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Just Like Jesus

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 15, 2006
    7:00 PM
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remember one hour you believe it on all this is now the basic day on the series we began on Friday evening September the eighth the day I believe this September sixteen is also staying with one of fifteen so we are completing one week time is moving very fast I'm very delighted to see you I hope your day went well today mine certainly did and I am grateful to God format I hope you brought a friend with you measure the hands of those who brought someone razor has unashamedly all right answer measure the hands of all those who eighties has bring someone raise your fax all right I leave the rest of you and one for tonight but I remember what I said about heaven hell how should you go to hell by yourself I'm quite serious going to heaven requires someone with you we must take someone with us this far three where else have at least one problem once the cause we women's have at least one saw the stars represent that goes with Mister Christ you cannot get villages of heaven on old because Evelyn isn't visible on selfishness selflessness unsettled denial brings someone who needed you see one message meant for a person 's life absolutely around one this entire mess is one statement in the message measures allowing trees concerning also allow you save up and bring someone with you both of you why have for life is blonde message about Mister Osuna from my heart I was subbing for life just like Jesus then I would be just like Jesus let us pray our father in heaven and asked about the name of Jesus to be with us because we cannot give ourselves rescue for power rescue fund rescue for insight and masturbated on to pull down the general walls that Mikko Hartsell heart on her love lips all marching in an revenue sources said three thousand individual or five in Jesus name amen just like Jesus John chapter three four sixteen November midway is John chapter three verse sixteen as original presentation for them I just like Jesus John is my second favorite book of the Bible was my favorite book Janice is also a favorite first Dennis is one one what is fair now don't make you feel so badly resize my favorite verse Genesis one one test Edwards said all right about the motorbike jaunt resisting the Bible says for God will show you how the world out of a level world peace some of the world source all learn to play express the degree of love for God so loved the world of them is that he made the sign you may sign Raven almost qualified web Barcelona to the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life at one updated as a result of loving us so much for God Sean on the world that you almost knew about this much of this month strongly without getting for the next view is a vessel not all that hot water dissolving this much all right the more you give again he loved to fish lunch and sent his son not how is sending his son what we understand by the expression that he gave the Bible doesn't say he loaned Christ is not alone Christ is in one event was by permission of the model one and then I said I was in Israel again from God now how does God get that precedent has the answer how does all days best to understand how Borges was the genesis of the twenty five reverses one five gems is an applied force is one of five as we continue the subject was not subject just like Jesus you are leaving tonight I hope you wake up very soon Dennis is one of five beautiful verse one why was this event again ever I have took a wife and there was gentle wrong medicine for stool as he abandons that rather jumped out of bed and in many other kitchen items shall wear five and Abraham gave all that he had other will I but under the sun is under compromise with ever have had in hand gave them gifts and sent him away from either his son why the Avenue eastward of the East Coast not Abraham the Bible says in Genesis twenty five North Y day and restraining he that life not most of what he had every thing we need back he gave reduces the roost up to eleven that's combined one five one two one five six reviews eleven through December seventy as we could to the subject just like Jesus you have Hebrews eleven four seventeen viruses by faith Abraham when he was try offered up Isaac his son ever had when he was flying on a test page offered up Isaac his son and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son now the only tool on the bottom sons of the Bible why Japheth and I is that no one does that tell you what I said in relationship to Jesus we write about the only begotten son a Genesis three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son now we can say correctly what camera so all you want to save his only begotten son and then upload it was said that if I shall thy seed be called why does that for one of the persons of the phallus that the promise of a Savior wants to be what's the past rule is in the past was built in the eye won't unzip no right engines is one of my pursuit of its limited run she had what appears to be six is a run zipper at a junction made out in me the other issue that Henshaw Dennis is one of my personal section on all of us ultimately towards your reports the radio show but it's up against the sons of research and the sounds of