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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 9

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 31, 2012
    10:30 AM
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well good we've got just fifty minutes is an ambition to open it within to be talking about it so far that we cannot comprehensively covered in fifty minutes I remember and have remembered the development of the understanding immunization and we used to sit and talk about discovered raise a new fact and we have moved over the last forty years in the understanding immunization said today there are so many chemicals in so many people are getting PhD study tiny tiny portions of the immune system so what is the immune system the immune system refers a little a little bit more specifically to a role-play by special elements of the blood duck to landless talked about skiing how that is a protective barrier in asked saliva there are enzymes that may kill bacteria not two years there are enzymes that make kill bacteria but the immune system that I'm going to talk about today has a lot to do with what we called Shield world and cellular immunity so the object is here out to affirm an understanding of cellular immunity and confirm our understanding of humoral immunity and to give or offend a basis for immunizations I'm narrowing down to the very specific areas of immunity festival we have to understand the white blood cell the white blood cell is key to this type of immunity that you take ten cc of blood putting the text you spin it around in a centrifuge she may be an old-fashioned hand in one of your mission hospital or an electric one if you're sitting in a in it that you send here's the blood in your centrist enough you will find that about maybe forty percent off the test tube is packed down to red blood cells on top of it there will be a very thin lab like the cream on milk narrow than the cream on the button that is cool but Buffy coat it is white blood cells that have packed down on top of that and then above it would be a yellow fluid which is about forty five percent cost to the blood and that is plasma and liquid which contains proteins and other songs but that white blood cells that form that Buffy coat of what we're talking about on the white blood cells are many different kinds of white blood cells but the white blood cells that deal with immunity and the old human immunity but the deal with the cellular immunity often called granulocytes if you look at this particular if we look at this particular cell here here the nuclei which is a job densely staining base acrylic staining that school who think here we see inside the cytoplasm of the cell all kinds of inclusions these are granules and we call these granulocytes because of those granules granular cells these are packages of enzymes that can be used to kill bacteria and they do that when they engulfed the bacteria white blood cells are different from each other there are different functions that the white blood cells have so old that we as a group white blood cells they are not the same actual they are involved in it directly destroying viruses and bacteria and some of them also produced and debugging antibodies are proteins substances that wrap themselves around foreign proteins or empty genes so these two words and key generals and antibodies these are very important and empty gin generates a response and the entity body is that substance that is produced as a response to the antigen so when a measles virus comes into your body nobody recognizes it said half and this is the measles virus and it produces antibodies I think that particular virus when the body cells are stimulated to produce antibodies we produce an army of experience cells know when you go a look at a non- meaning goes to war different factions of the Army do different functions and as they gain experience they become more efficient access that Marina is a working the Marines will go into the character and they become more efficient as they were that think that if you've got a group of the telling of experienced Marines they will do better than the inexpensive as sales have met the particular infection they become experienced by producing and they can rapidly reproduce and produce more of the particular antibodies showed in other words the process of immunization is really backed up inducing experience to those sell those that deal with that particular infections are about six million groups of white blood cells the polymorphonuclear cell is about sixty two percent I don't if I corrected this or not this would this was not quite great guy corrected about sixty two percent of the cells on neutrophils about two percent of what we called eosinophils about four percent of what we call basophils now you notice that I'm not saying the polymorphonuclear basis of the polymorphonuclear neutrophils the polymorphonuclear veil or polymorphonuclear that means that the nucleus when you look at it isn't a round bowl but it's sort of segment is cut many by these new see the picture and that we have the basophils which represent about four percent then Lucas is not segmented but is is round and that we have monocytes also have a round of the other we have lymphocytes and plasma cells which make about twenty eight percent the lymphocytes and plasma cells are involved in producing antibodies the other cells are produced in killing directly killing eyes and invading organism such as a virus or bacteria and also are involved in killing tumor cells so when we talk of cellular immunity would talk about these cells appear when we talk of humorless we talked about those that are producing antibodies but they both work together much like the Navy and the Air Force work together because they have both of them carrying on a function of tempting the body you I know that's lasted a great investment picture book yes they don't end up with a hundred percent if you look at it so that that's what we did these are approximations no biologic system is exactly sixty two percent or something like that if you want to go back you can look at the percentages it's not it's not as much exactly the way said note the date they very and when we collected from different source regions one groups at about four percent of the