at as my wife and my daughter went around looking for what they regard due to get married they quickly realized it yet and I recommend it to them it was only to buy a wedding service where Zachary what we found a beautiful chapel on a beautiful golf course and they took care of everything they decorated the church they clean the church up afterward they provided the meal they clean the meal up afterwards we I had this lovely young lady who I guess would be the maître d' kept coming after me Isringhausen in the living room to find one of his typical all we have to do is show up and that ended up being less expensive than renting the church renting the flowers renting the stands cleaning up afterwards and all this stuff is just the to to get ready for the wedding ceremony and the cleanup after the wedding ceremony so when we said goodbye or good night to Trenton Melissa we didn't have to go back to the church and clean it up and better yet I didn't have them my uncles and my brothers and their friends and relatives to come and clean up it was a wonderful family experience so figure what your budget isn't sated yet find someone not to do it for you it worked out in our situation and of being less expensive so overall I was the stress having a baby is good stress usually is taking care of them later her necessary sometimes there's rough to me some examples of distress on excessive stress right losing a spouse of course very distrustful for a short time you got a get over it or it becomes a serious medical issue show unanimous that person you might even find another person to become a spouse later on but that's much of gold letter postage is yes the significant loss losing a child losing a job having two jobs retiring I'm so much looking forward to retiring is as I can't afford it now I still got one child that wants to go to Loma Linda Comstock constructively graduates okay so there's some examples but there's good and bad stress the important point to remember if you got too much distress then that's the harmful nature if your into graduating from college from especially her professionals college and getting involved in a career if you're getting married having children buying a house buying a car in a huge one hand is when you buy your first house make sure all your appliances are not brand-new prisons are all brand-new Robin Wright fifteen years later within the same month or two mice and used often spread out to that expense okay that's a little handsome I went to your kids and grandkids so in a stress and went on Salt Lake don't like change some of us love changed so ha ha you like to work for a company this is true but IBM back in the sixties and seventies they wanted a highly encouraging change environment atmosphere so they had a department of employees who went around to every creative person 's worksite and every three months they put their desk will be over there with the Falcons over the phone a different spot we are raising pictures on the wall all for some people that could be just terrible terrible but they thought it was important to increase creativity so the environment found it a little more concerned about the environment all the time but does nothing build a fortune my son is my second son for my first on my second child is enrolled in a Masters in Public health program in environmental science some excited about some of things he's learning in soil management water management air quality control he can actually do something about sure I can drive a car this less polluted do that but I also want a car that can pull a trailer in these electric vehicles can pull a trailer and also about a burn gas no recycle we recycle we have three recycling bins in our home and ordering everybody does it can't be a legal resident of Oregon without recycling they will check your garbage periodically to make sure your recycling and and of God paper recycling bin I got glass I got an a for about paper I got glass I got some biodegradable stuff like weeds and shrubs and trees and I got garbage and that's a good idea but there's an average cost me about eighty dollars a month to do that in my phase I pay for my trash bins and garbage collection we can have problems in working career I got spelled wrong a lot of us a lot of us a lot of us have lost jobs in these last few years I can be very stressful for some of us some of us have financial problems some of us by Mercedes when we should be driving apples like okay yeah him and while I was out of my room while I was up in my room I happen to watch the Discovery Channel TV on the history of Rolls-Royce I thought that was a really interesting show and I was when I first graduated from Loma Linda I wish Sidebottom Rolls-Royce as I still build a private they built to last for ever but was I couldn't even afford that but if I had done I would've been able to afford okay because they'll last for a hundred years okay we can have fun with his relationships don't forget about spouse or children don't forget about grandparents or parents conflict between people and internal conflicts between yourself when you're talking to each other so stress is additive we need a little stress and a little bad stress occasionally that's okay but to much bad and can handle anything bad that becomes a problem how to relate to this is the sum of all the stressful situations the goal is to manage stress not to avoid stress if you want to avoid stress unity went on accident when getting the case for a couple years K some of us have an constant stress but held were not for him for a while he doesn't recommend it only so you want to keep