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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 7

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 31, 2012
    8:30 AM
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I think before we begin by Kristen hands and for us to have a word of prayer you know sometimes it is possible for us to eat passing by as I said yesterday and my devotional and we may see somebody it happened last night that we were passing by and I didn't see somebody but my brother-in-law said oh I just want to go and give a dollar to that person and I looked and there was a young lady and that we went over to her and she didn't look like the usual homeless person she had a sign that said homeless but not hopeless she was twenty one years old she was young she didn't look as though she was inebriated or alcohol or drug should she was young in which I I said to what how do you find yourself in this position what is the what the situation that you're homeless she said my parents have died and she said my my brother who I was living with him to do things and he's ended up in jail and I was staying with him I know I have no place to stay so I thought this one could pray for now James said that somebody comes to you and says I'm hungry and I have no food and you don't do anything for them that's not enough seductively endless and myself we which are in a motel last night and paid for three nights in the hotel and the Janet my by his Pentagon check out to see what the true situation is behind all of this because we don't know what they situation but I thought it would be good for us to pray for her and I tell you a story that you have some bloody specific to pray for this morning against will go and see her in I hope she will be maybe for lunch or something and talk to she doesn't look like a badly you not she doesn't look like the sort of people that are being on the street for a long time she's young she's twenty one what about your education is what I have nine credits at college but should I don't have any means of way of finishing it up we wanted just to just try out the situation to see if it's genuine them and it's possible she could be noted big confidence trickster who knows but at the same time while we must be as wise as serpents we want to be is systems and so we want to try and seek to pray for her this morning and so would one of you like to take that burden on you and pray as a group appraisal group for the meeting for everything but also pray for that young lady is a somebody would pen name is Kerry 's neck Kerry Kerry let us just now heads and pray I want is to be a little more interactive today because it's easy it's easy to just get buried in the mess of the details that we want to talk to you about is a lot of material that we want to talk to them but in reality we have we do want you to connect to a just infected with a facet that initiative which is at eleven after sitting I would like us to talk about neoplasia what is neoplasia me anybody have any idea as to the roots of neoplasia do something yet you seek me out I'm Neo fight Torah Neo means new claims it has to do with cell division so when we talk about new neoplasia we are really talking about new cellular division were talking about gross tumors and even cancers now how many of you ever met a person with Jim Araceli about the gender that you knew about that she told us a lot of interesting things that you should issue the brain has noted no pain fibers taken actually operate on the brain it doesn't have anything and if in fact they often liked to do the surgery on the brain with the brain being still function because they can as they move they can see which characters that getting into which areas may be being damaged and they can present as much function as possible that by offering with the patient awake etc. said she she's given us a very interesting thing neoplasia though is not always malignant does anybody here have a vision the way of structure is anybody here have a Joomla! that is benign done in the knee sometimes received this statement tumors in the knee specialist on the ninth we see what a cool basis in the name do I look around but I think I am you will forgive me we'll got to be a family group you are looking around I'm looking around and saying to myself where is somebody that has a Joomla! three now I have found somebody here that has a gym right in the growth and are looking at Jason and I don't mean to to make him an object but you see he has here on his face this is Joomla! is not a malignant tumor it's a normal little epithelium the collected epithelial month it's just a little growth now it what you think it comes from it comes from the cells in that particular area thank him very much starting to divide more rapidly than they should so those cells have divided but they don't show the characteristics of a malignancy that is not a cancer that let's go and analysis of yesterday we talked about the nucleus of the cell I talked about the nucleus of the Salmi said that the nucleus of the cell it contained all the genes because all the capacity to create different tissues but it also regulates normal tissue turnover what do I mean by tissue turnout any ideas regeneration your regeneration which is the which is the organ that undergoes regeneration the most this game is undergoing regeneration all the time should I do this to say this not very not very traumatic I just blew away several hundred cells and when we talk about this can you understand this scheme is constantly growing to the shifts visited on the skin area that is also growing very far when you think of the skin areas yeah I'm wanting to participate today the lungs yet long as a country the digestive system is very very rapidly changing in fact every thirty six hours we replenish the lining about got everything except it is growing all the time and replenishing itself because there is there is a