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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 8

Peter Landless


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 31, 2012
    9:30 AM
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with a little bit about infectious disease agents now if only there that I want on you some questions I wanted to wake up think about men's and that oxygen is going to your brain now activate your thinking processes what kind of disease processes do you know about what you than the box I bought any disease processes you know we we talk about diseases and sickness and health and wellness and wellness one how would you classify diseases you've heard of one already okay you are diseased now that's that's how we feel that's good of what that's the question where can you get diseased with proper nutrition and you've got the activity you had the chief talk about the prevention crisis good eating is a very good prevention mechanism she's pointing the finger at you my brother always dangerous you said something about a disease process what inside the plays yet so and today it's quite a simple thing when you think about when somebody says I am sick I am not well utilized thinking and proper nutrition not enough grace which is very sensible and may be very wrong we stop thinking neoplastic would this be a cancer in the cemetery could this be a disease of information from the ten people were killed on the highway just enceinte on the on the weekend format okay dramatic good day had been unit about hemophilia you also questions about genetics and cancer what's another prices and related Terry genetics makeup Bali what is diabetes it's a mix of bodily disease what is metabolic disease we it's related to how the chemicals all prices in this one specifically should finale thinking someone is not well we think of certain processes neoplastic inflammatory we think of trauma thank you you helping this aging brain to get along metabolic DJ degenerative diseases he squatted next nine degenerative diseases and then not all related to the degenerative diseases are becoming back to that question again lifestyle and way of life is Sydney it can contribution to the disease onto one of those diseases again if I guided ten invades another tanning bidders on a look on the look on you not send nice and all of Canada instead of the vague paleface saw been attending big two to three times a week what am I getting it cancer melanomas and lost at the the American mythology society as it has made this span the Mason and reasoning Doug got them nowhere it happening again to the sun etc. so days that components a genetic component they need the other thing what happens when you said initial sending it to somebody and they got hot on the standing thank you you standing in a line in the in the line and this one behind the next four minutes already font make ourselves more than that I it's terrible in pictures in Texas agents and parasites and yet that's one of the most common thing that we face one one infections do you know about this one very big infection going on throughout the world right now everybody's talking about it HIV and AIDS brought HIV and AIDS it's infectious is it preventable with condoms your heady five distinct but I did want to but how is it presentable available one hundred percent exactly within the marriage relationship as God intended it to be having relationships as they working and as it was in pain tell me about another major infectious disease which is killing thousands of people every year met in the area the costs malaria and then mistaking people 's lives in the Bay Area infection sixty percent of the world 's hospital means occupied by people who do not have x-rays to clean water and they get convictions on the experiment of the gastrointestinal naked gastroenteritis they vomit they get diarrhea in pictures diseases and then run many times there the from the sum of the rear ones yet everybody talks about milk and mad cow disease did you know that milk and mad cow disease in the diet you have milk does not cause mad cow disease milk is not who mad cow disease to anyone who tells you that milk cows milk causes mad cow disease is fairly new and untruth just remember that but mad cow disease can come from eating fish foods which are infected with a certain kind of infectious agent called a prion and I think there about a hundred and twenty cases of most described around the world and then you will find very serious people coming in saying to you you drink milk even if mad cow disease and its garbage it stressed it's not true a weekly setback and remember that but it's just the way that people like to be seen we talk about integrity when we talk about health ministry integrity 's theory four because convincing the monitors that I speak to you the truth and yesterday we talked about evidence -based injury evidence base so if I tell you something it must have been evidence -based and that they must be treated so what do you remember me again repeat this as you beginning to know us we read the things because we've been teaching for much of our lives it would have been teaching students and residents and colleagues and our wives and our children will teach you and outpatients and the one of the things that's very important I'm still within the firing line is to repeat the nascent site you will hear us talk about infectious and congenital acquired infectious inclement treatment of Bobby genetic its intransigence over the and sunny objectives knowledge to understand the name the broad categories of organisms that you think human beings it's another they're all organisms that cold some of these diseases however whether you eat how we exercise on credit of the public to go to that told you about that and that one of them is gung ho you know again how is she just goes for a briefing and works hard handguns and exercises and not quoted in the evening and she said I'm just about to God 's exercise of the top ten of my switching thinking about the deck this is wanted to talk to Jim is quiet and go to the gym and I went out the monotonous and genetic distances your sleep architecture that after they had this conversation now carries on the theme gets a call stops exercising for five days carries on with a lot of salt gets another call in that we need to look off your body because we even if we live healthily health for the eat well exercise well neither raced well otherwise we get the infections more