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How to Succeed Without Being a Genius

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 13, 2006
    7:00 PM
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everyone in our new today and might assume you have a good day Russell because time flies so fast I want to jump right into message but I must ask first to see all those who are with us for the first time please Rizzo happens this is very encouraging all best you find you for coming out as usual both of you who've been here every night so far but I see your hats on review of those in between God bless you thank you for coming I hope you're being this from night to night our subject for tonight is how to succeed without being a genius how how to succeed without being a genius of my idol when environment of the middle of the message who metaphor it would be here but I wish to him now we'll see what we can do how to succeed without being a genius but they say that we will have a special or an additional presentation on Saturday morning at eleven o'clock beginning at ten o'clock plus another addition to our series usually gorgeous nights with no service on Saturday night but I have so much to tell you we've added one more meeting a couple more before someone will be this Saturday morning right here at ten o'clock so please make arrangements to come before you go to the ballpark overview going seventy morning make some time to come here first off to wherever you have a goal I will be looking for you over the price don't break our hearts let us of our heads and pray our father in heaven I noticed your son and your servant my request is simple and direct and Ernest I am dealing with spiritual things and I need your help I ask you in the name of Jesus a name you cannot resist healthy give me the words in the person of Hill started to stand with me lately being my full week upon you as I speak all the hospitals were listening to all the words of truth from your throne through my lips may find a resting place in their hearts to go glory of our development in Jesus name we pray amen how to succeed without being a genius there are many people who believe it all to get ahead in life in order to succeed in order to excel you have to be genetically connected to Einstein on and on the da Vinci also homogeneous but the Bible lays out some principles of war whether working in the office or in a classroom the Bible has some guidance for us that if we follow the quality of our Williams rolled dramatically to our benefit and the Boston Globe how does it see without being a genius in Genesis chapter one verse one and you know that's a well the Bible says and all in the beginning God created the heaven and their the work related means world why do I say that Minnesota chapter Joel and forced to open a book of Genesis as an him something how to succeed without being a genius with this writer Genesis one one in the beginning of all created the heaven and their object is still forced the Bible says on the seventh day God ended his what so that created Genesis one one and one agents as you are essentially the same fate when God was creating gone were as little what is the law may well be that he granted he does something so warped by the way according to Scripture the first person in Scripture record of how the world is God alone CNN forgot God invented what can you say them out we don't like it but don't like to work the first person I said in a descriptor for the regard his work is in the beginning God created the heaven though there were still gentle genesis of the Seventh-day Adventist and it is what God is the first wasn't aware and as I'll be thankful Adam and Eve of all grills would come from them all to work to the human race to serve as a blessing of physical blessing us the blessing of missing because whatever is designed not only did he just lessons of life also to bless a spiritual as a genesis of the enforcer to the Bible says of the Lord both of them and put them into the garden of Eden to dress in and give it this was the hardest what is at best creation method keep this kick out of it that is your work one go is the first person in Scripture to work but does not want to disorganize where as a digital subject to succeed without the Virginia I always has for us at less than a plan to Canada without using the organized and those of us who want house as his children we should behave like an organized because the Bible says God is not the author of confusion the Bible also tells us let all things be done how do you deserve it and again on the art is low the rates in heaven Isaiah is a block of Atlas because these of the organization so we begin with the Lotus Notes now Redbook integrated before creation they first had to help him in one's mind of its most examples of going beginning with the purpose Jeremiah chapter one reinforces four five as a digit of the subject what is also different I will succeed without being a genius quality has its original I've have one already met but she pulled out her hand very quickly before the course inexorably down for all Jeremiah felt the wild horses for files you have been sort of the Lord given to me saying a listen to what God tells Jeremiah for slot before I form the air the all I know I'm before I'm no chemist for all of them I signed up to five years Museum of Art and I on the day of profit under the measures now what we have it worse why isn't God explaining to Jeremiah that I had a port was for you before you apply the Met your mother online as well as I need someone to speak a particular message in the Jerusalem because I know that the Babylon is a certain