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The Three Lines of Ministry

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • February 11, 2012
    3:00 PM
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will put it down rejoicing that will be a think the gun to be back together this is the wrong is more about Jesus that we would learn even the remember a time you know it really is easy just remember time and money like that I remember it in mind when we were having our lunch fellowship this afternoon we just reminiscing on the time we didn't know God and he was the last person on my and how he got our attention today he's the center of online trade in eleven seasons is in the center of your God is really in Ghana says anyone says to be a people prepared in the because he's coming this world is given in every harbinger to let us know he's coming and if we call the community we saw that in time is sentenced we saw them assessing the work was a great focus of Jesus Christ and of the sisters we we saw that God wants the city 's work through us we are met by that he wants to work in and work through to finish the work of this generations we can finally go until he is calling us to cooperate so this afternoon would be responded to the call we recognize all right I'm not called to be reflective another man's thoughts one of the men's direction I'm called of God to follow his leading and guiding God is making the call to workers but now we need to understand the kind of workers regardless of insulin and study this afternoon the threefold workers the threefold workers as we are focused for this afternoon study so as to not commission him to once again ask that you are able to to please Reverend Renu with as we approach the morning prayer our father in heaven thank you so much for the revival and the formation that has already begun in our hearts this weekend thank you for the homes in the heart and once I desire that we really get things right with the Lord that's why we're here with hungry we first have to write is more about Jesus he only learned us while we hear five is someone we know in your desire to give us the truth that Jesus father we know that you are designed to give us your Holy Spirit who you claim in your word that has a earthly town as an earthly parent for temporal how much more is our father in heaven want to give us and will give us the Holy Spirit to his father we asked first for the forgiveness of our sins within Lord we pray please send us your Holy Spirit or may he be the one that gives us power the ED the one that opens our services wisdom knowledge and understanding and may you enable us that we will go forward and finish the work is recalled as an outline for this now as we are served the threefold orders are operated by blessings be upon each and every one of you who ask these things in Jesus name amen you remember earlier today that I mentioned that to be like Jesus 's work like you women to be like Jesus we saw that we need to have a mind like his one of the things we discovered about his mind is that his mind was focused on finishing the work can be cemented that we saw that very clearly and affect was the focus of Jesus so it will be with all of Christ workers in these last days now looking at that very fact it is not enough to simply have the mind of Christ but I yes well will work of Jesus should be our now Jesus gave us a very express statement in the book of John the twentieth chapter and when you go to John chapter twenty you'll find that the Bible says something very beautiful as it relates to Christ and the workers notice what the Bible says in John chapter twenty and when you get here please amen in John the twentieth chapter what you see how Jesus articulates this and of course this is when he revealed himself to the disciples and the Bible says in John chapter twenty and verse twenty one notice what he says it says then said Jesus to them again peace be unto you as my father hath sent me even so send I you for those of us who understand that Christ has called us to finish the work for those of us who understand that Jesus has called us to do the work at the dating and you successfully didn't work so therefore we want to have the success price at Jesus it is not a problem to have it you and I need to understand as my father sent me so send I you so the question is how is Jesus and that would obviously be the natural question that would come from the inquiring mind of one who wants to work like rice work so therefore Jesus I have my father sent me so send I you so the question is how do the father send them Matthew chapter twenty Matthew the twentieth chapter we find exactly how Jesus was sent and we would do well to consider this Matthew the twentieth chapter and I want to see what the Bible says in verse twenty eight very very key Matthew chapter twenty and first twenty eight how was Jesus and notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Matthew twenty twenty eight in even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many when you and I get involved in gospel work self and selfishness cannot be in it Christ made it clear he says when I came I came not to be ministered unto but to minister and you will find that many a times when Jesus went about doing his work it was very rare that he was ministered unto it's only a few occasions in the Bible where we find that he was ministered unto when he went to his friend Lazarus without he was ministered unto when Mary came and was able to wipe his feet with her hair he was ministered unto but most of the times when you look at the life of Jesus he was one with ministering and not so much receiving number of the sisters was Jesus human yes he was so while he's making a statement I came not to be ministered unto what do not agree that human beings need to be ministered unto so how do we put this together then when Jesus says I came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give my life a ransom yet he walk slow however human beings but he had easily came not to be ministered unto but human beings need to be administered to how we make it all gel together it's very simple go to the book of Mark chapter one in the book of Mark chapter one we find why Jesus was able to go around people and most of the time he was not ministered unto yet he still had the wherewithal to minister onto others the reason why is because Jesus wants ministered unto but it typically was not by people notice with the Bible says in Mark chapter one in March at the one if you have the same end now the Bible says and Mark the first chapter want to look at this the Bible talks of wow how inverse twenty eight Muslims what it says in verse twenty eight business and immediately his fame spread abroad throughout all the reason about our forth with when they were come out of the synagogue they entered into the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John but Simon 's wife's mother lay sick of a fever and add on they tell him other and he came and took about a hand and lifted her up and immediately the fever left her and she ministered unto them and at evening when the sun did set they brought unto him all that were diseased and them that were possessed with devils now notice was taking place Jesus his name is spreading abroad Jesus ends up at Peter 's mother-in-law 's house he's at Peter 's mother-in-law 's house and he is now ministering and here it is that he was sick and he was able to help her after this took place he began to minister on to others and then the Bible said and then the sun did set so first and foremost we want to recognize that this is all taking place on the Sabbath day this was taking place on the Sabbath the sun is now set now chances are what I want to really work with me in the get real fundamental want something if the sunset then that means that chances are if we were calculating time it must have been somewhere along the lines of maybe