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Black Families and Our Health, Part 3

Andrea Scott


Andrea Scott

Health Ministries Director, Allegheny East Conference



  • February 5, 2012
    11:30 AM
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okay wow I is talking about something that if we don't think about it everything that we do in life we do not have an side program e-mail learns a little history we are being why possible that we could be in the position that we're in you know mentally physically and socially spiritually darting back on nineteen have even been aware that I would learn how to do that help making inaccurate or great thing and one thing that we myself personally and whoever we're revealing with we have done our change and what you really mean and change is really very very because I have lines that don't believe in your heart and your soul remembers remember on twelve one two that we have to change the way we think we are well going however as I said the first day we are fearfully and wonderfully made we have a well that animals don't have a living life is going we have the ability to make sure and think how we can make actually there is no excuse for a sound one and I'm not in the hair that is given is that you have learned is that that would not be on God there are more to do something so when I'm looking at you Cheney talking to myself and I'll talk about my classes of genes in terms of lifestyle and being a part of you is to get around that we had here real changes in America I'm not grant change in mind that mental physical social spiritual and permanent change I really encourage everyone to you is that it takes some information out of it this is that you will lost our thinking and he goes through yet I believe they still may be a connection limit is one hundred one I will be giving the information for this book and is absolutely awesome anyway the primary exchange we immediately had think about what we're doing and not just we have to think about the people that we are attempting to reach and so we have to need them where they are and understanding change is a process it doesn't always happen overnight so in other words we have to let people around and it's not just what repeating his mental physical social and veritable and without God in the way to go with TypePad you had everything you write the exchange is God now the personal comment about personal change I got into two different people from all walks of life is some advantage that are not most of them were not some of them were participants from are you betraying and I simply asked them the question how do you feel when you made the change captain and his mother and I'm no longer water is focusing on the potential health and medical issues that you have and this was again going through one of our programs through basically innovating another person said I feel confident I feel sure I got I feel that you are change and allow me to meet higher goals that I set for myself changes lower my stress level I feel empowered to this morning I feel proud of my God wow I know I can really do that and so when you ask yourself what has changed the way you know even if it's not something that just the pain and can anyone comment if you've had a change that you can think of making video games in my eye that have been in person even gold I can remember in gym class soon as my gym teacher that Turner had got moving I didn't like being physical other than playing kickball more job development you know they but I never in a high I think I've been more health conscious but the past one hundred years I have and I is not I I know what I knew then that I needed to exercise more but it was really hard I do it well well I am developed in the wellness program in Allegheny really hasn't been that long and we've all been wearing these the dominoes that talk to you about before I will miss getting my accident I don't make it because I like the fact that I am being held responsible because this is being tracked electronically hiking going there now let us embedded social because my Kylie the way radio where you and I and all that is how no note in well I'll tell you more about it but it's really awesome and really hot so I'm getting alive and well in when you know what it is valid because it was in the Corporation the book deal with corporations have to be twenty one more than the other ones do the same thing but I'm telling you a virgin how an island that's what it's called emerging help my immorality got out to him and but anyway I'm just telling you I did feel wonderful because I made that change such as changes and is and is often one thing I don't know how many of you are familiar with your medical I don't think even changed by Doctor Prochaska it's a program that was developed more model of change that was the balance was seventy something quite sure by he helped us realize that when people are making a change is they go through when one is going to happen so let's look at his very name is called pre- placing and here are simply incompetent meaning you don't even have a little what is going on in the book is a cigarette and and you don't even realize that I need help not even thinking about changing even though they would benefit from actively incompetent even though they need to make a change and totally unconscious of their any get oblivion so that very they would just call me the place then contemplation of the nine mice lacking the gene contemplation stage I I know plenty of people that are just not thinking about making an image they don't even realize unconsciously incompetent making actionable plan was insane and actually exactly the kind of people they were learning the language is the only outlet then you know I even give me on whenever you want to live in there is no real