stress within manageable limits you want to use it to your advantage when possible stress is not out there it's right here it's your response to that issue that weather determines whether a stressful or not how you perceive then is how you determine whether expressed you have control over your response to life events now this one hour on stress in a weeks wellness is an excellent introduction to stress don't discount the fact but you may want to use it McCarty sixteen hours of stress to go through another stress seminar later so let's talk about stress is talk about stress so you got some initiator here are the conflict or change your work demands as talk about something is right common to all of us are driving a car and you got a new got the legal and necessary safety space between you and the car in front of you and always on someone's instant window unit size you can share you can use vendor language sign language and share with them some some concerns that you might have you can use some Adventists were words like all shocks or shoot or darn it all has hit pretty bad and it has been pretty house or you can backup lowdown and just get on with the example set all one or all year or it doesn't matter try for yourself as well as them in your not if you are a hurry that's your first mistake why do you know you got a thirty minute drive and you leave when he got twenty five minutes to get there why don't do that as I've aged I leave earlier and I get the places earlier I love driving and watching the scenery and I'm trying to figure out who to try and get me upset at how not anymore they're all about their own life to deal with now I is so as I've aged I've matured hopefully a more relaxed my wife still likes to arrive on time when whatever is supposed to start starts undergo early and gets in sheets and reserves and seats relax is not that I want to get there early and have a conversation with a bunch of people I like it very okay yes well I want to start a one start when I tell you to start because you pay something to be here I want to make sure you get full advantage of what I can share with you I'd be perfectly content not to be here through the woods you contracted with me and I contracted with you to provide you okay I am used to be a very specific type a personality and as they are really mellowed and you might want to make sure everybody signed up through my sign that is a few over on the left and right so when I'm driving now I do all I can to make sure that I've got enough time to get there sometimes I just turn around and go back or pay on just going to be late and I'm over it hire you over on the February and it is done now what I am I try not at all times to break any laws broken enough plausibility to break anyone okay my wife Catherine is recommended is here you want to make an announcement you want me to this this is a participant 's guide this is what you want to use as a workbook for your participants in your audience it follows through each week it gives them some recording opportunity gives them some chance it's a summary of what the power points are going to share it's a summary of what you're been a share in the park what is kind of handout and on the CD on the resource list is a whole bunch of other handouts in my one of reproduce in particular weeks at okay standing in line held are standing in line how do you feel about that how many they get in the source line all the time now when we lived in Singapore you can't go anywhere do anything without getting an acute that is wonderful because it eliminates all interpersonal relationships are interpersonal this relationships and when I go to the DMV get in line to renew my drivers license I am really happy that I can get a number and I not number thirty six I might get little nervous when their starting at number five up there but at any rate pleased I know I don't execute in-line my wife and I are not a shop in some of our Hawaii market in Singapore and I was wondering why was taking so much time to get groceries and down she told me that I kept letting people get in front of her because she was the kind of a little Christian girl you know like in line glad on getting stressed out there waiting for and I'm watching the kids and she's trying to get some groceries now finally she just started standing in line getting in line and not letting people cut in front of her and and and and and life was balanced and I learned how to drive a little bit differently in Singapore and Thailand I was really nervous services motorcycles always if enough the only white line is that driving lane for motorcycles or are they motor scooters over there it's a driving way and so you get to a stoplight and holding them on dry ground it really nervous now under one over a motorcycle until I realized there's a signal light on the side of every Asian car and now the American project with the signal light on the side as well Jimmy appears that flasher in the middle of the sender over there on the side as for the motorcycles the buses are used to be the only ones it had a halfway down the bus you can see the light she don't have to see the boss turning at the back of the front you can see on the site all the cars have it to some of the cars have it in the mirrors okay and I realize if I always use my signalized but I didn't realize it was motorcyclist depend on and so when I started when I needed to change lanes I make sure my signal I was on I make sure I waited a few seconds then I just changed lines motorcyclists on magnet and a motorcyclist no one ever run in a man I never ran it anyway but I saw lots of