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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 5

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 30, 2012
    2:30 PM
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when you move now a little more quickly into some some fundamental understandings I want to talk to you about the sound because the cell some people think of it as just a little sad little paper bag if you like an independent back ups on the all these elements of the sound fats and proteins hydrates and that's the self the smell is much more wonderful than just a bad flu you see the sale all cells derive from a fertilized open gorgeous print just a moment or two thinking about the magnificence of how we came to be that was a selling your mothers ovary that divided in such a way that unlike the usual division where it replicated itself it's actually a hobbit the number of chromosomes in the nucleus will be talking about the suitability and so instead of forty six chromosomes in the oven we now had a twenty three chromosome bearing cell called the ghost and Islam similarly came from the methadone is what created in the tests of the mail and the cells also underwent this division this division is called a Maya oh six not mitosis so you can see someone wandering the pointer but the light the middle and so the unfertilized egg was a DMH carrying a half sick it met with the spermatozoa also id. eight Cook carrying a half at twenty three and then noticed that now coming together of forty six chromosomes represent as Eric and unique individuals like it's called the zygotic now this is not exactly the same half that your father acquired from his father nor is it exactly the same half that your mother acquired from his mother because prior to this breaking down to the twenty three chromosomes as a kind of that you know musical chairs and and and they swapped when they move over and they swap genetic material and some chromosome and then when the division takes place the division is not maternal and paternal it's a random division of those problems no as the chromosomes divide the male chromosome is called a Y chromosome which is a little tiny crumbs and the X-chromosome is a bigger chromosome has more genetic material depending whether this guy needs or spread here got the Y chromosome from your father or he got the X chromosome which must've come from his mother depending on which scrimmages that meets with the maternal domains will be whether it's a boy aware that it's a girl sure in some cultures this is very important for men to understand because the men will blame the women when they don't produce a son but the problem is that they're not shooting mail spam he said the problem is a male determined of the gender of your offspring not the FEMA because she has an X chromosome and if the mail in for another extension bill she gives him a why it's going to be a boy short gender selection come from now this is what we call a tip at a sort of a stylized cell the stylized cell is the salmon brain contains the sick the nucleus contains the nucleolus it contains many what we call organelles this cell is so tiny that you can't see with the naked eye it has to be magnified by the electron microscope twenty six thousand times before you'll be able to see some of the elements were talking about here so these are magnified twenty six thousand time for us to see the answer we have all kinds of different things we have a visa gold it would been filled by this and endoplasmic reticulum that is rough endoplasmic reticulum that this salute arrives in smooth and we have the here we have mitochondria very interesting thing about the mitochondria bundled by the mantra Congress come from the mother mitochondria don't come from the mail so in other words when they when they look at mitochondria they said people seem to have all the might same mitochondria and then they did find it at another time is so that probably been some mitochondrial mutation but basically that's why they talk about needs because they said the mitochondrial line goes all the way back to the now the fertilized egg begins to divide by process called my ptosis so it now replicates itself it doesn't produce with a half nucleus it produces now with forty six cell and so when you look at an embryo if it is as if you work in a fertility clinic as I have worked many times we go down the microscope at a fertilized egg and it starts to divide in in vitro fertilization they would take an egg it will fertilizer in vitro that means in the test to test your baby starts to divide and it divides maybe to sixteen South unvented implanted back into the interest on the mother that may be a mother whose tunes were tidal whose children were damaged with endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease or whatever identity took the fertilization instead take place in the two taken place in the petri dish and now that egg is put back in but those sixteen cells that will looking at calling an embryo those sixteen South each one of them if you separate the more hot water topics self able to divide and create a new it would of course be an identical baby because they're all from the same sale but we could have not twins triplets not quadruplets not sextuplets but you could you could go on by dividing to sell indigestion these cells that have this capacity to create a whole person all court coaching coaching stem cells that you may begin to understand some the argument