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Our Daily Bread

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • January 27, 2011
    7:30 PM
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him throughout the story is but it's not really married me being out in the story is really thinking about the Angels a story talking about is in that prayer I think looking towards me my darling angel immediately all in realizing there's only needed to install alone bring you a moving your way is nice easy to see him in and him and we see will see you at a time when you will remain in and in and I will mean a will and will and him and in him will him me him and him to know you evening and down and it's very good to be here on so excited Mason back can be connected with his army movement and nowhere word of this inspired to see this many people on Thursday night at the sign of the Holy Spirit and it's a privilege to be here with you this whole conference is really about the word of God power of God 's word transform our lives and in that something I can get it I can get behind because the hazardous heard it wasn't too far from here that I got on Google article in Google Earth and got an aerial view of kind Springs Ranch and where the Cadiz Nostrand and measured the distance of thing and make it clear to him and he fully and that it is good to be with you and him and him delighted to have this opportunity to talk to you about the Bible something we were clean with our respective time with him a watch and I know a thirty one I well I don't give big images of the dirty wireless true that the truth will set you free of Thomas is free from your kids in a very similar I don't want to know bar over there but we were talking about maybe even just dedicating some time in order Sunday night testarossa and I sometimes we had guest speakers interview with this review my laser program we just open the blinds of the People's Bible questions and we were thinking maybe we do that for a few minutes tonight but I would even re- give anyone a lot of morning about how to do it we are recording the programs and so I follow maybe in a roving microphone one way we might do it is if you can ask a question that you can summarize in the center I will repeat it and then do my best to ask nothing of the Bible question and would you like to take a couple minutes into the death okay so and I'll say right up front disclaimer I don't have all the answers but we do this around who programs enthusiastically soon as I get some really good answers from was just listening to them and so the learning experience for you but if you have some final questions didn't come with and you want to ask summary son Holy Spirit is troubling about one thing this format okay Mary we have a question every week only answer that if your alarm okay can you hear me you can hear me better I had to send him to him to his will have it up and ended up so all right did you hear me singing about maybe you'd like to ask some might question him and you did you did hear that part maybe you don't want to ask any Bible questions I don't know why I just thought we know that out there and see what happened and give you an opportunity do something unscripted like that in the Holy Spirit can leave and then there's other spirits out there to see you never know but I don't know if you have any questions seen are we on one hand here yes Romans fourteen five please explain Romans fourteen five and six I'll do my best if you got your Bibles during aerial quick one person esteems one day above another another one listings every day alike let each one be fully convinced in his own mind he would serve as the day observes it to the Lord and he who does not observe the day to the Lord he does not observe it you each to the Lord for he who eats eats to the Lord Friedkin Scott thanks and who does not need to the Lord he does not eat and gives God thanks now in Romans Paul is feeling where a few issues and this could be a lengthy answer I don't want to be on there were more Gentile Christians accepting this is now Jewish believers the church started out with predominantly Jewish believers and alcohol largely became hostile to the Gentiles the Gentile church was exploding the Jewish culture the Jewish believers reason you can eat these foods that have been sacrifice and maybe to idols in the marketplace are offering various gods and you need to use the states and Paul was saying if you want to keep these annual fees punitive award don't push that on others that may not be convinced about that are convicted about that I didn't do it to the Lord if you feel convicted about eating things that were sold in the shambles then donated and Paul later said don't ask where it was bought for conscience sake if it's been above as a residing dealing with these issues you for the wrongs you will notice you don't find the word sounds anywhere in the chapter some try to make this deal with the Santa Fe can imagine any pastor Sunday pastor seven pastor can imagine the Sunday pastor Sanders congregation Sunday morning if you want to regard it it'll work people in temperature if you don't you stay home that everyone be persuaded and never inherent interpreted that way but in saying so close obviously not saying that he's talking about these annual feasts that the dedicated Jewish Christians were impressing on the Gentiles and with some of our midst sometimes to do the same thing today so another question like that is a short visit will reverse at hand