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What does God Want for You?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 14, 2006
    7:00 PM
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the first and I service the same presentation you through the word you like I'm very pleased to see why always have become you have iPhone all the today you are on my mind that's my way of saying I missed you than one visit Elizabeth was all right a little bit things will improve from there we can solve the movie tonight now all those of you will have them for signs of life these original hands with the sea right leg above the deer we have several happens out as usual those of you will be coming every time so far as to see your happiness all right as I have been here every time so far and I have been blessed to see you not have a special friend I don't see her is as a you is you here no she's not all right okay movies you come in later but God bless us all as we take a practical of what it is he has for us to do let us bow our heads and pray for one have I told you the name of Jesus and asked with all my heart granted me the words to speak take possession of my mind usually the worst as a visit to Moses in Exodus chapter four verse twelve open the hearts and minds of my brothers and sisters it all of the spoken word maybe the word received a better living word which transformed lives I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name amen our something for tonight walls the smaller one for you one is Braunwald 's cutoffs and I was boarding school my mother would always go to my father was my mother that she did not benefit from too much education but she was determined that the children will be educated and would enjoy the advantages she never had gone with my mother oldest of life is still a lot by following us yeah the same time without I think the problem school and he was fourteen by intelligent man but not formally educated he was determined that his children would receive the education of the never allow Icarus how that vision for the children we do not have the benefit of advanced education but we want you must even so we has some fun thing for you we worked on jobs given the pleasures of life the love stories of life in order that we might follow education we have enough vision to you to make something of your life after losing to me now who can identify with what I'm saying you have some plan in mind for your children you want to have a better life than the life you will aggressively as well this bought one for us what will one for us is something so I believe that most of us do not appreciate and sometimes do not even understand there was the book of Ephesians chapter one Ephesians one referral reverses three at full of Ephesians while at the computer while I does not want to follow us what kind of like those more have in mind for us visions of one reading from first three of course really is all that have either gone and father of our Lord Jesus Christ what is with all the message in every business advice according as ye have for the designated before the foundation of the world that we should be in and without blame before him and no cars for sale according as he is in the report foundation of the world from a world that we should be a quality and without blame before him in love that tells us that way before Jesus gave gone out a plan on how to set for us that through Christ we could be a holy and without delay before ball you understand what development needs I want to try to think differently from the web enormously aware this person without relaying knees without fault of the some of your possible to view the films if possible how can a human being live without fault this is the God 's desire for you and for me is that we live without all and without delay for the Bible says Minnesota second facility is subject to reversal or clean over the video what was normal for us second Thessalonians chapter two verse thirteen of course that's what it was written by a also all seconds and sent to refer to what you follow the five always for you brethren beloved of the Lord because God hath from the beginning I'll call back from them to get a shot in studio at the salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the trunk now we have a similar course it has always been gone beside him all that we do what we say now being saved and maybe living underneath the Siamese human costs are high of Allah life of victorious life in Oklahoma a life not to say and I want a picture after the other alive not playing my immorality I like him him him him them are really messed of this while going to the life I have in my real life is live from the beginning because children of God occluded my God when princes band ninety six ninety seven was almost two years I watched the funeral on television I saw her two sons William an overview of the within the Harriett Romo have women have us there were several sessions if I recall correctly they were walking and Diamondbacks all besides dislocate government about the move just walking following the funeral procession will definitely would not assume the person McAfee within one will go at where people ready to jump in and because I don't really notify out of the same screen as I can tell you honestly say the issue young man is behind their backs about just walking very calmly in the funeral procession of the wine would be walking like that one of the conducted themselves that we because they are friends of friends does not conduct himself at the funeral the wound are you with me I don't want to quickly delete offerings must preserve if they are not all circumstances why because it has made more qualified about man or woman becomes a child of God what kind of blood was networking British Royal cause a amount of one thousand Little Rock blogspot in your bank I want to do a different kind of life your friends and I thought your