that arises when we talk about stem cells when you understand that all of those cells could be truly potent stem cells they are capable not only just making a brain or die or an year or town Laura liver kidney or transforming to got a hot blood vessels blood they are capable of transforming into a whole person and that is why the embryonic stem cell is so sought after by the scientists because it has this total capacity now of course as the cells divide they do split the chromosomes if you look at this visit this is a chromosome these chromosomes have split as soon so now when they divide they wouldn't have been that there are five F forty six chromosomes it than divide down PC as we come up the division yet these are preparing for the cell to undergo mitosis then making on their image of each other all the way along the chromosome and when that still divides that will be an exact replication of the chromosomes that were in the cell that they came from there is the Y chromosome and here's the X chromosome this gives you an explanation as to why some diseases are called X linked diseases hemophilia the Kings of Spain that the house the Royal household of Spain a lot of hemophilia probably Queen Victoria's line also had hemophilia in fact those wildlife and it was carried on the X chromosome it was only one not only that nearly always seen only in the mail because if the defect was here on if it was a male there was not another compensated portion of the chromosome to compensate for the deficiency and so the males would show what we call a sex linked disorder really carried out on the X chromosome now if a woman what you have two defective X chromosomes maybe she would get the disease but a woman menstruation is only so those kind when probably would not reproduce where is the mail can reproduce because he's not he doesn't doesn't come across the red blood cells lose then empty the nucleus is a clustered mass of those chromosomes that I just shun red blood cells move lose then okay as they mature but most sales preserve the new as they mature because it carries all the information required for every physiological function possible and has cells become different and do what we go differentiation as a no cell becomes a now self and a cardiac cell becomes economy Excel it's because that portion of the cell 's nuclear physiology is switched on that makes it into another cell and that portion of the net nucleus is switched on the next into the hot cell but even the nucleus of the honcho that is that portion of genetic material that could have made it into a notion but as it matures as it goes further and further down the line those cells lose the capacity to become Turkey potent and going to any kind of self and they can only form into the sort of self that they have been dedicated to we then have what we call adult stem cells this is different from the embryonic stem cell is important for use pastas to understand this if you're going to engage in the debate very logically about stem cell research and social care we look at white blood cells white blood cells have a nucleus is the nucleus the red blood cell does not have been the case why it wants to make more space for hemoglobin which is the carrying capacity of oxygen and carbon dioxide of show this show is packed full now this is also paid by concave disk which gives a wider surface for the transference of oxygen and carbon dioxide across its surface it has been found to be the optimal surface for the transfer of auction across the membrane and as we say to the pastas in this course when we teaching just broken a red cell and know how fearfully and one do you have an because this cell has been designed to take oxygen to your brain to a hot tube containing the cell has been designed the design is so meticulous that we know there have to be a designer no cells muscle cells lung so that all of the common nucleus but some parts are switched on and others are so the cell differentiates according to the nuclear activity is a picture of that Selig stem cells have not yet begun the process of differentiation showed that have the capacity to differentiate if they are embryonic stem cells they have the capacity to develop into any kind of tissue if they are adult stem cells found in the hot or found somewhere else they have only the capacity to develop into the tissues in which they the stands this means and this has been done that somebody who has a failing cock pressed that had a hot and the portion of the wall has become fibers it now tends to flat like a useless little sale in the war of the half and the efficiency of the ejection fraction is poor that have taken some of these cardiac stem cells and injected them into those failing hot and they found that the stem cells in the new year with the hot can regenerate themselves and start to produce healthy stem cells to replace those cells that were lost so stem cell therapy has a basis that is very very intriguing to the scientists ethical problems come with when they're wanting to do embryonic stem cells because we say where you going to get those stems just judge with no problem with somebody doing a bone marrow test and taking a stem cell also my bone marrow and washing them in culture amendment and line them up in separating and then using those stem cells because I don't spin a sacrifice any any body for that but when it comes to embryonic stem cells and may be going to take these cells from embryos that could have developed into a life