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The Sign of Jonah

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • February 11, 2012
    11:00 AM
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thank you for coming friends and happy Sabbath we are very grateful for the privilege of being able to come here to the University again to open the word of God and are especially looking forward to the programs this fall 's October were were going to be talking about the ultimate purpose and how to take theory and bring it into experience and hope even now you'll be praying for that it's something that we're going to be a recording for presenting and broadcasting here and inviting university and college students around the country around the world really is it will be broadcast around the world your campus to participate and so even now I hope you'll be praying for methodology something wonderful both here and abroad with this special series that was designed to focus on what is the ultimate purpose in life and I want to talk a little bit about that this morning in not addressing the nearness of God and that everywhere you go God is there and that every word of God is true and you could believe there's power in this book that changes lives and it helps us become aware of the nearness of God I remember hearing an interesting story years ago about a retired lady that was reading her Bible on a public bus and a man rode the bus with her frequently and he noticed that she was always reading her Bible and actual and because he was an atheist I don't know maybe his conscience bothering him and Mondesi was standing holding onto the overhead rail she was sitting reading her Bible he couldn't resist and he looked down at her and he said I see you're reading your Bible again to discern where God and he said you okay it all literally do I visit absolutely everywhere you think you mean to tell me that you believe that all of the stories in the Bible really have to ask is that I believe every word every word is the word of God and he said so you're in a tell me you believe the Lord created the world in six literal days to God 's word says it I believe it that settles it anything I suppose you could tell me you believe that God told Noah to build a big boat into all the animals were put on that boat is absolutely can't do anything I believe it and he which is dumped out he said and I suppose you're even going to tell me that Jonah was swallowed by a whale and he lived inside that well for three days and three nights the Bible says that I believe it is how can a man live inside a window for three days and three nights this is not possible she says I don't know when I get to heaven I'll ask him if you disable one of John is in heaven she said then you can ask him to well I'm one of these people who really does believe every word I believe the Bible is the word of God I used to be an atheist or at least agnostic it depends on what day you ask me but it certainly didn't believe the Bible is true and I believe that all the stories in the Bible were fables and fairytales but that's not the case anymore I believe this is the word of God and I believe the story of Jonah is one of the most important passages in the Bible indeed in the Scripture reading our Lord Jesus if you believe the words of Jesus referred to Jonah as a story and so if nothing else convinces you the words of Jesus should convince you that he and Gore endorsed Jonah as a real event is sure Jesus rose from the dead that's how true it was the Jonah survived going through a fish but is a lot of also spiritual lessons in the story Jesus said no sign will be given to this generation except the sign of Jonah is a very important statement for Jesus may finally also makes that same statement in the gospel of Luke as well but I want you to turn to the book of Jonah with me working it takes a little marathon and see if we can get quickly through the book of Jonah and find out what it says to us today about the nearness of God for one thing in his plan for our lives John chapter one five book of Jonah just after the book of Obadiah Bibles among the minor prophets now the word of the Lord Jonas starts in a wonderful way starts with the word Jesus is the word the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Vienna can I Jonah means dove in a chair on his loyal were true Jesus would spirit filled and he was the truth and is as allies the word of God lifts us arise and go the whole plan of salvation is summed up in two great utterances Matthew Chapter 11 where we invited to come to Jesus come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I'll give you rest and then it's summed up in the great commission go therefore and teach all nations it's sort of like this everything is a love relationship love your neighbor it's just worth level of relationship and it's as vertical but before you I love you till the Muslim God first you come to Jesus in this love relationship and that you fallen in love with Jesus you can keep yourself and you go for Jesus in this love relationship and so don't have grown up in the church be ostensibly he was among the people of Israel and God some of this most people want to talk to I want to go and tell them so the turn from their sins if there's hope go to Nineveh that great city but wait a second more than another not years you mean you want me to get out of the land of Israel and the talk to the pages of the Gentiles that great city and cry out against it for their wickedness has come up before me but Jonah arose this lead to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord and he went down to the shop and he found a ship going down to Tarshish sleep he fairly went down into a within the Tarshish from the presence of the Lord a little footnote that I think is fascinating here you've got Jonah being told to go and to speak to the Gentiles and from the place for you leaves the land of Israel because he doesn't want to talk to the Gentiles eight hundred years later God speaks to Peter and he tells him to go and talk to the Gentiles in