constant movement of material across it it's digesting material sometimes and I just live it at that digest itself when it falls off there so that process of regeneration not I'd like you to think about that for a little bit these cells on the fastest dividing cells of any implications for that in that you can think of in this area of tumors and growth the tone of the book with the Memphis of the mouth in if you cut yourself in a new monthly cut your tongue it feels very quickly so healing is very Foss in the G.I. tract because it is constantly being replenished that's why when you get your Brenda Rivest unless it's a very severe form of Colorado typhoid it is usually not a very long-lasting illness because it's cleaned out and the damaged cells but cleanup and bowel function returns to normal pretty fast in the area of cancer when we give chemotherapy when chemotherapy is given chemotherapy is targeting the cells that are growing the fastest most of them are incorporated into the nucleus of the cells that are dividing quickly and they actually destroy those rapidly dividing cells Chuck chemotherapy will kill cancer cells which I would than actual abandonment of growing very very rapidly but it will also on the margin of safety to kill the cells of the drug so often destined to stifle side effects are side effect of chemotherapy we will often see people have diarrhea the White House do we see in chemotherapy that until not cellular division well we may lose head yes because hair of course is growing old time tested and that's a rapidly growing tissue and a part of the skin we lose the head because it damages the hair follicles what else mouth ulcers people who have argued that often get novels because the mucosa is changing so everything is just a rapidly dividing cell and plus it's only one laughing so it's it's it's it's pretty easy to to to damage something else blood like these very rapidly dividing especially white cells are dividing and so chemotherapy well tell off a lot of about the blood cells in the division of the blood cells and then the person will have maybe a separate subject to what you love you what low you why can't we can talk about it again but what do you think below it ability to fight infection and so we will find that those people have a greater amount of infections so if we're talking about chances we would wish to document their lives give me a little bit of background so you understand some of the side effects because it is targeting rapidly dividing cells it's going to jujitsu that cancer is not a single disease single disease think it's not it's not a single disease why do I say it's not a single disease because each change to gives rise to different kind of cancer there are there are many many factors but cancer is a process the nucleus of the cell probably has at least ten genes that regulate cellular division it may be that there are twenty or thirty or forty that are controlling cellular division but the fact that if ten of them are broken you may process proceeds to cancel has given rise to the theory that many office day by day develop a cell with the potential of becoming a cancer cell but the immune system eradicates that before it becomes strongly established and said the cancer cancer is an ever present danger for all of us and it is present because the nucleus the genes in the nuclear can be changed under the day themselves are constantly replicating and changing and if there's an accident in the reproduction of the gene it becomes damaged and if it's a protective gene if it's been damaged in that particular cell and if you get enough of them if you get a group of ten ninety then it's possible for that to be a division or you might say well the chance of getting old ten of those in the rows like winning the lottery ticket and and indeed it may be somewhat like winning a lottery ticket but there are trillions of cells and they are dividing thousands and thousands of times maybe millions of times in a lifetime show when you have trillions of cells dividing millions of times millions of divisions over a lifetime you can see that it becomes possible for a cancer to take make certain accounts is a process that involves cellular division the questions will understand you yes we do we have to keep our immune system what else do it to keep up I he is the name that we talk about and this is sometimes we don't understand people always do we not only need to get antioxidants enough you get the vitamins that this is important to get you eat you get so forth when we start to look at the nucleus set the patient requires vitamin B12 it requires certain a certain B vitamins you in the Adventist health study they looking it at people who are different kinds vegetarians and they're wondering whether you get protected by being a vegan against heart disease but you make succumbing to more cancer that because the overall mortality seems to favor the left of this and what can it be it may be the B12 because the B12 is important in cellular division and it's important in the protection of the nucleus at least talk about an antioxidant what are we talking about consumer to explain what an antioxidant is not much to explain what they are not so difficult that's a difficult world yes ECI I want you to talk a little bit I want to talk a little differently but you're in the right I think you got the right idea to how do we believe oxygen we breathe and which is not oxygen air is eighty percent roughly not nitrogen and nineteen percent say oxygen and one percent of the gases so we breathe the ass and we get the oxygen from the air but oxygen comes as what what's the chemical formula of oxygen oh two one oh two why not just of exactly they have to charge so that they bond together to neutralize the charges said they can exist as a molecule but the action cannot exist as a molecule it exists as a free radical so the same as heretical so now I gave a memo in the process of