individualism one of the first thing you have an account yet Jane yeah I will that anybody who think differently and will be important that when you love dad and that is why another case will kneel he is not liable because they had the beautiful component this is really really awesome so they now realize this is PowerPoint I made a list connected to leave your e-mail I will send it to you so they now realize they need to make change contemplation realizes need for change in thinking about it but hasn't played any meal plans limit I'd been thinking about it so I did a little note here for more knowledge and get the better of it my people are destroyed for lack that the knowledge and their free and preparation and the last call in late and it is making timetable will plan to accomplish the change in me you really think in the crazy about this and you're not allowed land that you know I really need to do something let me go to the next laptop now it is not enough to produce changing we discussed that before you have a boatload of knowledge but you don't put them in Shane and you have nothing at all it is very important though again with that I mean now is not enough to produce change most people know that smoking is good for them yet they continue to love so here we go action constantly has begun the process during this phase individual take action to become temporary they may even be no join that you or else that will oh well as something where there is a web-based valley below then consciously then sometimes there is a wildly back and forth doing hygiene incompetent and can't you a incompetent and cognitive scientists here have one that is and you know now why a bill that however it is very difficult so the idea is this evening reminding people and however we can do that is so spiritual to have it how many permanent change and how you like him anyway had eliminated the something is a filthy then there is something with that waffling back and knowledge very kind to the and then you think but I think that just because he memorably said that Shane is my and what we have to do it help to help educators meet me here they are we have a tendency sometimes think we got into this and gotten that the black increment and was unable to take it all in one I know for myself I never thought that I could stop me being what I loved one and that was Schramm crafting of the whole nine yards and my father and Elizabeth Mary is there like that and I is okay the above everything else is in was this will and then one story from my phone in one way about that everybody is now maintaining consciously then is begging with the change that had been made it takes a lot of time or patience to maintain victory over difficult generally fourteen to twenty one days are necessary for change they seem to be almost as individual instantly working between Wednesday about how long are our feelings can be working day and reckless changes challenges and because so so we need each other when we developed something out and called by the check eight anybody just take it simply means volume ninety five inviting all your buddy and eight day in the evening is constantly on the eighth of the month we have been celebrating month-to-month who we want to put everything in a and they just simply stands for you probably know it connected me to tell you I you wanted today is that inviting United find somebody and they make a big difference because it is so hard else of note will work and felt as they come in taking the change that you may take a lot of time is that working the twenty one day they have to put forth a very and being careful not to fall off because you can fill you in the value they are very easy to follow I like the last one is is depends on the personality it really depends on the personality and when you say to me and I've been in the mental health system also and psychologists and psychiatrists many of you don't believe termination and had a lot of people feel that you can convert back so I have I think they just like I said I know I did with what I'm leaving the certainly never and never looked so aged humans on the person is anyone asking that question because sometimes it can just evening so quickly and not going through the process but some people where I was in remote people at the dividends on your personality not all blogging is actually written a fascinating take an outline on what kind of on temperament you have that cannot while it is a very famous but you know we all have different templates so you know it just really depends on your your makeup down anyway termination I believe intimidation I even told the client that I worked with were homeless in yes you can yet you can change by that I don't feel it in the world I think this class is weak in faith and determination they unconsciously confident you don't like brushing teeth every morning it is still electing tidiness is to go out the door and along the longer have to work on the chain and the godliness things that's what we're calling Annette worked on genetically calling it a abundant and productive living occur this is the fate of mankind is conferencing meaning the individual no longer has cravings when I than previously possible half some people believe that people can never get an e-mail I don't know if I could have gotten this stage it is it would be as if I had not join them in terms which strengthened my virtual component of how the game is physical social and so I do that will hold my guy gay I within my heart so when you eat sleep drink with their nose in your heart and you are more likely to end and that will use I where you are wearing in dealing with people that are mostly in the other state even in the church when you she is afraid of you and your little kitty cat will arrive in I know he is such a newsreader will and then