notebook to present work but when we put them altogether they didn't add up such a snake this since approximately like and this is how it is these are approximately like that that's why we put approximately a P okay so you know there's a range of what it may be no macrophages macrophages what does macro me the day I took my daughter for a particularly wet that I I I rented a car a range of the Mazda became up to a fairylike medullary move and go take the ferry across the lake and so I drove up there and at and they said you have to go and get tickets I went to the notice of what he got I said I go domestic so she gave me a ticket to go on when I can't put enough the mandate he said this is not a little cod dishes from a car is over the rest of the trip we were saying when driving in a grown day enough so we had to pay a little extra goal Luther Grundy means of macro or dysphagia me what is five things that provide stage of it he he he yes fabulous fabulous as they like to eat is the great dentist in time because he knew that I might have difficulty telling the south side of macro plaque macrophages make each others seek these guys on the big Egypt and they will swelling tissue and they are long-lived and they eat a lot of bacteria now the function the white cells the monocyclic granulocytes are involving eating bacteria the lymphocytes aboriginal produce everybody it's a very interesting they don't really have a direct role in immunization of platelets if there activated they will cause a transformation in the protein from fibrinogen to fibrin and when that transformation takes place the protein instead of becoming a disturbing soluble it suddenly becomes insoluble forms a plot clocking fighters by a role in sometimes and trapping bacteria in tissues of pot I'll think of the process of certain bacteria stimulate more of that reaction when they have certain enzymes that the cluck cluck them together so that the insincerity extremely complex situation that we're dealing with it if you believe this could have happened by chance you're out of your you know had because this is just so complex now we have lives that we have a back to the various things on the south of it would go to the cell wall various carbohydrates with the various protein these may be seen as the mockers the defined as these are the empty gin these are what stimulate the body to recognize look at you the particular characteristics of your face will help you to recognize you is slightly balding your eyes go like this with when I look at his eye I see something to relish such a mustache his nose is a little different shot from your niche Jim is not different in different money look at this one slightly round using those characteristics of the shaft is what makes themselves recognizable to the immune cells and so they find these these differences and they identify the and of course we get licked in all antibodies and think when they coach that particular particular characteristic they hands-free capacity for the cells to eat them just like ketchup makes french fries more teachable show the antibody make some of these bacteria more interval on using this just as an example that antibodies looked like this mechanic chemistry of an antibody is amazing I mean they make this to unravel this don't see many LaBarge they talk about the light chains of the heavy changes you like like Jane the heavy check then I had to find out that they were the you know it was a pad type of immunoglobulin in the talk of his IgG but they found that if you get five oh six of molecules like this we have an IG and in all kinds of things are being done untold and just the very overview but you get the idea get the idea so these types of antibody can be produced in response to the to the infection of granulocytes those are the cells that have those granules so that all that neutrophils is in the Phils and remember we talked about the the the base of filling up granulocytes that will lost in the bloodstream about four to six hours when winning the lost now in constant motion through the body should they only stay in the bloodstream and that will be replaced just like the troops in Afghanistan may be deployed in Afghanistan for three months but it doesn't mean that they're not in the Amin would come back to go to for brag of the gun where the show they go back through the tissues of the Navy for a guys in the blood and blood but the Navy for five days in the tissues and then as they eventually died now lymphocytes keep circulating for weeks or months and some strains the family of lymphocytes go for a lifetime that's why we may have lifetime immunity to if we get immunity to say measles that will be for the rest of my life a family of lymphocyte that are mainly those fighters that will live with it with it within us for the rest of my life and should we come across measles again that family will sharply last ability and exploit a population explosion of those lymphocytes that are measles kill it so those websites are going to live with us for the rest of my life a family of slain offense is going to be in a population of lymphocytes we are fearfully and wonderfully made all perhaps that is just right it all happened just by chance give me a break you see if you don't believe there is a God what other explanation can you possibly come to them they don't understand that evolution is in their thinking because they have denied the possibility of a God but if you believe in the possibility of God that which is most neurological to say he planned all this if you don't believe in a God then you are less straining at gnats and swallowing camels up scientific possibilities these are such fog on possibilities we are just giving you a touch of the trillions of trillions of various things that have had to happen for them all to have happened coherently its chances of wining truly of course why they say why it took so many years it had to take trillions and billions of euros to protect what they hoping that by extending the timeframe over which it took place that this was the reason this will allow for this just taken place not realizing that if I do in the event took place actually in the to go the child is that we have to process like these lymphocytes doing body with that particular strength for that long is it decreases so