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The Wake Up Call

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • February 10, 2012
    6:30 PM
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for our evening and happy Sabbath everyone it is a privilege to be here with you all and am thankful to God for the opportunity to talk with his people tonight is some very important things that have been designed to impart to our hearts the imperative presence that truly pray all as we hear God speak to us tonight because I'm fully convinced that great things are happening in this world and this all taking place let us know that time is almost finished everything we've ever study the everything we've ever done our seminars about the things that we have done and demonstrated to the books of Daniel and Revelation we are literally seeing them come to pass I believe with all my heart that one of the great reasons why this crisis that the Bible speaks about has not taken place yet is because God is love and mercy is looking down upon his own people anything been on radio and not really in parentheses is the whole focus of everything that these the human I'm not here to entertain and house very serious discussions concerning to come face-to-face with ourselves and with the Word of God and we want God to speak to our brothers and sisters on seventy which I'm pleading or do something my own heart in brief final to get ready the second coming of Jesus Christ as I stand before you not as a superior man to you I stand before you as a man in need of Jesus just like bouncers I did a series and so predecessors as we prepare to go to tonight 's topic entering within the as much as you are able to invite you to new as we approach God will buy heavenly father we thank you Lord for the privilege and the opportunity to worsen on this your holy Sabbath day of rest we are grateful that you have given us power to keep holding every and Lord this power that you have given to us to God it is not by natural mind not by natural Congress by your spirit that we can truly do all things through Christ and strengthens us father we have sinned against you in words thought and being perhaps even as we were about to come into these doors they may have been things that have not been consistent if so please bring it to our remembrance even now that we may confess it for safety and overcome it by your grace or do something special in these meetings will have meetings at the meetings at the meetings and heaven is is still wondering are they getting it helpless father to cooperate as you speak to our hearts and I thought I give myself to you afresh please take my life let it be consecrated Lord for me will normalize help us to behold wondrous things and God created the asked Jesus to knowledge us on the phone with my wife and I really love talking to my wife I'm so thankful that I can honestly say without flinching that I love my bride as she and I were talking you know as I was talking with us on myself nervous a lot of times people always say Brenneman and you get nervous police because every time every time because brothers and sisters on handling something that is more precious than gold ministers of the gospel when we preach the word of God via handling the most precious treasure that could ever be put into the hands of the name the word of God is imperative that the minister gives the people the words as meat in due season so I found myself talking with us to honey I just need to talk to you and as we were talking in everything I often do this when I travel and it's on somewhere without my right I always ask if I can you pray she of course agreed gladly trade you felt at peace of God or I saw myself and when I got off the phone similar along to see her face and God was impressing on my heart at that very moment to see magnify what you feel times infinity goddesses of long to look my bride face-to-face you see when you go to the book of as you want to see something God longs to look at his bride face-to-face the Bible says in Genesis chapter two you don't find that many of us which is that we will review up going to be that which you've heard before all we want to do is review it and receive it in our hearts that we may be transformed the Bible says in Genesis chapter two you know what it says in verse seven tenderly while he was speaking everything else into existence when it came to the one whom he would deem to be his bride God knew that if I take more than just speaking this into existence God says I need to get my hands into this the Bible says in Genesis chapter two inverse evidences and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul this same being that God may both from Adam and Eve it is interesting how God eventually as he was creating man with a great desire to commune with man brothers and sisters God made you because you needed you e-mail me because he needed me God made us for communion not just to have a whole bunch of service when God made us his desire was to enjoy time with his creation the Bible says in verse twenty of the same chapter and Adam gave names to all cattle into the fowl of the air and to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof and the rent which the Lord God had taken from man made he a woman and brought her unto the man and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh he shall be called woman because she was taken out therefore some a man be his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and basil be one flesh and they were both naked the man and his wife and were not ashamed God was able to have face-to-face communion with his creation via Adam and Eve when God had this wonderful union come together face-to-face communion he was ever to communicate there was no need for medium known as a burning bus is no need for the minister giving the word God without the book 's creation right and the eighth and have communion great longing of Jesus the great focus of Jesus is that he may have face to face communion with his bride but one day you know the story the face-to-face communion got disrupted the Bible spelled out how happened in Genesis chapter three go there with me now the Bible says in Genesis chapter three verses six through ten he finds himself talking with a snake as he's talking and having this dialogue with this snake eventually it says in verse six and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat the eyes of them both were open and they know that they were naked and basalts and leaves together and made themselves aprons and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the court of the day and Adam and his wife did what they had themselves it says Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden and the Lord God called in to Adam and surrender him where art thou he said I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself it was right at this point that God in the love and mercy as much as he loved his bride now that sin entered into the picture God now had to make a decision to say either I can go ahead and be selfish and indulge in my mostly and just go ahead and behold you anyhow but God know according to Hebrews twelve twenty five that I'm a consuming fire and if sin is in my direct president it will be destroyed and God allows that I can't do that so therefore you have to house them out of the dark the face-to-face communion now had to be broken you see brothers and sisters there's only one thing it's amazing to me how we can talk about face to face shall I behold them and that beautiful him and it is a beautiful hymn amen brothers and sisters we must understand that the only way I want to think about this is a man and as a woman who all married in the