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Jesus Methods in the 21st Century, Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 30, 2012
    10:30 AM
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father in heaven thank you for the opportunity to study her word are excited about the principles of God is given is worried to help us understand how to grow churches that are active allies spiritually vibrant so as we continue to study guide us we prayed in Christ's name on first session we talked about the difference between principles and methods what's the difference between a principal Annette principle is what internal and scope so that supplied all times and it is universal in universal in scope and eternal in time so if it's going to principal Internet appliance or places all times a method may be successful in one place but it's not as early successful in another points were looking at principles in the book of acts that enable our churches to rapidly grow for Christ and we been identified as we've gone through the book of acts five of those principles the first is churches grow when they are spiritually renewed the second play churches grow when members are equipped and trained for service thirdly churches grow when there is multifaceted broad-based outreach fourthly churches grow when there is intentional reaping and fifthly churches grow when there's nurture we spent quite a bit of time on the spiritual foundation what is revival how does revival occur we looked at the renewal of a prayer life in a local congregation and how that occurs we talked about the value of prayer we look to Jesus prayer life we studied the importance of a renewed interest in Bible study and how that renewed interest in Bible study can be manifest how a leader cult leader can initiate renewed Bible study in a congregation we talked about witness to revival occurs when there is renewed prayer renewed Bible study renewed witness as we looked at that we asked the question the question we ask is what can I do as a church leader as a pastor as an elder is a conference administrator for spirit spiritual revival in a local congregation what I was pastoring a pastor for a number of years we often spent a lot of time with our leadership team I continue I would invite them over for Friday nights which study the Bible together to pray together I would like to ask this question which leader is in my church do I need to share my vision with who I thought who can turn this church around in every church there were those five eight ten people that are the leading change agents in the church subtlest asked myself the question Lord who is ninety to share the vision with who is it that I need to broaden the base with and so we spent time with our leadership team for a often we had retreats we took our people key church people aside to pray to think tradition to stream what God wanted to do we kept asking ourselves the question how can we provide a spiritual foundation that would be the foundation of everything else we do so revival and churches growing to revive secondly churches grow when members are equipped and trained to serve what is equipping its the recognition that each believer has been given gifts by God as a means of Christian witness and to the specific initiatives for each church member to discover and use best their gifts for service in ministry I said before congregation I say to myself this congregation is the body of Christ this congregation is the body of Christ have remember here has been given some gifts by God my role as a pastor is to help them release those gifts discover those gifts and use those gifts for service if that congregation is thirty five members every members and given some gift by God if that congregation has a hundred members every member has been given gifts by God gifts for service that can be released sometimes you will be in court and police apprised what gives people add their latent within teams holding a cooking school in Worcester Massachusetts and I noticed this Wilmington every night it was a cooking school in a time that was in the winter and this homeless woman came in she had a will at Hatfield pulled over her head she looked kind of bizarre frankly she came in she didn't have enough money to register the cooking schools only letters sit there I noticed that after the cooking school was over she would always go to the trash can and look for left over food that people are thrown in a trashcan put it on her plane departing our point-and-shoot league held evangelistic meeting she came same homeless woman sat that that he and Ellen I think very much that you make very many responses about six months later I came back to that church was at an afternoon meeting rain afternoon program I looked over at the PNO and I saw this woman that I didn't recognize playing the piano beautifully I said the pastor who is that anything you should know her she walked into your wife's cooking school with that woolen hat over her head and I about fell over this woman was homeless cheerful and on some hard times but as a child evidently had taken the piano lessons and those shifts for deeply within her she continued to come to the Adventist church she eventually was baptized and became the canvas for the use department have free person has gifts within the given by God and our role as a pastor as church leaders is to recognize that every believer has been given gifts by God as a means of Christian witness and so my question is that I ask myself how can I most help members understand what they are gifts are discover their gifts and provide training for service Elton true blood the great Quaker scholar made this statement he said that shortage of the twenty first century will be like a mini seminary the church of the twenty first century with a committee seminary it's past will be again and classes we help the members to discover service he said we've come to the point where no longer the church can be a place where we on using Sunday morning we would say Sabbath morning to comfort the comfortable and people just sit I was traveling through Africa and often in our my travels my travel on representing the seven vanished church we have a legal protocol meetings so will meet vice presidents or will meet heads of state or leaders of other denominations and just to show when administered daily I was on the island of voracious and I was invited to come and meet the arch Bishop of the Anglican church he was the key religious figure on the island so we went to his palatial a statement is a little different than most administrators would live in and that I was ushered in through his retinue of people and finally came in and sat in his office log table table we sat there and as we talked we made friends we began to talk about with the conversation I said Mister Archbishop can you share with me some of the big challenges of the Anglican church is facing he said it's interesting that you ask that question is I just was in England and we met with the Archbishop of Canterbury we were looking at all of the challenges our church is facing is the greatest one is our declining membership he's agile England many people don't go to church their secular reason all the world we have a very declining membership so I was bold enough and I