there are steers me I don't know what is this scares me Isaiah forty five seven one elaborate on the I need repeated sorry I form the lighting we are an assignee peace and create calamity I award you these things is something I wonder I thought every good and perfect gift comes from God how can God say I create evil calamity in the book of Job and he can also take that person my words is an evil spirit came from the Lord and harass all spirit from God or that God hardened Pharaoh 's heart all these questions are really related that is God the author of evil in all I can answer this question by looking at the example in the book of Job from an earthly perspective when all these terrible things happen to Joan what were Job 's friends Angel God did these things to you to punish you because you did something wrong what the book of Job does for your needs it pulls the veil back and we see what's really happening is there's the devil was going down like a roaring lion he's come down with great wrath but there are limitations to what the devil can do God has set a hedge of protection around his children sometimes the devil will campaign to do things against us like he did in the book of Job but God must really withdraw his his his his protection from this event time for him to get up so you can say it was God 's fault at all these bad things happen to job creation may be wrong it's a wonder the human perspective I mean if if the devil Hezekiah go to God and God 's permission so this is really a very big deep question dealing with the sovereignty of God but only good comes from God God sometimes withdraws his protection and bad things happen matter-of-fact we often asked question is why do so many bad things happen in our world God is good where asking the wrong question is world 's been kidnapped by the devil the devil 's claim to this is the meaning even Jesus called the prince of this world we ought to be asking why do so many good things happen to us in this wicked world God has intruded his goodness in our lives in his blessings and so I face has a lot of political things the same the wording can be confusing there on authentic help made it worse I see I second Thessalonians chapter two verse three zero chapter three and two to five and then we might be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men for not all have faith for the Lord is faithful who will establish you and argue from you while and we had confidence in the Lord concerning the above that you do and will do the things we command you now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God into the patient's of Christ in your question about the verse oh absolutely and as many others are of course ripped promise is is a promise of the work and keep us from setting all again there are many exceeding great and precious promises that might easily might be partakers of the divine nature and then again was able to keep you from falling and I can do all things in Christ he strengthens me all things are possible with God another way I like to ask this question again I like to turn things around and instead of saying to God your can we be perfect people like this how can God help us overcome every cent I like to ask what soon can you not give the person they are if you believe no to them I was always so awkward to be very honest with you talking about Christian perfectionism afraid some of the Sanhedrin and Lance will be no but as a Christian my example is perfect enough Michael and I believe that I can be like Christ in the certification is all about is perfect when you justify things you pray and confess your sins but don't I like to ask a question this way if you believe the devil is able to tempt you to see and you don't believe that Jesus can keep you from sin you in essence how more powerful level and Savior and so I believe that Christ can keep us from sin by the way is a good book I don't cruise available to filter and is called is it possible to live without sending title scares people but it so well written book any reader for free on the website is impossible to live without sending for my plane on autopilot years ago I read that book and is wonderful for another megalithic one or two more icy hand your subversive thing Isaiah twenty eight verses nine and ten I should've known an army of my book if you just tough questions by real will he teach knowledge in whom will he make to understand the message those just weaned from milk those just drawn from the breasts for precept must be upon precept line upon line to your little narrow little well I think that's a related principle for understanding truth is we compare Scripture with Scripture it's not just from one Scripture it's in the mouth of two or three witnesses I have questions for an airbase in first Corinthians eleven is enlarged for twenty fourteen five oh women praying with her head uncovered or sure women cut their hair and is a versatile run myself hold her disability that a lot of Pentecostal churches all the women shawls or even the Orthodox churches and you know that's one of those nebulas versus but my answer would be where the other versus you need to or three witnesses and invalid doctrine and so you compare Scripture with Scripture line upon line precept upon precept finally Daniel chapter twelve every evangelist was these adverse words as many will run to win well and knowledge will increase women's talk about high-speed transportation the last things from running to and fro for Daniel is also going back and forth to