six o'clock seven o'clock or perhaps even eight o'clock in the evening are you following that makes sense is a sensible if we were measuring time in these days and the sun is now set chance of thought is sometimes in the evening eighty six seven or eight percent but along those lines right now look at what it said again in verse thirty two businesses and even when the sun did set they brought unto him how many all that were diseased and that were possessed with devils now I want you to imagine that you are ministering to people all day today sunset now comes in is five thirty or six o'clock and all of Redmond or Loma Linda combined came right at those doors and they were waiting outside for you to go ahead and begin ministering to can you imagine how many people that would be quite a few right so would you agree that chances are if you're about to begin helping those people goes of September thirty three is at an all city was gathered together at the door I want to imagine all in all the next day here at the dog and I think help us you would probably start getting exhausted just thinking about the work you have to do that right notice what he says in verse thirty four and he healed many that were sick of divers diseases and cast out many devils and suffered not the devils to speak because they knew him Jesus sees all these people and even immediately he began his ministry ministry ministry ministry ministering and chances are he probably had a real late-night case thought of his work at the evening and he's feeling all these people you can imagine that he's having this work and is perhaps doing it way down in the late hours of the evening maybe even in the early morning keynotes at the moment about Jesus he was a man of incredible priority Jesus understood that even though I need to help these people even though I have to do a great work Jesus Christ sat on our combat tomorrow but Jesus knew they had a need right now it was amazing how the Bible shows that he's helping all these people and perhaps the Adam and Eve one notice what the first thirty five days was the culture of Christ Bible says in verse thirty five and in the morning rising up a great while before day he went in out and departed into a solitary place and beer great Jesus understood the necessity of mourning men Jesus understood the necessity that I am no good to anybody unless I first get my connection with my father and even in the mist of having a late-night work so to speak Christ film bank a priority to connect with the father because he knows I'm here every human being and I made my connections and thought he was never ministered unto from the people he was ministered unto when he connected with his or be understood that when I tap into that vital source that powers up there in heaven he is not correct that now he can fulfill verse thirty six what is the inverse thirty six it says and Simon and they that were with him followed after him and when they're found they said unto him all men seek for the any of the spot all over again ministering unto others while in many respects he himself may not administer them to using brothers and sisters when you when I get involved in the work of the gospel you will find that there will be very very few thank you 's you will understand that many a time to go to work and even amiss on the people I given a help them and have any times when perhaps you even want me to be supported financially and many a times they might look is on your face and just the other hand and to say thanks a lot and send you on your way down in Antarctica Bengal and help others and give of yourself to others and many times they will dare not even say thank you good looking out of anything in the twenty the Manila Times read this is that we will work and it will seem as if it is not appreciated Jesus understood that Jesus understood the ten lepers would be open only one would come back and there were times when perhaps I came back the course understood in the beginning of his work I cannot to be ministered unto I came to minister if you are not already get involved in finishing the work in the various areas that God has called us and we must understand that we are not getting into this thing so people can recognize us and appreciate us and expressed all these great things about us many a times for this is that it will be the opposite but the love of God will compel you work the love of Jesus Christ will compel you to go ahead and work and help people any half GML immunoassay thank you because you know that this was the work I was called to do you know that Jesus even gave us instruction on what to see when we do our in one of the greatest things that we can do is complement ministers to their faces you know my thoughts about that volume one of the testimonies she says the worst thing that we can do she said it twice never never competent minister to his face why because he says that they can handle it I remember L the WDs was the one he was preaching a message of a lady came to them and began to flatter him until how great he was issued against him oh how wonderful he wasn't helped hopefully was in all the things and he said the assistant thank you so much but Satan already told me that earlier today through the prophecy says that the enemy would use flattery distract the minister the gospel and that's when men begin to get into places where they think they own the church and begin to do things because they have gifts and talents and abilities that's why you don't want a company administers to the face because we ourselves are so frail is so weak that we can handle it you know but this is there's not one of the best things I have discovered is how we guide as one of the best things I've discovered because when you realize a weakness you protective you do what you can to make sure that weakness does not get half a point where it overcomes you God is so good that when we do our work references it is that all said that we should tell you this I think you know what all these things do you know Jesus loves us so much and show us what this is when we do our work were noticed that loop the seventeenth chapter notice with the Bible says in the seventeenth chapter Jesus literally told us what to say when we do our work and always we can learn this brothers and sisters how much of a blessing it would be the seventeenth chapter Jesus and also must love fest that he wanted us to understand the attitude of his workers when we go about finishing our work and the Bible says in Luke seventeen it is a man the Bible says in verse seven but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle was sent and by-and-by when these come from the field goal and sit down to meet and will not rather say unto him make ready wherewith that I may suck and got thyself and serve me till I have eaten and drunk in and afterward thou shall eat and drink now look at Jesus 's reasoning in verse nine doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him with the answer I thrown out in the viewer Jesus says in verse ten so likewise ye when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you say we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do even Jesus understood the frailty of the human mind Jesus understood the weakness of the human mind to the point that he had significance central disciples then when you do a good work and when people may recognize a solid and anyone begins to say anything to you to give your accolades and praise all the other things he says say we are unprofitable servants involved in that is not the listed as the spirit of humility I cannot say who did the great work that I did I can save a great sermon I preached were not forgot I would not even have the ability for my mind to understand was written in this book I do try to say look at how great I am and what I can do what I can do nothing it is only because of the grace of God that any man can preach the word of God it