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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 3

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 30, 2012
    10:30 AM
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well I think it's time for us to move on these this is a difficult thing you know that this conference is you come here to now unfortunately homework economy seat and you have to work us in the McGinnis lunch to that's what we going to do what I'd like to talk to you about now how better go back and see them in the right place I'd like to talk to you about something called whole person care that we joke about hopelessness all the time but you know if you get really down to the nitty-gritty of it it seems as though every health ministry specialist tanks upon themselves a section of the health ministry that they really love you don't think they just love this particular pocket so you say while all we representing whole person can't always works any what we like now we have a dietitian Fred Harding is a dietitian for the public Doctor Public health he works in our department gave his portfolio is to look off to nutrition aspects of the health ministry but is anyone in our department Doctor landless he looks after and the temperance side of things but he only one in our department and then we got Doctor Catherine couldn't drive she's looking about resilience and the at-risk behaviors in years she's just wanting another problem at the time of the general comes on I talk about coordinating these things but I'm also talking about health professionals working with the hospitals medical schools that we've gotten since I I working in that area and then we have some associate directors who are volunteers from Loma Linda so we have done that Jones who is the associate do for lashings or she will run the missing component and then we have discussion dreadful public-health conveyed the Dean is good public health and Doctor Tricia Penny cook she does the public health aspect and then we got the Dean of Allied health schools massage in our department he does Allied health Department and then we have Doctor Dan Jang who is researching into the school of medicine that and he does medicine helps helps me and at and the teams we work together to show health ministries is the role health ministry is not just teaching and a vegetarian diet health literacy is not just let's move now all of those are wonderful things adding that this minute let's move a program that the North American division date is fantastic but it is not the totality of health ministries we call each of us is a whole person with the naming many needs we have the physical needs government donates emotional needs we have social me we have spiritual needs and show it is important in health ministry that we know we will address intentionally intelligently and especially if your pasta you will bring to your checked the balance you will bring the balance of health ministry because quite honestly it is very possible for us to become finance takes is very possible for her to become fanatical there is a condition called off the Rex theater author Rex yet is not anorexic anorexia is where somebody doesn't want to eat anything off the racks it is that individual who is shut the focus is now almost noon logically obsessive with eating right also Rex he these people have all the characteristics of an obsessive-compulsive thing that happened around six it's important that the health ministry message is not taken over by those who are balanced in their approach to life and so we emphasize the whole person approach Jesus met people where they were that is how we must do health ministry we must begin with health ministries in a brawl at next thing when I talked about the prostitute the prostitute came to see us of the minis she didn't change from being a prostitute until she got well down in the entire experience was sent to children maleficent to children to the cam at school and she should cannot don't steal anything they she was in a culture as some call job mindset that required a major transition and health ministry does not mean that I'm than to talk to her about the company gap because she's gone a long way to go and settle in health ministry I just want us to have these now this sense of staying to the middle of the road and looking at people who they are this presentation is not exactly the way it's written but the elements in that we want to visit the Gulf spoke of health Alan Michael is the gospel of health the good news of health after another one called Jesus this is good news and talk about just from the way that the department functions but it is wrong the eighth pivotal and a central role in the witness and the evangelism about church is the people are more concerned with who we are cool we were on the bed what we preach every time somebody comes and learns about Adventists we went to the World Health Organization we go to pop out we go to these different organizations you don't befall they really talk to us they go and they googled us right they want to know who we and when we go there they know more about tests and sometimes we even know ourselves I went to Tahoe you could talk to Billy Doctor Melissa and I went to pop-up and that which I guess about our strategic goals they had found out who we were sure it's important in our witness to people that we truly represent who we not what we preach there's a distinct difference people are going to want to know all week similarly joyful deal we strongly know the Lord they are more concerned about just how we actually do I am tired of people think I'm a vegan but I do not see I don't care whether they like ice cream or not don't preface it with you all I'm almost vegan we who heal off we go you are in fidelity to your self in fidelity to what people see because you all in integrity speaks far louder than your words I don't claim to be what you are not don't pretend you are again if in fact your Alecto of oh I don't pretend to be left up about it in fact you enjoy