change creates champions you become the champion and then again it becomes social and your half in European mills him whether people gave their all for the common in your chance of anything somewhere in she looked like she had come change from then compliment you want to always walk with this drive is one event when you have gone through as they think that how the people will feel when you meet with them and having your classes I know everybody and testimony personal people living down there is gone in different classes like to have more but I abated in the question for you some of you may prove you may print and is called who am I I in your incomes and I am you are a heavy burden I will push you on where I can read the daily I am completely at your command had things used to you might just as well turn to me and I will be able to do them quickly and correctly I am easily manage you might merely be found with me show me exactly how you want something done and after he left I will do it on a medically I am the servant of all three individuals and alarm of all failures as well felt to me I mainly felt toward failure I made them feel you that my question to you is who am I to joy that in any money on group and childhood that are in and have it in the challenge one is that she is so important because Hamlet is so you will learn and gain the good pieces we are fearfully and wonderfully made we have nothing will they guide you with the baby whether they need in this and that is richly human knowledge is I know what happened over the years are very high in knees in the kind of the given dealing with people that have had have been gone from generation to generation and that's why it I went through from eighteen nineteen eighteen sixty five is now not that this is necessarily genes that have been in that even realizing that the impact on from generation to generation we have the ability to write to break the habit so I a lot of people that we change the view of waiting for the idea that I have a wonderful path to that it may have lifestyle change that is coming on and it was as if you just bear with me for a moment and we actually have on this matter I asked if he would please comply and talk to this for a few minutes to share what processes he had to go and what are two may change them yet home on one second and trying to get the technologies they hold that opinion is okay great great great and I am here I have every mind is yours get giraffe anything all night anyway glad you are in the living room that we are having to be done to help them in the Florida health Summit and it's called black family and on how what we're talking about today is Shane and I is changing the type of people they were going to run into when we attempt to make the more you show them information everything is so remarkable and they don't respond to it immediately be there on help educators out there waiting to hear from you because I hold in the pattern you are you and that you're willing to share with you my friend passes from the Allegheny have to live in some and get a great story he has encouraged me over the years self catalytic on you maybe a ten years ago in terms of painting and making a change that again that's what we're talking about a year where you thinking they can use in terms of a lifestyle than you know what health would absolutely be talking about writing a will will will will will will will and will okay I will I that I am the and him and I and you and you and you will and you will you are you will and in you is is that you are in and I and you and you and you are in an and or using that as a velvety and that is not me and I is that you and I that I is you and not as all the bad that I have the following in one and I know that you and then you and you know you will be in a really and you and you and you and that you yeah is the only is your sins from the beginning as to what is a little beginning was always in the net and remember that help down but not just claim that leaves very little money and we're going to the things of change but he didn't he never did the get out of my face don't talk to me about anything Lillian don't call me anymore he is taking the information we've been talking for a few years and he that component comes in if you feel we can so that he is that his main advancement and to know that doesn't come about again for how heart attack stroke but there's a lot reminding your family is my correct and right down to you you can just share a little of that and I believe it has been the victim was not doing what he was doing because he wasn't just sitting around eating anything you would need and he was filming the Vatican added in a slow example you have to than on the and when you have that means you have and not to mention you will you know he is now is to think of people eliminated naturally when you're single now that I really think your so I'm not making excuses for you by explaining a real picture of the type of situation that we're going to be based with his authenticated and when they go back home and after some may in our work right away some may not have any questions from the okay your algorithm here in my day I will know how to use all or you will you will remember you and all who are in your room you are in you and you are you okay who is in an is you and you is you is you will and you are you that I will be back in her will I you are going as a balloon while the brain is used and you know what we are doing is what words I can say this is as we had workers meeting will be together as a group he was being my home at five forty five a.m. Leah gigawatt only so even though he wasn't doing everything millions of the English notice something and now I believe is probably why you're immediately quickly enabling that because we're doing things putting