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Black Families and Our Health, Part 1

Andrea Scott


Andrea Scott

Health Ministries Director, Allegheny East Conference



  • February 4, 2012
    8:30 AM
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follow through and get started and we thought it would be important to look at the history perhaps what the health is for black families and we attempted to cover African-American and black Caribbean Americans black felt beside it which is going to stay black the whole presentation because the bottom line is when you look at the back into your your family history we are so mixed that is coming to the design chatting with a friend who happen to be writing he said he knows is the last election I have confirmed that I have blackened me somewhere where we will visit you but we're going to concentrate on this the studies that have been done the causes and distribution and control of diseases in different populations of the department yes what we're going to do that actually conduct the Connor has his on the CD if you leave and there's another presenter coming and if you leave your e-mail address I will e-mail it to you can sell it where it is what it is but it doesn't have to be and I like to emphasize the fact that help with mental physical social and spiritual it is not just about what you're eating or what you're not leaving however what we're eating is it because as to why the statistics look the way they look so by going to dance it interesting that presentation happens the following will be referred to as Black history month now I'm not I admitted it interesting how that worked out by the seller that now gets you thinking about what is going on and what's going to transmit higher and I need to just take you back to West Africa Ghana along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean many of you I'm sure saw the movie roots and his vision this is just my version of what happened there lobsters along the beaches of Atlantic Ocean and imagine with me if you can turn immaculately decanting young boys frolicking along the beach and without him knowing it he is captured March down to the shore and placed upon a big boat never to be seen again his parents are out looking for him having left his brothers and sisters behind the hut go down to the beach that you two are captured and put on a big boat never again to be seen on the course of a couple of days this boat is filled up with young boys and mothers and fathers until it's over running with people this young boy and never gets back his parents and doesn't realize that they are on the same boat perhaps maybe a level of imagine the younger children at home waiting for the parents never to come back the history of the black men in America is the history of men who were forced to adjust themselves to a world whose laws and customs and instruments were leveled against them in this course we will share with you some of the health issues facing black and how to resolve them the Bible does give machines to all problems so let's read and see what that allowing five says the Moses told the people you must be careful to obey all the commandments of the Lord your God following his instructions and everything else that is on the path the way your God has commanded you can follow then you will be you will live long and prosper live in the land you are about to enter and occupy the line fixes these are the commands decrees and regulations that the Lord your God commanded me to teach you you must brazenly demand you are about to enter and occupy and you and your children and grandchildren must fear the Lord your God as long as you live if you obey all his decrees and commands July on long life so actually MoveOn in looking at was Deuteronomy has to say just take a look at if we can physically look at some of the health status of blacks now unfortunately I don't know what happened today that slide it just kind of disappeared but I can tell you that when we look at the health of African-Americans it's no secret we lead out in all chronic diseases including HIV AIDS Secretary Kathleen Bellus has said over and over again that we must do something about this and I believe that we can sell and looking at sources from CDC's interim fun season control African-Americans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes is non-Hispanic whites and that's just the truth African-American adults are twice as likely to have amputations more amputee is there any other ethnic group although African-Americans have the same lowering high cholesterol is the non-Hispanic white counterparts they are more likely to have high blood pressure so in two thousand sixty African-Americans were two to three times as likely as non-Hispanic whites to not just have diabetes but soon died from diabetes so obviously we're all here because it's not a secret that blacks lead out the high diseases however it is somewhat of a mystery as to why this is so researchers continue to explore what some of the possibilities could be that it contributed to the wide gap of health black and white I like to share something with you that is actually from web in the and I thought perhaps perhaps instead of me reading it that it might be better for you and if you can just one second did not hook up the speakers because I want to make sure that you hear this but not loud enough going year that in my oncologist and I will see why I is African-American so you are African-American and I is you at serious health why is that pressure is as researchers do not have a definitive answer to question a little high blood pressure and a lot of needy children by the following factors genetic factors already have high blood pressure African-Americans made it into the genetic makeup of people of African descent researchers are a lot of bustling maintains a list of items that