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The Death of Legends - Part 1

Steve Conway



  • March 10, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him so want him and him this student commonly coming to you from Detroit Michigan and down I bring greetings from my family my wife camera and are so children Israel Abigail Gabriel and Angel to be here and I'm sure he would love for them to be here in your life will be better for meeting the as mine has been for having them to be part of it but that churches are the Detroit Northwest church in the Cherry Hill seven-day Adventist church good to see you and them yes it is good to be here together thank you for the testimony and thank you for the music as well hits together I thought Oregon we are so thankful for the privilege of life health and strength we thank you for motivating us to be here today and we ask that your Holy Spirit will continue to be with us as we look to ever important topics we pray to father that our hearts and our minds will be guided tour you happen to be that you would help if you want to hear just what he or she needs to hear in spite of me in Jesus name amen the death sentence and had a few people out last night and we began talking them around this thing the death of legends did you know that Christians have alleged I'm not house on you know someone saying they found a piece of John the Baptist 's femur bone or someone saying that they have a piece of the cross or someone has one of the spikes that was driven into the flesh of Jesus but we nonetheless have lessons even though they are not of that particular type so I want to talk about some of the holes in my the grace of God we can see the death of them in our time together as a story that comes down for the past popularly regarded as true but not verifiable so there are many things that we believe and accept even as Christians to be true even though those things are in fact not true at all the time that we are children learn what impresses that we punish my son Gabriel was here he would know how to impress you I knows how to make certain faces and sounds and performed little and six Central positive attention last appraised and the most important of all things candy as we grow we we find sonar ability to perform on till we are known for our particular act we play the part so well in so long that most of us become lost in character this is deadly for us as Christians because what impresses and garners up two fouls with man is not of primary importance with God we are in the eyes of God takes precedence over what we do Saturday sample of this tragic example Saturday February the eleventh two thousand and twelve Whitney Houston died at age forty eight I remember I was talking about this at my home church doesn't know people some of them turned and so was Whitney Houston and I knew I was able that is used and died at the young age of forty eight and that he is young she died on the eve of the Grammys a party had been planned for that very night where she was to be featured as one of the brightest stars at her feet Whitney Houston was the Golden girls music industry from the middle nineteen eighties to the late nineteen nineties she was one of the world 's best selling artists she wowed audiences with effortless powerful and peerless vocals that were rooted in the black church but made palatable to the masses the pop scene success generator beyond music to movies where she started hits like the bodyguard and waiting to exhale she had the perfect voice and the article goes on to say and the perfect image she had the perfect voice and the perfect image handler career just became a stunning cautionary tale of the total drug keeps home sales plummeted and the hits simply stopped coming once a random image was shattered by a wild demeanor and bizarre public appearances she confessed to abusing cocaine marijuana and prescription drugs the last pristine voice became raspy and horse unable now to hit the high notes as she had during her prime nineteen ninety two Whitney Houston Mary Bobby Brown a musician with a completely different image which shocked many but he was so certain of their true personalities were not as far apart as people may have believed this is will him will him to stop letting somebody be calls you have different images in a body and I basically come from the same place somebody that you deal with their image that's their image as part of them it's not the whole picture I'm not always an assessment down on antibodies Angel I can get down and dirty I can get raunchy battling her addictions in Houston was in the midst of what many would call the combat 's untimely and tragic death is a life apparently so preoccupied with her own religion but I believe they killed her as I said more time into repairing her image as she invested into actually being repaired as a person I'm a musician by the name of Jim Morrison says most people love you for who you pretend to be good love you keep pretending I found this eleven -year-old pretense is true with antioxidant image that was when he used the wrong was Jim Morrison now I want to consider today whether men and women who fill our history books are they not feel the stories of those lines cables moments of brilliance despite their own personal demons to Houston and Morrison understood that despite all the faulty illusions we as human beings crave he rolls this is why we continue investing in what people see and what people think rather than what God sees him thinks him released tools to be self evident but I only and are created equally and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these rights are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that's okay for the opening portion of the declaration of independence written and signed by men who