things in place they can help you to rebound with regard anymore questions and the question is really overweight you are and I is in a God and I will be you will and will and will him will is you is you are hearing is moving in a day will be as increases in principles embodied in nineteen hundred and twenty eight for I will you are on an as is and you and you are a you is that in the way that he and I and I and all you and you will you will you he is at is that I believe is when we have another question how long have you been on the judgment is warranted in light of a husband this is will and will and will be the only available all blue velvet I will and will and you and you will you will you will and is the and I will bet that you don't remember me as you and me we're all just so so please bid you what is your method because I believe that you be to all as well as endowing it is out there yes I think Harris he will not have passes in a and their and you will is a you will you will will will will will will and you and you will you will only will a you and you he is unlikely I will you not to have the will and and you and you and you are in a is a you is all that I think is that I is a you and you and you will you will not get right here in a you and you and the help of the Lord your you know and everybody is as a way to share and now he is a yes there is no all of the data will be in as I I I I I I is that humankind is in blatant money not by her own arm is not evaluating young and he is hallucinating and I said he didn't do anything definitely is only a is a link of my family they do they live forever and he and he me that he and his he just retire and will retire we should be higher in the knowing anything now but so many times in an black men that is not in a years younger than the average white woman but she made the seventy minutes another story anyway so I don't know how you would change in his own evening initially he was and what a very very and nearly every conversation information in all voice saying and because of what I read in this you know there are people here and here and there had been some fairly unknown impact of the humbling that history is one not for help in enigma giant strawberries Wednesday into the American government and the unit was and I is okay in our willpower in a single cell only having to see ourselves when easy to make them hard to bring change to make some people uncomfortable they have to make mental make mental and physical we arranged adaptation one of the principal components of human vitality is a measure mental health multiple people and this again is in the law started thinking Muslim people like everything on time from the Muslim people like everything can be made a so that common peace will prevail in their lives in the home they will have to think my position as they did as you go through this again just as they did you know you have to keep thinking I'm very harder and harder I is exactly was a recent number one ranking and it can keep a lot of people I think why don't want to verbalize what I'm doing because I will keep it up I don't know if you so and so comes and gives me these wonderful help message in the nineteenth even and then I let them down for the things that go on in and get my talking about drinking habit cannot continue to give something up once I started can I can I discontinue what if I fail don't and I don't make it lately me remember you are having you remember this lad is so different than what Harriet and I have read all the way and I have three thousand more and only no as he felt when he do I have it and we don't even know that you challenge comes in that's when you have to seem to continue to mean and had meetings and support each other because you can easily say of him that this water people avoid change I doubt myself and I really for the challenge is the word am I really a pity because it is good if you go that way to help someone out make a change is to make the change yourself then you have a testimony that gives you more space now I didn't go sure you came to this is when I go and water for you to have so basically that is I went to have that paper is there it would come as we made our only okay so anyway the timeline is change his spiritual and people who undergo a change to change the question is how you have a health educator two what patients are going to have forgiven Jesus that Jesus has one of the Baghdad never give them we have to help people to undo and that they are waiting for there have been help people to gain importance of moments will want to change the way you get water for all his wonderful information to happen even in again I hope you are going back and looking at the because people are going to use their reason for not changing there happens is because the gene my mother and my father was documented and they'll never change until they change the way they thank you so much my friend and that without unpleasing letter as always been being with you and I hope that you can take that back and I am going to get that she is in that domain was created already that you mail all you guys are I thought I was an adult make the company make you make a very for you in right now is our hands-on is about and what is with this class anyway I see there are barely more glad that you get there but I is wishing well in helping people with changes not easy so you know just the way I have to warn you Barbie beauty in the process I find that if you look at it as a process that people where they are then thinking that he is now doing will rule in this media was used by bodybuilders including NaCl summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or you would like more training online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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