therein lies the ethical dilemma and of course the argument is well these cells are going to die anyway because they were people went in they couldn't get pregnant so they wander went in vitro fertilization they produced eight of these bags we fertilize them we found that we all ate fertilized old good but we didn't want to mother to have eight babies so we put 3n and she had to and then we did it again and she and another one now she doesn't want any more babies but here we have these embryos in the refrigerators keeping these babies in on it in on punched on on ice right what's really going to do with these self and the mothers having to pay to keep themselves alive and so the scientists are saying we can put those to good use and then people are saying that certain abortion because you are not letting themselves have their hold potential the argument rages about embryonic stem cell research and social I'm not able to settle that issue in your mind you have to settle that issue in your own mind but these are ethical decisions that we examine this and pastas in particular need to be cognizant white cells differentiate themselves into all different kind we have yet the nucleus is dividing in different ways are taking a different should we call the cells different because of the question if so that you okay I think I understand this question what he's asking is could it be possible to find specialized cells in other areas then where they supposed to be the correct such a question to another could we find no cells in the stomach when of course that the question is a little bit difficult for Johnson because no cells are found normally in all of those tissues we find ourselves in the gut we find ourselves in asking with it it's not just here that no sales but but Johnson's question a little more clearly I think and get to his point sometimes we see in young babies when they are just born a condition called neuroblastoma this is a two of note tissues that have not migrated necessarily to in the embryological formation to the correct site and so we do see failure sometimes object of the cells to migrate to where they supposed to be the interesting thing though is that if we take stem cells and put them into a tissue such as the hotline to the brain or to bone all aware of a case they tend to differentiate into the tissue in which place they find themselves show that off is obviously in that tissue that are nurturing the cell to become the sort of self it's got to be there exactly we put the bone marrow cells into the bloodstream but it finds its way to the bone marrow we see in the night we all wonderfully made we are only scratching the surface of understanding how fearfully and wonderfully made we call and have to push on because of the time so stem cells differentiate and ways injecting hot and become hot cells and it is injected into the lungs it will become a lung cells now I'm not talking about the major functions and talk about that later when we get into the system state cells cells on talk about here is a stereotypic cell this is the basic cell this is the self absorbed something happened every activity of the human organism derived from the function of cells even my pointing my finger even like talking my movement everything is coming from the function of cells in my brain that are sending messages down through the nose to my muscles as I am doing that and I'm at the same time balancing just think about the complexity of what you are seeing happen before your very eyes as actual as I move as I balance they say that a man can't do more than one thing at the same time look at me and we caution we can we can all do more than one thing at the same time because we are so intricately and beautifully may and resell requires energy to do is function and every cell requires to get rid of the metabolic product that energy utilization these Molly and product are not junctions they are the natural products of metabolism that if we accumulate too many and just as we can drown if we get the water fills the boat because we could be in trouble but there are so many people in health ministries are talking about detoxifying your body they talk about getting your daily and unless the people to talk about chelating giving you substances combined the chemical and watch the mother but we don't believe in the healthy state detoxification because God has given us such a beautiful system and sometimes I did try to detoxify the body is like taking a great big power driving school excluded driver I'm thinking we can fix a finally made Swiss watch let's be careful what we do because God has made us beautifully and lovely in it it it it it in their evolution evolutionists who suggest that life can into existence by a soft confronted with the problem of the cell it's all very well for an evolutionist to say well when the temperature was just right and the protoplasm the proteins in the hydrocarbons in the whatever it was in that primal evil sludge of the ocean was just right then life came life is much more than a hydrocarbon life is much more than approaching life is much more than a strand of DNA life requires this complex sale they might say well look at the virus particle in the virus particles very complex but they might point to a virus particles that these could come together and form cells but they forget that even viruses require the nuclear apparatus to replicate themselves so there is a problem he now that's not the point couldn't believe that