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Truth that Transforms the World

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • February 11, 2012
    10:30 AM
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loving father in heaven what is thank you and praise you for this new sabbath days given us the father I don't have anything to say but I know that you do and I pray that he would speak through me about the most important thing in the world the truth the transforms the world I pray that I would just be a mirror to reflect the image of Jesus Christ for his family pray and so starting with a simple question does God love you he loves one person that you love Jesus his son sure about the Angels that surround the throne now the Scotland the people don't know about them yet sure about the people who do know but I choose not to serve does God love the evil angels the Scotland Satan mean pretty noncommittal answers most the time this goes like yes yes yes yes yes maybe I was at several notes on the last two questions so if God loves you with a stick without one if God loves you why why to think about that this question went through my head on July ninth two thousand seven when my life was changed and got brought me to a story the Old Testament it may not be familiar to some of you you can open your Bibles it's second Samuel chapter fourteen verse twenty five and will need somebody named Absalom and on all Israel there was no one who is praised as much as absolute for his good looks from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was what no blemish in him so what would be just one word to describe how awesome he was what he was is gorgeous and any other word handsome sure but no blemish that's even more than that right he was perfect sure perfection does not go to the inside many times a second sandal Chapter fifteen verses one through six we find absolutely due to the city and you can read the context item for the whole verse up here but there's a long line of Israelites and they are waiting for the cane to do one for them one million given judgment right my neighbor 's goat gets into my yard all the time destroys my prized flowers and he keeps telling you I swear by my beard will never happen again but it just keeps happening over and over again and you know at this point I just need him to give me rest now the problem is that there's a lot of inefficiency and it doesn't over it quickly so Absalom just walks through the line and kind of talks to each person who sympathized with them and instead of affirming his father as king pieces of old who was made just I was a judge and I would do every man justice and in doing this would hold that Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel so leading to rebellion and treason but it gets worse Absalom 's army marches on Jerusalem as you remember the story does David stay in Jerusalem the fight no he actually leaves Jerusalem with a few of his loyal subjects and on his way out there someone of policy and there's a gentleman who is throwing rocks stones and definite answer that's right you better run as God is not getting you back from all the bloodshed that you spilled in the house of Saul that was untrue individual song no right you know that David was in the KM and tell him at one point I saw was where I confront them and his father David's conscience that he even cut the hem of his robe off I another time Saul was asleep at his feet and even one of his own medicine listen you don't have to join out for you is like I want striking twice since once right through the ground David intention so this accusation was false but watch what David says his mentor like how can this guy curse of King wishes cut his head off and David says to average size of all his service behold my son who came out of my own body is seeking my life how much you have no medicines might do it let alone let them curse for the Lord is good and the curse it may be that the Lord will look on mine affliction and that he will requite me good this day for his cursing slaps him with trying to kill his father a very unnatural sort of relationship but it gets worse Absalom is now set up in the kingdom in second Samuel chapter sixteen verse twenty and Absalom ask for advice from someone named themselves they'll know who hit the bell was who was in the old axiom is what grandfather that's right so he felt was actually one of the first people to defect Muslims live because of course he was looking to even the score with the house of David so it had a bell gives this advice the figures are right idea my disabled daughter fathers wives Xavier take care the house then everyone will be on your side and so they get this not in private with Hoffman 's now Calloway shares that in doing this Absalom added to his sins of rebellion and murder the sin of building about it too long we come to the battle now second Samuel eighteen verses one through five as David's men are marching out to battle you remember which side has the greater force who has the superior numbers absence by far in fact the server lore describes David's army as a little handful compared to Absalom 's vast soldiers so they are going out to what is probably the last bite and as they're going out David's final marching orders for them is perhaps composing a song rather find them you know being out there being a courageous diabetes may the Lord thy God is with you that that what he says his last orders are deal gently for my sake with the young man even with Absalom and this was not whispered in the years of the generals this was set so that how many people could hear everyone so long story short which side wins November the data side wins and absent see that he's beaten so he goes the blaming get very far to the Norman what happened to have and he got caught in a tree by his