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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 10

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    3:30 PM
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okay let us continue with God through an given you an example of a powerful presentations would you agree I believe strongly these are an excellent introduction to a total comprehensive health ministry for your church and for those that want to spend more time on understanding weight you can have a weight management class which have also written a classic ten week Russian Sirs on weight management the boss of a ten week passion series on exercise they all have some overlap but the other two focus specifically on weight or navy got some particular disease orientations and got programs on heart diabetes stress fresher and healthy eating so it's all like getting a masters degree in public health with the tools in your briefcase now sure there by an hour-long and there's some logic breaks if you can do within the gap there's an awful lot of information out there and litigators enhance and what you should read and what you shouldn't read okay some basic principles is you yourself want to be credible you want to build trust in your audience you want to be accurate so looking at new studies you want to show the interest so you got new information makes you interesting major presentation interesting and fresh why were here was reliable sources most reliable sources are scientific health journals and got high standards of acceptance the research is generally conducted at universities or medical centers they adhere to strict standards in study design and data analysis the content is generally peer-reviewed that means the source published half a dozen other folks after grade it is that makes sense this is logical it might disagree with standard practice but because the study design was correct it makes sense okay now we read the scientific journals regularly the Journal of the American Medical Association the New England Journal of Medicine the British medical Journal and some of these other ones you don't have to read them you can if you want to but if you subscribe to our making healthy choices newsletter which we give you free electronic e-mail we sent you and we give you these updates on a regular basis is called making healthy choices and what you need to do is go to well sourced .org were changing out websites of my lifelong health .org but anyways well sourced .org and sign up for the making healthy choices newsletter got about eighteen thousand people on it now continues to grow but you walk in the get that free every couple of months we present some new scientific studies we put together a PowerPoint presentation was the speaker notes that you can add to yours presentations and www. well sourced .org and that will be changing to Dubya Dubya Dubya my lifelong health that's forgot or double for yes short to you all yes they are very therapeutic all all the order issues are present there as well such as www. outsource .org orgy on the new one is going to be my lifelong health work they've never been connected with fossil article on we made this American clinical Journal of the American Journal of clinical nutrition and then provide you some studies and hence in some some of our point since they could knows that you can share some of these others the cancer society medical science in sports and exercise late journals here's one that I highly recommend you subscribe to the Journal of health and healing from Wildwood Cemetery Hospital are still doing that it costs ten or twelve dollars a year is your best twelve dollars you'll ever spend many days other medical journals are are out forty five or fifty dollars on a number hundred dollars but this is one that I highly recommend you give yet the eye I purchased every issue they have went back to twenty years of five years and went this is a really good late journalist called nutrition action is published by the Center for science in the Public interest I highly recommend this this is not a vegetarian Journal however it's a lobbying group with Doctor Peter Jacobsen I think his name is and they do an excellent job in keeping trying to get the government straight and on the narrow K it's a health journal not a vegetarian Journal highly recommend vibrant life of course we publish that okay it's a good one American health is on the newsstands this issue is a very good one is numerous health letters as you can get from different institutions vegetarian nutrition and health letter by Loma Linda -based desktop publishing not just too expensive to keep it up and they can get enough people pay thirty five dollars a year to get this these newsletters published anyways Berkeley still has one Harvard has one different folks health works usually published by the NAD vital thing to do that anymore some of the health organizations have applications American heart American diabetic World Health Organization get on the website with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lots of information wonderful information you can get there it's amazing CDC .gov okay information the American dietetic Association is it right or okay a number of government agencies NIH CDC national cholesterol education program the blood pressure health statistics I subscribe I get this free if the download I get every year it gives me the vital statistics for the nation it's a seven hundred and fifty page download I read that focus on one am looking for and I can figure out what some of the national norms are for blood pressure for heart disease for lack of exercise for seatbelt use and reuse at a similar data analysis USDA has lots of powerful computing power that you can get they allow you to download for free a powerful nutrition analysis engine that allows you to get a full detailed dietary analysis of any food and a lot of packaged foods to just go to USDA .gov and ask for a nutrition profile and you'll eventually get sent to a place where you were you can get their server permission to download to your computer a very powerful nutrient analysis tool as free because you paid for it already through your government taxes we sometimes include that on our CD on our CDs we send out a number of educational institutions have prepared white papers I used to collect all the white papers from John Hopkins and had a white paper on nutrition or prostate cancer or breast cancer or mammogram are mammography and then create other state-of-the-art what's which is why customary at this date and time is called a white paper okay she might want to get access to those anything coming out from Harvard I highly respect okay if they're not on this list you may not want to go there but I haven't listed all the universe as our university in good standing is probably a good place to go investigate I many private organizations American heart cancer diabetes dietetic