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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 1

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 30, 2012
    8:30 AM
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happy for you I would like us to have a word of prayer because I feel that it's necessary for student to have the WordPress gracious father in heaven we pray that you will be with us this morning and bless us as we attempt to go through some of the foundational concepts and that our undergirding health ministry help us to learn to be compassionate like Jesus loving like Jesus missionaries like Jesus incorporating not just a lifestyle about their lives health ministry reprinting sometimes we asked for the biblical basis of health ministry particularly when it comes to questions such as vegetarianism and we're told that Jesus Christ ate fish and they say where do you get this in the Bible but sometimes also are likely to ask us questions about alcohol the landless being in charge of the temperance portion of the support program is often asked that question well obviously wine in the Bible was alcoholic people got drunk it wouldn't say no strong drink is raging if people hadn't been drinking alcoholic drinks and so the question that we would like to start off with history Onset what is the biblical basis if you read the policy the General conference health Ministry 's policy it requires that this is a very interesting terminology it requires on the membership and abstinence from alcohol tobacco and on clean foods it doesn't say anything more about requirements that being the case we are asked ourselves why why does the church not say this that and everything else well we we believe in it's not the health ministry 's department that does that but we believe in the wisdom of the General conference church assembly which needs together as the executive committee for this committee represents all the unions in South America all the unions in Africa all the unions in Asia all the unions and Europe all unions and they can enter America all the unions in North America so we had representation from a global church and in the wisdom of the global church they have not required anything more than that you might say well why do we do only hope as we go through that you understand the Adventist churches focused on health standards for concern for human well-being we hope that you will recognize that in a biblical and scientific basis for the Adventist lifestyle and that we will introduce students to learn more about health for personal and community day if you start in the Bible and start reading we says it will recite what about them I wanted but this is what safe medical ministries about and she said upon all created things is seeing the impress of the deity nature test five God the susceptible mind brought in contact with the miracle and mystery of the universe cannot but recognize that working on infinite power the fundamental foundational aspect of health ministry lies in the fact that God is our Creator now you may argue about how God did this or did that you may wonder about when the woman came from Adam 's rib how was that done really good that's all process but God didn't God brought us into being and because of this we believe most fervently that he has asked create a revealed his will and explanation to us in Genesis and we take the book of Genesis and we believe that is the way we have to understand you know sometimes I read people think he paints delete it oh well I don't believe that God got down on his knees and said that lilies then sat down with painted different colors on the Internet that's a very simplistic approach that maybe we talk poetically about like but we believe that God created we also believe and this is foundational to the understanding of the biblical basis of our are health ministry he created us perfect but we are fallen ally one sport and I was in Botswana I I I liked malachite how many of you know what Malachi looks like mammoth patches of green so the task elements and it is quite expensive in Africa they would call there is things out of it and usually the price of accounting would be anywhere in the days I'm talking fifty years ago would be the price range of May the fifteenth two hundred dollars for a little copy and I went into a store and I saw a beautiful calm malachite rhinoceros guard and so I look to pick it up and the price it was fourteen dollars to Nice label so I took it unless it is exporting of the CPS for it so I bought you and I took it home and showed it to my wife this is my wife Jennifer we didn't introduce Jeff and Janet said looks very nice but you know as they said I might be a good doctor she's greatness because she had she she she noted she said but you see in this leg has been broken off and glued back on broken cheapened node along the way of what I thought it was worth but not so when it comes to us you see though we were broke God still valued coughs he didn't devalue us like that stored a basis for understanding health ministry because we bring to the ministry the gracious compassion acceptance and value of every single one of God 's creatures broken was on the now all of you how much they were how much they were they were the of Jesus Christ because upon all created things is the impress of deity creation story leaves no doubt as to the therapist of God in heaven all things well but it was disobedience that carried the consequences of the it was not his will that we should die it is not his will that we should be sent it is the consequence objects Adventists bring to the understanding of pain and disease and death this is very imported concept wanted to stay more beside the interrupted by Spencer roaming about actually need somebody to the camera and it wasn't startup Eric can do that Eric you be determined the Dodgers and because he's most likely to do well okay so welcome to this group