end they love one another as this husband and wife they love one another and their family or their children everything they love each other but then one day one of those spouses who love each other fell into adultery broke the seven command it is that that spouse now these home and they gone around with this third-party MMS interop thinking that they're having a wonderful time and they go ahead and get to the heart of sin but no one will hold a time comes while the sun that spouse realizes you know what I messed up my home I made a horrible mistake I need to get things right so then that spouse now comes back home to the other spouse and the children knocks on the door as is the thing you know what I realize what I did but you know what I want to come back home I want to rebuild our home I want to make things right number of this is about what to do me a favor I want you to imagine that you were the faithful spouse I have learned that your spouse just committed adultery ran off with some other woman a man went in and cause in everything that the wicked minds could conjure up and after they finished doing all of the dirt that they wanted to they come back and knock on the door your heart is broken for you home is broken but they come back they knock on the door and it's a lesson I want to get things right I realized I may not hold onto myself can you please forgive me the person asking forgiven the same because love really was in your heart that you ask he said you know what yes I will forgive you I want to imagine what is your spouse that this wonderful since you're forgiven me since we have a basement apartment in our house what I'm than a new is the person that I committed adultery with what I'm than it does on that have been moved in with us let them go ahead in the downstairs in the basement apartment and what I'll do if I will spend four days a week with you but I'll spent three days a week with the other person I just want to wean them off of the relationship now if I can deal with that type of agreement if you would agree and go for that not one person one of the elect the spouse came back if it all right fine maybe I was being a little over presumptive uptight what is that being four days with you agree to them I'll spend five days with you in only two days with the you get me the majority the time I'm at it you would agree that arrangement anybody know where they came back one more time is it all right outside what this is the best the other two can get I'll give you six days twenty one how will of my time just give me three hours with the third-party give me three hours how many would agree that is interesting not one person now correct me if I'm wrong you are willing for your home to be restored when you say to that spouse spouse if you want to make everything right with me and is going to have to be all on our help me out nothing how many of us would say that if you go to work it out would be say all or nothing so it's interesting how can an artist the relationship we can understand that the spouse commits adultery and messes around with the third-party it's interesting that no matter what kind of arrangement they make as long as China hold onto that third-party there is going to be no marriage of his existence Adam and Eve was married to go and it was a third party that came into the picture and the third party was called sin and sin broke up the face-to-face communion between God and his people and many of us today where singing face-to-face I behold him whispering in all these wonderful hands but we don't understand Isaiah fifty nine in part through the Bible says that it was on land and our iniquities that caused God to turn his face from us and you know what many of us and want within all right like all build a relationship with you I'll tell you what days of worship for days the Bible study four days of prayer and giving of thanks but three days with my darling soon balancing that would never work some of us on the I thought I'd like all tell you what I'll give you five day worship people study prayer I'll even joined the choir would give me two days with my darling sins some people are going back out to you I think they wanted one hours worship prayer which is three hours with their favorite television program that your spirit already told me was no good for me just give me three thousand bells video games that I now that I'm beholding on of the imagery expected only cause my mind to focus on that which is definite earthquake and sensual give me just three how is my best friend that I know that if I hang around long enough I will end up back into the bed of fornication give me just three hours with that movie would cursing and swearing it's amazing how we will not save but will watch it and be entertained by God is turned to say when can my people get it but it is until they stop negotiating with me and send and make a true separate between the idolatrous party and make a full commitment to me because brothers and sisters just like you God is saying if you really want to have face-to-face communion if you really want to have a happy marriage God says it must be all or nothing we must be willing to let go of those sins that so easily beset us if we are going to have face-to-face communion with Jesus brothers sisters that means we must overcome the thing that broke the face-to-face communion and is only one thing that did it in the Bible calls it seems this is the focus of heaven how how can I get man stopped sinning no whistles that I used to be part of a Baptist church and I understand of the Baptist visit I used to be part of a Pentecostal church and I understand the Pentecostal says it will embrace my heart is when I go to a seventy administration I hear seventy administrative we cannot have victory over sin that we are going to keep sending all the way up until Jesus comes you know anybody who believes that we are indirectly saying that Satan is more powerful than God Satan is strong enough to keep me in sin and God 's wisdom to deliver me from it did you get me to stop smoking yet he can get me to stop taking alcohol test he can get me to stop all cussing and swearing but he can help me overcome all of it that make sense why we have such a hard time believing that God can give us total complete victory over sin I think another reason why go to the book of first John chapter three with Invesco in this review fundamental Adventist texts of Scripture but would just simply going to consider it first John chapter three is in the Bible says in first John chapter three it says in verse four notice what he says when you get there please amen the Bible says in first John chapter three verse four popular Adventist sex the Bible says in first John three form whomsoever committed sin transgressive also the law for what sin is the transgression of the law now because we believe that the biblical definition for sin is the breaking of God 's law on God 's commandments perhaps one of the reasons why we started to develop this excuse we cannot overcome sin and therefore we are going to live in sin and expect that they become definite statement and sin rather than from since maybe one of the reasons why we found into this trap is because every time we look to the right with you no one can keep God 's law every time we look to the left we see no one to keep God 's commandments that you limit at times they looking at their mothers and their fathers and their expecting hot results within the even see mommy and daddy falling into the sometimes individuals who come to trust when they go ahead and look at the value leader that passes and so on they said I see good examples I hear high quality messages but at the end of the day I see