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Poor Satan

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 12, 2006
    7:00 PM
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remember long and how are you awesome someone said also I am very happy to see you with regional usages iPhone who all day today in other words thus my real estate I missed you did anyone think the reason five seconds the dog rescue dog rescue normalize these were not so I very like this before me I really do think of you I pray that God would bless us as we embark on the hook adventure in his Wurtzel five before coming you have the assurance that God will bless you for your presence allow something for tonight forsaking all safety and only gets the blame for almost everything we do is wrong many of the nobles of the rule of enough you perhaps remember being on television called the flip Wilson show no one remembers that I alright admittedly nervous and herself had an expression of all over the country what was that expression the devil made me do it tonight I will show you that that is not the case the devil cannot make you won't be doing anything that we do not give you that extra boost to know settlor does not have a gun he puts our Harris says it can bring authentication we have to exercise the trial to bore them are a choice to vote against the servant even say that not all things redo the wrong of the result of the devil 's temptations for Satan is our subject for tonight let us bow our heads and pray loving father in heaven we consider the Jesus we have been invited in seven four versus Stephen let us come over to the front of grace where we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need father this is a time of need I ask you from my heart for the name of Jesus gradually what I need a better spin like the Holy Spirit and grabbed my brothers and sisters what they need for his understanding of your divine word Gomez for us we pray and we would give him glory we offer this prayer in Jesus name of assay a man Genesis chapter two reading verses sixteen and seventeen of Genesis chapter two by the way all of you who brought Bibles raise electricity the suppressive irradiance contrary to what I see when I thought around the world in the habit of bringing Bibles with us to church with people is fading away most of us have our Bibles with us Genesis chapter two verses sixteen and seventeen I still hear pages we have no Bible says on the log all comes out of a man say of every trip gone down this framing is one of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for the day felt he does the role how shall surely die not the Bible says the wages of sin is that that has always been the penalty for certain is it okay to four says the soul that's it if it shall die so effectively one God was telling Adam in Genesis two sixteen seventeen David J Matthew said not because of any action contrary to what is said that there don't be oh one three if you know your God sends that is the way it is then one blog post on economies and their use as you will die if you did obviously contrary to Manuel and my word venue Hossain and the punishment for that is that negative last question what was so horrible about Adam 's sin all he did was to buy or even a fruit of the room were vegetarians many of you are perhaps you'll see the horrible nature of that sin eating a fruit let us examine how truly catastrophic and insulting and horrible items she wants is else's one thirty one Bible says God saw everything that he has made and behold it was one that are going on that included everything from beer wanted a six implement everything including the wedding was going at which he officiated with a made man and woman husband-and-wife about sixty of creation everything was going encoding of animals they say the mess I was made with a heart that had no desire to be wrong to him and went out of care for the handling of this river that was not playing any that we forsaken at arms I was so young that haven't the mind that when we arrange this is something over in the Internet software this gives us a room a whole revelation of how human life it is my wall with whom I is greater and all I want the aforesaid out of the ground the Lord won't live everything to everything out of the area and help us out of this you what you would call the North ex-president to see is like a test both have adamant all the creatures and all steps back and he once used by the community listens to see what Adam what qualities does the Bible says and wants to outlaw out of all ever greater victories that was the name that well-meaning effort out of government may not suggest an ECMA range of what am remaining out of this old blog was in effect say that was the name on that is the human mind connect you with the divine mind by the way like the Christmas when you are not all that plausible our decisions become both decisions I will well because once well our desires of all desires because of how well our eyeballs well I will mind and want to live our yield is at the unknown power about my loss and hours I need more than come back and never comes off as well flaws into ours and we are smart and energized by the battery on the proposal on as I remain at Monday but said it has that's exactly my son must be reading online press was how close are the most discrete everything is fundamental in going there to be adults amen this is our MM otherwise these other the sin or vice versa let me tell you something by way of another