on the foundations of health my name is Alan Handy size on the health missions Director for the general conference and I'm here to talk about this morning the biblical basis of a health ministry welcome to the going to edit this so you decide is okay we can make mistakes my maximum all okay so you do want to thought I'd is that there aren't able to come double my just like that and you put it on your gift to someone else or in your pocket is the market shield for shopping welcome to this class on the foundations of health Ministry advanced health ministry we are going to talk today about many things but the were talking about is the biblical basis for understanding the philosophy of Adventist health ministry as I'm very glad that you have been and come here you come from many different parts of many different countries and state welcome and I hope you enjoy the program sometimes we talk about the Eden diet and when we talk about that I I wish that we could have to eat because the human diet including the tree of life it was not such a life that was forbidden it was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and so when we say let's go back to Eden maybe we can't go back to eat maybe every radar Scriptures we are reminded that they went to Angels with the sword waving the sword and barring them to go back because the Lord said if they were to take off the tree of life each had corrective powers even before their sinful state so the tree of life is a mystical and a wonderful quality comprehending element of the Garden of Eden if we can't affect unless we go through the portals of Jesus Christ who would take us into heaven and there there is a river that runs from the flow in front of God and at the sides of it is the tree of life there in twelve manner of fruits one every month and whose leaves are for the healing of the nations shall we well be able to have the id. he died at but it's not he becomes the endemic guy will be back in heaven and so it's good for the remember this because all trees have been available to the same God said I have given you every head that yields seed you can tell I'm an Englishman when I say every a not just so that I will acknowledge my presence here in America I will repent and God said see I have given you every that yields seed which is on the face of the and every tree whose fruit you seem to you it shall be for food but this was given before the fold this is an Edenic diet this includes the tree of life and so when they went by the sweat of their brow to harvest produce from the best including things like fruit vegetables which are not mentioned when they began to work among the forms and pick the berries on the bramble bushes when they had under the rest of the fallen situation to procure for themselves and die it is a strange but true fact that there was one ingredient missing from the diet and that his vitamin B well strange currencies people who would live on just a plant based diet will become deficient in B12 when they become deficient in vitamin B12 they will lose their neurological component efficacy they will lose that total capacity to make blood and so it was that Ellen White said when she talked about Gary she said the time has not yet come when we can give up things like milk and eggs remember she was talking before my B12 had been no but she said she believed in the provision of God that he would create and make it possible for people to maybe find substitutes but they went that with very fortunate that science was able to identify in the nineteen fifties they went to identify vitamin B12 that was it able to create what we call health food some of which were not so helpful but health foods and today and appropriate health food will be one that is an dairy equivalent in other words when we talk and health ministries and we talk about full health groups we are ignoring the fact that we are no longer in need and we really need the dairy equivalent in our diet and that's why it is so good that sanitarium foods has produced shotgun that's the pregnant which is a milk soy milk that is forty five the art I remember saying to the to the to the CEO of sanitary and food how much does it cost you to fortify each each lead to your so good now he said it costs us eleven cents you know their awesome health reformers whom that integrity and set up a business to produce so-called soymilk but do not fortify without eleven cents per lead is with a fortification and produce and sell being juice which is a soy juice extract without the fortification and will say to people substitute this for the dairy component how many of you are familiar with the story of Doctor Chris in minister Doctor Chris Nolan Mister about Chris Doctor Chris was a very strongly that he likes actually became the direct medical director of the Washington Adventist Hospital in Washington where we he became very he was following a very strict total plant -based diet as he followed the total plant -based diet he became aware that he wasn't feeling as robust and vigorous eventually he became more and more sick until finally he was lying in bed and they thought that he was going to die so strongly did they believe that he was going to die but they purchased the coffin and the coffin was in the living room while Doctor Chris was lying in his bedroom getting ready to die when a letter came from Alan and the letter from why tell him that he was to take more eggs and mix them in with grape juice and as he mixed the more eggs with the greatest grape juice he began a road to recovery for vitamins B12 was present in those empty now there are sources of vitamin D to go back in the twelfth today that don't have to come from adjuncts but by this type of experience it dawned on the day Adventist believers that perhaps a total plant -based diet was not appropriate at that time but she said the time may come when we will be able to take a diet that is free from Gary and that time