my and that Daniel did that Daniel mine who studies the books of Jeremiah discovers seventy years or are maybe one more question and I think someone over here and again over your green shirt loses wages of health sort is twenty two verse thirty six Jesus said that he who has a moneybag let him take it likewise has sacked and he who has no sword let him sell his garment and buy one now appears his biggest agents begin his spiritual terms here this is actually part of my message like talking about weapons of the Holy Spirit Word of God as a weapon Hebrew chapter for its quick and powerful sharpening two-edged sword Jesus a senior revelation with a sword coming out of his mouth Ephesians chapter six and the word of God which is sort Jesus talks about getting rid of your garment knitting a sort of I see some analogies Mayor our garments like filthy rags we need to sort it should now be misunderstood with crisis Inc. as you read on here and down then he said to them verse thirty eight landlord here are two sorts and he said to them is enough people think I can take on the Roman army was to source I think the disciples realize they were even speaking of spiritual terminology a lot of times in the Bible some unspoken than even realize it was a prophecy when the high priest said you know nothing at all that it's expedient one man should perish sustainable nation he had no idea he was entering the property of Christ repairs as a nation and for this lot of examples of that when Jesus it is enough they were thinking of earthly sources were two sorts when Jesus said it is enough translated from the language of the day that would be enough for us none with your not getting younger when they were crossing the scene Jesus and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees disciples are thinking you know he just multiplied bread made with regard writing it against any brain is don't you get it so sometimes he rolled his eyes exasperated he would say is and here is that the GOP rival cult twelve legions of angels to deliver me you guys are too sorted or in your fisherman Peter tries to use his sword and he misses any cuts on your running out the sensation out to try and take on the Roman Army knowledge within an year to you and others Jesus was not endorsing taking up towards the fight his battles he later told Peter what put authors David live by the sword will die by the sword so who is the source Jesus was speaking I think in symbolic terms there are a genuine wanted to turn with me to the book of Mark since we're talking about these issues and where God I like to take a few minutes and talk to you about hunger to read and the Bible Lu concerns Mark Mark chapter six verse thirty I have something other working for days at a whole different message and just in my room I was on my knees praying and I just felt impressed to change gears and so I hope that with the Holy Spirit told me to do that I didn't hear the voice and the apostles gathered Jesus and told him all things both of what they had done what they are taught and anon on her evangelistic go expedition recent homicide by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while to something like overdoing here for there were so many coming and going he did not even have time to each they didn't have time to feed themselves so how well can you treat others if you don't feed yourself nor hurt at times about the prison emergency rooms at work so long especially when the going figure internship is a jester I started bleary and you want one anyone doing any critical surgery on you if they had slept in taking care of their own basic physical needs and so long and likewise it's hard for you to do good work of evangelism with the word of God is not feeding yourself immediately after says they didn't have time to heed the transitions into the next story so they desire they departed and came into a deserted place in the book myself oh Tucson apartment in maybe to them and they ran therein for the running around the coast of the Sea of Galilee it's okay and they right before he even came together to them and Jesus when he came out he saw a great multitude and he was moved with compassion for them because they were like sheep not having a shepherd and he began to teach them many things and when that day was now far spent his disciples thought they were going on vacation and they still have arrested Mister Kennedy his disciples came to him and he said this is a deserted place and already the hour is late and all people live in the bazaar selling food after dark if they can get something even they leave pretty quick send them a way that they may go into the surrounding country and villages and buy brand name nothing to eat it up Jesus tells us that they needed and say you don't see they can find a good restaurant you need in and say you know see figure find a supermarket to see they find the most basic bear of essential breath so there's something to eat it when I travel sometimes strange things happen and you don't always know where your unity when you fly and sometimes in a reasonable thing waiting for you when you land is closed and that happened a few times I tried no packing lists the checklist on her when I'm in effectiveness as they forget things I wanted to preach in my suit and make connections because I forgot him to choose editors release advances like a list on my list I always take a couple of granola bars with me shall in case going on that airplane and you said you please is this is one of the best