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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 6

Peter Landless


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 30, 2012
    3:30 PM
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can you believe that I got by so quickly when you're having fun and then we had fun when we do this was been doing then and reminds us it reminds us all the time that we are in the wonderfully make it as panelists speaking to you I was thinking of you still cannot be siding potassium pumps in and how many muscles work in the news work and how his brain is controlling these companies now is the city 's jumping around in his own enemy is all reacted always visually animated and he sees quite a wonderful fella most of the time and in many states is vital that when you see all this happening and cold Nathan and I didn't see any complex having oddities whatever is not come into the wall it's all independent in then amazing independent to a point that there is life there all these mysteries that I is an they are being unraveled bit by bit but there is so much here to not for bone marrow cell to be objected into the name you harvested from the Dinah taken out of midnight marathon and you put it into a solution injected into the name and lo and behold it goes into the bone marrow signal to Don and produces blood cells go figure and sentimental about cells with special functions you saw the beauty and the amazing one of the cell and I was thinking as you were talking this is all work equal sub microscopic how many had Mike discusses kids anyway in a microscope you don't kill a fly we put it underneath then you'd be taken drop of water out of a pond then you look at Musial the bacteria and you see these wonderful things but now exactly in a swimming around and you look at them in irony and that actually dead even pricked himself not able to look at blood when I was about nine or ten I was fascinated and all of these officials things that you see today which is shown on one prequel to John Mike Brisco you can't see these things under an opening like this you think of how many billions of cells trillions of cells there are in the body more than the national days racing in one body which communists they barely functioning all the time and you're not thinking why do you sitting here how many of your focus off of you I need to breathe and not getting in the heart to pump pump pump pump pump and then Allah do a bit of breathing and maybe a lot of corpses around it with me begun to remember to do it is a special mechanism which will talk about in the spatial functions of no muscle and crime and God only specialized cells which he everything going to go to sleep tonight your heart will keep on beating her pretty you keep on breathing some of you even snow events no no and then tomorrow morning you wake up because there be special changes in your hormones systems which belong to the system home in the file system so the body is beautifully and wonderfully designed created and thanks the reason that we had the stewardship responsibility entrusted to you yet even think about it call some of them expensive also somebody had put an advertisement in one of our little pages of the General conference once it reliable good used car in wonderful condition of one thousand five hundred dollars I think that you're an optimist but you know you can psychomotor gone you can get one for one thousand fundamental work in the stock even tried away an evening in the line that your body in one chunk sometimes you get a hot false-positive it draws on the bunch on strong they tell me that you get ahead transform them into their but anyway you get one of completing this chapter you should know that cells communicate with each other did you think about it that as appendicitis talking about the cell itself those cells some of them and their differentiated Internet something to muscle something to how blood the baby itself communicate with each other understand that men and muscle in the word about them and a bunch of kids next door with Kathy 's youth alive God United now that all colleagues all we know that we lived with their set down more about them this being of the states lost sales a working a you know what else they got them in muscle tissue which is excitable when the tissue is excitable and means it can be activated right so it's something you never been excited with me right now I have is really very cheeky sometimes and then you should know the basic functions of the sell plots that constitute the blood as various types of cells will just go through them briefly and look at those special systems and buggies made up of various organ systems can you name me an open system anybody that is an open in the hematology system brought skin is an old absolute me the simulation absorption against having to know Ron digested dissemination the justice system immune system lymphatics is now an assistant you guys are getting closer to the most important system-level that says that even without it can affect cardiovascular item you see he's a gynecologist obstetrician pediatrician on the cardiologist and so we had a discussion sometimes is which is the most important that we were anyway tell me without the uterus and the ivory they would be no hots so they're all these wonderful systems the net of the system you can see you can you balance to think the hot pumps at seventy two submitted regularly from about one o'clock six weeks off to the cells of the form the heart forms in six weeks and begins to pump away until the day you die amazing and all of these are coordinated by a conducted like a great old Mister and the and the system is the great that on this August and sometimes the conductor doesn't work so well you know the human people talk too much nasal keeping them quiet that the net the system is conducting the movement and balance the sold crisis is the co- ordination knowledgeable quick to give me one prepared turn and look today okay interesting when you tend to look to the bank none of you many of you attend the top of your torso as well but most people ten minutes in order to obtain your name simple