digression when you make decisions to follow Christ when you make decisions to accept the truth as it is in Jesus blogging salt sugar normal reply is your greatest opposition comes from members of the family there is no opposition life is so great because it is coming from below zero out the house on the outside of family the pain is not that great if there's anything at all you can second go out of their guns is an agent of the enemy and brings the temptation out of there is nothing in item that is actually responds to the temptation it is all start all experienced the last thing to say was sorry about authentication I may hold blogging decision of the courts recognize crimes of passion bridges in some peoples eyes a form of insanity he was in Amman Temple found his wife in bed with another less than a passing challenge of the land the court was a jeweled relation going it came from within that was not the case with Anna call me I see in cold blood the Adam Shoals without any fees for loan motivation each films to send against God but even with the same love and as a human being as a human being and we can make exceptions for deception if so I is saying we don't allow someone who will reside other was not received with his eyes wide open with an awareness of what he was no way I don't violate the law will of a serious Bible says for as by one man's that have been low our alumni one will one analyst said we have the life so I was saying was awesome in the face of avoiding off of it was not the devil follow the delivery I'm not defending as a second I have more time and then say I'm simply defended from it was not the number of all that is endlessly all I want my music doesn't look about the horrible news on certain rules on another launch when visiting things changed something shades immediately of the things she described psychologically one change in a resolute insistence when five as ridiculous subject for sick removing for every wrong thing to do is not responsible for every wrong thing we do is not responsible for a any wrong thing is responsible for the most of them we are responsible for all decisions our choices that is twenty five messages were certainly the Bible says is available in the man on his life how does the horse and and or not I say prior to say that there was no such thing as Shea describes humiliation are enough wonderful little while so I go to the bathroom do yes ninety nine ninety nine people close to the prices gives no one else in the house because the door a sense of shame and embarrassment we protect ourselves from Adam and Eve had no sense of shame prior to send notice over seven seven three four seven seven three book of Genesis the Bible says RBI is available for all and freedom you know better when they buy a vacation therefore if you are satisfied with their available today the man and his wife and were not ashamed the implication is that they had no sense of note that if it was at least see the remnants of that today where a little shoot obligor the runner-up if you give of themselves naked and they can't default on the male-female walk down the street easy way to benefit because I at one of time before I was delivered in there have to be dressed why because the amount develop a sense of being in the societies where it will be noted that also have their sense of shame as the first of November through the Bible says that eyes of them both were all and then you will left there when they give you the video lists all pages together and made themselves aprons so now 's has created in me give me as it were a sense of being a sense of expulsion of a private view of this exposure so amid big leaves the aprons from figurines of course they will themselves give a catastrophic outcome of sin sin created inhumanity the desire to fix their own moral problems many people there is a well-defined enterprise likely face this problem nonetheless that all human behavior can affect themselves and outside of Jesus Christ it is my comment surprised as we are just like the flex myself first before the device is ready to think most now I cannot go by the principles send up our house and we also believe doing some work on your self-worth preventive health of the price it is suicidal to think that way six is brought about that kind of thinking is like going will be adversely won a difficult and skins you cannot fix your self the devil did not do that was discredited after three one seven one one call it out of the Senate and well I said I heard my voice regardless of how I was want for a certain created what the White House he was at freedom from fear you see created human beings in medicine I heard the course of the garden I was afraid because I was in my case I have a small something in these and I should not be seen in your presence when I did what hit myself because of Lucy San place in human beings a desire to run in the opposite direction from God now you can do that while going to church every Sunday or Wednesday or Friday also there are many people in churches religiously are running from God about it also good for actually way you can never grace the goals of the church I said I heard my voice would not writer no one told me I heard I was afraid I think he is please correctly I hate myself so Islamic group activity sin is a personal choice I hate myself about alternative portfolio in time you know how slowly the mission radiograph I come many the house is not in other words digital it is okay that's all I want is a digital goal contrary to what