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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 9

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    2:30 PM
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a okay health checks this is section eight within your manual on sorry as we age within your manual part of section two ugly loses the primary prevention should be live a healthy lifestyle makes sense right what is the healthy lifestyle me it means eating well-being physically absent and avoiding substances or practices that cause harm secondary prevention is seeing your doctor for regular checkups we should check regularity to make sure we know what normal is for you the doctors know what normal is but maybe your outside the range or something Bonita Figaro at the baseline history of an check for any abnormalities because early diagnosis and treatment for disease is what cures most diseases her so that preventive checks that are important in these typically are part of our given to us by the preventive medicine services task force blood pressure should be less than one forty over eighty ending higher than that is pre- hypertension and hypertension is defined as one forty over ninety or above this is where we want you to start taking medicine when this is here repeatedly why because the harmful effects of stroke and heart attack may be greater than the side effects for me the medicine but first why are some lifestyle changes at first we noticed that as blood pressure rises for both men and women about the risk of cardiovascular events increases worker so even at one twenty over eighty the riskiest slice is small but is there so this is the goal lesson one twenty over eighty during one out of every four of us have high blood pressure and half of those that have high blood pressure don't know what and a quarter of those of knowledge and take medicine don't take it regularly if you could lower the systolic blood pressure by five points you have sixty four thousand fewer deaths heart disease twenty three thousand fewer deaths stroke hundred and sixty eight thousand fewer deaths from all causes each year just blood pressure about a study on my desk that shows of all the things we could interact smoking is still the most significant and blood pressures the second most important thing to make change and what affects blood pressure exercise obesity diet stress okay blood pressure could be the most significant thing you could do for your community next to helping them stop smoking so I came a healthy weight other modest things to do for hypertension reduced sodium we need a sound sodium it's next to impossible to know so you but it's low-sodium we want to concern ourselves if you're susceptible to sodium and blood pressure exercise limit alcohol or no potassium chose a healthy male that I can die high in fruits and vegetables appears out before low-fat dairy products or not reduce saturated fat intake by gas is a specifically hypertension diet as what is called the Dash diet study essentially root vegetables low-fat okay dietary approaches to stop hypertension drank cholesterol less than two hundred or desirable bullets ultimo lesson one sixty when I was a vegan my cholesterol was ninety two ninety three and up E cheese and eggs to get my cholesterol of two hundred and thirty but I don't have to want me good cholesterol nothing wrong with that I'm looking to dive cholesterol related heart disease current my wife eats the same way I do her cholesterol is high shows her mother she has familial hyperlipidemia so when I graduated from Linda three hundred was desirable less than three hundred was desirable cholesterol thirty five years ago with change that's two hundred and ideal is one sixty or less okay you don't know your numbers you need to at least once year cholesterol you season here this is the Mrs. Arguello as it increases we get the dramatic increases in heart disease this is why the modest changes here so this is desirable this is upper limit of normal look at the idea after we shoot for again cholesterol and mortality rates the highest the highest level of cholesterol 's higher heart disease so there's that artery and this is where we get in trouble this should be nice and smooth little bit thinner this is the intimal lining of the artery we get these deposits we get these bulges if we get information it becomes a atheromatous alterative author atherosclerosis this is moderate after cirrhosis this is more severe K not if you want understand I sometimes bring in straws but everybody suck on the straw and if you concentrate you can breathe industrial as long as you system than I have used so that stand up to them and Epson L and if I forced you to continue reading through through the straw and force you to continue sitting up and down it would eventually pass up that's what happened to your heart when it's like this overtime during HDL this is what we typically call the good kind of cholesterol is high density like approaching the connoisseurs as a dump truck and it leaves the liver and circulate in the bloodstream attaches itself to other from molecules like LDL and VLDL and brings us back to the liver to be metabolized for energy for cell membranes for many numerous moderately healthy functions are liver produces anywhere from twelve hundred milligrams to fifteen hundred milligrams of trustful everyday it doesn't take much dietary cholesterol to get us in trouble for those individuals who are susceptible to the goal is to have a cholesterol level in man HDL men over forty five women over fifty five what is your HDL sixty two great lines sixty two sixty three sixty four sixty two and I speak as a valid exercise and good diet starting a healthy cholesterol healthy weight limit animal saturated fats no trans fats limit dietary cholesterol less than two hundred milligrams per day is the goal zero maybe ideal how much is two hundred milligrams of cholesterol does not even one egg okay don't forget about the hidden eggs and cookies cakes candies waffles packaged breakfast foods choose healthy fats that have been on hydrogenated shows polyunsaturated mono and filled with healthy fats like how many grams of known how many milligrams of vessel and avocado nine follows one nuts non- stage none there is no raw plant foods unless that corn has been eaten by the cow then is a cholesterol in the count okay so it unrefined foods