they can come changes through mutations it's not to say that they couldn't be some natural selection with Don that all the time you look at the week that was found in the tombs of federal sure it was great but the way today has been naturally selected genetically modified if you wish by process of selecting the best grains the grains that grew shorter and more product on the ship over the centuries that the four thousand years we have seen a change in the natural selection not natural selection the deep intelligent selection of those elements and week we have seen change all dogs don't look like the first dogs I mean I had a Yorkshire terrier didn't look like a great day because name have selected the characters but the basic apparatus for dog was there and if you left a hundred dogs of hundred different brings let alone just breathed for in a willy-nilly willy-nilly you would soon find we had what looked like a wild dog again so the thing is we have to look at all of this and I believe it's my personal testimony that I cannot conceive of what were talking about over these next few days ever taking place without the hand of the Creator determining just how is going if we're going to understand the basic understanding so we have to understand just a little bit of its organization a lot of this is immune but no cell exists in a vacuum no shell can exist just by itself on the maybe you say can exist by itself now the enemy but can only exist in a pond in a pond has to have that products that the plants have produced it has to have things in the sunshine this produced a test that materials can as for SL can't exist by itself a cell has an environment and every cell in our body lives in the environment and the Balkans and the system costs old-fashioned to support each other by providing the necessary what for but not the famous physiologist and then you intimidate it was the internal menu for the sale of South Dakota has two major parts the nucleus and cytoplasm and nucleus I should get is enclosed with a nuclear membrane cytoplasm is the rest of what to include in the cell membrane and the material inside the cytoplasm is cold protoplasts water electrolytes proteins lipids and carbohydrates are also found in the product with water is perhaps found to represent seventy five percent seventy to seventy five percent of the cellular content of all sales except that sounds because in fact Cialis seventy to eighty percent of the cell this fact so it's only seventy five percent of what's left that is what in effect but that's why Wharton is so important in such an important part of health dictation electrolytes are ions if you take sodium chloride salt you see is greater so you drop it into the water each will split itself into sodium atoms and chlorine atoms and of course there will be some sodium chloride but there will be a constant movement between splitting to sodium in it for the sodium carrying a charge and the chloride carrying a child I have electrical potentials what we need to understand is that if we took a bottle of water and divided it with us nimble membrane semipermeable membrane would only allow water to go through the thing but not some of the other elements sure if we put albumin in one side of a human which the albumin can't go through the washer does it exist in osmotic pressure across that memory and was more water into the site and so we would see the water levels divided by this memory we would see the water level rise on deciding which we had put the protein that pressure is called the osmotic or concocted correction the Civil War functions as a semipermeable membrane in many instances notable but it functions some way that way and so the regulation of sodium chloride and calcium bicarbonate and fostering unselfish the regulation of these is extremely important in life we know not just a bag of sodium potassium they are beautifully infinitely philately magnificently regulated there are enzymes people have won Nobel prizes for these four for describing a simpler kind to mechanism the sodium potassium pump across the membrane talking about that capacity they won the Nobel Prize for because it was such an interim budget was just one tiny tiny let in the complexity of the human body but we gave them a Nobel Prize because it was so magnificent proteins contribute up to ten to twenty percent of the salmon and then so do muscle fibers and the globular proteins are different from the structural proteins that protein is vegetarians always worry about let me tell you vegetarians you don't have to worry about protein in fact when we get somebody who has kidney failure I was trying to restrict protein we have the devil is in the time trying to get a protein low enough regardless of what kind of God would put people show protein is not an issue at all in the vegetarian diet and I watched a nineteen in which adding extra protein or she said well I'm putting in what was the the Gujarat and she's adding gluten rich flock to the bread I said to myself don't worry Cheney is enough protein in that you don't need to add the protein because it can almost impossible if you are eating enough calories to keep alive of whole foods that you can't get enough protein so the proteins are built and rebuilt and built and rebuilt in the body knows how to manage them and take care of the business all the time facts lipids are not fat lipids are substances that can be dissolved in a fat salmon booklet dissolvable in effect so but include other structures