Tim Nakamura killed by the optimum oxygen is released that afternoon of oxygen is going to look for some binding somewhere with something that will neutralize that Josh if it happens to buying in the nucleus it may disrupt some of these enzymes that control cellular division right and if it happens to if it happens to interfere with cellular division insufficient number of places then we might find it was so empty oxidants are protective felt to be protective games cancer now does that mean we can't totally prevent cancer no so do we run salmon I say we prevent cancer no we run a seminar saying we can lower your risk always remember we don't want the absolute nice to say to my children never say never and always avoid saying always I was playing on on on on the game but we used in a speech always and never the absolutes wears very often we should be using instead of absolute we should be using relative so we should be safe possibly probably often frequently and accept antioxidants reduce our risk but they don't prevent totally see now the question a the free radical because it has the child looks for something to which it can bind itself to neutralize the charge if that happens to be in the nucleus it may alter the normal arrangement of the nucleus and that by damaging so we shall we talk about then Mrs. and Mrs. is a free radical that's what this unbalanced charged oxygen particle is damaging nuclear material and that is a damage to the true genius it damages the genes that regulate cellular division now we have got one of the mechanisms on this article but a mechanism whereby cancer can not what do you think causes an increase in these free radicals auction is one and chokes worked back-to-back conference has toxins and chemicals that can do the same thing so when we talk about a costs immunogenic agent of cancer causing agent from that something that can also damage the new one obscure part radiation yes Actos or dentistry radiation get into but in health ministries we're always talking about protection so how do we protect the nucleus what what what is something that we do that office protection you mentioned the immune system immune system is often these changes taken place okay now I'm going back a step or two before that what can we do that will give us something to protect good nutrition because we want to provide anti- oxidant which we find antioxidants putting Barry Smith with antioxidants we sometimes talk about antioxidants as fight toe chemicals what does that mean phytochemicals fight till means plants and chemicals you some people think it's fighting chemicals to fight so chemicals plant chemicals that are going to oppose this oxidative process that I just mentioned and what some of those plans the colors you see the simple way to approach it is to look at when you see color on the plate you unnaturally project producing antioxidants that will fight against this oxidative process so give me some colors the origin is that the rates the greens and yellows is it so when you look at your plate it should be a rainbow diet seat with a full plate guy but you can have a full plate any could be just being it would be a full plate and for playback by the way is very good I'm not that when I'm sick website when you look at the plate he wanted to be a full plate diet but it must include assisting the Iraqi color so you've got the red peppers you got the yellow petticoat tomatoes you got the brown beans you've got big that the that the ricin that that that that that even is wiping my seven scholars note that it is a brown rice it's got many of those antioxidants so we look at our food we said we wanted to be as whole as possible and we wanted to be as colorful as possible and you beginning to understand we where we come from is this the prevent cancer Bruno is not going to totally prevent cancer but it's going to give us a step up DC it gives us a step up until that's why we say that we want to prevent no cancer the other genes and cellular division in a place have any of you had a relative die of cancer you have or how did they die and that died in pain but with pain from what whether the yeah the method that you have visited college essays one that doesn't cause as much pain as some of the others but but how does it kill us how does the cancer kills its grants where does it spread it than the chassis it may spread directly see it may just spread by putting its fingers into the tissues can set what is cancer mean the word cancer was the main crap any of the following is a look at this you see the zodiac was as I'm born under the sign of Cancer what is the that the creature that it's a crap and when they looked at cancer and they sold the spread of its fingers it looked like there was the body of the cancer and here were its tentacles are expecting to the tissue so they said that's like a crab it's a cancer spreading in the it isn't just grown locally that would be one thing but it grows and spreads how does it spread I'm saying crap see a beam the Cretaceous in a crustacean meet up again in the ballgame now we talked about metastases in each threads exactly these well to these things they can get into the lymphatics lymphatics is the system that drains the lymph from the tissues that sleep boost from blood vessels it drains that lose from the blood vessels back to back the heart in subclavian but it it it it was that that blood but if cancer gets in there than the cancer is drawn through the lymphatic and spreads to lymph nodes and through the book to the block if it gets into the blood these cancer cells that circulate in the bloodstream and they find a little place where they can set cancer can go directly but it can metastasize also by something we call trends see Islamic spread in other words got I got is inside at abdominal cavity and there's a surface a moist surface of the bow when it's moving across itself it's got a nice slippery slide the movement but that's a Spanish bank