plan for Jerusalem now I need to the right people in Jerusalem but they are popped off I neglect one four seven five pillars were even more gone out of purpose I need a message of the Golden Jerusalem at a certain time without I need a message towards Jerusalem I need a message encoded message bounces have a message into Jerusalem alleging that I will use a messenger what message and I will bring Mister Jeremiah Mrs. Jeremiah together so that they can produce for me as a man had also developed a policy and I have originals for my office for Mayor I telephone call Jeremiah I have seen him I exactly looks like but he doesn't know my plan for him I thought of purpose and my purpose is the only reason why I'm giving you life you together and that is something will you give your life just doesn't have a lot of trust in less focus on health blog course out of that he didn't like everyone as a good fit of the subject how to succeed without being the genius of this is not going to the poorest parts of his records out for more on work by working as a different loss religion will eventually die before you retire from the plan is not reasonable than rocking chair must find something to want to die into one remembers that the Bible says on the whole multitude of the people who pray without other type of the incidents of the event of an individual of the Lord standing on the right side of all of his Zechariah saw him he was trouble and you have appointed by the dozen of them fit on Zechariah library is heard on my wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son of house up on his man John although some have joy and gladness and many shall rejoice at his birth or he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither one nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother 's will on many of the children of his last outing furthermore Google present moment for this but upon probable life that are the heart of the fathers of the children of the disobedience of the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for them are best left of my class I plan on investment was not even God has purposed for us then he brings something into existence in the shower now that purpose and that there by the way one of the rooms we witness in the user we thought you relied because of what genetic engineering the well-liked because the essential blog a few life could give me life the county out to the function bought has informed the sometimes annoying that he give new life to be precisely what I'm doing find out why God did he does not give your life at the present of a in the blog until I felt the multiple he got on your life the visual life in a log of your life this is after all he does not live your life than this rest just south of the society he gave you life and horrified some thought of course the work work is going to help us in mind before you bring something is not when one brings on the recesses it comes to this article I perform originals a psychosis of one verse five says of you in the morning were the first day so I have only made the Angels involved with roads were out there are there that do not live they did not have days these were begotten by God during the week of creation of this world of the solar system to which it belongs Kuan has a high view of time now let me define time for once talking time is a unit that measures existence of minute is a measurement of existence on our is a measurement of existence a day a week among the objective essentially on the box I say he has a high view of time which we waste without thinking twice we gone through Sunday she has a deficit of five time is how big minimum was finally dismantled a time when you comment if you are here at seven o'clock on the vision or you've been here for five minutes you'll spend forty five minutes of time in this place you once you've done you happen to for five minutes on my right was graveyard on my right and if you are you the clock is also part of why you have just spent forty five minutes you'll have me thought if I is I is a measure of life for all of the time is my fault when you die trying season you so when you waste time I wasted five what are we wasting life and I won't apply again and it will when we waste time with his blistering live we always think that was probably the last one is listening basketball court but not as funny or don't water the plant was inside sleeping on your time is I bought this life seriously because he is and he continued back on the first was the work of such evening the genius put your mind to work to global always has a purpose what are your plans for tomorrow with the what offends the duties of the night has a purpose becomes a hot purpose he begins with a purpose so he's not disorganized he does not rivet a morning involving top usually like this Augustine so what shall I do to be will wear goggles the Mathilda metaphysic he already knows what he will do when you wait so he wakes up energized by a specific purpose format and is not English what's your purpose will work for sources were yielded to God always has a purpose for example has a hard time with initial Ohio who find one has resumed upon whose life is a simple verse two is without there's a continuum of how to succeed will be the genius Genesis chapter two verse two original statement differences in behavior on the seventh big edit his work which is made by the rest of the seven federal law his work with you and may God bless the seventh this site I found all the things gone and that of readers you won't do anything sanctify and bless was time because I divided Shreve resident of the Faraday tenosynovitis on a raw the sans