is here today it is present so that people can now use fluids that often fortified with vitamin B-12 but let's go back to the church 's policy of requiring requiring freedom from to back freedom from alcohol but not necessarily freedom from animal foods why because although in America and many parts of the world we don't as a global church have the capacity to provide to everybody a diet that contains vitamin B12 so you see the church is very wise in recognizing that we have working left-wing we have woke in the Philippine we have working in Africa I've seen a man die on the total plant -based diet in Africa it's sad to say that I've seen in die of up to thanks back when you were promoting unconscious is the fact that we are able to get vitamin B12 in North America and in many parts where you come from because we are fortifying the foods with vitamin B12 shot Hope you understand now as I've gone through this a little bit that going back to Eden sounds terrific but it's really going forward to heaven that it has to be for us because we all broken this morning and worshiped I emphasized the gift of health it is so very important to our ministry that we realize God is our Creator you know it was Peter said God is our Creator you did not make your selves are and we have to realize that the health we enjoy to whatever extent we enjoy it is a gift and we have to understand the disease and brokenness is the cause brought upon by mankind 's disobedience reported on a self existent tannic intervention into the plan of God so whatever extent we talk about health letters always talk about it as the gift of events and to represent our five grandchildren two grandsons three granddaughters I was in the Philippines and I bought for my little boy a gift here in the Philippines they are very very clever people and there they were they were making little motorcycles active coat hangers and a winding the tablet and this was a beautiful little I have paid a lot of money for it because when you're in the Philippines and you got a face like mine they say twice the price signal that don't quite sit like that but we say how much they were wasting twenty dollars now maybe you could get a book ten dollars if you spoke to go but for me it was twenty dollars but that was a good price because there was a lot of work and I brought this little motorcycle helmet was about this big enough and I gave it to my grandson loved it but you know he was a little too young for it because the boys of his nation they wanted to make the motorcycles go this way and that and you know this was more on ornament and it really wants to I remember going back to see him a few months later and then it was the motorcycle his mother had not put it on the top shelf of the of the set of book bookcase and I looked impressive it is a life and I went to take it down and it fell apart in my he had broken the motorcycle club gave us how do you think when we broke it he loved this and the list did I say to my grandson humility that point you book that gift that's a terrible thing you are a very bad boy did I did I said that until I realized that he had not been able to comprehend the nature of the gift and shallowness and health ministers don't comprehend the nature of the gift we sing we do like I said the Pharisees said what must I do to live to a hundred chapter what must I do not have a general malaise I interlinked a hundred the question we instead of realizing God what have you done that I may live two hundred and he's planted with in us those forces of hell and of life that we may live to his glory but we must always remember we all broke condescending of health that is the message of health ministry how does this and why do I talk about this right at the beginning because sometimes an eye health ministries we stopped off and we start talking about things like preventing cancer have you heard people to preventing cancer preventing diabetes preventing high blood pressure preventing it is not in our power to prevent that which is inevitable but it is in our power to do everything we can to preserve and conserve the health that God has given and pushed off that fateful day but I've yet to see I've yet to see anybody that lives forever now I know that there was enough Moses and Elijah that no but I but I have never seen even in the Adventist church anybody live forever and when you look at the Adventist health study with and talk about that later this is accompanied of course you would think it can be lots of things when we get into it you will find out that even in the best health study Adventists die off this pain disease that other people died so we don't prevent weak defense and we delayed by the blessing of the Lord we are given longer like Hezekiah was given another fifteen years we are given a longer life let's pray that in the extended life reported to good use because sad to say Hezekiah gave birth in the extended fifteen yesterday had to pay very wicked son who became the king of Israel and I wonder sometimes whether God in his providence had he not been dissuaded by Hezekiah 's plea with a God in his providence would not have actually given a blessing in the death Hezekiah so takes a shift in mentality it takes a little shift in mentality we do have is a gift this will cause a shift from a legalistic self-satisfied mentality to want of appreciative gratitude to the difference one is appreciative guest and designed to take God gift and use it in the very best possible way I told you about the motorcycle the guys in the gardening was plant -based there's no doubts about the documentation does not however exclude other items from the ninety I can't be sure that they didn't use honey in the gotten the nod from the biblical rectal not saying they did but it's it it's not possible forced to be dogmatic that they did not use honey I I can't even be certain that they here's the rub vegetables although we don't hear about root