thing parts of the muscles with contracts out and attend money this way these muscles in this contract the muscles yet they must relax did you think about it just didn't know this has been coordinated beautifully it was a contraction relaxation and you know what attendance register we doesn't have one she gives us a piece of pipe you will get one will get run if she gives us a thank you exactly and you didn't want to Ewing said but did you understood me in and it was it is instantaneous but there was this amazing balance of this coordination and there's been an the cells which make up the system communicate with other cells and the systems in general now we can look at some interesting way the sales communicated each other they often use chemical messengers that he called that death is a communication cell can communicate to the cell caused by all with two sounds next each other we can communicate as you can see like this I'm gentle with my elders and then we can talk at a distance speak to someone at the back of the room so they can communicate by chemical messengers send a message in every likenesses cells same day chemical message and they did in the form of serious chemical substance and then they will send it in a tricky of the chemical mechanism at themselves which are right next to the we would day all they may act on cells which are far away from the way that that works to influence a cell which is far away from you you within the cell you with a cell you would produce a chemical substance which then goes into the bloodstream now he has the other amazing thing when that chemical goes into the bloodstream goes along until it finds a reset now what is a receptor there is set is like a keyhole and when you go deal rooms this evening you've got a little cost energy you've got a call somewhere but if God and you put it in the that deadlock which is there is shipped and little green light comes on .net to know what that's exactly what happens I mean similar to that the chemical messenger it comes along and finds the right keyhole in the cell responds an accident and it acts on that cell to produce on how to responses maybe it produces home or another or it elevates the energy production now operates awful right here you have a special dance Yukon fifty Phoenix if you can the problem school that I write the right fit if the shield standard since right in front of your name just below the voicebox and around the voice box not introduces thyroid will not fire rated woman is very important in keeping the metabolic regulation of the body right that you stay warm enough that your energy level is right and and the heat regulation is correct how does it do that it produces a chemical which goes into the blood which then fines the receptor acts on the cells this amazing it's absolutely amazing and wonderful well the question is why doesn't introduce too much we can talk about that in endocrine either of you that is a special mechanism which monitors all the time just like there's a thermostat somewhere in this building which monitors the temperature of the room when it seems you guys too high the a condition that comes off when the ideal temperature is reached is that feedback which then switches over the conditioner in the temperature you are not in the brain business they are special cells we can measure how much thyroid hormone circulating in the circulating in the blood when is enough it switches off the production of fiber and wonderful connect top blood sugar is controlled and measured ourselves in the pancreas we obviously and when we may be general thoughts of communication between the cells here it's quite sad simply put seeming to feign me repair me things me regulate me feed me this is what happens on about lunchtime and Mister feed me again now the communication between cells can be via the nervous system or prequel mural communication now the notes communicated each other and they connect with each other by a system old synapses the synapse is where a portion of the net joins in a minute and windows to communicate this is a structure called a synapse will write Junction Oregon joining now this minute and the sports nominated communicated each other by the clinical chemical is released one thing and impulse comes along the Smith comes along to hear local is a chemical to be released the chemical is released into the click into the gap between that and the next minute the chemical goes along and it's excites the next cell not interesting the ones that has happened mechanically in re King stored away to be using it so that when the next impulse comes along the chemicals available to get into the keyhole open the slot was the excitement in the effective begin if it doesn't be packaged in cold tenderness Eleanor says amazing that allows us to do written tentative function I mean you can do that have been in all the time in his busy repackaging the chemical and recycling an old time it's amazing how it works there are some diseases with various destruction at these areas and individuals get very tired and very weak and are unable to move it's called myasthenia gravis because they cannot maintain the special function of myth conduction with the muscles inside we see that we are fearfully and wonderfully made the messenger X onto the next door cell and gently used for the cell next door is an adjacent cell the next tool so set itself the kitchen either by content joint next to each other we call this direct communication error crime then they can communicate with each other by a chemical messenger through the bloodstream we call that end of crime that sophomore men's work incident thyroid the six hormones and so on and then it can with a mural messenger and venereal messenger is a new euro John Smith working between two cells were Ernesto and Annette and the muscle cell that can see that some basic ways that sells as and with talk to each other and just dissolve what your facial expressions in a visit result of communication so the cell responds gets a message from another cell just months sorry communication between cells we talked about endocrine communication with the whole nine for a gross fact that you know things