but Lakers are very important because they form the cell walls hydrates form the energy when people tell you you don't need any carbohydrate well you don't even just sit and do nothing but if you go to heaven you need to carbohydrate people criticize so that the problem with sugar is that it's got a lot of fructose half of the show the achievement of show that half of its glucose and half of its protest and the labor doesn't cope well with the fructose but it's not that it's bad to have some energy it's that it's a quantitative think you're wise to reduce the amount sugars hybrids are present in so many things if we eat whole foods will not have a problem but remember when it comes to hydrates that honey sugar maple syrup rumors saying don't let somebody get you into believing that they can have half a cup of honey anymore and and any less problematically and they can introduce off a couple sugar before maybe less is a half cup of honey less than half cup sugar but but basically the show they show Shauna with a week whether the bees mated on the cane sugar candidate on the sugarbeet magnet and its sugar is sugar and we eat too much of it but we need to have this rational approach to how we look at these things now it's not just the back of chemicals in them to move through this I like it a look at this picture this is a diagram of a sellable here we have in this sellable we have these and not really but they look like she needs this is this is called a force of lipid ride and the membrane of the cell is eight by by lead member of these tailless they are called Hydro phobic tales people have rabies rabies I said not to like what they've got a phobia toward hydrophobia they don't like that hails of these phospholipid molecules don't like what shows that means that these molecules of phospholipid outline themselves spontaneously with the high and that's the water loving and on this side and this side and in between the weather is less water or no water the title 's lineup so we had a self aligning cell membrane of the cell membrane is the barrier between the outside world and the cell if we were to look at this membrane in another picture we would see that embed it in the cell membrane here the hydrophilic hydrophobic hydrophilic parts of the end that inning here are certain in close these might be some of the integral protein cc embedded in the membrane then we find little bits of cholesterol is important to have some commercial because cholesterol is a component of the cell wall all right and then we have something here which is called diagrammatically drawn of course an ion channel this is where the sodium can be pumped out to the sale and the protection is pumped into the cell by means of sodium potassium ATP eighties which is an enzyme that is pumping it and said they sell is vitally alive in his membrane even maintaining the cell number when somebody gets sick and they starting to die with an old that sodium is going low it's a sick self syndrome because this is so is failing to pump the shouting out on the sale we may find that potassium is down because the local arises because failing to pump the protection into this episode in the testing enzyme that regulates them and of course when that happens the cell cannot function what am I saying this I'm showing this to John this is and diagrammatic representation of what is happening in three trillion cells within your body every day every moment that's why we say in handling land along the amount we because this is indeed America do you believe in miracles I believe in miracles I am a miracle I can America accept when we when we believe like this it strengthens out with cell wall proteins mainly like letting sugar proteins they are the outlet and the question to the membrane as action active transport is when energy is used to transport sugars in to or out of the cell other proteins or other proteins interact the smell is so complex the cell wall hybrid sometimes influence they have negative charges all I wanted to understand this practice is so complex and we talk sometimes and health ministries without an understanding of the complexity of what we're talking about we really you know I'm not understanding how fearfully and wonderfully made we show it's important for us in specialist teachers to recognize that there all of these things are not going to go through each one of things I don't have time to talk to you about but I will talk to you little bit about mitochondria just a few minutes about mitochondria mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells mitochondria I don't ever go to picture the next yet that is electron photograph of a mitochondrion mitochondria rural mitochondria on one of you will say here inside this on these playing on these plates that lined up various enzymes cytochrome oxidase enzymes that will auction day enzymes that will permit the formation of energy to be energy is made by binding phosphate molecules to a substance called and imposing so we have an agonizing phosphate combination agonizing monophosphate one phosphate at nosing diphosphate to foster a nosing triphosphate which is the preferred energy storage ATP and nudging triphosphate the bonds between the adeno zine and phosphate are very high energy bond and when we break the energy is released and that energy can be used and translated into the use of the self I'm doing it right now moving my it is requiring energy from ATP are you beginning to get a little bit although one of how