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Beloved, Let us Love

Fred Bischoff


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • September 16, 2006
    9:30 AM
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good morning I really opportunity the next little bit of your zoo do a Bible study and S Doctor Wyclif to how far Park wavelengths will be using the manure is a further shot like to do study with you in first John chapter four I've entitled that study eleven let us love taken from the passage itself is an amusing screen along with you monitoring the podium opens your first John chapter four you have your Bibles open will be using as well the screen to make our key points before he like to share with you some key points the house I found very helpful reviews forward practical in my study number one since the Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit is vital that we before we study asked the students to guess and listen to him as he's talking to us so before we go any farther let's did father has become to open your word we ask your spirit guide the same spirit as talked to John that impressed in the thoughts that he recorded we ask for his presence to be made manifest here may our hearts be open to hear him speak insensitive to his promptings we pray this in crushing number soon as we study Scripture we must see that Jesus is the center before setting a passage in Scripture and we cannot see Jesus we have not understood the passage correctly number three as we study what has looked for scenes scenes are topics subjects that high passages together very important in order to understand because there are themes that run through all of Scripture even those brochures written by multiple authors it has the same themes running through it and unless we understand that unless we look for those themes we will not be able to see everything I has for us in Scripture number four definitions very worried by what the words mean particularly find a word that where we are not encountered before or were there we don't know how to fix in the setting what do the definitions of words mean we did look them up number five connections this little bit related to number three but connections are more distinct connections between the verse was studying at another verse usually white the themes but sometimes they're actually the words themselves we need to discover the connections through Scripture and we need to explore about as you learn to do this you will find that you actually have to stop at some point because the connections are so are so numerous that as we say you start chasing something different trails you lose track of where you started but yet connections are vitally important in the nuclear discovery and explore them number six very very important applications we see the application of Scripture to our lives us to the practical situations in which we live in a regular people we deceive and we need to live the application as well and part of that living is to share them with others when you have received numerous pass on the number seven was not forget that part of my lascivious thankfulness we must express thanks to God for the blessing of his word for the powerlifting for the Holy Spirit is teaching us as we go through these things I would highly recommend these as guidelines as you study Scripture let's let's try it now as we look at first John chapter four first John four verse one love it believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world this works try means test exam to scrutinize check it out because everything you hear every spirit that you encounter in this world is not of God notice the word spirit as it says according to prescriptions to twelve these spirits are no God sometimes they are they are of the world the key phrase in defining the Spears is the spirit of God the contrast are the false prophets mentioned there in the first false prophets clearly are those who claim to speak for God but do not they're not speaking for God versus number two hereby know we need is dear God every spirit that confesses that Jesus is coming the flash is of God notice again the phrase that we saw the pursuit of God the essential qualifying firms for Jennifer Mister to verify the profit of God if it is of God it will confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flash was that he well we can look at some other passages we won't take time because of our limited this morning I would encourage you to look at these verses again connections with other passages in Scripture Romans eight verses three and four first Timothy Draper sixteen and first Peter four versus one and two cats that clearly talk about Jesus Christ funding in flash we probably all believe that Jesus Christ came to Mister he became a human being but was it really say what spirit I would like to ask what's was revealed by Jesus Christ coming in the flesh Philippians two verses five through a very clearly identifies force or spirit that is a passage tells us that we are to have the mind of Christ and it tells us with the light of Christ was Jesus Christ who was in the form of God he was very God he did not grasp his position as God but he humbled himself the pastor says he emptied himself in he became a human being what spirit is that it is the spirit of humility as we heard last night the spirit of self denial the spirit of being willing to go down that is the spirit is identified by someone confessed the Jesus Christ team that is the key spirit is being identified and we can explore press another time how far you came hard on the how far up was evening when the was in heaven all very fruitful areas of study but the core spirit as the spirit is revealed of humbling yourself going down going down first number three and every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flash is not of God he is teaching John here's teaching by repetition by contrast and this is that spirit of antichrist bread ye have heard that it should and even now already is it in the world notice the contrast of what we saw before the spirit of God we had to spirit that is the other two were immediately looking to contrast it is very plainly that it is of antichrist there's three or three other texts in the Bible to use the term antichrist two of them are in the same letter first John two verses eighteen and twenty two the third one is in John's second second John Mercer Gordon antichrists regularly as someone who is down a set of Christ someone who wants to take his place some of them showing the opposite spirit Matthew twenty four verse twenty four also warns us of his Spirit where it says there many false prophets lamented the world notice the first-person realtor spoke of the