said hello what do you plan to do about that what what do you have any strategies and shouldn't do he said here's the conclusion we've come to we have come to the conclusion that every one of our churches should be a training school for Christian workers I thought to myself I wonder where he read that in he said every one of our churches anything where developing curriculum to equip our members to serve we recognize that each of our members have different gifts and I could not believe that I was sitting in the art in the bishop 's office of the Anglican church and he said we recognize that every one of our churches should become like a training school and that our future is to train our members in harmony with their gifts to Sir I thought to myself that is adventurous and Adventist equipping is a recognition of God is given every gives every believer at that time our role as pastors and church leaders is not to necessarily do the work ourselves but to release the members for their game S officials for verse eleven twelve Jesus himself he himself gave some apostles and prophets some evangelists some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ I don't call that too quickly noticing the profit he can apostle such church leaders needed profits profits are perfect argument given by Jesus and the church and remain in the church till he comes of Angeles is a gift notices as pastors and teachers the word for and in the Greek language is the work high AAI and it is better translated pastors who are teachers this we call a cop with his complicated as in the Greek language something that unites two things that are equal or the same so it doesn't mean pastors or teachers as two separate functions but it's pastors teachers pastors that is teachers pastors who are teachers or can be even translated teaching pastors know should be there so you can say he gives teaching pastors for or to equip the saints for the work or for their work of ministry so God gives pastors who are teachers in these teaching pastors have the job description of teaching the believers so they can accomplish the work of ministry so it's biblical but the lady people who are believers at the work of ministry in the role of the pastor is to discover that so we asked the question the church board what can we do to establish our church is a mini training school for Christian workers how can my church have one class after the other doesn't necessarily mean that class is running every night of the week but all the time I'm thinking training equipping training equipping training equipping and maybe training ten people to delay by the work it may be training children's ministry leaders eleven Asian and a sense of those children precious in God maybe that's their burden maybe that's their goal length and in their want to leave those kids to Christ it may be training health workers but maybe training the regular cooking school maybe training group to do an exercise program may be training a group but they hold Asian churches grow when members discover their gifts are equipped to serve the apostle Paul encouraged every pastor to equip believers for the work of ministry and service churches grow when each member is trained and equipped for service the kingdom of God is revealing page one forty nine the three together many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin they need to be instructed and encouraged every church should be a training school for Christian workers so there's a lot of people sitting in the pew they would be willing to get actively involved they would be willing to serve they would be willing to become involved if they were taught how to do what I do begin so they need to be instructed and encouraged every church should be a training school for Christian workers so when you think about your church as a pastor when you think about your church is a late leader you're asking yourself the question how can my church become a training school for Christian workers how can my church exploding in growth because on a Tuesday night with training team to do a cooking school may be the next month on a Wednesday night were training a small group of lay people to visit in active or former Adventist there's some people that have that burden they really have a burden for former Adventist act of evidence would provide a training school for them seven afternoon to three classes and we watch them get them out we prefer shorter training schools shorter training class says that people are quickly it's not how many certificates you have on the wall it's what you do for Christ accounts so our goal is shorter training classes that are tied to action themes and so how short a short short enough to work on which the job if untrained civilian Bible studies we take them for twelve weeks one class a week we get about going to Bible studies at about week number four five but keep them coming back to the class if we are training people to do a vegetarian nutrition class we can do that in two sessions so depends really brother on this on the class that we are conducting when we teach people to visit former Adventist it's a class of about four five hours we teach them why people leave the church we teach them signs up and leave so we have seminars based on different needs and then our great goal and our motto is that everybody cannot do everything that everybody can do something everybody even know it's amazing race story about Corrie ten boom will start by her mother in accord to boom was in the concentration camps in Germany in World War II and Dev she was released in that concentration camp her sister Betsy died in Regensburg the concentration camp Corrie told about her mother at the end of Corey 's mother 's life she was afflicted I think was with arthritis in your hands from gnarled and every day should her mother said take me to the window when they lived in an apartment in Holland and edible market square and they had lived there for this little small village of a few thousand people per year is the Campbell family of Mister Campbell was a watchmaker is in attendance knew everybody in the village so they let this little market square Mrs. Temple at the end of her life said take me to the window and she looked out the window and Carla Thomas Gypsy tears Mrs. Bandar her son died core write her a note of encouragement from a pair is Mrs. Slater I understand they're having a difficult time financially go to my savings account you buy the bread flour and no glory there is that young than nineteen years old he is having problems in school invite him to dinner for tomorrow night old Mrs. camber would sit at that window looking out at the market square seeing the needs of people and telling Corey how to meet those needs and Carty said it was one of the most precious memories of her life who would think that that old woman would have any gifts for Jesus at all but amazing transformation when I was a young pastor rose only like twenty one years old first Pastore District I was an associate pastor I began to visit on Sabbath afternoons a crippled children's home and there I met John Herman Joan Herman was paralyzed with bulbar polio when she was in her teens seventeen years soldiers paralyzed from neck down she couldn't use her hands she could but for short she couldn't comb