have changed good evening Mrs. Hanes when you talk about in the crime has received the moment with messengers produced in one portion popped into the blood that is carried to the cell with the hormone is produced in specialized cells not be mentioned about the article not and has up its effect on woman's unknown cells which are very distant figure you see a secreting cell into the bloodstream is the talk itself he has the key and lock and key mechanism is at work in the stand that there in between the cells neighboring cells we talked about that as paragraph what is the other kind cooled in the crime the school parent meaning parallel and the cell is released the of the communicating messenger is luckily released in a lot naughty little boys sitting in a cost when does this and that so it moves along that's how cells communicate as well and is released by the seller let me and makes an impact on that self then sales communicates with themselves they regulate within the cellular on the business I was in the cell which may modify its responses for example the gentleman on the Oregon and aping every North neoprene cookies to sell the cell functions itself that we find that those hormones of the ones that are responsive resolved when it is mentioned for the price I can fly some money doesn't prepare self-directed distance but the cell itself is prepaid and Monday five by the agreement that it produces no one a chemical messengers made out the name of various substances a means amino acids steroids you won't notice steroids polypeptides polypeptides of groups of amino acids and lipids one oh lipids that that's the offense okay figure various and remember this because nature enough holes in here about various food groups fats carbohydrates proteins and sound and then informed and neither does foods are broken down to become the building blocks for the various substances in the body now that's another amazing thing that the body is able to take in food break it down into its constituents and being used as building blocks to make these very special neural transmitters in on themselves special may transmit to impulses now want you to think about on them and then and then noticed missing then read just and lemon in half knowledge in a new unit take back then and regarding to physical snippets and then we again to authentic define any responses happening to your salon reflow okay there are responses which take place themselves at special functions of transmitting and integrating synonymy do they send the missing they integrate the messages so that the body functions to get intermingling you change okay it was an integration which took place muscles relaxed muscles contracted Sunday was an integration contacting on this function so that there is smooth and painless and effective net impulses are used in the net has a cell body and brought to the north along axon and have pictures up of microscopic pictures of witness cells that life is within the body looks like the nucleus and the Zogby admits cells in the dendrites as they communicate with one another and the exons which is belonging to the nonconducting potion of the sale of each in with them dendrites not dendrites mean looking like a tree the Greek for it she's been drawn in so doing you look at these and actually like the tops of trees that say lots of bronzes and each one communicates with another news ending and they had those Ms. gaps the chemicals which got between them and they had water cooled terminal button which contains those of the chemical messages we talked about and they connected on the narratives or muscle send his boys in connection one move to the next or in the to a muscle and what is the name of the connection between tenet of the school day synapse very good axons are two kinds now you can think off the wire guiding from the electric outfits to Shia as an Exxon and the Exxon can be the conducting portion and it can either be myelinated intubated or not when it's my windows adopt modern all cold and myelinated simple and straightforward does that headline and uphold myelinated and they are at cold this because there is a Schwann cell a special cell which surrounds the Exxon or the long-winded cell and produces a special type of the pizza phospholipid and then sell encourages and increases the speed of transmission on the knitting balls on the net said she had a simple unmodulated nacelle the impulse will guide this study portion by portion my portion along the news when you've got a myelinated native cell you have what we call nodes of run VA and what happens then the impulse jumps from one load to the next one so instead of being a slowed movement like this it's a easy on the floor quickly is getting it going then the slow walk it jumps across and Ms. a lot more set when I myelinated no disgrace and conducts formal beauty now the interesting thing is you noticed no getting lunch and drink enough but I wanted you to see if it already fixes are very focused and avail and the immediately mother was relying on an mildness of the myelin is a quick response now if you think when you walking along and the wind blows a piece of destiny seen coming to you on before you thought about it what happens you bring that set the fastest net connection that is not a is the eyelid public act at the Fosters conducting in Reno yet graced short short it's nine dalton the man who discovered them was to sell none of Mister Swan and I think this is the net so you this is an excellent visa the deadline for next pitch of the has a picture and on a two thousand and an individual one for you and this is cutting the noon in costs cutting across the any in-house will is likely why in the same student moving along at a slow pace like that Jonathan Longman felt tight steaming the bounces along and says much quicker so the Schwann cell is the cell that can guide which wraps around the V Exxon and you can compare it to the insulation around why great song that just understand the concept of what it does is it helps that impulse to be conducted so much more quickly okay themselves a very easy stimulated and excited and they would suit chemical electrical and mechanical means not you