high in fiber these all helped increase cholesterol of all ran barley pectin rich fruit like apples being silly and this is why you buy the pharmacies the psyllium fiber what it called Metamucil is one of them and there's two or three others if you got high cholesterol tried these sorts of things make sure you're eating oatmeal every day in barley and beans and apples and fruits and whole grains and all these other things and psyllium that doesn't work after six months Doctor probably need to put you on segments to work with your doctor try some of these things that may put Johnson supplements if you resist the medicine but eventually you may need take the medicine so here's a control diet which is a good diet low in saturated fat whole grains nonstop now nonfat cheese egg replaces Mister and I is a good registering current then they were put on the control diet plus lovastatin which is that at the time was one of the lipid lowering agents and they also put on the best diet low saturated fat vegetarian so I Altman 's old fiber bread psyllium seed high soluble fiber for the control and I had a modest decrease in LDL control class the drugs will stop the crisis of cost from thirty points but let what the best I did without the drugs twenty eight acres program the good news about lifestyle medicine it really does work when you go on the program but you can't do the program for a week and then off for three days and do it for two weeks and offer four days now the body can handle that it is not a lower your cholesterol the out of the on the program glucose normal fasting blood glucose is less than one hundred nonfasting lesson two hundred and we like a fasting glucose cholesterol still need to be fasting tests it doesn't matter the glucose does but we've got fasting norms and nonfasting norms prediabetes is a hundred to one twenty five blood sugar and some EU and the island beauty is millimoles cursory effort turned out in the millimoles I think that's one seven I can't remember now what it is anyways diabetes in America we call one twenty six yesterday one four eight and we has to say borderline blood pressure or borderline diabetes now we no longer say that is bordered by means I don't have that disease yet I don't have to change anything we want to do now you've got this disease is called prediabetes and on the path you're on now you're going to become diabetic or you're going to become hypertensive she wanted begin making steps now it's easier to make steps now during the pre- for we know a lot about diabetes leading cause of many of these conditions you can see here signs and symptoms of diabetes extreme hunger because you got lots of sugar floating around but is not getting to yourself the freedom the blocks the insulin is not allowed to open the gates chagrin first unusual thirst weight loss fatigue frequent infections blurred vision cuts and bruises won't have tingling numbness tingling tingling numbness this is a peripheral neuropathy diabetes can be prevented to sample changes can cut your risk of type two diabetes in half exercising and maintaining your weight incredible so participants were formed into groups placebo medication or lifestyle intervention when asked what the study did but I'm always recommending sixty minutes restart his absolute minimum so be trying it sixty all the time that all the time you get at least thirty to try and get thirty summertime beginning at fifteen or twenty I try and exercise every day Suzanne doing a five times a week if I try five times a week I might end up with three okay folks we else hears intervention weight loss goal exercise hundred fifty minute so we improve reading high-fiber more saturated fat lower glycemic as fruits and vegetables they understand that here's what happened after three years diabetes incidence was reduced I was fifty percent lower in the lifestyle group intervention group the drug group only thirty one percent compared to the placebo theater that the lifestyle intervention group did better than those forgiven the pharmaceutical agents these for major risk factors overweight sedentary smoking poor diet women with non- hub these risks cut their risk of diabetes by eighty eight percent that's almost a guarantee to have so high it's almost a guarantee up to ninety one percent rest were similar even if at a family history of diabetes so if you've got a family history of diabetes or had gestational diabetes which is diabetes when you were pregnant than your high risk for diabetes need to do these sorts of things to prevent them prevent cancer at age fifty which is darker checking for cancer for colon cancer earlier for breast cancer and cervical cancer but the position you want to test for blood in stool and I wanted to effectual sigmoidoscopy or even better a Sigma a colonoscopy I can hardly wait till I got eight fifty so I can have my first colonoscopy because I want to tell people about it I want to say is so my friend and mentor has agreed to do a colonoscopy on Lane 's office and he kept me awake and I watched the whole thing and it was a marvelous experience now there's the minor and it's an interesting phenomena and have that to sliding into is not possible it's just kind of interesting what is difficult is the air he's got a push in to distend the vial so the camera can take a looksee I have an interest within a couple hours to do the procedure there being no discomfort at all but they're not good to do that and so the air would just distend it would make mankind football and and we negotiate waiting a little bit and would move along to my first exam was done without any anesthesia as I want to watch it a lot of participate in the process you want to tell you it's okay to do that test is no big deal it's a much bigger big deal to have about cancer and happen surgically removed three or four feet and put a bag outsider stomach that you can have a ball movement on my mother and my wife gets really upset at me when I bring these visual images to you but I'm doing it on purpose it's a whole lot less uncomfortable to have a simple ball exam than it is to have the surgery and the bag outside Cynthia with normal daily bodily functions don't wait too long everybody if you got health insurance your insurance will pay for this is age fifty okay if you don't have health insurance I get done anyway somehow someway okay now I just had my my mind I just got my last one last fall