process one of the line item veto is an northern limit now that I'm looking to get as well Muslims of the world will remind you of new Jesus Christ I want to present invention are satisfied with the life and are frustrated with the life you live in one defeat of the raw one problem after another twenty four hours who knows self-esteem that's not what one hundred nine miles original detention which has not chased is you and I would be a blouse and a couple calls rest of the world will define us as we live in the house is immediately living a life of moral right this is a reflection of the life of Jesus when he won with her at times and even the life and it was the intention of the cameraman is the desire for you and like I have a life to live a life of someone will notice is the one that I really want with our US allies if an example of the men and angels of a while needs more live like that of the business of life in France as little as the drive to emphasize the life of the lives of a while is on the Mac but bought this lifetime is your and my living room millionaires over Poplar 's following subpoenas and when it comes to us that we are all right was a total life 's normal world but standards will launch a special life of a life where you have no conservatives were out or you'll was afraid of at about one one body in the exercise what you do with such audio what was wrong with you a life of victory a life free from bondage a life free from the domination of the definite ally free from St. Lucia this is how is that how does that because there have been people will I do not live that life is line also God God said no I don't have Moses Linda 's early life event accompanist is just what his life is a powerful life that already have a laugh out of the hospital I want to get a majority different it would have Moses you know you like to and they had a major just like yours but brought into the phase for heaven even getting this I thought it was arrested in lesson is that again they are only reason why the author life and more than I would have bought a set of them have legislative having a lot of undecideds and it is a light at the age of that is what I like that a lot until I find the Société of the Company of Angels wants to wish for you and your children to whom his world and one that will cool language world Renaissance the evident that it won't respond what the oh something as always opposes all of who is number eight first three errors this is really you have some more sleep in my eyes of the time this is what I said that I have voice of my failures will do this follow you now have all day long this is the color line as the Son of Man about this and you settle on the skylights I will ICM is the Apollo why is I is the dividend so if you will follow has made him on the table than VHS web is a imminent comeback of releases I need you I thought you said when I was looking at how they think the rest of the human population in the final little eyes when all is little Asian uncle living to one of them and when it was halfway one of the wise and powerful this file is missing a species one human being I will jurors will the ancients we left the hospital is how we live everyone around is a set of your population is the life just little on both Sundwall of your life just ignore him and I want to try when you are in the low read it moving government and moving company will become reverses the old word the only secure if you have I want to trust appointment this is I want you to trust me as long as I'm moving on whose Mississippi God 's will for you is that you live a life without sin and whether they are waiting there is a savior for the government if you can conceive and believe it is in your dad she focuses with systems and processes to further fortify on him that is able to keep you from wall US is not invoicing on to the canvas will was falling at what it looks a priceless workshop it's okay your living room for the reception of roof that is uncommonly your eye and you will reach robot is satisfied with his aluminum one of these is a weather will cause of the difficulties all in Jesus R one and as you said I have long since I like that he will commit and frequently while you want anything this one if you say I say not how I live in my visual C Christians believe the use of intravenous simples would you tell me which sin will not allow him to revisit out about them one polytheistic if you are looking one the one who will give up about half an onion and ideation which is front of you Lori on positive this is probably over North America all phase I learned me go more highly of the name of those would come from the people in charge of his created Scrooge and since asking them to function like God Golden targeted our universe out of your chart of your report to me yet if you look at this we have sold many problems it is as if all we serve is the something you thought how will you see you give Apollo alliance is progressive and so far from the life of an alive and he shall think of it while you ever know who is one of all it was legal salvation the optimal distance golf and we subject to this yet we cannot save ourselves you hear him say that we cannot see I was so that I say here's all I have this is how I cannot say I is that you don't resist as I will ever go on also no one will be vaccine does not need your pollution on my blog is not a visit of the five little motivators world reserves this is the place I was Clausen I believe the provision that I was singing with the lichen on the ascending I cannot see them unless onto the roots on the begin and service original research of the Bible several Buffalo and that he gave his only begotten son that as well I believe it's not just liberals on here is what you respawn if you don't like not was consistent by serving as we continue what was going well for us Joseph is to see the original of Laura always had a high jealousy set up to reverse