the same town of Jaco sends him to Doctor Cornelius put Jonah didn't want to do from that same town the apostles were later told to do CS was no summit wondered was it the Hebrew way of St. Francis wasn't talking about our sheesh this further most city off the coast of Spain where they they actually did metal smelting there great ancient name reminders always perk up a little bit because you've heard me mention more than once that I'm half Jewish my mother 's maiden name was harshness or Tarshish as you would say and my grandfather could never make up his mind sometimes he told me I was related the apostle Paul and other times he told me I was related to Jonah and I'll take either true but it always made for good story and I wasn't sure what to think about that until he went to flee from the presence of the Lord now how possible is that can we flee from God 's presence can you run from the Lord like when our children were little and they wanted to play hide and seek they think they can hide from us by closing their eyes what are you doing on hiding from you can hide from and yet some of us we sometimes think that God is seen what's happening not only does he see everything we do eat sees everything we think reminded of this when we read in the Psalms of Psalm one thirty nine and you can start with her seven where can I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence if I ascend into heaven you are there if I make my bed in hell behold your there if I take the wings in the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the CEO is there your right hand shall lead me at your right hand will hold me if I say surely the darkness will fall over me even the night will be light about me indeed the darkness shall not hide from you and your fine for the stories and over that even in the deepest darkness Jonah could not hide from God is nowhere that we can leave God 's presence in others another verse was thinking of that reminds me this Jeremiah twenty three last night I talked you by Jeremiah chapter twenty three twenty three it's a God says I am not a God far off but I am a god here this is the next verse can anyone hide himself in secret places so I shall not see him since the Lord do I not fill heaven and earth says the Lord God is omnipresent now there are times where the blessing and approval of the Lord might be withdrawn from a person but there's nowhere you can go where God does not see you so don't I didn't want to go talk to the pagans and you can understand his apprehension I mean the relationship between the people of Nineveh and the people of Israel back in John 's day was about as good as the relationship is between the Palestinians and the Jews today and so for John to be told he's both the march up and down the streets in this hostile enemy city and tell them that eminent judgment from God is coming because they are sinners like to know going to some Islamic countries and telling them that month Mohammed was a false prophet you probably have a pretty short missionary experience if you did that at so you can understand Jonas is not only not going encase the Lord wants to keep convicting me I'm going the other way so instead of going to see those less that he was a prophet of God and that not only does Jesus talk about John and you'll find Jonah mentioned in second Kings fourteen verse twenty five even between seven ninety seven fifty BC during the reign of King Jeroboam the second he is a real historical character he was a prophet of God he foretold other things besides this experience you find written in the book that bears his name but is a lot we can learn from the story the body to hide from God so he arose and he fled where Johnson arise when Jonah didn't want to listen to the word of God he knows what happened is as you went down to Joppa doesn't tell us quite restarted that's on the coast that he found a ship going to charges she paid the fare by the way sin always has attacks if you are doing something that you know God doesn't want you do if you are rejecting or ignoring the will of God for you and some area of your life as a costs if you get a run from God you will pay nobody is able to hide their resources so they don't have to pay that tax for sin we will all pay the fair run from God now in this message am especially appealing to the young people here God has planned for you I can tell you right now his plan for you includes him and so as you thinking about your plan for your life I hope that at the center of your plan for your life is God and that at the core of your philosophy in your worldview of what your plan is for your life you same Lord how can I live a life that will glorify you and reach and serve my fellow man so often and I've been to a lot of schools all of the world and then you praise Lord a lot of our universities and schools and colleges and academies in a toy one of my principal concern is when young people start getting ready to launch out there they are at the cusp of adventure for their life and to think about what do I want to do when it really should be similar where you want me to go when you want me to do they uses criteria how much will this career a wonder what the benefits are will I be able to afford a nice house nice car and me expensive wife or husband what what kind of job please don't approach life that way what profit is achieved you gain the whole world and you lose your soul at the core of your decision for your happiness and for God 's glory of the Lord what do you want me to do are you running from God 's will for your life I tell you right now he wants everyone to be missionary in one way or another whatever your gifts are there to be dedicated to God and used in some capacity to reach the lost Jesus in the end but crisis in a statement he separates the sheep from the goats you'll say I was hungry did you get me through it I was thirsty did you get me drink I was naked and you clothed me I was sick or in prison and you visited me I was a stranger can you take me up everything that Jesus is energized by those criteria have to do it notice about sins