and I chose to go to sleep those wonderful went to sleep I woke up everything is done no big deal and indicate me about thirty pictures to look at they were all nice and Armando was really happy that I had two colonoscopies and everything seems to be normal okay that's good news don't be afraid to have your colonoscopy when it's time and if they find some policy now they are just clip from right out and if some of them look a little suspicious do a biopsy and if they get it early enough to come back normal hopefully get it done don't waste of course you sign a piece of paper saying yes as possible but if the surgeon and turn his nose with the doing it goes along slowly in your ball is not kinked and it shouldn't be and you know there is a minor complication of preparation that has happened and those with weakened bowels okay someone with healthy bows it's very very difficult to do that there's also a minor complication to the anesthesia you might be allergic so the artist complications but I tell you the complication of having surgery having a ball cancer having surgery having aware of bag outside my Valley is not something I do not want to prevent that it will cost yes yes yes same age so people at high risk and numerous polyps history of inflammatory bowel disease history of colon cancer in your family personal history of any cancer for many cancer you know when you've got no history and your balls are cleaned every ten years you want to have that test my wife is due to have her test next week or next month sees she's fiftysomething fifty five or fifty six something like that so she's waited five extra years because she's a nurse and she doesn't like doctors and well now the fun part the hardest part of this whole test was a lack of sleep because I had to take this preparation to drink I do not eat anything for a time only drink only certain things for three days prior to nothing for the day prior to take this drink to clean out the bowel and having become such intimate with my toilet for thirty or forty times that evening I hardly got any sleep at all that the worst part is the preparation get it done you don't want to get over it okay bowel cancer is too common here's a little caught cancer Paula here and I don't just get it done this is the virtual colonoscopy view there are some facilities that offer sophisticated ultrasound into a virtual test so there's no risk of any perforation is nothing wrong with these they seem to be very effective but I do find Pollock instead I'm going to do it again to do her but in my case this way than something good to do app test women during test for decades now an annual Pap test and pelvic exam is recommended three years after becoming sexually active summer recommending even earlier than that women after thirty after three normal consecutive tests and they can probably decrease the frequency of facts tests after age seventy and probably start taking the test if it's normal three consecutive times are some guidelines that you can look at Peter 's somewhat controversial if you're sure get it done every year you buy you have that personal choice you can so you don't want to but I I I get it done frankly though those cancer markers are not yet conveniently reimbursable by the insurance companies I don't have an opinion on that some of those are women who are at high risk who were sexually active early and had multiple sex sex partners cigarette smoking and some cultures have a higher risk than others and why I don't know just pay attention and get your test okay now we've got a new one coming out HPV vaccine my kids don't need to have it but some some kids do so monographs this is somewhat controversial but I get it done follows me are right now after age forty everyone interiors summer sang the cost of false positives are not in the problems and encounters is not worth the extra rest of you maybe not you have until after age fifty one I want to get that done all my normality is in and get it done frequently whatever your doctrine you can recommend women at high risk of family history of breast cancer over thirty and never been pregnant okay the Catholic nuns have a much higher risk of breast cancer so they want to make sure the other myself factors they can influence are normalized obesity personal history of any cancer high alcohol intake prostate exam for men again at age fifty or later before age fifty we should start the digital rectal exam when I had my first digital exam I went to see my internist is a good friend of mine we we get a lot of family thank goodness would you mind an e-mail doing completed your visitors as well the way we had to do it on our classmates will mail when and why not why not do it online you are figured I was a good thing so we start out with that process everything is fine as we get older though remaining addition to a PSA tests okay as is very common in women on earth and man as we get older for this to get slightly inflamed and have what some call old age disease where you can't sleep at night because you having to get up old man's disease so we got to get up and use the restroom quite often because you can't old a full bladder as often as you can when younger so your husband your dad should be recommending these ten with their physician some of these out person if you got simple assembly and for information on enlarged prostate is really easy to treat the buddy got cancer growing their it's also really secreted it again early was completely encapsulated and not spread don't ignore that because when it spread it's a terminal illness and eventual men at high risk family history men at high risk of the screen and as early as age eight forty five family history of prostate some cultures have higher risk of obesity normal PSA should be less than two five and should rarely be as close to zero as possible so I really really good to be less known lesson two one of the perfectly normal other cash or checks be sure you work with your dentist to check your oral cavity work with your dermatologist check with your skin and maybe some thyroid nodules growing some vocal cord nodules if anything is changing let the appropriate physician knows that they can do some work you should be doing self mammography only source self self breast exam and self testicular testicular exam at least once a once a month to make sure you don't find any unusual nodules or bumps you find something object