should it becomes very very difficult for isolated mutations taking place in different parts of the world to coalesce and come together even if you make it over trillions of years it's going to be less and less likely that that would happen but it we always looking it red cells and there's the white cell this would be a basic building nice round nucleus so you see these cells on mobile they move them we begin in biology often by looking upon water we looked down then the microscope only see an amoeba radio seeing an amoeba through the microscope destination and the one of the main level moms by sort of slowing it certain extent is itself and then it flows into then it all fills the gap alternate moves by the next shoe to podium we call it it rules by flying into these extensions of itself again say for instance a Paramecium Paramecium have any issues apparently shoot animation looks a bit in shape like this because it's got a lot of little sillier and sillier than the repair and it moves like a cat like a Viking ship enough with the paddles being that the cilia okay what blood cells that have an immediate wide action they have this a mean boy didn't move like the amoeba and they also can squeeze through little spaces so they found a little crack in the push a little piece of the Democrat will be going through the crack and then the rest of inflows and little piece on the other side of the crack it started to swell up just to swell up and hit the other on this side of the crack of the guinea pig of the undead gone through the spaces between the cells so that's how they get out of the blood vessels into the tissues Texas between the tissues they flow through my dire ID six one now they are also attracted by chemicals there are scores and scores of different kinds of chemicals released by cells that will attract these infectious agent so let's imagine we study just just quickly leave that the tyranny of the PowerPoint and end is safe we heavily don't seem to have any doing don't have pens met today for the drawing he was educated in the gut of mocker of God later you write enough you well let's see if it will show up but you basically we have any invasion is nothing to show but we have the invasion of tissue within microorganism this microorganism damages tissues it which has its has toxins so the little microorganism so small we can't see it yet it starts to produce a few toxins these toxins are going to damage the tissues of show the tissues and cells that are around here with all these like cells like this at the South they suddenly say I all all all how do they suck that they shafted by releasing chemicals and the chemicals that are released they tracked these cells and the Celtic in this tissue calling for help that so immediately that comes in these these are the cells and when the cells come that they say a guy with a need reinforcements were in trouble here so they these cells release of chemicals the chemicals dilate the blood vessels these chemicals also open the poems between the tissues turnout we starting to see more blood coming into the area now we're starting to see the separation of the cell so that the more fluid can come to the area and we have begun a process that allows now white blood cells to come there and if the white blood cells come in the thousands now the millions now the trailer now we've got unloaded shells we might have posts starts to form in this particular area because it's a collection of white blood cells if you take a look at under the microscope it's just sheets of point sheets of these immune cells show the inflammatory process the inflammatory process is a protected process that is sent in order to destroy these invading micro organisms and to protective mechanism and all of these things the calls for help from the cell the opening of the authorities so that more blood can come the opening of the little spaces between Sadat visas can take place the influx of the cells which released both the subject and settling false ones yet we all went down here in the child ran into trouble in tongue toenails dry any of you your definitely shafting them shouting it in chemical language and watch a coordinated process continues now not only is this taking place in these cells that are going to get killed the bacteria but some of them coming in and they say I think there's a conspiracy going on among those bacteria we bet amount that so the Secret Service delete the plasma cells and the lymphocyte assay we need to produce a systemic of onslaught against us and they stopped producing antibodies to type shoes with ten days for an antibody to be produced from not having any antibodies before ten days to maybe two weeks that's why if you get influenza and you haven't had that little bug control the illness usually lasts a week to ten days and as the antibody stock to rise so you feel better I had an infection in my throat at the day I looked in my throat I shouldn't do this but I don't myself something and I look and I said I'll greet I must have a Coxsackie advice I could see the little musicals on the back of my throat my wife's think tank antibiotic said notes of viral infection she said well you know in my dress I don't feel very grown up and go to the office I don't spread this around the office she should want to take any medicine I said because of the better in seven days she should work well will have united that I said it's a viral infection you watch and sure enough you know on about five day session I think I'm feeling a little bit better on the six-day she said all you looking and feeling a lot better on the seventh did you know I'm going to go back to the office I don't think I'm infectious anymore I've already got my antibodies and I was feeling good it's the process of immunity now the phagocytosis I talked about it at and we will move its selective it doesn't eat everything only eats those that are recognized as far as this process of recognizing what to sell and what is not self is something that takes place in the embryo the thymic gland newborns born with big pharmacy in which they connect for the babies and I think why got some big Jim whether you have it if your pediatrician you been told that's the finest and it shrinks over time but the thymus has marked out this is normal there is a saying there