people is in the last class was found differently to high blood pressure is other people that are just some which increased risk of developing high blood pressure is some scientists believe that high blood pressure African-American listings of factors unique to the experience of glass in the US last world that have risen high blood pressure is one in the US however the difference is dramatic thirty one percent of blacks have high blood pressure as compared to twenty seven percent of whites in addition like people in the U.S. Army are likely to be overweight than blacks and other countries some experts think that social and economic factors including discrimination and economic inequality are responsible for this difference a combination of factors many experts believe that high waves high blood pressure African-Americans as the result of a combination of different factors is not as environmental as researchers will find the causes for the high incidence of high blood pressure African-Americans in the not-too-distant future in the meantime there is a lot you can do to keep high blood pressure from damaging your health high blood pressure risk factors African-Americans what are for developing high blood pressure others include increasing age is a family history of high blood pressure anxiety inactivity I is that I take potassium level the doctors you have the advantage that you have high blood pressure is the future take steps now to find out more even if you don't have high blood pressure is following the treatment guidelines for high blood pressure and African-American okay did you not understand with something that exceeds said in their begin notice that she said something about some experts think that socioeconomic factors including discrimination economic and quality are responsible for this difference downloads of studies on this and I thought it was very important for us just take a look at that because there is a reason the Greenpeace is we serve an awesome God and found no matter what the case may be we can move forward that's my point so now let's take a look at them the scenario that I thought was interesting from of you may have heard this already the boiling frog severely familiar with that okay felt there many families facing back pain unfortunately many of them don't recognize it or they deny it and hope it will go away one of the more famous analogies of this phenomenon was Carl wife who in nineteen seventy four relates the story of the boiling frog as he talked about the demise of organizations codify him why will probably stay when you turn the heat up one that Rob will not react because the water temperature change is not that different repeated over and over and before all will do why because the incremental temperature increase is not noticed until it is certainly hence while fraud and how I had a friend to take a look if there's any team up with a nice analogy I think comparing the two and somebody else with the money else we got over the resolution and is on is how many times in the things that happen and someone that didn't even know they have diabetes where they know they have diabetes but is still able to send them the next thing you know next thing you know there and could see that that's why one of the sessions we can have here is going to be on changes and their others I would definitely check with them Doctor Neil medley is a wonderful book alcohol the art of thinking yes I guess they're exactly not in fix them so perhaps it's a combination of being in denial and not having the proper education and so my next statement is and I feel very strongly about this and we've heard it over and over in the writings of Ellen White but that didn't very important to educate educate and education we have a serious burden staring us right in the face I believe that it is impossible to move beyond the walls of the leading out in chronic diseases that are debilitating and add them as a race I believe that he should be the one mission of all of us to eliminate health disparities and to educate education educate mentally physically socially and spiritually now there is good news through this entire session because it is so multifaceted and because you're here because I believe that it I believe that we can heal the world includes message new living translation he said if you will listen fully in the morning of the war adding this into the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right if you can continue reading I okay he I he is and is I will you met a man now my question is can physical abuse and stress affect health dental mental health matter is okay I believe that some people don't take a look from fixing nineteenth eighteen sixty five that was the time during when the first slaves came to America from Africa and to America and from the Caribbean and the Caribbean I think it was raised Bartlett was raised or thought about the eighteen thirties but for America with eighteen sixty five for families or broken think back to the story that I just shared with you and imagine now don't get me wrong there are many linkages and in terms of what they had had to the Chinese in the Dutch if you have never seen the this study on the dots it's absolutely amazing but this is what has happened here families were broken they were separated and suffered many years of brutal treatment the transatlantic slave trade was one of the largest migrations history from the early sixteenth and mid- nineteen fifties more than ten million accident should be fifteen million companies don't have the proper PowerPoint Africans were taken from their homes herded onto ships where they were sometimes so tightly packed that they could barely move and sent to a strange new land by far the largest importers of slaves of resilience and Caribbean colonies together they received more than three quarters of our African broths to brought