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The Delay

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • February 18, 2012
    4:00 PM
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thank you very much music but we do have a few more vital questions if that's okay with you the reason we stopped earlier since you needed a break in his battery went dead I told him my battery was fine but it is Michael Lu Lu of the first questions if God is loving why does he allow bad things to happen to good people three winners J old B not job Job the whole book of Job addresses the question if God is good and why do bad things happen to good people job Job is that it was a perfect and upright man and all that stuff befell him and he tells really that there's a battle going on behind the scenes this world is about to field any normal sometimes their unison collateral casualties in all of these people that they are good people who are suffering because of the sin and the disease and sickness in the world is because there is more going on is available and I know that might sound like a touchy dancer but really that's the story of Job tells us about is that the devil is accusing people and this has seen that happen sometimes got allowed to be tested as a demonstration of his faithfulness and that we can be faithful even amidst trial how can I witnessed the people who don't know Christ without them influencing me all that is a very important question how do you try to reach the lost lobbying reach my own loss missionary families go to remote pagan parts of the world where there's around with all countries even him a end and their children are exposed to those things I think that if you're going into a situation like that whether it's witnessing to do some friends in the workplace of our university was not a Christian university you really need to pray that God will compensate by giving you his Spirit in England humbly i.e. the things he stands needs to take heed lest he fall if you've got friends of a drinking problem make up your mind not to witness to them at the bar you know I mean because you don't want to be drawn in and if you're a new Christian a lot of new Christians at all you normally go back to my church and try and reach all my old friends make sure that your roots are down deep enough to withstand the winds that are to come to be grounded in what you believe before you go and try and reach people who were obviously won't be influenced to Jesus in a time that Judas was going to betray him why did he still accepts him as a disciple that also is a marvelous question separately Judas was one of the twelve that Harry notices crisis nachos and full of you one of these the devil you read in the book desire of ages and that was partially a choosing a partially a volunteering there is a certain scribe came to Jesus as the Lord all follow you wherever you go our students and Jesus knowing that he was looking for earthly gain since foxes have holes and birds of the air happiness of the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head he was letting him know if you're following me for the gain don't do it and all the other apostles and the whole board he'd be a great party your inner circle she so frightened so sharpen so good looking and well dressed he described and Jesus I think really allow this to be part of that inner circle at the recommendation of the others as a thought hit so much to offer but he cannot informed his way in a little bit and Jesus allow you when owning a business working for a company is it okay to fudge the rules if they don't hurt anyone well five is not a biblical word him and not even a healthy word but I think what you mean by plugging the rules the I am old-fashioned I think you can go to hell for stealing somebody's pencil is like you can go to hell for stealing a million dollars I think stealing is stealing and I I believe that Christians should be above board and honest and have good ethics and should be especially in the workplace and yet you might be persecuted when you stand up for what's right but Peter said as it were better for persecuted for doing what's right and doing was wrong so while the guy I think we should be consistent Christian witnesses K you can say amen that's okay even biblical sources checking afternoon I know all that overpriced the soybeans it's hard to get an amen outside with good people who will not receive the word of God be just as able to go to heaven as someone who has known God and follow got all their lives while you do not get in trouble answering this question but I want to give you an honest answer will there be people in heaven who maybe did not know the truth about Jesus and accepting Jesus as their personal savior yes the Bible tells us many will come from the East and the West the Sedona Kingdom with Abraham Isaac and Jacob some of the children of the kingdom will be an outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth the Bible is clear in the book of acts that there is no other name given among men whereby we must be safe and nobody what goes to heaven except through Jesus how do you reconcile the two things anyone who is there is there because of the sacrifice and the grace of God so people there who want to him all the way they had available in but maybe they never heard the entire story about Jesus maybe you have some elements of truth became through divine revelation in dreams and visions are angels and they walked in that light but they didn't have the Bible and they didn't know the whole gospel story but they were God 's children we find examples of them in the a.m. and in the woman that