hair when you're going through satellite hanging in midair there been a soldier finds him and he doesn't kill and reversals of the problem did not kill him because remember what David said that he remembered that so he went to tell Jonathan is absolutely treated just as vigilant and installed all you would've been against me if I did that so Joab is the one who takes three spears thrust them into the heart of Absalom as he's in shock had him surrounded by ten guys they will eventually die this from an individual bunch of rocks on and in that he invents but there's one more thing you have to do is who's waiting back in the city David Wright so they sent a couple messages the first messenger says it were victorious non- things only question to this using is the young man Absalom said that he doesn't get my direct answer so we wait for the next messenger and he says God is giving you victory not Damon doesn't even say thank you necessary praise God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob was delivered me from alkaline of their he doesn't say any of that his first words are an exact repetition of the same question is young there are some say thank you stresses the enemies of my lord the king and all the rides again to do the hurt be that young man is so what is the nominal Muslims that now look at verse thirty two very carefully and the team was much moved and went up to the chamber over the gate and he wept and as he went the you said my son Absalom my son my son Absalom one God and what I had died when he overlaps to let him my son my son from a simple question for you dear David love Absalom because of so was a loyal citizen of Israel does anyone know which war in our country killed more of our people than all wars to be combined the Civil War where Brother slaughtering that is what Absalom gives you the nation of Israel Civil War that wasn't reason but maybe maybe David loved Absalom because he was such an affectionate and loving person he's trying to do what his father assassinated killer pages from his own fatherhood given him life that was unmitigated love absent because Allison had sure and moral character friends you don't get worse than incest times and enough like next stop so that's not why David looked at so my question to you is why would David love someone so we can accept because we did though he was to the core he was after all so and in that moment God spoke to my mind three words that I will never forget as long as I live and it wasn't like there was fire in the sky I didn't like over the closet and see if someone was inside and hear an audible voice but I think God spoke to me because an entirely new thought entered my mind July ninth thousands and when something like this soon I don't love you because your doctor needs a people 's lives everyday Tim I don't love you because you give of your time and your talents and your money my costume I don't love you for your friends I don't love you for even the character you developed I don't love you for the factory or something I don't even love you because you keep my commandments all these things make me happy to please me but they have never been the reason that I love you Tim I love you here's the three words because your I love you because your mind and in that moment I saw gone was the first in my life and perhaps you don't understand what this means but I have seen this love any times before when I heard this message to my mind I remember there were perhaps a dozen occasions more than I have seen this love was that he let me show you come with me to the ER and I will share with you some experiences from level one trauma center right trained the first one is a fifteen -year-old boy the paramedics call-in he was the driver of a car that was T-bone at seventy miles an hour unfortunately he was in critical condition his heart was not beating he was not breathing it was no month everyone else in the car amazingly was unharmed the paramedics were doing CPR they were unable to intubate him due to the massive facial trauma EGA so I prepare I call neurosurgery orthopedics I get the ventilator ready and a tracheal tube just to for economy tray central line kit I call the blood bank for four units of blood double gloves boots face shield and we get ready and the paramedics bring them in a negative CPR in every Canada compression in your crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch because of all the ribs on the left side of his body broke after doing compressions they put them down in front of me and I managed to get the endotracheal tube pass all the fractures through the vocal cords when I turn on the ventilator a column of lenses goes up and down and up and down there's no gas exchange I realize I have to drain his lungs so that his lung can reinflate so I slapped is justified a chest tube and a quarter blood and another quarter and keeps going I quickly clamber to and I step back because he will die and someone in the corner of the room cries out and says it will all why was I was driving this morning instead of half this person caught the look behind my master told him that and wish for a moment they couldn't try to place what was once his father who was sitting right next to me was thrown clear of the accident by his son I come with me again alleging issued an eight -year-old girl but they look like he's in a because she has no hair and she's wasted away from the chemotherapy and the cancer that is her for the last several years she comes into my ER because she is vomiting from the keno the nurse asked for an order Friday fluids in order for medications I write for several the medications I write for fluid I do everything I can can stop the mommy she vomits up her lunch that she vomits an clear that she vomits a yellow and green initiatives phenomena like someone in the room crimes