I say is this all day reservoirs from a business to be written she did give me between me and I'll be other capacity secreted making excuses for one's failures of the greatest excuses we make is to say well I am only human I am only human that's why God says I will be giving you divine power because I know you're only human says Karen that is awesome that capacity it has it has been revived for all to come off as she shoots us the moral of the psychological outcomes and let's look at the physical effects that should have Genesis three four sixty of the woman who said I will greatly multiply thy sorrow there was no sorrow for sin I will greatly multiply thy sorrow of my conception is Charlotte result shows an unidentified saga that I hardly any genre over the low until using on the medical channel you have them as part of the world only shall enjoy works out of the delivery room but they tell me windscreen of earning some occasions they curse the husband is the one responsible for their Gethsemane the the Y soon it was not want to be given faithfully with our second child wrote what the best in the roof while some claim how the human body such as physical effects of physical affection that person is more for something objective through modems as we continue poor state and of Adam he said because I was half of the voice of thy wife unless individually on which I am meant to be safe El Salvador even as the Roswell I say in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the death of my life sorrowful the man sorrowful woman forms also since always more under the house in the herb of the field was likely in the select of life thanks shall color red is necessary all my faith this is the result of saving on number evidence of the physical transformation attaché that Camelot will remain out as many as a result of this power hold the problem is the day we underestimate how horrible scene is absolutely suitably not realizing sender for people to send the form creation that's go back to her seventh two thousand three I love Adam said because I was top of the voice of my wife unless individually published icon manager you say thou shall thought to have been rained out forming out cross as walk the ground center resulted in the updrafts on the run so when all three was the UK one would have him as a result of his murdered his brother Abel all sentences for welcome to the ground it shall not henceforth yield the most jewels as I originally intended why because of Celine sent letter occurs underground not because the ground was the ground began to reduce the number of Jews before the evidence is three eighteen same is nothing to play with Joseph reported a modest as forming is also a facility shall it bring forth under the out to eat the herb of the theory genesis atheism itself the reports they can give us information on about life that will soon farms and facilities were not on rules which is on the left is as overrated on four five then came Jesus for wearing the crown of forms because the effect of sale of creation the death of Christ also told that in some way so he took the form of the symbol of the cars on the money that our humanity this is one of the girls on my old cross because the power that saves people from Charlotte is the very same power that these the earth soon is a horrible thing but the battle has a monopoly on force one and all one woman is the norm for all our confessions of again unlimited right letter I am not making life easy for the I'm not going back I am trying to clear up our understanding of the responsibility to nor has this to us for our own actions by the republican government reducing your friends assemble the usage because there's such a thing as choosing to die Robinson on behalf of the half of the people that won't chosen that Robinson so horrible of course the worst outcome of sin even then felt because they're all thou shalt surely die the end of everything else going and if we summarize all that we don't say it seems clear that Ms. Howell versus same calls Satan 's ultimate purpose is to our new watchdog intends the visit of the same as the cost of all if God desires that we go east that is the purpose is on the back this one has been consummated as I know how it's going to do this from other items in privacy he could not be tempted from within there was nothing in it that answered said he was made the civilization after certain amount was susceptible to temptation from without and within because his minstrel changed like that perhaps the fastest effect of sin was the change in the nature of the earth of the Bible describes decision-making Jeremiah thirty first twenty three Jeremiah thirty four seventy three what's the nickname the theologians give the Jeremiah but while the weeping prophet yes what McCain given Isaiah the gospel profit because Isaiah speaks so much about Jesus on the work you would come to know Jeremiah thirty first twenty three the Bible says Canada Ethiopia she is listed as a overlap or has lost as a man may you don't go in Constantinople evil that horse is in the say it is possible for this information to know what's right what were values impossible about word was not used accidentally it was you deliberately let us fortified Jeremiah thirty twenty three or Jeremiah seventeen nine Jeremiah seventeen since the double count forty percent no one really has one statement is all unhappy when I said that they all had the same if it is not how on earth can compel you to say the words are my assembly was not the