her hair she couldn't put one bite of food in her mouth in those days there was no comprehensive communities for crippled children or teenagers and she was put in nineteen forty eight by a visitor in nineteen forty eight but she was that's when she got polio the polio epidemic came through and she is paralyzed from neck down I never in the sixties and so she was gotten when she was seventeen and I better twenty years later than that and so she's thirty seven thirty eight years old when I met her at seventeen she was put in a nursing home with old people I want to get this vision a seventeen -year-old girl put in an sinkhole where people are getting ready to die death is all around in that nursing home she said look I have a bright mind she was brilliant at all I see his old people dying she began to dream your mind of a comprehensive community where they were playgrounds for children in wheelchairs where in we had nothing like that in America at the time in the forties and selling she began to run to write she couldn't use her hands she got mouth stick and she would type with her mouth stick she wanted me by they put a kind of like a stand above her head and she put a paint brush your mouth and should paint with her mouth stick when I went to visit her on occasion she said to be marked would you go to the third drawer in my desk and open it I opened the she said I'm getting twenty one Bible studies on getting Bible studies to the nurses on getting Bible studies for the doctors I have memorized all the Bible text but they are the Bible lessons but I can't correct them so would you simply read me the question read me the answers of my students have filled in and I'll tell you whether right or wrong you great lessons for me Joan would delay with her back to the bed with her Bible open and turn the pages of the Bible with her tongue she gave twenty one Bible studies she organized a branch Sabbath school in a small church of twenty to thirty people in that hospital and became the leader of that church I would go into a room similar to this little bigger than this and they would bring in Jimmy or Ginny we can get on board with wheels on it his legs were going to pull himself with his hands the wheels Doris could not see she could not talk she was paralyzed from neck down wincing but she could hear would sing a song you can smile and say wording smiling you cannot be heard time anywhere and I would inch Doris would smile she did hear that saw Felicity would come in her hands of the old cripple she had cerebral palsy Joey had a mission you looked at that you can look at that woman who laid on the bed in an iron along in an iron lung is a cylinder and shelling out for a few hours a day and she had twenty one Bible studies led scores of people to Christ she had some of the leaders in America coming the vice president of Pan-American Airways would fly his helicopter land on the roof at times and come when she died the Vice President Pan-American Airways called Meany said Newmarket you'll go to New York City she was in Tennessee by this time he saw the private jet with you and I'll be in that jet to pick you up in New York City I'll fly you to preach the funeral sermon so he did a very fluid preached a funeral sermon by facet the cockpit was going to Washington DC to let some of that one diplomat offer some real sort but this woman could be worked out you said what he especially half powerful witness for Christ when you look over your congregation do not underestimate anybody children adults the teenager sits in the back talking the elderly people many would be willing to work if they were taught and what began a series of vital principle it is not biblical to organize your church around spiritual gifts I pastor coming what time is it I just had my church they taught spiritual gifts with twenty eight gives in our church and so frustrated I don't want to do figure by the police enforcement is twelve you do not organize Europe's church around spiritual gives you organize your church around ministries and when you develop ministries the Holy Spirit impresses people with those gifts to become part of those ministries first Corinthians chapter twelve we help people discover their gifts we help to equip them and train them to use their gifts but the organizational structure the church is never around gift clusters it sorts around ministry clusters offers printing chapter twelve three things starting with verse for reading verse four five and six nondirective diversities of gifts but the same Spirit so there are different gifts but the same Spirit they are differences of ministries but the same Lord and there are differences of activities but it's the same God who works all in all carefree things gifts ministries and activities a spiritual gift is a divinely given quality by God to each believer to enable them to witness for Christ and to grow their spiritual life that spiritual gift a ministry is a general broad area where they find expression for their gift inactivity is a specific area in which they performed their gift for example a person might have the gift of teaching that gift of teaching and have a background in health that gifted teachers finds expression in a health ministry but the activity might be a cooking school so the ministry is a broad-based ministry a person may have a very compassionate heart they may have been given the gift of compassion by God but they may find their ministry might end up being a ministry performer at Venice their activity might be the visitation that occurs within the context of ministry a person might have a compassionate heart and they may have a real love for young people they may find their ministry in working for Pat finders so there is there is what our role is to let people know God is giving you gifts you could give the service as a bracketed churches and the comfortable pew everybody has some ministry everybody has some gift when you become part of this church you have a gift and we ask you to begin to pray the God we joined some ministry everybody has a ministry in the church I don't know what your ministries within it might be guys getting and giving compassionate heart ministry might be a ministry letter writing to show audience you ministry might be ministry of the burden for young people but no Christian has not been given gifts and gifts are for ministries and every Christian has been given a gift is given a gift for particular reason for ministry one of the exciting things that we had restrictions a praying church interceding for others one of the exciting things every address church was a church where people were studying the Bible in small groups with important for witness with the church was a training school for Christian workers and being equipped and trained preserve every member recognizes that the gifts given gifts by God and as they were given gifts by God they were now actively involved in some ministry for Christ what a church that would be you think that a growing church it sure was when church members are equipped to serve as they form small groups to reach out in their community Bible -based ministries the church will explode in growth evangelism page one fifteen in our companies in our churches like companies before preservice what's another name for companies what