as is no know why couldn't it have been me with the cancer instead of what you would say something that was the girl 's mother who wish that she could have the leukemia and suffer the consequences instead of her eight -year-old there was a runaway teenager who live in missing from his home for several years he had joined a gang and Donegal wrong wrong I met him when he was shot in the chest he came in and why is he came in his vital signs went to zero blood pressure heart rate his eyes rolled back and I realize what it happened the bullet had actually passed through his heart and he had a condition called Kempen on and I had just a few seconds to save his life so I quickly slashed open his chest but there is representatives or economy class is a aura so I would shut the blood away from his lower extremities to his brain in an attempt to preserve his life and as we're doing CPR directly on his heart with a gloved hand I stapled will hold close reliever tapenade inject epinephrine right into the heart we shop indirectly on the myocardial several times the big issue is that he's bleeding from several lacerations to his arteries were clamped this would claim that four units about negative one four units of omega for units for units for units until the blood bank as they had all the time after the fortieth unit the blood bank calls me of his recent murder there is no moral negative in this hospital and when that announcement is made someone manages to push past security they pushed past my nurses and they laid down in the gurney next this teenage boy and a pull up the sleeve and he see Doctor Reisinger I have a negative take as much as your name some who would say was what are seen her in over five years but he still recognized and he was willing to give all that he had for just a moment in time as many more these stores I can tell you but for the three I've shared how many of those parents were Seventh-day Adventists one not one of them was even Christian human life because it shows that transforms the world is written by the finger of God on the heart of every father and every month and when I looked into the eyes of these parents for the first time in my life I realized that I was looking into the eyes of God because it's interesting because he is the worst parents in the ones that are bad parents in other of the waiting room slapping their kid around you stupid at this after that whenever when the King comes back assessable downhill it's like a switch turns on her head and income levels loving creatures on the planet you saved my son and me tell you they are willing to trade everything may have for just a chance because this guy who pulls up his sleeve what if I take three leaders from him right you'll die and I take probably even for five minutes from you and his son may still buy school he would pay the ultimate price is for a chance these parents forget all our own means and they are focused only on their child we had one lady whose daughter was in the ICU and she didn't leave the net site for three days she didn't let go of her hand she didn't go to sleep soon goading me she didn't do anything I like men he needlessly lifted your recliner did you know I'm not leaving this outside until she wakes up or you tell me she's got she could care less about her own needs while her daughter was dying I had a hard conversations with her and I said you know I'll be honest here your sons alive barely is blood pressure is really low his kidneys are both failing can you have one of my visual hesitation there's no even question their minds they would give it all at any cost even to themselves no human love is not strong what about golf any Doctor Caesar quoted perhaps the greatest love verse of all time in the Bible what is John three sixteen let's say for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life but you know what people don't know what that means in fact gone new busy and any all mankind would blind our eyes to what that verse means engaging out God put an internal commentary in the Bible for it the commentary for John three sixteen is found in first John three sixteen amazing coincidence I think not listen to this first John three sixteen it is hereby what perceived listening to proceed to understand what else to see to know to get it right hereby perceive we what the long-term how will you perceive the love of God where will you see it tells you hereby perceive we the love of God because what he lay down his life for us and if you want to see the love of God see apparently down their lives for their child and then you will understand why God loves you and how much God loves you people say wow did nothing in the same love nothing crazy love that's impossible to God 's love is like that in fact it's probably too late for me anyway because I committed what an pardonable sin you want to know when nanoparticles occurs austere with Nvidia seven -month-old child was put to sleep on his stomach my grandma she went to wake him up a little while later he wasn't breathing blue so they rush him into the hospital and doing CPR on this little baby they put them down in front of me I managed to put an endotracheal tube the size of a drinking straw through those little courts I turn on my machine I put them on the monitor and asystole for women in Sicily maybe it's because shopping nothing that he doesn't after being goes in CPR continues social on Rosen fluid loss and we begin to fight the battle of life for the seven -month-old boy ten minutes go by twenty minutes go by thirty minutes go by and it is starting the next something always happens in fact I can predict that you have to turn around I'm running the code and I hear someone walked behind me and when they come behind in a stop for a moment than a continental who was in it's one of the parents in this case was the