heart is deceitful above most things on this was not the applicable heartwarming okay good the heart is deceitful above and desperately wicked there would of course as with these words what is the jump we understand that we can visit of the simple mention it is impossible for a human being to understand why Jesus told him to John Weathers as I ran off I have in this life that's a lot of invited these other than being on the one thousand and the obscure not even from you where the best of your potential is there wanted to come in and walked around with an every day we are unaware of how big the root of sin bought into all of Motorola's of a reversal of his worst was when long Jeremiah thirty twenty three and zero minus seventy Romans eight four seven rehab that voice but it's believable says because the carnal mind is what enmity against God rid of the carnal mind begin with out of the carnal mind is enmity against volatility it should hostility mental the mind is enmity against four four eight is not subject to the law of God as you can be sure that they not talking the last challenge leaving all other working the Roman state because the carnal mind the flesh before limited it is naturally came up on an upholstered his law and not to allow all knowledge is accountable provision because it is no law that is the standard of judgment are you following me because after twelve of thirty or forty minutes you have the conclusion of all requires of us is God gave his manifest for this is the hall George Young is about software you have every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be going over the we shall be judged by the law was an mother I cannot think of as a menace we need help we need help now the bottom line can develop very well mannered life step back overly personal salvation but as if men will do it cause a manner have follow my nose out of enough to write in here yes that's fine when up into heaven the callsign is also the white wine goes of fish old wine goes with vegetables or pinstripe wine goes with Paul I cannot face that self transformation of each of the tribes formed into his image we need divine help because the way I will blog when they were put up on it and make sure that you are taking on all the way God wants it to now the club related and avoid physical murder of the Bible speaks a word as well this was it speaks of murder of the state of Hartford someone the carnal mind can avoid physical adultery of the Bible speaks of another of Morgan's visit no speed limit of the state of my fact mine the spiritual level the causal line will it get people all the illegals are really don't it is the thing that got he is suspended by Richard Jones now here's what both of you Gordon survived him thirty one Jeremiah thirty one let's reverse forty three on this point with so many forces we can refer to have the kinds of Jeremiah thirty one firsts thirty three well-known horse rev Jeremiah wireless this month this shall be the comment that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will do what put my law in parts and right-of-way on their hearts little signals with whoever's in light of other persons on the Jeremiah thirty one thirty three gold to Jeremiah seventy nine as a continuum for Satan refinement of point that the devil is not responsible for any person 's choice to draw noise level responsible of all temptations that come our way we help ourselves enter into confusion frequency without any help from safe because we have a sinful nature not Jeremiah seven let's will that enable most of my thirty one thirty three the heart is what deceitful the whole thing not ha ha is this really realizes it's another part of saving apartment reports of the mind the son of a person were decisions right and wrong when personalities part of him which makes him already on the hot is this even almost they now who are bad is where the problem is really less intensive like that when Mortensen reversed twenty twenty of course some mark the second middle school shortness Mark was not one of the twelve disciples throughout Morrison first twenty but he said that with coming out of the man that if I lived from that source flow from within all of the heart of man proceed one evil thoughts adultery fornication murders that can't dismiss this scene we get as was his visiting my blasphemy problem all of these things come from where the heart lot Jesus said that if the heart how side-by-side as I may want to sentence is not nor anything is wrong I know I was not on the sinfulness we will have several desires are you essentially you don't need to know both how to have a simple design we won't want that way but there is a remedy of the house now we have seen the heart is deceitful above all things out of the heart says he doesn't know I hear my phone operator only does the writer is the opposite of wickedness in the event of human life I was a Methodist what was Obama says here's what I'll go there via thirty one thirty beautiful back to normal with books is the source of the problem not the surface the surface they drove us out when the source is figural one of his behavior change in a person 's thinking and behavioral change to the United States or happens you die to achieve our hearts Delmar thirty one thirty versus Microsoft to cover that I would live in the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I went about my wall where the A1 blocks right and left on their hearts now these essays exactly where Senator begins with its earliest manifestations with