of commission the sins of omission did you reach out to the people in the world around you when they were hungry did you give them the bread of life when they were thirsty did you give them the living water when they were naked and you clothed him with a robe of righteousness when they were imprisoned by Sandra six percent or alienated strangers from me did you introduce them to me in that great judgment day will say that you love your brother is not to say and hard you have book on a house that you have did you have prominence in position that will be worth nothing to go the big thing for God as never be did you love me and if you live to serve and glorify me in your fellow man Jonathan Lord this is not to be convenient I will not be popular I'm not good to do it so he arose and he fled and it's as he went down and he went down then he found a ship and no I imagine his conscience was bothering him a little bit the nominal winner grew up in the church but he didn't want to do this and so well as he was going to Joplin he says look it just so happens there's a ship and it's going West which is where I want to go and you know it looks like all of all of both Lisa before the Lord Lord if there is an empty bunk on that ship the object is assigned a beautiful leave me alone and I can go and so he goes in the acid kept insisting on thinking about going with this issue unless it's going with confidential it's pointless you don't have any spare room I see you're ready to set sail a lot so happens that we do have Spiro phrase Lord thank you for how much is that ought to be fifty dollars or shekels whatever Joseph enough money and friendship on the right direction think what I can see providence leaders must be your will and as they release from where a gentle breeze begins the moment West Jonathan Humphreys Lord I got the blessing of God it really is going well it must be his will people can deceive themselves sometimes by looking at circumstances instead of the word of God .org does not change you'd be surprised how my time to talk to people and young lady will save after diving on divorcing my husband and as I talked to a multiple that somebody else that God wanted my life my husband is such a monster but that was other person we have everything in common and God this seems to be blessing our relationship and if so many fundamental things that I see that are happening the LS that were supposed to be together you must be met from the you can rationalize and thought yourself in the anything because as soon as you made up your mind you don't want to obey God you are now on the Devils Mountain he will play with your head and you can talk yourself into thinking any old sin is okay when you've made up your mind you don't want to do what God says that it is not reason the church somehow convinced himself that going in opposite direction of what the word of the Lord told him to do would be okay and he consoled himself so much that by the time the ship set sail probably in its first day user tired of running from God went down found is him down below the lowest part of the ship he went down down down get ready to go down one more time ship was rocking gently in his hammock he went to sleep over his arms on his chest smiled and said that last piece we know God loves us and in his mercy for us sometimes he sends troubling for allies save us but if your Bibles first for the Lord sent out a great wind on the sea and there was a mighty tempest on the sea so that the ship was about to be broken up now this is no normal wear and it just started as a small window and then I got more and more violent more and more violent producing the waves are mounting the board will ship is like a cork it's going down it's coming up in the wings and fiber the ship and all the engines that are call in those provisions begin to sprout leaks the ship is linking them to actually have primitive pumps on those ancient chips and the sailors were pumping away and I realize this is a supernatural storm in her life through risk the Mariners the sailors are so afraid of these pagan Gentile favors every man cried out to his mother train to pray for salvation what is Goth profit doing is snoring Jonah represents God 's people not only the time of his room we also represent God 's people today and probably represent some of us the Lord put the people of Israel in the land that they were in so they could be witnessed the loss nations around them but like the parable of the rich men of Lazarus they feasted among themselves is that all the Gentiles are wicked dogs they're all lost like beggars a later date desiring the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table the Mariners are free to God and the man of God is sleeping know the people in the world out there are starving for what we have they're hungry for the truth that we know and often were asleep can I tell you a quick story that this does happen about a week ago out of the house it is without the hope that this there is a ongoing right now to a religious broadcasters convention that is in the in place for the next few days because amazing facts broadcast will be networking with different media entities and broadcasters trying gets more stations in time better deals on the time and all the other Christian broadcasters of theirs well that's a pretty prominent meeting presidents of been there several times to speak to the broadcasters and one of the prominent Christian broadcasters in the American gentleman by the name of David Jeremiah and you're preventing turning point mentions your hands okay good preacher did me I don't agree with everything is good man we've met before being together and this is the heart for the word of God when he came to Sacramento last week and somehow I was on his mailing list and he sent your nice and free tickets to go to this event he rented the arena where the Sacramento Kings play it's the largest arena stadium in the Sacramento area of York arena is change the name end up it was Friday night and I thought you know I don't know whether or not I should go because got Sabbath