is only because of the grace of God that a man can teach the word of God and if the truth be told if you read the book evangelism it tells us that the preaching of the gospel from the pulpit is the easy part of ministry the real part or the harder part is when he's sitdown with the people visit them one-on-one work with the people labor with them to work with them first together with them and show them how to overcome by the grace of God the work of the gospel Ben's assistant that's an even greater works than preaching from the pulpit and so Jesus shows us that when we are called to do this work we ought to have the attitude that when I do my work I'm not looking for place I'm not looking for accolade I'm certainly not looking for trophies and all these other things when I do my work I simply understand that I'm an unprofitable servant I am not even worthy to be able to do the work of the gospel of this is that I tell you the truth I am supposed to be dead as I think about it I stared down the barrel of a sawed off shotgun I remember looking in the barrel watch that man's finger pulled the trigger the bullets with the bullpen for my chest I'm not supposed to be it was the mercy of God life over and over and over again you know how many times I told Jesus no and now he is finally got my attention brought me out of the darkness of the hip-hop and R&B industry and brought me into this modest life of present your brothers and sisters I promise you on and on profitable circuit I don't deserve to be up here is the grace of God that I stand before you and is the grace of God just sitting before me because you all have your own testimony Damon is always find that Jesus was the make it clear that if you got to do the work and if you go to finish the work he said you must understand that you want to enter into this work not to be ministered unto nine times out of ten your work will not be appreciated many times the work will be ignored but we understand that's not why we gotten we got in because God did something for us and we just can't keep him outside but in the love of Christ 's keeps moving up to tell others even when they reject even when they say no even when they go behind your back and blackness you from a conference no matter what they may do you still will have the love of Christ in your life that will make you go it's a good record please get with the word of God fifth and you'll do it with a heart filled with love just like Moses when he saw all those Israelites in apostasy and Moses said Lord please give them and if not blot my name out of the book of life that was six nest the love we need a net so I called us now and Jesus gave his life for the people didn't die that they may live brothers and sisters you and I don't recall perhaps too late on him I estimate on officer you may not encompass delay down all the things we may term life so that we may go out and do a great gospel work in many people in this room that I believe God is called to do some very special things to finish the work and more than likely got the call you out of what you're doing now and you can call you into something that you may be scared to death with you but God this fear not for I am with the be not afraid front I got a solid must understand that when we get to like it if the any selflessness we are not investing for self gain we are not listening to try to get people to appreciate and love us or anything else it was not that mold dust but even if they don't appreciate do it anyhow that's very key in getting involved in this work you do not sell books to get rich we don't get involved embarrassment you can want to climb a corporate ladders or core certain matters we don't do any of those things all of it is based on the spirit of humility we understand that can you say amen now you'll find that the workers of Christ the work is of Christ you will find that they were broken down according to the Bible and spirit of prophecy as three types of workers three types of workers in other words there were three kinds of workers that you find in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that God worked in and work through under this principle we just study and they will all design to finish the work under that you know in advance what they are for those of you taking notes the three workers that God uses to finish the work days on the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is number one the lay worker the lay worker number two nomination of worker number two the denominational worker number three the self supporting worker number three the self supporting worker they all are used by God in different and various ways to finish the work and they are not all the same they are distinct and they are different but they are all used of God to finish the work now want to notify the Bible spells this out as we review some principles and delay worker Daniel chapter two in Daniel the second chapter what you see with the Bible shows us in Daniel chapter two Daniel the second chapter you'll find in verse forty seven that it was after Daniel was able to making Nebuchadnezzar aware of the dream in which he had the Bible tells us something that was very powerful and I want to look at the principal that comes out of his statement and Angus produced by members forty seven if you're there please say that in Daniel two verse forty seven the Bible says this the Bible says in Daniel two forty seven the King and Samantha Daniels said of the children is that the God of the God of God the Lord of Kings and everything are a secret seeing thou could reveal this secret then the king made Daniel a great man and gave him many great gifts and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and chief of the governors of all the wise men of Babylon then Daniel requested of or change any settings Shadrach Lisa and Abednego over the affairs of the province of Babylon by Daniel sat in the gate of the King here is that Daniel God 's prophet in the days of Babylon literal and hearing is that when Danielle and all of them were captives at first there was lazy but eventually you know be went to be a test and eventually King Nebuchadnezzar saw some things where the bottom to allow them to dwell even in his court now the King Nebuchadnezzar has this dream can't figure it out Daniel is used of God to help him figure it out King Nebuchadnezzar so pleased that King Nebuchadnezzar against Daniel a job he gives them an occupation Daniel Curtis said the Nebuchadnezzar I'm of the tribe of Judah I'm a slave here and I need to finish the work I have no time to take your job I'm sorry you have to give it to another I need to be focused on finishing the work is that would benefit no the Bible says that Daniel took the job Daniel agreed to take the job but in the mist of the job Daniel said on the take advantage of this job and a little go ahead and set up some for the true believers in office with me as well PSI 's ideals that saw as a medium to glad to find out how can I help get the people ready for what's getting ready to come how can I go ahead and use this job use this opportunity now that I'm a quote on quote that a worker and how can I help advance the truth was listened to a quotation from Christ object listens page three hundred and fifty it says Daniel it says we learned that in all his business transactions when subjected to the closest scrutiny not one fault or error could be found when Daniel performed his job it is this fifteen note number one then when I'm here I'm here to set an example not a follower and when he set the example you know that I can do nothing less than that which is excellent so therefore inspiration says that in everything that he did he was scrupulously with scaffold for the Derby I think part of the cost of teeth he was not possible always full Daniel understood everything that I do I'm a witness a in my business transactions Daniel was not one who try to cut corners Daniel