owned slaves it was a moment of brilliance that wasn't who they really were history books apply them and tell us that indeed this is how we should remember them I have a biblical example for you as well as someone who was sidetracked by their image attempted by the name of soul how many of you are familiar with salt people about them one last night in first Samuel chapter ten verses six through nine the Bible tells us that's all experienced a change of heart the Bible even though so far as to say that the spirit of God poured out upon Saul and he prophesied with a group of profits in first Samuel chapter eleven Seattle experienced victory over the ammonites however at first Samuel chapter ten versus thirteen to the Chapter thirteen verses one through ten Child is waiting for the prophet Samuel you remember he's been instructed that he should go and he should wait for seven days the prophet said that I'll count now the soldiers apparently didn't get the memo some of them are taking off and hiding in rocks and caves and others are actually joining the ranks of the opposition will seize this and feels that the situation has gotten out of control arrange a soul salsa is worrying me an animal so that I can offer a burnt offering intentions I believe very well-meaning intentions so I want to solidify and galvanize all of his troops and so he offers this by offering calls that's what genes do James take charge genes that allow the situation to get out of control when Samuel appears and ask what he has done so all behaves as though he's done nothing wrong with the main unit one who didn't show up when you were supposed to know as I supposed to do in first Samuel Chapter fifteen verses seven through twelve God has given Saul he's given him a test another test that he will go and to destroy the Amalekites set goals to discredit Amalekites accept this as the chain of the Amalekites and that any also spares along with the people the best of the flocks are not sold to just wanted to disrespect God right now so Gail was acting in harmony with his image usually change the war and they return from war they have to have trophies and we got was one of the souls drove in the best of the flock so little and offer some of them to God and the rest they would act also installs trophies Samuel shows up again says the new dollar we went and I don't not perform the word of the Lord I did exactly as always will what is that sound you hear him people him and him this is disregarded by God and I must confess that I felt kind of sorry for so and that we had two shots as Danny Ezell quickly but there the night and brings another true delight first Samuel the fifteenth chapter in there with me in chapter fifteen after the profit Samuel is the most stubborn rebuke is twenty four twenty three he says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord he also rejected the from being king now what should sales response be at this moment and ask you all Bible believing Christians should sound how should we respond to such a frightening statement simply put he should repent it should fall on his knees and plead for the mercies of God as to how says that the Samuel I've seen it seems like he's on the right path doesn't transgress the commandment of the Lord thy words because I feared oh oh oh oh no no no you just messed up the business is now blaming the the full 's him blame to rest squarely upon us is very essential repentance the only finger-pointing is done at one's self because I feared the people and obeyed their voice listen now therefore five twenty the part of my sin and turn again with me that I may worship the Lord and Samuel said to Saul I will not return with the for the house rejected the word of the Lord and the Lord hath rejected the from being king over Israel as Samuel turned about to go away Samuel is usually solely hold upon the start of his mental and rent Samuelsson and then the Lord hath rent the kingdom of Israel from the Thursday and have given it to a neighbor of nine that is better than thou and also the strength of Israel will not live in orbit then he is not a man that he should repent him say it I said he was beloved the tragedy yet outer mean now I pray the before the elders of my people and before Israel in turn again with me that I may worship the Lord thy God childless Thomas Samuel there is nothing you can do to change God 's mind about your being rejected SJ SL mouse all cost of the chaste and he gets to what has really been filed supreme importance in his mind all along Samuel you can allow me to go out like this that will do people think they say they know that God has rejected me just comment let's play church for the one that's doing the people 's something so that they can steal believe in me as their leader less patch up my image one thing that everything is all right so I can still look good in the house of the people saddled to realize God is just rejected you in danger of losing your eternal salvation as yet what consoles your mind is whether the people think that the people think any of you rested Judge Salton quickly likes all the Internet about what people think about little children on Sabbath morning to check out the gaze of the Almighty God is concerned with your reputation amongst the people of God then you walk with them who they are all supposed to be worshiped to this question today you want to be eulogized I hope you thought about that I looked at me strange letter you want people to say about you when you die you know I've attended funerals where people struggle to say something nice about the value that was laying in front of half a dozen people were scratching and scraping the think of a lollipop that it been given at five years old or something kind that this individual had done no one wants to be eulogized and called