church Friday night knowing I get ready I told impressive I should go and do so I prayed about it and finally Sonata we don't care to know you got me excited I'm going with you or without you at eleven ago so Karen and nation I went to the Arco Arena and nine keep in mind after Jeremiah before he came he worked with all the other pastors know many of evangelical pastors in town to tell their members about this and to bring their churches and is he going to the stadium that seats thousands people and this is a non- Seventh-day Adventist meeting everyone understand that so I went and Karen I got there early because we knew it be busy and we got special seating down right on the floor for seats from the front of where the program was because we also broadcast with Katie FIA and they had special seating for any of the camp I broadcast this account is appraisal or we went outside if I radio city and so they went through the luminaries and they played some evangelical music and the band and stuff and also the cameras were Rivera home ran than anything an audience of pastor Doug here in this contemporary discotheque the following ensemble like this and is a recording of her television but you know that very talented just a little different music than I used to own and Doctor Jeremiah came out announcements promotional offering more music and cannot just before he starts his he looks down the fort role in us as we have a special guest here today we are honored that brother done bachelor with amazing faxes here today is that for TV programs on all over the world in fact my grandson said grandpa says the bachelors on TV more than law and order him and said W please stand and everybody in the accident example of the father keep the units after he said that before he started his term all of these there were three black ministers sitting in front of me they all three turned round and said we see your rockets all the time we sure appreciate your ministry charismatic ministers by sitting right with the characters as I watch your programs up in Salem Oregon says Lovett so maybe it's something was that he started speaking in tongues later in the service and I realize he was a charismatic pastor a charismatic pastor all these people from these different evangelical churches thousands of people were there all cannot physically get your picture when you sign our program assigning David Jeremiah sports about it actually the reason I stuck that in it just absolutely shocked Karen I how many non- Seventh-day Adventist or drinking in the message and are hungry for they are crying out to their God for truth but what is only doing sleeping Seventh-day Adventist church has a message the world is looking for we are not just another denomination we are the coalescing of biblical truth to the ages God has given his people and the world needs this message he's told us to go and to tell the world this message but world is embarrassed we thank all of all happened was they don't want to hear it or not to like us that's all I'm finding for its if we will live and proclaim the truth yes some people there were a few people at even that meeting last week they can look at me when all you're that guy calls in our church drum but so many people came up and subject have received this message it's the truth I won't put them on the spot the figure today yesterday I was if California was in my room studying the camping I got a get out and go to walk in my room going I get it I can't like it ready guys more aesthetic than freight it finally said okay I'm going that's it thanks sunny they are going to walk a little bit and I put on the lobby and at the very moment that I'm in the lobby in my hotel a couple of check and in a coming sooner and they drove up from Atlanta gentleman said I was Seventh-day Adventist about forty years ago but I very lovely wife I gather she was not raised in the church they said a year ago we started watching your programs and channel two in Atlanta we come back to the church now we heard your interview and we drove up people out there are hungering for the message is lot of people out there that started out with messages to the wing realized and nothing else in the coming so for the young people take a lesson you might go out in the world and think all this is where the satisfaction and joy as you might be thinking yourself in all musical have some one first I know for myself you know this is a religion of my church and my family that I'm just enough myself with going on we translate that for you I will send you for a while under the pretense of finding out what's going on and then when I feel I got it out of my system I'll come back not always so easy you can always start stop the storm on demand is usually a fairly a godsend a great storm the Mariners are crying out for their God and the Mariners and no pain for Jonas in their throwing every thing overboard think about that these Gentiles they are religious people they are trained to their dog and are willing to sacrifice everything they got for life as they're throwing everything on the ship overboard to float a little longer they just want to float a little longer you may be heard Niger my brother had cystic fibrosis my older brother wondered about and his name was out and my dad named us after airplanes was named Douglas after the McDonnell Douglas DC craft a brother living out the yard had a tough time with cystic fibrosis but growing up with a name falcon Batchelor they really tease him a lot but he really struggled breathing is breathing and I remember not too long before my brother Hathaway delivered a thirty five row walking around a golf course one day you try to relevant needs stop in the coffin event and we talk and walks more and if you know that you knew how religious I was even if there's a God is not very fair that's what he said he simple why would he make you so healthy and so stupid and he made me so smart but I'm sick this is the waste brother to talk to specify anything you know I I give everything I have if I could have your lungs and got to know my brother he