was not one of which I see how lazy you can get and still make money anyhow Daniel was a man who was tragic brothers sisters and people need help it and it was to the point that you know at least that they said we can't find anything about this man that we can condemn him for eggs for the fact that he is faithful to God was the last time some of our supervisor said that about us was the last time a business associate said that about a state that the benefit is that they handle their business and they do their jobs with such an incredible level of excellence that all we can do a safe and they must be faithful to their God it says he was a sample of what every businessman may be his history shows what may be accomplished by one who consecrates the strength of the brain and bone and muscle of the heart and life to the service of God is the most people today by the sisters when we go to work many a times are going to work is simply arming the trading hours for dollars a minute especially go that we triviality and therefore we demand and expect to get our dollars for the hours that we traded in the cost to go ahead and get businesses in different investments will we try to make money work for us to go ahead and bring us more returns nothing wrong with that as you and I must understandably God gave you your job when God gave you your business he gave it to you so that you and I could be a likeness on it in a dark place he gave it to us so that we can help people understand true for this time if not by outward by God 's grace on lifestyle ought to think about those boys in Daniel chapter three in the next chapter and you remember that King Nebuchadnezzar said all right it's time for us to go ahead and have a party everybody needs about a certain time of the year the music and you know the story now and here it is that because they did not bow it moves the chain to inquire why didn't you bow and Martin is defensible but that's a powerful principle when we go to our jobs we know we have rules that many a time say note talking about religion or politics etc. many of us have occupations of places that were going to name a business that goes into for bidden things but brothers and sisters there's no rule that says that you can't live religion at your job you should otherwise whenever I are you coming to the Christmas party this weekend and we say no I won't be there they begin to ask questions like Nebuchadnezzar did why you begin to let them know why because of your principles and standards as it relates the parties your principles and standards that the release of Christian living with somebody set by present of his latest op-ed essay and it already tell that joke what other companies like a half antibody laughing here you are with a straight face not laughing one bit new correcting them of the Melissa I know I can control what you say but if you would involve being a conversation I'd appreciate if you didn't use such foul language they can articulate why what's up with you why do so different when everybody else at the job applicant is invited that specialized in adherence to everything from the hands of executives laid aside and here you are missing give me that which is plant -based you take that with a friend making you begin to eat that and everybody thought the market is that while you just look different why e.g. like that and you say well food is broken down in the blood blood is what my brain needs my brain brothers and sisters house is my mind so therefore if the food that I eat is we debilitated and diseased in my blood will become we debilitated and delete it if my blood becomes weak debilitated and diseased and that means that what if these my brain my brain will become weak debilitating disease and because my brain house is my mind if my brain because we debilitated into these in my mind will be cloudy and when God calls me to and I may not hear him and you want to do but at the older I is healthy nursing and strong than my blood will be healthy nursing and strong my bladder is healthy nursing and strong benefit to make my brain healthy nursing and strong picnic my brain is healthy nursing and strong that my mind will be clear that when God downloads from the most holy place I'll be able to hear understand that all client and effective means sharing that's why I'm eating a plant based gospel to everybody else at the job believes that the more nakedness and solicitation is the better success they think of having here you are coming and ladies especially dressed like daughters of God covering thy nakedness the job because of the du jour the job against the people at the job looking after the singular so strange what's going on SC all of a sudden your shining address using what you want to hide everything what's happening and all of a sudden know if I can represent a difficult and you don't even have to say I think they'll have why do you dress that way you begin to help them understand because God equates my body to the Temple and the Temple had two apartments the holy place and the most holy place and God when he called my barn your temple you will know that the most holy Place was the area where the law of God is and I said that my body is where he wants to write my law in my mind and as a result of that my body is not only represented Temple Beth things anonymous to my body that are typical even of the most holy place of the sanctuary and you know what that means what that means is that the common man if you would look inside any particular of the most likely he would die that's why have to cover myself cannot give it and you common privacy with my most holy place looks like the website you can barely become up his visit as well be the way he dressed the way you keep your language is dragged half expected to adopt God says is when the design that I wanted for my people as modern-day workers that they go at work with a focus not distribute straight hours without this is discussed in the media if God wanted to give you money to send you one of the local beaches here in afternoon in California and you can just pick on efficient of these untested the issue is not money Americans in a recession heaven 's bank account is not God can provide all the money he needs it all we need with money does not give you a thousand ways in which you know not one but God is my singular works I'm sending you to be a light that shines in the piece onto my work is a large body but consisted of those who make up the name of God learned and got us call these individuals to finish so I that's why you show up at work that's why Google do your job you were going to reflect those lovely image of Jesus as you should lay workers but in addition to lay workers they were denominational workers now where I talk about denominational workers I'm talking about men and women who are specifically called and hired by our church these are the paid ministers of the gospel denominational worker not sometimes when I talk about the denominational workers especially depending on where I'm at people feel real funny about this topic they wonder are there any good denominational work is anymore some people actually asked me that some people lost almost clear confidence in many of our denominational workers because they think the whole thing is corrupt now brothers and sisters vicinity God knew that problems will go to come out of the book of Jeremiah twenty three that we show you knew that from the Benicar in Jeremiah twenty third chapter you find that God that articulate as he made it clear as day that yes it is true that there are going to be certain challenges as it relates to my people marchers and yes my leaders it is true we should not ignore got acknowledged it was of the Bible says in Jeremiah twenty three versus one and two if you have the same in the Bible says in Jeremiah twenty three versus one and two it says well be onto the wall beyond to the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pastors