roast beef and turkey dinners and you are eating a a hold of panoply of flesh foods don't you I sometimes take myself why Adventists all vegetarians on Sabbath going to judge the religion in guidance and imagine anything was getting vegetarian food why are they all vegetarians on Sabbath now we might say that we tell you we might say hi you see the hypocrites schoolroom I think I will just turn the ground is it possible that we who are promoting vegetarianism has made them feel so killed team that they can't be themselves in a presence think about if we met people so uncomfortable they really ministered to them take it ninety percent of the charge is not vegetarian which is statistical fact if ninety percent of the work it is not vegetarian why do we make them feel guilty that's not Christian now we might encourage them to change their ways but let's not be judgmental because we are ministering to the whole person you see the evangelism evangelism is whereby we describe a watch we like and we tell others what we want them to see what we can ask with is the process with others learn to like what we display and want to be who we really are so I'm calling for integrity and in celebration of these areas that I doesn't enter into personal relationship that that's on the social support but I stands for integrity there is a call for God 's people to have integrity checks only represent what they claim to be in our friendship the relationships are so very important in a we met by chance which turned into friends and now yesterday keeps us close to each other making our friendship ground law with the passing of time you are a friend for a lifetime we need to be like children there is no God in June there is no off to face in their behavior members seventy percent of the time that aborting to a church approved into church not to eventual a true friendship friendship has been statistically shown among vendors to be the single most important attractive thing to bring it that's when the South American division has they have small group ministries less than a dozen just like the disciples of Jesus and they do that work in small groups and don't believe that is because they preach the doctrines of the judge anymore on and within the evangelist anywhere else produce the doctrines of the church but over the course of the year a group of twelve people will become for him and it is through friendship and that is what we need to bring to health ministry unfortunately many people think of Adventist not for what we do but for what we don't do it for what we don't know your dentist and you don't drink coffee do you know you're not finished you donate me give you Dennis you got got the football game on Sabbath days after they go you it's all logged on this we need to change health ministry that we are not going to be seen people who don't do everything you see this is a misconception about legalistic forwards we have and have to acknowledge that we talked our seventh day Adventist message in a very legalistic way a hundred years ago but one hundred years ago in nineteen oh three my grandfather had only been Lebanese for two years in nineteen oh three show in nineteen oh three we established a hospital in the country of Malawi of course it wasn't called Malawi that it was cold and I are selling and in the Latin NASA length we had a hospital is all older than Loma Linda this mission hospital had a name what do you think the name of that hospital is by those of you you know who may travel in its golden Alamo the hospital in front of Miller the hospital and you you know we had in the Lucci Hospital and malum look mission half administration hot water wonderful hospital it has babies do not want that name now long will means it means all course was important to emphasize the Sabbath we want to emphasize what you know when I go to and when I go to seek salvation on the hospital due to its gold is called a grace and you know that is a very harsh judgment honesty we would call the hospital due you see sometimes it's like this college slut don't drink it not anyone is talking checking the Renaissance logic to that area get a job be home by midnight Russia gave you watched it once did he get off the phone checked the dog downloadable and don't talk back I only want what's good for you that the benefits and about going again but business health ministry I mean we made it look like you know the Surgeon General okay but that's not what we ask not what we should be known to because women's strength to hold people hold people 's spiritual needs Jesus Christ income for those who are perfect Jesus Christ and computers open to input those who will broke a sweat were in health weekend for those who work downtrodden rejected he came to the prostitutes yet the prostitution in my practice I treated like royalty just like I did the rich Jewish princesses because they're all children of King and so we have to tweak everybody the whole person and health ministries you know if the perceived need is not I don't ram it down their throat that's called for speeding at school for speed if the need is just to have somebody to talk to ask ministry the boy sat on his grandfather 's grandfather just lost grandma grandma just to die and as they sat there in the mother came in and she said oh hi John what you doing Johnny he says I'm just helping grandpa to cry he understood health ministry he was meeting the whole need the golf school of health the gospel of health these just be seen as it truly is it is a celebration in these loss days of 's history God has seen fit to give a health message to the church that will lead them from that broken masts to a mothball capability of receiving and reacting to his grace it is if it should give us an extra seventy ten years it's not for our benefit by Beth a while of God might be revealed that the work of grace might be seen in our lives and in our activity but I don't see that always when I seemed judgmental attitude when I see backbiting and criticism exclusion no margin nation of this group will group because