can understand how the mechanical works belong to use it in the lecture because the longer you sit in a negative is a mechanical understanding that you mean sitting a long time or in an airplane identified recently as nineteen hours long with and why now I stopped anyway not to get off the airplane and I wanted to you I am I felt that siege was so uncomfortable and so was my connection it is an imminent wonderful immense mechanical and the in the pressure you feel on the bottom of your feet on your backside is just sitting those are all the technical means of transmission electrical ones we find that's how the net impulses off propagated at three this is Muslim movement chemical you just had a chemical stimulation is not talked about the lemon is sold between each of them in OUP than onion their chemicals would even listen a certain response so there are various stimuli that are responded to be done Janie had time to get into all the physiology effect preventing that time to even skim the surface what you need to understand written documents odds is talking about the and sodium potassium in every cell inside the cell is predominantly a negative charge and negative outside of the cell is predominantly a positive charge the irons were the chemicals inside his cell on made me potassium which is positive or negative positive A+ and outside is mainly sodium which is positive or negative positive so when is the negative charge come from chlorine is one and the other one is that is the proteins which are negatively charged so you got inside the cell you've got the potassium and a lot of negatively charged protein and some chloride which gives you a gradient what is a gradient the gradient is a difference between two levels when you walk up a hill in the bottom of the hill in the top that you between the two measures the gradient can be a live dragon could be a steep grade and the gradient between the outside of the sound inside his cell is normally minus seventeen Millie 's lung comes in an impulse and it stimulates a sudden change to take place suddenly with the sodium potassium pump has been keeping the potassium inside the cell it also said the potassium to go out of the cell and the site independent and you get this exchange of Heinz and subcontracting can take place if it's a muscle along with calcium changes which take place or an inventive and we do not ask and potential moving along this excitable tissue is a continuous change on the electrical charge which continues all the way down the notes so what happened was Fox's octal is just black the link is not its nine seconds its many seconds it smaller amounts of time or happens very quickly and at the same time what happens once the impulses charged along the net it gets ready to receive the next in sorry guys what's recorded deed brother Isaiah shouldn't once its deep brother eyes the chemicals are at this back to the normal charge that's cool read other eyes Asian is ready within many seconds for the next impulse and you think of just walking along the corridor or walking upstate how often do you this year my Hadrian gotten very far goals that you look at the floor like this generally you walk along and you don't look at the fuel because of all the time your series data and then assistant that geeky that led to the balance is measuring in its mission already and knows how the next tip is to be an interest as you look ahead of you you become aware of a little bit of unevenness in the ground and your same event and suggests for its amazing so these action potentials the net impulses and as a live alongside about this you responded constituting what we call the language on the notice that you neither language is inadequate to describe how fifty one to three p.m. the synapse talked about the impulses in this muscle tissue muscle tissues second question muscle tissue is also excitable tissue it functions again in relationship to the movements of hindsight in potassium but very importantly Wilson calcium calcium is an important component of muscle function and they have not me an action potential along the new membrane but they had contract called elements you think about it I want you to do this pretend that your non- lunch was a negative city years ago and showing your muscles there are what we call contract call in women's contract means it can shall recommend the non- tenants shown in a grid since can you imagine if you shall know muscles than rub my nose and not Congolese it's like they'll try to visit a special system within the muscle contract arguments they cook on to each other like cell phones and once the month the function is completed and books and slides back to normal in an amazing and their different proteins called actin and myosin which of the two main contractile proteins Arafat felt that ten distal batteries and he has an important component when over the ensuing resistance people generally think of that being just around any offense gets right into the muscles and this is an important theory with a exercise or they call was insulin resistance and in the tissue of the will talk a little bit later they go about diabetes about insulin resistance and this effect felting these therapies which are particularly culpable for the problems of the their see my thoughts and muscle is the ball into muscle rights script you yeah pick your nose you shouldn't do that otherwise you end up with a finger like this and then there is the launching muscle symbology muscle is when you sanitize my hand rocks in my head pick up the remotes switch of the computer whatever it may be as involved in your control these of these big muscles and we pulled in striated or bungee muscles the muscles of the back muscles of the legs and saw then you get the mom and she must in Monte muscles of the smooth muscles which normally formed part of the gastrointestinal tract when you annuity during the other he's making the sounds of the time you know you about in a pretty cynical and in somebody's probably start the growl that's the involuntary muscles working in the sampling in the evening the sound that he makes so well that it knows just when you pray I know you're absolutely right from