Bible says the Lord will format of the dust of the problem and agree that it was lost as the breath of life and man became a living soul house and was laid it was full from the best of the raw part of us is from beneath and really endless loss of the most likely not come from above the law have made man a target for many years of the US was noticeable but somehow long as the message into the week he made us the message these you are available something from beneath and something from above although where I want you to function easy operation with me the life comes from above the physical comes from beneath at that point enthusiastic the physical goes back to dust the life will inspect the goal line as gone the aggregate is a cooperation between heaven and earth between you'll will deliver life differently is to live life conference in Boston now let's see that principle is an earth working together Genesis chapter one forty Genesis one verse fourteen Rahab the above center in the firmament of heaven to divide the different life of medical science of the season of the busy as a metaphor life in the form of a habit to give light upon there and it was all now creation of the heavenly bodies that give my son the moon massage are you with me and once supplement to sleeping I want about that person accidentally on weight the person on the lookout have to miss what you need to hear her son was thought that if I been there for the night seasons for advancement is I think of life for the let's focus on this blog was upon our law in making the earth on earth all this wasn't what you will write a letter to Amazon about whether your resume like any other plan on getting original understanding of his life with writing in with the glaucoma was someone happens to when the sun is strongest when you think what happened comes across the sun be true 's too much of a very loud you'll see what starts as although is is depends full-length outside of its low light is also life in him was life on the life was the light of men twelve I will like his life you'll shall emphasize and what nothing but one young lady in creation Bonhoeffer is a principal and is our must depend on him as well as long combination of jewelers exactly ball retention things run beautifully when you have another spot at her because of what does that have to do with what has invite you what has been bottled up to save you a digital with all those who available to my choice but how does you misread this the road signs are and him uneconomic because you misread the role of sci-fi phone about how much I want to have a Firefox mother says that she wants the binoculars are with you keep in mind as we continue what was notable for you while it is conditions Yahoo! News calls to me was the first murder and was the second word conditions and calls range authorization again for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that had no there's nothing we haven't new plan was made before we were made on the express of eleven death of his son it had little condition but her customers that whosoever is shall not perish but have everlasting life which means that the fact that will just give me Jesus doesn't say a lot in terms of this innovative auto login at the thought that Jesus did what he had now you want to do anything at all sound is out of all-terrain and all of the bottom you will be leaving anyone the message language new UK condition for doing business with your building is not message are you listening to me I usually vote I was in the psyche it is my sister so this idea at all let me settle this I have to get my controls let the surgeon was new and it will work on naked without it was a miserable and I love it my favorite book is one lady who wrote a book she said the Bible is more important than all of the books combined my before you heard of freedom from fear you reflected you want to give message you had to fulfill a condition the provision was all right so you're in now I decided I was likely to open another yes so your company is not reaching your family is what you can do the bridging is unable to be the preaching is the call you're coming his condition is not at all if I were brought down the heart of background music often with in what you have to see him in at while Yahoo 's one medical software there were times it lies as well get me the hospital where I worked upon opening my eyes to Cardinals know the rock the hospital 's medical individual as it is someone working on my part but it is good condition I need to get in now having them in the cardiologist wants the condolences I like the guy will say anything is kind of silly division of this as well I think that is the only shot I say the hospital is in the hospital about the assessment is an ethical in addition Microsoft litigation you will all the blonde says series will send you only son is reforming being if you're serious about that I see Rios let me say that my son now if only hosting as you all are so you are saying to me I want to live your life in a bus there are with a relatively serious is the Lord will stop hanging out people 's will nor I are moving from privileges from him so I really I was not going to go see you can follow them around you might apply to automatically let you see you leave business of this is serious whispering my son 's life was just joking sure you seems that you thought were the people who come to me show me you want a different and fulfilled the conditions see I hope I operationalize the call is my selfish to be sedated you have a part one has upon your part reasonable business is this salvation my wife while Google has a special of faith and ingle ability to save your asses Gore has in mind for you allowing a boatswain of that to need you tonight will think about what the Lord I heard this message nevertheless as I look to the message with my life I need a change in my life in all maximizes idea would be as a call with you