birthdays e-mail and now I'm the one airline know something you might you be alleviating peanuts that effect while self was coming down they asked if I would like you bet I do I saw him my pocket back in my room I learned those little bags of peanuts are flashes if you haven't had anything they look better and better every day this is one of the most things in life in Jesus in man doesn't live by bread alone but by what every word that proceeds from the mouth in the Lords prayer when it does give us this day our daily bread you really think that's just talking about praying that you'll have some week bread in your cover from day-to-day some of you are probably as your prayer you'd be happy for the peanuts but I think it's going way beyond that Jesus is that prayer really is a pattern for all prayer and in every game we need to pray that God can give us our daily bread no I was thinking as I was preparing to come here about what words I could finally communicate to you what I treasure we have in spite its there is no books like the Bible there is no book that has withstood the test of history and science of ethics and transformation and inspiration there is no point thing from that are not helping guys think about the immensity of space think about somebody that is so powerful that they can be conscious of every single molecule or atom in every cell of every bottom blade of grass creature of the infinite universe this is the ultimate smart being I does know what awesome doesn't cut it in a casserole of the word awesome a few years ago it is worn out but it would've been a good word I mean you know all the words and worn out I marked massmarketing meeting when Jumbo and he doesn't settle any medicinal words that are left anymore talk about how magnificent in incredibly powerful and luminous and I'm missing the audience and for him to be English speaker things into existence and got his new theory articles string David string theory are probably utterly handsome in my notes about this on the program nova they reported the newest research indicates that always in the universe came from sound according to string theory absolutely everything in the universe all of the particles that make up the matter is worse is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings somehow and is interesting that Moses with his limited education would say in the beginning God and the idea that we would have the words of God in our hand almost a human copyright you think I'm not working to catch and eat it's free in a Martin Luther studied as a priest and finally when he got where he graduated this is a priest he was allowed to conduct his first masses before you go away the church and his father came to want to conduct his first mass though that's back when they believe in transubstantiation with the present will wait for Randy until little body of Jesus and Luther got up there in utter these words in Latin and the pickup 's bread and when it came time for him to see these words he froze any panic and could speak in his father 's out there shifting back and forth so there's some reason presented waiting for him to make this utterance and I think finally after a long awkward silence he mumbled through reason he fled from the Chapel someone asked later what happened and he said I guess was absolutely overwhelmed with unworthiness when I thought here a sinful mortal was going to use see some words and I was going to turn this into the this bread into the body of Christ and then I would have the audacity to handle that and I was overcome with terror at the thought that I could touch the word of God that's again a reference again and was able to receive Scripture only the reference you have for the word of God Jesus in the end will not live by bread alone but by every word you know if I were to communicate something to you about the Bible I would say you need to read it all the time you need to believe that and then you need to listen to some people that are doing one of the three or two of the three but we need all three and losing is actually the most part some people have very little of the word available with a half and then you get people who are feasting like the Richmond in the parable that your desires the crow was at fault in the cable and he'll absorb Paul Griffin doesn't appreciate the treasury Scott killing is a church facility administered is like that rich man here we got another fund is truth and the people around us are starving for the truth that we have and we don't appreciate what we don't realize you know we cloister ourselves and our churches and are pleasantly homeless people all around us are perishing from the knowledge of the truth we know Jesus when he compared the word of God that was not an accident brain is the most fundamental thing in just about any home when it comes to food it doesn't matter if you're in a castle or palace I can almost guarantee that when it comes time to eat some more on Cablevision right or here in the forest hobbled negative habit for TF for something in that house right of December not affect you try to start fast food chain without having read somewhere on the menu over the pizza dude the tomato soup it is a no-no I go to polling I didn't readable I don't want to twenty market is so letting the rice is technically right Burger King and also the doing of the months of the lease is a worthy visit with the breath right I mean it's so basic you can start Baskin-Robbins people in the most income also think it's willing to do whatever