vegetables until outside the God and may be legumes we can't say they were not available in the guy we just have to be if were going to be on us if we going to have him take her to we have to be a little bit flexible in interpretation because the exact nature of the vegetarian diet available before enough the full cannot be confirmed through the Bible that we have thoughtful three hundred from several sources of the Bible does talk about clean and unclean animals and the church requires of its members the abstinence from unclean fish foods we do this because it's unequivocal that unite says the animals pry the flood came into use in seventh expiration exposure permission to eat the clean animals appears for the first time off to the flawed but the fact that they came in sevens when they were clean animals two by two in the unclean animals indicates that it was already in the mind of God that they were going to need to eat those animals especially perhaps after the flood when seated not been printed when they had not been a springtime and harvest when the was denuded and the was in a state of chaos so you see we have to look at the provisions that God makes for our fallen state in the same way that we look at maybe some of the medications that we as physicians make it to our patients they are not necessarily the ideal but given the condition of the individual patient who is in illness or an brokenness they may be appropriate thing for that condition so don't feel too badly that you judge requires only the absence from unclean food and permits people to eat these permits people to eat these clean food it's not that the church is on the way of the fact that maybe there is a better way but under circumstances in which people find themselves living I lived shorter time than Hudson Bay there in the north of Canada I don't know what it's like to live there over time with a ten half the year that in ice and snow every vegetable that is purchased has to be flown in and they are living in very difficult conditions the price of things first to go that safe and humane not eat fish we could find ourselves on on sticky biblical grounds set in the wisdom and the wisdom of the church there was the church they have not made this a requirement and if you are going to represent the church in health ministries and do so with integrity we have to realize that right from the very beginning and so bluntly states things putting it back into here lots of things but right from the beginning we need to understand that we are promoting the most healthful lifestyle under which ever circumstances life is found to be possible know some people make a lot about my expense and still moving post living with very different many of correlated this with diet but we must remember that the problem with the flood was the prevalence not necessarily on the nonvegetarian soon the Pentagon to hear with the sinfulness of people and soon carries with it the repercussions to the and the fourth generation saying it is that could very be very well be the correlation to what is the rationale for clean and unclean foods you're going to be off this question most commentators agree that the biblical the separate divorced from the predators and scavengers you know you need anything they say vultures donate vultures but maybe the dog you could they could lead to death if it's separate the healthy clean animal and which poses much less risk than the scavenger type but that's not possible for us to read in the Bible with talking biblical basis is not possible for to read that into the Bible I wonder sometimes whether the lesson is constantly being brought home that we are saved by the righteous blood of Jesus answer any animal that was to be sacrificed as a type as a type of Christ had to be clean it had to represent in their minds that this was a representative sacrifice because it was the on blemished life of Jesus Christ that was given on our behalf and that's the lesson that God was trying to get through to those people in it in ancient Israel instruction against blood and fat blood in fact enhance the quality and instruction against blood enhances the quality of flesh foods if people are going to eat fresh foods they want less blood and less fat than that contrary to modern practices money prices for cattle I sense that what they want to do they want to model the meet what does that mean they want to create animals through selection in Suffolk muscle has set marbled throughout the meet why it makes it more tender it makes it taste better but it is it is really an aberration of what God was saying don't eat the blood don't eat the fat seafood the instruction about fins and scales separate shellfish crayfish lobsters all the scavengers of the bottom of the ocean today when you talk about seafood it invariably in all these scavengers because they fished the oceans almost completely empty of the fish we've polluted the oceans that you can go to the northwest Pacific dire and see all this slowly rotating maps it has become the garbage dump ocean of plastic and all the waste products that we dumped into the ocean through our pollution of the environment and the little fish eating the acrylic tiny krill eating particulate matters of plastic that kind blending that got and then the other creatures are teaching them set the hull on this see the bed has become changed and polluted and of course it's these creatures that can spread diseases such as typhoid I was a kid we used to sing we start with we used to sing in Dublin 's fair city when maids are so pretty I first set my eyes on Sweet Molly Malone so that's good she probably got a Polish background and ACC the Sundays ago I stress that my eyes on Sweet Molly Malone as she read the wheel that will through the streets broad and narrow crying goals and muscle alive alive those she was selling these oceangoing predators and what did she do she died of a fever and no one could save her