represents prices of the way the sun of righteousness because I think why the finish these signs of why time the very first thing about live only on this earth was I love you I will provide when one has elevated your time out of your time must one zero five like father like son crazy lysate of time so he worked for us was what will the fact that bought been admitted who was possible for him he is not a little three euros of federal individual time for Gore has specific activities for everyday on the first day on the second day before fluoridated vegetation for a sunless forest for the fish birds six three nine animals human beings specific activities for each day of what he had arranged for the three he would not do all day to as I don't have to go there with me we'll see that operating this principle of each same time John chapter two as we continue out to succeed without being a genius John's opportunity for reform in the third it was an outage again Galileo on the mother of Jesus was there as well Jesus was called the disciples of the manager for afraid and they wanted wine to run on why the father Jesus said unto him I Russell Jesus isn't a woman why am I to do with me my hour is not yet the time for fancy medicals and Jesus at the time there was a schedule to his life now you may call that being in love is not we can augment ORL is made on a knife but the parliament at but I submit that the president is really a Muslim man is not listed as well there have not been submitted many people never get ahead as they have not decided when visiting the Nike philosophy just click bellyaching when I was not difficult noble Johnson is one example was forty seven hours logical John seventeen was one Bible says these words spake Jesus under the designs that have the stepfather in our knowledge glorify thy son is also the glorified in our family is the time things that happened in their province I got specific to specific find us you seem not to like what I'm saying I can get a three and a half humans I want more I'm willing to pay for dental argumentative original you have local web take my word for it it gives the preacher 's strengths and I see little waistline for me what is a variable all right remember volume is the visual world it just was all right Madisonville law is the far success is so toward one is where is other above and were soon go on until the great collapsible wheelchair I demand many years ago New Testament equivalent to the region what do you listen to services on recorded services of others which are sent out to people who do not know Christ and what we should make more impossible to that is the premise three five five five oh one specific activities for specific case five blog always knows all that needs to be done after time he needs to be done now we got back to in a phrase that requires a Genesis chapter one in four five three and the evening of the morning would of course be reset for the second day in the third before the fifty sixth evening of the morning with a sixty day that went wrong was in with his run on the first day he was not and have it completed his work for the best of his divine the day when I want to drive and I don't notice some of these update weblogs work done during a visit to Melbourne I mean in the morning whether such a day alternative that went directly which means if you reach out this one carefully gone when we got the death I did not say goals on about something I should've gone on dates will you let me go back because you can go back to does not go back into history of the criminal past and what is the price but you recall it due to his mental health but God does not go back to my susceptibility can only hope that synagogue was done with that who he was not originated in the inbox system is something estimation all that have to be done only one was done when you want it is the rule that will bring you success among all of the rooms monitors work when Joseph went as far as I I I I I the Lord will not do so when I say that they ought to live one day at a time when you leave my miserable Wednesday you are being presumptuously lost me you want to live on Wednesday that he went up at all is a receipt for long-lived sizable computing homes with assignment of Christ this present life for the present it is like that it was as modified on four hundred Central geophysical level out of respect and would borrow from a friend will give you a new life today we know the day with the best that we can go we don't know if would be a lie it will also go the library of the present assignment in salary until tomorrow .com right away furthermore even the best one you have all joined his world one day one reduce frustration a short temper your the local golf store the boat cannot be seen in you pressure that you press because much for one day golf some of these one day I have to do the other and that even though I worry about tomorrow tomorrow John but then I am strong bones the first was for Gore old was Harris 's one has a high you will not have activities of everyday and welcome please all the activities for each individual day Jesus said I must work reports of him that sent me while his day cannot come with when no man can work what does that mean the one in the mind take advantage of opportunities is what he needs in the context using them I went to live your Aslan was working at his appraisal done with me most people know that some people working with their work but Bibles plan was working this is going to thought is that it really arches going okay but I'll tell you what did not want to come up with the Red Sox because on the own the body was not designed for the graveyard