regularly understand and able to explain the major reasons that life expectancy has greased life expectancy has gone sanctity and parts of the world life expectancy has gone down I come from Africa they are pots of Africa like Botswana Lesotho and South Africa with the average male life expectancy was sitting roundabout sixty seven as now is not dropping to forty two one Bob is appropriate assigned this negligence on this make sure welcome because of HIV and AIDS hunger disease and preventable said gingerly because of good sanitation public health with seeing that life expectancies getting upset and diseases in getting this still face the military as we spoke but the gastrointestinal problems we also still see an interesting the nominee because there is an increasing HIV and AIDS is an increase in tuberculosis TB has gone on onion patients with HIV but in general he seen a resurgence of tuberculous and it's also geographic we thank hazy for example following the vessel hates he's probably the country which needs the most help in the will but following the flooding in the design that took place in infections in which the infection came out very clearly in patent you remember which one cholera that color I see this a certificate of good you got in the understanding of infectious agent cholera is that his is one that you hear about is another disease that you wanted to think about and that is one who is encoded not bad for you you can read about that sort of problem and of course when we talk about infections we have to remember that that there always then we can prevent infections I want to do stink consciously when you got back to your room tonight or the softening whenever all before you eat your food what should you do I delegated reluctant to shut me has been how many of you do that the review is available upon myself to walk and my rent might have happened in my handler and origin I think I'm than it does not think now I must rush my parents and sorry and Apple and peel the orange so I want one of you come yesterday off I wanted to show me ECGs you can become a cost that I need to do it in my current work in and become like showing involved in more medical lifesaving and a medical mission events are all the better he started his training now now I want you to show us how you wash your hands before you all even better off keeping the ball is so independent of each other mention any shirt and some water on it getting there I'm watching to see how you doing that you can walk again and how long do you do that in the twenty second okay now and to show you portions of your hand and I know I'm being a little unkind and that's the way I he missed this he missed this portion of each and every time he does that in the United and you know it I went to guarantee that many of you do the same thing you know we do this and I was is watching that I know you shy in front of people these activities that when you wash in our new disturbing to you and your bigotry not finished yet and he done under the Trinity submitted watch our hands and he said the twenty second highlight a note about twenty minutes or twenty seconds because on uneven how long I watch I know that I been listed as long as I should a case that we wash our hands and we make sure we get right into the façade ride into the in between in the wins of the fingers then we get a clean man named week right all the way around and then we rinse them carefully and how long should that be can you sing or the financial the witnessing how long you should watch your head had been the day to have the day to use had been the day he and Ray have been today to you okay you to stop thinking so much and then when you're in a public washroom the studies show us that the probably did get ideas thing to talk cheese walked the path to force it okay so viewers should settle to dry your hands and then we go to the dole and free beaver than being to the walk-through for me and they washed their hands and they that good old sides nice if you can take a paper with you I could tell a dry paper towel with you and you know you didn't come here to then to wash your hands did you yes you did you did it because washing your hands is going to make a major difference in the in the spring of human influenza and the common cold someone could remember wash your hands you cannot increase you may get some of the id. one now I haven't picked people and I like little kids into it in making this and they come to the positive in some of the adults again this to and they come and check deposited I pray for the cost and you know when you can Neil Posner a big fight even given the bottle of hand sanitizer that he can than season ends and shake anybody's hands now therefore in thing you'll feel better he does not did it in the public place that people don't feel bad because enough is enough the component I baptize and the document is something I have the privilege of being ordained ministers and so we had the privilege of marrying and baptizing in bearing and doing all those things but under the floodgates being in the baptismal font with a lady who often I'd studied was angry baptized to ever had with like a baby cannot sink I didn't mean to upset you one what is and what isn't that the decision I haven't had had in years on H I V positive do you get HIV from hiking usual do you get HIV from washing somebody's feet be careful that they not open sores on your hands or costs that you don't get it from that set important to remember your point is extremely well taken provide the hospital with a bottle of hand sanitizer before he comes to shake everybody's hands and off the exit we've seen that we've seen the sonority on what are we talking not me talking about the actions and how they speak they sprayed droplets they sprayed in coffee cup with the drop in touching in fact the importance of washing hands in a high walk along those lines yeah and I've said my food as it was a good poisoning outbreak at Florida Hospital if he has been and they traced the source to a set of who had washed their hands and in the spirit and it was great to so many people everybody came along the came along the Nathan Hale Inn it's interesting one of my things I enjoy doing and sometimes I don't enjoy it is understanding people this is what we've done on our lives we've examined and unzip people we look at them we see them I watch how they woke to see if they've got a neurological problem in fact it has sometimes you can sit and see in the next at