if the Lord therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the passes that feed my people have scattered my flock and have driven them away and have not visited them behold I will visit upon you the evil of you are doing saith the Lord it is true that there are individuals today insisted that may hold positions of leadership that were not called to be where they are all perhaps they may help you lose certain just and right that God gave unto them as possible in fact you'll notice that is raising open about it you notice that she says on sanctified ministers are rating themselves against God they are praising Christ and the God of this world in the same breath while professedly they receive Christ they embrace Barabbas and by their actions they not this man but Barabas let all who read these lines taking it says many will stand our holdings in which a weblog let's not pull through this as many will stand in our pulpits with the tort of false prophecy and barehanded kindled from the headless sort of Satan if in doubt and unbelief I'd start the faithful ministers will be removed from the people who think they know so much it now has known said Christ even thou at least in this by Dave the things which belong unto thy peace but now they are here the from thine eyes testimonies ministers and gospel workers page four oh nine it is true that there will be many a time that we will run across those whom God is not called those who have abused the rights and privileges in the positions in which they hold it is true but brothers and sisters you know black men in case you haven't noticed offense to it when somebody sees a young black man walking on the street Eddie's dragon 's feet and he's what is passing off his backside and he's going to run active microphone and everybody could look at how those black people behave why will have to be put in that category but that individuals that be that individual but want to be put in that category that's wrong is that right and so is it is wrong when we see ministers who are preaching what the hell is taught to because gifted is true because they did that ministry is not called of God but when we begin to say all phenomena denominational leaders are this way of the sisters throwing the baby out with the bathwater that's wrong there are seven thousand and four have not bowed beneath the belt and we need to be praying and pushing with God that God will strengthen them so that they may hold up the night and stand for the truth of the heavens may fall your the Bible gives a picture of one of the book of jobs at the seven notice and John the seventh chapter we get a picture of what he was a denominational worker but he was used of God the Bible says in John the seventh you when you get there please amen I want to notice as John chapter seven look at verse forty five to fifty three John chapter seven verse forty five to fifty three notice this in John chapter seven versus forty five to fifty three the Bible says and be caught alone Simon Johnny John seven verse forty five it says then came the officers to the chief priests and Pharisees and they said to him why have you not brought up they went to send all the soldiers to go grab Jesus and it came back without deepest cinema facets and what happened when you notice it it says then came the offices to the chief priest and Pharisees and a set of them why have you not brought up the officers answered never man spake like Disney it says then answer them the Pharisees i.e. also to see if any of the rulers of the other of the Pharisees believed on him but there's people who know if not the law all cars now the witticism verse fifty what's his name it says Nicodemus saith unto them he that came to Jesus by night being one of them all law judge any man before it hear him and know what he do it they answered and said and in my bowels of Galilee search and look for out of Galilee arises no profit and every man went on to his own house the Pharisees were ready to take Jesus down the Pharisees were ready to go ahead and grab them and imprison him and here it is that when the Pharisees were getting ready to stop Jesus and his methods and instruments the Bible says that all of a sudden Nicodemus stepped into the producer with does not a lot detests that a man was first on the trial before we condemn him and even though they didn't like what he said he thwarted their plans you see one of the things we learned that the very powerful about our denominational leaders number one is that God has some denominational leaders debates that are actually preaching present truth there are uplifting present truth and are actually listen to us and doing the work to implement it in the day-to-day life of God 's people as well but I want to know something of this wonderful even about those with denominational leaders as represented by Nicodemus notice what he says it says this but while Nicodemus had not publicly acknowledge Christ he had in the Sanhedrin Council re- seated in the thwarted the schemes of the priest to destroy him it was on a regular basis that Nicodemus would actually messed up the plans of how the Pharisees were trying to kill Jesus it says when I last Chrysler been listed up on the cross Nicodemus remember the words that he had spoken him in the night interview on the mount of olives as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be listed up and he saw in Jesus the world 's Redeemer Nicodemus as a denominational leader he was what I do take offense he did not well thought out publicly address about doing a study on the monthly market is opening is interesting that he did not take as long to stand publicly because there was a lot of bureaucracy and stuff going on on this is people that he did not take a stand publicly at the time but on the backdrop Nicodemus was often think how can I help the work of prison truth to go for is addressed so that we do not publicly come out at first on the backdrop he was doing everything he can to try to hold wins back so that the self-supporting workers which I'm about to get to convince the work are you following what those aboard were to go forward and finish the work on it goes on to say with Joseph about McVeigh and Nicodemus had borne the expense of the burial of Jesus and the disciples had been afraid to show himself openly as Christ followers but Nicodemus and Joseph had come boldly to barricade the help of these rich and honored man was greatly needed in that hour of darkness they had been able to do for their dead master what it would have been impossible for the poor disciples to do and their wealth and influence had protected them in a great measure from the malice of the police and rulers they use their resources as a barrier to let the present to work go forward is very interesting interesting very interesting and so you'll find that God says I can work the denominational leaders I can as you know that some people right here in California that I know personally that are being kissed by gotten up the benefit of attention at work and they are denominational workers God is not given up on everybody there's still many who have not bowed beneath the veil and though they may be few though they are hard to direct and see brothers and sisters there there and sometimes we suffer from blindness like Eli just because Elijah was too busy at that moment looking at himself rather than taken a true view of the inspired work that God was setting before you know many of us have the Elijah syndrome nobody finishing the work but me it seems like nobody taking a fan if I must and God himself had interjected to those used by God God is a sun you still have a blind spot is still many read about the need to do this though many will call to finish the work brothers and sisters we need to pray for those we only studied earlier today what we do with those what were conditions of apostasy as for those who are standing for truth we