father he just had a story I try he says Doctor Reisinger I appreciate everything you've done for Johnny but I was seeing him move last half hour I haven't seen him take a breath on his own without your machine and you know what I watched the yard home and I know that flatline the monitor is not so right now serve in your professional opinion is there any hope they are lasting impressions will send the litigation now if I say to him you know you are here when Johnny came in and yet she grabbed my hand and my monitor so different than yours I've seen his heart beat on its own a few times I've seen them take a few breaths on his own I think we may have a very small chance but it's definite that there is a chance when you think you would say keep talking right people in white chocolate and laissez-faire python that's not what I said is also the right even if I were to start his heart right now and even if we were to get him to breathe on his own right now his brain there is no what you think yes they do not give the users N/A book a few more times as he watched nurse and that's what he says is any Harris is in the years I've been doing ER I have never once had a pair ask for that because who in their right mind would wander child's last memories to be unnecessary pain you know what all the parents asked they do not want this if you turn off your machine insert can you get rid of all the needles in the tubes and all of a sudden can give us just five minutes to say goodbye to our son and you know what I do I do just time of death is two thirty four a.m. turn off the vent clear sharp skin the Johnson's time with their son and I walk out of the room I pulled the curtain and he dies that is when the unpardonable sin when God looks into your soul and you know he's not all you could whether he says you blessing over the essential affliction whether you sent to counsel overview or whatever he knows that it won't change the outcome does one of all good parents do you call to go in one of these defibrillators price leader relators but it was a very intriguing there are so many parallels between these and conversion in fact you don't the verb is when I shot the patient sometimes the nurse look at the monitor the doctor recent murder in the patient converters this left them on the line the patient can in the way these work are just like Christianity in town now that the heart becomes refractory to a voltage that scales when I shocked you either you convert or you will and so the next time I shop you will have to do for now because of that now the cardiologist now recommend when you did the right someone you corrugated two hundred Ukraine and the three sixty whatever its monophasic life it is quite and you sharpen at maximum three times you don't mess around and I believe that in the final days of her sister it is the same many of us are just immunizing our young people to the truth because we give them just enough spirituality to pass but not enough to confront the value turns into our jewels church at three sixty because that may be the last chance for the stars either it converts you or your heart and excited it's a the shop to three times and you don't convert I mean on visitors at the atrophy and all kinds of other stuff but can you imagine if I went to the parents of this moment I said well don't worry because you know you start to children how does the patent now you're young you can have some more kids and it will when the Iraq you know we all chocolate and see the student infinity of that and you and your twin what I said what you lost one friend based on the other social same what will your parents think of that they would meet was nonsense I cohere has four kids in order for case five forty of forgetting for a moment sir I'm in a pretend like you have ten okay we'll just pretend congratulations and how many of those children you want to be saints all of them six out of ten without acceptable to you but the majority of you know that it isn't that the majority how about this I'll make another how about nine out of ten is that okay are you happy with an eighty one all of the video that nine out of ten is a malignant way laughing is a is an don't you realize that in a new sponsor annually here and every parent always says the same thing a parent will whatever the rest of animal every last one of them at last the Bible makes sense to me the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long-suffering toward us not willing that what they should perish but that all should come to how many does God want to say every last what you think seven minutes hundred sheep and one of them goes astray does he not leave the ninety nine and go into the mountains to see how many one that is straying an efficient client is sure in the ICU he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety nine did not go astray even so it is not the will of your father who is in heaven and how many one what is the will of God to save us all you realize that that's what the Bible says in a minute to say God loves me because he's the creator we think of God as the creator is some person who makes a science experiment will this one messed up make another one we think of it that way God but it can make another person can make ten thousand other people were digging out he could take and Esther K and if you were lost right he does make another youth and convince Lorenzo and Sonny and Kerry and everybody that was you write will God would now with if not why God is not creator like to make a piece of clay God can't make another you you are the replaceable just like a child is irreplaceable I'll describe it this way I have been asked by many laypeople even theologians to can you tell me what would've happened in the Garden of Eden he comes in the big handful of apples are mangoes are on a whatever was the