accidents in Asia and Thailand Malaysia and it's just troublesome because they don't have the emergency room ambulances that we have here so is very stressful for me to learn how to drive on the other side of road for one and then learn how to drive and I realized my car was twenty years old all the other new Mercedes were more nervous about me so I just started drawing take it all away wonderful wonderful once I learned to drive again so your response is based on your inherited traits and some experience so you can choose to get upset at that person who cuts you off in traffic you can choose to say might provide which was a tie phrase we use called nevermind doesn't matter and that's what you need you can choose to say it doesn't you don't know what's going through this person maybe this person had an emergency call was in a hurry usually that isn't the case they just ignorance register for they're just not very good people but never mind you are smart you are a good person you don't collect facts idiot impact your luck pressure right right at least you can try and do that okay there are various coping skills that you can learn you can talk things out you can self talk yourself out of a situation you can wear some relaxation techniques one really good one is the count of twenty before you let anything come on the amount that's a good thing relax so if you're frustrated and have to write an e-mail that's that's got some anger in it don't send it until tomorrow and read it again and edited and then send same as a letter to your wayward son or daughter my water letter to David reread it tomorrow before you send you got support systems health practices going for an exercise about thirty minutes and help calm you down in many situations so you stress distress or your response and how you cope with that determines whether this is productive or nonproductive for you to make sense opens up your Doctor Hall has written a book that this is a precedent was in a Pacific press contract to write this book and if it's talking about the vegetarian advantage in English Español okay and this is available for is as a couple dollars sure to fifty in Dubai thousand of them it's a couple dollars on anointed his price really well to get out to get this out to the masses so this is a very good book I had one physician comeuppance as he bought a thousand of them and gave not to every one of his patients okay so this is something that you can use in your help ministry that's an excellent idea and how much of these okay these are afraid in Michigan is a five dollar donation okay the excellent if it is just that they're not that my my plate anymore there's nothing wrong with these their excellent and I wanted but is decided to do something on the back of them I can remember we designed the so long ago that was blank in the back okay so here's the food guide pyramid Pearson health education material given when your health there is therefore a or a small donation up to you are we talked about that at great length weight we talked about those right we demonstrated that health age demonstrate the stress we can do that we knew that okay goodbye Kathryn is a lovely creature it was such a wonderful experience for Canadian moving to California to meet a North Carolina during one race in North Carolina but finishing up her nursing nursing graduate of Southern and nursing energy work that moment of her dad took a long time to get you get to get used to me as a foreigner what you allow your daughter to go to coworker international exposed University medical Center for said she could she couldn't marry someone from South Africa for England or Germany will be thankful it was only Canada him and it took him thirty years to get over the her mother really lovely from the beginning but it took thirty years for him is exaggerating but it was kind of like a really good friends now holiday stress signals do you have take a moment and fill that out just add them up on your finger minor problems can seem overwhelming that's happened to me last as I've matured I feel nervous I worry about many things that never bothers me but if you kill my mother she was little swearing all the time what you can't measure what you like me a letter we didn't call me and I don't want to go to I can't stop thinking about my problems I feel frustrated angry much of the time I feel tense much of the time sometimes I find it hard to go to sleep I often feel tired a little energy on a videos anymore what a blessing to get some of those you to work on as you're in control here are some symptoms of stress that can be harmful to your health okay headaches backache was one job I had years ago I had terrible backaches also has a problem that the job and the backaches went away wow was amazing I thought it was just my chair for Samantha then I got a new chair but at any rate I love my job even though when I was there no what you don't really know tediously I used to go to go displayed on my back with management obviously within two minutes now I got to make sure my life is all in order and I got a make sure got enough exercise during the day the government shall not thinking about things at the office in which is on the lighter sleeper now is a face on more cautious about my state when I'm so thankful I can still go to sleep most the time in a couple minutes fatigue anxiety worry burnout apathy is a sign of Virgo number of related diseases violated our office presently you every year comes down with a really bad flu and cold it takes on the office it should take her out of the office for three or four weeks she doesn't have that