need to pray with them pray for them go ahead and encourage them to help them brothers and sisters an alternative to the many atomic bond to certain places and I'm addressing many issues in congregations just like this we talk about everything from charts manuals all the way down to various board meetings and church policy and all that stuff and brother this is a common base to see how many of God 's ministers who were against prison truth when it was presented with the love of Jesus became advocates of I know the church right now with a minister there we were having some studies and administer EE at one point he didn't he wasn't very happy with the lessons that were going on as we were talking about victory over sin and all these things not everybody likes the groups and a hearing is an absolute talking about I got to the point that the day-to-day ended up shutting down a meeting at Hadley and the fun of the church to do the studies start doing studies at another place and decided to do it bear answers to access research study by Angela studies and we started the study staff in a wild guess what happened some men who were filled with the Spirit of God who said I will no longer be afraid they went to that minister they began to talk to him to see why defining bastions and you know they did they held him accountable this even freaking air from the Fulton you been teaching things that are incorrect and this is with the word of God says what say ye that minister in the spirit of humility he started as a you know what your right is that I'm wrong he repented and he before you know what happened I was in another country doing some meetings and I got checked my e-mail e-mail it was administered he said hey Wayne to be when we come back to research you think I said no my feelings because when I said above this amount makes me not make this work easy and it doesn't mean that that that they will be times of frustration but the love of Christ removes those things like crutches and bitterness and animosity can't all those things that typically gets taken advantage and brothers and sisters when he said that he felt I said absolutely started the comeback subject of the meeting on businesses to start having up to fifty people who show for Bible study your business are going to the studies and the pastor was there and you know what armaments on fast raises hand to make a comment in the past for himself said that even subsequent shows us clearly that the power got been invested in us that we may have victory over sin I said a faster you learn how to labor with the birth some people are natural tares planted by Satan no doubt about it within many what ignorant and if fearful of present you just don't understand they think were all in one big basket weaving valid under the same when we get the notes when I get to see his when it is understandable ready teaching and showing them and so on in the love of Jesus with the word of God supporting every salvation which we present brothers and sisters there are many who love the truth will respond even amidst the denominational workers which leads us to our last group which is none other than the self supporting worker Matthew chapter four in Matthew chapter four you remember that when Jesus called his disciples he made a very powerful call the Bible says in Matthew chapter four verse eighteen and nineteen what is the other Bible spells a son Matthew chapter four verses eighteen and nineteen notice with the Bible says in Matthew four percent in nineteen eighty there's a man the Bible says and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee he saw two Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were fishers and he said unto them follow me and I will make you fishers of men Jesus actually called them for their occupation and he said follow me come than us to her work these men moved for their occupations and went into a full-time work and they started to go ahead and work with and work for the Lord and brothers and sisters Jesus met one time when I sent you out without skipping lot without person you did what he asked the next fidgety like anything many a times the last relented with your income as a result of what work was you know my income is nothing to twenty personal in Matthew chapter twenty in verse four what's your income was when come fall so support workers incomes we must say Matthew chapter twenty notice what the Bible says Matthew chapter twenty notice what he says in verse four it is a man the Bible says in Matthew twenty verse four it says and he said unto them go ye also into the vineyard and what so ever is right I will give you and they went away when no mindfulness whatever is right with the self supporting worker salary thing salary whatever is right you see every lifestyle is different people have different needs people have different things that are going on in their lives the circumstances and situations God is so must draw out a figure that you and I can go on the Internet Google it just figure out how this was also one work is me know God is whatever is right but that's my promise to you whatever is right that's what I'm than to give you so that when you get in the south of what work it requires a tremendous amount of play because now you actually get involved in a work when it might disrupt many of our psyche when it comes to how we manage things because most of us especially us men we like the typically managed by understanding budgets and when things come in and so on so forth what insults a point where it doesn't necessarily work like that you can budget with incomes not predictable and the biggest reason why many people scatter cells for work because of the income factor but God is saying our faith have cars I am the one that they care if you whatever site whenever this right is what I'll give you and brothers and sisters we been doing this for a few years and I can personally say my testimony and I'm so glad I know many others in their testimonies that they use the butt of his right God is faithful God is faithful now here's the thing when Jesus told the disciples to follow him and that's all supporting work you will understand that God as he called them out of their occupation so it is that Christ is medical many of us but here's the thing that you got remember that he is important notice what to look it is not very very important license in the future men in the common walks of life will be impressed by the spirit of the Lord to leave the ordinary employment and go forth to proclaim the last message of mercy as rapidly as possible they are to be what prepared for labor that access may crown their efforts now this is when many of us make states some time we hear always sends that God must do something another we says that the Lord is calling us away from that job from that business and get her to surrender everything but at the same time forget that inspirations says as rapidly as possible we are to be prepared for labor will be trained what a lot of people try to build his exhibits are to train themselves or they figure you know what God might detect what happened is you number of the systems I believe in the balance of Scripture is true that in John fourteen twenty six it says that the Holy Spirit is our teacher so it is the Spirit of God will teach you it is also true that Ephesians four verse eleven says God has appointed teachers so that that was his best it is not a problem to subject ourselves to a teacher as long as the teacher subjected him or herself to the teacher once an individual set for Yosemite to righteousness but they go ahead and indulge in smoking intriguing alcohol I can easily say that I particularly when an individual go-ahead and they said well you know what I believe that whatever happened at and send all my up until Jesus comes that will be my teacher when I began to sell you know what I don't analyze it gives good counsel for writing though not authoritative