slaves to sin I read my Bible and I got to the story of Moses and Isaiah and Daniel and so on and on the great men mighty profits at the end of the day they all fell into sin and after a while you get discouraged because you can't seem to find anybody who did it therefore becomes easy to say look obviously nobody can do it so therefore I can't do maybe that's the rationale that is done in some people 's minds the brothers and sisters I want to let you know something is true that sin is the breaking of God 's law it is true that when we look to many examples of those who walked on this in times past as well as in our lives today perhaps when I think anybody who is truly giving a representation of the power of the gospel and maybe through but that's why history did not stop its recording on just the life of Moses that's why history did not stop its recording in just the life of Daniel that's why history did not stop it's according to any of the major and minor prophets or apostles but brothers and sisters it was in narrative that history had to record the life of a man by the name of Jesus and I wanted a notice with the I will say specifically about Jesus while it is true that temptation is strong while that is true that when we look at several examples with the individuals who keep falling brothers and sisters this is why the Bible tells us this wonderful record about this man in Jesus go to the book of Hebrews chapter four and Hebrews the fourth chapter I want to see what the Bible says we don't have to be discouraged God has not left us without hope while we look at our own lives and we see failure while we look in the lives of many great prophets and apostles and so on we see failure while we may even look at mother and father and sees failure of the sisters God says there is someone that you can look at who did not fail in his name is Jesus Bible says in Hebrews the fourth chapter and when you get there please amen the Bible says in Hebrews four and verse fourteen notice what it says it says seeing then that we have a great high priest that is passed into the heavens Jesus the son of God let us all fast our profession so we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but within how many points but what in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin is that right now when the Bible says that Jesus was with out sin is another way that you can articulate that Islam and Johnson at the fifteen note for the Bible says in John fifteen the Bible says in Hebrews four that he was tempted in all points yet with out sin but is another way the Bible makes the same point in his songwriter John the fifteenth just John the fifteenth chapter notice what the Bible says and when you get there please say a man the Bible says in John fifteen and first noticed this is says in John fifteen ten and e.g. my commandments ye shall abide in my love now notice that last sentence even as I have what chaps my father 's commandments and abide in his love now send the same thing to different persons one birth that attempted without then another verse that I have to my father 's commandment talking about the same thing because sin is the breaking of God 's law is not right so that if a man can keep God 's law that means that he has not soon are you following so therefore this is the key that we see that you and I can experience it is not when we behold pastor using my point is this take your eyes off of man too often we are so busy doing exactly what the Bible says we should not do go to the book of second Corinthians efforts and let me show you what I mean the Bible says in second Corinthians the tenth chapter what is the reason why Jesus cannot come get what is the reason why Christ is still stuck inside a sanctuary and cannot come and deliver his people because he can't save people instead he can only save him from it but one of the reasons why was stuck and since it is because we keep beholding the wrong things for the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten notice what he says in verse twelve in a few their statement exactly what God told us not to do so busy doing it that's one of the reasons why we're in the mess that we're in today Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten verse twelve it says for we doubt not make ourselves of the number or compare ourselves with some decrement themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and come having themselves among themselves are wise are not wise one of the great reasons why we find ourselves making excuses over and over and over again for the various darling sins that we left a tantalizing play with you is because brothers and sisters we keep looking at other than think well if they are doing it I guess it's all right for me to do it what didn't I guess it may not be that wrong well if the pastor 's wife is doing it maybe it's not that bad after all well if mother father do it maybe is not the natural compare ourselves among themselves and all who do so not wise take your eyes off of me we ought to fix our eyes on the only man that counts the man who was tempted in all points and did not say you see if we would stop beholding so heavy and so strong because the lives of other people and if we were to fix our eyes on Jesus Brett visited do you know that by the holding you could become changed as one of the greatest is that we have with our own evangelism preachers in all the faith and when they file many fall within and we forget that his recent totals in volume five the testimonies to the church page eighty one that is says that the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul the Mark of the beast will be urged upon us and it says many of us thought that we have admired for their brilliancy will go out in darkness is not the time for you and I get starstruck we need to keep our eyes on Jesus can you say amen to number the sisters here is something that you need to understand because Jesus did it notice what the Bible now says in Galatians chapter to look at this now if we can learn to keep the eyes on Jesus and what he says in Galatians chapter do watch what the Bible says Bible says in Galatians the second chapter and knows what it says in chapter two and verse twenty Galatians chapter two and verse twenty and when you get there please say amen the Bible says in Galatians two and verse twenty is says I am crucified Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ live in need and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God who not me and gave himself for me when I keep my eyes on Jesus when I stepped what he has done for me and what he offers to do in me and through me than the life that you and I live is no longer to be disliked about it he now would live out his life Ruby that now the language of first John to become the reality go to first on the second chapter the Bible says in first John chapter two when I set the life of Jesus by faith I cooperate with him and I exercise the will on the side of God the door the Bible says will happen to Bible says in first John chapter two first John chapter two and notice what he says in verse six if you're there please amen the Bible says in first John chapter two in verse six it says he that saith he what am I in him ought himself also so to walk as Sewall if I'm abiding in Jesus then I am to walk towards the field and the life that Jesus was the night that he was tempted in all points but because of trust in his father because of the infilling of the Holy Spirit he was able to be tempted but not soon and that can be your experience if you walk in the footsteps of the master number of businesses do you ever wonder what's the end result of abiding in Jesus it says that if we abide in Christ we are to walk even as he walked and do you know that when we learn how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus long enough as a result of abiding in him do you know what the Bible says is the end result of abiding in Jesus Chapter three of first John verse six first John two oh six as long as he walked first John Frese as notice whomsoever abided and him was the next to our sin if not pointed out is to bring to us through the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ you when I can have total complete victory over sin as we cooperate with Christ as Christ cooperated with his father now this is the message of the hour this is what Jesus seeks to accomplish he wants us to understand that I want you to reflect my image fully so that once you can learn how to walk as I walked I can come back and I can bring you home and there's no more mediums and now I can once again have faith to face communion with my bride that's the goal now God knew something God knew that the people who want to follow Christ but have to follow him by faith we are going to have to follow him I think because he's not walking on this earth with us right now is a is a no so therefore we have to follow him by faith but I want you to see how the Bible expresses that we do this brothers and sisters staying with me I know where I'm going you pray I told you to pray in your heart the message has not even started yet God says that this is the goal I need to get the people to recognize that I am calling them to reflect my image to be just like me to walk day left as I live and where that is accomplished to bring remote we must enter into this experience by faith I want you to notice what the Bible says in Hebrews chapter six Hebrews six chapter in Hebrews the sixth chapter the Bible says in verse sixteen for men verily swear by the greater and an oath for confirmation is to them and end of all strife wherein God willing more abundantly to show unto them unto the heirs of promise the mutability of his counsel confirmed it by an oath that by two immutable things in which it was impossible for God to life we might have a strong consolation who have fled for what for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us which hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast and which entered into the back with in the veil enter into that would wear with in the veil and it says that the forerunner is for us entered even Jesus made an high Priest for ever after the order of milk cheese addict brothers and sisters this same man Jesus is no longer here on this earth he now ascended into the heavenly sanctuary and this same Jesus who is and that heavenly sanctuary watch this he has now calling the people to enter with in the veil by faith to be with him so that we may enter into the experience that we can live like him are you following the reason this becomes so important is because brothers and sisters is only one message that God raised up that can bring across to the human mind the reality of the need for man to enter with and the second veil where Christ is right now that we may be there by faith and have the experience he's called us to have that message is found in Revelation chapter fourteen turn with me to Revelation fourteen the Bible says in revelation the fourteenth chapter under the banner of the third Angels message it tells us in verse nine and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his four head or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever received the mark of his name here is the patience of the things here are they that keep the Commandments of God and have enough faith of Jesus the third Angels message is designed to appoint people to where Jesus is and how to walk with him by faith so that we will not be tripped up when did these lays out his last act in the drama God said under the banner of the third Angels message I am calling upon a group of people that in the midst of this enemy beast power who is seeking to enforce is more that he is warning us do not receive it and he says here is the endurance because when the beast begins to put the press are God 's people are going to need endurance here as the endurance of the things the words sank in the Greek means most holy thing it is interesting that the most holy thing the most holy people are connected to Christ in the most holy place it is interesting that God or think that I am calling you to end door when the B's power begins to affect and try to bring forth is Mark I want you to enjoy I want you to keep or car or protect the experience better having with me in keeping my commandments and having the faith of Jesus this is interesting why because only a seven-day Adventist can give this message only a Seventh-day Adventist understands the third Angels message which is designed to bring the people within the veil that they can meet with Jesus by faith and live the life he lived so that they can be a people prepared to meet their God only a Seventh-day Adventist can faithfully herald the third Angels message brothers and sisters when we understand this the great God of God do you know what will happen God 's people will stop inviting people to come to want churches to come to our schools to come to our organizations and to try to teach us about faith evangelism and the work of the gospel because brothers sisters and that is saying because it's already been said TD Jakes can do many things but he cannot show us how to get into the most holy place my dear brother within five why are most prestigious college recently about performing and talking about why we should join the ecumenical movement of this is that if we understood the word of God he wouldn't have had been invited to teach our people because he knows not how to get God 's people into the most holy place usually people say that seventy after the Harrogate people say that we just simply being on pigheaded and big minded and tried to be prejudiced over this is where just thinking people why would I invite you to get me somewhere that you can't get me from the sisters notice what inspiration says go to the book of Luke chapter twenty one obesity learning to see the great focus of God is this this is the great focus of God and it's only when we can understand this brothers and sisters that these several things that are taking place in God 's earth will cease by the grace of God Bible says in the twenty first chapter notice what he says now as we look at verses thirty four to thirty six the Bible says in Luke chapter twenty one thirty four through thirty six and if you dare say amen the Bible survey to yourself lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with the fainting and drunkenness and cares of this life and so that they come upon you unawares by the snare sound caught that Summit come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth but what is the first thirty six watch ye therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to what that next word to stand before the Son of Man Jesus 's great desire is that when the challenge of the black when the persecution of the jubilation months my people Jesus said I want to enter into the right experience that when everybody else is falling you may be able to stand and brothers and sisters you know what the purpose of the third Angels messages and you want to know the reason why no one else can take it but a seven-day Adventist because notice what inspirations is God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message to the world if you prepare a people to span pseudonym during the investigative judgment but this is the DDJ rejects the investigative judgment he's not qualify to be a nice man he may have gotten a virtues of