much sick time such as in the office infecting us all I made it my passions there are the benefits of public health benefits of an annual flu shot he finally got a solution and I prayed and prayed she wasn't those that a severe reaction to the flu shot she didn't she has gotten sick to his world wonderful wonderful feeling happy and in control were so I'll share with a lower risk of ischemia that is laughed at the Latin word for lack of oxygen to the heart muscle basically her and we don't want to have decreased blood flow present means less oxygen to the heart so we want to be happy control frustration tension sadness had twice the risk of ischemia to the heart increased risk for heart attacks in people with increased levels of worry particularly over financial issues your part of this financial crisis that America is in many parts of the world is in exact we all felt we had to have a home and a big home so that we could turn around and sell it when retiring with lots of money to know we don't need to have four and five bedrooms and homes or a new car every two years those who scored highest in anger at two seven times as much heart disease six years later individuals who often felt uptight anxious unhappy or depressed were twice as likely to develop high blood pressure in the next nine years anxiety and depression are common health problems if you're bothered by these ask your doctor for help there may be some prescribed medications that help can that help that can help correct chemical imbalances in the brain it also might need and exercise and sleep better at your physician work that out almost everybody can fill in anxiety or panic attack occasionally your head pounds you sweat to get hot flashes or feel very cold your trouble breathing you tremble nausea is not a control I don't think that it happened to me once when I was climbing a mountain and had a free time and if I made a mistake I would've fallen six hundred feet but that makes sense that's logical but it is sitting in your office and these things start to happen because you're thinking about something quite a worrying about an employee or your boss coming and interact that's not good okay so here's a brief anxiety assessment and we actually have in the depression and how to how to understand depression preventive seminars that we have on the table we have an anxiety seminar so Raven anxiety evaluation or assessment and we have a depression assessment along with the requisite PowerPoint and speaker notes to go along with its an excellent introduction to understanding anxiety and depression and what you begin to do the survey have any of those who want to get some help the appropriate spiritual counselor a chaplain or pastor can help clinical psychologist in a psychiatrist can often help with some of these issues try to identify the triggers what leads to an attack called a friend avoid the trigger situations relax or go for a walk join a support group get a medical exam take medications if necessary see a counselor don't assume you don't need medications there are chemical analysis that we need assistance it might need additional assistance or might need chemical systems depression is an illness that can have lasting emotional and physical effects feeling of worthlessness guilt and decision difficulty concentrating change in appetite loss of energy loud violent trouble of agitated slowed no of my teenagers of the part of this drug or alcohol abuse difficulty with interpersonal relationship if these are part of your cycle of habits then you need to get help sometimes you need to see appropriate medical help here's a simple screening test for depression and the often here take this yourself don't raise your hand and he often felt bothered by feelings of getting down depressed or hopeless mess have you often bothered by having little interest or pleasure in doing things if you answered yes to one or both you need more detailed assessment on depression as a whole battery of tests that the doctors can do it figure out what level your action but it helped us the point and Doctor Natalie has excellent depression seminar but you might want experience is called skull depression the way out thank you Vivian is one smartly down and in Denmark they look at seven hundred and thirty Danish folk survey found that depressed heart patients were seventy cents more like seventy percent more likely to have a heart attack sixty percent more likely to die than those who were not depressed so if Jane's sister suffering heart attack she needs to rest your side to help with his depression if she has a depression to improve a recovery in the next three or four months all of us could possibly have article I hope that's my way out when a hundred and five or hundred and fifty and my wife hopes that when she sees I got a heart attack a couple hours later she has one to great but you know it's a good thing we can't predict that we think we can do that because maybe got has another plan and we just don't know that but I'm hoping that will come before that would have to go through any death experience although it sure with you how concerned I am about not showing to be alive during the end times as I will go to wear a white shirt and tie or Lisa will be vertically I got semi- friends were storing food preparation for the anti- bad idea I asked him how many bullets they have a lot of pentagons well how did I protect the food all dollars or know about me we have party figure that I got to work out living in your house in suburban America and everybody sees you're not skinny in drawing and you've got fleshed out no scan and and and and you happy and smiling ubiquitin related alone will not print grinning a very favorite very nice picture but it's a good thing we can't make those choices ourselves I'm for all power living in the end times are to I read the last chapter in those books and I kind of know what's going on I'm glad I can't decide where I want to be I want the Lord and the Angels take care of the as I pray they take care of you Hitler survived a heart attack ten years later over fifty percent of those who were seriously depressed has died mildly depressed forty two percent not depressed only thirty five percent see what I help our unfortunate ones that have an illness help them through their depression so they can recover better and faster I tell you some of our dear Saints who done everything right and then her face quotes in the life of a dog ate all the right stuff and exercise enough some of those are still going to get heart attacks some of most of them have cancer do you think they didn't have depression some of them may and we'd especially pray for our brethren as they go through these medical challenges especially later in life unfortunately most the time those things happen when we retire and we sometimes call them the Golden years I can't tell you how many people are retired come down with a major illness so if you can look at various measures of health status results with no depression had diminished quality of life so depression high depression less quality of life no depression better quality of life for depression can be very very serious yes as yes yes I I've seen many people in fact my wife and I try to retire six years ago this guy slow down and do things differently and I I was so bored actually board and anarchy is in heaven of grandchildren to keep us engaged in ongoing around so you I got back engaged again now got a plan when Doctor Hall and I decide to retire in a few years we want take up to do lifelong health and do this health ministry in more abundance so we don't know we don't have to depend on on our corporate salaries anymore as we love interacting with folks like you are teaching you how to go into this with your ministries is a CAT scan which is sophisticated ultrasound technique to look at down depressed brain looking at serotonin receptors and down healthy individual the car looks like this has got higher serotonin levels in unhealthy individual 's got some depressed serotonin levels clinically depressed persons were divided into groups one group received medicine another group received half hour of exercise daily they ran not walked after six weeks her depression was reevaluated exercisers approach as much as those on medication only the exercises however showed improvement in mental abilities such as concentration planning and organization sometimes the drugs we take effect our inability to concentrate and plan to go sort do not do this by yourself were with your physicians again at night for Lagasse at Tufts University those reporting major depression feeling worthless difficulty concentrating loss of energy changes in appetizers items had significantly lower blood folate levels where you will get lots of fully tacit fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds we have choices are coping strategies days are common coping strategies these are negative these are positive and using yourself doing both sides her I have a feeling that it but today most all the time on doing more on the right side versus on the left side I have some stressful days and on my chemiluminescent comfort foods it's okay but it happens every day that's a problem if it never happens that's a problem because when it does happen you're not prepared for your samurai just said I pray that you know how to handle stress not that you have stress all the time but it's like your immune system if you never gotten sick in your thirty five years of age on nervous about you for two reasons one what are you doing in your second is your immune system working properly is now having a favors a sign of a healthy immune system I so be careful housekeeper healthy and so you have to be moving all the time at the interesting biblical translation is not America doctrine drive certain ways to be stressed before it beats you adopt a healthy lifestyle is this new information what does a healthy lifestyle me sleep physically active regular healthy meal avoid those drugs take time to relax and do something fun daily quality time with family and friends all those have good scientific evidence to do what reduce your risk of premature mortality and that's our goal a healthy lifestyle guards against the damaging effects of stress and increases your resistance to stress don't over commit the passion about health ministry but don't also be the darkest lady in the Sabbath school leader and on and on you know in order saying it's okay if someone doesn't fill that position today someone else the company or you do that and have someone else to help ministry but don't take on more than you can handle especially if you've got a spouse that needs attention children need attention and a job that needs attention if you retire after two or three things and got me going about that's okay don't forget the delegate other people may not do the same job as you but they will eventually get the job done now is not interesting I've been part of the nominating committee I've been part of a number of positions in churches and you are actively engaged when I tell you I work so hard and long in my office no when I come home I'm not really happy to go to a church meeting after after supper if you