shift was designed to work in the day and sleep at night and so Jesus said I must work the works of MSN and why it can't pay why I have the opportunity to comment when you walk because opportunities pass can never be regained what do they do gone were first always has a purpose I feel time activities for every day doesn't every item the other day there's something else along those disaster seven nine three four seven as with the video out to be a genius I'll save without being a genius because he asked his reading first and overall Ecclesiastes Solomon S what's a word for Solomon is the and the right enthusiast needs meeting the preacher yes the preacher read Ecclesiastes and on the Proverbs religious of the pearls of wisdom condensed imposable to disasters like them alike this unraveling a volume that was service while so far I have time to do with how well this is where many of us fall flat on our faces the secret of excellent work is not being a genius it is okay and everything you have into what you do is all I can get an endless love like we all want him saying let me see the resources let me tell you this I counsel for fifteen years of universalism most fundamental school of irony the students were convinced available runs Douglas I come out and industry medicine I will try if I shall move this my job was to disagree politely and firmly and without their knowing for earthly they felt they weren't bright enough I've seen students who came from the worst conditions possible Yuba City which review was a statistical from what I've seen some gems and jewels come from that place I sent you all you have to do is take care of business work wall were quickly as local medicals handling this one cost you were often wrestled about in your .net house all at the cost account I is that why you are and where I want off to talk to the method is you don't know questions constantly regularly I've seen the rest of the universe Michigan law school to graduate from Harvard Stanford doctors lawyers using why not because they thought they were right but because what they have found to do the bidding within us how God works God does the very best he can that's why he sent Jesus only went off I is about it I think you know how we expect out of this show and what have you got to do what you're doing are you giving it your very best effort I say this is one of the fundamental secrets of excellence in water for a person does but it requires discipline of all it requires annoying that certain things must be done a certain time and it will require so I guess that they also cried over this at all courses like this priority I will want because of your deck five from the sound is inevitable on a one hundred and nine is okay from studying under the symbol on them I not only is not undaunted as unwise and stupid for things about most of my whole all the time first things first ones who everyone were keywords tool learn or tool study van study is almost difficult about that offender while the absence of peace something has to be done doing recovery was fun imaging is one of the four counties at all what I'm going to cover today I want to talk about how he realized it wasn't necessary for salvation is coming in right on him how we don't tell me how do I contact the community is not in the asset just starting you will not tell you what you raising you will and will tell what to what needs to be done one on the first description for the tool will always has a clear purpose for why I believe what I'm doing with us he given to answer the question three one has a high impact on Asia live your life as it was a additional information on it heavily with validity means that even if I is a problem he is about to show you biblical evidence of Genesis chapter seventy as a video up to succeed without being the genius of the children to come with you summarize this message of passive Genesis seventeen is a falsely never have a ball four six two thousand seventeen Sarah will have a child I will give you some also her GW fun of missions gave the people shall give ourselves a good and wrapped him up on his face I laughed and said in his heart shall a child born to him is hundred influential Sarah is at ninety years old back in handling this says about seeking all that is no enlightenment for me because whenever I have heard outside of the reviews on you already have one he understood and gone but one issue as a new one I mean as far as the purpose of this was if I was afraid one with the original software if you please put in life is for small son physically or slightly above said Sarah my wife shall bear thee a son indeed thou shall call his name I said I will establish my company automatically comes up with his seed after him for hotels in the first Friday would mean SSL are starting to get I would recommend recognition apartment one but I am biased but I thought with Sarah 's job after the way at the same time in the next year will express in fact that is motivating it is not on salary who is a musician and writer in residence or spend is that I will certainly return of the vehicle into the prime of life on low so that wife shall have a son zero run that would aware processor will hold the most really need an HD stimulus Iraq after the amount of women that are several mental sensei I have watched whole show IHOP matter my more being or also enforce article by Mosaic on the loss of Abraham on this several assays shall I wish are the best time is not all reports she is anything a long monologue at five one day I will return to the Washington Island life Sarah 's house I was according to find the time appointed as was everyone to succeed with abilities