is that small groups so how do we organize these small groups as people discover their gifts we call the task groups or ministry groups it says lets companies reform for what service so people become involved in various actions small groups they become involved in various ministry groups in the health ministry group in the new ministry group it can be a hospital in this regrowth it can be a Bible study ministry group a literature ministry group youth ministry so the whole goal is to help people be discovered the gifts that God has given and become actively involved in service sorry five church filled with members who are quick to witnesses which are situated regions community so when we look at these great principles of church growth the first principle is churches growing the revived second principle is churches grow when members are equipped and trained for service were asking myself the question what can I do to make my church evangelism training school if I'm a conference official helped I look at my conference and say Lord what training programs can I do to help members discover their gifts for service key three is community outreach the the more multifaceted outreach you have in the community the morning when people for Christ the pastor says Pastor Mark my church is not grown I say to him show me your strategic plan that is written out to reach her community pass on what did you say show me your strategic plan what community outreach do you have plan yet sure yes what is the easiest way to have members find their gifts their two things that I recommend some people like to use spiritual gifts test etc. I'm not great for that I have knows nothing against it but you know what the interesting thing for me as there were no spiritual gifts in the New Testament gives test in the New Testament yet people discover their gifts and it works the church was exploding in growth so if a person wants to spirit against us that's fine for me but I read there a little bit subjective and so this is what we have found is helpful setting a climate immature true witness and evangelism in developing and beginning to preach on the fact that the Holy Spirit has given you gifts and sharing from the pulpit the biblical theology of spiritual gifts that begins to provide an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to reignite the fact that a person 's mind that they been given to us by God secondly to establish various training programs in the local church and to give and to encourage people to pray that God will allow them to use their gifts in attendance training programs impresses slice slice I openly say to the church look everybody's not have gifts and everything some you've got the bird reach former Adventist Soviet overburden to give out literature something of a burden to to reach the community through health ministry summing unit reactor real burden to do Bible studies delay in your heart different burdens Michael was a pastor is to provide training programs for you and you a feeling of the gift helps him get involved in health ministry he said I have no background in law note that you help repair the food you don't clean up after my wife has a huge teams working to do what you see done every night here they are working behind the scenes and they are working out the parsley church shall have person after person after person coming there they are expressing their gifts and we get this team together before every meeting we pray together we've got videographers who work on the visual aids God 's given unusual gifts I've got people to work on my graphics we get that team together and everybody feels that something they're not just hanging out here someplace going to church but they're using the gifts the talents the skills that God has given them you've got many young people have computer gifts you can integrate them into the structure of the church but its mission with a purpose so to answer your question we began to preach about spiritual gifts we heighten the awareness we run training programs our local church and we organize the ministries and when organizing ministries people get actively involved in those ministries outreach once a church is spiritually revived once a church understands its gifts then we begin broadening the basement community our goal is broad-based community outreach community outreach is the development of Christian community within the fellowship of believers that leads to a carrying loving multifaceted outreach to meet the needs of the community in Jesus name what we like to do is develop a sense of community that where a family that that our church is the body of Christ that God has put us in this church for a reason that we have a community of believers and we have a responsibility to reach out in caring loving multifaceted outreach to meet the needs of the community in Jesus name everybody can do something for Jesus and so here is the way if I were diagramming it I would die granted this way this is the church okay with the cross on it just so you know this is the church each member of the church has been given gifts by God every single member the circle outside of this circle out here is the community though this community has different needs some of this community has emotional needs and their families are in conflict their family conflict many people in this community have health needs they need to lose weight then the problem of obesity some of them need to get on a better diet saw the need to be part of an exercise program that the variety of health needs there is some people in this community that I would have overtly spiritual needs that's the point of interest for them in fact they may be interested in prophecy they may be interested in Bible study there are some people in this community that have a longing for fellowship and friendship so out here outside the circle is many many many needs the church is a training school for Christian workers according to Ephesians four eight through twelve are role is to help people understand the gifts that God has given them and to reach out to the community so the church is not merely a community of faithful believers that comes every Sabbath to escape from this world around the church is not merely a community of believers who says this is our fortress in every Sabbath were running to escape the world the church members and to be inspired to serve equipped to serve in train to serve so out of this larger church still within the circle we have small groups in these small groups are being trained to serve they have different gifts maybe this is a health ministry group or maybe over here there is a group this working for families maybe overhear there is a Bible study group were prophecy group may be over here there is a group that's ministering particular youth maybe the youth of our church but it's it gets into youth group so what we're doing is organizing these different groups the groups that something here these groups are discovering their gifts developing their ministries to be focused on specific activities we call these lines that I'm throwing out pathways we call them pathways to the community these are pathways the fewer pathways your church has the community the fewer people you to reach in the community so the goal of the pastor is to lead