potential spike can put a needle and then blow blood up with with gas and in the spring the so there's a space and the cells can migrate across the surface of that stuff so we can get a colon cancer beginning here and it will spread across the cavity and it may end up at live or on our momentum on under the given its brightest vesicle transom so unexpressed to this business of spreading is made possible because cancer cells because of the G the nucleus at two hundred has to they lost the stickiness they don't hold to get we are very concerned with the general conference one of the major functions of the General conference is to maintain the cohesiveness of the world challenge we want everybody to stick together because there is strength in the unity of the church that's a big well why we go to different country your people to want traveling with but we are trying to create this feeling that we are a unified world church holding what because we want to be actually does it if we fail then we will find that we fly off in all kinds of different directions and the church will die it's important that we hope together appropriately now they break off they migrate and that is called Metcalfe 's decision right that's the word that you mentioned to metastases cancer is genetic in its origin genetic made by the mechanism that I explained but also you can inherit a tendency towards cancer anybody know of any genetic predisposition to cancer and leukemia it was thereon genetic predisposes you here you're quite right that the chromosomes Philadelphia ground is different if different different abnormalities and epigenetic previous pre- precursors but a common one that perhaps is best understood as breast cancer and that one we can remember than I love it because they know medical people very mentioned doctors are just so you know superbly imaginative and and they create lovely names up so for the gene for breast cancer they call it be off breast CA Cancer and they say it's BRCA1 and BRCA two so they could cut that have two genes that have been recognized that may predispose to cancer not everybody gets it carrying the gene will have the tents and when we say carrying the gene walking really mean usually carry a brokenness in the gene so it's not a gene that necessarily causes cancer so much as it is a broken gene that doesn't prevent cancer usually a sign of my brokenness a broken gene and that broken gene can be passed on down through the generations that's why we say cancer is genetic we mean it is regulated by the genes that transcend them all and I'm saying that every cancer is inherited I'm just saying that it is controlled by the nucleus it may be a mutated gene yes maybe a gene that mutated for that individual and that's what usually happens with cancer or it may be a gene that detected in your parents and then you got that Jean is still mutated and I'm because of the circumstances that surrounded whether it actually accounts actually happens because there are many other factors look at this in food at all what we call cofactors proteins factors that can damage date the nucleus a carcinogenic factor that you may find this hereafter no backyard and that comes wafting across the backyard especially in the summertime the smell of roasting meat we know that having a barbecue in South Africa they always say a broad slice that means that salacious flesh and bride is there then raising it take so abroad and then they decided that he needs they speak with this kind of accepted on emphasizing a little bit he bade them abroad not so good all that have any American ever BBQ and you can smell that I my name is on both sides that have BBQ 's enough stick out then I say oh boy somebody's cooking up a barbecue what is happening when they actually doing they are cooking the outer layer of the means and then burning brown and actually they may be overcooking a little bit at the smell is going in your smelling the smell of burning those little and meet issues contain hydrocarbons that are damaging to the nucleus of cells and that is one of the reasons why the Adventist health study as I shut you later in the course only when we come then is of white people that intimate have three six times more call on cancer than do people who vegetarians excavations let go of interest or be damaged they have three six times more if they delete and it's probably a lot to do with with these hydrocarbons and maybe has something to do something else of value by the minute but that's that's one of the one of the possible course now flowed beside having cofactors and proteins also contain fiber when it comes to bow fiber what does it do to phone for about one exactly it's like a grown you know if you don't eat much farther your stool becomes small and is currently very proud of a stool of those not got much dropped five in a book it who did his work in Africa he described the African stool should diesel logs bulky proud stools big jumps you see and those will be full of fiber on the side was doing us students at several things number one it was increasing the motility it was increasing the time of transit so if you had those toxic products like what the hydrocarbons were on the bedside is outside of the update of the broad place if you had that at any unit that you had lots of fiber the fiber SYSCON heart of the intermittent services under downloads it through and so the exposure time to the toxin is reduced by the five that's why that three six increased rate of up to three six right of increased risk of colon cancer can be reduced back to that of the vegetarian is that the main teacher needs at least four preferably a daily large serving of legumes so it puts the Adventist in the dilemma because do we tell the me teacher to eat legumes so that he can continue eating his mate while the ball or do we just say you must stop eating the meat you know we have to tell them to give the legumes because our number one concern is not