Genesis seven twenty one reformers long life the King James version reason with me let's get a choir reading I am on the Serra CSA on the lawn there is a lot at the end of the placenta because the unmet aircraft a son of his law is not my home was gone as well the most is that I want my blog is all lose all those new versions you will dangers of being late you're the one with your Sheol and your link it was how mortgages in your future video retirement video IRA going to review what you must have the physical professional knife laws the chairman of the parliament scheduled meeting on unity talking its roof nice ball is definitely something as an example you will extremely does the facility reflects both the Genesis fifteen quickly run out of time running on a life that is Dave don't panic alternately you'll like if you begin to him if you will begin out on what would you than you were to start disobedience over again you will know that I'm just addressing discipline on the high the only people who would be in the world I'll post a bailout because reason why I was cast out of the original world was because traditional makes all the sense of the world want to be the world outsourcing will be denizens of the reservation this involves beatings as a rough normal shortly the high seas shall be construed in a manner that is not theirs self-serving design of the four hundred years was working on also that vision this also would like to resolve the come up with some bonus outdoors I found that these notes of the men who go to a second round bubbly about but enough acceleration forces in the shop under the game for me didn't you might want to follow I have been lobbied the message was as forty and forty one you will need Iraq's mobility Limited home Exodus fourteen versus forty and forty one Exodus twelve sorry verses fourteen forty one twelve fourteen twelve forty and forty one Billy Heather now the time of nonessential items of the vision I would love if you give with how well for the thirtieth as they can contract worth forty one I think of the fall has been affiliated even on the South stand and it that all the whole of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt out of the long run Judy is God was still on schedule when I was never married and authentic how they came out they have gone along with on five of his people are we going to enjoy the daily living always on time those of you for scores of the world is wrong by the first for the rest as well as an independent restaurant to go always has a purpose in mind you must have a purpose for tomorrow planet before you go to bed three Gore has a high view of time because I'm his wife about using why you see for one has specific activity for every day and how he created on the first of dozens of a while file God does everything you need to do on specific days six dollars he's very best what he finds the note and he does it with his lectures were given by God review was his work with over thirty one seven one person will accept one book of Genesis I should say Dennis is one of the first thirty one how to succeed without being a genius process and saw every thing that he had they hold it wasn't better out of the office that they bought a small block on one week of creation is the net every day now this is a salary I have and he saw all manner amenities it will marry as established by the quality of this one what about the rest which means the lazy person has no right to rest I will write old there's what you should do at the end of every day before your head it's a little open for your eyelids about you look back everything was different to me because if we don't evaluate and review we ended up doing the same thing all over again and actually take over the day sentence this is exactly the result is not out of the process I know I one minus one what was that I didn't know that that information is so when you see that person again the results would be review with regular how will the witness to in my duties where was I slowly work that I misrepresent what I wanted somebody refuel a if necessary repent to God as a disciple model I need to apologize this management then go to bed with her plan to vaccinate that's it visualize it won't have much more learned was identified based on the evaluation of the previous measure will apply the next day we ought to understand how success that is they ought to have visited and if there is not a world where humans have been all over again and we if you is loving me for before you wrestled Friday if you're in June before the rest of the samples if you will listen for less on Sunday you look back over the whole week just like your blog and use it himself and John sole briefing video numbers we behold it was not good enough then you go to your needs user Lord I him I see this week I see where I went wrong I see my tomorrow's see where you put the number one priority on my list I get more comfortable seven over the one I see that now all I'm sorry no problem my commitment is for the coming week if you give to correct most of the fun filled it with you we believe the creation if I don't now if you'll done your best none whatsoever I have five people Mike if you've done your best it is the Lord I can only see so far is that yes only going to give us all as I can see I the best I could know father with a clear conscience Iris I love racing father what is Fido Sunday or Saturday thinking of what's on the desk from the office until Monday because of elimination once I got not only my eye and I will as I am rest is in so as far as what should virgins be sweet rests I rest her father the only person who could've done better than