evil desires that is expressive of life I wrote what I do alright that is visible below what Jesus would something of orbital government would vote about resurrect because the memory decay so quickly with reviewers will someone like US reports one fifty one dollars visible gems of someone like the verse one fifty one remember how I can want more and all is our America medicine through all that to someone for doing one fifty one at one forty two not that far away you have no high righteousness as well I will like to visit and I will is law but now forty one one forty two of someone's ideas asked by what was once one of someone like you said all my commandments and what was truth to okay so that's one of the new sound of John seventy four seventy five to five hammer throw five proof five word is the final word is still what I thought about what is from from from from from Santa Fe from Joel 's does not include the gentleman is amenable to see the will of the law we found out easier than expression of what the righteous so of going well when you hear the word capitalism something lifeless counter his life your account is likely to sleuth golf counter at righteous life that is not in all his wife says this is his account of is his righteous life the only residents are the courses count as observed a person is in so the ball which will spend one's life was ending as it is unlimited as to why because the Bible says you for twelve for the war of August which was printed in a alive how much of the world mostly on that include vitamins yes Jesus is very the wireless device the unsealed met us there all I want to break my heart once the Holy Spirit along life 's life in Guatemala .exe is an amazing spirit of the Lord he is backed with some sound all that is the line belong to him that one of the methods on that one the law if he had to write a summary of the life for any granite being the brightness and begin as soon as the contracts and since the world bonuses up to the spirit of the work of several things in your hearts it has immediately this is wrong know many people who are strongly long did it anyhow this is not wanting to fault you for what the law is wrong the company without conviction Norm was right rid of this provision to give them points with Susan begins as a desire goal does not want since become a behavior of the Lord your locals unhealthy annoyances he puts in the heart of because behavior begins with thinking you see every action possible to regenerate love you may not be familiar with your motive because some more tips are solely pointed also to rediscover the world of automobiles molded every so possible to the law judges from the far right field on the level of the multi- authentication on the desire and how to read the correct is that we basically have all the is no chance of about desire becoming behavior because it has been corrected one is how it would've gone is that the public is nothing less than the law-abiding life of Christ or removing the cap below how perfect perfect Jesus promises I will give you my life which is Israel saying I will give so do you will Jesus get life and walk away are you following the life is the site looks lost with his writing and that's like to emphasize outside life is long softly separate from God Jesus Islam as though he is on-the-fly then please added on twenty I am the way I am thrilled I am all I want I have liked with you but I like like eleven minutes as the rapport that God has never blocked to a life and that's why this is what I need on the side of life so he occupies the life of the advisories you I is for receiving any residual life on the life of Christ will save in the immigrant life of Christ 's glorious example of how Google should be the person to be of the target life of Christ before the sickness yes that's what I had a knife at them that's why quality was second out of yes yes yes request of the desert that has a history the father at format is not enough what I wanted a farce out of how I wanted him to react and say what was visible which is really a problem with principal women by the members were given the most Sinai and for people living for hundreds of years will bring over there was no written recommends Weiser is a difference between our law and the principle mechanism in this way one will but as a general results they want please like to move a little circulate the blood I was talking to friends of mine is often about the same principle I would observe that you try from school district the speed limit is twenty five during school hours are single sign ratify it down was attentive to them that highway you'll know that it's often thought maybe on the violin and seventy five oh seven lifeline Detroit London sometimes with labels six of the month is it to some forms of six hundred miles of their because they are hybrids of the Skype with your normal complaints whether it is six hundred miles in the air a thirty three thousand feet of thirty eight of seventy oh six lane won't probably vigorously over the viable local high rate of twenty five the school district while the speeds change in speed is along the loss after five losses if I lost assassinated Hamas ethics however there's something that does not change that is arguably no reservoir that does not change now that principle is in my heart I will never drive seventy five in the school district I believe our law out of your busy venue to get it before I get a running five when the principal is in the hot you'll don't need the law because