false prophet will clearly are undisputed it is not of God is of interest for present reform GR I got notice again his theme here of God of God not of God was not missed that ye are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in their key that is in the world notice again of God is the little phrase the narrator for as little children the very first use of that is in John thirteen verse thirty three the phrase that Christ used in talking with his disciples little children Little children but what about this over the doctors overcome in this work greater we need to set a time limit because it is a file to our theme is vital to understand what John is pictured here in this passage Matthew twenty three verse eleven is a passage for Christ is addressing his disciples his disciples D three and a half years that they walked with him worked with him without increased for him these disciples had a favorite topic to be discussed among themselves you know that topic was who's the greatest and using that they were trying to figure that out so somebody else to be great now they're trying to figure that out so that which is then could be greatest right amazing in effect if you look carefully at the Bible story the gospel story even at the last with Jesus just before his trial and crucifixion it says there was a discussion among as to who was the greatest amazing amusing surprise repeatedly in these passages that giving you here Matthew twenty three eleven twenty two verse twenty seven John sixteen personal injury crisis listen to what true greatness really true greatness is not to have someone else serve you true greatness is for you to serve because I said do you know who I am they realized that he was God but yet they had not grasped the reality of what he was doing he says I am among you as one that serves in order to get the last effort to prove that he built it down any wash their feet this is what John is talking about when he talks about greater is not talking about physical night physical power and position and great authority and dominance he's talking about the greater position of character that is also what John is talking about when he says you have overcome them because Christ overcame how Christ said in John sixteen verse thirty three the adventure I have overcome the world how did Christ overcome the world it was by revealing the character of his father the character humility Christ overcame by going down Christ overcame by humbling himself Christ overcame by denying himself as we heard very powerfully last evening that is how he overcame any he would hardly go down as to send you obedient unto death even on the death of the cross this is the greatness that overcomes this is what John is talking about when he writes to the little children you have overcome them because they address the spirit of God of Christ in you what does that overcomes the world notice he says greater is he that is in Christ expressed desire John fourteen versus seventeen and twenty Christ expressed desire this is been the desire of God since he created intelligently is that each of would be a dwelling place for him that he could dwell in each other arms that he could be seen in the lives of each one a spirit of self-sacrificing love is reducing versus number five they are of the world therefore speak they of the world and the world here is noticed twice of the world of the world know this is a phrase that is clearly in contrast to a God this is more akin to what we saw of antichrist right but don't forget that this world that is in contrast to God that is contrary to God 's Spirit this world John three sixteen says that love God so loved the team in the person of his son to rescue those who were caught in this world system notice also that we have some pronouns here is a and them these are poor all right who are they in who is there it seems clearly this time for back to verse one the last plural noun the false prophets who speak of the world of God and notice it says the world hears here means you are willing to listen in the Bible 's terminology that's what the word here means what it says here the Lord it means listen to him don't just hear some words listened have your heart open to hear what he has to say that they are listening to the wrong spirit but John says in verse six we are of God he got to know if God you're us even is not of God here is the class hereby know we the spirit of truth in the spirit of error using what he's doing again he's teaching by contrast contrast contrast thing of God versus longer of truth versus of error notice also that he says that those that know God hear us when people know what God is really like they recognize his true character is revealed to us in Jesus Christ they recognize his voice no matter who's speaking letters notice again the contrasting Spears is aware summary of what we seen so far of God of antichrists of the world false prophets of truth in an error one confesses Jesus not just spinning Jesus but the essence of years his character they don't confess them in their words the contrast in their lives the reflect his character just like Jesus as we were last night the reflection Jesus is the others do not the spirit of God hears his voice evenly speaking to others the spirit of the world of antichrist here's is not but notice what John says which is greater which overcomes see the whole story of Scripture is the story of the battle right to Battle between truth and error and we don't enter the story right to the stories it into the Bible and is mentioned elsewhere to and who overcomes it says the Land Rover turns this picture Jesus Christ is the sacrificial animal way down humbling himself the greatest power in the universe is not a power of pride contrary to that bumper sticker says that you see greatest powers nothing higher-priced is the power of humility parcel sacrificing one is what is made this country great we get upon the principle we will no longer be great for supper seven beloved let us love one another for love is of God and everyone that love is born of God and know if God is again this endearing terms somewhat like little children this word below me and someone who is do you realize that your love this phrase this adjective is used in the Gospels only of Jesus Christ amazing if you look at all four Gospels probably the key passage routers as Matthew three seventeen euros story Jesus is at the Jordan River easy reluctantly by John because John knew this man needed know that the crisis yes I have identified with human beings I'm going to to take your place baptizing and as he came up out of the water knelt to pray what was the voice from saying this is my beloved son that's the first use their powerful picture of