I do is you and your rest your conscience clear you burn the money you employee in Stephen role by the sloppy you have done your best to the classroom I googled Jovan effectively raised to give you a single father raising I was a Ecclesiastes nine is go back to the center really a diverse enthusiast is not enforce them as a president was the subject of how to succeed in developing the genius you whatsoever I have to find a little duet with my life now the White House is evident in the reason why we should always awareness of the reason I can suck it up is this you cannot reverse this life is in a committed enough you have to live like a worker 's life is only life you have so Solomon says the reason why you must do whatever you have high fluid audio high is because they use will not advise normally no wisdom in the grave with the help voice the understand what's on the same you are heading for a brief you cannot go back on undue what you've done badly your best choice is the first time you have to do it good how do as well as a second record is an inspiration for silence on your form the movement of a person of government about Yellowknife I will forward it out of you all know what else we would run and skip here in the strip daily fumigants to God there some people live better although I went so the person who is how I talked to talk with labeling that way but there is such a way everything you don't and will fail what is with these hard work discipline excellence respect is you put your foot in bowls with you and the machine we record of excellence why this is if you have folders will modify my knowledge nor wisdom is the gravy was about this resume if you don't have it to get it all right some rights from right if you know I given you all in government will survive anything that you know is an opportunity you tie you cannot get it back but it was a leave you will high you shall not get it back on all the wish I could though I should know I will does not bring back that wasted opportunity either the fifties and sixties now spending a lot of time wishing that they should have done what they should've done it differently your twenties are not coming back once more to do afterwards as well is make sure your fifties other than such illegal moves in the seventies my brother 's licenses golf or the him him some world resolution and are you working to make sure you have visibility focuses on salvation by works long and wrong going on decision or you can will be safe e-mail archive better on gorgeous but all you go on and on about how I see about BC all got your work as a world salvation is Baltimore this lowers are you working hard to make sure you specify the goals were ashore gone will never come down and take the Bible official festival and then review your happily shoulder and read the Psalms to you also fax your Walmart is working out how to try and how silly is that you are you working to see you I am serious about getting a place in you getting the car are you ready for the work devoted to schedule your work two jobs through jobs are you taking time to be found in God 's house where does the movies where you can find spiritual strength was houseful mucilage first woman to be the only field in which the is strength in numbers genuinely are to be far with all people are reported out of the Bible says five Israelis would look like a file of Natalie would look like a thousand more people will is fine for the people operating principles are delivering over there is more power over their overhead are you taking your time with God seriously are you taking time to witness was also invited to unbelieving colleague on the jaw is on your church or the Los Angeles Islands Honolulu will or sound is such a blessing to be read in the middle of testing all of the critical steps of his classrooms in addition there's a program is one of all three of you as for why is life outside of what are you seriously trying to need someone to Christ was in the low wall Heaven's Gate is definitely an effort to bring someone with you see you little devil to have little or is even get either the right of privacy reasons out of humans I want so badly he will have an okay you will have all artwork why is someone with your assessment of an original you might have to would like the word of one who is this but my words will mean you for the everlasting words of God my beloved bums and systems help to succeed without being a genius I have given you some biblical principles but to allow on the fly guns eventually how to get close to go without being able to your studio is what are you just have to do the best you are doing all you can to get close to both fast you were getting close to golf prayer and study how many of you will soon want to give me someone give me the strength to him to be lost you you will see enough of your resort I have no believe that sometimes found the all apostles I posted on when I talk to my father but is not what you say I love if I ever had about every articles father the label Jesus because it was ideal for the example you as a Genesis one how the work you a high of one five always having apprenticed about bringing something into existence account that your sense of time and never late never directly with working hard-working well and were wrestling out for our hospitals is above the law that we may work with I will go live a life of excellence will follow the office Griffin Hart and Jesus Mailer for has said that all hard-working people say and then I demand my best to the dental diligence and have gone with you Jill not a long time seven o'clock to eight


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