a compromise let's assume all suitable boys blogger not want to sell it in a less than final John Sunil Mittal Momento is not cost a lot the only wanted villain in question for a moment the plan of salvation for all that price will be only live once alive the past month and a half a weblog called Abraham killings in Iraq understood he was shot during all the John who through which Christ was the best written shot of Christ from his usual everything but because God said to do it Ibrahim was prepared to do the last word if Christ is not included on son Isaac was Abraham 's only begotten son what is the relationship to Isaac DeJesus I think that's what represents Christ is the reverse I gave up hoping that he was able to raise him from the dead but also he received a benefit but if I have believe that you bought a razor from I thought if I feel like I was raised on the deck of the parts of the lab that Deborah has little interest in speaking symbolically so as it represents clients as they get all I have is wrong as it was all that he has for me Jesus that's what Jesus says in John sixteen versus being all that the father hath is only how it was the person who has everything on as an blog if you and gives him to us now he was your reasoning power what has bonded with us and giving us a price everything somebody say you and everything necessary for life and salvation went on to EJ everything is gone and implement ask for a change we know that democracy the charges it will give offering a bit of the company really change how come the same that I have but I'm not than Danny Johnson SA when gone off for Christ Yost the world will change in all dollars that is the highest expression of so you wanted my good friends a woman let me repeat that Christ claimed ownership of everything the father had brought to Christ to us since unsound reasoning unaffected by alcohol and drug shootout I thought if I want everything you want to have other philosophy and national governments now Christ came he was gone he was always going to remain small but he also became one when the item I was also some go it was not swindled them out of what of his life I believe would produce children would produce children would all be in the image of this Christ on world without cellular are perfect world where everyone was more concerned about him than about themselves now it may sound shocking but that's the way bought each entity on the way it will be when Christ is this wireless will make it into our residents are living on button with the world works today we look out for more number one will become we call ourselves the very opposite of something I love Jesus at event at approximately a notable rest that have a lot denied himself was almost what is seven him myself I practiced was less than you did Rodolfo just like Jesus so do Nigel Wright is a cell phone out of my house was all given his son and his son David his life orders of sub volume is giving everything without having a back up plan and budget gives is that I love you though there was little to me I love you I know I have some image Lewis of fundamental right Helena Walters and him to him I sang us sound as I know is that quality that allows horses again without reservation all without a backpack I almost understand the principle of a backup plan a manageable level applied to college for any reason or bejeweled two one no euros ago I have comes with a medical school 's students would like you to medical schools twelve you have enough money shortly fourteen why is the case I don't get it the noble woman Ms. Ivins number two if not number three if not before the start moving away whatever okay that is all back up plan if this doesn't work out how you want to change the philosophy of Mescalero is nothing else I cannot imagine not in a position where it is not easy I even the telecom is that Jesus did the practice of practice division is righteousness references when I say this is a life of righteousness will likewise resizable and will know how it will happen has a family and as you understand how is my little back my counseling is another medical school it was you I is sure doing so for other reasons the father and son were not particularly little medicine but for respect out of respect for the family tradition because the grandfather and great grandfather what was the last intent often but so there's letting this such a culture that got specify their people do business then once one of the Army itself in the goal is for the point job which had to dominate the army I don't love them and have the tradition of heaven is righteousness is all business all I have to like justice as all right satellite is a method all the time become sons of God and God requires of man kidnapped the information live righteous lives among talking through to all the family tradition of at three thirty one hundred and one they don't know what my father in heaven my mother my brother and my cousin also one of them is a life like this is a life of righteousness is only possible whether the life of sound wife if one wants I'm still not Chrysler the majority often not know my food last night will delete it was you you must want to Nicodemus is on the highest leaders of George Montagu Morgan because the members of the church over on the fact that our mission is variety shows in the same belong is flooded with examples of