it can make vintage number is trying to help you realize Jesus picked the most fundamental thing when he said men can in writing to the thing you have time as a man can't live without Peter blood or something he didn't say that the Internet in yet another think about it but one easy read because it was basic and diluted God must be that basic in our diet every day now one reason I say that is because were living in the day where people are not getting real you know I understand I might get my dates wrong and was back before the nineteen twenties when they developed the techniques for finally mass-producing white flour finely milled flour removing the German and the brand they noticed about the same time they began to mass-produce white flour who thought it was better sloppy or two later she went to submitter that coronary from houses began to skyrocket heart disease and are trying to figure out what was causing it violated determine at least one thing was they had taken the vitamin E out on the bread when a process that it's okay for getting the grist of the vitamins they need to utilize the Brenda reading anyone just getting all the candy calories really do want getting the nutrition you buy white but now the government requires to be fortifying because they found that during the Great Depression they were giving everybody white bread never coming out children were going up with rickets because remitting empty calories and getting a sense of feeling mighty interested in your mouth but you can be malnourished at the same time I can happen in church it's where people can get harder for will you sell within the meaning nutrition I think they would become satisfied with mediocre truth who wasn't down all Isaiah said however one of theirs coming to the water 's chapter fifty five he that has no money coming by that which is not bread it's it's the bread without nutrition I read one time that unit impairment was a talk about the most important things and you got at the bottom of that list you got your carbohydrates in your your brand is in the bottom of the foundation of that food nutrition many don't make at the fruits and vegetables I think you probably Christopher Longbottom in the negative means which is in the very limited candies in the soda in the things in the top forty think the majority of the advertising dollars goes in North America on it eighty percent is spent on the top on selling junk the government finally realized that I talked about life and making diluted fast food giant start start caring about nutrition things happening in the church received the fast food people exists because they know if they can just make it taste good people really don't care whether it's in a given real help most people that is when it doesn't taste good now that's what they want fast food I wanted now I want immediate gratification people bring those attitudes into the church and pastors to keep them coming feel they got accommodate as of the designer messengers does make everybody feel good it's all cotton candy with but Wonder Bread was a kid in your member the Wonder Bread commercials is research old boy wonder how they did it think that is why he was shown going to go his wife always but this is nonetheless ongoing life of this with him to enter the commercial unique and maintenance of balance is more than a little tip for anyone you are done throughout the house you can upload your your drywall and paint over it you can ball up so that Wonder Bread like an inherently over the last thousand years in Afghanistan his definable spots once again and probably when others of them in the book of Amos chapter eight it says the days ago when we looking to get us all you look down and realize this is not like a lot of churches and eventually got two minus views encompasses the Lord belongings in the family plan 's famous gentry first eleven behold these are coming says the Lord but also the famine on the land not a famine of bread nor thirst for water but of hearing the words of the Lord and no longer from seed to seeing from Northeast to and fro seeking the word of the Lord cannot find out with like to ask is it possible to have a family for the word of God while you're surrounded with Michael's can a person die of starvation while they still have the sensation of being filled you can a person be eating an unhealthy you know that during their nineteen fifty eight to sixty one biggest famine modern times was in China because of the Industrial Revolution nobody was working and thirty definitely come out until dialogue China and the people during that time they found a worse claim that eighty is actually some earth that was edible and they can eat it without killing them and again in the temporary sensation of being full of course there is no nutritional value I think a lot of people are struggling with the effects of the famine were just not really delving into the word Ezra probably knew the whole testament my heart Jane Andrews one of the founders of our church someone asked him one time if you memorize the whole Bible is no place if they destroy the New Testament I can reproduce it my next-door neighbor Henry the third memorized the entire interest Halloween we stand up in our church one day who memorize entire book of Daniel and Revelation and we tested front of everybody it was phenomenal the most amazing fact that angels have memorized all of the proof texts on our message but are we really digging into the word the way we should know Sunday would be challenged