Christ Juventus were used throughout the rest of the old rest of the New Testament outside the Gospels it is use of fellow Christians except for this one time the sexual something that weird to view one another as God gives his own son beloved using the New Testament teaches us a final sequence was absolutely timeless disbursements full-time one percent this sequence we were going to see in the New Testament the use of this word teaches us that first God reveals his love of humanity by sending his son as a human and declaring this human son in the flesh as my beloved the father looks at this human being this man who grew up in answer from over one grow to manhood Asus is that his primary that is first this love as we mentioned is what type of love yourself sacrificing the type of love that would mean Jesus to leave heaven we don't realize how far he came we will never realize how far you came into we get there and they will say seeking that far he came from such this is the world was so sacrificing love it was revealed to as the heart of the father he as we heard he did not loan him he gave only after grasping this revelation that Jesus is human that the father will love him and that he loves us as he loves the son only if we grasp that revelation can we understand how to call each other immediate usually the sequence is a vital sequence God 's love comes first our love is a response to number seven again beloved let us love one another this is New Testament sequence really looking at is right here views it beloved of his life you must first the love before you can run and God has first let us so we are thus enabled to live you do not know how to do this on your you've lost it we've all lost it this thing called sin has taken this ability Thomas and so God has had to come down to show us to researchers a common misunderstanding is that you must love yourself before you can love very common misunderstanding is actually a misapplication of Matthew twenty twenty two thirty nine dollars shall love my neighbor as myself what did Christ mean this first reset as yourself is exploring we have to see this with me understand some other checks this no downloading this is Texas John fifteen verse twelve this is my commandment that he love one another as I have loved you you have sent to love our neighbors as ourselves is to love as Christ has loved us how did Christ love us you see that very plainly loving your neighbor as yourself is learning as Christ loved us and the question is how to deal with ordeal again Galatians two verse twenty he loves us and he did what he gave himself as how you look at yourself you give yourself that's what the Commandments talking so the only basis for love as yourself means as Christ loved you it means to give yourself it would be an impossibility in a contradiction for God to ask us to love to use love for ourselves as a model for us to love others everyone loved for ourselves is not a secure foundation it was the very beginning of this battle that were talking how in the world can that be a foundation for us to know how to love others never to the self-love is at war with self-sacrificing that is the Lord if you look at it in its essence apparel self-love is shown to us in second Timothy three verses one and two this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own so motors sells the alternative that brings internal security to the universe during the pair him which we live is notice let's contrast by saying the opposite men shall be beloved of God and shall love one another first John four seven clearly fits the Bible pattern of truth number one first of all were loved of God because and then leveraging we are enabled to love others let us love one another how simple and yet how profound this is the simplicity of the gospel the complexity is that this applies to every area of your life every area of my life it meets every situation and inanimate urine God is the source for lovers of God in everyone a lot of is born of God and knows God is again the verses of God twice to emphasize the last living on version of Ray get a lot of not know if God for God is love are you lacking in true others interlock it would raise your hand are you lacking if we ourselves all of us have none of it in ourselves if we are in its come from him the solution to our lack is to enter into an intimate knowledge of God 's love for you and for all in only then can you realize your value in the value around we see the love of God by beholding him but only Jesus Christ you are changed your change into the citizen image Burstein if this was manifest love of God toward us is that God sent his only begotten son into the world that we might through using the same theme there this is this is the love this is how love is manifested the gift of Jesus Christ to the world is the true measure of law there is no other measure that equals the not only do a grass love as real Jesus Christ the verso is what we find life itself you realize that true love is life two love life as we live through him Christ then is the gift of the father to us of love and of life itself verse ten herein is love not that we love God but that he loved us and sent his son to be the propitiation for our sins I labeled as getting it straightened using visionary UGG again by contrast he's saying where we find love not in our love to God is that where we go we find it first where we find it in that he loved us and he noticeably over the two great advantage that Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbors these are only possible these are only possible for us because of God 's love that proceeds on the model that is how is restored to us about this word propitiation we find that the chapter two verse two or John says Jesus Christ is the propitiation for our sins and not for our sins only but for the sins of the whole world see Leslie C criticizes the world were a hard time with her neighbor sins particularly those injuries us that Jesus is the propitiation for those as well as I realize I'm the same as my neighbor appreciation to get studied at Lodi it's a very powerful word that speaks about mercy and justice being that keeping a center alive and yet vindicating the Wolcott justice is still there justice is not been destroyed verse eleven beloved if God so loved us we ought also to love one another what has God done we are blonde guy has so loved us what are we called to do also knows I would also that means we're the same to love one another first well known and has seen God at any time if we love one another God dwells in us and his love is perfected in us more important than physically seeing God is being like you is being like the only way if we study carefully what's coming in the