stated he was good I was the black sheep in the family and he will work for dad as long as his health permitted he had a house on the beach in Miami the boat in the new car in the poison I decided everything I had if I can help little more of this life he knew he was from and I never forgot he didn't even believe in everlasting life he was willing to give everything for a little more of this life flight Daniel said and then you can enter a link cleaning of your tranquility just a little longer and longer some of us are praying to God will heal us you might be sick so you can live a little longer and sing-along your person we pray about it is that we might yield for eternity but you might have everlasting life sailors are throwing every thing overboard again move along Earl never gets on the Delaware at Sutherland throwing everything overboard and it says that Jonah had gone down at the lowest parts of the ship and had laid down and was fast asleep not only sleeping he's snoring the enough I had seen several people weekly a few people sleep in my church on seven and I understand I fall asleep in church before sometimes it just the spirit willing to the flesh is weak on one of talking about but when people begin to snore at how wildlife that enough little different so the captain is down in the lowest parts of the ship looking notebook hardship was in as usually the stirrings of dollars higher than one defined in the New Testament someone sleeping in the lowest part of the boat during the storm no sign will be given but the sign of Jonah Jesus said if you want to know who I am again revealed just and he says what you mean all sleeper arise and call on your God perhaps you're going to consider us that we may not perish in the disciples with Jesus up and say Lord around the middle of the sea in the storm with the waves and the wind and he was asleep in the lowest part of the ship and they will come up and ask the question master care is not fouled that we perish do you not care that we're perishing what a question asking as Jesus cared workers they were in that storm in that boat failing for all they had throwing everything overboard and they forgot Jesus wasn't about and what they needed to do was wait Jesus up he was right there with them and whenever storm you might be going through it might be a supernatural storm might be storm of your making sometimes we need to turn to Jesus and say Lord I'm perish when you wake up rise of sleeper your God perhaps you'll consider the rest that we may not pierce and here's my question friends will not consider us that we may not perish why did Jesus come because he doesn't want us to appear and they said to one another what's cast lots that we might know for whose causes trouble is come upon us why is this happening so they cast lots and the lot fell on Jonah was somebody in the New Testament casting lots near Jesus at the cross no sign will be given but the sign of Jonah and they turned again and turned to this runaway profit and they say please tell us where looking for answers and you got the answers you know there's been a be a day I believe the Seventh-day Adventist church is the equivalent of Israel today that God is not also an event once again to be saved we got as many problems as ancient Israel may be more of the devils and practicing but what makes a similar is in the same way that God is committed to the people of Israel the oracles of truth in the Old Testament he committed his words and then he has committed his truth to this movement in a special way we got all the same fruits and nuts in the church and problems and ups and downs of hypocrisy we got all the things Israel had a man but we got the answers Jesus said the woman at the well when she was arguing about what mountain worship on this let's settle this right here and now salvation is of the Jews now there's good people in many religions and there's a lot of people looking for truth and are elements of truth in every religion but Jesus said salvation is of the Jews Paul said to the Jew first wife because he had given them the truth the word they had well if I was to modernize that statement what Jesus would say today is I have given the absence of truth one approach but maybe we forget we don't appreciate the colorless room service was causes trouble upon us and what is your occupation and where you come from and what is your country and what people are you past seven questions first-hand this is why you don't mess as a good question why would you go West when God says no he's really disobeyed God did you run from the Lord in the finally big question verse eleven what shall we do to you that the see may become for us for the sea was growing more tempestuous you notice it says here a mighty wind inverse for a mighty tempest in verse four verse eleven more tempestuous Jonah finally comes with wikis finally woken up and he realizes that is now paying for running from God and he said to them pick me up and throw me into the sea then the sea will become call for you is making a prophecy is a prophet for I know that distant this is because of me no one is a tempest in the world today is because of Jesus it's because the devil hates Jesus is a great controversy between good and evil and the reason of the double torments you and me is because Jesus loves you and the way for him to hurt Jesus is by hurting you and you're just being used as pawns in a much bigger cosmic conflict between Christ and Satan and Jonas that is because of me wider than shoulder just say look I know this is all my fault on the jump overboard if you'll set up a plank along the flank when you so you must Romeo you must offer me because he's a type of Christ in the story and the only way to organize peace from the storm isn't we accept Jesus as our sacrifice we need to take responsibility for offering him but they don't want to do that in some ways these pagan sailors are more humane visit don't even know our lives are on the line and we may perish although it would be like murder were respecting your lies were to do that and so they do everything they