on her face we may not have a Bible American 's father Jesus need every temptation it is written it is written to think he was digging around in his backpack for his iPad orders goals in the finals references or have you filled his mind with the work that he knew the whereabouts supernaturally because after all he was a son about himself I think that Jesus knew the word of God the same way that you and I can know the word of God in general Reading as a child ready to will they growing up using the synagogue every Sabbath he stood up to read the Scriptures the Bible says and when the time of temptation came the same Holy Spirit reminded Jesus those passages in Deuteronomy will remind you I've hidden by word in my heart that I might not sin is not just disable us that we need more clients this is when you know our Bibles so that we are ready to give an answer to any man asks us the reason for the hope that is in us with meekness and fear we need to know how to defend our faith in my program like this I support is so important work and I'm thrilled with all his evangelism training programs are popping up around the country where only men are saying I want to be a quick to share my faith and were meeting more and more people that are saying and what wrongdoing is my career even in a bad economy it's amazing you go registrations are at record highs right now whatever I'm doing as a job I would put that on the side and I want to spend whether it's a short program ten days a former one where the word of God second showed me I have a theory not mine I didn't originated actually get information this ageless Richard Senior that the world never finished he said a fellow passenger in jail now no longer be in jail the theory is that there needs to be a little I love for the word of God among people and may not come from the pulpit now I think it's been in the Holy Spirit impressing a hunger for the Word of God among the people and rambling on one verse and I never go back tomorrow this is a good place for us to go on what the disciples saying people are hungry verse thirty six visiting apostles set in the way that they may go to the surrounding countryside and villages and buy so nothing I want you to say you give them something to eat volatile for the pastors as with therefore go to the priest go to the Temple where fishermen 's humanism something to eat all you want no final answer pastor there's an evangelist in town and we believe why why will we be able to you I was a little echelon confessing this but I I never really planned on being a pastor I not too far from here Bible first letter was great skepticism is a collection of fables and would've gotten so powerful where does it the weather is printed my machine on paper whether you see the digital pixels whether interference falconers on CD the power in God 's word is supernatural and do something to and has I read the Bible started to transforming and I got so excited about you was telling everybody and people were listening and what amazed me is when I finally found an administered I'd only been telling everyone a message before I ever found Methodist Church I was finally admits were excited I really was still in all not more excited I should say in the behind in Cologne with the noticeably people from Ukiah here that's what we did all her shopping and down I was just a Lehman Heidi McKennitt worked sold firewood and Verizon jobs and I went to church every week and I was sharing a study with all my neighbors and they started coming to church and people just don't he won't be pastor 's place and because you're bringing people to the Lord your studying the Bible people living with both him only to the pastors always felt sort of embarrassed that I'm getting paid to do what I would do for free and they let me know the time which is wonderful when you really think about it my first evangelistic meeting how self-supporting I was a mechanic work in Texas I talked the conference in the lending attention these people came baptized in and he was interesting as the district pastor was Wendy Roberts he was an intern at that time and visit we get this character off bear in Dickinson Texas he's doing an evangelistic meeting of people coming to your disfigured medical follow-up I was about twenty years old and twenty two years of that time and I thought isn't this what were all supposed to be doing well share your faith in me you think about it well Sandy people do not have Jesus organize forever people that do have Jesus and live forever the ceiling for sin is in the gospel which is in the Bible if we don't tell people when they either don't believe it or we don't care and if I is is an urgency that which we should feel some urgency all the laws of the approaches a man to know the word to be a quick and missionary and don't make the mistake of thinking I'm just not very testified I got a few a whole lot more Bible study before unprepared to get out there and I do believe training is very important that you know what you use what you do have and I hope you more and again I hesitate to say this the first two Bible studies I gave I knew almost nothing about the Bible but I was so excited about the ones that I have sharing it with everybody I met for King by now a civilian my Bible with him and I had no clothes and then sometimes they had no plans to anything this is crazy we were all in the literal recovery and I know you there is standard really is a great giveaway is only regularly and I know if it was distracting at times