conditions and causes of the Lord conditions on a per a synonym was a citizen one word Cecily has another source you say I all is a unlikely same settled for conditions as the sum of gold is obedience I want more demand for obedience call him is because I thought about all that is obedience once you how was your common sense all I ever has and we must allow his final I don't even know how to disobey it will be both this bring me a heart once told me about the life of my son in the heart conditions and closes on that arrangement you have the nerve conditions come from the cost of having a scene from Joses Revolution is on the Joseph center for chocolate cake noses run the first part of the government with all doses up to four mystery conversely as a video what will happen minefield and system for routing over three of exhibit a process of cognitive capacity involved from the ground of the Lord and him and he also brought the first leg of his law of the fact that draw the respect of the above and was offering the candidate was often you can was better off him out there and you can reason and was from it comes it will allow them I was about Wednesdays on the Lord had respect unto it will result in both easy all is useless if you like to promote the world could be of him are with you I reviewed accountant to get higher you think you're going to your account at full dot your patterns are so wholly minimal space when we go but not by men who are the greatest manhunt avoiding us we are as far as I regard as absolute lifesaver will respect you and I thought great but that can't and you have those and was very wrong it is normal to go research North America why are the role why is that Clinton's fault the network and if introduces one of condition no one is good usability of their exalted and how was well shot download be accepted what God is looking unacceptable because he's been living with you I will because he did what I want to change it will give you that I was well star how log is to have all fulfilled the conditions go accepted who bosses I referred on if you looking to our roots if you idle material I don't get a site who might come out of your mother was very likely before she lost seventy was I just don't get you know what I say about sticking to accept it as foregone topics that I asked him soon so I don't present stand before several Buffalo out that it was going to talk about the newbie of Mark 's as well although some of you building arms asleep when you move your you before says if you will if you believe in us he when we believe it is oval when out of the forms one out with his wife your glass Adam is first ten amendments in the Orlando Holt told that I was still eating of the tree has to be the worst things you do sold over Sacramento's world recommended casino shall not teaching disobeyed the decision eleven Moses is one of the time to understand our whole life of victorious life of life on the foundations of all videos from that in addition we are one of the major likely following run at Ross obedience is a personal site visit by reading all I is often flawless law Reuters reports on the Bible says because of all time is an lucky against law light is not subject to the law will live a leisurely but I think that in the flesh as long as you recall the subject will mind why not to eat will be an obedience is a condition of salvation I am agreed development nobleman of expression I'm troubled you to visit again differently if I am from me the book comes by opposes me look closely repulsive either I want whatever the life-saving thing I also nestle says that Joseph advises I don't have the arms of the norms of a double amputee after I become what I will why was there for my update all I want to know that yesterday said Jacob and the one thousand he has to do something as I was able you have no possible method is what was more qualitative manner and at all as people send operatives that it is not one but I want you to look I know you have my normal will be a corruptible unlimited ones who it has one sideways so you want most is not old you come to me obediently I will now give you a hot crappy obstacle they are citing as I like to know my realm I thought we had I live in my heart I know that I I you know still open in the heart is the life of Christ I said that Hart is a life of Christ and thank you for looking going to move Jesus love the Holy Ghost and of the Garden of Angels and you can see in my movies were gall says I will give you a heart of flesh which really is the mind of Christ at least in the heart the long you've got two hours working one says to me the other says there's powered two okay and now you choose choose the fundamental challenge for every person these will be on Pennsylvania as well as the Genesis three was enough votes to pass the human to human Sacramento shall in Revelation twenty two for the last chapter I will save those who will be given the right of entry for which Adam was driven because it was yesterday thank you all gives us on will be in heart in the life of Jesus Christ which is what will supply the holy ghosts and because it was my power of the Holy Ghost Jesus will so Jesus was a little for it the struggle goes upon you from me we can relax and forget how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth I was in my list Jesus left out of the headline is not how I listed what I is probably in live to see when we get hot to go there will life of Jesus is I'm part of my life and are listed and try to give the punches I'm tired of hurting people in my example and part of the whole loose like old was over the merry-go-round what going anywhere just finished doing straight to where I am today is why was I I I I promise I will thought about it from is not likely to have been Joe holds a because you won't come to see us nor do the same of them will give the advantage of them one forward forward and said man shall not live by bread alone but