that it becomes a vegetarian but number one concern is that he should enjoy health right and so we're going to tell him if you are a meat eater please if you can't give up eating meat at least eat big serving up beans every day to join other words it gently on automated skunk I just can't can't make it chilly with the put the beans in there so that you don't just have the beans to make the now of course we would like them to become vegetarian because there are far more benefits than just lowering the risk of colon cancer from the vegetarian diet but in terms of cancer I just want to talk about the cancer rights sometimes people set all to his inquiries saying you believe cancers increasing well we have more people so the actual cancer rates that is the number of cases of cancer the hundred of the population of four thousand of the population is actually being defining except for except for lung cancer in England there are few men smoking today then was smoking forty years ago in fact is dropped from about forty percent to something like twenty six percent and so there has been a falloff in lung cancer in men but smoking takes twenty five years on average to cause lung cancer and women for the last twenty twenty five years and fifty years have been increasing their rate of smoking and so the second most powerful care of women today is lung cancer secondary to breast cancer because of the number of women who started to smoke so although absolute numbers are increasing the rates the percentages have not been increasing of this is due to the fact is been a lot of emphasis on eating and having met a guy show some cases you can read this in your input in your notes some of the rights here in the United States not all tumors are cancerous attend an interesting story just to live in the class on the gynecologist of fishing gun caused the surgeons used to call me to come and do pelvic examinations they said has I think you got eyes on the ends of your fingers so I would do a pelvic examination I say you know I think this a little mass there on the right ovary on this a little user so they would always me to come and see them they are asked me to come and see a woman they said this time we don't want you to examine the exam of Constitution old one but we want you to consult with because she has she has some kind of emotional problem like a sexual drive and she's driving a husband is seventy six years old not that he was twenty six years old he would of thought he had enough forward with his bum in the bottom but he here is a seventy six romance Jesus my wife's driving me not she's got the sexual fantasies over time and she's really listen to think there could be something wrong with a address I should know I don't think there's anything likely wrong with your treasurer majority I think you got a looking ahead right because there's more sex above the neck down below the neck PC and they developed and sure enough attention to them she had a brain tumor that was causing this problem a submissive man himself to find Jim is everywhere but she had a brain tumor fortunately it was a benign tumor it was not a malignant tumor so that the neurosurgeons were able to pluck it out and it didn't have tentacles spreading into the brain it just came out clean just like the stone from my dream freeing it up each page that a freestone and just came out and had spread its tentacles into her bride said that was an easy trip because it was a benign gym a benign tumor has often act have to the pushes the tissues aside a classic benign tumor is a fibroid that we don't operate on five points usually a little five may be fifty percent of women once they reach the metaphors have fibroids of which operate on every fibroid we would be just doing it for money when I left my practice went to Africa the guy that took it up my mother noticed she should he's finding five virtual attorneys operate all the time you didn't seem to operate I said oh my I know what he's doing he was removing every fiber be confined as he was making a lot similarly when they went back to bankruptcy mail electronic book for me I would only do a surgery if it was causing problems of Washington consequently I was operating on fibers when they were the size of a basketball or or affordable and there would be maybe forty five origin and I would looking them out like picking up potatoes usually they would come out but they were not willing it Janice Wright said they would go in the pot and have a big basement but fibroids and seek a boilers up but have Bush not just joking but they look like potatoes or I will talk to Anita and the uterus when we put it back sometimes it was easy to just your hysterectomy but you women are different some some groups of women don't want to lose that you atrociously so you would take the fiber but what I'm showing is that there are benign tumors that are not in danger of killing them only if they cause pressure pain excessive bleeding dusk I think would we have to work on benign tumors now the study of cancer is called on ecology the children Greek and conduct a landless doctoral landless is his mother was great and he speaks great and it's it's it's always lovely to hear Doctor Lela Star because he would say your own costs and and and tell us that the Greek origin but oncology is the study of tumors the British oncologist to find a new place as an abnormal mass of tissue the growth of which exceeds and is in coal uncoordinated with that of the normal tissue and it consists this is important as this growth process is often the stimuli which evolved the change that's why removing the coal is not always the queue instead you can stop smoking but it doesn't necessarily revert the process it's a very important lesson force and health ministries because it shows that she is different from the coal is all different from prevention so very often in health ministries somebody comes down with a cancer and that person is going to