Elijah stayed with during the famine that Jesus nearly got thrown off the cliff when he stood up in Nazareth and he said there were many widows in the land in the days of the drought during the time of Elijah but all I didn't stay with an Israeli woman he stayed with a woman aside opinion and there were many lepers in the land of Israel but none of those Israeli lepers are church members we feel that something am in the ceiling and the people in Jesus Church was so outrageously just about the try to kill because basically was saying there will be others seem to maybe do not know everything and even the human after he was cleansed from his leprosy he said the lifestyle are not worship any God but Jehovah not need immunity from Israel back to when you pray on kneeling on the soil of his real but recently it had these have mercy on your servant in this one case the King is an old man he leans on me when I take him to the house of music on our ability got big on whatever's God was in Nam and understood the Jews did not believe in idolatry and Elisha told him go in peace famine Suzanne I'm not in worship that God anymore I'm only worshiping Jehovah but I need to push the wheelchair for the King when he goes to church him to understand he's a loving God and so I think there to be a lot of people out there numbed some of my best friends would tell me am a heretic by saying all those people who lived in the link at Empire the never heard about Jesus or the aborigines in Australia for millennia but never heard the gospel story how we seen that they are all automatically logs company reached in any other way I think it will be some who will get the heaven of the Lord what happened your hands they haven't heard the whole story and then Jesus of whom much is given much is required the judges us according to the life that we receive if you have known what did not have what you did not see you would not have any sin but once you see your sin remains think that's John in chapter nine so it's a principle but very few do the dirty exception we want to preach the gospel to the loss because most people don't know how do we go about many learning when learning how do we discern what is good and what is bad when it all seems features well you know what really you looking for I just find a copy handful trying to live up to the old way there is new life it got been revealed when we should evaluate everything based on the word of God dependable Christian Council and the evidence in history but and I do believe God has these revealing to his people so ultimately it has all measure up to the word is actually processing the spirit of prophecy you can find how we should evaluate that's only don't force we try to follow that in our church with the Bible research Institute and getting good counsel in evaluating things we set up different committees and studies a look at the different components shall do I not be afraid of the second coming however how is it that we won't be fine by the second coming but you know I think that it can be an awesome events even for the same think there's an element of care and that's okay you can be excited about marrying someone and scared at the same time you don't say I don't mean you don't love them if you're not scared of the wedding day and do you come to the Lord is an awesome thing but I think for those who look forward to it's like Paul it's the blessed hope and we look forward to with joy they'll say I believe advising this is low this is our God we waited for him and he will save us but a first of all if you've got a piece that you are living according to the likely God has given you you shouldn't be afraid Jesus said I never counted myself I think Dwight Moody was the one who first said this but he said there are over three hundred and sixty five fear not in the Bible or some something like do not be afraid someday like fear not another one fear not for every B of the year over and over Jesus said why are you afraid where is your faith he does not want us to live in that kind of fear Christians should be known by people who are peaceful now there should be attracted to us because of the serenity and peace Greenpeace and they that love I want nothing will offend them and so if you're walking in the local with the Lord and you know Jesus 's got control of your life and ass are feeding us as if we know that we're with you that he's right by her side all the time that should encourage the same in the one or two more this is lastly I have okay and is not okay grid the second coming to me is very vague is there a way to study to clarify my worries thank you very much your John W less questions that segues perfectly and what I want to study and are our final moments either sure appreciate that any given hand and thank him for him to see that the company you know in our theme not very far one of the things I wanted to impress on you in closing is precipitately than this we should know if anything is not very far it's coming of the Lord the New Testament says even so come Lord Jesus last words to behold I come quickly and if I been this stop believing in the imminent return of Jesus then will undo us I mean we have to change your name and vote Sunday maybe it's something we need to have some certainty in our lives about his promise to return and we all know that he's in a come Sunday and done evil people and been saying for years all the Lord 's covenant some people say how many of you heard about Quentin Harold camping was sitting that these were May twenty one NR team for Barbara came here with us they went down the interview him face-to-face and were asking questions we did a video on