is a phase development of the embryo that it doesn't recognize the difference between itself and something else so that actually there is the possibility that we could take another cell strain and put it into the embryo and it would grow that and the body would then have two strains of self we would talk about somebody who is a mosaic they have two lines of cells and are auric Connemara twins often have exchanged some of the cells very early and they will carry genetic drift from the other wants to show this ability to recognize self and nonself it takes place about for five months in the embryonic development and fetal development that we recognize that by the time went on we know what is our 's and we know what is not class and this is a very important thing that we call this macrophage in the monocytes as notice is the reticular endothelial system displaying the screen which is since about here in our body is a major major filter and clear up of bacteria it is the major organ of the reticular endothelial system not only does it clean up bacteria things are red blood cells it excels at getting too old was starting to be fragmented the surface is not prevent irregular than not smooth any more they start to recognize this cell is dying the spleen with the symmetry book for that and it will take care of it cleans it up and then it passes along those products along the portal system to the liver and deliver text those broken down product and makes bilirubin and Billy button which are the color of bio so when we see the bile and we see that that that that that the yellow and the and the red coat thank you so much and we see the I was offering of the bio we know that the screen has sent it along to the live another livers very careful they are very good they recycle they say we take out that we don't want that I would take out that globe and we want that globe and because that protein when we read reprocess that the body recycles but that is that the billions in and barely related note we don't admit that go out and actually puts into bile salts and things like that and they actually help with digestion that shall at least put to good use what a beautiful beautiful system so when limited you got a have an enema every day you start to think you know really how much do they know about the beauty of creation comes to understand how fantastically made we have to be so the white blood cells I told about them and how they have it they will release these chemicals I simplified it for you it's in Europe it's in your audiobook and and it goes through that is enough those planet important role in killing parasites it seems that they can actually control even wounds and missionaries come to Africa it was a wonderful mission he did fantastic work he organized the whole village for the people who have had leprosy in the handicapped he had been doing handicrafts out then you couldn't was the most wonderful thing that used to want to swim in the river I said to the man you mustn't swim in rivers in these rivers have snails in there and those snails they are the intermediary host for schistosomiasis a new get schistosomiasis now he was in Australia we do water skiing in the water we sweetly ski South fossil managers versus yesterday though the water we just think about fail never been will get us unfortunately had eighteen months later we had to send back to Australia extremely ill because the parasite had invaded his blather and is the closing offers your journey had been in his belt but those parasites if you didn't get to have you go to the live that that is NFL's most surrounded those shelves but what happened was those parasites coming through your skin work that way through your blood go to the bowel and to the bladder and then the male woman the female will copulate and she lays all the eggs in the eggs migrate into the bowel or into the bladder and then the eggs go into the water and then as they mature in the water they attack the snail and they go through the snail and finally the snail excretes another form of the parasite and that's the one that can go through the skin I need it just see us will now and so this is happening but that isn't filled with surround those that need be long day from hell does what will ultimately and baby ones the young woman to woman and killed many of them but not able to contain the whole thing so isn't it felt very important for protecting us against against Harrison Meza fills release heparin a substance that makes us of the blood doesn't clot and allows the flow of the blood into these inflamed areas if they release bradykinin serotonin of Americans are chemicals that are doing their part in this now we do have the innate immunity which were talked about and I'm not going to spend a lot of time we talked about skin care is not used up on those in spite of his nose the oldest kind of think there is this type of basic it is immune of protection but it's not surely immunity in the way that we are doing now acquired community as opposed to immunity that is passive maybe remove born we get some antibodies from my mother so for the first six months about life we are protected against diseases she asked for talk now what we find is we are going to acquire our own as a pediatrician I sure several cases of the disease called Bruton 's regions syndrome or disease is a very interesting disease it was a disease that was caused by any new neurological problem they and immunological problem they could not produce antibodies and these kids were exactly like people who we see with AIDS today but there was nothing to quiet deficiency this was an immune deficiency will talk about after lunch we'll talk about HIV efficiency but we acquire immunity by those shells that I've just described being able to do that work it's specific it's so specific that if we can identify clearly what the empty gin is it got me no Edward Whitney if we can take the antigen and make it very clear we can introduce a specific topic to NT boggy response against the antigen so let's take polio for example there are about three forty three strains of polio virus treated by looking at the podium they were able to selectively find that what parts of the polio will cellulite three of the empty bodies and so they were able to then put those together and give those