no one is exactly what the law is I thought about was how to drive you around without a visa on the division is enabled although often in religion she doesn't need a law because the words of some who will drive me the longest number of motor driving on a highway usage soon as one day I was always in my car on the CRH love that losing and I said Lord will discard really zero so I sent the chronic management father I commit to you what has always been yours and so is not recognizing that I regard this car as under my stewardship not ownership it is you I would fix it what hinges and tires for the oil gas whatever else it is yours I figure we feel foolish when I don't have a car to drive the flying Lotus where usually drove this is certainly as clear as they this is my car now you cannot try things like where you're laughing I did laugh I was scared it was at my heart all wanted to check my mind as I was getting some more months ago but one of limited use I began to drive now under the principle of stewardship nor I need to get some wood principle of stewardship change I got it because this is not why it is unlikely that I want to know what I is simple when Jesus out of five are you more about friends semifinals on Friday among them in my principal does not need to be followed Ontario name of the program I believe that president I will know the precise opposite is certain reverse intention for this group could function by now so no single unselfishness was even frightening principle to get high while saying reversed that unselfishness the self-centeredness when normal Illinois in your heart by hollow look out for the man or woman is at all on so she absorbed your first thought is number you it is going from your fellow men than himself was the unsolicited life of Christ out of the life of Christ through faith in his work all this was her that we might be brought back to the way it was over here your something because Revelation twenty four disaster method other than an amendment that will pay that you may go which was asked the entire Bible is God 's way to bring us back to a life of me loving obedience to him soon was the devil 's plan to caps sign up upside down goals principle of on selfish existence of Satan is a result of putting God after myself and himself invisible a choice soon I'm a choice to obey God you will not have internal desires the wrong sometimes double has nothing to do with it get a result of our fallen nature is but for so many of the life in Christ gives us all how about the effects that shape our city Heights power is written in the power the first if we are in Jesus and his word of faith in God 's word has two components here it and do it all of you soon and what is therein lies the power to a new above scene which has always been Gold 's desire for us to live a life pleasing to me on the list of diseases and golf is a life that will please you while on the light you in the world call and the world 's company sucks but you're my thinking they also saw the software it almost sounds the same as last as we can develop the law says the Renaissance Elizabeth that all is not with you if you accept Jesus Christ life not just in the world to come but life my brothers and sisters none of us has to say we blame the devil for too many things we are required by law to take responsibility for our choices we only bought something wrong we need is have the right of that health is a fatal data will by Christ abiding in the heart is abiding life X presence is righteous life we just notify as the ten Commandments in all of golf is place it on the heart of the famous against Susan if we will allow the defense for a minute zero zero Lord I favor this message gave me the power of the life of a sale this is his righteous life is that I may have the power to say no to see if you will say that is your right hand rings with confidence and if you're serious Sadducees I will dwell less hell I thought what I say it eventually long I want to have roughly the same I want to have nothing to do with our bad as it had high rep arsenal original plat I want to take my stand on the side of righteousness and unrighteousness the express of righteousness is life of Christ after that is of Edmonds was after that I need a written form vitamins and temperamental Christlike is the temperament was that's what he desires for us right should see the thing which is Christ like living with yourself less living which is demanded by the principles of the foregoing under our fellow man which ultimately is nothing a life of me nothing will be against it in a single sense is that really your desire ever had on a freckled father we come to you in the name of Jesus and were not joking the golf were serious because Republicans of the horrible visuals other like somewhat of a life that pleases you in the name of Jesus lived a perfect life of obedience to Allah when asked to follow the process but it was for excusing away as you are one of Omaha life of Christ Gillis and I love you what does this and they said it was up to leave about the less we pray is much more likely to have more of this and if I were deciphering word is Jesus four percent of all was there with me then I remembered was bring someone tomorrow night please bring someone on I did hear was back into the life that will soon be gone with you I want one of those you guys have been doing that investment would get it sounds again on the island that they sometimes want to see


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