say depression against all you should drink lots juices I've been funny if you take characters or if you take this special plant you take that this is so good please do it it's got lots of antioxidants it would the problem with that approach that prevention is not the same as killed under the logo my little goat used to ride a bicycle in the GG Road bicycle like this because she was not very coordinate she was like a father and sink just as she would go along the road the bicycle went this way in this way and every morning I would say just please be very careful when you ride your bicycle as you go to school because the traffic 's coming please don't leave around be very careful riding your bicycle if my daughter was run over by a truck that ran over her leg and broke it what kind of doctor would you think I would be if I came in I sure hope lying there with a broken leg and I said oh please because of how you write your bicycle the prevention is not the same secure shine health ministries and someone in your chart as a cancer that it's going to eat good food it's going to recommend that I don't think it's going to killing them and that's why in the Adventist church we say it's important for you to go and have the treatment it's go and have the cancer cut out well and take care of the situation in regular manna because prevention and cure a differently to get that she can't something a lot of of lay people in health ministries do not understand this is multiple foundations he you have to understand these very basic things if we are going to be able to to do this new place it is purposeless it doesn't it doesn't have any governance itself through it doesn't support the host it's terrible it's just growing doing its own thing the Chama represents the tissues from which it comes and has two paths it's got the structure in which it grows it also got the supporting cells simply look at this chairman received this this has over this here is arising from these selves aren't they look pretty similar okay but you can say it's not beautiful like that it's no longer growing in the latest which it was growing for its now self governing right it has supporting blood vessels coming and just like the other tissue blood vessels coming in its past five or so supporting it just like the others but it's doing its own think of we don't vacuum we would say that vacuum was well differentiated tumor benign tumors unusually well differentiated that look like the tissues from which they come if that fat cells home is a thick fibrous cells that I promised if the muscles of the mix was a big cock cock music drum sheet so we called they looked like the tissue that they can from a benign tumors are usually very well differentiate the poor the differentiation so the less they look like the parent cell that means undifferentiated the more malignant the situation is likely to be so benign tumors are going to be well differentiated malignant tumors are not going to be as well the French are not often and usually we can look at a cell and say that's thyroid cancer that breast cancer that's this country how many of you have ever met the patient and they say she's got cancer but they don't know where it started in a meditation like that why do you think they can't tell where it came from it does look like a family doesn't look like that much of boys they look just like the book is very similar to each other in fact when we look at photographs when I was six years old in the ten years eleven years about twelve years but actually look at the pictures of it he says that Daniel step is that rugby which which which one was that cannot be because you have to look very closely and and you can tell what they were wearing long run but look at because they wish they looked like they were family cells that look like family of a dividing them much less malignant themselves that you look at the minutiae can't tell where it came from just can't tell where that came from that's what we call poorly differentiated or am the plastic is a term that we use for that not that the reason that we talk about it and applies it is that it gives an idea sometimes people will say that had a prostate biopsy is anybody he had a prostate biopsy Monday I don't adjust anybody here had prostate cancer abdomen and one does not but it is if you have prostate cancer they will come to give you what they called the police and school they will say the tissue you know is much mother is well much Leo poorly differentiated that's ambiguous school that talks about the Gleason score talks about how rapidly it's crying help differentiate the tissues on several that is all based on the cellular characteristic my father died of prostate cancer as I get older and I keep to my peers and I still don't have it I say good because I have an increased risk of having prostate cancer because my father had prostate cancer but I just know that that's that's that's that's a lot fortunately prostate cancer come to regain old cellular something that a dive something brushed against it wasn't nice to die out though because it metastasized it went to his bones because of a lot of bone pain is not so much that you worry about dying and she worry about how you guys do about that that's the problem it's not the dying and and sometimes I said to myself I don't know yet maybe to dive a heart attack or sudden think might be kinder than to die the slow lingering death well I don't think that that I don't believe that's true you see I think cancer grow Lewis exponentially anyhow and so usually by the time by the time we recognize it by the time we recognize it it is stocking these very rapid growth so so I don't believe it's because we diagnosed did something happens here I think it's because the cancer was en route to growing very fast already when liking diagnosing cancer always like cancer has always been there long before we can find it as physicians the question is only whether we get