all citations omitted that are in cardiac failure I can't sometimes be the right they agree that nothing will will problems here I sometimes watch people getting out of the washroom come in and not because we got recent in April gondola the world and they come in they do what they do and they go out and watch the hands and then they go and they say themselves and may take food into myself set partly in important thing about this understanding in fiction is how it thinks your daily living and by washing hands I be careful how you sneeze when you sneeze is aware under the gun it's much better to do this at the copycat is not a very common but if they do then I think the Johnsons but you followed the way we need to work with having Downing fiction in the workplace in the schools it's right there thank you thank you for bringing it Saturday this time I get to play games for a while in the case that infectious diseases many of them are preventable and many of them all terrible but a number of them are not curable HIV and AIDS is not the free medications the high E active antiretroviral therapy hot increases lifespan increases quality of life but it's not hearing set many are preventable many a curable and it's focusing much on the prevention because that's what washing hands does that's what the way we deal with one another the way we caught the way we sneeze etc. interesting it is Christian and yet at absolute zero it we'd travel all over the world and I think the one of the things that worry 's needs are not traveled through areas exactly thank you for that and it is where we see the pain in the bookshops and people coming to bias and I see the flies flying in and out and I think to myself or what one of business is in another festive gathering you see in some thoughts of the world we are so spoiled if they cooking maybe well and said that hot and unwashed they hand the Johnsons of getting an infection on this but the problem is that needs should be well refrigerated it should be handling the clean Nana cigarettes that he wrongfully needs to worry because cooking does not always solve the problem and we advise people when you can bring it even in your tiny environment you cook it will you be led it was wash it before you eat it and that's those a principal sign in clean water in water and she can we face another day recently a important issue in health ministry not everybody lives with a consistent attack and outcomes the clean water weed out people who walk a mile or two miles carrying water from a stream and then they washed up in the big drink of they had no other source of water in it and they clean them and that individuals from any good source of water from the sewage a Grady we need part of our mission is not any tinpot knowledge but to see how we can teach people food security water security how to clean water the simple ways of cleaning it up filtering it out adding iodine tablets old chlorine what emerges is good to make a difference in semi- seated in the mid-19th century when people Ignatius Sam Levine showed that much by watching hands they limited the transmission of infections doing what they would gain him again from the postmortem room again to deliver a baby and wondering what people were dying from infections and then off the Semmelweis tested list and call show that training this was helpful in limiting the spread of infection here we coming to evidence -based they showed you wash your hands is a result decreased infections in a space during the time crime he and Walt Florence Nightingale the mother of missing shows entertaining this make a difference in infections but it is any nineteen seventy that infectious diseases really became recognized will be infection control became recognized as a discipline and not feel that in most hospitals that had been in fiction control they got every day through the hospital see what kind of infections of being diagnosed it is an increasing one Sydney area of the sitdown conviction of Tron find out why that is that way HIV and AIDS big they will also give an instruction that if they were to relieve themselves they should go outside the Canon and very then Eagle NASA and interestingly the God who created us and people also gave Moses other instructions he talked about circumcision on the eighth day yesterday we talked about blood and blood clotting and why do you think it's on the eighth day that the baby should be circumcised as a religious thing in Iraq at that point in time the blood clotting is is optimal is maximum the time to do it we are pivoting wonderfully made and we had been given instructions we give we follow them we will be based so we can have lots of knowledge we can know all these things but what I want to did not get a talk little bit about this in the devotion tomorrow as well knowledge does not translate into action even in our island personal lives and we have such nice people or less we would look so nice and we smell nice when people came in to an analysis saying that telling everybody this morning put on ginger hand cream I really I smelled that I wanted how I spent the ginger and green ingenuity smells nice and they looked so nice and they dry and clean and the is the heartache inside of a unresolved struggles you know they'll could submit something this morning from status across page sixty eight and we all surrounded by an news via of grace which is really available to him and I pulled out my status across not read to the race tomorrow morning because she saves and tells us not highly misread the knowledge of the atmosphere based but he missed about going to do the work in us money must have a knowledge of all in fiction and how to prevent it we must do it people don't have access to safe clean water adequate sewage systems and when with good public health these infections can be decreased to seventy stories Doctor Henry Sans worked in a hospital just twenty miles from where I worked in the in a town and just by they had a project with a started to get clean water into the villages and how must it be the gastroenterologist drop in the hospital clean water clean makes it even the prevention we talk about prevention of HIV and AIDS and important be to remember that there are certain on the bacteria and the infectious agent said we would than we know about that our offerings inside your body inside you'll gastrointestinal tract for example you have a little private zoo you better little brother is a living writing found in the begin of that you didn't