unrighteousness everywhere else like you are going as I view my guns away by Goldsmith the bloodlines of a slightly higher bar of sliding along all of our cars with around the world of our righteous success and want to know I want this in the tradition of the heavenly family of that sinful and how we can world see an example of all right because once they see plat the weather motivated us and I want to live like that it all young boys walk around the pencil the robbers the nozzle is the only reason organizing the only reason as soon as the robbers saw that where the pencil here in the unwatchable because of your best see him at Roseville map you like girls read more writers will write about in the government of this all right it is some sort of genes that you pushed on as far as you can without being arrested for indecent exposure while the HR specialist because this he went on television the star bundle of what a quotation mark is only one spot is Jesus Christ by this evening is not satisfied while I think it's a problem thing for Christians and to the copyists are we saying we know he's a monster you know F5 that's the price now you see as you know right fastened less but the foundation of righteousness is still the money market here for this series is almost in unison Randy there's a assailant Saltz Naumann old fry tonight seven thirty to identical because of the lighting identity here is that I have to deny what I want to go and do what I'm requiring Muslim has taught us to understand that will play on the final exam Jesus have the same temptation the brothers at eight oh seven and one is your of the world world and sends them to send me because I am different I am saying sales must be the foundation on which our registered address of matter-of-fact you cannot separate sub my overwrite not Jesus was a walking example of summer heat for the sake of his father 's will other than on the Gethsemane as he saw hardly slept lots of love and a Muslim who humbles me of hundred I have no assortment microclimate Jesus was the son much less spectral optical inside out he began this last blog while his grandfather of the quality of our vocabularies over forty two forty three long and loud will this cost meaning the expertise of his son I was so eager to swallow you continue to see it nevertheless my love that were numberless but I will both high note because that is something I just like Jesus our mission I say again is dual carry on the tradition of the heavenly family because of this a lot of medicine that is all it is a tradition of righteousness as have I also love the world you'll suddenly the Google hundred and will be invited to these meetings are then may choose a goal worth not understanding that perhaps the best signatures to behold somebody right now I him I will find my phase one human bar the woman the man shopping mall the veil television month at something that I feel themselves my and so I figured Jesus came as an example to us here is how you continue to heavily traditional costs of my live like me not to let my Christ P apples you everything you do must be based on self denial were supposedly just like Jesus this must be our ambition I say that as you hear me but doesn't register a visit again I'm moving this company are moving F3 thing you would like to must be done in a way to reflect Jesus Christ because everything Jesus be reflected home his father 's father said he will represent me and let's follow us on something you will see off the example of righteousness that when you follow your example I was watching with the lifelong because NASA will also satisfy the original but was also advised to select us as I understand of the same mind toward use of the Senate on the sample are the same as I is an example of how we must be like Jesus how can we forgive one another just like most just like God Windows was going to be just before four thirty one of thirty was referred to the subject just like Jesus if he has before just like a brother budget for checking versus thirty one and thirty two drawbacks Paul writes that all business on rough I thought he was speaking in front with all the high once one of the holiday well Jim is one unknown value cards aim at all for Christ's sake hath forgiven you know we are and when God forgives first embassy was decided we have to forgive the way and often is relatively different legal news rather than give the weight off his webmaster this lesson right now who is the audience is refusing to give someone who is what you are doing is refusing to condemn someone who was personalized by his unique among if someone will if there's such a person resident seven the weather going on would be to fix problems come and pray for we need to forgive people someone else refusing to give razor have a call will come with the company can't compel the worlds you meant less cogent thoughts on community and Jeff is a good name system there's someone you need someone to you would love to give and also .com businesses in August two five one oh five lucrative deal but even what was your day to forgive someone who will not do it let's pray you are right that I will bless you because if we don't do Buffalo forgive us our refusal to forgive his suicide I must have and does not forgive some of you need to forgive someone to write a limited regardless of beautiful due to help you look to give you your privacy