but I feel that the thinking before speaking the donkey and him and then who you are has an excuse in the last cry and want to speak to us you know the I was willing and the noble Lord said the harvest is great the laborers are few in the eyes of the law relating to go through the years looking for labor to identity legally you know and the Lord is so anxious to find people that are willing and me when we got home and ministry negatively call in which listeners but to me it was a single of the way who are scraping the bottom there is a fine him to preach things are worse than I thought that there has to our story Jesus if you give them something the patient where we how can we do a study looking at the problems were reading it two hundred in the area and would not be enough to give him some money so what do you have given what do you have and he found that boy of course since five loaves and two fish is just little to parties and a couple sardines and he commanded them to sit down in groups on the green grass and they sat down in ranks and hundreds in fifties and he took the five loans and the two fish he looked up to heaven what rollovers and gave it to his disciples to set before them and the two fish he divided among the mall and so they ate and were filled for you about that this is the pattern for solely what do you have in any crumbs can understand anything about Jesus Yoshio versus business the word of God is wanting to verses can change a person 's life I think you may be heard be sure the story before where Whitfield was such a powerful preacher they called in the trumpet of the Lord and Franklin didn't experiment one time or he thought he could hear distinctly when he was preaching in Philadelphia my home away no artificial amplification the guises had a supernatural voice and cumulative counts all the saloons were closed and just they were great revivals from the preaching of Leslie 's and George Whitfield in particular and the tree guys in this bottle and they were all taught you better know your visit with your preachers unite me will come back here anymore in the satellite I will be convicted I want to see the man I've heard so much about and so he went to one of these outdoor meetings sit with you was conducting any currencies we climbed up in the tree and cut wrap his legs around the treaty decided I won't let my years besides preaching because I don't want to hear policy so in fact finally the platform he plugged his ears while people all wrote horses back in the horse flies and horsefly bite and a horsefly landed on his and Linda slapped with a sly peninsulas fingers out of his years and right at that time Whitfield said in his resonating technicians and voice he who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says finishers him was overwhelming conviction that I think you fell out of a tree never ever like Zacchaeus one verse this power the word about to bring your cleansing Jesus what will the Lord do he bless the brand he gave it back to them so they can give it to others in and never says where along the way but if there are twelve baskets of leftover is in the disciples aridity starts out the same they didn't even have time to eat Jesus performed his miracles as they are giving away the brain to others at one point he must've sat down these groups of fifties and hundreds and they wove baskets of leftover 's even multiply when they took their little bit and give it to Jesus and they were willing to give it away people have been fooled into thinking that I've got a great memory for verses in the idle but when you're involved full-time in doing evangelism in getting Bible studies in preaching and studying every week some of its domestic and you know what you remember you remember just what you leave you don't even just remember when we don't hear you remember more if you read it here and writing seen it on the screen might help but you know where the greatest memory retention comes from health to somebody else in giving the bread away keep so the best thing you can do for others in this thing you can do for your own soul is to study the word of God and to share with others there is a coherent one agreed you from both great controversy page fifty one Satan well knew that the holy Scriptures would enable men to discern his deceptions and withstand his power it was by the world and even the Savior of the world resisted his attacks Aaron Russo is an additional internal truth saying is written to every suggestion of the adversary he opposes the wisdom and power of the word in order for Satan to maintain his swing over man and establishes authority he must keep them in ignorance of the Scriptures and other Seventh-day Adventist movement is at risk of going through the same cyclical movements of every revival movement through history they start out like Ephesus and an likely see a based on our envelope of the Lord on fire and they go through the various cycles into three generations later it becomes a culture and a club and asked the people about the foundational beliefs and have no idea what related you think beyond the Lutheran Church right now the sort of reunifying with the Catholics anyhow don't one remaining gains in all kinds of things I won't go into hiding when Martin Luther would've felt about that how do you think these the founders and wonderful about that when they were burnt at the stake for those things are we immune to that kind of trend community loss are we at risk of losing the fire and love for the truth that God