this one gives me till they marginalize that person for this one is the catalyst for mother that's not discriminate off Jesus that's not health ministry because liberation is a celebration on right I finally got the program course shouldn't have to bring this theology theology the celebrations of health is a theology that help is given by God and it is applied to the whole person and the guidelines for maximum enjoyment of life it should also have back it's cool to be authentic and real it must have caring compassion and love yesterday I took a couple of hours and I went to the beach I almost felt guilty because I know what workshops going and I thought for me to go to the beach when this workshop maybe is the health director of the world and then I thought to myself besides you're a hypocrite you talk about rest here talk about temperance you talk about balance take your wife your pool of you know hard-working forbearing wife became trapped in the car and drive and sit on the beach for now and let the sea breezes come across the beach and watch the birds and see the people walking and enjoying the hot patch the second at an end look and say God is cooling we need a balance to see we have to bring balance to our lives when we would plan these meetings which will connect you to connect you talking again I'm sorry we then have two hours of a lunchtime gong do something that's one thing about the walk clear your mind because it's important that we have some sense of balance health ministry when it is a manifestation of faith hope and love now becomes a real thing now that all three defining paradigms here is the physical none mental and the spiritual but the whole is when they are applied old for you this is the same member must agree with the unity quality of life and growth but they all have to be balanced we put them together so that we can incorporate his account by the health message seeks to incorporate into the individuals vary so that's home ministry that we don't give a window spell was a joke LISP because we don't want to be confused with the New Age holistic health movement were talking whole console components brought together he said the wellness of the individual family and community is all these factors now of course we talk about the physical emotional spiritual mental and social we have to take into consideration the cultural to turn on different cultures and wing wants Americans as I've now become old I was originally a European when we went North America and sometimes armed Islamic and we will take our our particular when a particular cultural breath and put it on to people their occupational elements here that raw material and financial elements never forget that everybody can't afford what may be an American kennel for us not be so blinded to the reality of the situation and environmental you know there are a dozen or so cities in the world where there are more chances and anywhere where there is more lung disease where there are more problems because they are polluted places child was born that has no choice he has no voice he grows up many a child whose mother is drinking alcohol and he get some brain-damaged team didn't have a say in that maybe there was an Einstein reduced to handset because his mother drink but not my mother she did but but you don't you usually when I think it's it's quite possible that all of these factors contribute to the wellness of the individual growth of the individual involves the wholeness of his be if were going to see all these pots brought together in unity to seek these days I do not ask high dive is back in space or something and diving around the world but it's as they hold hands as we take the various dimensions of life and bring them to get so often we live in this little cocoon of adventures I didn't have the privilege of growing up and going to send back into school I sorted my children all went and had Seventh-day Adventist education and I didn't have the privilege I would go to school in Britain and sometimes going to a public school in Britain you were going my father moved every couple years new school new kid to go to new school you know you got this funny feeling and you got to go to the school the kids say what your father did I get to minister knowledge and involvement no in the church white church since day Adventist church what send day adventures never-ending never heard of it and that was the life of a young kid there are many people growing up situation when they only have a partial recognition of who they are is not appreciated when they are losing we need to hire a message to make it compassionate hammering to bring all the fact is that which will bring all the people I bring us all together it doesn't matter whether we are at your program or whether we are celebrations up with aware of the pending Estado but we've got to come to Canada to present this balance holistic think veganism is not the health message although it's important perhaps in the lives of some people that is not the health message steamship for life is not yet been established although we get to did you take with the Obama 's let's move on weekly creates a relationship can be important especially here in America that we be seen as being participatory because we want to involve with the whole society to show if we have this concept of who we are when we going I believe we will serve the Lord backed because whole people will make a wholesome church the whole people will make a wholesome church that Ms. is guardedly young people through my wife says to me why is it that why is it that in health ministries you get all the Q-tips I see what you mean the Q-tips she says everybody's got the Whitehead taking away this because it's only when we start to come to saving it on declining years to come when we start to lose out powers we don't know what we had challenged on right we don't know what we had like Jodi is to sing that song in the yellow submarine I don't know what you got till it's gone through this for the world to us unfortunately many of us come