can to save themselves by their works nevertheless the men who rode hard to bring the ship to land but they could not notice year for the sea continued to grow more tempestuous against the therefore they cried out to the Lord finally they realize what the ship is just floundering it's about to go down any moment if there's any hope at all and what this man is saying what difference does it make wrong about the parish with you more board just a few seconds before we go down when we got to lose but they were still afraid of having innocent blood on their hands when they faced on the judgment and so they prayed and I cried out to the Lord said we pray oh Lord you notice the not trained to their gods with a small key not talking to Jehovah they were really frightened when Jonas and I am either of you and I serve the God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all these different gods another printer Jehovah we trail Lord please do not let us cherish for this man's life I do not charge us with innocent blood the pilot saith the trial I find no fault in him with Jesus it is for you oh Lord and God isn't pleased you says in Isaiah fifty three it pleased the Lord to bruise him for our sakes so they picked up Jonah and they threw him into the sea and the sea cease from its rate and the man who fears the Lord exceedingly and they offered a sacrifice to the Lord of the needed files to me covenants with God after they offer Jonah Jonah was willing sacrifice was any was Jesus a willing sacrifice they said this is innocent blood they declared that Jesus was innocent for human sacrifice they cast lots there were lots that were cast across and as soon as Jonah awoken from his sleep awakened from his sleep tossed overboard always in the waves for now the win immediately stop blowing the sea had not just the common there was a great calm he became glassy client and still see Jonah floundering in the water it up from the deep they saw what they first thought was little fishy for the water becomes so peaceful and clear they realize it was a little fishy as it came to the topic is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and pretty soon they saw that it was monstrous and there is the goal the splash as it broke the surface of the water enveloping John in his room on one single goal and then it wiggled his massive tail and slid beneath the surface and it says then the men fear the Lord exceedingly now the Lord seventeen have prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights now I don't know I will take a moment and talk about this this because this is been a troublesome burst many people did you read there in Matthew chapter twelve for as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the Earth three days and three nights so what day of the week was Jesus crucified Friday correct and so he was late in the two Friday afternoon Jesus even get the Sabbath in his death went to sleep this before Sabbath woke up after was over so all that will be part of Friday August seventh to Friday night and Saturday night he rises Sunday morning but Matthew specifically says three days and three nights how you reconcile those two were you only got enough to do a part of three days are Friday Saturday or Sunday but you don't have free nights but she might help you with that everyone automatically assumes that the heart of Europe as the two where in the Bible does it call the heart of Europe the two the word they are used in the great war Jesus says it is cardiac units the heart commits it's talking about in the grip 's house in the middle for three days and three nights Jesus was suffering for the sins of the world like Jonah was in the belly of the fish when does the suffering of Christ began was it when he died on the cross or did he begin suffering in Gethsemane not affected in the garden Gethsemane four times you read the Gospels Jesus says right around the time of his betrayal the rest of knowledge the hour now is the hour this is the hour now is the something began Thursday night after Jesus inaugurated the new covenant with the Last Supper Thursday night they went to the garden Euphrates and not my will my will be done three times sweating blood the mom came he then began to suffer for the sins of the world I think about this for just a moment every other time in the life of Jesus when someone came to arrest him he just disappeared or is slipped with her fingers and they never really touched I think even Judas thought the price was to do something to free himself somehow but he didn't do it this time he can chain you to allow them to beat him and to torture him he was buffeted in the trial and Mark and with and his sufferings were Thursday night healthy person is not just death penalty for sin is suffering and death the wicked do not just die in the lake of fire every man is rewarded according to his works is not right Jesus began to suffer for our sins Thursday night Friday night Saturday night he rose Sunday morning three days and three nights he was in the heart of your father has nothing to do with the two we pray the Lord 's prayer I will be done in earth as it is in heaven doesn't mean that intervenes in the Laurel for three days for a nice Jesus was in the clutches of the devil like a sea monster he was carried wherever that okay he went from trial to trial from mom to mom said no sign will be given the sign of Jonah now here's the part of the story especially to which permits don't know the Bible tells us had a rough in a rough three days I believe this is a true story I don't talk to me about while this can't swallow another is one modern story of someone James Bartley is a modern eighteen ninety one with the Whaler wailing off the Falcons Giants eighty foot sperm whale there to vote sent the Spirit is spirit the boat went down to twenty hundred feline with him came back up and ran one about sending all the men flying off in the water one was never found Getman got back to the boat and articulate women disappeared they got back to the boat and since the Whaler die they went on with her work of butchering