a commercial is we knew a lot of people were to be devastated I did an interview with Fox news in Sacramento and I thought was so on the pastor a Christian pastor would say no I do not think the Lord is becoming twenty one I can say with uncertainties are coming May twenty one the thought is not so strange for net lease was certain that the Lord is not coming I just was quite sure that God has not revealed all that the Harold camping is with you to be the final trumpet out of favor with the family nobody at the second coming several times also there's still some things that have to happen globally that haven't happened yet but we do see the signs accelerating and I didn't tell the newscasters I do believe the Lord is coming soon I think that we are living in the generation that will witness this I just didn't think it was going to be made twenty one and now they're saying the owners Mayan calendar Nostradamus is nearly December twenty one two thousand twelve and people are to stabbing in the dark how do we know when the literal day of the Lord 's coming is near to the church as a people we like to know if we could fix the date that the risk is that like when the tax day comes around you wait for the last minute before you file everyone waits until the day before their taxes this year 's the sixteenth of April figures fifteen to Sunday so as of the seventeenth auto when it is not like other taxes but I just know that we had a date we would probably wait until a few weeks or months before then we start getting excited the Lord to come for anybody here within twenty four hours they could be your last day in and out within the next conscious thought is when the Lord descends from heaven with a shout assuming you're in the first resurrection right so we need to leave as though he's coming any time but there is in the b-day in the Lord gives us the science and I see in the world around us not only would things happening with politics and the economy in the natural disasters by I think one of the greatest scientists in the church is not only the technology just going exponentially exploding the way it is an international travel and it's like the Lord said as he did in short that time no flesh would survive man would self-destruct him down the road now if the Lord is coming soon when you see was happening to the environment and I'm not I'm not an environmental cook but I just know that in the short time I've been a pilot for about twenty five or thirty years the perspective from the air it's really changing on the ground this world is gobbled up pretty fast and if the Lord doesn't come we will ultimately destroy the world will destroy ourselves forget the weapons in our minutes in the news everyday people worried about Iran getting a nuclear weapon in North Korea getting a nuclear weapon what can happen if somebody has a bad name for something reckless but you know I don't worry about that when I don't sleep at night but endorsed coming soon I will exactly when I think it's sooner than most of us think sooner than someone and turn in your Bibles with me for Jesus talks about the second coming as Matthew chapter twenty four for just a moment first forty five hundred and trying to quickly who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his master made ruler over his household to give them their food in these in due season Blessed is that servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing assuredly I save you that he will make him ruler over all his goods if that will serve as says in his heart while my master is dealing a book that were the lane he has shown up yet seems like he's running behind his late if he says in his heart maybe more time than I thought that can be a very dangerous concept there is a safe defining influence in believing that and him wearing has an individual is healthy and Solomon tells us Ecclesiastes you better going to the house of mourning than the house of feasting for the living lonely at the heart that is the involvement were just here for a little while automatically his friends but I got a doctor 's report in the Bible it says on terminal I told you my brother was terminal he told one time is a diagonal terminal but I feel better knowing your terminal to is that you probably got more time than me and that's really what were all talking of these bodies are especially in color for your young and you feel invigorated near peak of performance it's easy to forget that any Goliaths and we need to remember that but beyond that as a people there is a day when God is in the set of his little kingdom in this world that he's been bringing into the devil 's reign in this world that Jesus is to come triumphantly if that evil servant says in his heart a massive delay is coming and begins to beat his fellow servants and you can drink with the drunken master of that servant will come in a day that is not looking for Jesus in such analogy think about the Son of Man comes in our youth not aware of Mark chapter thirteen five times Jesus is watch watch watch watch the four times actually having four times as he wants us to be watching the way we watch is in the sense of expectation the Lord is telling us to look forward to be expected in this is a terrible rebellion is happening down here don't think this is the status quo Jesus is to come back and you know what I think is one of the greatest signs you are I have the attitude among God 's people but sleeping just before the big event is half the size notice what it says that evil servant says in his heart my lord belief is coming he begins to beat his fellow servants we can do that verbally announced and even drink with