to an individual as an injection under threat of and as they started using live viruses and sometimes they would be an outbreak of paralytic polio response to the vaccine articles that called everybody who was against vaccines to set and I live right on jihad and and she got the disease usually they were trained ones if they will but they then moved to the killed vaccine where they would using now the elements the parts of the coat so for instance what we would do if we were wanting to immunize somebody we might take the photograph of your face and circulate the photograph in the body so that when when the real person you came along all your face they said we've seen that photograph people we recognize him and show you would come in and they would arrest you immediately because the wanted posters were all around everywhere shut immunization is taking the empty big auntie gin which is similar to its that it may be positive at the same as you but it's like you'll saw the rock but putting that into the body and the body now recognizes the real thing when the real thing comes along and got the it may be like saying there's it is in the lymphocyte and the plasma cells and it is in the family of the lymphocyte and plasma cells that one as they have switched on and taken that would make into the nuke you know written it into the nuclear we must produce this particular type of protein think of the complexity of this I think this is phenomenon that they've taken that taken the photograph and they've taken names in the donor reversing when we talk about it is a given and it's got to blow your mind to show what they have done they invade now a producing a protein substance that will bind only to your face they won't like to my face does not get a face it knows you off thanks because we've taken your picture and put one kid on your picture now maybe sometime you come along and infected and it takes a photograph of your face admitted takes them right date for it to be able to fight off the infection that you'll face is causing in the body but once it's gone in and got your number does you off but you know along comes your clone which is the that the virus a year two years later no way to work because it's already met you now I bet you get the disease all we as doctors say we know this family this guy didn't inflict any of you guys but he has the potential to the gotcha photograph we take your photograph and weekend jet your photographs into everybody and people now know they say one can we got the traveling you come along and try to infect as they say you wanted and they can't let you see that's how it works you you know they they divide see they divide that they think they make more of themselves and the Purdue proxy and then mandrake is passed on to the progeny to show the memory goes to the project it just keeps putting it actually some of these protections don't last forever let's take chickenpox seek chickenpox I had chickenpox when I was about either eight or nine years old product that little monks in way you can find you chickenpox very that you just got so chickenpox okay it that he said that he sent as a you get the little list is in the nice cabin you pull a scam often get little scar your but but as you get older that virus has not been actually kill the virus has been subdued that Cyrus has been controlled that viruses being pushed down site 's root it is one which is run like the Philistines before the children of Israel to the hunting season and its hidden itself and it hides itself within the protection of note cells and it sits there quietly no just like students it sat quietly waiting for its occasion of it's not going to it's not good to speak out in the church today because he knows it might be thrown but he wants to sit there and this is just a little bit that unit sits there in ourselves and then when the antibodies as we get older and older and without hunting buddy levels fall then the virus says ha ha and it comes out this time it comes out as shingles that the zoster it's the same virus that causes chickenpox in this when we were kids you think that our immune system is what getting old isn't so strong to surprise and that's what they've got a vaccine for shingles missing inaugural fifty five without you you might do well to take a shingles vaccine order to send viruses that the viral boost your immunity so you don't come damaging that would protect a hundred percent no because you see the antibodies on a hundred percent in eradicating that they only able to sit for a sick so that's what sometimes vaccine doesn't give you hundred percent protection because it depends on how effective the body is entitled to eradicate their father and we can't eradicate we don't seem to eradicate the virus of chickenpox culturally but the picture you question you never had to go now let's let let's look at that is it possible down there several possibilities number one you may never have met the chickenpox virus when you were a kid and as you got older you would just when exposed to nothing it's possible there are people can live and I'm not meet these particular bars number two it is possible that you had chickenpox but your immune system was so good that it really never manifested itself as a full-blown disease he had wanted to live but I didn't know you had it so they said you said I never had to adjourn the sub clinical infection of chickenpox that's another possibility but let me let me give you another one of that possibility is that sometimes you receive the chickenpox vaccine now the vaccine is not the real virus it is the photograph of the virus right but wanted poster is been ingested so your body may then have had some chicken box but if you rather get it before it could cause chickenpox as you had the real virus you could be at risk for shingles but if you have the vaccine the vaccine was not live to see the vaccine is not better looking in the system and cause you to have she's not going to be the real thing that is the photograph shows this is how in the immune immunization program works that we do well to remember had walked with Jim 's amendment first started this whole process of vaccination widely quoted vaccine nation because it comes from the fact what's a backup of a child who never got all right you know not the sheet this