want to get me you better invite me to a meeting during the day but has not snatched impossible I don't invite me to meeting after Sabbath fellowship dinner anymore my wife and I walking that relationship with my wife and I is much more important in that committee action you want me involved in my passions don't like that are getting over simplify your life cutting back on time commitments this is the first time I've never been actively involved in some committee in the church that I'm a member of now and I'm amazed it took me so long to get to that point I don't yet feel guilty about it so I feel pretty good about it there's other people still engaged us to seminars but I don't need to be ahead of any committee anymore because I'm headed to my stuff still my office when I retire that's a different different set of circumstances sometimes we need to let go of material things or dropped a second job the really good at one thing you have to be really good everything actually should change I know that most people can do three things really really well one of those three things job family church are using three things if you have a soccer coach for a local boys and girls team something else is going to get hurt okay you got three jobs of the church and something else is going to hurt most of us can do three things really well in our full-time existence which is your three things eat sleep when we become empty-nesters that means all of our children are outside the home now either married or at college wildlife and I realized that we'd like to exercise together we never could before because someone always had to watch the kids or the kids had to come with us and not all the time production so now she or I are pulling each other I love to go for a walk in this wonderful I'm glad my kids are gone and I would've loved that happened twenty years ago but they weren't ready we're ready of having them come back except this weekend could be recorded now hope my son never hears it positive we know our son at Walla Walla was to come home for the weekend was good at it he had his own key he comes home for the weekend 's cars parked in the driveway he can't park in a garage because my cars parked there and he was getting ready to go spend an evening with his friend forty five minute drive away they like to play video games when we get together you suck anyways he's getting ready he's got is short some not swimsuit but under shorts and he walks into the garage to get something through the garage out of his truck walks back into the house and the doors locked he can't get in the house even his under shorts this is really funny sort of so I called us on the phone eight o'clock at night at eleven o'clock here when I go to bed I turn my cell phone off my wife almost never turns your cell phone auspices no maybe mom or dad and the kids need a region shade turns your cell phone off so I goes next door visits Connor they commiserate over the issue any come back he's walking around the neighborhood and his Charlotte verified Barakat related the news about forty forty five degrees walking along the door but if you close the door of the garage would've only gotten about forty five the crew survived the night okay until we turn our cell phones on and I can tell is a key underneath the white bucket he did not know there was a key underneath the white bucket so I goes around the firehouse and the doors locked can spread open I got a good deadbolt this is actually good security 's assistant at security desk goes around the back door is locked good steel frame can open the door the door to the garage as a steel door and the door from the garage and the houses are still dark to very good door so he gets a crowbar he says well I got against the smashes through my steel door I said that's only going to cost you two hundred fifty dollars to replace it since I don't care what I was real happy about it but I laughed and laughed over you can pay for its okay so he is in a passive door open and will see what looks like when I get but there are consequences to his actions I could've got really upset Adam I got a little bit of Zion what made him upset as I laugh but as a consequence of those actions he smashed a hole into this door he raced through this door and his doors is full of insulation fiberglass and lots and now his whole arm is itchy and red and inflamed because these exposed and scratched it on this formula and I'm laughing at the regiments poor kid I said I gave you a key I didn't have her reason I told you don't go anywhere without your drivers license and all your passport and the key and all your keys I forgot to mention that so he was pretty upset that he could reach among them I wish you gotten upset you got white bucket over out of frustration it's right there the middle the garage there's an extra key whenever I leave always put either but never told him I didn't know his criminal now he knows that given the Kiefer reason so learn to relax talk and relax take short breaks if your uptight practice slow deep breathing if you can't sleep practice relaxation exercises know the one I'm talking about laying in bed and contracture toe gesture left till then just to write till relaxant now crackdown could contract the instep and relaxant and do the right one now contractor heal muscles in your right now work up your left side he laid in your right side start contracting and relaxing all those muscles go all the way up to your hair down dear Jeff your fingers you probably never raised dip your fingers already be asleep that something to do just on the error but even a focus on one