his church into spiritual renewal so they have a burden for their community that this church is praying and seeking God its members are becoming involved in small companies or small groups that reach out this may be a literature ministry group you may have a group that is involved in reaching former SDA 's you may have a youth group you may have a health group but a community with needs a church that is discovering members are discovering their gifts Pastor is equipping and training or you break providing equipping and training because the pastor is not to be skilled in everything so he is looking to the conference looking to other pastors that can help to resource so the pastor becomes the CEO he becomes a spiritual leader administrator he becomes the Dean of this the logical seminary becomes the one who helps the more pathways you have going out to the community the more people you can win for Christ some churches have few or no pathways into the community at all and so as a result of that their growth is extremely slow churches grow when there's a plan process of community outreach meeting the physical mental social and spiritual needs of the church here is what we suggest that you take the attendance of a given church whatever the attendance is less about your membership is four hundred and your church attendance is two hundred in North America typically the attendance of a local congregation is forty five to fifty percent of the book membership of that congregation that's what it is a North American usually so let's suppose you have a church of four hundred members and your attendance is two hundred oriented church of a hundred members your tendencies fifty has we recommend that you prayerfully set a strategic goal of contacting in the community and getting them in your ministry stream four times as many members as you have actively attending on Sabbath morning in one year okay survivor church of seventy five members and I have thirty five to forty attending I would want that year a reasonable prayerful objective of having about a hundred and sixty nine and Dennis that we're touching in some of our programs that may be in a Bible study program that may be in a may be in a prophecy program it may be an health programs of you feel that is too ambitious cut it down that are a step figured I gave you his artificial if that's too ambitious for you cut it down same what twice as many for three times as many starts someplace but sets some strategic objective saw the strategic objectives that you can have don't make it like the Sunday school but said attendance last week thirty two goal one thousand I was totally unrealistic totally unrealistic goals help us to lift our mind from the mud below the heavens above I never set goals based on what God can do but I do set goals based on what we can accomplish so personally I do not set baptismal goals now I know that many administrators are nervous with me about that but we baptize probably more than the administrators that are nervous sweat strategic because I have this belief and you may say that strange to you pastor that's fine you can think that if I set a baptismal goal I may manipulate people for my own ego and I want to so I leave the number of people we baptize with God because of the fact that only God can convert the heart I can't do that but I can set a goal with my mind stomach train ten late by the workers I can set that goal in my mind I can set a goal in my mind that were launched at silly health programs are you with the initial if we are faithful to do what God called us to do we can leave the results with God I never worry about success recently somebody talk about a particular evangelistic meeting and they said all that meeting was a disaster I didn't have and hold the meeting because I was a disaster my comment was with you when you say there were the evangelist preached there were people that were praying there will a people that was sacrificing how do you know was a disaster that has one upon quality changes the world we think humanly we think humanly how God condemned Israel for numbering history got condemned Israel for numbering his room so if we are peaceful and do the work of God my goal is not success Michael's faithfulness because I know the five faithful God to give us success guys can bless us so we set goals not what God can do what we can do so we set goals and things like we want to try to train ten late people in our church we want to have this many cooking schools the sheer we want to have this many health outreaches this year we want to get people involved in working for former Adventist the sheer we try to set a strategic plan so that we're reaching out to the community in a broad-based way and if you contact a enough people if members are being trained this church is being revived the pathways out into the community God is negative this is what happens this is what happens the first year you're working with this strategy and start small and you got maybe Argenbright at twenty eight member church and I can understand everything am telling you now this was many years ago it's taken me years in my mind to think and write and understand all this with a little church and that we began to reach out with these ways pathways and the community pathways and the community we did the first year one minute at fifty not administer stream but they became part of our mailing list with mail to the next year that she pick up another sixty seventy eighty with their three four five years and you have three four five hurt people you're working with an amazing way remember those years Patty back in Burbank those were amazing years had he became an address back then to what you just pure from independent help me okay and will tell a little bit about your journey with the Lord it was just an amazing journey and this young lady outside his race and wonderful children and she's just a great blessing for Jesus and that what was your first contact with Seventh-day Adventist well and how is it is a given incredible I thank you so much that it is really appreciate this amazing here's a young woman single mom looking in her life for something meaningful walks goes walks into a mall God directs she's working in the mall God directs a young man into the store that she is working in free time sorting presses are she has been studying health and prophecy he brings her to a meeting on Wednesday night what we're reaching out to the community we had and that those years maybe forty members in our church every Wednesday night at our meetings we have fifty sixty people seventy people I think we baptized twenty eight young couples in that church between twenty five and thirty five years old I counted them up over the years it was amazing or all the place today the party walked in the first thing she saw was see up there granola bread shoes that you will go and let God lead so when you reach out into the community here's what you do you provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to bring patties to your meetings that's what you did if you're not reaching out at all you're denying the Holy Spirit the opportunity to find those people what the Scriptures say what is unlike say ask the apostles about page one hundred nine or that area she's commenting on the Ethiopian