the timing point of view that gives us read your already how it functions regular meals and unit on the roof agape me I think this in one of the glosses bedtime stories but it was the story of the little girl to and was always filling has been in the parallel of the machine which CIGNA why don't you give me a break for me lately do my work and had a race I fill the next meal in the regularity in eating regularity of sleeping but our regularity of function directly the involuntary muscles begin to work on a rhythmic basis and all sleep at on the rhythmic basis of how bodies work on what's called a certain behavior in the sign holder of the body has a significant rhythmic function and defending preached about trying the biology and had a lot of fun in the midst of a brick this was he was telling me about and I think and so tell me where these agencies these are really good papers didn't tell me moist as I told you everything I'm not that it is an amazing and wonderful field and I think with me doesn't appreciate the value of the Sabbath is real that is the voluntary legal muscle the Navy cardiac muscle cardiac muscle is very similar to the voluntary muscle but it contracts rhythmically if you take a hot and recently did this with you in all secondary readers and frogs take the frogs it was quite a painful thing for us this evening enjoy killing this poor little thing and then you take a hot docs new isolate the half in the In re as taped and then you would reread the second and take a portion of my portion of the each portion would contract on its own separate Naha muscle has the ability to think ability to rhythmically contract and relax contract and relax whereas the muscles of the voluntary muscles are usually in a form of a single five you have and you can see how it works here in the hot it's going to court a sensation in the picture but it means that it's a whole group of cells together beautiful curriculum and these cells put together as opposed to being you that you they fit together in a group and the contractility of them since zinc ability to rhythmically contract insurance at the hot functions as a contractile and regularly all the time that's a very specialized cell specialized muscle what you find in the hot for example is that the various portions of the heart that he would take that in the muscles and put them in in the isolates of sales the portion that stimulates contraction cooled the sinoatrial node will contract long at about seventy two beats in the then you'll get the syncytial cardiac muscle all the chambers and then contracted lung at about sixty beats a minute then you take the muscle of the ventricles and isolate those cells and they will have any transit contract already about forty beats a minute so you see in the striated muscle old involuntary muscle the cell in this pendulum can't sell and it's a single long cell and a number of them grouped together in the bunch to pull the two formed misguided musclebound you must innocence until system you can see that they doesn't may not single celled they tend to mention to each other and bronzing to China and instead of having a very defined beginning and the defined in they came to interdict and technical each of the cells things that the lucky jigsaw puzzle and because of that now much more able to do the regular contraction at present not interestingly we see this in patients it's quite amazing thing of the patient come in this adopt on the Z on glycated fill in a fortnight ago when I get up you take a pulse rate and the pulses gained forty beats a minute and visa people thirty eight beats a minute they had one prequel to complete all be put in the pacemaker and heart functions and seventy two beats a minute they wake up facing properly reminds a clear and so you see that the intrinsic function of the heart muscle is amazing the designs feature to ensure that life is maintained by preventing blood throughout the body on a regular basis since two beats a minute normally got to hundred and fifty and exercise and back down to about seventy sixty we use the for the massive contracts shouldn't be in a group because of the pacemaker cells that this job did specific rights I mentioned to you the upper chambers will discharge at about sixty to seventy beats a minute below Chambers isolate them and about over the special characteristics the smooth muscle neutral mapping bombing she said we talked about striated voluntary we talked about cardiac linking bunching which includes the gastrointestinal tract also opened such as the Adam now you can understand how that smooth muscle functions when you've been drinking a lot of water as we've encouraged you to do when it comes to the end of the lecture you have a discomfort venture sending you a signal that accommodates the point and then it seemed your message got into and if you ignore it too long answers you really got it you know the story 's they also had a certain amount of pacemakers but not as as precise and as regular as we find the is an amazing enrollment in a number of different types of cells and size shade you the red blood cells which start out with that nucleus and just before they are extruded into the blood they news venue and our electrical box okay which is a a beautiful illustration at the vehicle by suite is a big narrows towards the middle and this is where the nucleus wouldn't be and is not gone one of the important reasons and as this structure is so that it can get around the baby the tight angles of the Tonya 's economy is not miss any of the phone about how these cells get through and moved from the heart all the way around the tips of your fingers do the head conditions and run around the state convinced and may actually be watched them under a microscope while they default and because the bid by concavity this is the most fish TV is as you mention for the carriage of oxygen this is the most efficient and advantageous structure but also better able to deform in such a way that they can easily get through the blood this was on sickle cell anemia they can't come in the oxygen tensions drop in on this it on the sinking crises bathing gets stuck in no small blood this will and can cause