his doctor but he's not qualified to tell us how to finish the work because the work is already furnished as we get nothing both Harold of the third Angels message and what the purpose of the third Angels message to prepare people to stand true to God during the investigative judgment that he believed that the Zogby or friend who does we visited us recently and in economical methods do they believe that smart issue of prejudice is not an issue of bigotry is the issue of common sense would you invite a garbage man a teacher to be a doctor no UN thought of simply saying the reason why I'm taking the stand and because this is the only message that knows how to get the people in the battle but here's the problem while it is true that the purpose in giving the third Angels message to the world is to prepare people to stand true to him during the investigative judgment it says this is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses do you know the whole purpose of a publishing house that was to put books into people 's hands Becky showed a modest answer to God during the investigative judgment do you know that the whole purpose and that's one of the reasons why using psalmody publishing house is going down throughout North America and throughout the world because many individuals keep thinking this smarter than God God speaks playing breakfast to visit this is why rate of the publishing houses and today we have so many books that can be put in people 's ads and in my case the law but does stuff but it does not show them how to during the investigative judgment given that if there are schools now brothers and sisters listen to me the purpose of a seventh day Adventist school was not to hand out PhD 's and MDs it was not to put out all of these different degree titles and all these things so that people can have successful careers in this world the parties of seventh day Adventist schools was to teach people how to answer to God during the investigative judgment you know it's possible to get a PhD from a seven-day Adventist school and not even have a clue of how to help the people in the investigative judgment at the same in FY was seen so many schools going through so much trouble yet it is not discussed goals what is that our sanitarium now brothers and sisters do you know that when God raised up the sanitarian 's if you have an unsanitary if he ever done a study on sanitary and work you would understand brothers and sisters that you would have to find it almost like a needle in a haystack to look for the kind of senators that God told us we should erect in fact it wasn't Senator has right here in California at one time the whole purpose of the sentencing was not to teach six centers how to become healthy vibrant strong centers is possible for man to come to many of our sanitarium 's and our hospitals going with cancer and need without cancer and not know how to during the investigative judgment and Jesus said that which is highly esteemed among the Pharisees is an all domination in the eyes of God wake-up call hygienic restaurants treatment rooms brothers and sisters even do you know that when we were to make food do you know that even in our food factories that they were put together so that it can be a medium and a tool to help the people who receive the product to understand that there is a God in heaven who holds you in accountable for how we treat and what we put inside of his body so that we may preserve it and not violate his Temple brothers and sisters even full factories were put together to help the people during the investigative judgment and you know what's also had my reality mankind things that we can just keep doing everything opposite of what God says and we still get the blessings we are just like Israel God is trying to say to you and I both insisted that if we don't get back on the blueprint brothers insisted on telling you right now God is that I get what he wants and he's been about a lot of things crumble if we don't get back on the blueprint as he set it up Jesus was focused from the day he ate the fruit Jesus knew the goal is to bring man into an experience of victory over sin the only way was that happen as he himself had to step down take upon the nature of Adam after the fall and a man come down on the search engines in August I like you and I would list trusting in his father for everything tempted in all points victorious over sin ascended into heaven downloads power the Holy Spirit so you can do the same thing and then he imparts an message to his people in the last days to let them know time is almost finished a great crisis is just before us and brothers and sisters he wants is not received that market a beast and he says make sure that you keep and guard and in your in my commandments and my faith so you can make it and only faithful seven-day Adventist can give that message and that was the purpose is not to Swatch schools not just for our factories not just for restaurants not to swap publishing houses but for every line of work in the costs manuscript Lee's book one page two twenty eight past practice brothers and sisters and I've never seen Israel expressed to reviving the Reformation by Aidan barring a problem you come face-to-face with the prop you don't realize we're not doing what God says we need to experience revival and read for nation 's e-business is is when we talk about Revelation thirteen and we talk about at least how you'll remember that it was none other than the United States of America and Revelation thirteen eleven that was spoken of as the second beast we were told that that second beast can't hold mission canceled job but Revelation thirteenth look at the whole mission according to the Bible as it relates to that second beast that is what it says Revelation thirteen chapter the Bible says in revelation the thirteenth chapter notice this now the hall practice of the second beast is laid out in just verses eleven and twelve the Bible says in Revelation thirteen eleven and twelve it says and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake of the Dragon and he exercises all the power of the first beast before him and cause of the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed the whole part of that second beast is to bring everybody back to worship the first beast you just now understood the purpose of US the purpose of the United States of America is ultimately to bring every body back to Rome Bible prophecy teachers and here is that as we were learning these things ever since September eleventh brothers and sisters I have so many slides from the successful business in September eleven two thousand one in order for America to become a place where it would begin to exercise force of wind the Bible says caused the word means force would assist the clouds the earth so therefore in order for America to do that America would have to have something take place that would basically catapult them into changing his constitutional right so that you and I can get to the point that we can be caused to worship the beast ever since 9/11 purposes of this seemed as if things were moving an absolute fast-forward noticed after 9/11 of course there was a major response to 9/11 that major response with none other than the United States department of homeland security as soon as I started to come into the picture all of a sudden to pitch it laws and antiterrorist laws and all these things they started to come in line and sinker and before you know it was as early as October seventeenth two thousand six that I want to notice his quotation when the Protestant fit when Protestantism shall such a hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of Roman power when she shall reach over