fitfully we all have fearfully made me out we hope you are we hope by the time you come to the given assent Mike God my God what a wonderful creative you wanted to make an unruly children in the broadest generalities because they could take it and make you study about one little twenty function on one of these crusading for many sections to get your PhD said this is how fearfully complex we I think it's quite easy for you to read in the self you read about Celia on out on our bronchial tree 's Iliad that move and waft like that will remove and wash them how you smoke a cigarette and the cilia are parallel I read about the mitochondria self replicating you read about the nucleus we've got to tell you more about the new case as we go through controlling everything we talk about the code perhaps the unit this is the and double helix Watson and crick in nineteen fifty three one the one the Nobel Prize because they defy the design how it worked fine what a wonderful passages of occiput types of coding using for a basis to see who had the four bases at signing adenine guanine and cytosine these are the visa added to a deoxyribose nucleic acid a ribonucleic acid uses ribose not deoxyribose little tiny changes goes major major sites said the precision has to be exact in front just to get a little example somebody said that sickle cell disease sickle cell disease is caused by the substitution of isoleucine for bailing on position number one hundred and forty six of the hemoglobin chain one amino acid all I would got sickle cell disease so we are talking here about something that is so precise so glorious so magnificent that I believe we have to say creator God how wonderful is your name in all the when we put that Hubble telescope and looking to space and season go all goes on for ever we know that we can turn an electronics onto our bodies and the wonders of the human body never cease so we go from the tiniest to the first and that is my guiding no on our comprehension and should any questions you and well attended when I talked to them that I spoke to one of the professors at your university is a good friend of mine he said to mean a very patronizing way said Alan you stay to medicine and will take care feel at and what I really was was trying to say to him was that in the training of the pasta there is a great necessity for you to no more than Greek and Hebrew because as you get out into the possible ministry defined within the relevance of your Greek and Hebrew if you are a pasta as opposed to the amount it will gradually over time shrink shrink shrinking what will a few very important key words and key phrases that are for youthful forty but you're going to find that your understanding of health and understanding of the social sciences the understanding of counseling and understanding of how to cope with somebody who's having undergoing physical violence in the home how to cope with the addictions how to cope with the kid who's got problems how to talk to a parent who says that boys masturbating and you don't know what to do about it because nobody limited to when she mentioned the word because it's a turkey was using when you come to postural ministry that's when you're going to appreciate all that is a big gap in our education and we just wish that there was more room for these things were counseling for social services for the time constraints that time constraints are such that they say we could squeeze this in the code produced the pastas that we would watch the show I would think that you're going to have to often but the problem was that another yet your training you're going to complain about that too there are a you know this is part of the problem on the divide between pastors and those who would engage in health ministry and I believe that the pastas need to be given the fundamental training and understanding so they can help the members because the members of very willing to do health minister but they often come without a background in health and posters are very willing that we should do ministry but they come without a background in health as well I'm sure it's less than to those who are interested Cialis and we don't really know whether there is a standardized agreement among the judge as to what health actually is all about what you are doing here is his necessity extremely small and very basic but we're just hoping to wet your appetite as to the importance of physiology because Elimite said that we should teach up all the sciences of all sizes that we should teach our children it should be physiology now it's getting normal complex because refining normal but that is the fundamental science of health that we need to teach our children and so if we can just put your appetite in this course that you will go back and you say well I'm going to buy physiology for dummies because those dummy series are good books and an unloaded some basic stuff it was an ritual ministry when you make illustrations you can use these illustrations in your ministry went in and Richard and when the medical people sabbatical I got that right good apostate he knows what he's talking about see you when we can see the net than anything but I think this media was produced by I was willing to help someone learn you would like to learn more about inventing something please visit www. and I help someone .com are you would like to listen more online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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