fruit is here these are great here try some and Adam says knowing that what would've happened to the human race as a member the decision was made through who Adam because he was the scene was not deceived when God made another evening lastly you know things like that what will happen will happen in the plan of redemption you want to know what happened if only he had fallen on leave and the rest of the human race estate were gotten what I can do that you know what would've happened the plan of redemption Re: no it would've gone forward on changed because the Sanyo what a pastor the agony and probably than how many just be in although I was only bonehead who commit a sin and all you guys made the right decision and say that's good peace out recent murder but Jesus Christ would come from his throne and he would just for me you realize that Jesus would die just for me because the Savior would've passed to the agony of Calvin one might be saved in his kingdom he will never abandon one for whom he is not here's the tough question no does God love Satan I hope you have better schools answer that question Rodriguez Matthew chapter five verse forty four but the whole I think you love your enemies bless those that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you love your who wears God 's enemy you know what the words such on means and means the mercenary nominee has to does God follow his own law well of course he does but there is another deeper reason why he left Saint the differences he cannot save consider this that was once one who is perfect from head to tell he rebelled against his father he lied to everyone else about his father he tried to kill his father and committed adultery with his father 's bride who was it who was Absalom but also Lucifer don't you see the absolute is a type of Lucifer there is no question the similarities are to coincident and at the end of the story when Absalom dies what is very good wish for he wished he could on what perhaps one he could have died for him he wished that he could've laid his life down perhaps of course since because he is the great father of us all however here's the difference Romans two four moreover for embracing that God is what we only thing that leads you to repentance or do you despise the riches and of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that what the goodness of God leads you to repentance we asked the question how much of God 's goodness you think you know what his job in heaven right God was here where was Lucifer you're not getting any closer to God you see that immediately behind God or someone like that in a so how much more is God to show him there's nothing more I consider these verses are marketing the reference right now but filament forming then shall the King say to them on his right hand call me blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world that house as he saved them on his left hand depart from the Eucharist it is the everlasting fire therefore no say in all but everyone in every audience there's always several people who say you who was it really asked this question how many human beings were designed going to Lake of fire loan coup was a lake of fire designed for Donna saying the dark and abusive people lost with no question but that wasn't designed for Satan and his angels not the villages in a your design was to go to heaven the plan of redemption pays the price for every single I not of us were designed to be lost here's the difference between you and Satan is a center R Unicenter in what's the difference show you he is a sinner man was in a different position than that of Satan Lucifer and haven't had sin in the life of God 's glory to him as you know other created the was given a revelation of what understanding the character of God no as goodness 's agent shows to follow his own selfish independent will this choice was final but why was the final bid got to say hey listen here's the line if you cross it on the mess you up no his reason it was final this choice was final why the next sentence says there was no more than God could do the same as you see that's the reason why the choices final the white reason lack of vision closes that God is for alcohol stops to shock you three times he's opened the crash cart and dumped everything out and there's no change of now here's you and I watch as there was no more the guy could do to save him but man was the scene his mind was darkened by Satan sophistry the height and depth of the love of God he did not know he see that the height and depth of the love of God he did not know for him there was a hole in the knowledge of small by beholding his character he might be drawn back to go out to see I didn't understand why God love me because I was the same as it's like I never woken up in the complete darkness available to pitch black and you don't know where you are has ever happened again everyone are like what we decided that your head is on as a resident at many lots of times unfortunately I do know where I was but when someone cracks the door and a little light comes in would immediately know everything you know where you are you outside of the badger on you know everything that is what God has done more the light has come in I see guys and because I know who he is I know who I am I know what the Bible is the own the Bible survive CR every precept every warning every counsel every testimony it's all the same thing it's all gone trying to get you back home it's like all these years is run with my dad I does makes no sense at all all these years it just went with my dad the Bible is just your father try to get you home that's all it was that all it is and that's all it ever will be distorted Absalom was repeated in us all you know I like the story of Absalom is because you can go to either error right are some people