a racist and I was to be eulogized and have someone stand behind the desk were near their casket and say you know that he or she really struggled with their sexuality and identified in accepting God created them to be for most of their lives him as him I want to hear is that about him he or she may really a battle with this honesty in and they really stole up to the last few months of their life wants to go down like that he or she really never fully studying the Bible as much as they wanted to was one of his or her greatest regrets not to come to know and love Jesus as he was revealed from the Scriptures outlined that and after many those things are true and I want people to tell the truth when we're going to win where law is to be seen while we are living as we wish to be remembered in our death for our good qualities and attributes so you and I are not too much different from sample so much in fact may I then with joy to admit we as Christians I believe today are guilty guilty of treating ourselves that we're guilty of building up our own images in the side of people instead of trying to do what is pleasing to God now in order to accomplish this we are guilty of treating or he roles even biblical new roles as the secular historians treat the figures of history between cross over minimize and just plain ignore the dirty laundry of men and women in the Bible on no no no you say you win all the sports and levels over then again if I were to mention the name of Abraham to you you should immediately go Genesis the fifteenth chapter of the Bible says that he believed God and he counted to him for righteousness what he believed in the Lord and he counted to him for righteousness the first example the first beautiful example and living illustration of righteousness by faith in the Bible which the apostle Paul uses in the New Testament in the components in order to teach about righteousness by faith how many of us don't see a room there looking up at the stores and has no descendents at that time believing the word of God and having it counted to him for righteousness whose mind is a race to the twenty second chapter of Genesis where Abraham stands on the top of Mount Mariah with a knife in his hand ready to plunge indomitable just of his young son to the voice of God interrupts Abraham Abraham do not lay your hands on your son how many of us don't see Abraham like this is the apostle Paul pictures in the Bible says he considered not his own body now being northern deadness of Sarah 's womb but was strong in faith will see that many of us do when we think of Abraham but we don't see Abraham as a selfish and self-serving individual emphasis chapter twelve Abraham is on his way to Egypt and he looks at his wife and says mind you notice you are fine I thank God that he's given me such a beautiful woman as you know sometimes beauty can be dangerous having you around looking as good as you do there are going to feel me relapse tell everybody will my sister is doing this now I life will be preserved now tell me who is the man of faith looking out for is looking out for number one and and and here is how foolish idiot how anything that this plan was alert and I want to kill you and still are in they know you were Mary now all the more reason to take our sins your only siblings out at him when he takes no as with her and has a son in Genesis after seventeen the Bible says that God actually visits him Israel is about twelve or thirteen years old at this point in time God visits Abraham and tells him your wife is going to have a son her name is going to no longer because of ride but several your name will no longer be called Abram but Abraham and EU to go have a child listen to what the man of faith does Sarah 's that Ishmael might leave before the managers Albert Abraham a miraculous powers something supernatural the likes of which human beings have never seen and a run Abraham says no thank you God I would rather you bless my works as a blessing on what I have created and what I have done all that it can you believe the audacity of Abraham to play this spring think of them and then starts at about his son Isaac I could go on by the way on Abraham without his son Isaac Genesis chapter twenty six four seven he comes to the router lies to Abimelech SLC just my sister and after a few months past cc and whispering sweet nothings in the ear of his sister in a memo like that in a minute something is going on here Isaac now whenever we talk about Isaac you generally hear about Isaac and Rebecca don't you send nice and sweet all these Biblical principles about love and in all all who has invincible workshop where Isaac and Rebecca are mentioned and the ladies are taking notes and are sitting back is no hard he knew that I will be doing that stuff is it meditating praying in the field Rebecca was fixed on serving others in an living this type of light all this wonderful stuff you read the rest of the story I had a horrible family right has been favored ones on the lifesaver the other they didn't communicate well the husband was one of blessed the elder son Esau and he was hiding it from his wife S one hundred make a marriage work right analyzing goals until the younger son Jacob to goalie and help them to see the file as a premarital massive match not so much as in the twenty seventh chapter of Genesis 's retirement to give the blessing to Esau Lindell God has prophetically for widows wife told him that the elder what sort of the younger meaning that the birth White would or should be according to God 's direct is given to Jacob he knows this he also knows that he Saul has disqualified himself from being able to receive the I think I'll see as Mary Jane and women he knows this is in time and constant hardhat and this will immediately double against the wheel of God