and that was the end of sweet Molly Malone now her ghost moves on that road synchronous on when not but she probably got typhoid see the because of the products she was selling which were sitting in the solo how affluent waste products of the river as it is the sewage went in the salmonella got into those organisms and so that's why Helen White says you know the conditions on a becoming such that even fish may become polluted even finish so in her mind fish was not included in the instruction of the flesh foods that she had the right needs but because of the pollution because of the dangers of the time she so that even fish could be could become harmful any animal and some of the biblical injunction that dies in other courses should not be I once had a patient coming really sick Africa and as I looked at the patient should mean what what what's being what's delayed up to this and the relative said he ate did meet I said while giving every any other kind of meat but didn't need and she is running the meaning was dead on the side of the road and he probably had come down with botulinum poison is dead meat setting that side of her hungry guy that he was eating that make the Bible would've told them not to do that the Bible gave all kinds of regulations about personal are all kinds of regulations about contagious disease the Bible talks about quarantine quarantine is is such a very important aspect of the control of epidemics the Bible and know about that bacteria doesn't mention about cars but even talked about closing being done from these people being sick and you know it's a sad sad mark in the history of the development of America's that some of those early settlers battling for land with the Indians were willing to give to them blankets that had been used by those dying with smallpox hoping that perhaps they would contract the smallpox that their previous owner had had the smallpox could spread among the indie but the Bible said not anywhere close to the work the patient was to be washed hair was to be shaved off as a pediatrician I would be a way of epidemics of life 's headlight going through the roof and we would look at the head seemed a little tiny eggs on the head to shave the head would get rid of all of those things the Bible was a wonderful thing you know the time of seven days required for cleansing often installation was also important seven days procure seven days off a woman has meant strategy must must must go without sexual activity that was a fertility against all of the instructions in the Bible was given so that we could have life and have it more abundantly we need to bring health message so that it is such a positive such a living such a vibrant and stop our arguments about the one that eats meat or doesn't eat meat or the one that doesn't drink smoke and doesn't drink milk let them Khan was convicted not because we argue because convincing man against his will he's all the same opinion still so let's do it because we we know that they want to be healthy and we want them to be healthy to the spiritual implications relationship with the Lord were given long before scientific examination of such relationship was today these are being actively explored it is no longer in any doubt that a beautiful peaceful harmonious relationship with God will result in a more peaceful harmonious frame of mind and even non- religious non- believing scientists are recognizing the benefit that comes from these relationships that would keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you so here we have some of the biblical approaches this holistic approach that from the dust of the ground in the breath of life man becomes a living cell this compass that whole of creation now is the basis of a Adventist health which is physical mental emotional and spiritual health we are indeed the temple of God we must make our Temple the place where God lives unlike the temple that I mentioned this morning when the English where he became representative so many things of human avarice of human cry of the nationalism of political in the Temple is not meant to be the template is meant to be the dwelling place of God spirituality is the indwelling of God 's Spirit far cry from the do-it-yourself spirituality and new page think and I think that's about as much as I'm going to tell you because of the shortage of time that women give you all of this because it's all in the jewel in the menu plus plus better than that I accept children whenever finding is that Abu Ghraib was going to give everybody who completes this course were going to give you a full set of the pal points that do and the lectures for the full HD lectures but when I would give it to you if you don't attend full course are we giving all of this to you not paying for this and other classes they want money for the think you've already paid for this repayment ties to pay offerings with general conference we cannot produce materials and charging for them and we have enough money to afford the few handbooks that we give out to use there is no charge to you for this but if you attend fully you will receive a certificate that you have done full-time equivalent to give you a text I want you to now turning a book go to the back of the first lesson the back of the first list end of the first list and you will see that some questions now not only we not only we requiring that you do a test but we are gracious and compassionate so we are at the back you can see there are two questions go to the back and you will see two questions in multiple-choice questions they may be more difficult for our Spanish-speaking group yes and I think if you could somehow I see what we can do for that yes we would choose the key questions for him among the sixteen that you see and we will give you these as part of your text and then we give you a certificate now some of you may wish to have some kind of credit yes more yuppie Oakmont you you you some