the whale twelve hours later they got to the gut of the Whalen they saw something moving inside opened it up and there was getting partly inside unconscious but still alive and to this day you can find his grave back in England he gave up sailing as you might imagine my phone message sailing and wailing doesn't matter to me whether it was a whale weather was a sperm whale can swallow a manly giant squid valine whales cannot they eat plankton it could've been enjoying group write about the Lord prepare a fresh cigarette a special fantasy relevance of free fish there were two fish across the radioactive waste they are not only the Lord can do it I just don't sound right all things are possible to godly support fish and what also struck me as something that gives me shivers is that of Giotto was alive inside the digestive system of the creature that there's evidently didn't you go to swallow want to thanks a lot Joe could've been there fighting for a little pocket of air inside the government fish in there could've been jellyfish in the other little octopus on with the pluralist octopi I can you must buy luminescent things flashes delivers stinging and even their most underlying he could be in there three days three ninths ago Bible tells us that Jonah prayed from the belly of the fish I like Jesus prayer in the garden is supposed how can God hear a prayer like that we're trying to build a studio in California make it back for taking our warehouse were trying to convert the warehouse we resisted doing it for years as it's an industrial area and is loud and noisy Italian is now that we can insulative enough sort in a carefully insulate the space to do some recording and it's amazing to me that they can do it so you knock any of the trucks going by the railroad with railroad nearby working quiet recording talk about ultimate insulation to be inside a fish at the bottom of the mountains how could God see you there I don't want to run from God I think a little voice said from when he felt his ears getting compressed down the bottom of the fish in the bottom of that the mountains Marianna trench and onset is as far before you jump you wanted a run from health this year peace now and Jonah prayed I'd should love it as soon as you turn to God to matter where you are gotten here yet and shall fray Eric can reach the Lord in his Temple it says right here that he prayed to God in his temple he went down to the bottom announcement in chapter two verse seven is my prayer one out to you in your temple in God could hear Jonah 's prayer from the bottom of the mountains inside the fish in a dark black ocean scuba diving once you go down a hundred feet it's a really dark a year ago Karen nine when diving in Belize with the largest fish in the world are the shark whales and we didn't know whether or not you never know we had the boys with us and while it was pretty exciting we saw forum come up from the deep and we were down sixty feet they were eighty feet and also needs Leviathan came up Jonah the massive big whale sharks before siding that was when a nurse shark swam by Nathan and I at the same time from player got heard his prayer giving God hears your prayer how far away is it given to farm or you can call out to him and God heard his prayer and he commanded the fish in the fish the fish vomited Jonah onto dry land and I heard one path to say that a hypocrite we can make official nauseous so then what happens while you know there is as pursuant to read you is an amazing actually it's like a verse it's a quote from the book Moby Dick it's amazing amazing piece of literature in the book there's a sermon about Jonah and it's an incredible piece of English literature describing this experience Herman Melville says here the wins and tears in the whale artist or me a dismal gloom while all got sunlit waves rolled by and lift the deepening down to down I saw the opening model Rachel with endless pains and sorrows they are not as a midfield can tell all I was plunged into despair in black distress I called my God when I could scarce believe in mine the now disappeared to hear my complaints no more the whale didn't need confined with speedy fruit from my relief is on a radiant dolphin born awful yet right is enlightening shown the face of my delivery drawn my song forever shall record the terrible that joyful our I give the glory to my God is all the mercy of power who words describing an experience of being so far from God and yet having him here you know it's amazing about this Jonathan comes out of the fish and the world worked from Sedona the second time when people work Lord says in the second same thing it said to him the first time it's that arise and go and it tells us that Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days journey now let's another versus dollars struggle with because even if John was burped out I got so good the fish of the regurgitated Jonah becomes when the last hundred yards but he swam right up to the beach once he repented God forgive me so paying red carpet treatment rolled out his red convert from right out there on the shore not his and he probably took him to the closest part of the Mediterranean if you want to transit the desert and get to Nineveh but on the fastest horse going a hundred and twenty miles a day you have to change horses every day I would be three days journey with a long way since it was an exceeding great city of three days journey and then he entered the city happenings journey and then he preached in forty years and forty days rather it would be destroyed think about friends how long was the ministry of Jesus ministry from his baptism two is that how long three and a half years was a name prophecy Jonah goes three and a half days into Nineveh and begins to preach that in forty days it would be destroyed didn't Jesus say to the children of Israel this generation will not pass away for long I think be fulfilled speaking of the destruction of the Temple for one thing he may have prediction about thirty eighty seventy eighty forty years later it was destroyed Jesus is no sign will be