the abyss the class hands with spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold union our countries are repudiated every principle of its constitution as a Protestant republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of people falsehoods and allusions then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near so once we were starts in America not only linking up with Rome and linking up with the but what with the America begin to not balance many other constitutional principles it was God 's way of faith yet ready get ready to get ready resulting things in place October seventeenth two thousand six President George W. Bush he suspended habeas corpus what was that it says a writ of habeas corpus is a judicially and enforceable order issued by a court of law to a prison official ordering that a prisoner be brought to the court select so that it can be determined whether or not that prisoner had been lawfully imprisoned habeas corpus was literally a law put in place to make sure that after you were put in prison but you can go ahead and present a case to show on innocent October seventeenth two thousand six written away and then it was amazing how just a few years after that the man who many felt was the revive America and was supposedly making all these great promises it was amazing on December thirty first two thousand eleven this was from President Bush the president Barack Obama and what I need to president Obama signed the national Defense authorization act two thousand eleven what was that all about the national Defense authorization act greatly expands the power and scope of the federal government to fight the war on Terra including codifying into law be in definite detention of terrorism suspects without trial this was put into law Prince assistance and this has happened just a couple months ago now the Bible that says nope all of these things are getting ready to take place simply delete on to the point where ultimately this thing called the Mark of the beast will finally come to pass that national Sunday law will be passing a lot of that you don't again what about this man last this is a fabulous ridiculous I understand what a Pentecostal minister the son-in-law 's ridiculous I misread when Seventh-day Adventists see the Sunday law concept is ridiculous as pathetic essay the second you know why brothers and sisters in nineteen ninety eight when Pope John Paul II wrote DS dominate that little book where he was calling everyone back to Rome and going ahead of going to law I want you to notice something that was stated of how Rome in times past would past Sunday loss notice this went through the centuries this is something that Rob has done for centuries it says went through the centuries she has made laws concerning Sunday rest the church has had in mind above all the work of servants and workers hold on the address that when we all wanted to pass Sunday laws in times past the amnesty of doing it was focusing on servants and workers focusing on people and their workloads and how they needed a day off now than what is this it says she has made officers and arrest the charges had in mind above all the work of servants and workers certainly not because of his work with any less worthy when compared to the spiritual requirements of Sunday observance but rather because it needed greater regulation to lighten the burdens and thus enable everyone to keep the Lords day holy so keep in mind roams messy according to the bluegray controversy five seventy and five seventy one we are told they have not changed around his neck to pass Sunday loss was the focus on workers and their families and their workload and how they needed to be able to get time off so they could come to church focus on now once this therefore also in the particular circumstances of our own time Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil place in that respect their duty to keep Sunday holy so in nineteen ninety eight he said listen I felt the law Galvan you need a day off so that you can get some time with your family not his was interesting Oregon in argument two thousand eight view all these auto dealers is not a coming together on the competitors for going against Honda Honda going against Toyota brought a sudden it's also been to unite on your that United on the need to get a day off they said December fifth two thousand eight facing a steep economic downturn that is putting some of them out of business already in auto dealers will go to the legislature this winter seeking some novel assistance a guaranteed day off now some people say brother eleven I think you're being an alarmist the investors argue that with me stick with me embassies have been the just happen a month ago stick with me here is that there was a way to guarantee that health and it is other than distrusting Donna taken a day off like you would argue that going to law the his was interesting set July nineteenth two thousand eleven fast-forward if this Sunday should be a day for worship rest and time with family and friends said months CIGNA Miguel got a Galindo Undersecretary for the pontifical Council for the laity is is the church teaches us to set aside this date the first day of the week on which we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Divine worship and for human rest them on CIGNA recently told CNA he says on Sundays Catholic should participate in the holy mass the on bloody renewal of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and the greatest expression of worship and adoration that men can offer to the Lord our God he said Sunday it should also be a day devoted to rest with what family and friends he added notice who you quality monitoring the government underscore the importance of Blessed John Paul II nineteen ninety eight apostolic letter Diaz Domine Sunday rest is a human necessity he continued that was interesting after getting closer also cause of our time we keep seeing that the agitation get closer and closer and closer lab now September twenty seventh two thousand ten is two thousand ten but notice once it would stay to put two thousand twelve the Holy See press office condo ending your ancillary Antonelli president of the pontifical Council for the family presented Benedict the sixteenth letter for the seventh world meeting of what families which is due to be held at the Italian city of the thirtieth of May to June second what year two thousand twelve on the theme what is pain the family and rest there was a time that we sounded like alarmist brothers and sisters but now the evidence is speaking for itself he wants to focus on the family and rest but look at what else is on his agenda work and restaurants the Pope 's letter I intimately associated with the life of families they influence the choice of the family makes the relationship between the spouses and among parents and children and the affected dealings the family has with society and with the church the last paragraph the holy father further highlights how in our time unfortunately the organization of work which is planned and implemented at the function of market competition and maximizing profit and the concept of rest of the time for invasion and consumption contribute to the breakup of families and communities and to the spread of individualistic lifestyle that give how he closes it is therefore unnecessary to reflect and come mix ourselves to reconciling the demands and requirements of alert with those of the family and to recover the true significance of what rest especially on Sundays the weekly Easter the day of the Lord and the day of man the day of the family the community and of solidarity with our brothers and sisters is not a joke and you know some people who