to this when we find that we all broken but if we can take whole people and bring them into the holiness of the church you know Gary Frazier 's going to be too on the present Gary Frazier who is the principal investigator that Ms. Houston and give you the latest update in the score of his predictions actually his presentation not much I will show you how it how it is going but really this is definitely a benefit of religion now we must never be skinny must never be scared to include religion as part of a health ministry that will endlessly stand up I want you to tell them we went to the Pan-American health organization and I wanted to tell me your reaction to me telling the world the Pan-American health organization who we were in the old people and I will tell all ministry and he is you will in fact they told us more about ourselves and me meeting you not as an and you look at it again okay a schedule that I got up and he was talking to a group of limited Christians is to take the and him again to make relationships and he's taking them about and he had the hardware that will will helpful another thought is adding the article this is not the best that you make friends and influence people belong in a and have to deal with a world religion that he and he intentionally salted on and at any knowledge or I'm being very honest with and I don't have enough not to and then I realized that he was because that is read in the relationship which is both fascinating how he said so he was was that Ray had the blend if you talk to her and that I was wrong this is if you want to take waiting out in just sixteen years old and utility of forty five it started off wrong if you want to do health ministry and you try to pretend that you are not who you are there's an element of mistrust from the very I would much rather say I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ I know you may not be a Christian Islamic but I believe that's what motivates me because I want to be like him and just as he didn't make any difference between Jew nor Greek I don't make any difference between Catholic and Pentecostal Islam or the Jew but I am sent back and I believe that that is very important if we are going to have a whole church in the something 's that resentment is due or say that we've got to stand behind Seventh-day Adventists believe in immunization Mrs. White was inoculated against smallpox by using vaccinia the count vaccine so she gave as an example another was in the areas of immunization I guess I get letters from people if we recommend immunization program say against the flu epidemic they said why are you taking this particular stands because we support immunization why because it saves my United States of America they have an outbreak of measles and renown again what do they always wanted them to it's always some religious group that is small and tiny that has refused immunization for its children and they become the nineties of the focus of an outbreak and then spreads a little bit around because we don't have epidemics of measles like we used to have been killed off huge populations of the Native American peoples but you get a little outbreak and then they say it's this religious group that didn't support the immunization program but as Adventist will not when people than us I think you found a significant individual as I don't believe in immunization we also believe in individual freedom and choice is the first letter of creation is the first letter of celebrations charged it all begins with joystick we believe in that but they haven't is overwhelming when I was a child I saw hundreds of people in the city they got the four hundred people died in the city that I live didn't in nineteen fifty four off polio in one sitting maybe two hundred thousand people four hundred ninety member of the church so when they came out of the one to immunize the jungle we as a people noticing although we don't know when other people of don't we in our Seventh-day Adventist religion recognize the importance of modern medicine sometimes I hear in church we don't want to go to doctors we don't want to take medicine Ellen White was one hundred percent right in saying dog take the medicine because in either in the medicine was absolute poison America manual from nineteen oh one North eighteen ninety eight after an effort with one or look authentic every single one of the medicines came of poisons they were ridiculous to being a physician dispensing that stuff that was playing but when penicillin was discovered penicillin was discovered it kills bacteria and saved lives I see children with meningitis whose lives are being watched from the jaws and then because of an antibiotic cannot think of which is what would've used a penicillin antibody to it if it would available in headache of course she would bring this balance we cannot be an acrylic stick and try to leave in the twenty first century as we were living still in the nineteenth century the principles must go through the balance must be there and sometimes sometimes when I think about Ellen White and Ann has stands I think helped push the case you should how she looked so clearly at these matters and was not willing to make statements that would lead the church astray it's a wonder the question of the health reform message is not and did not originate with significant the health reform is that she refers to one-on-one dentist that was a follows of Sylvester Graham and Russell Trollope the one on Adventist many of them were invited to write in the health reform and off to three years when she was looking after husband she came back in gzip these men have been to explain and she took them off writing for the health reform because they were absolute exclusion lists she said keep to the middle path so if we're going to follow the advice about a validated that's what we would do religion cannot function as a mental health treatment for the psychotic schizophrenic with the bipolar or the depressed some person who is wrapped in this cocoon the Avs are the pictures simpler