like it that you are isolating your friends we notice and inside there are bacteria which are very helpful effective there is some bacteria nominate in your car along you can't absorb vitamin D vitamin K your comment will absorb the vitamin K Gorgonzola vitamin K you can't make clotting factors if you can't make clotting factors you will be so those little friendly bacteria in your bowel on there for a very good but they are old and I'm talking about the friendly ones they live in peaceful coexistence with you it's me when your immune system is impaired that they begin to take over they go through the Arab Spring and they knock at the doors and they break down the wall of the necktie of the government and kill the patient they remember that they are micro organism populations in your body and the spine all our wonderful approaches and because of our wonderful approaches opinion is sought we live in equilibrium with the equilibrium peace the numbers arrived the time is right the Association 's Street and we don't think about the many things among tribes and the immune system is not broad orders too much sugar floating around the bloodstream in diabetes and we start getting problems restarting fungus appearing on the race of a meeting under the alms in the groin because the immune system is being overrun so is a good collaboration between the two innocent conditions and situations when it functions in the last moment need than others and then union compromise patient and methyl amine and upholding from then on the little about it now even have an animated that John H IV doesn't listen it's directly off to lunch now I can be directly before each seller hold onto your seats because you may really have a great time with that HIV often adjusted out to lunch you did not sleep that HIV with it gets into the cells and decreases in the immune response and you see how does that people do have that start getting infections from diseases and single it was even about but when the body 's resistance immune system is impaired people who had trounced box I had been the loss knocked with a wonderful man and a wonderful frame is headed in the trunks again as I look at people I was looking at him through the eyes of both a friend and physician thinking to myself about the medication he has to take to prevent rejection and that puts them at risk for other tenses for interconnection for both sending from twelve patients antibiotics are antibodies bad and of course the sidelines remember before penicillin was found people with the operating fronts Berlin faction is on the framing came along discovered penicillin and admitted with made a huge difference some of us have maybe alive today because of appropriate antibiotics and may be abused at absolutely seven showing well anything beyond you need to take for the required course all in rheumatic fever for example it is a prevention you need to take it for many years at the next and you hated that injection and I would have exited to absolutely and there are certain situations we given over a long time it can make a significant difference and before he came along as people died web we weave that if you are but it needs to be is appropriate to rip a stimulant Doctor meaning given in providing the venue because for a cold it's fourteen days with antibiotics and two weeks without sites and make no difference the body 's defense mechanisms of tonsils adenoids lymph nodes those glands which get enlargement you have a little bungalow you have achieved this you feel that the ending lodging lymph nodes right throughout the body you have the time to switch behind the fiery and become sufficiently dysfunctional as we get older but the finest is helpful in that priming the immune system the spleen is part of it inside the bowel we had a special lymph lymphatic tissue school I has patches which help with the infections lymph nodes lymphatic vessels bone marrow one of these up on on our immune system compensated in the call yet we having fun the skin is an amazing battery beautifully done inside your mouth their mucous membranes inside your nose there are boys which the bacteria in the end the end the debt that goes in Doctor Handy science has a grandson who one day was sitting on these that and looked up as an sick grandpa is in a spider inside your nose as of the areas that are very reprinted and what the little boy was saying his grandpa 's union of friends in Alder then one will spot his and you is in your knives it lacks checks the foreign met stomach acid important it's the people who don't have good stomach acid they get far more tuberculosis seen that patients who have political eggs only did they have that problem the fact that we need to into account that is regularly drink lots of water that the urine flow going into the sunset day in for the next twenty four hours into your better when you need to direct very important keep the flow going what is at the mako the immune system you can read little bit more about it and then you'll see there are various kinds of open is viruses bacteria fungi prions all kinds of infectious agents and then there all as well as that they are parasites at parricide by definition is something which comes in and lives of someone else and doesn't pay any ring doesn't any contribution just comes in and takes the lives of all the organism when sending millinery is a parasite that there is a better and it kills its host and wide lives thanks haven't comes into the house effects of the long states in the TV room thinks of everything and ultimately this destroys the whole price rudiments so there are number of things for you to remember there are various types of infectious agents from viruses to bacteria to women's want to share with you one loss thing immunize nation and that Ellen Oscar Grayson is immunized nation a good or a bad thing it's advanced resistance good resistance that it's unanimous it's good important helpful need it doesn't cause autism no candidate complications is do we need to be careful in the way immunization is done EA 's does influenza immunization make a difference to the infections that are around yes should we as Edmonds is Chris I'll be immunized or is anyone on this media was used by bodybuilders for the NAEP health summoned if you would like to learn more about donating some please visit www. we help some .com or you would like I was more green online sermons please visit www. maneuvers and on board


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