of you may wish to have several new way wish to have credit for this for this abbreviated course I believe it may be possible for to get you one credit hour with Griggs University at Andrews for the full eighty we began to get three hours for the MA but we don't think that you can do that in this one in this agreed it cool but we will be able to get you one credit out if you are interested enough for that there has to be a challenge because it's not in hands and so we would have to write to Griggs and I think they charge twenty five dollars for the issuing of a certificate you may not need it one credit out doesn't do much for you know unless you bless you studying for something and you need that credit out just shove it in as a general credit and it's cheap at twenty five dollars but that's really for the issuing of the certificate and the paperwork that's involved but if so if not we will give you a certificate that you have attended this foundations course from the General conference health ministries people go through those questions they start off very easy so the first questions on this first thing a pretty easy they will get a little more difficult as you we progress into the into the list any questions that him horns in the conflict between the nineteen foods is that this is a requirement of the church said that that for Adventist makes it important it's important because God talked of these other animals as being an abomination they became that they were very important to God and it's important perhaps in in talking to the ancient Israelites that they understood that the sacrifice animal the sacrifice was too ugly between because it was going to be the perfect sacrifice of Christ Jesus the sinless sacrifice of Christ Jesus that would atone so that many of the elements of that in the thinking you it's difficult force to say that it's because of what animals eat the whole seats the same as account so it's very easy force to say well you know that it's what they eat that makes them clean or unclean but that's not the case because the horse is unclean the Cal 's claims that there was something else in God 's mind other than that it may have had something to do with the culture of the times we don't know but for me I believe that if God says it that's good enough for me when I can find a scientific explanation on the I'm going to follow but it is true that in the Ammons book for the American forces and they were sent if you find yourself shipwrecked shipwrecked on an island and they get in the whole manual of the types of fish and things that they could eat but in the very land and when they came to the very end of the manual said if you are in doubt anything that has fins and scales you can eat it but if it doesn't have been scaled and you're in doubt don't eat and so that's gone back to the old Levitical order about was a Marine silage is to divert notebook and wrote that recommend that so in the simplicity of the word is a profound tea of understanding that we don't always understand the context as it's much easier to follow his work seven days to necessarily think that we can scientifically prove or disprove what he said this now there is a lot of evidence there's a lot of evidence that scavenges and especially poor or for the paint is eight is a poor kind of meet the far more diseases entertainment on the teaching of up of swine flesh then there are others the fat content is a higher saturated fat the fatty and that the acid composition is is is is more atherogenic the parasites that are more profound it in their flesh so there is a great deal of evidence that your healthier eating between foods then then then then can not in every situation but by law this is good evidence for that but we don't make it on a scientific basis because we will get into difficulty in some of the some of the arguments so weak we prefer to say dust settled if the Bible were written today it would not be the Bible but we believe it might be the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church and so we can't make those kind claims that his presumption because in Scripture it says we should neither add to nor subtracted from Scripture and an weekly we would not presume to do that but as we progress through here you will begin to understand we start with the biblical instruction but we believe we are you time people we believe that the message for the end time is very appropriate and a well balanced vegetarian diet we believe is the very best but we are not going to argue that we can rewrite the Bible not only going to argue that Ellen White could rewrite the Bible because she said I am a lesser light pointing to the regular submitters always keep the Bible in its autonomy and its beauty yes we are going to talk about other things we're going to add they want smoking tobacco in the Bible so I spent some tobacco use totally different they didn't drink tea and coffee in the Bible they didn't take methamphetamine opiate similar effect but so we have had we show we have moved but we're not going to rewrite the Bible because we're going to say we believe inspiration through Ellen White we talked to a testament to the church we believe that Emily yours sigh so we say and health ministries the Bible first spirit prophecy and then an evidence -based science why do we say evidence -based because there are many so-called scientific studies that don't hold up they just don't hold up one study is not a scientific evidence base we have to have many studies because now will no longer on the show word of the Bible we are now on man's investigation so now we need to be livable but you will realize the foundation through this media was used by body builders including NAEP helps some and enjoyed like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com you would like more training online services please visit www. audio reverse it on board


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