the drunken master bathroom well they do not looking for any accrediting to appoint him his portion with the hypocrites and not be weeping and gnashing of teeth there is no chapters in the original what does Jesus say right after the end of chapter twenty four and the kingdom of heaven will be like and of the ten virgins it took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom five were wise and five were foolish those who were foolish took glanced that no oil no reserve for the wise took oil in their vessels of the Rams notice verse five but while the bridegroom was to get my delay in say with me delay T I think that part of the entire profit scenario is clear with the apparent delay I remember when we didn't New York in New York City that was the really exciting thing to be part of I will never forget that I told Karen even while I was happy to take it all in to get in high definition because we are living through piece of history now that will never be able to equal again firstly F11 on the millennium to get to know other millennial transfer but to be in New York City when the New York Yankees are playing the New York Mets in nineteen ninety nine in Hillary Clinton's running for Senate in the New York Marathon and here we are preaching in the world and take all the amazing fact evangelist of the top of the World Trade Center three times free for the city little did we know is pretty sunny and everybody thought the world in the year two thousand Y2K take all your money out of a fine garbanzo beans for the Hills 's final people that they cut up your credit cards and tried to get off the grid from everybody to thought that would be the end of it Y2K was the mother of all false alarms and you know I told people it's on tape if you don't believe me during the ninety nine percent of people are coming in your two thousand because you're expecting and the Bible says there's going to be an apparently and here we are now we've reached a six thousand year mark from creation approximately at least two thousand years beyond Jesus birth we know that that was another group that are pegging the second coming of two thousand years beyond Jesus death everybody's looking for data they can hammer in the wall somewhere but right now tricky kind of treading water in their sleep this is the most golden opportunity for evangelism that we never had doors are opening up like crazy but people are beginning to wonder well maybe my more the lease is coming that is one of the most dangerous things we could do and it is foretold your member when the children of Israel were going through the wilderness and I got the ten Commandments Lords of the ten Commandments of Moses I'm going to get a written transcript their Nexus chapter thirty two preset ongoing I'll come back but he didn't tell exactly when he was coming back after forty days went by the thought that you know those ten Commandments it doesn't take that long to write about what's taking so long so it will happen to them when you read in the Bible does when Moses delayed when Moses delete what happened the church became restless and you know what else happened they begin to compromise their worship are you listening the enemy they became restless and they began to make compromises and then they made a golden calf and they began to wonder you shall only remove a very harder to sacrifice a portion in the name party and Moses is coming down the mountain and Joshua know I was halfway up the weak form of Moses and the sea we need to hurry down to the camp there's a war in the camp I can hear it irrevocable to set this up that's not the sound you hear those who cry for being overcome leaders of the sound of those who rejoice for victory but it's the sound of those who sing that I hear now if the church is hot or cold that's okay it's the lukewarm it were shouting for victory praise the Lord therefore crying because we've been overwhelmed in repentance like Peter that's okay but it's the it's the in between indifference is becoming preoccupied with the world at abortion when they saw that Moses delayed I made a golden calf and then he came could that happen to people again that the only kind of a by the way there were some faithful that would not participate the Levites were not get involved in this wicked orgy that's going on right now means of becoming a priest of Israel and the story working soul 's annual profits on the give you great victory over the Philistines are miniscule your kingdom this is the first Samuel chapter ten percent of conversing is that you will go before meeting UL and I will come to you and offer burnt offering when the children of Israel first crossed over there by the Jordan they offered sacrifices kneeled down to renew the kingdom there is the site will come after seven days how long after seventies according to the time set by Samuel is in wait for me him this is then the first thing you need seven days you shall wait until I can't wait till I come don't get discouraged well then you jumped on the first annual chapter thirteen King Saul 's got his ragtag soldiers these waiting pennies waiting and finally after six season comes in the end of the sixteen the seventh date on sandal is still not clear his men are beginning to get spirit are hiding their deserting printing fulfillment we need we need to muster forces and fight because were not have an army left if we don't go into battle pretty soon I can't wait any longer for Samuel bring their sacrifice offer and some assault by visit now you realize that you're a king in your Vegemite and you're not supposed to be making the offering that something that the priests are supposed to