and will not be my teacher the prophet of the mouthpiece of God is the testimony of Jesus is Jesus speaking through the prophets of the people it is authoritative for this is that if you follow what the story says I want to understand you are not following what a little old lady from the eighteen hundreds when a third grade education sets you off following the testimony of Jesus and if you and I reject what analyzes you are not rejecting the opinion of a little old lady from eighteen hundred rededication of you are recapping the testimony of Jesus and so God says was you need to be training you need to be prepared for labor you need to get with those who have experience and you need to get with them so you can go and do the work so therefore and let me say this very quickly yeah I get calls with people as a brother limiting from my church we set up and then someone will say all my pastor said that he can come assay okay what happened is a you said that you independent ministries are dangerous now brothers this is serious do a word search in the spirit of prophecy please every time the servant of the Lord talks about independent work she speaks of in the negatives but every time she speaks of self supporting work she speaks of in the positive tents self-supporting work is different from independent work based on the language of inspiration to the starting independent work is when you said I don't care what anybody says I don't care what anybody that's just the way I see it and therefore I'm following it independent work is when they will take the words of God and they will begin to turn against the church and begin to try to tear down the church and you get the point have to call people out of the church does not appear on the roof first look at messages page one seventy nine says there will be those will talk about the close of probation and shaking and they will talk about the coming up out of the to form a more pure holy your group of people she says this is what Satan will so independent work is more a case in this kind of activity cells of why were many respects is just about the same work at the denominational worker is just that the self-supporting work is not looking for any organization to patent then not looking for anybody with even been on anybody's salary book but it delivers another work so therefore self-supporting work is all good positive and I'm thankful that God gave examples of that through the disciples of John the Baptist even Jesus himself now with that being understood the statistical no one commenting no one is authorized to hinder these workers it's amazing how many people ignore the Council is funny how how I see this now before Ted Wilson am I adjusting but I can clearly say that it's been quite a few years and this denomination that we've had a president like that Wilson Isaac and using the targets and now you're in trouble just like me they got a report now watch this watch this when I look at and at the guilt before Ella Wilson is funny whenever get certain mandates throughout DC and I say something may not have been very balanced oval according to the word gossip that effect if anybody were to go against the they were immediately labeled all students and it was in and also the bad reportable about go go around about it because it was basically saying that you are not in harmony with the church and I was used to shut down many ministers and ministries but it's funny now that now that we have a president who preaches bona fide present truth truth that is designed to finish the work is funny all of a sudden individuals whether their presidents otherwise a different placement offices they can go ahead and say okay what else it will sit on to what I want within our culture as foods make us think if you recommend now that we have somebody really understand how this work is going to finish house and everybody wants to rebuild always take us back to the needs of the light pole he stopped Solidarity serenity notes that on the blog Seventh-day Adventists and how dare he call us direct you can only imagine was being stated about self-supporting workers being put in available with everybody and sell support workers on click self supporting workers are called of God brothers and sisters it is part of the work this medicine is working and quite honestly is the larger works because if you really look at the work is being done all throughout the United States of America different youth conferences different organizations that have evolved well-developed it's very interesting how many of them of being done by lay workers and self-supporting workers very interesting now no one is authorized to hinder these workers they are to be bidding Godspeed as a goal for the fulfill the great commission no taunting word is to be spoken of them as in the rough places of the earth they so the gospel volume seven of the testimonies of the church page twenty seven brothers and sisters the threefold workers that God is going to use to finish the work God has been called many who only work with those trade hours for dollars in business and jobs God says it's not that I want to necessarily give up your business a job but God says I want to make sure that you reform to focus you not going to do so you can filled up all this cash flow available these are the things you aren't they are brothers and sisters to see how can I get the truth as it is in Jesus through this medium seven when working nominees work as I know we may not see them as much as I can see the baby can be seen that much of this is that many of them were doing a work in for time they would doing the work behind-the-scenes and then they were going follow and they eventually like Nicodemus came out in the forefront in the window be self-supporting workers those who realize that God is calling them away from the business altogether away from the job altogether away from all the subsystems and Al Gore go ahead and do the work and whatever's right with God 's method of taking care shots as I'm working through all three doctors I work through all three and so brothers and sisters my question is very simple many a times God will call upon people but sometimes we don't know what he's calling all movies what's what work we should do it and so on some of us don't know we don't not call that we don't know where he wants us I want to give you a very important assignment one write this down I want to pick up the book education went to pick up that little book called education written by the prophet Ellen G White and what I wanted to think that book I want to go to page two hundred and sixty two that is the chapter called the life work the life 's work that chapter brothers and sisters is a chapter that husband and wife individuals families brethren we can come together we can study out play-by-play sentence by sentence that we may note out what exactly is the work that you want me to do I believe you'll find tremendous gems our review one of the gems as we close the book education this is specifically on page two hundred and sixty seven and one this is because many people must visit when I talk with young people many a time like the lemon I know God has a calling of my life but I don't know exactly what it is and I help them understand is in education page two sixty seven look at this this is wonderful I'll be viewed just with the very first sentence which rapidly saw specific place that sometimes God 's people have more than one good option and they don't necessarily know which is the best option for them to choose what I want to listen carefully to the language and the testimony of Jesus it says the specific place all pointed us in life is determined by your capabilities that I got the beginning a key giving a clue God says the specific place the specific place appointed us in life is to turn in by our capabilities and when you read further down in page two six seven six as many of physicians and are called