think minimum and I still don't believe and like I said about this is that I understand it the Pentecostals said that I understand what a seventy administers that that's pathetic and social Misys only something even more moderate Charlie seven oh seven two thousand twelve no problem see and in C and an religion blog look at what all Americans now if we look at this goal Revelation thirteen of the season release and thirteen in relation the thirteenth chapter notice this in revelation the thirteenth chapter notice of the Bible since the Bible says in Revelation thirteen it says now that we set aside verse twelve is picked back up now in verse thirteen the way says in verse thirteen is this any doing great wonders so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and deceive them that dwell on the earth so watch this all numeric is the power that is causing this session is said that trying to deceive the people on the little witticism was looking carefully it says anything about that one of the earth by the means of those miracles which he had probably doing the side of the beast saying to them that dwell on the earth that what the next word that day was the say it says that they should make an image to the beast which are the wound by a sword and did live so in other words when we see the image of the beast set up when we would see Sunday laws passed it would not be as a result of the people are not telling the people at the bottom what to do if they bet but affecting them that they should ask for is that what revelations it so then when we begin to see on that I can think what they want to guarantee day off we want Sunday to be holy brother sister God once again says get ready get ready get ready now misread the CNN article CNN January first two thousand twelve this is what it says fifteen faith-based predictions for what you two thousand four millimeters clear I am not time setting I am showing you what role of this plan is and I'm showing you what apostate Protestant America's plans are now if you really want to know what should we be doing when we see agitations like this you might want write this down volume five the testimonies of the church page seven seventeen and seven eighteen you want to know what we should be doing during a time I this you want to write that down volume five the testimonies of the church by seven seventeen and seven eighteen one notice that it says that when we begin to see these agitations taking place throughout the world and we see this great mom is working of Satan get ready to take that place it says that God 's people should be falling on their knees and cried unto God saying Lord 's paragraph and give us a few more guys were not ready if only we understood what's going to take place when this Sunday and all taxes we are still not ready we ought to plead with God not so we can go and find a husband not so we can find a wife not so we can get our degrees and get a career and to all the great things of life November fifth was anything like give me a feel login I think that you met this very freedom I can receive the experience of the third Angels I can enter with and the Battelle pass while you bring forth you help me to get ready use me then I can help others get ready to go now fifteen faith-based predictions for two thousand twelve to ring in the new year CNN's movies blog asked experts in religion faith leaders and a secular humanist about how the forces of faith and faithlessness will shape the world of two thousand twelve views would be told that now they had fifteen notice what they listed as number nine Sabbath becomes trendy fourth commandment makes a comeback Sabbath named Time 's person of the year item of a seven-day it says a new movement sweeps the country a new one a new movement sweeps the country it says they call themselves twenty four six you might want to Google worn out by being tethered to the grid twenty four seven six of being accessible all hours of the day and undated but updates upgrades and breaking news who all Americans finally rebel demand being we need a day off it wasn't discarded Americans are asking for people all over the country go off-line for twenty four hours every week the simple break from the frenetic pace result in lower cholesterol rates fewer speeding tickets and a reduction in marital strife peace tranquility and contentment spread like wildfire now it's amazing we watch these agitations and because Satan has convinced us to hate this so much and we don't mean it we forgot visible writing political corruption is destroying love of Jesus and regard for truth and even in free All-America rulers and legislators in order to secure public favor it says will you show to the what kind the man popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance it says liberty of conscience which has caused so great a sacrifice will no longer be respected in the soon coming conflict we shall see exemplify the prophets words the dragon was wrong with the woman and went to make war with the written University which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ great controversy five ninety two brothers and sisters we've been warned we've been told we were told this was going to come in universal powerful like a told you the time people use a Methodist is not a visa that is a fatal seven Adventist mathematical crazy but now all these agitates the taken place many people are not laughing anymore and you know we were even told that notice hereto for those who presented the truth of the third Angels message that often been regarded as mere alarmists it says their predictions that religious intolerance would gain control of the United States that certain state would unite to persecute those keep the commandment of God have been pronounced groundless and observed it has been confidently declared that this land could never become other than what it has been the defender of religious freedom but as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated the events so long doubted and disbelieved is seen to be approaching and the third message will produce an effect which it could not have had before like never before easy brothers and sisters like never before this world is right to hear the third Angels message like never before there was a time we would look like phones if we told people about all these things taking place but do you know that now the world is like the world is just looking for somebody who can connect the dots and brothers and sisters apostate Protestantism can't do it Islam can't do it jingoism can't do it atheist regulators nobody can do it there's only one movement underserved young women if anything I raise them up so they can get the message and you know what we hate on this is so much we know inviting people would file messages to come and occupy our pulpits and teach our people we all die but God says I have a bus as I have myself I'm willing to give my arsenal to anybody is willing to proceed with Gaza take your eyes off of me stopped looking for people to wait for their approval and permission to go into the workout only told us to do since we felt as I found that my prayer life has increased as a result of seeing my prayer life has increased I apologize to God I have apologized to anybody that ever that instructed to the Lord please forgive me help me to finally get this thing right time is almost finished and the question is a do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should she said instead my attending England to me get ready you ready get ready you will have to die a greater death to the world than you've ever get back brothers and sisters Revelation two tends to be thou faithful unto death what is then and only then that we