future the only way to survive the awesome energy of God 's very presence is to be prepared for it by his dwelling in us by his perfected love in us in John says this was plainly were going verse thirteen care by knowing that we dwell in him and he in us because he has given us of his Spirit again the evidence so we see here he loved us we grasp that love and reflected with SLI or remain in him and he in us and the spirit leads us into the truth of all three of those is thus that his he says in this verse we know by experience our verse fourteen and we have seen and testify that the father sent the son to be the Savior of the world using John's talking on your reasons we used on your particular he himself and those that were with him Jesus Tracy America sourcing and the father sent the son the son was sent the savior of the world he is a non- exclusive Savior John W John chapter four the story of a woman at the well ensue this woman declared after she met Jesus and what the Samaritans declared at the end of chapter four local there now but notice that John was an eyewitness to a restocking we have seen John was bearing testimony testified that the first fifteen whosoever so confess that Jesus is the son of God God will listen him and he in God notice the confession this is just like first two and where it says that Jesus Christ is come in the flash and that he is the son of God same thing dwelling this also is like verse twelve if we love one another then God dwells in us we confess that Jesus is the son of God verse sixteen we have known and believed the love that God has to us God is love unit wells along dwells in God in John in him again the source the love that God has to us the source God is love response we know and believe we dwell in love this works well means to apply to remain if we do this was the result were seventeen very powerful verse report numbers as we look to the June Kerry is our love made perfect not that here's a lovely perfect that we may have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world love being a perfect is used three other times Chapter two verse five chapter four verse twelve chapter four verse eighteen we can say that this is love perfect love is mutual when you're growing up this is what you'll do when you are fully restored to God 's image this is what people are going to say boldness John uses this word three hundred times two twenty eight three twenty one five fourteen and there is a call confidence do you lack confidence this is Hong Kong's business outcomes by understanding the sequence of Virginia the WordPerfect goes goes along with the day of judgment yet is that because both of these words speak about the end of a process the end of a process and notices also he says because as he is so rooms were was a very important understandings verse is as so as so is a grammatical construction or John is drawing the last by comparison and so John uses it frequently did you just got purpose for us as he is God is love right for sixty is the how does this love stand in the judgment yourself since you says in verse eighteen there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment he that fears is not made perfect in love fear is that there is four times endeavors fear reveals the basic dynamic in the battle so sacrificing one console for freeware that fear reveals the basic dynamic self love breeds fear whatever the story in Genesis three and a Sandy's what was their immediate emotional fear and ran and hid self-love brings fear and insecurity and destroys relationships other sensors love alone survives this is what it means by standing in the day of judgment and judgment is what we will fully experience what we have chosen developed I will give to each man according as his work shall be enough to see God is not lifeless of romance on that shall he also reap their judgment is ninety the point you when you receive your chosen and developed so let's contrast the self-love and others interlock fear of us torment rejoicing desolation unity death life see John is trying to make it simple for us lately sitting side-by-side the casting out of fear than sure others entered love is willing to give all of self for the other is that what Jesus taught us by his life in a God centered manner this is what your others interlock a gimme contrast enemies if one has had a new spiritual emotional level given all of self what can making fearful what different view given all the fear was cast out there's nothing more to lose verse nineteen we love him because he first loved us again in the source he first loved us John is repeating the lesson for us is dealt with from the beginning he gave all to us the response we love him readable have you given all he gave all have you given all have our own is the questioning things first twentieth a man say I love God and his brother of years where the just comes right you can say it pretty easily but John says if a man say God love God his brother he's a liar read a lot about his brother whom yet seeing how can he love God neo-Nazi verse nineteen said we love him knows that your job is showing you how to test that claim how do you test the claimant you love God what you do with your fellow man others injured love is not centered alone under he is connected to all verse twenty one this is the commandment we have from him that he loves love God love his brother also netted twenty two thirty six to forty on these two commandments hang all the long profits if you're studying the long profits interest of the five books of Moses your studying the prophets Daniel in the book of Revelation and you do not see these two principles you're not understood as books and hang these principles these persons that we be looking along the gospel intensely practical José to space about this also the truth of the word of God meet man's greatest practical this is the conversion of the soul everything is grand principles are not to be thought of your holy to be brought into the daily life your truce was reached to heaven encompass each energy yet their highly influences to be woven into the experience can you see the practicality of that little chapter restarting job can we see the importance of realizing the source of our love and our life and reflecting that to others is it your desire that you let God revealed in your life amen what is free plus five is used in some time today looking at this sample chapter in John's letter we've seen some profound truths the test of the heart versus of this battle that were reaching to just to realize the degree to which you have left us in the Lord reproduce that love in our hearts for you and for others is our prayer impression he


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