to America so let's take a look and see what happens Doctor Benjamin Rush is a physician and a writer education educator humanitarian and he was the scene of the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania which is a very uncommon school for those of you who may not know and the father of the of Americans like to describe needlessly suffering from an affliction called negative which was thought to be a mild form of deficit the only cure for the disorder was to become one the irony of Doctor Rice 's observation was that he was a leading mental health Reform Act and cofounder of the first anti- slavery Society of America said he believed in slavery it's not that he was clinical and but he was a mental health expert and that's why asked that question before the Africans became this was his quote the Africans become insane we are told in some instances soon after they enter upon the toils of perpetual slavery in the West Indies then we have the American physician Santa Clara right in eighteen fifty one percent of Cartwright a prominent Louisiana physician and one of the leading authorities in his time of the medical care need was identified so the mental disorders but surely it's a slice it was called the Knights mania have you heard of that before the conflict mania that again leading physician or the disease caused causing the wells to runaway was noted as a condition unknown to our medical authorities although its diagnostic symptom on the absconding for the service is well know are planted in our overseers Doctor Cartwright observed that caused in most cases that think this is the need with the runaway from service as such a disease of the mind as a any other species of alienation and much more curable as a general will right identify preventive measures of dealing with potential cases of drink the mania slaves showing incidentally the mania reflected in sulky and dissatisfied behaviors with strictly as a therapeutic early intervention plans and oversees railcars to utilize living as the primary intervention once the disease had put rat in the stage of actually running away overall Cartwright suggested that needless of the test in a submissive state and treated like children with care kindness attention humanity to prevent and cure them from running away as defined negligence is the mouse is a leprosy and drank the mania will run away and so now when you look at that it's I just thought that was very very interesting so just oh what Doctor Lashley saying that the negligent was a mild form of leprosy and to look at how we look at ourselves today let's just take a look and let me just say this today drink the mania is considered an example of pseudoscience and part of the edifice of scientific racism that's what it's called scientific racism the term derives from the Greek and the Janine 's runway madness frenzy okay so let's just take a look at this one for moment because I believe that that has trickled down even into today's society this is a fairly new study from Ms. Anderson Cooper okay so maybe take a look at that and it has there we have to think about it that it didn't resonate with it at all an American help limit this is a wonderful book that was written by Sue physicians out of Harvard University medical history of African Americans and problem of race okay Southfield all of us are familiar with Charles Darwin was a philosopher and I had this picture and everything on analogies disappeared on the fly it was there last night fueled by misinterpretations distortions and misrepresentations of Charles Darwin evolutionary theories and try to pronounce his name the influential racial treaties the pseudoscientific literature in both is also an natural sciences underlie biological psychological and intellectual inferiority will in volume intensity and influenced by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries American government and public policy public policy documents biological treaties and medical journals were late pseudoscientific racist principles and I derogatory racial character of references add that frontal announcement of the impending black ratio explains okay so the decline in already for black health was blamed on African-American self-destructive behavior actually immoral behavior weak constitutions inherited susceptibility to disease this taste of labor in one aware criminality fondness of alcohol this guy for personal hygiene ignorance of laws of nutrition and proclivity for sexual life is and immorality so that there is something more studies that you can look at that are saluting amazing on how slaves were forced to drink and it was again to see if you made any of debtor that Frederick Douglass 's book is very interesting to see how the alcohol was forced upon them as again so they would put them in the middle of a circle and why in and in and make them drink to see how crazy they would get to the bottom line is there is good news we serve an awesome God and there is a reason for everything and met with him and talk about the ability to make choices but there's good news and this is from testimony for the church volume seven someone would mean that an appeal from the colored people in me this will okay so that is what I mourn Brittany most of us are around to all of us are familiar with Booker T. Washington and I thought this was absolutely amazing I have but I'd never gone there and never looked at it in late but he came with something that was called the national need will help movement and it was a movement for one week I don't level of February and that one week for new growth to take charge of their health and he visits from nineteen fifteen and ended in nineteen fifty one out I was not in their people are going to know what second he had to say well I'm going to have to probably come back and share it with you because I did not download it was too large to go