given to this generation of the sign of Jonah in the same way to Christ's resurrection should've been assigned for them that they needed to repent that's why Jesus of the people of Nineveh will rise up against this generation is the freaking of Jonah and a greater than Jonah is here so we can run from God for your life it's a good plan people will be saved although finally does the University preaches anything to kill me any minute but you know God has been working on their hearts before told ever got there you've been working on them with the Holy Spirit the people were convicted of their sins and when Jonas showed up and he begins to preach and might help a little bit that you still have octopi tentacles they handed is was a little plates and had a story about big fish story the Jesus used fishermen for website Jesus preach the truth with fisherman is hope for all of us right the people repent the thing was almost a revival theaters revival in the Bible comes as a result until the preaching and healing in the one hundred and eighty whole nation houses repent and make the animals repent the king some leaders analysts are going from here down to the poorest of Jonah 's man he thought the government is for the enlightened Phil Hatteberg love his enemies he goes up there and waits for the city to be destroyed God makes up Gordon growing the Gore girls when God tells it to and God brings a warm along the worm eats the Gordon somebody wrote down that the story of Jonah covers every aspect of life it covers economics he paid a fair meter olives he was a storm oceanography there were waves marine biology big fish sociology the sailors in the Ninevites zoology politics botany the board etymology the worm everything is covered in this story you notice everybody in the story listens to the sailors listen to God the storm listens to God the waves listen to God the whale listens to God the worm listens to God the board listens to God everyone listens to God Joan Rooney John is here today are there some here that you know the Lord has been calling you he has worked for you to do and even resisting doing it but maybe some realizing your down the whaling you've been struggling with in Captain because of your sins and you want to be free we'll got here your prayer is gone too far if the Lord can recharge you can reach you like to invite our musicians to the begin sharing and I'd like to make an appeal that affect with some people prepare to believe that house of cards to give out and if they would do that at this time and then we'll close with prayer and got surprised we would like to pray for you and there are people who are working with you I see team that will follow as well as we can I would like this done to train right now I hope you like this people places to go out during the spring respect present got spirit here right now I have you heard us speaking your heart will is there is perhaps I like him and him and I like him now to see you online was Windows thousand saying him and grant done in as I don't have a man in a lower frame is where you don't have special special prayer may be realize God is calling you in resisting maybe even running the wrong direction Lord I will follow your women do your will for my life I want out of the storm of the aware I have uninvited and every once in Louisiana right up here right now you simply delete for someone else do something crazily as a Alaska photography a human file a similar one of these days only to surrender all to you annually I have a really the best time to do God 's will that we were hearing God you will greatly worried about what someone else might think we're going to enroll synergy received by God 's grace not only with these things some of you feel like you've been on a wheel I you want off you know it's because you're not surrendering to the Lord you can do that right now is to change alone is not very far to hear your human and Christian institution and unite in a short holiday is over and you resist you haven't surrendered it one of my County decision Lord I usually am willing to go wherever you want to know serve wherever you want in a pretty and other probably people out it was in your heart when his public appeal like this I think a lot of it is only by a feeling something happen inside you that if you like the one for the free one would have to do it we don't have to but I think at some point along the way if that is publicly into confessing he will confess you need for the life you have any device right with about the records following prayer tournament arthritis is more I really moment longer and make the way is a successful in your heart that God is present here right now father we thank you for this Sabbath thank you Lord for her presence here right now in your work we thank you for the message of hope and warning this unusual book we all find ourselves in the story somewhere in storm in this world and we know the U.S. Senate your son here repeats it we must offer just as sailors found this when they offered an online piece when you know and having always what some of us are going through all kinds of trials has been run from you is your John here is where the belly that sea monster then we believe you here on earth right now you not that we deserve communities board were afraid you'll was afraid you will is afraid to go to Nineveh were afraid sometimes surrender but was the trust in you working together for the whole city would enlist we noticed that you want to reach in my life when one is going around your spirit in each person 's life work especially no litter making decisions than women and therefore here's the Bill of Rights it was a blessing on board if he's right around and I pray that as your church and your people we will week up and realize the world around us his parish and will be willing thank you yes this review is only a this media was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more than he would like to know more about hothouse will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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