significant amount of damage to bone and to organs in the tremendous pain and can pose added seventeen and so the blood is made of watery plasma it has different kinds of cells it's got the albumin in its also got protein in it of the protein antibodies which are very important for twenty antibodies for fighting diseases and not interesting any of the fourth of why the antibodies are in the black because the blood goes to every woman and her seven evening it's a brilliant idea to put your defense mechanism arrived in the tissue which goes everywhere and that's why blood contains the antibodies which actively defend the body against infections you can look at this it's a reservoir good and helps maintain blood pressure people choose plasma levels drop for the fluting in the intravascular compartment drop they have led the patient may feel dizzy and interesting the Iranian article just the day before yesterday will yesterday we talked about the fact that mild dehydration offering up the caffeine could drop his buff and I'm drinking lots and lots of wounded weeklies are limited about but also a paper which was that even mild dehydration can present with cognitive dysfunction mental symptoms and I'm hesitant to show that the busiest typologies but we need to drink adequate amounts of fluids every bone marrow we talked a little bit about bone marrow bone marrow is a a specialized structure in the body which produces different continents and amazing treat producing great cells white cells of the fight and platelets in the bone marrow one of the most active in one of the largest organs in the body and produces all these wonderful cells which keep us functioning this is a picture from an electron microscope all of these great cells any CV gains in the middle of the cell this is a salaried cell another itself behind it makes it and it is one of the white cells because it's a completely different configuration but these cells and is as you look at it to get the impression that it's invigorating able to be folded and DVD form so that it can travel through the various phases of the subject lots other important in the production of antibodies which are protected against infections they will sample because they actually engulf cities of the lots of the able to surround the enemy the bacteria can let and this president 's amazing efficiently and one of the main rate that tell another picture in the same uniform all the cells I think I'm time is basically the dimension to unlocking before we got is another cell component in the blood is very important that keeps you from being useful to Bob and revolt cuts ourselves at some point or another unit when I used to shave with an old rewriters I used it myself fun stuff now the interesting thing you cut yourself in one happens to be the and then what happens if candidates and that's because you got little cells called platelets inside the blood actually down on cells themselves that all oceans of sales sales and what they do the minute is a great in the blood vessel make it come together name is a coming together of protein called fibrinogen which courses in the chats more the platelets together causes of planned stops the blood from playing out actually not a musical to plan for the country said brings the portions of the broken blood vessel together that he has a numerical for you to think about when it's clocking the blood at the point of the cuts with a gash of the incision one is the reason the blood will plot up as well have you thought about it is its party that gets bought the different communication through various cell chemicals but they're also very special substances in the blood which been talking an old hindsight sometimes reproduce the Goths in blood this was not in a bad system of the body has a system called from there like that takes break down those thoughts but the point where it is been a rough chat cut old hemorrhage the very local and vocal change takes place prevents us from being alternately you scoff phones within seven to ten days to fourteen days scatters gone healing is taking place and within about twenty one days to six weeks the skin returns to about seventy five percent of its normal strength that had before we all get the wonderfully enjoy your evening out of any questions if you take some time for some questions this point but remember that there are various specialized open systems specialized cells cells which communicated each other no cells muscle cells blood cells the various woven systems or of which are coordinated into the function of an amazing wonderfully made by the yes I space you could end up in the winter things which is when you look at shift workers is no question the people who work shifts have increased cardiovascular diseases and increased sinfulness and emotional health problems and especially if the shifts a changeable time people who were constantly at the night shift and they keep on at that same sitting all the time tinted just that we all of us have what's called the circadian rhythm and we need to be in the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness and we do need regularity is a that was established a number of years ago when home is on hold is already established and they realized that in Charlotte that is an innovation just before waking in the morning and rises and you find that the majority example of context about nine in the morning when the quote is all rises going up in the blood pressure is rising and getting ready for the day in the business of the day when you find that it begins to drop again and then rise again towards evening and then folded you go to sleep so you get this I phase important goals the Canadian rhythm and as one speaks it drops down again by three four five o'clock in the morning starts rising to get ready for that saw bodies work on and off melatonin system produced by the pineal grand the wakefulness the sleepiness all of that is systems and do you remember to maintain her entomologist is this video was produced by bodybuilders for the NAEP health Summit if you would like to learn more about it and maybe some please visit www. 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