shall receive a crown of life run to Jesus within the veil for it is there that we have refuge cease to trust in your own sales your own college own capabilities your own ideas in the own plant surrender it all lay on it all to go before God and start all over again but as insisted on telling you the truth you know we've been told you want to know why I'm giving this was such a sense of urgency some exhibit of them allow you make is to begin out of this we heard these things at the problem we hear but we do not we hear but we do not I read a little book called great controversy page six oh eight it says that the storm approaches a large class work on a class a large class of those who are professed faith in the third Angels message but who were not sanctified by obedience to the truth will abandon their position join ranks with the opposition and become the most bitterest enemies of reform a breadth that hurts there's approximately seventeen to eighteen million seventy Adventist and a large class of an attorney back on Jesus why because they did not allow themselves to be sanctified by obedience to the truth when will we cease to talk about God and start to live for God I come from the hip-hop and R&B industry I know it is get caught up in the stuff in the world I know what it is to get caught up in all these things of the world it's only by the grace of God that I'm out of that mess is only by the grace of God I would a similar told her I wanted to give you a heart of Jesus Johnny headband and now the third Angels message always the you God knew what he was doing this the best thing that ever happened to me to receive this message in my heart and got to start with the brothers and am not finished yet I still work in progress but praise God among the heavenward journey the question is are you is it given to keep indulging in things that you know are separated between you and got all the leave is to a life of unhappiness discontent temporary pleasure with greater pain in the end and ultimately complete separation from Jesus what sin in the world is so attractive and so fun that we would hold onto it and lose out on life eternal and use out on heaven even heaven on earth as well as the heavens to come I can't think of a single sin brothers and sisters the focus of Jesus is to have face-to-face communion with his bride the focus of Jesus is to bring into yours in my experience victory over sin the focus of Jesus is to bring us by faith with in the veil because where Jesus is there is safety and God gave the right message to the right people to enter into the right experience what will you do with and so tonight if you know if you know you have not been experiencing the power of the third Angels message slave to sin indulging in habits of sinful lifestyle you know what your issues are if you know that there are things in your life you have been taking this thing seriously if you know I have not been taken I walk with Jesus seriously tonight 's fan you know what Lord you help me see the time really is almost finished you've opened my eyes you've help me to behold wondrous things from your word and now I see like I've never seen before not ready I am not ready for this and you say Lord help me to be ready to say Lord how cooperate with you I lay my plans at the altar we can tell you right now some of you are in the pursuit of certain careers right now and God is finishing some of you right now is getting ready to marry certain individuals in God they say not some of you are getting ready to go certain places to buy certain things and so on and God is saying that was your plan not my plan we need to reevaluate every decision we make go back to the drawing board as a father once again forgive me for insulting my opinion above your work once again take me back to your word I will get back and it is those who cooperate with Jesus those are the ones that will enter within the veil because the body will be connected to the head and they will follow the land whithersoever he going it is your desire to Lord I want to be one of those people who will follow you where so ever you may lead I'm inviting you to stand to your feet it does not matter what position you hold it does not matter where you are in your experience you know you were not ready but the magazine Lord by your grace I will be ready you standing to your feet now while you send to your feet I know that there are many who have read committee their hearts to Jesus your renewing your walk within your recognizable areas where you fall short and now you want to get things right so therefore you set up but there may be someone here who has never given the heart of the unit never done it you might've anybody nearby friend because they were hoping to hear something you might've come because you're curious you want to come for whatever reason maybe and you just might be in the charts but not in Jesus there is a difference if you've never truly gone before God and said Lord I give my life to you take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to be your not renewing your commitment you've never made a commitment and if you've never made a commitment and tonight is the night that you are making your first commitment to Jesus I remember when I was committed to Satan I was both about not show the world how committed I was to him tonight if you're saying you know what Lord our member commit my life to save an household about it so tonight I'm been to commit my life to you for the first time to be bold enough about it on the come up for if you've never committed your life to Jesus before you've never given your heart and don't worry about your position in the church don't worry about the job don't worry about how popular you may be in the eyes of others if you know I have never taken seriously and I have never given my heart to him and tonight is the first time that I'm doing it and am willing to make a public would you be willing to come up front would it be one person who would be willing to say you know what out of you look at and because nobody in here to would you have an audio you know what I'm looking at you this is between you and Jesus if you know first time this is my first time perhaps you didn't and I been to school you might of been another surroundings you might even come to the church but she'd never met Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and tonight using you know what I'm yours outdoor I'm yours Satan would give even one would be the lower pray with you as you and the people to pray with you vented into a battle in human depravity the prayers of those who love you would give the even one as you stand I wanted another Christ ends with you he will not leave your side as long as you don't leave his abide in him and he will abide in as you abide in him remember the end result if any man abide in Christ descended not father in heaven we thank you Lord for the blessed hope that we has in Jesus Christ father we recognize that time is almost finished and your calling us to enter with in the veil please Lord help us to enter in by faith to be where Jesus is so that we can truly overcome as he overcame his operator we ask in Jesus name amen all wrong this message is IP includes listings our mission is to spread the three Angels messages preaching teaching the center is Afghanistan I bring healing medical missionary work in declaring the gospel more information on our ministry and the resources we provide these log onto our website at www. deviation .com www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe to my part to meet the needs of humanity in the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner on a


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