gave to this movement and do something different this time I think with the remnant church is going to be almost viable of the faith that was once delivered of the saints for the work I think I see it happening with programs like carving and you are seeing others where the members the people are rediscovering the power veteran Anita Francis and the others regardless of the evidence because it is nomination no one in my family was I have really no loyalty to the nomination for the sake of being the Queen my loyalty is to the Bible and it just happens to be this is the movement closest Bible and at this point I am able to stay within this movement and freely preach my convictions nobody the conference faxes these terminals I have to preach at you as I throw and the strengthening but the end this is the truth if the unable truth is that this is what my church believes is what the Bible teaches that I think the dark people if we were now discovering this I know some of you here the final answer program on Sunday nights but it's really fun if you send this video there we have just almost every week when before we ever go on the air with computer screens and phone lines before we move on the and you know we started out when we start the program sixty years ago we had a call if you say the Bible question him and it is unwanted these nations high this is Bob him to Jane Mary him and we are really grasping again to build and know for every person calls me and how did you ever listen to talk radio you never called but it was for every person there's like ten thousand was you don't call and based on the volume of people that call in or try to call into AT&T actually takes records to be looking trying to call in during program became getting is aligned to China some people out there the women Richard and rearview history does reconvene were saying Saturday's assessment report that the state is then regional development endeavors and always people who we know of seventy and it's going this I've always wondered about that I've always felt this but I never see you there I highly read for the truth we have juices of the hardest degree what is branding if we take what we have inhibited Jesus he will multiply and give it back to us and helping the people his friends the world is starting for the treatment notice enclosing Isaiah accusing of your personal devotional life and there is never been a generation in the world that has been so bombarded by other absolute fire hydrant of information pouring and your senses every day no generation because the way we can record now and reproduce on a massive scale information just driving down the road if it's not the radio and billboards and if the person listening to the radio in the car next to you that we are constantly bombarded with information the Bible you can easily will finally be together church once we figure the preacher preaches a think about it all week long because I was the only really outside interesting thing they heard the now folks are scarce around the church before there taking your iPhone law is like remote and checking your e-mail and it in we're so clinically distracted that I suggest to you that if the word of God 's unity balloon in your lives without being snatched away by the ravens you have to compensate by studying more than any other generation the donations you got compensated by praying we don't begin to be wounded by putting the same level as other generations the devil has intensified his attacks casinos the time is short we must compensate by God 's grace and intensifier study intensifier prayer this is trying to wash and out of our lives with all these other things some of the summer that the cares of life Jesus said to make you where you're prepared for the second so I appeal to you is you got to fill your mind with the Word of God you fill your heart were going against allowing yourself to have it on here phone in the Bible my phone got it on my laptop I had it in my car I try to surround its on our TV play reflective lately to my house will go to sleep at night we put my beliefs on still Alexander scored week that's why learn to pronounce final words and just surround yourself with word of God transforming and it will keep you from sin and more you look at Christ we do not have the more like Christ to become and then not feel it'll really means something to you when you pray Lord give me this day my daily bread it has something to give others cleverly we closed when we starts father in heaven scored for these reasons we've address and millions of dollars we need to really know you we need to be completely saturated and are very core every fighter with your truth is truth that will transform assistant truth is going to set us free it's an issue that will keep us from sin it's the truth of your word that will empower us I pray it will come to appreciate what a treasure you given us in this blessed book and what I I ask that your spirit will be a very special way in this meeting through this weekend I pray can be like a a lot thrown in a lake that was written well as people return to their respective places over the love for your word that was exhumed and imminent from them that bless the leaders of lesson plans we pray that you would pick we will destroy you is the place of your Angels in your spirit and filling mine with your very mind thank you for your blessings this night to be with us for the rest of the evening we pray in Jesus name


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