but the hotel is a high forgiveness you forgive someone who works on the live register of consistent missing blessings upon you you need to forgive some calm than on woman disarmament officials once I can someone has done you wrong and you will not forgive even though you're working yourself that's what the Spirit of Christ the worst thing anyone has done anyone is what we did to Boston my guess is that because directly you want it's okay since one of those tears right there on miss you for trying but Mister posses your heart in your market right there also can anyone else with Margaret there's someone you need to be a life your mother your father who grew further extra from the class list for your friend Sonia Baja if you give that person this would give them to Christ forgives even as golf pricey affidavit is one of his photos I know that I know that you want to service you Mister says that blessings upon you sister beautiful and you what lesson will come with a volume that human volition the service as of this point this is fine with me come out to visit tomorrow consists of messy barbecue we shall not hold Rogers in Omaha at what the list is endless you just as a bonus you there's someone I need to forgive operate on my prerequisites you before the throne of grace someone else someone else of significant just like Christ with momentous he forgives and forgets because houses in the depth of the sea might affect the seven verse nineteen let's give people set ourselves free second one more minute I have to pray come unsafe above problems sorry given the colors right now to forgive someone who has hurt you badly after lost her house you joined your health you must forgive all those that was easy he said isn't necessary anyone else at present although so far and what else must forgive get all this stuff out of this lease is for the bubble to clean house and one dose thirty seconds I must there's someone I need to forgive but Messieurs is that unless you advice enough of my heart bless you your fifteen seconds for the next was there's someone I need to forgive OSU there's little time about of the sounds of SU motors long-suffering blessings on you my good ballistic missile system let's be less like going for you to err is human to forgive is well defined yesterday first second example one first floor we have precious promises might easily party of the defined job going most of the chief people because no less warfare installs very soon we will hurt someone every about every eye closed father I come to you in the name of Jesus to present to you my brothers and sisters Washington College has natural gas to respondent 's appeal to say there's some things need to and they have been refusing lawn I asked her in the name of Jesus Christ to die that forgiveness possible was sent to are there more often it must give his name now taught everyone that responded to the blog shoplift locked into their hearts the desire to forget lessons were given their hearts allow unexpressed unforgiveness of June yeah it is humble prayer am saying that last typewriter in Jesus delivers said that although people say a man fundamental questions or judges God bless you from my heart bonus you forgive forgive forgive and bless you the best the best you message on the about missing a system of measurement Brother God bless you forgive those who are just forgiven forgiven them did she forgive you all soon as I have liked this life Jesus Christ without this even if one hundred percent let's continue as much as we can before time runs out how to become one of lessor John seven fifty eight reinforced about John fifteen when it was love at you know just like Jesus the father shall be just like Jesus himself I don't is not popular among all the rounds on Thursday for twelve yards Jesus is my suggestion is that you love one another method landmark is one of the methods my recommendation was that if I must say what that headline is ninety nine one of the longest lasting one that wasn't enough I know not how reliable I love you is something that yes oh yes did he love the Roman sort of man this week that while yes the red blood of the little-known law that note we must allow with Jesus mothers you understand what causes you will be limited in their hearts delivered to the virtue of Hebrews Unilever is because you love follow your heart melts you will need to come back hold it because you are not a heart of love we are not blood people just that week because we were not related by blood but he left this many say Jesus vision is not how stimuli just like seasons of absolute joke you're looking at me as though I didn't take my medication I have been so I'm not that I'm not limited to the Holy Spirit is using I'm say again we must know how lunches of Houston and put it likely I will will save your subdivision along the top reverse then half of the damages Mattel mess with him what is a you keep my commandments you shall abide in my law EMS I have kept my father 's commandments and abide in him and just like Jesus we have an example is always a good man I'm happy for that I admire his life my example was this is my commandment that you know what the life of a meal if the keep my commandments and abide in my love you as I have kept my father 's Commandments must say while they then you will read as though dozens and dozens reminded him open your minds and accept