is in fact finish he noted he noted that smallpox which was a very common disease was not seen in the milkmaid as frequently who had been three little legates still I was sitting down with that head into the flank of the cap off and they were milking the cow 's because hours sometimes got a disease called cowpox and said that milkmaids might get cowpox they might have asked so it was a scriptural whole body it would just be just be maybe one so on it would last for ten Dominican have a habit again but they've have had a history of acquiring the towel box box it takes observational skills it takes putting two and two together and when Jonathan 's milkmaids they get cowpox and then they don't seem to ever get smallpox I wonder if there's across relationship between the cowpox virus and the smallpox virus so he took some of the cowpox virus and scratched it the stuff of the past from the cowpox sores and put them into himself I go to show that Ashokan who are then he exposed himself to people which will looking never got the farewell I think my strongest and so they started giving cowpox virus to people and that's why we said he vaccine naked then he joke vaccinia virus which was the virus that caused cowpox and he put it in himself and you know from my mom when I was a kid she appeared the sky they did the same to me they scratched in sound sound vaccinia or capital into my and I didn't get a soul there but I never got smallpox and neither did anybody else who was vaccinated and to get a smallpox is annexed Inc. is a thereon only samples of the original virus kept in three Barclays in the world only three largest in the world one in Russia one in America when Britain have saw both of the original smallpox five ethical to talk about biological warfare with now come to the point that we don't think it's necessary to immunized against smallpox because there is no smallpox and I very occasionally somebody got this and scratch themselves ahead and immune deficient and pretty shifted looked like they got smallpox from the vaccine warning may be ten thousand and twenty thousand people so we didn't give vaccine to people with eczema for example we said no you don't we won't get you because you could it could spread over your body that was not smallpox that was vexing but we eradicated the disease with vaccination today outbreaks of measles outbreaks of polio they are only found in small clusters in people in name nations in areas where the immunization program has not been successful so I hope you understand that there is a difference between the vaccine which is that one can post and the real dog but many people believe that vaccination is the process of putting the criminals in the body is reporting the wanted posters in our body not the real criminals I think I'm going to finish it at an entrée question that you might have you hepatitis is not one disease hepatitis means inflammation I just means inflammation of the liver and there are several viruses that cause hepatitis the commonest one is hepatitis a that was found because of contaminated water contaminated foodstuffs where the virus was be on the food hepatitis B is transmitted more likely in glad so glad can spread it or sexually transmitted can be spread by sexual transmission of hepatitis B is one that can be spread hepatitis C is similar to that spread to hepatitis B then there are things like advertisers G Douglas H rare forms of hepatitis of the craft traveling in or around the world he died of I believe it was a hepatitis G which is an unusual very red contact we have a vaccine against hepatitis A and against hepatitis B now many mothers carry the virus hepatitis they didn't immune system up against hepatitis B sometimes nobody can eradicate hepatitis B sometimes it doesn't eradicate sometimes it suppresses it like the chickenpox story nowhere is just suppressed it the person doesn't have clinical disease but carries in their blood hepatitis empty gin still that doesn't be entered then babies can get infected and so we immunized babies born to mothers who are hepatitis be antigen positive at the so they don't get through the book the breast milk and they don't get it from the mother hopefully if they haven't already got we want to build immunization but because we never know that the hepatitis virus B a B C has been totally eradicated we will not take blood from a person who has had hepatitis so I had hepatitis as a child I had hepatitis probably if that's and that will net my blood they will not receive it and take old so if it was an absolute life-and-death situation summaries that you die and we were not then we would give my blood and I would willingly give my vote but we wouldn't give it on normal circumstances because it's a common serenity mongrel type of person of positive philosophy of positive who didn't have hepatitis so why would we take the risk for somebody if we could just get that kind of blood so you understand a little bit maybe now about immunization about the immune system we were talking a bit more about HIV and AIDS often much and yes we there is a whole family of diseases called autoimmune diseases or turning south automatic self and this comes from a problem with that recognition of what is self and what is not self has fallen apart when that takes place the body starts to target itself so for instance in diabetes type one diabetes the body makes antibodies against those insulin producing cells the beta cells of language hands in the pancreas and it kills them off so having killed the cells that make the instrument the person is now has no insulin and this is another reason why we say be careful in your health ministry we can't kill all kinds of diabetes with diet and exercise and I'm doing those kind of things up so don't become just so radical that everything is black and white there's lots of gray in between and so we can we want you to be very very judicious and gentle in the way to deal with people because maybe by going through this course you will understand the things maybe more playing through them sometimes frightening moment is wrong this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. again I help someone .com or would like more training online sermons please visit www. audio reverse it on 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