and she says all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to happen with cries and tears going up to heaven and then she says many are on the one verge of making waiting to be gathered in where are they there on what but if my church becomes ill pure Barton was an atheist English atheist and Barton wrote a book called the comfortable Q I thought you said I am really not against going to church it's the best place to go on a Sunday morning after you've been out all night and are drunk on active in all night Saturday night because there's no better place to sleep in a comfortable pew in a boring church with a boring preacher so he wrote the book the comfortable pew in other words he said but director church has become is a institution to comfort the comfortable I long for advantage churches that have a Asian of vision that God is put them in that community the vision to reach out for Christ addition to do something for Jesus when you have broad-based community outreach you provide the opportunity the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do something look Matthew for verse twenty three and Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues what about all Galilee Jesus did not gather the disciples and take them to the mount of olives and establish a training school for the three half years of his ministry and stay there dating way Jesus say con man followed me and he led them down the dusty streets of Galilee and he led them down the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem and they watched Jesus to his medical missionary work in their hearts were touched Jesus taught them as they went Jesus was his own school Jesus was his own seminary and I really appeal to Arco but the seminary at the other folk the self-supporting institutions that whatever training we give we wonder surely an active community programs or students see not only learned by intellect that's why here when I was asked to come and speak we talked to Connie was in love let's open up and she surpassed the markets open up in the community invite people in isn't it exciting what's happening in meeting sooner people are coming there being touched by the Spirit of God and Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in subregion that the kingdom and healing the sickness of all kind of disease among the people that Jesus taught mental health preached spiritual health field physical health so Jesus combined he was the great medical missionary find a single Sabres example New Testament church met the needs of people in Jesus name these early disciples demonstrated concern for the entire person physically mentally socially and spiritually he was asked after seven they were concerned about the Windows Windows I need well that concern you the story about the demoniac the Bible says that the demon was delivered on demoniac but he was sitting at the feet of Jesus remember next word close close the demoniac came to Jesus Megan Jesus put some clothes on Jesus was concerned about that young men he was concerned about them specifically ministry of healing page one forty three Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people I want to success don't you not false success it's based on the temporary euphoria of emotional excitement I want your success price method alone give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good you know most people in our world desire their own good not another person 's good summit he said anybody wrapped up in himself is a very small package anybody wrapped up in themselves is a very small package Jesus was a people person with Jesus you knew the end you're interested you it wasn't egotistical he wasn't self-centered he was not simply interested in himself the Savior mingled with men is what it is either good a show his sympathy for them he ministered to their needs he won their confidence many followed said follow me here's what happened here's the sequence if you want to win solution can mingle with people if you are so pure that you can't touch anybody else in the with centers as a result of that not only many people Jesus mingled with people you desire their good he showed his sympathy for the Israeli concern for them when they had needs Jesus ministered to their needs and they won their confidence in Jesus and follow me follow me that those are the steps in true success would mingle with people we show our concern for them we try to minister to their needs but I need to notice that being the one their confidence there is a sentence after won their confidence there are some people that say yeah let's mingle with people let's not be concerned about their salvation but show sympathy for them let's minister to their needs once when their confidence our goal in health ministry is not to give people seven more years of life so that they can sin for seven more years so they can burn longer in the lake of fire I've had people say to me what about the statements it on white wish he talks about disinterested benevolence I've looked up every one of those statements there are about seven of them if you factor them out the statements on disinterested benevolence never mean one time that you're not interested in the soul of the person they mean you're not interested in financial or personal gain for yourself so this interested benevolence is a kindness that reaches out to another not interested what I get in return but it has no input has nothing to do with not being interested in their soul there are two things to remember one is that if you don't introduce the spiritual in your health programming you do not provide people adequate power to change if you do not introduce Jesus Christ in the spiritual scientific studies in the last fifteen years indicate that when people have stronger faith it is more transformational in their lifestyle what if there was a cure for cancer that the however withheld because he felt that his patient would not want to receive it they can be sued for medical malpractice if you know that the gospel is the power of God and salvation in you present help program and you have no interest in the spiritual and the person in heaven 's court you may be sued for spiritual malpractice is Satan because it becomes incredibly important I don't mean in every nutrition class we preach a sermon but I will tell you every nutrition class we had spiritually which is the first request they be making gradual say something like this and say he helped to make this bread looks so fresh and what the Bible says about Jesus being the bread of life you don't we'll talk about we hope that we talk about who we are we are spiritual people we can't we can define who we are we don't want more and health programs and secular audiences we don't so full of so-called force upon them and put pressure on others but every time we have a health program we do mention spiritual things at the end of the health program we currently provide a sheet for them that they can check of other programs and want to come to it we always put Bible studies on that she can we always put evangelistic meetings on that sheet we don't say evangelist means was a studies in prophecy but twenty five percent of those people that come through our health programs will check something that is spiritual but they want to keep