that reality Gore once off to think the faults of Jesus I was really positive love and how should we overcome all day in Houston we overcome Muslims were the revelations of the three Revolution seven three this resource twenty one of the book of Revelation this is the message the church of lunacy on the message here from home Jesus Christ himself revolution chapter three relievers that while Jesus has told him overcoming was the only thing you have was overcome certain you can over the world soon there's only one problem in this world that you send out has many symptoms it has many effect has many ramifications that is one of problems and one solution priced Johanne platform upon what I grant to sit with me in my throne you will as I also overcame and sat down with my father and he loves you doesn't say you don't overcome the way on working I notably been I can see I believe as I continue to reach unified items will someone will come to the police within accepted as truth we must overcome the weak Jesus overcame on Jesus was motivated as whenever several children that overcome well I grant to sit with me in my throne as a form of Jesus over here him out I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne in the fall this will be up to follow me closely removed from that's called the stairs this will be the focus on Jesus says there's a certain kind of overcoming that puts me on the phone was there's a service animal coming up with you on my friends is Jesus but you seem to understand before the father of the book of the summary because Jesus is God saying that he doesn't know anything is all user guesses women have reminisces on this one this is a form of the father Jesus is with you because you overcame sin this is a form of Jesus music women because we overcome sin knowledge to represent such ridiculous resources wanted to win rubbish is ready to just read from chapter three was going to attributable revelation related to Harlem Islamabad of Jesus and follow the reason Jesus I started up your river of water of life that is crystal proceeding out of where the fraud of the world one is coming on the foregoing remote watch what kind of life eternal life is not other than the father will give eternal life is will it comes out of the fact that at all other than the son found dead at Microsoft in your life is funny how this will go to want to use is that I sent my father because I organization is a human NY the other thing on my throne as it is a wonderful throne of micromanaging what they saw Jacob a common object was a high weekend financial planning I can overcome on iPad unless I can and even vigilant I was given the same as they attended on three tries in our public him but they found was a Zen mother because you love now as he is over there positively began after we will also be okay you constantly will level descriptive said John Johnson of the thirty plus be like Jesus that is the admission ticket the count of Christ there are three ways to get this one way it is as I have a way Muslims like me I my life my righteousness it has to be hours housing and thirteen we have over thirty days is that suicide was you called a master on Lord and he so well for so I you must know who you are can you say that he doesn't equal me not to write elsewhere some of the usage of Krissy loves it you're right that's what I have called him I did call me master lock and he said aloud also I ask that you log on as a WASP in the I I in the Washington monthly he also worked on the obligation you also ought to wash one another's feet fortunately what I have given you want on it you should do high humility goal kneeling in front of humanity and doing the work of facilities humility we will send you a wire you see I want I'm trifle hung that I can I given you on this one is the focus of example and how should we laugh and house and also was alongside yes this was first on seventeen all written by the Bible you have religion Jewish adults and developers don't doubt that over six for strong conceptual reading for six as we continue just like Jesus to be just like Jesus of the night it was divorced on average we begin everything springs from their first offices in SF hereby given of God is allowing you to decide where you are he that saith you claim you can present it that way he plans all styles of this audit I'm going on you might even ought himself also sold what do we have a ward off its required is only based on his authority need us there is a private they ought himself also sought a while he will walk you would want to be on it is all example enlarged we ought to walk reduce as well when I was a different ball ball jointed along the way they live the life and in the back if you say that your joy is my files is priceless this was going to Boston for the discredit somebody else we together with Christ in the other guys like Lebron describes life as evil grudges is he jealous is the envious are we OEM wire we still lingering why are we still think we explicitly beat is all virtue it is enjoying it unwitting residents also are probably the Samuelson out what I will thought I will and you will and if you decidedly say he's in the Pentagon MSN on your Catholic guilt is in negotiations of the standard humanity your NSF eleven if the plan is as long as I have done the next Los Angeles Houston is going to Houston Cozumel Bay mozzarella called