on this particular one but what he did but she is had lynched and facility with another time he established this in nineteen fifteen that the Negroes would take charge of their health they would go out and exercise they would eat better they would clean up they would work together as a global social physical mental physical social and spiritual then on Sunday didn't go to church and discussed how they were going to raise the quality of their neighborhoods it was so lovely fantastic to think that he would come up with that because at the time the health fix for black it was just not a good thing so he side to to look into having something like that so that the good news there and it was called the national Negro health movement now because of thy coming out of slavery and of course he's seeing what we went through already the slot was not there for them to go to a physician especially if the physician was my so here comes more food to feel Good Friday and the distrust that was already there I is everyone familiar with the project okay the Tuskegee five-day kind of time to turn the volume up a little bit more to okay I'm in denial of my help but then when they came out they thinking a lot this is a good thing this is a good thing I went to loan me a part of this in the custody of the experiment this is America wanting me back and then I'm going to get being a short video what please now this is interesting because the way the ship hardware crop is where Barry Keegan have a fear of input and IM Saturday called that he the clock with itchy I can't think of it but anyway they were negligent put in it and how they would be right and is buried in the ground so he came an opportunity to have spectral barrio not only that they were given a sum of money I think it made I can't remember what the summit but they were given a decent sum of money for that time and since but he can't think this is going to help me with this public how it can help me to either be is selfless for sure and sorely and I can have a decent funeral also said there were a number of men signed up for batting leaving that it was going to be a wonderful thing for their families and and for themselves so let's see what happens here so I'm again I'm sure you've you've heard about that but I just thought it was very important to go on and even just talk about that for a moment so in your experience especially for black men what do you know about us going to the doctors avoid being just if we can get feedback for that because that's important not just going to the doctors but getting education what is the reason for why is this happening we have a distrust exactly we have a distrust of old salt into the pain in the best and in and in and that's really what it comes down to how you ever can we are fearfully and wonderfully made God has had his hand in everything and so we have to teach our people we had to teach the world when I say our people that we are fearfully and wonderfully made we are not like animals who live by and think we have the ability in making choices and that's why we have to talk about change because it's not just that this is fraud but it's been the habits that they passed on from generation to generation the mentality more than genes has been passed on from generation to generation if you think about it and if you look at the statistics on punishing those studies you will say that there were certain things that one day and still do and felt that can be passed on to the mentality to put us in the place where we are with the health disparities that were dealing with any comments on how you feel about that is no excuse there's no excuse and we can change this but we still have to look at the facts no one knows exactly why but this is the science this is the research that has been done yes sir for that of knowledge exactly can you relate it back to know how I'm surprised at how that mentality became and how that mentality perhaps was passed on from generation to generation and what were finding so it's not just lacks that live in urban areas but those that have their more easily it's not that much different it it's our traditions and our mentality and seven minus and it's what we've had to deal with me and something better yet and I just ties right in with what Alan White says but my friend just said people are dying from lack of knowledge you have read the case may be I said I need to do something about it if we hold on on hand in hand and then continue to move forward project remembering that God has just made us so fearfully and wonderfully made this is my and I believe that if we we put our heads together we can move forward see you yet to come out of the darkness is him not blame yes God has given his wife were held responsible I'm a firm believer that the first sex of the individual within the family and that goes out into the community nobody knows that better than my friend right here in the day community person the only way excuse me than this and to remember those two things education and our people are dying from lack of knowledge so once again there's good news and were looking for a way to moving forward and women continue to move forward in fact a lot of people saying printed over and over again what let's do it in my genes my mother had become hypertension my father had diabetes and is just how it is so I've accepted it this is just how it is different we need to pass this list and ran it I think there's some nice silver is the mindset that we have to change that that's the bottom that when it comes down to the bottom I was different before I got it myself before I know well hypertension runs in my family know well I'm a black woman my mother died at sixty three Elwell and I went the switch and food and buck stops here and here and so the beauty of the this is this mentality it will be amazing the effects and that's what we're