to be ministers just as many are ministers we got called to be physicians their people right now which is getting occupations because they could only see their future through the eyes of someone else's thoughts typically mother and father and all along God is saying you not even in the place that I can misuse you so desire a revival of Reformation would talk about revival every formation we need to get back into the secret chamber of prayer open up the books of inspiration and go through them to understand what what exactly is it that you because God is for some to be I called some denominational thing God has called some to be self-supporting workers and the question is which will you be sober this is believed that the Lord is speaking to your heart you believe that God is helping you to understand better what it is that he would have to do if you say Lord I choose to be one of your work is indeed a that now you can finish the work and I can be in the specific place you call the number of sisters I know I'm in the specifically God is light and you have no idea what he's thinking I just work in the corporate world strong six-figure income and bona fide unhappy unhappy not satisfied I tried to Bible study and all those other things Disney was the right thing the last day of work and last name this went before God Lord you are not trusted to the .net strategy like this I have a wife and four children father is here please don't think I want unless a lot of people I move real slow I was Joan and I knew God was Tony it's a long time to get the because I was scared and I remember when depression is coming I don't know if you've ever felt that with the presence of guys around you can know God is talking to has got to know if I can do this and I remember I presented sure is nice and close them and I specially see that to those who believe that God is calling the self-support I remember that I was preaching at church I gave a message I just other was a regular message and I gave that message Jenna came to me from Bermuda NEC said brother that was a great masses appreciated any significant like our garden wait home I during the week felt the thickness of Goggin when our warehouse in a warehouse for you you don't just how the father know you asking brothers and sisters government driving was driving home I was at that time was needed in Oslo to Mister getting a remember something that I read morning but as I was going home in the afternoon member that all of a sudden I heard his voice and it in it you know I actually have my phone ring and my phone rang I picked it up and it was that brothers on the unit and it was time dousing on the Howard unity and I was sailing out why so a lot of the ministries they are seeing a lot of people in place that God did not call and I was scared what let me know the places you haven't called me sober driving on that's on my mind my phone rings I think of it all of a sudden it's a product that brothers on the unit 's community remember messages I do usability since I been so blessed by your message as you know what do you accept donations organize if you wanted your donation is fine and he said okay he says go to Walmart and then this when you give them a call in the donation present writer was helpful to someone at Walmart went to Walmart in the cold and remember he called right at the time that she was only thought how lucky I have my family have all the was thinking about financing usually when sales appointments get donations typical dollars sixty dollars five to it using under when this person has a hundred dollar bill that came out so the benefit how I resolutely finished putting on a hundred other method will note a hundred on eleven hundred on the development of a hundred on the hundred dollar bill it was in hundred dollar bills I was so impressed yet I was thankful that it was a thousand dollars you read this I knew what I remains reviewing I have a thousand wings of which know not one I went to follow agreement to limit its own we have in the back of these past two years giving the sisters God is calling he wants to finish the work easily do they were going to nomination were easily due to the self-support workers as we pressed him to press to get it and not an Eric Lynch so if you really willing to know that the voice of God is opened your hearts to say I've called you as my male you know they got as close as a lay worker you know that he's put you in your place of business or whatever he may be job and he put you there so that you may be invited if you can see that ecology we spent what I got a call to that fashion please spent if you know that God has called you and you recognize that the Lord is called you into his work Eddie called you not asked one of his workers I wanted denominational workers perhaps he wanted to be an evangelist to maybe your past already but whatever anything you willing to do that great work I want you to spend your feet you know that God is called you know that God will but if you know that as of May the twenty oh two walk away from jobs and businesses going to full-time work is one of themselves whatever you believe God is calling you to do that please send your feet you know that the Lord is called to the sisters got to do something innocent to his landlord if this is working if we collaborate with you I and so as we come out of this meeting is standing I want to encourage use of a single rather than emphasize sewer line six criticisms God can take his retirement he lived with any of those the event over and over and over again are some occupations of this earth that is assisting his retirement from the occupational silver this is a vicious and know that the wording was going to cooperate these are the three coworkers they got home and if you do not know the calling that God is pleased would you go to take that book education given his thing out and you see Lord what exactly is it that you have planned for me so that I may know if you wish you want to be wanted you and pray that you if anybody is that I don't know I don't know exactly what God wants me I don't know if you want me to be in this category that's why I'm asking recently gotten the goal of his five six five eighty six hundred sixty eight says that God will speak to us first to are you all things who are you that at this time as his workers inasmuch is able to let us kneel as he old father in heaven we praise you and think you do God for the privilege to be workers in giving the work is Christ to finish this work in this generation we can do it know what we can do all things price was Austin these increase father I lift up to you all of those who stipulate workers those who are still employed on seeking employment this denomination thought are self-supporting workers they all have been spotted recently in the area so that any helpful finish this work but I'm listing of those especially who know how well a specific calling in a specific place appointed and it I pray that they may serve a capability that every know and understand what it is that you spirit seeking to impart to them that they may go forward in the work as you've called them to do to get playing their hearts history and personal and as we commit ourselves into your hands as we go for it and do our may we never remember we are unprofitable servants the harvested thank you for the sweet revelation regarding the glorified Jesus name or her business seduced by PT agencies our mission is to spread the three angels message us through preaching and teaching the Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate healing through medical missionary work in declaring gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we him we were onto our website WW PTH ministries .com www. pH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do my part to meet the humanity the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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