how can this be the same I think the one mount Mariah refused him wrestle himself free from his father that he chose to allow himself to be laid on the altar how can these two individuals because I know there is a story in the Bible have been Rachel Arnold Manny needs usually begins the week in the NFC is so beautiful and and Lehman says hey man you can have for seven years working for me and insult minutes as worse as seventy years because God is not mocked whatsoever a man so internationally also read Jacobs is what he had been dishing out to see the human slides leader in the wakes up the next morning I'll bet he needed some seriousness is realized that the manual has been pulled over his eyes and says hey look to the open doorway by the IG Rachel and he worked another seven years as well Rachel is what the Bible says so on hand and accepted the market and essentially committed adultery not another one I is for the lessons of his grandfather had a friend Sarah and the same I didn't quite work out did already heard that the judge that because of the NSF we tell a story because of law and allows doesn't cause you to go against the Commandments of God Jacob should've received when he got in this the Bible says in Genesis forty nine thirty one that letter was very Lee is very where Abraham and Sarah are very well Isaac and Rebecca are buried by Rachel the one he loved is buried on the side of the road apparently Jacob came to realize that God really really and truly recognized his first marriage to consider a throw in the fact that Leo was the one who was fragile and gave him the most children the one in fact when the Messiah came through I say we have legends legends that surround fancies and calls us to think of love and sweet nothings when the Bible says nothing about such things as of these individuals are recorded in sacred history not so that we can create a mosaic of their good deeds and say I want to be like that now so that we can create a collage of their moments of brilliance hanging them on the wall for us to a nearly daily and recorded rather to demonstrate that throw their strong weaknesses through their strong weaknesses they were empowered moments of brilliance is a amazing that a self-serving person like Abraham would be willing to give his silent the Senate promise some nice is amazing how abstinent person like Isaac at one point in his life was willing to lay his life down a fitting symbol of Christ is amazing that Jacob willfully knowingly break the commandments of God because of his emotions and also wrestled with God and refused to let them go until he received a blessing from God this is the disheartening portions of the lives of these individuals should not discourage us but should rather encourage us God can take your moments of brilliance in my moments of brilliance and calls them to outshine our moments of both Henry and foolishness so that had the universe remembers us because of all one of Billy 's terminology but like Abraham Isaac and Jacob my life is field with more moments of shame the moments of glory and I would like to be remembered as one who preaches the gospel I know that the record books in heaven and the record in my mind tells a different story of the letters never has to know and you have to know that moment of brilliance forever define our lives this is certainly one of the Scriptures most undervalued some emphasis that one moment of brilliance John chapter three verse nineteen Jesus says this is the condemnation and light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil Jesus makes one choice that all human beings must face a choice about accepting or rejecting him as your mount Mariah that's my night of wrestling by the job world that's it to accept Jesus Christ as Jesus is not a life moments of brilliance that we had a life with complete absolute brilliance from start to finish my high points three points perfectly billions from the cradle to category learning is just as valuable preoccupation with our own image will keep us from accepting Christ as image good friends we don't need to waste time building an image to garner the applause either human beings don't have a heaven or hell to send this to the question we need to ask ourselves is this guy at least not good I like my time what do they like my some of my hairdo is at least when he looks at me in the world can be displeased that God is pleased when he looks at each and every one of us nothing else matters chat sessions the characters need to die when we legend that is used please do not start investing in the image with me to start investing in your character before the potentate of the universe is within close rise loving father and our God secular and sacred history I've been littered with the examples of those who sacrifice themselves merely to be worshiped and applauded freedom pattern on the back by mere mortals we desire today that she will rescue us from this sickness below may we find I will greatest hero in Jesus Christ and Mary Jesus Christ so infuse us with his life and his power to live for no one but him I pray this prayer is that I ask that you create he recruited a generation of people who cannot only be real before their God and to be sincere and honest before one another I terrifyingly shop we would be different than many of us are in fact fighting the same battles but because we're too ashamed to step out and has been criticized for strong weaknesses no prayer partners we find no accountability partners the one who can share how you have given them the victory him very same things that we need this to be real not only with you to be real with each other whether this PR experience is the lesson that we learn the stories the precious stories of Scripture in Jesus name


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