getting ready to build I thought it was interesting and I'm encouraging everyone if you have not gotten as one wellness turning great genes on good teams on advancing off and it's only twenty dollars I just think it is because it's something contact me genetics okay and here is a passage in and if you actually say we all heard Aristotle say what your food superior Madison and your imagination should be your food they are realizing now that you can actually turn the good genes on and the dancing off we won't take the time to get into that now but I certainly encourage you to get back to get that book and sell this is what I found were a contributing actually I have been here will you suffer from the same diseases that afflicted your parents and grandparents and disease remember can be mental I thought you thought pattern you ever been tempted to say what you I've got been seen in your genes or UI choices have the greatest influence when your health units one and that the beauty cell here is a professor because more and more people are understanding that we have to make the changes physically socially and spiritually I'm leaving out so much just because of lack of time but the history is just absolutely wonderful and she says slavery not only inhibited family formation but made stable secure family life difficult if not possible this is not impossible but we now that it is gone because the serif and awesome God so let me move right along here is one of my favorite people Frederick Douglas what is situated together and I only made it useful to the present and the future when we got a guy we had little event had lonely as you can make a beautiful in the present and the future so we move right along and what did Doctor Martin Luther King had the same on our lives begin to the day we become silent about things that matter in rehab our friend I love this lady she was turn will make them very government that this stimulus now based on what my friend said that fear our people are dying from lack of mouth feel now and the fact that educate educate educate Susan I read in the slayings I couldn't sleep thousands more if they had known they were so naïve and you were saying so we suffer with diabetes Lisa Burke with hypertension these are with these chronic diseases but we don't even realize they were slaves to our habits so we don't melt away like the boiling frog chance wailed for all that unique and powerful eclipse will not good so any clothing in closing let's just take a look at some more good news well because of the good news I shouldn't say that I hope this is the latest news this is from the national Public health Association February twenty twelve I wanted to make sure that I went into the day to give you something later and national report released in December it's when you have an effect of the nation 's overall health is not improved last year and prevent the ball and best year in preventable effective diseases and obesity I'm sorry to hear in part because of health problems that are largely preventable such as diabetes and obesity despite modest increases in combat for years coronary heart disease and preventable hospitalizations the nation 's overall health is not improving my fan on the international import five where the person who quits smoking in twenty eleven someone out McCain will be and then we had our good friend that was with us last week she felt powerful and she says and he goes back to what we now had his sleep as it advances we have this message got been given to us we have a plan we just have to use what God gave you and that condo will the ability to make choices so Surgeon General Regina Benjamin said US Surgeon General stopping disease before it's time to achieve a healthy more Americans they healthy and better manage surging health care are I'm a long time since the end of the power of convention and instead focus of my work as Surgeon General Benjamin said I believe the convention offers the greatest opportunity to improve the health of America's families right now as for the decades to come I also believe that prevention is the key to building a stronger and more things amiable how here system prevention that's what this whole conference is about to hold it in this is no secret we're running into these problems are mainly because of two things the announcement of physical social and spiritual but the chronic diseases can be dismantled despite eating the proper load and moving out good news enclosing in some customize for the charge on three one sixty one fifty two and eighteen seventy six okay that's when it all together the family had eighteen seventy one I was again showing that the health reform one way of the great work which is ahead of people one Connie Lord it is closely connected with the third Angels message I've had in the body and on law ten Commandments had been nicely divided by man but the Lord was not to punish his successors that ball went out and I'm not big on writing that her angel proclaimed that is named after King Lavinia is the law of the ten Commandments carried out in their lives it is one of those that occur in me flooding the world went mad TV and she was saying flooding the world in eighteen seventy three what is happening now is dead astronomical but there's a solution because once again we are fearfully and wonderfully made we have had well that allows us to make choices and it is up to what it is our obligation to go out and help people to show life as a man who says or are from and from the North American division shoes I and why is all the world may job and how the world we have been doing this media was used by rumors including any meeting Councilman you would like to learn more about eliminating some of the please visit www. and help us on .com I was more green online is www. audio reverse it on board


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