osteoporosis College of sports medicine cancer on and on and on we have to put ourselves under as we think we're respectable you can use it a attention to health professionals but sometimes some of us get off on a tangent and you got a be careful if a health professional has degrees in their health field and are talking about special knowledge in their health field that's great but if you got somebody who is a specialist in foot surgery and talking about lung cancer that's probably not a good thing I'm so make sure they're talking about and staying within their area of expertise and we've got your doctors and dietitians and nurses and health educators and physiologists and set usually researchers and teachers have doctorates and usually I know what they're talking about you know we get a lot of information from Doctor Stalin with the Framingham heart study with Doctor Gary Gary Frazier the Adventist health study so these are things that guys and you can usually listen to some of these individuals usually write books if the writing books and writing articles and only called themselves in research papers that's not who you want to be listening to is they want to be part of the bone the peer-reviewed scientific journal help keep people on the straight and narrow if representing something that the doctors have tried to squish and no one else knows about it you don't need to know about it either this is not something you want to be concerned about the references to other research not just themselves and doesn't fundamentally agree with other reliable research how current is enough he so not sure ask us trusted health professional send me an e-mail about the say I don't know but you never know number of books out there these are the classical books the first one's a textbook the others are compilations you should at least read all of those once okay remember they were written hundred fifty years ago when taken in today's perspective yet sweet little bit doesn't mean it's bad or wrong but you got to wonder stand as far as I know we still list I know he was two years ago Josh October Doctor Scharf these are some things that may be unreliable I written material location people with something to sell that doesn't meet standard news will customer practices okay and a lot of books and health food stores have to be questioned some are really really good but you need to understand the perspective of where they're coming from how about oxygenated water or magnets of those lots of good vitamins and minerals but again the drug companies selling pills are biased towards tales but your physician way to all that some people think Magnus take away pain and discomfort with putting magnets on your low back or something rather than having surgery I have Iranian blood oxygenated water I know my fish like it or not it so hard for me to say I don't know Miami was cured of cancer in Mexico eating vegetable juice Americans you should try to follow the Doctor Atkins diet if you have a cold longer take thousand milligrams of vitamin C any lots of garlic there are some studies that show that can work but it is universally working final vitamin C at that level will hurt you Arnold Garlick will hurt you you might be lonely but garlic one purchased so i.e. lots of vitamin C in my fruits vegetables and whatever settlement a lot synchronic when I can okay a lot of the material on the Internet may be unreliable unless it's part of the science of already mentioned okay you've seen these signs lose thirty pounds in three weeks call I want to put a sign up there that says my husband doesn't need to thirty pounds call and get involved in that weight loss program guy so that there is there's probably more weight loss programs out there and there are any other life the program because it's so easy to lose weight it really is but if you don't lose weight properly you gain it right back again because you haven't learned principles and I think they want to lose ten game thirty lose twenty they practice what we call the rhythm method of girth control its natural source that for you well marijuana 's natural saws opium how good is that for you alcohol is natural to how good does that for you some of the principles you should look for if in doubt what you hear then the skeptical is probably not true ask a knowledgeable person for their opinion it try not to take anything that isn't in the mainstream of good knowledge and research of our shared anything with you that way outside and left feel that you just you're just not possible no but we still don't do it so we need to be taught how to eat more fruits vegetables it's amazing how simple it really is I've seen people in just two weeks eat more fruits vegetables and eat more whole grains exercise more sleep better and their cholesterol come down eighty two hundred points the blood sugar is stabilized and taken them off for insulin and maybe there only on an oral tablet now it's amazing what can happen in a short period time it's okay to personal theories but it's best to teach evidence -based knowledge quite often what worked for grandma will eventually be studied scientifically and it will work for you and me in our aspirin came from aspirin came from the Native Americans teaching the immigrants to suck on the bar of a poplar tree bark of a certain tree I have had it was high and acetylsalicylic acid which is low because printed now they can make aspirin artificially and we got a wonderful pain medicine but they would show on the bark of this trade and would release this acid and get him angrily as old wives tale that works some of them are very good first do no harm second you might want to be sure it will do some good before you recommend but I tell you there's a powerful drug called placebo that I love if you think that vitamin C is good helper ventricles I know that vitamin C will hurt you should go and take on same but the garlic there are controversial topics and fastest they both use and I let individuals decide for themselves one thing I have a strong opinion about our colonics I don't recommend we have these colonics except when you're going to have a colonoscopy I tried practice a good colonic every day by drinking lots of water eating exercise eating lots of fiber and then I'll have a good solid bowel movement once or twice a day that's what I call a natural colonic but sticking something up there and flushing it out with coffee grounds or whatever is just not a good idea okay no matter how much it may make someone's public it might make you feel temporarily is just not a good idea so be careful so makes sense all right event we are nearing the end not embrace I live in inseparable for this video was produced by body builders including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about donating something please visit www. and help someone .com you would like it was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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