who believe that you know everyone be saved because no Rob Dallas Rob Bell lovelies right time if you are going right now so anyway here's his thought process that eventually everyone will be saved I eventually love with that is true no you know why the story is a perfect what kind of love you David have for Absalom it's fun what unconditional no question I one hundred thousand within the story he ties and limits you folks right now if you continue in sin and you don't go out if they are you know what you're doing behind closed doors you know what's in your heart if you continue in sin there's no question you will die you will die but God will more as one who mourns for his own and God will try to save you in any way he possibly can and will still give you free choice easy to look for absolute unconditional but his levels limited right he only loved Absalom God love the twenty thousand people who died that day right with an unconditional love but can you imagine if we're back to the seven -month-old nice eighty okay there's no more hope I disabled can you pull the plug and a signal you people at really could you consider this that God is the only one who can give or take away life ultimately and at the end of time you must pull the plug on his own children that's why it's called the stranger you I think you know more about God by how he feels when it's too late for you then even while your probation lingers not mostly white dissonant of all the sermons that I get I get more hate mail about this one I've gotten for page letters I met people not look at me not want to shake hands at me thumbnail is wrong all these quotes with your proxy and every time I look them up I get like forty more pages supporting one thing but we doesn't matter they still try here's how God feels Ezekiel thirty three eleven set out to them as I live says the Lord I have no pleasure in the death of the righteous was a bit death of who let me give you a question from your understanding of the closer probation when a wicked person dies what happens at the noble right God has no pleasure in the death of the week but the wicked turn right from his way and live turn each trainee for you also while you die O house of Israel this is set at a point where Israel's probation was closing in Athanasian and what you said about Ephraim how can I give you one how can I deliver you Israel my heart is what within how many of you want to come up in the resurrection which one of the first or second welfare Scripture has to do a good job first resurrection if you come up in the resurrection who either look for first it's not your guardian angel I can pay the basement even Jesus when you rise from the grave who we look for first your kids that's right your family and if you count them all and one out of four is missing what's the first thing you do when you get to heaven when they go to the tree of life go to the river of life play with Eliza Lamb know it's not good enough if either one is missing I know even if you can go straight to the throne room of God and Juergen have one question will only have one word and another one is the question enemy why exactly I will tell you but I'm legal taken by the hand and walk you over to the big book and show you why Orsini walked into the streets of gold and appoints your sons and to match but a point to another one and another one and another one and say why there's no reason why because your son is my even more he belongs to me and to you that's why Isaiah sixty five seventeen holds comfort because after the thousand years you realize the tears are wide-awake till after the second resurrection do understand that because when you're gone through those books you're going to cry we guarantee that but when it's all over Isaiah sixty five seventeen holds comfort for behold I create a new heavens and a new earth and the former shall not be remembered or come into my because I believe that even though you go through the books for a thousand years and you understand how they keep me happy because consider a parent who's lost a child and when a parent 's love child I don't care how functional they are are they ever the same after that whatever their life different from then on it is a part of them is missing and it will always be different until they had that child back I think you can understand God 's heart when you listen to the parents last words and you know sometimes I have done I called I called the code one time and I'll close with this is that the child has no more hope we trumpet that would trump the monitor I walk out of the room close the curtain I listen to the child I listen to the parents that they had a mantra vote down didn't it didn't did he want a parent picks up the child I can hear that the other one first the top and is it they say goodbye our precious treasure mom and dad love you so much but it's too late the doctors and nurses that all they could wouldn't miss you we love all the laughs you gave us the smiles will never forget that God will have the same sleeper but God will is even one of us is lost God will not be the same I pray that you make that decision to respond to God 's love now that you know why you'd respond back with you prefer loving father in heaven thank you for telling us because the Lord of the differences now want to respond back to you Lord I thank you for sharing those three words my heart so many years ago Lord I have heard your unconditional love for me the only differences that I've heard the words because your mind I want to say back to you because I'm yours I want everyone in this room to make that same decision like to know the kind of love you have for us love it is undone and made earlier on and this immediately as I was a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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