up the earlier you get these things checked out the better that will be in danger your doctor should be asking about these things if he or she is not asking any things fire that Doctor and get a new one as this is waterfall songwriters immunizations don't forget about that David Kay deafness diphtheria and typhoid vaccine we should have this every ten years or so okay and it's really easy to forget about tetanus is as we get older we think we don't need any more vaccinations but if we scratch ourselves on the garden we get some dirt in their that could be enough to cause tetanus some serious reactions we don't see very often people age sixty five or older may need a pneumonia shot every year and now are recommending annual flu shots not just for older people recommend annual flu shots for all medical personnel 's or anybody doesn't want to get the flu now the age doesn't matter immunizations are one of the most effective ways of preventing serious illness is excellent public health principle all children should be up-to-date with immunizations I vaccinate all of my children for all the usual and customary vaccinations in fact when when my neighbor kids had chickenpox I asked permission for my kids to go over and play with them I wanted them to get chickenpox as a young person rather than getting chickenpox as an adult where it's much much more serious okay same with measles my first child and the measles vaccine wasn't there so I had her go over and play with someone who got measles my two boys there was a vaccine available unfortunately Stephen Wayne and his vaccine it didn't work there was a vaccine for measles that was a problem and in the eighties somewhere so if you are taken that vaccination back dinner another one anyways all my kids are up to date have encourage my kids to get their kids vaccinated as well Hospital admissions for influenza forty six percent reduction in pneumonia and pneumonia by twenty five twenty nine fifty two percent mortality from all causes decreased by fifty seven percent so there's benefit in having these vaccinations for those folks over age sixty five don't forget about taking a hearing in your vision I managed to rehab department against the hospital for three years I was there for ten and I had my nurses coming in just thing we would drop this social worker used to be a really good worker but each is not following up on what is agreed to do an end they asked me to fire all come and listen to what's going on my first meeting with this interaction of professionals of these guys a very can hear and so I had a discussion with him I suggested he go get I told him what the problem was he understood there is a problem if I was following up on anything but he realized when he was confronted with what he wasn't following up that he wasn't falling up with everything he went to get his hearing tested and found out they had significant hearing loss they need to know about his wife was covering up for him they didn't know that they were doing together he got his hearing check the guts of hearing a now is a wonderful employee now following up now he could hear communicate with all the professional staff it may be a simple the soundtrack here check your vision be sure your doctor check infertile and retinal problems and cataracts and they do is what they do forget about dental exams regular dental exams we want to prevent philosophy so that we can shoot load effectively want have tight round the base of our two server techs a root canal and protect the truth from decay we need to be brushing her teeth need to be using next thing acting we need to be using dental floss at least once a day and the mass you question how many you don't have to fly Sawyer Kate understand is not a fossil once you want to keep this as we get older we have less predisposition to have cavities with greater disposition to have gum disease both of my parents when they die they had no teeth both of my parents had your teeth removed in their fifties I can't remember ever seeing my parents brush their teeth I know that her foster to what my parents ate all the food that I donate some of the good food that I eat they did have some both my parents smoke and they has to various significant gum disease with an attitude in nearly sixteen hundreds in London the fifth and sixth leading cause of death were listed as case some fairly eroded in flames bacteria infested gum by nearly seventeen hundreds die to prove and dentition stayed intact longer but cavities and gum disease became prevalent and ancient wheel said that a slave lost and I will working must be afraid the same rules said that a slight Google freight for the loss of one to license he had enormous personal value for a long time decay occurs early in any age fillings that will only last fifteen to twenty five years depending on the kind how much you grind Yuji decay in later years occurs in the face of the guns so you want to brush and floss good nutrition regular dental fluoride in water perhaps as controversial fluoride in toothpaste reduces decay by forty percent or more subjects sugar intake low you know we ate well over a hundred and forty pounds of sugar per person per year when you and I don't need sat much sugar just how much others must be to get us this average limit frequency of suites sugary foods promote adequate fluoride 's controversial water but toothpaste okay for most fruits vegetables whole grains nuts and fruits never heard that before and doesn't it affects all conditions so gone the seasonal periodontal disease when immune system weakens or fails especially with a genetic predisposition so to avoid gum disease you want to process floss regularly eat healthy foods don't smoke or use alcohol maintain overall health and get regular deck the effects were certainly getting our team claimed they were every three to six months yes it costs money but I think the preventions cheaper than the cure so it's important to understand the health problems you may have ask your doctor for clarification working partnership take care of your health is she your little and health in London health engines this media was used by honeymooners including NJD health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NEDs some as please visit www. and need help someone .com you would like to listen more online was www. audio reverse on board


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