be like Samuel wait for him Anna was the people that God wants to do the expedient thing let's do it right now as we offered sacrifice announces afternoon then in Samuel K and that's her traffic when you think about it because he told Saul I could've established your kingdom at distances as soon as you finish offering the burnt offering this is enough for Samuel thirteen verse ten as soon as you finish offering the burnt offering Samuel came someone out to meet him and greeted him cynicism what did you do consultant will assault of the people were scattering from ED had a lot of rationalizations in the unit of the company that is appointed the Philistines were gathering together to match the rest of the Philistines will come to fight no not yet made supplication before therefore I force myself and offered burnt offering and Samuel said to Saul you have done foolishly you cannot keep the commandment of the Lord your God commanded you for novel board would have established your kingdom over Israel forever the way he a monarchy of David he would've made a monarchy of Saul and Saul had just found on a little longer but when Samuel was the lady lost faith the delays is a prophesy time of testing that God is built into the chronology of the last days there is a time of testing that were in it right now I believe that this is the time for us to hang on to our faith but the recent verse fourteen but your kingdom will not continue because he got discouraged during the delay we got a lot of examples of this mama God is telling us that we need to learn to trust him and to hang on you can read in Romans thirteen birth eleven twelve and knowing the time now it is high time to awake out of sleep like those convergence of her sleep for now our salvation is nearer than we believe the night is far spent it is at handling processes therefore we prepared during this time of the link and let us cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light God is wanting his people to experience and provide you believe I want one don't you I will be everything that Christ told his people to be we have to be before he comes back to the Lord told us that there would be announced in the last days he prophesied that this was happening you can read in second Peter three verse three and for no dispersants offers will come in the last days walking according to their lusts and scene where is the promise of his coming February this offers Peter talking about shoppers in the world and have always been stopped in the world beset shockingly is talking about scoffers in the church word that is off the people get excited about this soon necessary the nearness of Christ coming now that doesn't mean you should plan for a long time I think we should I think we ought to occupy till he comes and will plan ahead but I think we ought to live every day like it could be our last plan for a thousand years old at the same time we are to live holy lives as Oracle BR last day but in our business and in our planning with a plan like God wants to work to go around the world and plan for the future he said provoke on elastase walking after their own lusts and one of the Saint Mary's promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep things continue as they were from the beginning of creation you know if you read in Revelation chapter ten verse five and six it says there was an angel I saw standing on the sea and on the land and he raised his hand to heaven and he swore by him who lives forever and ever who created the heaven and the things that are rented in the earth of the things that are rented Tennessee and the things that are entered there should be readers in the new King James version I think it's a little more accurate it doesn't just sing their sweet time no longer because there should be delay no longer why would Revelation tell us that there should be no more delay and less service he some apparent delay hunting about for second got seems to work on a pattern the sixties you work on the restaurant and the approximate time of creation was about four thousand Florida Bishop Usher chronology whether it's offered few years I don't know what is approximate you can have the ages in the Bible and get close and eighty two thousand years from Adam to Abraham to get the age of the patriarchs have peanut for Mozilla no one got him the message went through them had the net was a preacher of righteousness he preached the second coming of many that Abraham is born about two thousand four BC and for the next two thousand years he got the age of the Jews from Abraham Beagle two thousand years about four BC Jesus is born God 's spiritual Israel or the Church I don't confuse his people to Christ would be born four years before Christ but when establishes a BBC dating method is a staff best they could at the calendar they were all a little bit we know now by the way Jesus began his ministry when he was thirty he was twenty seven A.D. when he was baptized that on also tell you that but that means if you go from there nineteen ninety six would've been two thousand years from the birth of Christ approximately but you are not setting a date is everyone on the path to that entity what I'm trying to emphasize is if you were in a set of the ball on if you can go to Gauthier from his birth is and how long we spend during the millennium and have been living in reigning with Christ a thousand years six days you work one day he rested a little more like a thousand years files in your genocidal like a day when it is gone this is pattern in the Bible Esquire reigned over the land six years we could clean the site was hidden in the temple of the Lord the