muscle group at a time okay it's really hard to focus on one muscle group with we focused on that you take your mind off all your problems and pretty soon you're sound asleep and she objected anyway yeah you want to be careful and you want to be careful so the fifty second minute break I always remember a pleasant memory smile using them out on muscles ache a slow deep breath relax your whole body take another deep breath and move into a positive productive attitude best practices for a moment I want to procure both feet on the floor your hands can be lightly across her just sitting in your lap don't cross alike this is relaxed close your eyes now and remember a pleasant memory whether that's both sooner amounts and/or skiing down a nice easy slow for taking hot baths remember that no smile within now let that smile the visible and externalized breathing solely through your nose exhale slowly through your mouth breathing solely take five or six seconds and exhaling take five or six seconds I stood once more take a nice slow inhale through your nose next sale through your mouth open your eyes relax to make you feel better nation sleeping I know so that's something you can do in a stressful situation and it gives you a oxygenation to the brain to think about how you're going to react and what coping mechanism you choose whether a negative coping mechanism or positive coping mechanism break the stress response with relaxation is lots of examples here okay and all of them can be very good don't forget about praying the physically active make exercise a daily habit walk every day if you can be active every day not just three times a week a study of almost six thousand people tested mental acuity and people who walked away at the most mental decline okay people to walk the most that eighteen miles away had the least of mental decline so there might be a goal for each of us to walk eighteen miles away I purposely purchase the house on the now everything I need is within ten to thirty minutes whether my haircut my doctor my gluten-free pizza parlor shopping center my gasoline my dentist everything I need is within ten or thirty minutes I could walk everywhere I need to go to not all of us can be not fortunate but for years I live thirty and forty five minutes away from everything in a country to raise my kids in this pristine perfect environment and I'm tired of commuting and now I live this close to my office so I can form often is well close enough for me to walk the bicycle and all shopping centers in fact I got Safeway and Albertsons are both six blocks away I could take a wagon or a backpack and carry everything if we chose to do so we live and move to Oregon okay they got some really good desks in an bicycle laws and laying this a lot of their father chance of mental decline they create thirteen percent for every extra mile walks okay on extra mile beyond the eighteen p.m. yeah so listen to yourself talk are telling us things that you dread are telling things which are not so good at putting yourself down Jesus died for our sins not because were worth less because we must be worth something we sometimes get that mixed up okay sure we need Jesus and we need to salvation grace we need his intervention we need his mediation is not because were worthless because we were full so be good to yourself seeing your emotional life talk to someone I don't need to talk to a lot of people but my wife does so when we go to church I don't need to be around very long over fellowship dinner I don't need to talk to people people but my wife does so it's okay awake there our entire weight notebook to the car and I'll read something when we first got married I realized that when I when we agree to go for an exercise book exercise and I'm ready to go it takes thirty minutes lunch is going to fix her hair to put a different urgent genes on because it's the length and the shoes all data go together you know I never knew this was before I got married I used to really frustrate me until I realized why I can read a book while I'm waiting now got an iPad I can read a book on my account I can read a book in print or I can play him him or I can visit the nose I don't drown while she takes almost anymore no enzyme and so I said I water backpack in this video make sure you got your stuff with you so we can just go there is an uneasy on my shoes that I can walk ten miles an ally pair shoes I can't walk a mile in K 's will do that anymore is not true for her shoes but she is getting used to having your walking slacks and walking shoes and walking gloves and walking jackets available so that we can go from a officer not always come home so we can better the resolve conflicts basically if something 's bothering you get taken care mostly is forgiveness of guilt and so there's some guilt involved forgiveness if someone's asking you for forgiveness please give it to them get rid of those negative emotions they are killers improve communication you can read those I won't take time keep balance in your life this is really important and get out a nature of a God is giving us abundant blessings in nature we just need to use them and you familiar with this prayer am sure God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and courage to change the things I can only assume to know when I don't need to change anything this media was five the rumors ruling anything out someone you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help some .com or you would like to listen more bringing online sermons please visit www. audio verse on board


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