Houston and will cause in our lifetime a coach and we saw in him will how soon we shall like Jesus Muslims would you force me to jump into first presented to revision just like Jesus one book that I say what chapter is the reverse with the resulting suffering is the first eighteen department go back to chapter two verse eighteen sevenths be subject to messages with all the policy and what is the in this context respect CSM respect servants be subject of illnesses we all have the Web server is a nice word for slave not only the good and gentle but also the forward unit of that know him as a black man I would much emphasize but Mister 's history by freshman advertising with Google you're telling me a slim as opposed to you going to say the usual condition in which a child of God cannot be a child of God God is elevating slavery both saying when you want tile view my child under all circumstances and situation is when you've essentially lossless if you are and if you can if you are what is the also the following is my dean 's office is like for the conscience toward God and your grief suffering wrong and have you ever suffered from the original writer not with righteous reason as a we suffered wrongfully but no one has ever suffered more wrongfully to Jesus Christ knowing that it is thank you and you and you we justify that was a Jesus like that whether something really like that obviously didn't like a lamb to the slaughter that was said on Monday we will speak the dictionary of opposition first letting fall at when even the fifth I shall take it additionally but you know what I think initially this is acceptable with all levels of all for he had authority called because Christ also suffered for us the only possible what is the purpose of example following the example that we should know all funnel is responded to within Wilson neither was guile be a single price had more holes to be treated badly none uneasily we have cultivated that he is begotten of the country where people say that they stuff the something you cannot get percentages already fixed off in in in who normally uses and abuses alcohol like this is an you will be out soon if you will return to these young infants of Christian is not how old are officer is the easiest forces are because the research question presented to us you are a person assumes the judiciously want to but I is letting in whatever you want is it okay because he had minds someone says something about you humans and unit growth of the line option to forgive and love you benefited out below and I'll be glad when wealth and beginning when by his grace of your plan to overcome out events will be in how he plans to be humble and how do you plan to live your life in how you plan to some like Jesus because the where the problem you must first have a across and down from the cross laypersons drove across to show people how bad they are I also like this would you normally know we must be like Christ's we must preserve the tradition of heaven which is why she was best our righteousness is rooted in the installing of self and I I know this for myself of that principle is volatile and I think it was an man is the purpose of an image is to reflect somebody else which may want to Manhattan at the autonomous pivot reflecting the only forgot to think of me even they shall have as a class but Gloria are not in I want to change the way we think you will stress you said yourself when you learn things if they forget of you forgetting one just forget is when Jesus as we confess our sins he says I'm glad to confess for your own sake your confessions make me more righteousness Jesus is the message you let's forget let's talk the new please see the assessment that's we must be like Christ of Hilversum the message as I saw how many of you with similar I didn't realize that before no I understand as because I have I want by your power to be just like Jesus if you set up please send what you will any him away as possible this is why I want I want to be just like Jesus in my faults my new amusement my fault whose fault is mine is mine my wife 's word is not transmitting my life is what will replace all of the rules of the cells but again is sending Jesus he said all a good night all cells miss my old real amid room for all that Jesus is this is what God requires of us when the world sees that the world would begin to wonder what's wrong these people know everything would run for the woman sat in the class was wrongly given something is wrong with you when I was surprised that there was wrong with you right it is Jesus Christ you soon are you serious annual spending original writer in the father in the name of Jesus I present to every man everyone what it drove most of the final race of power we want to be like Jesus I want my son I want to be like Christ in our prior to thought it was the power really is also the life of Christ Dennis is not that all literacy front last time but all of a sudden one of the analytical quality surroundings that is the example of Christ I can imagine examples of righteousness examples of seven via the desktop and often did Jesus live in Florida said that all those monkeys as they demand as a landmark best leverage of your friends at the house and when I am similar to Houston we have a Holocaust I made I'll certainly saw nonvested


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