son of David Joab sexually Kidman the temple of the Lord at the end of her secure the ring he comes out trumpets are blown actually decided against the chief killed he's chlorinated people are shouting in the second company says it happens after six years comic con in March around the city of Jericho thirteen times one toxic days and then the second thing right and then on some of the early morning blowing the trumpets Jericho fell they took possession of the promised land this scenarios in the Bible that are like this Melissa stated the balls base of Mount Sinai sixties on the seventh day he calls Moses up in the clouds in Mark chapter nine Jesus said there are some of you standing here who will not taste of death until you see the kingdom of God come with power alliances that whole experience amount of transfiguration is a microcosm of the second coming Jesus makes that statement and it says after six days he took them up on eighty one sixty is a pattern having up to six thousand years Jesus is forty times in the spirit of prophecy Ellen White says six thousand years so I think there's a pattern here that means a user and what's wrong to believe or is maintenance of an apparent delay may be the time of testing right now for God is finding out both her to hang on summons of the difference between a hero and a coward is usually five minutes a year low last five minutes longer they hang on they hold out five minutes long are we willing to hang on to hold out for the Lord without him we can do anything with them we can do everything a man advocates Chapter two verse three for the vision is for appointed time but at the end it will speak and it will not lie though it carries weight for it was this because it will surely come it will not tarry me so it carries him for it is a well-known journalist it appears that Kerry God has given a special message of salvation these people in the last days I believe he's even a special message for the world to the Seventh-day Adventist movement at a time when the world is right for this message when we should just be filled with the power of God in his spirit and going everywhere with her face is illuminating telling the world that Jesus is coming soon were beginning to second-guess our message and I am so sad because I know what it was like out there in the world not having this message and I know it's the truth is I studied with many different churches before I understood this message and it is still biblical I have no allegiance to the Seventh-day Adventist church as far as my family or anyone brought up in the church 's Noel Stegall if I want to be a Bible Christian I have nowhere else to go to the Bible truth don't ever be ashamed of this message is not a something Richard you might want to write about him don't be ashamed of the message amen it's the truth in order still with his people he hasn't left us he's right here with us he's not very far away and he hasn't left you he's got a plan for you he wants you to be ready when he comes somebody just sent me an interesting bit of history last week I thought it would be worth sharing with you I understand that there is a tradition among the Cherokee that when a boy within a go through a rite of passage from boy to man that they do father would take the Boyle woods and he had to sit for a night in the woods by himself blindfolded without removing the blindfold and moving off the longer stumper he was sitting in the pretty frightening for ten or eleven -year-old boy to go out there in the woods and obligate amount in the woods how many was not allowed to remove the blindfold until the sun shone upon his face in the morning and when the sun came up he would be a man and he could never tell any of the other young people what you've been through that fill the father takes a boy on the woods he sits down on the train some of the sun goes down to get a vote over his face begins to get a little chilly but he's got a stone we sit there through the night and it goes on and on and it seems like the sun is never to become a fan of the first time around we're from home I thought middle and on the mountains have been watching too much TV and had no idea what to expect when I was about ten to ten out the woods on my wanted journal these creepy noises so years including the via holes in the trees here's the call of the coyote in the wolfhound the disincentives and sugars of this line is either close the feels like a log is moving there could be a bear inside of it all these things are in and you know that it just gets accentuated by your fears Leesburg and terrified but these can be managed at a controlled stop and sit down seems like it's analysts finally exhausted and terrified he makes it through the terrific night and he feels like it's going likely weights and eventually Suncrest the hills of the beam hits him in the face and he rips off his blindfold and loan holders his father sitting there with him minimal on all my watching over us make into nothing that happened to the boy went through a time of testing to teach them to be a man to hang on the Lord knows what he's about friends and we might be going to that time right now but he's testing you might be going to retirement ideas and lefties right there is what you might not see the sun when the files in the way the Sunday knowing where it's still there remember when Jesus is coming again do you believe then I will buy one of the road don't wording invite our system to come out soon and I like to have a media was brought by audio for the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more so than please 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