attending so we give them that opportunity we don't force it upon them but we certainly give them that opportunity Jesus and follow me growing churches and variety of programs that meet the needs of married people groups just as Jesus at the physical mental emotional and spiritual needs of the of these people filled with his people children's love to the site so what is the church the church is the arena of God 's grace with members that are being gifted to serve we are reaching out to reach people in the community physically mentally emotionally and spiritually let's look at our three case of our key number one is churches grow when every thought I see number two is churches grow when members of equipped to serve restrictions the number three as churches grow when broad-based media outreach churches grow when there is intentional reaping you can have a lot of activity Georgia for Dean wrote a book called the activity track the activity trap and he said many churches go through excessive activity but they have little results because they keep their wheels spinning but they accomplish very little without intentional reaping an intentional plan to repeat we grow very little reading is the proclamation of the gospel either privately from house to house or publicly to impact the largest number of people possible extent Jesus is true we encourage our people and God has called them to be more than health educators God has called them to be witnesses for his kingdom and that were looking for opportunities in every way possible privately publicly delete people to Jesus Christ New Testament church place priority on evangelism they confidently share God 's word let's look at a few checks if your Bibles please take them turn pleased the book of acts chapter four will give you Jack's acts chapter four it will look there at ask for it let your eyes drop down and ask for verse thirty one X four and verse thirty one and when they had prayed the place where they had assembled together was shaken they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with boldness their witness was not a silent with us he looked over the backs of their preaching the word of God verse thirty three with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus so there is an active verbal proclamation that's taking place acts five verse forty two daily in the temple and in every house they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus so they were preaching Jesus they were teaching Jesus asked twenty and verse twenty and you find it all the way through the book of acts there is a proclamation of the word of God any church whose members are not out witnessing giving Bible studies friendship alone is not to grow that church are you making if you have a warm loving church charity charges are dropped it's not warm and loving but give a warm and loving church maybe attract Adventists in the area because they want to go to church this difference in some of the others but if you want to really make an impact on the community luck asked twenty first twenty and I kept back nothing that was helpful but proclaimed it to you and talk you publicly and from house to house I thought you publicly how status this is what we call twenty twenty vision twenty twenty vision of a clear vision the twenty twenty vision and evangelism as you teach and probably new teaching house to house New Testament Christian church place priority on evangelism we recommend that every church have some kind of public evangelistic outreach it doesn't have to be a three-week evangelistic series it could be a late-night series could be a twelve night series it could be five weekend series through the year but that every church every twelve to eighteen months we preferred every calendar year has some intentional reaping series that is taking place that's in harmony with that church some time in the gospel was preached some time when hearts and minds of men and women have an opportunity to make a decision for Christ can you imagine this kind of a church members are praying prayer groups are taking place all through that congregation small Bible study groups are taking place during the week members are witnessing in sharing with their work friends about Jesus they been equipped and trained to serve the churches become a training school for Christian workers and some of them are involved in visiting former Adventist some of them are giving out literature some of them involving with young people some of them are involved actively in a variety of health ministries and family life ministries there is a active community involvement there's a biblical series held at the church and people are invited to attend they attend with their friends and as they do their hearts are touched in their lives are changed the transform of the grace of Christ acts four thirty one we looked at they spoke the word of God with boldness daily in the temple in every house they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word you can it's undeniable in the book of acts but the New Testament church preach Christ invited people to become part of Christian faith and more than thirty five instances in the book of acts evangelic stick proclamation is that at the heart of the rapid growth of the church there are churches today than become more like social country clubs that say that all we're called to do is be warm loving and friendly that's a denial of reality and acts the book of acts is making an impact in the community and more than forty five instances in the book of acts evangelistic proclamation is at the heart of the rapid growth of the church does God call Christ cost to be loving warm and friendly absolutely some churches is so cold you could skate down the center aisle with your ice skates God is called a church that knows and loves and to reach out with his grace warmth love and friendship does not deny the reality of fact that the church is that it probably takes the proclamation of the gospel churches growing a word is preached for evangelistic proclamation evangelistic churches are growing churches in the preached word of God transforms lives preaching evangelistic preaching changes lives one of the examples of that was out also Oklahoma at this pursuant to get his visit UN agreement made herein the meeting there yeah had we reached out sort of this guy yeah a friend of mine took over church in Tulsa Oklahoma he grew that church from a hundred and fifty members to seven hundred fifty to eight hundred members and Anglo church in North America he followed many of these principles but one thing he did was very unusual and I don't recommend every pastor do this is as a method but I want to share with you what he did he held probably four or five evangelistic meetings in church every year I mean that to me is overkill and but this is the way did he said was members I don't want you to come to every meeting you don't have to you don't have to but what I want you to do is choose one a year to come to I will hold five meetings here in the church three weeks at a time they will be more like Revelation seminars and preaching I'll hold them in small rooms like this I will will advertise in the community and our members will bring people you will know that every other month there will be a series going like this in addition