it ahead of where we can store out we can kill a goal with with a chemical but it's not that we can you know it's it's usually fired not because one cell is invisible a million cells may be just a little tiny tiny little little bump somewhere buried in our body such as only as it gets to be millions and millions of the witch Doctor Felix is a lot but I'm going to have to scurry because you can read the rest of the sing and not an embryo a fetus develops from from from one cell divides it divides the divide at and it forms from place the embryo his embryo actually has three layers it has echoed which is the outer skin because of knees down which is the tissue in the middle of the test ended ended them here which is it it is in the center as the baby grows and folds that plate full so that the end of the lines that got the extra down forms asking and also the neural spinal column and brain and the mesoderm forms the muscles the boat so we may can says vacuum is attempted off to the tissues and embryological tissues from which it arose so we talk about soft colors when they come from tissue that wasn't me to demo meeting said Stockholm is all shock comedy off flashy because they have less connective tissue and we talk about an osteogenic sarcoma that's a bone saw or we talk about our grabbed out my own shop that's an muscle among the striated muscle tumor all we talk about a carcinoma if it came from at the feelings of the two and make it to epithelial as with the extra done and they were the ended up so we took the cost number of the we talk talk about carcinoma of the skin and so when we talk about the basal cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma often found in the skin and skip sunlight too much ultraviolet light is the in is probably indicated info and then they're all next humans I mean we may get mixed humans that have elements from the this skin elements from the maze of it so those weeks sometimes called an teratoma is always because they're mixed they've got the characteristics of old free tissue types and appraiser talked about differentiation dysplasia is often the beginning of cancer it's that the cells stop dividing smoothly and regulate him when we look at Pap smears when we are looking at people who are being screened for cervical cancer we look to see if they have if they have dysplasia and so is a gynecologist I would sometime to call plus could be Sunday looking at the civic and see Centenary 's visit as an NR biopsy to see what that looks like we would find these phrases and if you catch it at enough you can just cut that piece off and you cure the cancer before it even became a cancer so that's why screening can be can be very important that some tumors often functional if they are very closely related to the gym from which they came so let's for instance think about thyroid cancer that is producing as being very close to the cells from which you can it may produce thyroxine all you might find it too much in the adrenal gland produces an adrenaline and we have somebody who has bouts of high blood pressure sweating and two quart tumor end of the appendix may be a carcinoid syndrome is caused by a tumor that the crippled Google Chrome method two is producing various chemicals so we had these functional genomics something was in the particular treatment produce that may produce growth home on and we get maybe a benign tumor but it may be producing growth on some of these gargantuan basketball players that actually have an exit with a little tiny tumor in the project this made them grow so big and big boned with but later on they may die because of problems that are related to the growth home similarly people with Cushing's disease or may have a picture in the producing cortisol stimulating four months of said said they can answer functional tumors are our something else I've talked about fibroids are talked about local invasion we talked about metastases all right and there are pictures here that you can see we've talked about the riches spread talk about rates would talk about geography because geography also place for instance vitamin D may be protective against some cancers and so people who are in the northern parts of the less likely to form vitamin D so that being the case this new range of notes you'll find the cancer becomes more as we age you don't someways this this this educated eighty five ninety in the get the cancer was also worried about it because it grows slowly and anyhow one within a few and I object to the surgeons are going to hard detonation of the removing all kinds of tissues and everything on someone it's ninety five years old and I tell my wife if I reached that age and something happens just let me go peacefully and with dignity look off to me the Lord Lord is coming and when he comes in I don't need to be chopped up and spend you know ninety percent of the money that's being spent on me and help get when I'm ninety five years old is so that's that's just how we get genetics were talked about this in the nutrition I want you to understand the colors how important they are the colors the doctor factors direct contact of vacuum equipment it's all in your notes and you can read about this but I think it was important that we just talked these nitrosamines using the black part on the me its debts the Kansas state you don't want to well it's not it's not receive these of the nitrosamines which come from the protein shake and an brand is less likely to have it but it may have slight slight amounts but not like to meet me not like in the middle have been departing he said Ben's apartment that don't take it to you that's enough to give a minimum this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned I like to learn more about preventing someone please visit www. and I help someone .com or would like there was more green online sermons please visit www. maneuvers on board


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