I buy everyone knows causes immense on the will be asking a question and answer the roofing miserliness on the how willing are to live all the deadlines just think how we leave our normal student loan Churchill legal and Johnson are you further when Jesus gives individuals while seven of eleven fallacies limited in the storm of the gels but finite set of him I will think of something off for Los Angeles medical side of the second one in Jesus as the seventh anniversary and since he'll accept a man in Washington and Jesus was talking to Nicodemus we reinforce along with all digital rulers of the Jews was spiritual and Jesus is talking to on the output side Chelsea you are as slick as you and me anymore I'm not talking the venture of medicine say that as members of satisfaction you will never go to begin the show will save months I will not obey him I don't know because my mind is not doing as a medium I have all I can do it is illegible hosting this I sworn was that reading your words rhyme how will that habit of having these use lukewarm friend of mine mine was working on a person reform will go through a leading cause of his alcohol problem something practical like to stop smoking class more serious relative my child let me show you how serious I am a change of heart thank you for the mission to change your hot then the moment you give everything to Graz you become off full blogging Prince of Hefner and a full blooded Prince sex all half of with all the privileges that come with as when the prodigal son came back bounces the father sent his servants bring forth the best robe and put anonymous righteousness of Christ what kind of role the best that's what Jesus has in my view the best your single is less than two but you won't find MMI Johnny and eventually or of harmony .com Laura is not only to find him at Jesus as the best love you you resolutely will go lesser than those who refuse going to church that's where he is half as far as I is a fast-growing we you don't observe the activity of the road on more than one of the rules in my room John the Baptist full of the Holy Ghost before he was born of this one of those that is what I like what I will and I will if you have a prayer don't have a job both of them they could be a linguistics is I'm going to get you to when I get you a job I want my money I'm not really don't steal my money I will abundantly direct job is so upset that he's an say I will write and will remain on as one of the renminbi is not decoration ornamentation of the all life is limited use pens to sign checks on my right back to you to see you were delivering so really stupid if you have a certain mark in Alaska was running minimum you'll signed documents before the set of Windows Oslo you will be shooting your back into family fleeing if you know that you have the power to sign checks the result is that she was honestly the sermons wonderful to my son which was written in the decathlon within one of loving God has for you it is easy because of the ones I try to find the best all feelings celebrate the return of mice and my brothers my sisters while this goal in mind for you is IR was the same desire to write he would move an additional means for certain sometimes we live very close animals really get each other on the Frenchman was assigned so less users and three two thousand three it is a man receive videos of the least but the grace of God loose us and transform list are level that is that you world why I was ridiculed in the Angels we shall be high enough efficacious I guess I must follow us at your driver I sent you an isolated event there had to be there because I expect you to give them life to Jesus Christ tonight is what I have renewed if you will not get the don't leave the space without fulfilling your condition will I give my life to you anything you tell me to do that's the secret of single goals in the life but it integrated all about image on Sabbath or the Bible says on the third day it was a matter of a few and the mother is a map of all things was taught his disciples and I pray you want in life a lot of it doesn't look ahead to have a wide business that are worthwhile one what would be my powers look at all the moralistic sermons don't want what so ever safe to walk as a result of medical Mississippi the foundation for miracles in our lives is one word was that you will reap undesirable music is so very was what Jesus does anyone remember the moment at him at his word is holding the link if you see him in all of you you is if I is I think that what you are when you are unlocked that will transform my life is on writing the law on alone according to you the Jeremiah thirty one thirty three but they shall become that I would make them suitable house of Israel I suppose this in the Lord I would like you all in there he 's right to the heart you do once right with joy my brothers licenses take this opportunity now to say Lord will cart software Lord I want to leave you are the intended from the having heard this message are responsible computing Holy Spirit I give myself to you all I renew my commitment I want to live a life of obedience if you will save that for my war criminals are somewhat I want to live the life I want at the fresh that you may bless me and unless all those around both of you will say that by marking the Carter Center with me because I'm doing it my physical reef in Jesus Christ I want to live every about the most father in the name of Jesus who came to die for all without exception we have to accept this now as we get myself see what they are a fan of life if I'm powerless more saves must draw to the heart of the last week honestly this criminal Jesus may have a greater say that all of you people say it imagine other men in the car builder the authors of program allows you tomorrow night but for now the legal door I read you my friends and limited balls were going


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