to that this church you drive up to the parking lot in their parking attendants in the parking lot and greet you they have a catered lunch every single Sabbath where anybody could come and eat in the church paid for that David Longe if you want to have church you'd be greeted in the foyer it was a kind of church that was warm it was a church that was a loving church that you couldn't get in without a hog is the kind of church that had a variety of things happening in the community but a church that was very intentional about reaping now I don't recommend that many evangelistic meetings a year but my point is that the preached word transforms lives in evangelistic work changes lives evangelism page seventeen evangelistic work opening the Scriptures to others warning that women what's coming up on the word is to occupy more and still more time in God 's servants if you believe that Ellen White is a prophet of God she says evangelistic work must occupy more and more time got serviced that Alaska it would finish up with the next unit what time is right now when fifty seven okay we can finish up with this one in the next five to ten minutes nurturing when churches revived equipped and trained to serve when a church is reaching out in community outreach and evangelism people are baptized nurturing of both old and new members becomes vitally important what is nurture nurture is the integration of new believers into the community of faith for an emphasis on personal devotional life corporate worship fellowship and witness so what is nurtured to integrating these new believers Savannah personal devotional life helping them know how integrating and the importance of corporate worship fellowship and witness when people accepted Christ in the New Testament may understand his word were baptized they were integrated into an nurturing body of believers the book of acts describes their experience in these words what happened to the people baptize and it cost where they simply baptized in that left to struggle in their own look acts two forty two they continued steadfastly new puzzles doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread and prayers this is great the apostles doctrine they these people were baptized you can't continually spend you can't continue in something you don't know you get some asteroid about baptism will they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine they must know it at the time he can continue as you know but so they were reinforced that Doctor there was fellowship that's love warmth breaking of bread that's eating with one another the community meals prayers together growing churches nurture believers follow-up of the interest generated by public evangelism is an ongoing part of the churches effective evangelistic outreach churches grow new converts are nurtured and taught to witness my friend plummets are is the president of the Southern African Indian Ocean division Southern Africa is baptizing has been baptizing as many are more people than any division in the world when you baptize like a hundred and fifty thousand new believers a year in a given division two hundred thousand people year if a real challenge for growth when you baptize three thousand four thousand people in an evangelistic campaign I've been in that division recently were in South Africa couple years ago actually rebaptized a thousand nine hundred some homeless the thousand and one day and so the so Paula rents are at the present the division had to come up with something new when you baptize three thousand in a day what happens those people do they have to baptize so this is what pastorates are came up with and I absolutely love it I'm incorporated some here in the United States we baptized a thousand people in a day in South Africa in the stadium we had twenty thousand people around the Stadium that day the next day on Sunday morning all of the new believers were brought to one of our largest churches in the area they were given a Bible they were given a set of Bible studies and they were taken through a three-hour witness glass the day after they were baptized it's called fishers of men you baptize them on a Sabbath and on a Sunday morning to teach them with us the results are remarkable it was a man who came to our meetings in a wheelchair he had been shot in South Africa in the back paralyzed from his waist down he was in a very violent criminal area he was carried into the baptismal pool in the wheelchair and baptized on Sabbath he came in the next day to the outreach witnessing class on Sunday morning he received his Bible he received his witnessing tools started a small group in his home and within a year eight or nine but he is members at his family members and others were baptized what God is doing is remarkable so when I baptized twenty thirty people at evangelistic campaign forty fifty or to bring them the next day to witness in class we teach them all about what Adventism is all about bring all of our new believers after major campaign and get the witnessing very next day you still don't know enough I don't know enough Jesus told the demoniac 's think about it similarly when the school with your disciples when Jesus say to you said no common to all great things or is done for you when men and women accept the truth were not to go away and leave them and have no further burden for them there to be looked after so nurture evangelism we do not get the drop and we immerse them and instruct them our love for Jesus leads us to a deep concern about spiritual growth the new believers his new believers about their prayer life in the devotional life for Bible study become actively involved in witness they grow spiritually I wanted to give you just one little thing that I've got some principles that will anchor new believers in their faith they develop a meaningful devotional life if there equipped to serve if they are involved in ministry to others in other words they filed this five keys if the new believers become actively involved in sharing Christ if they develop a network within the church of friends here so not to leave you with churches are reborn when they teach all implement the following here's reborn it I love to see churches reborn but that's it jurist has a very if they follow and implement revival strategies of prayer Bible study with event with members to reach the community through Bible -based ministries outreach if they do rethink your evangelistic meetings and personal they nurture events for new believers churches and the are reborn I will leave you with that today not tomorrow we'll talk about how a church can take these principles in a particularly applied to health ministry and how a church can be a dynamic center of health ministry outreach I want to be last in line when you eat sober to pray in a misandry there now keep this up on the screen network so anybody that wants no conduct web more questions tomorrow father thank you so much for Jesus point in the book of acts send this out on fire to proclaim his love and grace to others in price and moaning this media was used by maneuvers including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and I hope some .com would like there was more every online was www. audio verse on board


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