is wrapped in this cocoon of abject misery is not necessarily going to be traded by where the engine the church has and he is asking the question what is the church 's stance on things such as homeopathy and alternative medicine using the church has been thinking about this very carefully yes and the scientific background the Oscar that sentiment which just thought about this and that's why I said the judges said the Bible the spirit of prophecy born evidence base now you see if there is an evidence base for a treatment that it is effective it is no longer it is no longer an alternative it is a therapy is not an alternative therapy and psychotherapy it may be complementary that you add it with something else but it's not an alternative to something that is scientifically proven it is complementary or it may be in fact that's how a a therapy becomes the prime therapy because if we can show that ninety percent of people who do this get better and it's only sixty percent of people who do that get better which I evening is this all that assuming that the side effects in the background said so obviously this is the think that when it comes to specifics of homeopathy now you're asking very specific question for which the general conference policy has a specific comments because certain things like swinging pendulum or homeopathy where you dilute to substance down so that actually there may not even be one molecule of that substance in the residue that you're going to use his retreat and when you bring this to the attention of the homeopathy is the physics pieces are but don't want to has a memory that that medicine was in it too you know everything started to get that we are now getting into the past physical and the paranormal and and and into the metaphysical and the subsidence church has no part with it because that's bordering on scratches and the scientific wound doesn't have a part with so when when something is done for his therapeutic touch there was a young girl wrote for her scientific program in school on scientific note the icon on the healing touch but that they did is claim that some people can't look at him so close to my attention but they can steal you with magnetic core energy palace on diagnoses by therapeutic touch she seemed not touching but just picking up she took her company she put those therapeutic touch he was on one side or could she put other people and people on the other side and then she and she found that there was no evidence actual that they could tell whether there was a person behind the garden was not the person behind the curtain and it was complete jittery Oconee local hocus-pocus now of course the church doesn't believe in that kind of thing religion can become positively dangerous particularly dangerous when it encourages child abuse sexual abuse and other forms of victimization as we sometimes see in cult where the cult leader he has sex with older women this is not to talk about this kind of rigid our religion is based on the loving care of Jesus Christ it's Christo centric we believe that Jesus is the source of health his example of compassion and caring is out when caring is so important to us that we unabashedly bring them the blessing of our experience of religion along with whatever else it is when we are quite willing to be authentic Christians in our relationship with them we represent the ministry of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ never backed off that he was the son of God never we must never back off from the fact that Jesus this guy bought but we don't have to be unkind but we must never back off being who we really are we face momentous times in the closing days the gospel of health is to be family link to the ministry of the word it is the Lords designed at the restoring influence of health reform shall be part of the last great efforts to proclaim the gospel this is not a medical missionary page two hundred and fifty nine when going to see this year the annual Council the emphasis placed on putting the gospel ministry into the health ministry the health ministry into the gospel ministry so that the two are inextricably welding together but it will always be a ministry of grace it has to be a ministry of grace there was never such an evangelist is Christ and during his ministry devoted so much time to healing but when Jesus was on the common people the same as the people thronged him that they would from our churches as they thronged him on the hillsides around Jerusalem and we need to ask ourselves why do they not still strong churches perhaps it's because they don't see Jesus in our church perhaps when they were there they could see Jesus they could breathe the fresh air elements as the Savior 's work was not restricted to any time or place where they checked on Tuesday that is what you can accomplish all this the outline is being a waitress the charge is doing what but the savings would was not push for to descend the site is what was not restricted to preordained programs the second phase is what was not just when he was teaching a particular lesson but as I said this morning as he tossed by a Nets would we want health minister to become part of the life of the church but just a lifestyle of the church which is replete with the benefits of lifestyle to health health benefits attend our church attendance health benefits and interpersonal relationships and our devotional time but it is always in a balance on fanatical practice the middle path that Ellen White talks of repetitively this is the most productive of health so one of the foundations with being doing this morning just building some premise is simple under good info is that we have a balanced ministry my wife said that I could take a photograph of her and myself when we were younger on behalf of what does it say I love her for a rule in this video was produced by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com and would like to listen more online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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